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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  October 23, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> we will not be intimidated. canada will never be intimidated. >> terror inside parliament, gunman goes on the attack in canada. prime ministers saying the country will not back down when it comes to fighting terrorism. how our country is now responding. >> it happened again. another person, jumps a fence, at the white house, only this time, secret service was there to stop him. why he may have been lifting up his shirt when police surrounded him. plus, instructor guidelines when it comes to travelers coming into the country from ebola stricken nations, how the philadelphia international airport is now getting involved. and why workers there, are upset. >> let's take live look at the radar. it is active yet again. at least for the morning commute. oh, ya, ultimate doppler has what you need to know, basically, that tells the story, yet again, not as much rainfall as you might have expected. >> no, but just enough to be annoying. >> yes. >> and cold and windy and just that kind of dreary drizzle. >> and wet out there. we will get to that in a minute. first, good day, it is
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thursday, october 23rd, 2014. >> the number we have today is kind of the same number as yesterday. that is five out of ten. we called it raw and rainy yesterday. i think we'll with damp and dreary today. showers probably only in the morning, but the clouds will linger, gusty winds all day long. bus stop buddy red which warm raincoat, flyers cap, they won last night, windy out there, right now, temperatures in the 50's, and there are scattered showers around. you see them circulate around the low pressure system drawing in the moisture from the atlantic, brinking it down to our area right now. so, starting to seymour rain this hour than we did last hour. and have that umbrella with you. so, showers linger through the morning, by noon, we're at 54 degrees, and we should top off at mere 56 with the winds, gusting as high as 30 miles an hour, all day long. that's your foxcast, from the weather authority.
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almost 6:02, let's get to the roads, talk but err moreland, at the wood road at greenwood drive. and an accident there, so be on the look-out for, that if that's your neighborhood n lower again he had, sumneytown pike, near evans road, an accident there, and in wooster, worcester, skippack pike, we have an accident. finally in pemberton, julius town road, near pemberton-browns mills road, an overturned vehicle there. your alternate is trenton road. just slow it down, because of all of those wet roadways, chris? >> good advice, sue, thank you. meantime 6:02, at least one person dead following an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike montgomery county. the accident involved one vehicle, and tractor-trailer, according to pennsylvania state police, on scene. two other people were taken to the hospital. they're in serious condition right now, unclear what caused the accident. as sue said it is wet out there on the roads. >> also, in philadelphia, an innocent bystander, in critical condition, shot by two robbers.
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police tell us the men robbed his barber shop in the hunting park section last night, their gunfire hit a person standing nearby in the face. that person is at temple university hospital, being treated. us lawmakers calling for increased surveillance in the wake of two deadly attacks in canada, in less than a week. >> rapture video, dozen of shots rang out through the halls. mask gunman shot and killed the canadian soldier outside the building in ottawa the attacker then went inside the parliament, fired more shots, before being killed, by the sergeant at arms. canada's prime minister now vows the country will not be intimidated. >> this will lead us to strengthen our resolve, and redouble our efforts, and those of our national security agencies to take all necessary steps to identify encounter threats. >> he said identify. well, that shooter, who has been identified, is 32 year
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old man, who recently converted to islam earlier this week, a man described by authorities as an isis inspired terrorist attacked two canadian soldiers in quebec, killing one every them. >> at 6:04, the white house has another person who has jumped the fence. a fence jumper. this time, an unarmed 23 year old maryland man was able to get over the fence, this was last night, but security dogs were table get to him pretty quickliment the secret service took him into custody, comes about a month after another fence jumper armed with a knife made it all the way into the white house. 6:04 the time. a mid ebola concerns, health officials developing protocols to monitor travelers from west africa. >> that announcement comes just one day after some local airport workers held a demonstration calling for more protection from infectious diseases. >> fox 29's lauren johnson live now at philadelphia international airport with what they're doing, lauren? >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. yep, these are airport workers you see around here at
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philadelphia international airport that are taking out the trash, wiping down surfaces cents cents, cleaning out barmes, coming in contact with travelers. well, now they say with heightened attention to air travel because of the boil virus, this is ongoing, uncomfortable about protection when it comes to infectious diseases for quite some time now. these are the men and women that you see all over the airport as i mention, and they do come in contact with these people, that have been all over the country, and the worm, they say, flimsy gloves, questionable protective gear offer little protection when they come in close contact with bodily fluids and other germs. they want more done for them. all of this is happening as the us says any travelers who come from ebola stricken west african nation also now be monitored for three weeks. this is the latest move by the feds to try to keep our country safe and from this disease from spreading. these new measures will take effect monday, in six states, including pennsylvania, these passengers will now be receiving a kit when at the get back to the country. they'll have to hand over their contact information. they'll have to take their
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temperatures, and of course, report those numbers back for at least 21 days. chris, kerry? >> thank you, lauren johnson. >> all right, 6:06. the world series tied at a game apiece after a big win for the royals in game two. >> omar vincent his two run homer in the seven to two win. this to shifts to san francisco for games three and four, game three tomorrow night right here on fox 29. so today's a travel day. >> it is indeed. >> all right, 6:06 right now. you know, one of the things i've noticed since i've been driving around lately the gas prices are coming down little bit. i know the supply is up, but nice to see that reflect dollars at the prices cents at the pump. >> supply and demand, the price per barrel for sweet crude is now well below hundred dollars a barrel, it was over $140 a barrel just few years ago. >> uh-huh, i know. and thankfully seeing that when we go to fill up. saving us whole bunch of cash. >> fox 29's steve keeley live now in moorestown, new jersey, talking really money. this is a mine story in a lot of ways.
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steve? >> well, you seem like a mine expert. like modern day irving r levin. remember him? >> no? >> economics reporter for nbc news nor decades. all right, he knew the price of oil like you do. so, i'm very impressed. kerrey, you're impressed? right? >> daily, obviously. >> reporter: right, and he's calling it crude oil, too, right? >> actually, sweet crude, please. >> reporter: i just love how they call it the price after barrel. i've never bought a barrel of anything. i buy it by the gallon, let knee know how much oil is a gallon, like even if you buy home eating oil, you buy it by the oil. five gaps please for my condo. anyway, getting to the point. look at the price. all lit up. it looks real good in lights, doesn't it? demand down. supplies up. prices cents down. gas hasn't been this cheap since december 2010. and new jersey, among the now 17 states with gas price below three bucks a gallon, delaware has just joined the group.
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you can find it for 2.84 on kirkwood highway. 2.87, 2.89, but most of wilmington, not yet in pennsylvania, where it is more than 50 cents more a gallon at most philly gas stations cents compared to these over the bridge. take the tac-pal bridge. take the 2-dollar toll. get gas on 2.73. you get $20 profit out that far deal. now, politicians for sure you bet are waiting to get past this election because the first thing you are going to hear from them after their victory speeches will be cause to race the gas takes over here in new jersey, since prices are falling, and drivers, they'll say, won't notice or won't mind, an added tax of course, no politician will ever admit thinking that is a great idea before november 4th, chris, kerrey, why pennsylvania has a higher gas price, because they have way higher gas taxes. and i'll be waiting for my angry e-mail from the guys that deal with us at penndot. >> you don't upset them, as we
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head into the winter months. all right, steve keeley, thanks so much. >> hey, high school students fight for their rights to post with guns. why the schools allows kids to take pictures with firearms, for the year book? >> and story that you saw first on fox, two people busted, shooting up on a crowded septa train. what the conductor did to get this couple in trouble. what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest.
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we know how difficult it is cents to get out of bed on this rainy day. today dreary, showers on and off, wind gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour, that's our airport camera, looking at the skyline of philadelphia, it is really kind of would be bling with the wind, this afternoon, the showers will taper off. the winds doesn't, though, gassing to up 25 miles an hour, and the clouds will linger, as women. but, the weekend, oh, the weekends, sunshine returns tomorrow. and then it will be sunny, nice, both saturday, and sunday. told you we will give you something to look forward to. now, we will see what you need to avoid, as far as traffic is concerned. it is number upon, julius town road, pemberton browns mills road, overturned vehicle there tike your alternate. >> 6:12, they say breaking is up hard to do. for one woman, it was so bad,
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that she just couldn't bring herself to go home. how she managed to spends a week at a kfc.
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warmth err after 6:00. a shooting in anaheim california kills seven year old girl, it happened last night a little after 7:00. police say she was playing with some other kids when she was shot. she was rushed to the hospital, where she died, and police are still searching for the gunman. >> demonstrations continue in ferguson, missouri, more than two months after an unarmed teenager, was killed, by police. gathering for the national day against police brutality. eighty mars held around the country in ferguson. protesters began their march, near the site of michael brown's death, and walked all the way to ferguson's main
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police headquarters. protests were mostly peaceful. but police still put barricades and set up police line, as a precaution. more evidence being revealed from brown's official autopsy. it indicates, he was shot in the hands, at close range some sources say this supports officer darren wilson's claim that there was a struggle before brown was shot. but, a medical examiner nod involved in the investigation says there is no way to determine if the teen was reaching for the officer's gun, grand jury has cents until january to decide if the officer should, in fact, be charged. >> high school in february as is did a allowing students to pose with guns in their senior portraits. officials with the school district say they were initially afraid allowing students to pose with guns would promote violence. but the school board decided to allow it because hunt something a big part of the community. however, students bands from bryn shall the weapon or pointing it at the camera.
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>> new details this morning about academic fraud scandal at the university of north carolina, new report says the scandal went on for nearly two decades involves 1500 student athletes given a a's, b's, from fake classes. at least nine university employees have been fired or disciplined. >> i know the carolina community will find these findings very sobering. this never should have happened. there is a clear distinction between the then and the now. >> and they've such a story past when it comes to their basketball team in particular. so questions now become, what, if anything, the ncaa is going to do with this information. penalties could range from fewer scholarships to vacated wins, including, that three national basketball championship titles they hold during that period.
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6:17. us jury find four former black water security guards guilty of 2007 masses shooting in baghdad, all for every them hired by the state department to protect american diplomats in baghdad. but, in september of 2007, the men had claimed that insurgentopened fire at their heavily armed convoy prompting them to shoot into a crowd of people, in a major city square. witnesses at the scene denied those claims, more than 30 iraquis were killed. and at least 29 people are dead dozens more wounded following two car bomb blasts in baghdad. one of the bombs went off inch sawed err city, second exploded near restaurant in the downtown area. >> summer on slight of isis, thousands of them this taken rep huge in school buildings. students at the wesford school for girls in california getting the tune after lifetime. >> you have seen this photo, subject of famous viet viet nam
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photo where a girl with so running from a strike. that girl is all grown up now, she gave interview at the school, kim fu talked about that day, and about the man who saved her life, ap photographer, nick utt. he took that pulitzer prize winning photo, rescued kim, and saved other kids' well. >> did you a wonderful job. he took my picture but he did extra mile. he brought me to the nearest hospital. please, do extra mile. so you can make a difference and change lives. >> now in her 50's, kim is march width two teenagers. she has created a organization that helps promote peace and forgiveness around the world. >> all right, 6:20 right now. and good day 40 minutes away. >> that's right. a lot of people are worried about ebola, worried, but some are getting irrational fears,
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those fears are turning to cases cents of prejudice. tv personality we know says her daughter came home from school the other day and said the kids told her in her class you're from liberia, so you must have a disease. >> oh, no. >> that pushed her to start an on line campaign, to teach people think before you speak. her powerful words will play for you, and the impact it is having all over the internet. remember kenny g. covering these protests protestn hong kong. so student fighting for democracy joined by jazz musician kenny g. he is over there all time. his tweets anything but calming to the law makers in china, you know, you may be very sensitive. what he did, kenny g seems a little scared. >> kenny g? you don't think of getting fired up and worried about kenny g? >> all that hair, those curls. >> party in the back? >> so we will talk about that.
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first, here's your weather and some traffic. >> lots to look forward to after today. >> rain lingering throughout the rest of the morning, and the wind with us all day long, sun comes back tomorrow, 67 degrees, what an improvement. stays in the 60s through the weekend, including our walk to end altzheimer's in atlantic city sunday morning. >> lots to look forward to. now, almost 6:22, so let's check traffic for you, start off in upper moreland. >> another accident, in pemberton, new jersey, julius town road near pemberton browns mills road. overturned vehicle there so police directing traffic around it. alternate trenton road. chris? >> meantime we have seen
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disney princesses of all nationalities. some parents say that's not enough. is it time for a different disney principal necessary how is it time for a different disney principal necessary how on what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett?
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it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest.
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>> good morning, the eagles go into sunday's game in arizona still not knowing whether darren sprawls, mychal kendricks will play, because the weather forced practice inside yesterday. those players were limited with practice. now, lesean mccoy coming off 149-yard rushing game, and you may think he has cents more confidence, but, that's not quite the case. >> i still feel the same way i did before there is year, or after this year, i feel a good team, rocked the ball well, i always feel the same way before a game. from the 20-yard game to the 150, 149. doesn't make a difference. >> for some reason the flyers play well in pittsburgh, to pittsburgh, game tied at two. in the third period. r.j. umberger, shot to score, the flyers go onto beat the penguins, and the score there five to three. world series is even at one game apiece, kansas city,
6:26 am
omar, two-run homer in five run, sixth inning, kansas city wins it seven-two, now onto san francisco. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. more sports to get to 6:26. roger goodel has cents been told he will have to testify in a appeal involving the suspension of ray rice. >> in could get interesting. former baltimore rave send claiming wrongful termination, and independent arbitor is set to hear the appeal next month. now, rice was suspended indefinately, in september, after video surfaced of him knocking out his then fiancee in atlantic city at the revel inside the elevator. well the running back had previously been suspended for just two games, and sources argue that he was up front with goodel about what happened during that violent incident. but, goodel, nfl officials, said they did not know what was on that tape before it became public. it will be interesting to see what goodel says. >> yes, it will. he's under a microscope if you will at this point. 6:26. woman going through a very
6:27 am
serious break up just can't bring herself to go home. so instead, she head today a kfc. for a week. why the employees didn't even notice her. >> and lauren johnson live at the philadelphia international airport, more restrictions being put in place to stop the spread of boil, lauren? >> that's right, chris. airport workers say they're un protected, unprepared when it comes to the boil in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics.
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trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us.
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house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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new guidelines in place to screen anyone flying into the country from boil stricken nation. how the philadelphia international airport getting involved. why workers there are upset over this. plus, good news for now at least for workers at atlantic city's taj mahal. that will casino was staying open through november, but a lot of people in new jersey are already bail on that once shining shore town, the disturbing number of people who say it land atlantic sitly never bounce back. a lot of messy yards right now, and messy roads, due to. >> this we take live look at the ultimate doppler radar. you can see a loft rain right now. we had rain, well, yesterday, so it has been a wet week so far. i know, and the leaves are coming down, roads are slippery, a lot of accidents, a couple of serious ones this morning, so we'll get to all of it in just a moment. >> good day, it is october 23rd.
6:31 am
>> we've been out here for awhile. >> how are you? >> you got to feel for the folks at the bus stop this morning. whether it is the school kids, like bus stop buddy, or anybody waiting for septa bus, because it is very windy out there. in addition to being rainy, so that umbrella may blow inside out, but just hang onto it, hang onto your flyers cap. they won last night. showers mostly morning, cloudy skies, gusty winds, all day long. so, ya, that's it for that. now, you seymour moisture streaming into the area, we call this wrap around moisture, as the bulk of the storm heads very slowly to the northeast, and i do mean slowly. we are starting to get more rain in the philadelphia area. so don't forget that umbrella even though you'll have to hold onto it tightly. 56 degrees is the high. the showers eventually will taper cloudy and windy all day long. that's your thursday forecast, much improvement in the seven day coming up. right now it is traffic time.
6:32 am
and we start off at 6:32. with a look, live look, i95, right there, at girard avenue. >> biggs i, traffic moving along, going over to pemberton new jersey julius town road near pemberton browns mills road. overturned vehicle there police on the scene directing traffic around t your alternate to avoid it all the together is trenton road this morning. kerry? >> this is montgomery county there is has since been cleared. so it shouldn't be causing you any problems this morning, if you head out. we know that involves a car, and a tractor-trailer, according to pennsylvania state police. two other people in the hospital in serious conditions, not sure, though, what caused it. >> gunfire hit a person standing nearby in the face. and that person is at temple
6:33 am
hospital being treated right now. all right, 6:32, boil concerns right now, pennsylvania health officials developing some protocols to monitor travelers coming here from west africa. >> announcement comes just one day after some local airport workers held a demonstration calling for more protections, from infectious diseases. fox 29's lauren johnson live at philadelphia international with more on. >> this lauren, good morning. >> here at the philadelphia international airport, if you add them up talking hundreds of people with heightened attention to air travel because of the boil a virus. workers say ongoing issue for them, they say, always been uncomfortable about protection, when it comes to any infectious diseases but always fallen on deaf ears. miami is he gloves, offering little protection when come in close contact with bodily
6:34 am
fluids, other germs around the airport. listen to the workers in their own words. >> er. >> knows about what's going on, but we've always had issue win next us diseases down here. we don't have adequate protection. we wear gloves and that's. >> more regard for saving money, hiring bottom poverty level contractors, than they do for providing for the safety of the passengers of the workers, and the well good of these workers? now, all this is happening as the us says any travelers to come from boil stricken west african nations cents cents will now be monitored for three weeks, the latest move by the feds to keep the disease from spreading in our country. now, these new measures take effect monday six states including pennsylvania, what happens now is those passengers will get a kit, they'll have to hand over contact information, they'll take their temperature, and test it to make sure that they're not showing any signs of fever for at least 21 days.
6:35 am
chris? kerry? >> 6:35 is the time. mt. laurel police make arrest in bizarre harrassment case. >> started earlier at the shoprite on arc road. it involved something the people are calling harrassment. woman had just finished putting groceries into her car when a man approached her and literally grabbed two of her toes. and then walked away. she wasn't hurt. but it is creepy. police have now charged 30 year old derrick johnson, jr., with harrass n that case. >> bizarre. 6:35. drivers getting a big break at the pump of the gas prices have dropped through the lowest level in quite literally years. >> steve keel any moorestown, new jersey. >> reporter: just about a mile away from the tow squeezing incident. you don't have to worry about a guy squeezing your toes if you fill up here in new jersey
6:36 am
because you don't have to get out of the car, which is a great relief, on this wet, windy, raw discusting morning, as well, out here, so you stay in your car, the guys at the gas station do all of hard work 2.71 a gallon, lowest price leader we found here, closest to the bridges, 2.71 a gallon, down dime, just in the past week, at this station, down a dollar just since the summer, and gas below three bucks gallon in new jersey 280 kirk highway, bun not yet in pennsylvania because of the higher gas taxes cents. so, way below. >> worth a trip and tolls over the bridges. so, down here, we are finding a lot of people, filling up as soon as this place opens up this morning, but not as satisfied as we expected, at 2.71 a gallon, a lot of people
6:37 am
wanted to go below two bucks a qual on, and we have to see if it does go that low, but at the rate it has been falling, looking at two and a half bucks a gallon probably long before thanksgiving at least this year people don't have zero to worry about spending big on gasoline when they go visit grandma, and out to the shopping on "black friday". some people even go far to the outlets in places like reading up north of trenton. so, don't worry about the price of gas for once. and chris, you said, in years, well, were you right. four years since the gas was this low in our area. >> interesting. i remember reporting on this, about 2001-2002, when gas went over $2 a gallon, it was end of the world it seems. then neared $5 a gallon at some points last year san diego ranked one and two you.
6:38 am
>> a gangs expert. >> i'll stop there. stop. >> all right, 6:37. first on fox. >> what a crazy story this is. two people busted, for allegedly shooting up heroin on a crowded septa train. in fact, bags of stuff found at their feet. what the conductor did that got this couple caught. >> what would you pay more attention to the videos this they stared al like a wood? what if they took you on epic adventure, airline with most safety epic video ever. and were you really sick the last time you called in sick to work? new study says 30% of people who call out just don't feel like going. they're fine, just sick of going to work. this morning we want to know what your best sick day excuse ever was, just tweet us your response with the hashtag good day fox 29 good day. >> indeed. getting some hips already, vincent writes: i haven't had a sick day in 20 years. that's sick. we give you permission. and tamara writes, i call
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>> happy birthday to rocky. rocky the dog, so cute on this fox fursday. so thank you, trees, a for sending along the picture of rocky, nine years old today. here's the rain. moving in again. as the storm system slowly exits, we are getting all of
6:42 am
the wrap around moisture. you will need the umbrella this morning, just about everywhere, here in philadelphia, bucks county, montgomery county, up there, the lehigh valley, over there in reading, it seems like we've got a break for now coming back for you, too. temperatures in the 50's, lower 50's, just little chillier than they were yesterday. 44 degrees, in mount pocono, big story though the wind, because we have sustained winds, of 15 miles an hour, in philadelphia. and right around there, everywhere else, and some wind gusts that is are even higher than that, at 22-mile per hour wind gust in allentown, 25 miles an hour in philadelphia, and wilmington, so that will make it feel even chillier out there on this casino of raw day, 58 degrees was all we managed yesterday, when we should have been at 65. luckily by tomorrow, we will be closer to that. as you see, in the seven day forecast, showers, windy, 56 degrees, today, kind of
6:43 am
yucky, but tomorrow, saturday, 67, that's more like seasonable high temperature, and 62, just little chillier sunday, but still beautiful. really beautiful autumn weekend foreign joying all of the colors out there. and then, as if that wasn't nice enough, we get little bit of a warming trend towards the middle of the next week when we get back into the 70s. there it is, weather authority forecast, 6:43 your time. and we go back to pemberton, new jersey, julius town road near pemberton browns mills road. vehicle overturned there, police are directing traffic, your alternate to avoid it trenton road. also, in upper moreland, at the wood road, greenwood drive, an accident there. in horsham, another accident. this is at horsham road and norristown road. all these accidents, got to take it slow. >> roads are wet and slippery, yes. just about quarter of. coming up on it crowded septa regional rail line.
6:44 am
this couple spotted by the septa conductor in radnor, news night driver said they were getting high in the back, and they called police, and the police were stationing, some of the ride remembers shocked. >> as they were leaving packets of heroin, suspected heroin dropped, right on the floor,. >> i'm coming home from work, and i don't want to see that or be around that. >> found packets, needles, several empty bags with heroin residue. police looking into whether these two may have been involved with any other criminal activity in the area. now, man from toms river, new jersey, barn bus davis mark heroin bags with the trademark stamp name boil. he is charged with possession of heroin and crack cocaine with the intent to distribute. police say that he had more
6:45 am
than 600 wax folds in a room at the ramada inn2300 block of route nine. davis in the ocean county jail on $300,000 bail. atlantic city's taj mahal could stay open for now. >> its parent company trump entertainment resorts dropping its threat to close the casino on november 13th. last week a judge ruled that the taj. >> company said it cannot guarantee the casino won't close, but says it will definitely remain open throughout the month of november. fifth keen to do so it year. brand new pole numbers this morning, out of shows majority have pessimistic view what will happen to the resort town. 63% said atlantic city best days are behind it, while only 22% said the best days are to
6:46 am
come. 15% were unsure, meantime, 33% said though gamed bled in another state in the past year. >> what do you did whether you are little and you can't find your mama? if you're a one month olds black bear cub, go looking, even if it means you have to hit up the right ate. so actually there is little guy started in search at a hotel in ash lan, oregon. and then he wandered into the drug store wig the customers, oh, probably scared. no word on where his mom s wildlife authorities scooped him up with a shopping cart and they brought him to a rehabilitation center. >> but don't put kids in the carts. it is ill-advised unless you're capering a bear. >> they say breaking is up hard to do. for one woman, it was so bad, she just couldn't bring herself to go home. so she camped out in a kfc. she camped out in a kfc,
6:47 am
thought going back to her amount was cents too difficult. luckily tore her the kfc is a 24 hour time. workers noticed she had never actually left because they all had different shit. so by the third shift, if you are on the night shift, wait, you are still here. did you ever go home? >> i wonder if we have somebody here at fox 29. >> somebody sleeping in the base (. >> somebody creeping around, never notice? we'll see. a california couple is petioning disney to create a princess with downe syndrome. the couple has cents a child with downe syndrome, they chronical their experience on blog. say their daughter loves disney princesses but would like to see a doll of all want, so their daughter feels included so asking disney to create a new character that kids with special needs can look up to. already has more than 45 signatures. >> i love it. >> dow too. >> 45,001. >> taking a look at headlines, beyonce, jay-z, are stronger
6:48 am
than ever, kerr. >> i you may remember we speculated at great lengths about their relationship. earlier this summer, despite the break up rumors, people magazine reported the couple renewed their voice, they said dow a second time while traveling in europe. beyonce and jay-z are also reportedly house hunting in paris. >> what was that elevator fight all about then? >> who knows? >> right. real house wires of new jersey starring theresa has been ordered to serve her prison sense tens, made popular by popular tv series, request to spends most of her sentence at halfway-house was denied, instead will serve time at prison facility in danbury, connecticut, same prison orange is the new black is based on. she must report thereon january 5th. entertainment weekly unveiled series of covers featuring the cast from disney's into the woods. that includes johnny dep who
6:49 am
place the wolf, like red riding hood thing. four different covers, the issue features holiday movie previews. >> getting a first look at the new avengers, age of you will tron trailer. here it is. >> taught earl questioned ooh for next week. >> you're good at that. >> after bootleg version was leak, marvel decided just let the real one out. the film will be released -- >> my gosh. >> -- next may. >> do you know how much money those voice over people make at home in their pajamas in front after computer? >> oh, that would be nice. >> ewe. >> but you're real good the at that. >> yuck. >> 6:49. air now zealand created new in-flight safety video with the help after couple of stars from a famous movie. >> so evidently this video is based on the hob it triligy. even includes few appearances
6:50 am
cents from the cast. >> only when leaving the aircraft. >> thank you. >> actor relies a wood played frodo in lords of the rings, helped airline safety in that video. >> i would have no idea what to do with my -- but what's that thing they put on, the life perserver? >> blow into the tube. >> i like when they say inflate yours first, leave the kids until you're safe as an adult. >> that's right. that would make me not fly that airline. >> exactly. >> hey, may only be october, weaver few days left, but a lot of high school seniors already thinking about
6:51 am
college, of course, may be your kids even applied to a few colleges already. if you're feeling overwelmed, you don't feel alone. we do have some help for you. what are the three things you need to know, that you don't know, to get your child into college. how soon do you need to do it? our financial advisor is here to talk about that. in other words, probably saying my kid is only in eighth grade. i don't need to think about it, start thinking about it, you need three year jump in we're knee deep into it right now, senior in high school. so i have my pen ready to take notes on that segment. let's get to the weather. ultimate doppler radar showing the rain returning to our area. we had little break in the action. >> from the city over to
6:52 am
jersey, in bucks, montgomery, delaware counties, chester county, everybody starting to get more rain. showers on and off throughout the rest of the morning. the winds are up there, with gusts up to 25, 30 miles an hour, all day long, it is a blustery day in store. even after the rain stops. clouds linger, high of only 56 degrees today. that's your weather, here's your traffic. wet roadways leaves all over, a lot of accidents so far, including this one in pemberton, new jersey, julius town near pemberton-browns mills road. accident has been cleared up for now. on i59 northbound, past street road, there is disable vehicle. that's moved to the right hands shoulder. between walnut and broad, colmar, an accident there. kerry? >> sue, thanks. 6:52. not all clowns are scary. >> these clowns are trying to get more of us to laugh. i think traditionally what
6:53 am
that is supposed to do. what hundreds cents of clowns came together for in mexico. what hundreds cents of clowns came together for in mexico. why
6:54 am
6:55 am
just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> right now 65:00, a windy down the shore in atlantic city. sue serio will take awe look at the live radar, when it will calm down. downtown santa barbara is turning into a michael jackson video, just in time for halloween. >> ♪
6:56 am
>> hit song of course thriller, nearly six people dressed as zombies taking part in the event. spent three months practicing the dance moves, as well as training in the arts of zombie make up. >> more than 500 clowns gathered in mexico city, to set a record. they had to laugh for 15 straight minutes. in they did not reach their goal, but trying to sent a message a mid the laugh. laughing for world peace. time 6:56. gunman charges in the canada parliament, opening fire, and killing one person. this is the second attack in canada, in just this week. how our country is now responding to make sure something like this doesn't happen here. and, a passing stranger helps save a toddler's life. but just as soon as he appeared, he was gone. a mother's message to that
6:57 am
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now the united states on
7:00 am
high alert. and it happened again. sick the dogs on him. another fence jumper, at the white house. secret service, all over him this time. quickly. >> and, as you know, strig err guidelines when it comes to travelers coming into this country, from ebola stricken nations, how the philadelphia airport is getting involved a loft workers out there who clean the planes are upset. and, some positive news. i think a hole has been filled on market street. yes, market street, going to come back here? remember strawbridges & clothier, that store, replaced by store called century 21. they only sell yellow blazers. wait. that's the realtors, right? it is cents a completely different thing. new fashion palace will rejuvenate market east. good to have them here as our neighbor. straight up 7:00. >> little taste of it last night. >> it was great. fun party, we'll show you some video and some picks that far from last night. >> so fun. i know you