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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  October 23, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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live from philadelphia this is fox 29 morning news. airport workers here at the philadelphia international airport say they're among the forgotten few when it comes to the ebola virus. yesterday they spoke out. we'll tell you exactly what they said coming up in a live report. first, chris? >> breaking from overnight, terrible crash on i276 turns fatal watch we know so far. >> this rain we've been getting not as great for the roads, sue. good morning. >> the roads are still wet out there. but there is an end in site. we'll tell you when that is going to happen in your forecast coming up. >> sue, then if you slept through game two of the world series, no worries, just like yesterday, we've got highlights and of course the score. how many the royals made a big come back, the end dogs.
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>> just like game one, winning team scored game one, good day, everyone, it is cents thursday, october 23rd, 2014. >> indeed it is, it is 4:01, we're very glad you're with us at this early hour on this cold and wet thursday morning. sue? >> yep, really nasty yesterday. i will say this it, made for excellent nap. hope you got a chance to take one too. so the rain is still with us, but the bulk of the heavy rain that we were experiencing yesterday at this time has now moved up to new england, so, bosses ton kind of getting pounded with the storms and the heavy rain, we still have rain coming around, as you look at the circulation around that low pressure system, so, around jersey shore, little bit, seeing some lighter rain than we saw yesterday. southern delaware, here in philadelphia, it is mostly cloudy, but don't be surprised if you get some drizzle or sprinkle or two. temperatures are still in the 50's, they never made it out of the 50's yesterday. 45 degrees in mount pocono, 53 in wilmington, 52 wildwood.
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here in philadelphia, we have 53 degrees. these are slightly chillier temperatures than we had yesterday. but like i said, still in the 50's, 53 degrees, the current temperature in philadelphia, as we said, 16-mile per hour winds, and 56 is the high today. so, with continued cloud cover, even after the rain ends, we don't expect temperatures to move whole lot. the showers will eventually taper off, but the winds will be with us, gusting as high as 20-30 miles an hour, oh, it will be kind of raw again, and casino of bluster think afternoon. so, improvement is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. right now 4:02, our fix traffic ever issue is the pennsylvania turnpike, 309 and germantown pike, accident two left lanes blocked. route 202 southbound, between route 29 and 401, construction, finally, 295 northbound, at route 168, in new jersey, construction there, as women. chris? >> sue, thank you.
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let's get to breaking news 4:00 # three. one person dead following an accident, on 276 montgomery county. accident involving one vehicle and a tractor-trailer according to pennsylvania state police. two other people were taken to the hospital in serious condition. it is unclear what caused that accident. >> in philadelphia, an innocent bystander is in critical condition shot by two robbers. police tell us the man robbed a barber shop in the hunting park section last night, their gunfire hit a person standing nearby in the safe. that will person is at temple hospital being treated. 4:03 this morning, a mid the ebola concerns, pennsylvania health officials are now developing protocols to monitor travelers from west africa. >> the announcement comes just one day after some local airport workers held demonstration calling for more protection foreign next us diseases. lauren johnson live at philadelphia international with the latest on there is lauren, good morning. >> reporter: chris, yep, airport workers say they for feel like the forgotten glue it comes to the ebola scare. in fact hundreds of them when
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it comes to the numbers. they say it is nothing new for them. they've always had issues with infectious diseases. they were finally fed up, press conference yesterday with heightened attention to air travel because of the ebola virus, philly airport workers say they're being forgotten in all of. >> this these are the men and women cleaning planes, and other common areas in the airport, that are shared bypass inning ers, who travel from all over the world. they say flimsy gloves, questionable protective gear offered little protection when they come in close contact with bodily fluids and other germs. take a listen. >> since the ebola virus has come out, everybody knows about what is going on, but we've always had an issue with infectious diseases down here. we don't have adequate protection. we have gloves, that's it. >> airlines seem to have more regard for saving money, hiring bottom, although contractors just providing for the safety of the passengers, of the workers ... >> and chris, as you
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mentioned, all of this is happening as the us says any travelers who come from ebola stricken making will have to be monitored by three weeks to keep the disease from spreading. new measures will take effect monday, those passengers in question will have to report to health officials dale vein to have their temperatures taken twice a day. >> imagine, all in place, thank you. 4:05. doctors say ebola is no longer deductible in a second nurse diagnosissed when that virus. amber vincent is being treat in the at lan tax also more tests that is need to be done. >> this dallas nurse, though, was infected with ebola after treat ago patient who later died. another dallas nurse, nina pham, sick with the virus, now in fair condition, being treat in the maryland. also good news, for pham about her puppy. you remember the first ebola test for this quarantine king charles spaniel has come back negative. they had kind of quarantined bently for fear that he might spread this disease. health officials say they'll
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test him again before his 21 day quarantine period ends on november 1st. in connecticut family of six was quarantine after returning from trip to west africa. family returned from their trip saturday. and although they weren't showing any signs of ebola, west haven city officials say their isolation is precautionary. family quarantined yesterday, they had been flagged by transportation security administration officials at jfk airport, but those officials haven't said specifically what country they've been to. 4:06. world series tied at a game apiece after a big win for the royals in game two. >> so or marvin sent hit two run homer in kansas city seven to two win. now splits san francisco for game three, four. this guarantees of course there will be at least a game five, best of seven series. game three, that said, tomorrow night, right here on fox 29.
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some terrifying moments in canada as a terrorist attack unfolds. now the prime minister is speaking out after this second deadly attack. and then steve keeley live with a little bit of good news this morning, about gas prices cents, steve? >> yes, it is not just the temperatures that have been falling fast lately around philadelphia. if you drive-thru south jersey, you may have had some jam on the brakes, startling signs moments at all of the gas stations where prices also falling like a washington politician's approval rating. here just 2.71 a gallon, and expected to go down even
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>> 4:10, increased surveillance in the wake of two deadly attacks in canada in less than a week. >> this is amateur video from inside parliament yesterday. dozens of shots rang out through the halls. authorities say that a mask gunman shot and killed a canadian soldier outside of this building, in ottawa. the attacker then ran into the parliament building and fired more shots before being killed by the sergeant at arms. canada's prime minister vows this country will not be intimidated. >> this will lead us to strengthen our resolve and redouble our efforts, and those of our national security agencies to take all necessary steps to identify and count he err threat. >> the shooter identified as
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32 year old convert islam. earlier this week, amanda described as isis inspired terrorist attacked two canadian soldiers in quebec, killing one of them. >> time now 4:11, sue serio taking us to wrightstown, where they saw the most rain, it looks like? >> yes, one of the highest totals close to inch of rain there. you would think they were being more rainfall from yesterday. given the fact it rained all day. we didn't even make it to half inch in philadelphia, that was about .4 of an inch, half inch in wilmington, about an inch in atlantic city, just depended on where you were. so this was yesterday. whole event will have higher rainfall totals, maybe inch, inch and a half by the time all is said and done. there you see the circulation around the low pressure system. still bringing some moisture down off the atlantic ocean, just little further north than it was. we told you yesterday this would be moving slowly. as we look in places that got the heavy rain yesterday, it is not so bad today.
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so temperatures are still chilly, and they will remain chilly throughout the day. so make sure you have a warm enough coat. 53 degrees in philadelphia right now, 52 in wildwood, 51 degrees in lancaster, but the wind, that's really going to be the issue today, get ready for winnie the poo and the blustery day, because it is 16-mile an hour winds out of the north wells, sustained, 21-mile an hour winds sustained in mount pocono. check out the win gusts, though, almost 30-mile an hour wind gusts in philadelphia right now. and i think after sunrise we will even see higher wind gusts but yes hold on to your hat today. checking our temperature trend, we go from the 72 degrees woe had on saturday, the 70 we had on tuesday, right on that roller coaster ride, because sunday was 56 degrees, monday was 63, yesterday we only made it to 58 degrees, and we may not even get to that point today. the temperature in the upper 50's, and few showers still around, especially, through the rest of the morning, chilly tonight, some clouds,
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and low of 48. that's your weather authority forecast. twelve after 4:00, pennsylvania turnpike, westbound, between 309, germantown pike, there is cents an accident. two left lanes there are blocked on the turnpike. east white land, route 202 southbound, at route 29, construction there, two right lanes blocked. i-95 southbound, approaching the blue route, road work has the left lane blocked. chris? >> sue, thank up it, has happened again at the white horse, the white house on lock-down after another fence jumper branched security, sense time it happened in about a month. this time, though, the secret service reaction was swift. take a look. cameras called the man in white shorts just inside the white house fence lift his shirt, maybe to show he had no weapons. he then kicked and punched two secret service dogs, as agents closed in. remember, september 19th, where another man jumped the fence, and actually made it into the actual white house. >> police in new castle county, delaware investigating
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a string of bb gun shooting. >> so authorities say ten homes and five cars were shot at over the past two weeks. they are warning residents now, willow run, and the park place trailer park, to be on the look-out for, no injuries have been reported on about there is but some think it could just and matter of time. >> scary, you know? we are hoping it would be a safe neighborhood for quite a while. but, you know, you never nope, never safe in any neighborhood. >> police say since the incidents happened in different neighborhoods, the attacks were most likely random. they have no description after suspect or vehicle, but are looking into whether the attacks were captured on surveillance video. >> real housewives of new jersey star theresa guidice has been ordered to serve her prison sentence at the jail made famous by popular tv series, reality stars request to spent most of her sentence
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at halfway-house was denied. so instead she will serve time at a prison facility in danbury, connecticut, the same prison that orange is the new black is based upon. she has to report there january 5th. she as been sentenced to 15 months in prison for bankruptcy fraud. her husband, joe, sentenced to 41 months. time now 4:15. let's take a look at world news, at least 29 people are dead, and dozens more wounded, following two car bombs last in baghdad. one bomb went off in souder city, second a restaurant in baghdad. students return to school a month late after being displaced by the onslaught by ice ills. thousand hads taken refuge in school buildings. in mexico, protesters continue to demand answers in the disappearance of 43 student teachers, the mayor of the city of egula, his wife and a police chief, are now accused of having something to do with their disappearance cents cents.
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the student went missing late last month after a protest, it is believed some might have been turned over to gangs. meanwhile, officials are awaiting test results to determine if human remains found in a mass grave belong to any of those missing students. 4:16 right now. shooting in anaheim, california killed a seven year old girl, it happened last night a little bit after 7:00. police say that she was playing with other children, when she was shot. she was rushed to the hospital where she died and police are still searching for the gunman. us jury finds former black water security guards guilty of 2,007 mass shootings in baghdad, all four were hired by the state department to protect american diplomats in baghdad. in september of 2007, the men claim surges opened fire at their heavily armed convoy, prompting them to shoot into a crowd of people in a major city square. witnesses cents at the scene denied those claims. more than 30 iraquis were killed. >> more evidence being revealed in a police involved shoot that killed an unarmed teen in missouri.
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michael brown's official autopsy indicates that he was shot in the hand, at close range. now, some sources say, this and other physical evidence in the report, supports officer wilson's claims there was struggle before brown was shot. but, a medical examiner not involved in the investigation say that there is no way to determine if the teen was reaching for the officer's gun. meanwhile, protests continue in ferguson, more than two months after the teen was killed. a grand jury has until january to decide if that officer should be charged. >> the whole thing, what does that residue on his hand mean. >> economic broad scandal at the university is growing. >> scandal went on for two decades, involved 1500 athletes given a's, b's, regardless of the quality of work. at least nine university employees have been fired or disciplined. >> i know the carolina community will find these findings very sobering. this never should have been
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allowed to happen. at the same time, i want to underscore that there is a clear distinction between the then and the now. >> so the question now becomes what if anything the ncaa will do. penalties could range from fewer scholarships to vacated wins, including the three national basketball championships, one during that period. >> the country's second biggest tobacco company is banning smoking inside of its buildings. how is that for irony? campbell cigarette maker reynolds says beginning next year employees will not be allowed to use cigarettes, cigars, or pipes at their desks or in other areas; however, smoke less tobacco products like e-cigarettes will still be allowed to be used. e-cigarettes don't have tobacco in them, do they? >> no, but there are a lot of questions about the chemicals and how they might be dangerous, yes. >> gas prices at their lowest levels in years. >> and drivers are happy about
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the drop, fox 29 steve keeley live in moorestown, new jersey, steve, good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: still more than a month away from "black friday", but already the deals are to be had here, especially over in new jersey, down another dime, just since last week, gas now cheaper than it has been in four years, below three bucks a gallon, not just here in new jersey, but in 16 other states, not pennsylvania yet, but way below three bucks a gallon in new jersey, the low price winner, closest to the bridges, citco on route 38 and church road right here on the mt. laurel-moorestown border, 2.71 a gallon. down in the two-point 60s closer toward the shore, more than 50 cents a gallon less than you will pay at most philly gas stations. so 20-gallon fill up doing the math that's $10 savings, take the $2 talcony palmyra bridge across route 73, there is a whole bunch of gas stations crossing the bridge. that's $18 difference right there. you smokers grab your cigarettes while here. avoid the new two bucks more a
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pack tax on them in philly. and the savings really start to add up. so, 2.71 by the way, a dollar less than what was being charged here just over the summer. that is how big the savings are. and you can see in the booth here that are open, they've been dropping prices cents so much, they're keeping the magnetic numbers real handy for these guys, because these prices are falling every two days. and also, one other thing you will notice about these guys, big fans of the best dj in philadelphia, who is on the air right now, jacky alabama. how about that for an extra bone just this live shot? great shot of jacky bamm bamm from mmr. >> jacky bamm bamm. that's a good day. >> i mean, my favorite dj from mmr is matt cord, and peer air robert is awfully good, too. but we'll take bamm bamm. >> chris, that's got to be your next publicity photo for fox 29, the shades, the hands, and then show your earrings and at that time too like you do on the weekends, that should be your next --
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>> that rocks. wmmr rocks, ya. >> all right. we need more sleep. thank you, sir. let's go to sue immediately. hi, sue? >> you know, i'm if the going to say the phrase great face for radio. ooms, i just did. well, listen, i used to hear it, too. we got a look at the seven day forecast for you, just to show you how much things are going time proof. you just got to get through today where the clouds will linger and the wind will be pretty gusty, very blustery day, 56 degrees all we'll manage for high temperature today even after the showers end this morning. friday's high, 67 degrees, we will still be breezy but sunny skies will make it feel a lot better. and will it be in the upper 60s saturday? cold front comes through saturday night, with some clouds only, so it will be breezy on sunday, 62 degrees but still gorgeous weekends, and monday, tuesday, and
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wednesday, warming trend, temperatures yes in the 70s by tuesday, wednesday, and this time of year, any time weep get a high temperature in the 70s we shall treasure t that's your forecast, let's get to the roads on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between 309 and pennsylvania turnpike two, left lanes blocked, there due to an accident. chris, the roads are slick, because of all of the leaves all over the place. >> wet leaves real slippery. >> three bags over the weaken, five more bags of leaves to fill today. ray rice scandal continues to unfold, how roger goodel could play big part in rice's appeal.
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good morning, i'm harold eskin. eagles go into sunday's game with arizona not knowing if sproles or kendricks will play. weather forced practice inside, those players were limited when practice. now, lesean mccoy is coming off 149-yard rushing game, and you may they he has more confidence, but that's not quite the case. >> i still feel the same way i did before this year, or after this year, i feel a good teamer, running the ball well, the guys are front to do it. >> i always feel the same way before a game. from the 20-yard gain to the 150 or 149, doesn't make a difference. >> for some reason the flyers always play well in pittsburgh. to pittsburgh, game tied at
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two, in the third period. r.j. umberger, shot to score, the flyers go onto beat the penguins. the score there five-three. world is her sees even at one game apiece, kansas city, omar, two-run home near five-run sixth inning, kansas city wins it, seven-two, now onto san francisco. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> football here, nfl commissioner roger goodel has been told to testify in a appeal involving the suspension of ray rice. >> the former baltimore raven is claiming wrongful termination. an independent arbitor set to hear that appeal next month. rice of course was suspended indefinately back in september after video surfaced of him then knocking out his then fiancee. now rice in atlantic city. running back had previously suspended for just two games. sources argue that he was up front with goodel about what happened in that incident. but goodel and nfl officials say say at the didn't know what was on the tape before it became public.
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>> 4:26. toddler found in the bathtub blue. but then a mystery stranger saves the little boy's life. now, an incredibly greatful mother wants to meet that hero. >> and a father who lost his life too soon. how he left his family with new memories, that will last them a
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>> pennsylvania one of the
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states for protocols for those stricken with bowl a, but some at the airport say they're not ready to handy any infectious disease it is they come in contact with them. prime minister every canada speaking out about deadly attack on country's parliament. what happened, and yes says this isn't the first recent terrorist attack. breaking overnight, an accident on 276 in montgomery county, turns fatal. two others made it out alive. how they're doing this morning. plus, some good news for the taj mahal in atlantic city. now that it will stay open through at least next month. but is anybody optimistic about the outlook of atlantic city as a whole? what most new jersians are saying about that struggling city may surprise you. >> all right, good day everyone, it is thursday, it is the eve of tgif. >> i was just going there. >> october 23rd, 2014. sue serio, you are looking at this churning on the doppler right now. >> oh, churning. i like that. yes. it is a nor'easter, i mean, winds coming in from the
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northeast, so yes, it is churning up moisture from the atlantic ocean, still brinking it down our way. the showers are more widely scattered, and lighter than they were yesterday, but they're still around. and we look at the jersey shore, we see some areas like sea isle city, getting some rain, atlantic city, just speaking of that, long neck, down in delaware, see forward, delaware, getting little bit of rain. here in philadelphia, it is a sprinkle or two, it is cents a shower or two, and we'll see that continue through the rest of the morning. temperatures are still in the 50's, maybe a few degrees cooler than they were it is cents 45 degrees, in mount pocono, we have 52 in wildwood, 53 in wilmington. again, it is just a little bit cooler than it was yesterday at this time. but make sure you have enough on, because temperatures are not going to leave the 50's, today. it is 53 degrees as we said in philadelphia, look how that camera is shaking, that's how windy it is, be prepared for a blustery day. 16-mile per hour winds, 7:20 is your sunrise time, and this
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is our high temperature today. 56 degrees, showers will taper, eventually, throughout the end of the morning. and then it will remain cloudy it, will remain windy, with gusts up to 30 miles an hour, at times. that's your weather for thursday. don't worry, the improvement still scheduled for the weekend, we'll have it coming up in the seven day. right now, we check on the accident on the turnpike, pennsylvania turnpike, that is, westbound, between 309 and germantown pike. we have cleared that up. in middletown, this is route one southbound, at route 213. maple avenue, it is the bucks county middletown. we have construction there that has the right lane blocked. and finally, in wynnewood, remmington road between lancaster avenue and haverford road, we have an accident, and the road is closed there. your alternate is morris road or wynnewood road. kerry? >> sue, thank you. it is cents 4:32, some breaking news at least one person is dead following an accident on 276 montgomery county. this is one we've been talking b the accident involves a
4:33 am
vehicle and tractor-trailer, according to pennsylvania state police, we know that two other people were taken to the hospital in serious condition. nobody's sure exactly what caused the accident at this point. but we will continue to gather information and bring it to you. >> as sue just said, it bears repeating, evidently the turnpike now is clear. >> yes. >> of this. so it shouldn't affect your morning commute. >> hopefully, but roads are wet. so maybe few more problems coming down the pike. us lawmakers meanwhile calling for increased surveillance in the wake of two deadly attacks in canada in less than a week. >> this is amateur video from inside parliament yesterday. dozens of shots rang out through the halls. say mask gunman shot and killed a canadian soldier outside the building in ottawa. the attacker then ran into parliament, and fired more shots, before being killed by the sergeant at arms. canada's prime minister vows the country will not be intimidated. >> this will lead us to strengthen our resolve and re-double our efforts, and those of our national security
4:34 am
agencies to take all necessary steps to identify and counter threats. >> the shooter identified as is 32 year old who convert today islam earlier this week, a.m. man described by authorities as is an isis-inspired terrorist attacked two canadian soldiers in quebec killing one of them. a mid amid ebola concerns, pennsylvania health officials are developing protocols to monitor travelers from west africa. >> this announcement comes just one day after some local airport workers held a demonstration calling for more protections from infectious diseases. we turn to fox 29's lauren johnson live at philadelphia international with more on. >> this lauren, good morning. >> good morning to you, chris. yes, group of workers say they feel like the forgotten few here at the philadelphia international airport. when you add up those numbers, talking hundreds of people, and with heightened attention to the ebola virus, philly airport workers say this is ongoing issue for them. they say they've always been uncomfortable about protection
4:35 am
when it comes to infectious disease, he is these are the men and women cleaning planes in other common areas shared bypass inning ers traveling from all over the worm. they spoke out in a press conference yesterday. they say flimsy gloves, questionable protective gear offered little protection when they come in close contact with bodily fluids, other germs. listen to how these workers say they feel about this. >> since the ebola virus has come out, everybody knows about what's going on, but we've always had an issue with infectious diseases down here. we don't have adequate protection. we wear gloves, that's it. >> the airlines seem tomorrow have more regard for saving money, hiring bottom level contractors, than they do actually providing for the safety of the passengers, of the workers, and the well-being of these work. >> reporter: all of this is happening as the us says any travelers who come from ebola stricken west african nations will be monitored for throw weeks, the latest move by the feds to keep the disease from spreading. these new measures take effect
4:36 am
monday in six states including pennsylvanian what will happen now is these passengers will be given kits have, to hands over contact information, have to take their temperature and report those numbers back to health officials, for at least 21 days. chris, kerry? >> okay, lauren johnson live for us at philadelphia international, thank you. >> little good news on the ebola front, no longer detect knack second nurse diagnosissed when that virus. amber vincent being treat in the atlanta there are more test that is need to be done, infected with ebola after treat ago dallas patient who later died. another nurse, nina pham, in stable condition being treat in the maryland. >> classes back on at the pen view christian school, bomb square closed those schools yesterday, this of course, just one day after six police officers in the small town there received pink slips, worrying some residents. but the force won't be strong enough to respond to emergencies effectively. the principal of the school,
4:37 am
that evacuated, says students went to nearby church. police say search of the campus came up empty and when it comes to the police officer, layoffs, the township is siting financial concerns. mt. laurel police make arrest in a bizarre harrassment case it all started earlier this month at the shoprite on arc road. investigators say a woman who had just finished putting grocery into her car when a man approached her grabbed two of her toast and walk away. she wasn't hurt. but police have now charged 30 year old derrick johnson, jr., with harrassment in that case. >> okay, time now, 4:37. shooting up heroin on local train? fox 291st with the story. so, what exactly happened? did they catch the culprits? we'll let you know. imagine or scandal unfolding at north carolina university. why academics for sports stars are being questioned.
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>> ♪ >> we're in atlantic city live for you. you can see the wind playing with this camera. it will be a blustery day down the shore. let's stay in atlantic it city for this. >> taj mahal can stay open. dropping its threat to close the casino come november 13th. >> so, last week, a judge ruled that the taj could void
4:41 am
union contracts with its employees in order to try to stay open. the company says it still cannot guarantee the casino won't close by the end of the year, but it says it will definitely remain open throughout the end of the month of november. if the taj closes, in fact, its doors it, would be the fifth casino to do so this year alone. >> some brand new pole numbers this morning, about atlantic city's casinos. new record eagleton pole shows majority of those surveyed believe the resort towns best days are behind t meanwhile, casinos in neighboring states continue to hurt atlantic city, 33% of those surveyed say they've gone out every state in the past year to gamble. all right, let's look at the wind, sue serio. playing with all of your live cameras. >> i like to call this wobble cam. perfectly illustrates the problem you're going to have today with the weather. besides the linc ers shower, and the lingering clouds, it will be a blustery day, very gusty winds, so, let's go to the weather headlines, just to get you ready for the
4:42 am
foreseeable future. we have showers on and off throughout the rest of the morning, yes, those winds are gusting, right now, between 25 and 30 miles an hour. for this afternoon, the showers taper off, but it is still going to be windy, and it is still going to be cloudy, and then look forward to the weekends. because the sunshine will actually return tomorrow, and it will be sunny, nice, throughout saturday and sunday, and beyond. we will show you that in the seven day forecast, right now the time is 4:42. time to check traffic with these wet roadways this morning. and we start off in wynnewood. remmington road between lancaster avenue and haverford road. an accident has that portion of remmington road closed, so morris road or wynnewood road, kerrey, are your alternates. >> very good, sue, thank you. >> 4:42, there is one mom who is ' turnly greatful to mystery man who saved her toddler's life. how her boy suddenly turn blue. and what happened next that changed her life. what's the truth on taxes?
4:43 am says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest.
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>> quarter to 5:00, fix on fox 29, two people busted shooting up heroin on crowded septa regional rail line. police say the couple was spotted by the septa conductor, this is in radnor, on tuesday night. the driver says that they were getting high at the back of the trolley. police were alerted, waiting at the radnor station, as that trolley pulled in. some septa riders are shocked. >> escorted both of the suns off the train, as they were leaving, some packets of heroin suspected heroin
4:46 am
dropped, right on the floor. >> i'm coming home from work, and i don't want to see that or be around that. >> amazing story, officers say they found packets of heroin, three hypodermic needles, several empty bags with heroin residue on the couple. police are looking into whether the couple may have been involved with any sort of other criminal activity in the area. >> that said, a man from toms river, new jersey, is behind bars, on drug charges, police say this guy, 47 year old, barn bus davis marked heroin bags with the trademark step marked ebola. he is charged with possession of heroin and crack cocaine, with intent to distribute. police say he had more than 600 so-called wax folds, in a room at the ramada inin, 2300 block every route nine, now in the ocean county bail on $300,000 bail. a mystery stranger helped save a toddler's life in delaware count. >> i now an incredibly greatful mom is hoping to meet that hero. late saturday afternoon, stephanie says 11 month old parker climbed into the tub when she left the bathroom to
4:47 am
get a couple of towels. by the time she got back to him, his face was blue, and he was unresponsive. dad called 911, and mom raised parker down the street to the firehouse. as she called out for help, a passerby in a dodge pick-up truck jumped out every his vehicle. >> he came out of no where, he came out of no where. came, took parker from me, put him on the gown, started doing chest compression. >> seconds later firefighters and emt's joined in, they returned the boy to the hospital where he's made a full recovery. and a good samaritan disappeared. we've learned his name, john, but he doesn't want any publicity, and he credits, he doesn't want any thanks, either. >> 4:47 the time. what do you think of this specially if you are a parent? california couple petition action disney to create a princess with downe syndrome. couple has child with downe syndrome. they chronical their experience on a blog, they say their daughter loves the disney princesses but would
4:48 am
like to see a doll with all disc, asking to create new character for kids with special needs can look up to. petition was posted earlier this month, already has some 45,000 signatures. >> that's pretty cool. 4:48. beyonce and jay-z have face add lot of break up rumors lately, but appears they're doing just fine, in fact they renewed their vows. according to people magazine, beyonce and jay-z renewed their vows in europe to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary, also seen house hunting in paris several times over the past month. >> do you renew vows after six years? usually like 20? >> some people do them every year. remember, mariah and nick cannon re mud them every year. and it worked really well for them. >> for a short time. >> for four years. >> 4:48 the time. melissa rivers now quite wealthy. she is going to inherit moyer than $100 million from her mother's estate? >> according to us weekly will inherit 175 million in cash, along with $35 million condo in new york.
4:49 am
melissa's son coup letter also receive his own inheritance, but we don't know exactly how much. john rivers died last month from complications cents during throat surgery. she was 81 years old. >> 75 million in cash, and she worked the night before she went in for that fatal surgery. >> isn't that crazy? >> she just kept working making money. new avengers age of you will tron trailer. >> i'm going to show you something beautiful. >> originally schedule for release next week, but after a bootleg version was leaked, marvel decided just to let the real one out. film will be released next may. >> all right, it is a dream come true for a burlington county woman as she stepped into her habitat for humanity home for the very first time. what an amazing feeling. habitat of course building her family a home, but this is not a hand up. it is a hand up rather not a hand outment while not paying any money that house is far from free. the house on willis street mt. holly actually still in the process of major rehab. but yesterday, was the first
4:50 am
time that 34 year old princess baldwin was actually inside. besides touring the home that she will share with her husband and three kids, she worked alongside volunteers from the annie mack mortgage company, princess and her family are required to put in 400 volunteers hours as part of their commitment. >> this is hope. i've never owned a home. my husband never owned a home. i am 34. he is 32. he's been denied many times in the past for a loan. and habitat gave us an opportunity. >> habitat does amazing works, really do. princess says her family fell on hard times two and a half years ago, now they are looking forward to moving into their home, expected to be completed by june of next year. >> speaking of homes, think of the real he is tail company century 21, right? also clothing store. exclusive grand opening party at philadelphia's newest department store along market street in center city, century 21, pulling out all the stops. the red carpet was rolled out
4:51 am
as champagne made the rounds, while the guests, while invited guest hawes sneak peak, chance to shop first at the high end retail store. the rest of us lonely folks finally got to head in, as well, open to the public, and the first 300 entered for a chance to win red tote bags and mystery gift cards worth as much as a thousand dollars. starting good day 7:00 this morning, our jenn fred is exploring the new store, and all it has to offer, evidently these are high end labels, too. >> well, high end, then they have kind of like mid-range, but tons of celebrities go there, because you get fantastic bargains like diane ton first ten berg. >> sue? >> who in. >> dvs. >> are you wearing prada this morning, knew. >> boscov's? i'm not kidding. but you know i heard mike and jen and alex, i think, all talking about going to that
4:52 am
party, too. so i think we will be seeing more pictures later on of what it looks like in there. so, whenever you can get something at a bargain, we're in, right? all right, let's get to the weather. it is already 4:52. so we have .4 of an inch of rain that fell yesterday in philadelphia. we'll today to the total today. because this storm system still swirling around, brinking in rain off the ocean. you can see, this band of showers, it is cents cents moving through new york, and boston, it will bring some more moisture to us, so we will continue to watch that throughout the rest of the morning. i think we will taper off with the rain, throughout the maybe by lunchtime, but we will still be cloudy, and it will still be very windy, with gusts cents of 20 to 30 miles an hour at times. but the breezes linger tomorrow. but the sunshine comes back. we get up to 67 degrees, on friday. improvement over the weekend with 67 on saturday, and then 62 degrees on sunday, looks great for the altzheimer's walk in atlantic city on sunday morning. and it gets even milder than
4:53 am
that into the 70s by the middle of next week, yeah. that's your forecast, we will get to the roads. we start on the pennsylvania pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, just past willow grove. we have an accident, a vehicle, apparently struck the barrier there, the wall barrier, and we will have more details on what happened on the turnpike coming up. chris? >> sue, 4:53, father lost his life too soon. before he went he left a special surprise, for his wife and his child. how they have new memories, to last now a lif
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> an officer gave them a lift, and quickly got the man's confession of love. yes, he popped the question to his girlfriend in the back seat of the police car. the man said the accident put everything into perspective. he didn't want to waste another minute. >> awe. >> a dying man leaves a final gift for his family, and it comes if the form of more than 30 heartfelt letters. >> now, this is cool. mitchell also his battle with march fan syndrome saturday. before he passed he was sure to leave a collection of letters and notebooks of poetry where his wife could find them. she said reading the letters that he wrote to her are a
4:57 am
gift, is a gift, but those that he left for their one year old daughter are the most special of all. >> second birthday, fourth, fifth, sixth, the 16th one he wrote sweet 16 on the front of the envelope. all the way up to her 18th birthday. >> i'll know what he was thinking about. >> says she'll honor her late husband's wishes and make sure that their daughter opens every letter that her dad left for her. 4:57. another white house breach with somebody jumping over the fence, a lock-down follows, did the secret service act a little more quickly this time? >> autopsy on the un arm teen gunned down in ferguson, missouri, is bringing new life to this case against that officer. what has bee
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> terrible crash overnight falls fatal. >> parliament rocks not just their country but heightens fears here in the u.s. what our country's lawmakers now calling for. >> plus, bombshell report resurfaced the scandal involving athletes grades at a north carolina university. the fall-out unfolding this morning.