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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 23, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> ladies, something a loft us think about, would be good to hear. >> didn't want to lose her. >> looking for the perfect pumpkin dishes for your menu, we have you covered. >> here is the thing. i'm tired of the regular pumpkin stuff. >> this is not the regular pumpkin stuff. this is like pumpkin martini, this is pumpkin booze. >> drink my gourd. something like that. i'm out of my gord. were you really sick last time you called out from work? or were you faking it? >> remember ferris buehler's day off? >> the key to taking out the clammy hands, good non-specific symptom. i'm a big believer in this.
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>> get nervous mother, that's worse than school. >> you fake a stomach cramp. and when you're bent over, moaning and whaling, you lick your palms. little childish and stupid, but then so -- >> okay, you use some of these techniques, each time you get out of school by calling in sick, how you get out of work when you call in sick, and you're not really sick. so we found this on career builder. com. here is some of the top reasoned called out sick. >> 30% just didn't feel like showing up. 29% wanted to relax. 19% wanted to sleep. and 11% blamed the weather. probably days like this one, and only 21% actually has cents a doctors appointment. >> only 21%. so, we either had crazy excuses cents thon list. >> one, my plastic surgery needed tweaking. what bosses say that they've heard as excuses.
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my plastic surgery needed tweaking. >> okay? >> i gambled over the weekend. and i had money left to play on monday. >> oh, so you stayed at the casino instead of going to work. >> stained at the casino. and i woke up in a good mood. and i didn't want to ruin it. >> by going to work. >> so i won't come in today. >> workers need to be careful, 31% of bosses say they've fired somebody because of a phony excuse. >> i'll tell you this on twitter it has been coming alive. thank for your tweets. one guy called in and said he had taken sleep medication instead of his blood pressure pills. >> oh, my god. >> so he was too drowsy to go to work. >> so what, just never woke up? >> oh, he had fallen asleep -- >> oh, can't drive when you're dows. >> i guy from over at pat's steaks said some guy called in and said i can't found my prosthetic leg. >> oh? >> so he don't go to work. >> that's maybe a legitimate -- >> that's legitimate. >> ya. >> certainly has a leg to stand on.
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>> one time had a boss, reporter, called out sick, and there was a rumor that the night before he had been in a bar, until really late. it was cents small market, one bar that everybody used to go to. we all kind of new the owner, what not. so my boss called me in his offers, i need to you call this, this owner of this bar, and find out if so-and-so was there late last night. >> did you? >> no, i know so-and-so was in bar. i would go talk to him. >> guy got suspended. >> well, kind of wrong to ask to you do is that. >> well, i know. >> you snow. >> they wanted you to be an at that time err tail. >> squeeze? >> i didn't do it. >> has our boss ever come to you and asked but me? >> many, many times. >> really? >> and i sell you right down the river. >> thanks, kerrey. hey, did you realize that this is national talk show day in honor of johnny carson's birthday. >> ♪ and now ladies and gentlemen, here's johnny.
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judge i really do miss watching him, 89 years old, today. and i believe when johnny carson retired, when the world went to poo. >> all when it start today unravel? >> no matter what was going on in the world, when johnny came out from those curtains, you knew it was okay. he is still there, still joking about the world event. >> right. >> like cents last true almost appointment viewing. >> yes, now so many late night talk shows. >> true. >> on every channel, right? >> all the cable channels, ya. >> tell that you jimmy fallon doing great job, though. >> years later. >> bell we did the matthew mcconaughey thing the other day. hysterical. >> fun. >> i i think better almost on the tonight show than he was -- >> i agree. >> not as good as program that we have on at that pour. -- hour, obviously. >> oh, i know. >> like "tmz", or dish nation. >> yes. >> i love that dish nation.
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and "tmz", can i not stop watching it. mz, now that live "tmz" in the afternoon, i am blowing 90 minutes of my life every -- >> and they're funny. >> i laugh out loud at "tmz",. >> very clever. >> and say such dirty stuff. i don't know how they get away with it. >> well you get away with it hello, pot meet account recalls. >> black. >> for years when audiences heard the words here's john fry med ed mcmahon, ed met laughter, until the film the shining came out, and jack said this. >> here's johnny. >> oh, my gosh. >> horrifying move. >> i the worse. >> so now, inspire by the horror film the shining, killer commercial, it is late shopping hours.
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>> let's go. >> ceasing a poor, but getting tons every attention on line. >> we don't have late night shopping at ikea in this country do, we? south filly? >> i don't think so. maybe like around christmas? >> you know why i like to go to ikea? the hotdogs. >> the meatballs. >> the food. >> it is great. still have collar weenies. >> really? remember the story that came out a year ago, serving horse in the swedish -- >> oh, my gosh. >> not here. >> in swayed glenn in sweden. >> well, if the shining gives you the chills, don't worry, someone put little re mixon the film and pinned it as a heartwarming romantic comedy. take a look at the at this. >> fun. >> i meet jack. i'm outlying new writing
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project. >> a kid looking for a dad. >> what's up doc? >> jack just can't finish his book. >> but now sometimes what we need the most is just around the corner. >> this came out couple of years ago, but so great. i don't know. i just love it. to hear the music now? whole thing worth watching in its entirety. >> great. >> because i hate scary movies, right? >> me too.
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>> someone mentioned the shining, but no, that's a scary movie, i'll pass. but no, just watch. >> this i'm like oh, okay. >> it is a romantic comedy. here's johnny. >> i have a question, involves marriage proposals. how long have you been dating? six, seven years. isn't it time to propose? if you -- does pressure work? i'm going to leave you if you don't marry me. >> i think man will cave. >> why didn't they propose in the first place then? >> something better will come along. >> or maybe they like things the way it is? >> this article, he said he was hesitant to get married, you know, why wother? >> he has beautiful wife, couple of kids, right? well, she, what's her name, camilla? >> camilla. >> she said i'm leavingment i'm taking the kids. i will be out of your life if
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you don't marry me. >> i think exact words, either got to poop or get off the pot. >> he use that cliche? >> he didn't use the p words. >> they've been dating like nine years. >> i think at that point, studies the longer you're with someone, the less likely you'll get married. so come on, two kids, give me something. >> give me something. >> put a ring on it. >> she is beautiful. >> gorgeous that woman. >> that may have had toking do with it. >> i would have married her. >> ya? >> ya. >> i would marry him. >> would you? listen to you. >> how long does it to take you to change re relationship stat us? do you go right a with a, i'm single again? doctor there is a grace peer. a lot of times you break up, casino of that back and forth. so i would wait a little bit. a lot of people they break up, you go back and forth, then after like a month, okay, all right, but then it is like
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official and you're officially done with this guy? >> yes. found this survey over in new england, shows that half of newlyweds change their relationship status on facebook within 24 hours of the wedding. >> makes sense. >> of engaged people, like when they got engaged in the same amount of time. >> is that right? get it done in 24 hours? >> some people do it immediately within the hour. >> have you ever had somebody call, you know what? we've been dating for quite a while now, you still have single on your facebook page? >> oh, that's big. >> i haven't had that because i was already married to join by the time facebook came around really, when we got into it. but that actually has happened to one of my friend. who was like kind of just messing around on a dating site and saw oh, no. >> her boyfriend up on, ya. >> oh? >> big deal. he took it down, but i mean, ya. >> the fact that it was there? >> even like me and my girlfriend, a loft times dating someone, okay, is it facebook official? once time it is facebook official, it is real.
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because it is out in the public, everyone is on facebook, if they can see it, sometimes they just say in a relationship or you can say in a relationship with and have a link to that other person's page. so yes, when you have that, it is okay, he's putting it out there. >> this is my woman. >> i'm single. >> on facebook -- >> , no i have nothing on facebook, my status isn't available. >> what do you do then? complicated thing -- >> that's weird. grace period, you're not really sure what the heck is going on? >> having affair with married woman. >> exactly, or three of them? >> don't ask me, ya. hey, the season you were born, were you born in the fall? you know the four seasons, don't you? >> the season which you were born will affect your mood the rest of your life apparently. >> yes, so european researchers found people born in the summer or in the spring tend to be the most positive, yes, when were you born? >> i was born in july. right in the hot of the hot summer. >> well then this completely discredits this statement. winter babies grew up to be
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the most irritable adults. i was born in january. >> okay. >> compared to people born in any other season, and fall babies deal with fewer bouts of depression later in life. alex, your birthday? >> april. so i am a spring babe. >> i yes. >> so i'm positive, right? >> well, casino of stupid survey because they lump spring and summer together. >> fall -- ya. >> what, born in the summer it, says i'm very positive. >> well, common. >> i feel like born in the wintertime you're irritable because you're cold. >> and spring and summer like whenever it is exciting go outside,. >> what about born in hey would e during the winter. >> many layers to this. >> florida, arizona. >> we don't have time. >> maybe we should do our own stud. >> i i think we should go to had a i would ian figure it out. >> make babies and see? >> where is this going? >> a lot of bicycles, dogs, it is like a carnival going on in here. >> it is fox fursday, hey, downtown santa barbara, lovely area, turning into a michael
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jackson video, just in time for halloween. here is their take. >> ♪ school for cost mythology. >> oh, paul mitchell. make hair products. >> performing this thriller video. yes, what get about 65 people there, zombies there is isn't radio. i think you can see what they're doing. >> they spent how many months? >> i think three months. >> three months. >> these people are little slow. >> i don't know, what about a way to show off hair and make up? >> okay. >> let's get over to the dogs. we know the amazing work our animal shells ers and rescues do on daily basis, just last week, our own dawn timmeney
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showed us more proof of this after a sweet dog was found badly starved in delaware county, skinny. >> the photos are appauling. a female pitbull terrior rang next to nothing. her ribs, pertrude interesting her small body. the one year old so malnourished, she could partly stand. >> little less than 20-pound actualliment she should be about twice that at this point. >> the dog was seized from chester home by the delaware county spca. she was immediately given much needed medical attention. >> let's go. >> one week after being rescued, and still, strikingly thin, operations manager is trying to nurse the pooch now named pearl back to health. she is hoping a little food and a lot of loving, will go a long way. >> so that was pearl then. now she is in the studio now with sue. hi, sue, how is she doing. >> she looks so much better. you're doing great job with her. >> thank you. >> let's see pearl. she right down there. there she is. look at her with her little
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halloween collar on. so tell us how pearl is doing, dana? >> pearl is doing fantastic. she has the best temperament. friendly with dogs, cats, loves everybody, she meets, and she has gained about 7 pounds in ten days. >> now what happened to her? notice bandage on her tail? >> she was her tail so much that she banks it on things, and she broke the end open. >> i didn't even know dogs could break their tails. you know what, she so happy she's been rescued, i'm sure. >> yes. >> that she doing much better. you can still see she is little too thin. >> yes. >> not yet up for adoption. >> not yet. closely monitoring her red blood cell count to make sure that she's very healthy when she is going to be adoptable. >> look at uncle mike. >> oh! good for you. >> she's looking so much better. well, doing great job, fostering her. >> thank you. >> now, we will talk about how we can help other animals at the delaware county spca. >> she is not only one. >> bark in the park is this
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weekend. >> what time? >> do we have arrays? it is a 5k race. it is at registration at 9:00. in. >> this is justinea by the way. >> on the show before. now, justinea you start at 9:00. you run your race, but then just don't go home. a lot of stuff to do at the park? >> right. dog friendly race. bring your dog, you can walk, if you're not a runner, i'm not a return, so you can also walk. >> i do walk. >> great. after the race is a fall festival, from 12:00 to 4:00. we have dog costumes, we have a pitbull kissing boot, miss pearl will be in. >> you can get a kiss? >> ya. so, it is as lot of fun stuff. we have antique cars, amazing ravel, of which one of the ravel items is here with us. >> this beautiful bike that we've all been identifying up at the shelter. it is real a 600-dollar bike. it will be a part of our ravel. donated by main line cycles. and we're very lucky to have
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it. >> i'm sure you'll have animals there available for adoption. >> she has been home list for 325 days. >> oh, no, that's just wrong. >> yes. she is an amazing dog, very loyal, and she's like a four year old greyhound blends. >> beautifulment look at that brined l coat. >> so sweet. she loves people. she wouldn't stop kissing me on the way here. so if you want a loyal dog, who loves to go for runs, because she is our best runner in the shelter. >> you can go for a run in the park. >> ya. >> now, kelsey, should probably just be the only dog in the home? >> right. >> she likes to be the center of attention like many of us do. >> yes, and you can't blame her. she is a part of our dog running program at the cheryle. one of our volunteers and she runs kelsey as often as possible, kelsey just great runner. so she will be pars participating in the run. >> so you have a trotter program. so you exercise the dogs. so you can and volunteer at the cheryle, get your own exercise. >> yep. >> and take a dog with you.
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>> yes. and i hope dogs like kelly who have been longest resident homeless, when she runs, just a different dog. she displays so much happier. >> look at that face. >> look at that tail! >> a question mark. >> yes. >> i love it. so listen, it is a bark in the park there is saturday, delaware county spca. so glad pearl's doing well. >> one more event, calling all dogs, to benefit ronald mcdonald house here in philadelphia, it also takes place this saturday, wilson farm park in wayne from nine to noon. costume costume, beauty contest for your dog, lots of cool prizes, get all of that information, mike jerrick, on >> that's going to be cool. >> yes, look at our baby. >> good to see you, pearl. >> you know what? just a few minutes, chris murphy is going to tell you how you can get ahold of very famous person's car.
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>> when i thought of this -- >> i know what you'll say. >> i saw there is i thought of. that will >> whew. >> all right there is car was owned by john voight. >> you see, i told you. >> except john is spelled with a h. >> john. >> doesn't john voight spell his name jon? >> what does he say? >> nothing. >> the real john voight's car, of course, john voight is the dad of --
9:20 am
>> angelina. >> angelina jolie. >> exactly right. so, now, listen to this? john bonn jovi's car is up for auction. >> also without an h. >> true. no h's. hi, chris? >> this is a cool car. take a look at this. the keys are in it. here at the atlantic city convention center. we'll tell you how you can drive off in these. straight ahead. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay.
9:21 am
and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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>> at one point in his life, jon bon jovi was driving a
9:24 am
1957 i think thunder birds is what i think it is cents? >> classic car either way. >> and now it is going up for auction. so chris is live at the atlantic city convention center. we opportunity see it, chris. >> come on, baby. >> reporter: take a look, guys, here it is, speak of it, john bon jovi's hands is right where my hands is, right now. >> now it's been ruined. >> wow. like a cowboy on a steel horse, i will ride. >> oh,. >> you can't fit. you're too big! >> this is ridiculous. >> you know, good car for maybe a slight built woman? >> like me? >> like you, yes, alex. >> thank you. it would be perfect for alex here, in fact, alex can own this car, by the way. this is just one of about 400 cars that will fill this entire room. this is a huge room, as we pan around, and, in fact, come on over here, george.
9:25 am
let's take a look at some of the other cars, as we speak, they're bringing cars in here to atlantic city, from all over the country. some of these cars are coming from as far west as texas, from as far south as florida, all the way up in maine. now, two of these are gto's. mike, quiz question for you. pontiac made the gto's between which years? >> pontiac debuted -- late 50's, early 65's. >> actually 64, up to 74. and you have got a 65 pontiac here, the coolest thing about this pontiac is take a look here on the hood. this is an r pm reader built into the hood. such a thing, crazy. the cool thing is, too, with these cars, such a lower profile. everything suv's these days. and the other thing is this 70 chevy half shelf he will. nice looking ride round down.
9:26 am
oh, these muscle cars so cool. here is the latest. we'll put up full screen of information you need to know. of course all of this information is on but it is at the atlantic city convention center, it is tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. then again saturday same showers 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. this is called the fall classics cars show and auction gpk auctions, putting this on, mike, for 42 years now, every year, they've been doing the big auction, this time in the fall, because they've had such positive response. >> cool. >> again, 400 cars like these. >> let me see the bon jovi car one more time. >> let's go see it. >> i'll try to get in it. >> run, forest, run. >> wish me luck. here we go. >> oh, is he going to try to fit again? oh, darn. >> he may not get out that far darn thing. >> i want to see. >> it looks in great shape. >> oh, mike, the keys are in it!
9:27 am
>> go! >> take it out of there. >> okay, it is pumpkin season as you know, but we're sick and tired of the standard pumpkin treats. we're going to consume a pumpkin martini. and there they are. oh, look at that. what do you suppose that is? >> sort of pumpkin risoto? what do you suppose that is? >> sort of pumpkin risoto? oh, that will be good!
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
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okay. so about 5:30 this morning, this is a hideous picture of me, i visited anna at star bucks store at eighth and walnut. anna says to me, guess what, mike, star bucks has a new
9:31 am
flavor, starting in about two weeks, first new flavor in five years do you want to hear what it is. >> what it. >> chestnut praylean. >> yes. >> it will have a little nuty taste but with the carmel in praylean. >> yes, yes. >> that is going to be good. >> yes. >> i can't wait until that comes out. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. but we're still talking about pumpkin because it is pumpkin time of the year but we got sick of the eating same pumpkin recipes. so we asked this young woman to come in from over in voorhees, new jersey. is what the name have of your place. >> we are in the voorhees town center good that are very heat town center. >> nice little town center good good to see you. >> roberta. >> roberta, right. >> yes. >> christine is my daughtery remember meeting her over there, yeah, how are you doing. >> fine. >> yourself. >> fine. >> we put you to the test, we don't want boring pumpkin stuff so what have you come up with. >> we have a few dishes at
9:32 am
catillis. we have pumpkin and lobster bisque. >> it is so nice. >> i think they have an overhead camera, don't we. >> yes. >> we will garnish that with this beautiful right in time for halloween, this is a, sea food carmeli, candy shaped pasta and it is actually filled with a sea food muse and pumpkin. it has. >> is that what you have in the pastry bag. >> yes. >> what is all in there. >> it is shrimp and crab muse with pumpkin. >> pumpkin is in there. >> right. >> pumpkin on top of pumpkin. >> pumpkin on top of tum kin and seafood goes with the lobster pumpkin biscue. >> is that tuna in pumpkin. >> no, this is seared. >> and then served with a amrena cherry and mushroom
9:33 am
demi glaze. >> momma, past me a fork. oh, roberta. i love risoto. it is a mixture of pumpkin and duck. >> yes, pumpkin puree folded in. >> okay. how does it taste. >> that is fantastic. i have never tasted anything like that. >> glad you enjoyed that. >> that is good. >> i have had ralph yoel which pumpkin in it. >> these are our pumpkin ravioli and we will finish it with this topping. >> what is that, it is a balsamic reductions. >> look at him, he is a chef. >> in case you need to leave your day job, mike. >> i probably should. >> would you hire him. >> why it so white. >> it is a dolche sauce and it is pumpkin and a little cranberry. >> cranberry here. >> and crownched cookies.
9:34 am
>> that is very good. >> okay what is this. >> my favorite part, drinking. >> pumpkin martini. >> we have pumpkinchillo we make in the restaurant. that is something to drink after your meal. so we do some seasonal flavors, outside of the traditional. >> i have had lemon chello's and stuff like that. >> so this is alcohol. yes. >> there is vodka. >> yes, we make it lighter. >> it is infused with pumpkin. >> what would that taste like. >> i will shake when you are talking. >> i like when a woman shakes. >> go ahead. >> so is this that. >> no, this is pumpkin martini. >> my favorite part. >> let's do it. >> this is pumpkin chill owe. >> man, that is spicy. >> yes, you can taste that. >> what spices. >> that is pumpkin pie spices.
9:35 am
>> look at this. >> do you think you will ever run out of things to put pumpkin in. >> no, you will never be out of your gore. >> i am out of my gored. >> give me your location. >> voorhees town center in voorhees, new jersey. it used to be site of the echelon mall. >> well, thank you so much. >> we are ready. >> we will toss to lauren while we drink the pumpkin martini. >> i love the spices around the rim. >> beginning are snap. >> hi, lauren. >> you are the best. >> thank. >> lauren doesn't look very happy today, does she. >> yes. >> what is wrong. >> i'm sorry, listen, i'm hanging out with volunteers, john wendy and they are a few volunteers working on seven different houses for people today making some dreams and wishes coming true. we will tell but exactly how it is happening coming up
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:39 am
my life is so scattered i need an assist tell. and, two at least i will have time to show you this but they want to be my assistant. >> they want to work for you. she will be happy, to be my assistant. and there she is. okay. then also,. >> does she know what she's getting into. >> well, i'll leave her alone it takes a while to learn. >> yes. >> bless her heart. >> you are great to work with. >> a joy. >> evelyn, oh, hello, she will be my assistant. >> that could be distracting for you, she's cute. >> well, they are both cute.
9:40 am
>> yes. >> this is a really cool event. 200 volunteers, right now, rebuilding, a neighborhood, in philadelphia. >> entire neighborhood. >> pretty close. >> almost. >> renovations already underway, this is in north philadelphia, this is where lauren has been this morning, hi lauren. >> i can hear you guys now so i have to be still and careful because i don't know is what going on. sixty volunteers right now in this neighborhood and they are hard at work too. they are helping make dreams come true for people in this neighborhood, seven homes will be rehabbed today. right now you we are inside johnny domes house. he is all smiles from ear to ear. how do you feel. >> awesome, just blessed. i hit the lottery. i hit the lottery. that is what happen. i hit the lottery. >> reporter: you run a day care here. is there always children. this is not just for you. what do you need thaw could not get done in your own time but it is all coming to fruition. >> i wanted to have rugs removed because i have children that asthmatic,
9:41 am
allergies or whatever. >> that is run down so you have a brand new floor. >> they are coming in and they just be sliding across the floor. they just slide and we want to take our shoes off they take their shoot off and they love it. new front door. >> new front door. we don't to have sit in the living room null with our coats on because we have a new front door because it was really drafty but it is not like that right now. >> i say how do you say thank to you complete strangers, what do you tell them. >> i just can't but just know this, that philadelphia is supposed to be the the city of brotherly love. guess what in there is a whole lot of love on the 19 hup block of marshall street a whole lieutenant of love. >> have you cried yet. >> many days, many days. when i think bit, i think about roots, i think about the roof that my parents started here in 1914 and here it is, that i'm still here and they
9:42 am
are making it possible for me to stay. real, real quick story. wanted to move off of marshall street my daughter cried. she didn't want to leave, i won't be able to see them. i stayed. they are making it possible for us to continue to stay. >> happy ending, johnny domes congratulations, mike and alex, she's all smiles thanks to volunteers making this all happen for her. >> yes. >> thank you. >> that is so cool. >> waiting to volunteers. almost 200 people out there. >> rebuilding together philadelphia. >> you talk about rebuilding philadelphia, we have had a hole in our heart at eighth and market for years and years. we finally have another department store called century 21 and look at jen. >> yes, if i buy a couple things for my husband, it is okay buy a couple dozen things for myself. ladies and gentlemen is there amens department. you don't to have stay there
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
another big celebrity is breaking out. we are talking about why they were compared to ross and rape trell friend. we will get to this story in just a minute. >> that story is extremely funny. >> it is, hysterical. >> my gosh, yes. >> you know, at the corner, in between eighth and ninth, for years now we have in the had a store there since strawbridge and clothier.
9:46 am
>> empty. >> i loved that stories specially around christmastime. new company called century 21. they have taken over. >> not the real estate company good no. >> and they are in that space now that used to be strawbridges at least some of the building. it is two floors. so, it offers designer clothing, accessories, shoes, and a lot of times as much as 70 percent off. >> hundred percent of the time. >> 100 percent of the time. >> they are having a big party. we went along. plus a lot of celebrities shop at century 21 in manhattan and now they can do it in philly. >> you won't get stopped by the fashion police for shopping here. just check for the designs. wwe star casey keebler tries to wrestle this bag out of her
9:47 am
hand. and, soprano's star jamie lynn sigler caught snagging her next red carpet look. reality stars kristin cavalieri, came kardashian are regular shoppers in this store. maybe you can dress your man to dress like scott disick. so can you look like your favorite celebrity without that hefty price tag? let's find out. and jen is there right now with the co-owner. we want to know can we look like a celebrity? look at you. >> yes, call. >> you look like one. >> they have amens department. i'll tell you i'm working it, right. is what cool is we have talk about this all morning long. this is first store outside of the new york metro region. good morning to you eddie. >> good morning, how are you. >> i love thaw are co-owner of this a is mag store. hey eddie, that is pretty cool. >> well, we keep it not so corporate over here. we are relaxed and cool good
9:48 am
ready for my five questions. >> number one why philly, you could have gone anywhere but first place right outside new york. >> we were looking for a lot of places to expand. we are in business 53 years. it took us 30 years to open up our third store in the new york area. we are very cautious about our expansion plans. we looked every where. when this opportunity was presented to us, we said philly is great because it is close enough for us to be operating, successful. we can be hand on. it is far enough we could explore a new market, new customers, a new culture, that don't really know us and it could teach us how to operate outside of the new york state area so we could move further out. >> i will tell what you people are saying behind your back. my girlfriend last night to the party. i just can't put my arms around it. they have thousands of dollars of item and $20 items. i want to show you what you can do i have a little dude, he is nine. we have talk about this. it is hard to find clothes for boys. you have great stuff for
9:49 am
little dude. >> um-hmm. >> then you have super fashionable, this looks like it could be at one of the a, can i say it, neiman marcus. >> it probably is. >> how do you get this stuff. how do you do this for under a $150. >> it is amazing, isn't it. i cannot give you all my secrets away but we have tremendous relationships with our vendors. we have, we do a lot of great things as far as, whatever they like to us do to have have their stuff in our stores, we cooperate rate. our credit in the industry is number one. >> you pay your bills. >> we pay our bills on time every time. we do tremendous volume. we don't give any false phony charges and things like that. our relationships with our convenientors that cement these deals for us. >> i love it. >> we have to wrap it up. mike jerrick here's the other thing they have current stuff. sometimes you go to these places and it is like last years stuff.
9:50 am
>> right. >> this is this years stuff. high five baby. welcome to philly. >> thank you very much, great to be here. >> great to have a store down there now again. >> i hope it revitalizees the whole area. >> begins the process, it is like the anchor store. >> city hall down to sixth street. >> people going down there just from that. >> speaking of going up, when you go up, you have to come down, right. so tomorrow, these two, jen and q will repel off of a 30 story building. jen has already done it. we saw this last year. q is scared to death. >> i'm worried about him. >> i feel for him. >> but each year they have competed. they are trying to make money for certain cause. >> right for charity. >> yep. >> she is like $11,000 or something. >> q is like at 13. >> no. >> go to my fox and support the two of them. >> it will be great tv tomorrow though.
9:51 am
>> yes. >> live. >> live on tv what could go wrong. >> 9:50. brad pitt sat down with that actor/comedian zach galefin akis. >> he was in the hang over movies. >> yes. >> he did an episode of one of those web series that he does, called between two ferns, brad pitt, between two ferns. >> fury. >> fury. >> when does that come out on dvd. >> do you ever unbutton your pants and just sit back abe go, oh, boy. >> i don't recall doing that. >> when does it get funny. >> i know, i don't know why we pick these two clips. >> you have to watch the whole thing in the entire. >> beginning is hysterical.
9:52 am
>> the series is funny, period. >> okay. >> that is what i love about you, alex, you are so positive. >> i'm positive patty. >> now, watch this. >> the first time you laid eyes on angelina, was it, was it one of those classical love stories, i don't know, when ross first saw rachel, you know that she friend, have you seen that. >> ♪ >> he like zach's famous line from friends. >> yes. >> he asked brad how come you you never have a tan. >> is it hard to maintain your sun tan. >> why would it be hard for him to maintain his sun tan. >> because he is always in the shadow of his wife. >> i was laughing out loud.
9:53 am
>> that was cool good check it out. >> 9:52. we have to take a quick break here. >> beyonce and jay-z shut down divorce rumors. >> beyonce and jay-z shut down divorce rumors. how did they do and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that
9:54 am
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do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at okay, i beg of you, you have to help me out, i will be on this comedy show rob and joe returns. it is an improve thing, right. but it is at adrian theater, i think that is over at between the second and son some. come on over there to the street. goat your tickets now, because i'm appearing as their special guest. >> yes. >> they have jack the ticket prices up, to $5. >> yes. >> okay. >> wow. >> that is tomorrow night. >> wow. >> i'm nervous.
9:57 am
>> have you had any improve training. >> yes, i work in l.a. and hollywood. >> pretty good. >> it might be worth $5. >> we will tell but another great event, happening, tonight, at the crystal tea room, it is celebrity casino night, alex will be there, quincy will be there, i think jen will show up. my friend mark somers is coming. look at amount they get, 75 bucks but you can go get them, it goes to easter seals, okay. >> okay, take ate way, alex. >> despite break up rumors beyonce a jay-z appear to be stronger then ever. they renewed their vows. they said i do a second time traveling in europe. beyonce and jay-z also reportedly hunting for help in paris. >> yes. >> their love. >> do you know chloe kardashian is trying to get lemar her now ex-husband to sign legal documents. he won't sign them. >> she can find him glow is so tall, can't be hard to find.
9:58 am
>> he is not that easy to find. >> hopefully he is okay. >> all right.
9:59 am
♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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