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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 24, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought pow by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> breaking now, news out of new york city. another confirmed ebola case in the united states. yes it has happened in the big apple. the victim a doctor back from west africa and that doctor had been back for days. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. health officials are fanning out across new york city trying to track down all the people he had contact with since his return. our jennifer joyce joins us tonight from the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: we are told that in the last several days the patient road the subway hopped
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in cabs and went bowling in brooklyn. it's difficult to know how many people he may have come in contact with. 33 year old craig spencer currently being treated in a specially built isolation ward at manhattan's bellevue hospital. he was rushed there today after coming down with a 103-degree fever and diarrhea. spencer returned from guinea more than week ago. he was there treating ebola patients as a physician with doctors without borders. now, his preliminary results test positive for the disease. new york city officials say spencer has been again riding the subway and cabs since returning to new york. they're retracing his steps to see who else could be at risk. the man's harlem apartment has been cordoned off and his fiance' not showing symptoms was being watched a quarantine ward at bellevue. official say when spencer started showing symptoms he immediately called authorities and alerted them of his travel history. proper precautions were taken. emt' who's picked him up were
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wearing full ebola gear. health officials say they don't believe spencer was showing symptoms for very long and they don't want people to panic. >> there is no reason for new yorkers to be alarmed. ebola is an extremely hard disease to contract. transmitted only through contact with an infected person's blood or other bodily fluids. not through casual contact. >> reporter: and additionally officials say that when spencer began showing symptoms he made that decision to go into isolation until he was transported to the hospital. spencer now the fourth confirmed ebola case in the u.s. it's a developing story that press conference is still going on. we're going to have another live report coming up at 10:30. lucy and iain. >> jennifer, thank you. meanwhile, this terrifying story just into our newsroom. two rookie new york city police officers attacked by a hatchet wielding suspect this afternoon in queens. one officer is in critical
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condition tonight. the other in stable condition. another officer shot and killed the suspect. police say the attack just happened out of the blue. >> a bombshell in buck county. football season is over for the varsity and j vest teams at central bucks high school west and the reason is hazing allegations. the school just announced the decision to bring the season to that abrupt end and that cancels homecoming game which is a big deal for any football program along with senior night. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from bucks county. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, i can tell you it is the talk of the town here. not just among students but officials say they first learned of these allegations just last week. but they say it allegedly happened during the preseason. >> i heard about the water boarding first. that was the first thing i heard about and then i started hearing about other things. >> reporter: ellen navarro a senior the central bucks west high school. she was shocked to hear the superintendent has cancel the rest of the football season while they investigate allegations of hazing among
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players. >> it's crazy, 'cause i see -- they're in my classes and i don't really know how to react to that. >> reporter: thursday e-mail blast wept out to parents and students in the district about the investigation. and stated member of the junior and varsity coaching staff have been suspended. e-mail reads in part, the season was canceled because of allegations of improper conduct by numerous central buck west football team players and the failure of the coaching staff to properly supervise activities. >> district officials say they first learn of the alleged incidents they say include water boarding and sexual assault of rookies on the team on objection 14th. >> i'm actually really surprised because i had no idea that was going on. >> the remaining two games have been canceled including the big rivalry with central bucks east that was supposed to happen during homecoming friday. stephanie gerson is a senior at east and says her school is disappointed but trying to be supportive. >> it wasn't all of them. it was a select few that did make a wrong choice but everyone else wanted homecoming game to
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happen g joe coil is concern. he has a son going to high school neck year and will play football at another school in the district. >> you wouldn't think it could good on without someone stopping it. especially, you know, so many bright people seem to be involved in it. in the program. >> reporter: and tonight, police say they are investigating whether any of this activity was criminal. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. just a few days ago, saz school board upheld its coach's suspensions after alleged hazi hazing. earlier this month the superintendent of sayreville, saz, canceled the season for the sayreville bombers football te team. those hazing claims even involved sexual assault. several -- seven players on the varsity squad are criminally charged with hazing and incidents of sexual assault inside the locker room. five coaches suspended as well. >> only on fox tonight, a former philadelphia police officer under arrest. he's accused of of taking part in a huge identity theft ring and that's not all. fox 29's chris o'connell is at
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south detectives with the exclusive story. >> reporter: a philadelphia police officer is in custody tonight here at south detectives arrested today for his alleged involvement in what could be a large scale credit card identity theft ring and we've learned tonight at least one of the victims is a high-ranking philadelphia police officer. outside his mt. airy home, alexialexia lexused cadillac and porch sit in his driveway. inside a former police officer who work in the 22nd district was now working on stealing identities. no one answered when we knocked but earlier investigators spent hours inside executing a search warm and removing evidence. police brought out more than $60,000 in cash, computers, printers, boxes of documents including credit cards and various identification. we've learned at least one of the victims is a police captain
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who had several hundred dollars stolen much police are now trying to figure out if there are other victims and if anyone else was involved in the ring. >> now, we are not identifying this former officer since he's in the yet been charged with crime. but he did leave the department after resigning in 2005. we do expect charges to be filed sometime tonight. in south philadelphia, chris o'connell, fox twin news. >> philadelphia police are investigating two attempted robberies in the heart of the temple university campus. it happen in the 14 hadn't dread block of diamond street just after 4:00 p.m. the school says no temple students were involved. police are looking for two females who left the scene in a four door white buick sedan with a sun roof. if you know anything call philadelphia police. >> on your radar the rain, ooh, it is finally moving out. scott williams tracking what's next. scott. hi lucy and everyone. on your radar right now that storm system is pulling away, in its wake we still have gusty
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winds. take a look right now. you can see almost a 30 miles per hour in the pocono. winds gusting out of the north to 23 miles per hour in wilmington. the temperatures still a little chilly. 55 degrees right now. humidity dropping, though, as we take look at the temperatures tomorrow morning upper 40s to right around 50 degrees. watch what happens. we'll start to warm up mid 50s by 10:00 a.m. and what about 60s as we move into your friday afternoon. 66 degrees in philadelphia. coming up, we'll talk about even warmer temperatures also what to expect for the weekend. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. canada new images of gunman are out. they show people ducking for cover as he ran past them yesterday with his rival moments before his attack on parliament. authorities now believe he acted alone. they say he gunned down a soldier who was standing guard at the nation's war memorial and he inn tendonned to go to syria to join isis. police say he recently converted to islam, hadn't applied for a
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passport. meanwhile the man who stopped his attack received a hero's welcome back at work. that is kevin vicker as retired officer in the royal. month mounted police arriving to a lengthy standing ovation from members of particle lamb much vickers is sergeant at arms and he stopped the man right outside the caw cause rooms of lawmake lawmakers. >> could accused cop killer eric frein got out of the pocono mountains. police are trying to figure out if he's now in new york state. a porsche was stolen last saturday from the frein search area in the poconos. it was found in bovine in a new york a small town 80 pools southwest of albany. at this point police say there's no evidence that frein himself stole the car but they are still checking things out. >> police say frein killed a pennsylvania state trooper and injured another last month in an ambush and around the clock manhunt has been and the way ever since.
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>> rainy days like today have people in bucks county bracing for extreme weather to come. all too often power outages leave them sitting in the dark. as bruce gordon reports peco is taking steps to head that off at the pass this year. >> reporter: jim's place is all deck out for halloween but the scariest part of living here in the thorn ridge neighborhood for the past 27 years, that's easy. >> it's what's the history been here in terms of power outages? >> three to four times year. >> reporter: is that right? >> yeah. >> reporter: what's that like to deal with. >> a pain in the neck. lose your freezer all the time. >> reporter: big trees and above ground power lines are a bad mix and both are plentiful in this neighborhood. hilte says the frequent outages leave folks here frustrated with the electric utility. >> all we get from peco it will be three to five days before you get your power back on much that's all we get from them. >> reporter: not what you want to hear. >> no. we wonder why they can't fix that problem. >> reporter: that february ice
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storm knocked out power to lots of folks all over our region. it kick started peco's repair and renovation projects. new equipment was brought in to reduce the frequency endure laying of outages. and the utility has spent big bucks contracting out twee trimming and removal where big limbs come in contact with power lines. speaking of lines, peco is installing thousands of feet of extra strong wire where big trees are a threat. overall the cable has a stronger exterior which allows the tree limb to either balance bounce off or stay on the wire and not cause an outage. >> reporter: back at thorn ridge jim hilte is hoping this winter will bring nothing but blue skies but he's planning for the worst. >> you going to hit your brother up for his generator. >> told me we have i need it, let him know. >> reporter: you plan on letting him know. >> yup report roar lots of folk in the neighborhood are removing their big mature trees. especially ones weakened by disease. they want to improve they are odds before the next big storm.
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in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> it looks like a normal conversation at a local gas station parking lot but seconds later will have any driver looking over their shoulder. the warning police want to you hear before you fill up. >> post office shocker much this two month old baby left alone in the lobby with an extra diaper somebody formula and his dad was most shock at all. >> disable war veteran evicted for the one thing that helps him get through the day. how he's fighting back. >> and abused an ban donned left on his own and paralyzed. this pup is now beating the od odds. >> we'll take you on his insp
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>> robbery in packer park caught on camera. this video shows what unfolded in the early morning hours of october 12th on the 1,000 block of oregon avenue and you can see it's kind of hard to see i know it's grainy you can see the robber stalking his victims before forcing them into an alley then robbing them and you know they were scared but they were not hurt. >> a former philadelphia traffic judge facing charges of bribery tonight. it's the first in what may be a series of arrests for public corruption of philadelphia area politicians. >> fox 29' jeff cole explains how a $2,000 bracelet at the center of these charges. >> this is a bracelet. it's a $2,000 tiffany charm bracelet. >> reporter: it's not often when a big city prosecutor holds up a shimmering piece of jewelry
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and calls it a key piece of evidence in a public corruption case. but so it was thursday as philly's district attorney moved against a former traffic court judge tomasine tines and took a swipe at pennsylvania's attorney general in the process. >> this investigation was not dead on arrival. it is definitely not over. it most certainly moving ahead with a full head of steam. >> reporter: dead at arrival were the words of attorney general kathleen cane when it was revealed she declined to prosecute philadelphia area politicians caught on tape allegedly accepting bribes and in tines case a bracelet from an undercover operative. da williams took the case and put it in front of citizens acting as grand jury and the former president of city traffic court was arrested. >> in a series of conversations, the businessman spelled out what he wanted, and the judge promised to deliver. >> reporter: williams promised virtually pledged to be back with more arrests of politicians
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and had this to say to critics who have claimed the case is tainted by race. >> we have found no targeting, profiling, um, any sense of racism. i don't even know where that came from. >> reporter: da williams never seemed to even mention kathleen cane's name today but it was clear he was talking about her and her refusal to bring this case. as for comment today, the attorney general' office said, we don't talk about other prosecutor' cases. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> well a case that attorney general cane' office is very vocal e-mail porn scandal. mixed up is justice mccaffery. federal investigators will not file charges against his wife for taking referral firms from law firms while working for him. she work as his chief administrative judicial assistant earlier this week mccaffery fellow justices
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suspended him over on-going pornographic e-mail investigation. pennsylvania ag's office now looking into sent and received those e-mails and government computers. mccaffery suspension order the justices wanted judicial conduct investigators to look into federal issues aside from the porn e-mails including the referral fees paid to rappaport by law firms who have argued cases before the judge. >> happening now, the search for a missing 15 year old girl. cops say in in a kia daniels nt been seen since yesterday afternoon in frankford. her family says she was last seen getting on a bus on the 6100 block of algon avenue. she was wearing black pants a gray shirt and a pink hooded sweatshirt. give police a call if you have any idea where she is. egg harbor police have made another arrest for numerous car burglars in the township last month. jordan edwards turned himself in. three other suspects were charged earlier and another is stl being sought. egg harbor police seized a large
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quantity of electronics believed to have been stolen. they want recent victims to look at photos to see if any items belong to them. you can see those picture of the recovered items by heading to >> do you have a mobile phone you don't need any longer? the philadelphia police department is collecting used phones at stations across the city to help victims of a bows. verizon will collect the phones. erase the memory, refurbish them and give them to the organization women against violence. the phones will then be given to abused women so they can call 911 if they ever need to. and we'd like to have you meet a little guy named mr. biscuits. although he couldn't could be called lucky he is a kitten that used up one of nine lives after going for the ride of his life. metro pal tan veterinary negotiates in norristown is treating him. he's asleep on pain medication looks relaxed what you see right there was what happened to him two days ago after getting stuck in a car engine in east falls. the driver had no idea the
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kitten who was probably just trying to stay warm had crawled into his engine. >> drove to work and then realized something was wrong with his steering. popped the hood and found the poor cat just looking at him miserable and in pain and meowing. it's a sad sad situation. >> sad but he's on the road to recovery. it took two hours for animal control workers to free mr. biscuits. it will be a couple of months before he's ready for adoption but he's on the road to recovery which is a lovely thing and in case you're wondering why he's called mr. biscuits because when dads need like they're making biscuits this is what he was doing right after they got him out of the car because he was trying to be comfortable again. they said all right, mr. biscuits and the name stuck. >> i wish him all the best. on the road to recovery meantime arrested for skipping school. this is a whole lot scarier than it seems. the terrifying trip three teen girls were planning that had police scrambling.
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>> as if going to a world series game isn't exciting enough, one couple didn't make it through the first inning. >> by the time we started to work our way back to the seat, nope, we got to go. >> this little one just wasn't going to wait. her end forgettable entrance into the world. >> guys, if you like to put a ring on it, be sure you actually pop the question. why one woman now gets to keep her $10,000 rock even without the wedding.
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♪ >> horrifying sight over the skies of maryland. airplane and a helicopter collided mid air at the frederick municipal airport today. three people died. medic rushed two others to the hospital. we do not have word on how badly they are injured. investigators still trying to figure out how exactly that collision happened. the 23 year old man who climbed over the white house fence last night was ordered held without bond by a judge today. dominic, charged with felonies for assaulting two police dogs and making threats. officials say he was unarmed didn't not make it anywhere near
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the white house entrance. president obama was inside at the time. the man was previously arrested at the white house in late july and ordered to get mental health screening. investigators in denver searching through the computers of three teenaged girls who allegedly planned to join the terror group isis. officials say the girls flew to frankford germany and they may have been head to go syria when they were found and sent back home. they are 15, 16 and 17 years o old. spokeswoman for their school says they were recruited by an online predator who encouraged them to join the militant group. experts say radical militants are turning to social media now to lure recruits. investigators are looking over the girl's computers to help figure out who they're syrian contacts are and how they were recruit. >> from 1tv series to the set of another for real housewives of new jersey star theresa giddies a judge denied her request to serve most of her time at a halfway house for conspiracy and bankruptcy fraud convictions that judge is sending her to the jail made famous by a popular tv
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series. she's going to head to a prison facility in danbury connecticut the same prison where the netflix series orange is the new black is set. she has to start serving her 15 month sentence on january 5th. infant is in foster care because he was abandoned at a post office. >> everyone is wondering what happened including the baby's father who found out through social media. police say the baby was abando abandoned in the main lobby avenue post office in car seat yesterday and next to him a diaper with the name jesse was written on it. along with a pacifier and some baby formula. a man claiming to be the baby's father says he recently broke up with the baby's mother and didn't know anything was going on until he saw the news. >> i recognized him himself and i recognized the clothes he had on because the clothes he has on i bought him. >> the boy's father was told to tend a court hearing if he wants to get custody of his son. a driver carjacked while pumping gas in broad daylight.
3:26 am
why the victim let the guy in the car coming up. >> you won't believe what a universal park employee is accused of calling two, 13 year old girls. why these girls are now suing. scott? >> iain, right now that nor'easter is pulling away. the rain is moving out but still a little blustery. fine out what to expect for your friday and are you making weekend plans? detai
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a doctor being treated at bellevue hospital and results show he's tested positive for ebola.
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the doctor just got back from west of a forty three casm health officials are trying to track all the people he had contact with since his return. chris o'connell is in the newsroom with the breaking developments. chris. >> reporter: information still coming into the newsroom. here's the latest. this doctor who was last seen -- treatintreating e bowl bowl la s in guinea arrived back to the united states a week ago. we're told in the last several days the patient road the subw subway, traveled in taxis even went bowling at a bowling al until brooklyn. so right now it is very difficult to know just how many people whom he may have had contact with. his name, 33 year old craig spencer, a doctor currently being treated in an isolation ward at manhattan's bellevue hospital. he was rushed there today after coming down with 103 fever and diarrhea. spencer was in guinea treating ebola patients with as a physician with the famed doctors without borders mission. preliminary results now show he has tested positive for the virus.
3:30 am
new york officials are now retracing his steps to see who he's had contact with. the mayor and the governor began a briefing. it's still going on. here's more of what they had to say. >> we emphasize again ebola is very difficult to contract being on the same subway car or living near a person with ebola does not in and itself put someone at risk. we're working very closely with our state and federal partners to ensure that we protect the health of all new yorkers. >> reporter: now, doctors did say that dr. spencer did undergo what they're calling multiple layers of enhanced screening at jfk airport when he arrived on october 17th. new york's mayor says there's no reason for the public to panic and all the protocols at that hospital were followed. dr. spencer is now the fourth confirmed ebola case in the
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united states. iain? >> chris, thank you. chester county authorities charged two men with carrying a firearm at malvern prep school. 59 year old michael o'brien of glenn mills and 22 year old richardson of ardmore using a small caliber rival to target shoot on the school's proper much the school was placed on lock down until the police got there and disarmed the men. >> a carjac carjacker who preyee kindness of others. the vick testimony was on a gas station when his attacker asked for a ride. things got worse when the carjacker got inside. tonight he's still on the loose. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us what drivers are now doing to stay safe. >> you have to be so careful. it's really scary everywhere. >> reporter: when angela elliot stops at her local gas station to fuel up her chrysler 300, she's always on the look out for trouble. >> you really got to keep your eyes and ears open with everyone all the time. >> reporter: it's a driver's worst nightmare you pull up to
3:32 am
the pumps to gas up your car and end up being carjack the at gun point. that scene unfolded on camera wednesday afternoon at this shell gas station right next to the salon where troy works in fern rock. >> scary, man. i don't even want to pump here no more. >> reporter: just after 3:00 when surveillance cameras captured the suspect inside the store at the gas station wearing a distinctive flyers jersey. the driver of a 2014 toyota corolla fueling up at the pump. a few minutes later the suspect asked the driver for ride and got in the rear seat. >> once inside the vehicle he produces a handgun. and forcing the two -- the drive and the front passenger out of the vehicle. >> facing the barrel of a gun the driver and passenger jumped out. the gun toting carjacker took off. >> i don't like that i have to worry but, yes, i do. >> you thinking you're doing goodbye offering this individual a ride and next thing they know they pull out a gun and tell to you to get out of the vehicle.
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>> he was doing a good deed. that was outrageous. >> dave schratwieser fox 29 ne news. >> disable iraq war veteran served evict notice over his service dog. jesse johnson is a marine who suffers from a traumatic brain injury, ptsd and anxiety. last friday he received a verbal eviction notice from his apartment. then on tuesday, he and his family were slapped with paper notice stating they had three days to pack up and get out. the family says it's because they have a service dog. johnson has all of the necessary documents for that dog and he now plans to file a lawsuit. the apartment complex is not commenting. >> let's check in on your fox 29 weather authority. scott, what's your your radar tonight. >> iain, we're watching a storm system move away. it's still a little blustery and temperatures are in the mid 50s but some good news. a warmup is on the way, and we're talking temperatures in the 70s with that seven day forecast coming up. but still a little blustery as
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that nor'easter pulls away. most of the rainfall right now in sections of new england, winds are still gusting to 50 miles an hour in sections of main man but for us we're looking at winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. so as we roll the clock, here's that big area of low pressure bowling ball that's been pinwheeling the clouds and moisture our way. you can see it really starts to pull away. we're talking about some sunshine during the day tomorr tomorrow. so friday is going to be much improved temperatures tomorrow in the 60s. friday night for your plans it will be comfortably cool but dry and clear across the area. saturday kicking off the weekend looking pretty good. we'll be out ahead of a weak cold front that really won't arrive until saturday night. behind it, we're going to talk about blustery conditions for sunday but not a big drop in temperatures. so overnight tonight it stays cloudy and breezy. friday we'll call it partly sunny the stays pretty blustery them as we move toward your saturday, sunshine and mild conditions above average temperatures.
3:35 am
below average temperatures however today. 51 degrees was the low. and 57 that was it for the high temperature. the normal for this time of year is 64 degrees. look at the record. it was 87 on today's date back in 1947. so as we look at those temperatures across the area, low 50s right now down the shore. 56 degrees in wilmington as well as reading. the chilly spot root now 44 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. so as we look at those winds, not as strong as earlier this afternoon. but gusting right now to the north 23 miles per hour in wilmington. 24 in the pocono mountains. so for tonight, cloudy and cool, breezy, 43 degrees in the suburbs. 47 in the city. and watch the clock. tomorrow upper 40s to start. temperatures by 10am mid 50s. and how about this by friday afternoon. 66 degrees in philadelphia. mid 60s north and west. low to mid 60s as we move into south jersey.
3:36 am
so the bottom line, sun and clouds tomorrow. but breezy. but temperatures a few degrees above average. the seven day forecast showing you 67 degrees on saturday. a little cooler and more blustery as we move into sunday. the walk to end alzheimer's in atlantic city grab that jacket, 66 for the high on monday. and look at those 70s i was talking about. 72 tuesday. mid 70s on wednesday. then a little cooler by thursday of neck week. >> that's okay we'll take that tuesday and wednesday. >> no highs in the 50s in the seven day. >> exactly. i'll take that. >> thank you very much scott. sounds like it's pulled straight from the script of injury rays second park. a new dinosaur discovery. what two famous characters scientists say it resembles. >> you can sign up to get almost anything mailed to you every month. but this will leave you scratching your head. how much you can shell out to get a fresh
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>> seems to be a subscription service for everything now and that includes socks. socks promises to keep your feet as stylish as possible every single month. customers can pay $9 for a pair
3:40 am
or 17 bucks for two. the site offers a wide variety for both men and women one of the testimonies says sock fan is he made me the coolest guy at work. now people talk to me. thanks sock fancy n was that signed howard eskin? >> because his socks do match. >> they do. you of course know this. you can see his socks from the different angles of our set. >> yeah. >> he gets tweets about them all the time. >> exactly. i think people talked to him. maybe that wasn't him. >> probably not. >> all right. listen. how about these guys. their relationship didn't last but a woman in new york wants to keep her engagement ring. >> she says the $10,000 ring is hers given to her as gift at rock feller center and a judge agrees. the judge says 48 year old debbie lopez is not bound by a law returning her to return the engagement ring agreeing it was a gift. she ended her relationship with her boyfriend. he's shocked, shocked by the whole thing. you don't know. i proposed with it. it was rock feller center, 2010. the two do by the way have a six year old son together.
3:41 am
what were you do? >> me? yeah. >> no, no. i'm giving it back. you want to know why? because if i didn't want to be with that person any more it's okay. it's okay. >> part amicably there you go and move on. exactly. >> i don't need to have that. good decision. >> you being the guy that would have given the $10,000 ring i understand. all right. abused an ban donned. left on his own paralyzed. this pup is now beating the odds. we'll take you on his inspiring road to recovery coming up. >> and they walked into the stadium hoping for world series win. they walk out oh with a much bigger gift. one baby's unforgettabl
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>> demonstrators storm city hall in the southern mexican town. mass protesters set the building on fire, broke windows and ransack the inside. the demonstrators are demanding authorities find the 43 missing college students who went missing last month after an tack by local police officers. >> the families of two teenagers suing universal studios. theme park worker made offensive
3:45 am
comments towards their 13 years old. an employee made sexually derogatory comments to the teens during universal studios halloween horror night in september. >> very uncomfortable, and it was just, you know, people look at us as we were those things. >> i want them topping it's not okay to say that to girls and this is why i'm speaking out today. >> university sense sal said quote we take these issues seriously and are looking into them. this conduct is does not reflect our values or our guest communication guidelines ". >> the university of north carolina fires several employees after an investigation uncovers a huge cheating scandal. the findings revealed cheating happened from 1993 to 2011 in the former african and afro american studies department. the report says the courses required only a research paper that was given an a or a b regardless of the quality of the work. nearly half the students involved members of the football and basketball teams. the investigation also found
3:46 am
faculty and administration official either missed or look past red flags. >> puppy abuse abuseed and abans a new leash on life. he was paralyzed and now he's beating the odds. jennifer joyce takes us on his remarkable road to recovery. >> you ready handsome. >> reporter: suit up, lift up. flash on that. axle a 10 month old partially paralyzed mastiff is beating the odds one dog bee paddle at the time. >> it wakes him up, gets him motivated and starts to build the muscle. >> come over and swim to me report roar his parents say the 105-pound pup was dropped off at a kennel in kansas at four months old. abused and abandoned. he lost all use of his behind legs. >> we figure pretty much a blunt force trauma to the back end. enough to make his legs inoperable. axle was almost euthanized three times because his special needs
3:47 am
are difficult to care for. but at eight months old, this couple stepped in, adopted the dog and axle moved to new jersey to begin a new and promising journey. >> we're seeing more and more muscle movement and awareness of movement. >> reporter: while his doctor and nurses coach him in the pool at pet pt in cherry hill, his parents stand by beaming with pride. >> the hope is that as act sell progresses he'll be able to move from the pool to the underwater treadmill fingers crossed that with continued therapy he'll be able to walk on his own some day. in front of our cameras axle accepted a challenge with a very first time he hopped into the saddle of his wheelchair like cart and boom. >> look at you. >> took off running. >> all that work in the pool is stimulating him to the point where he wants to use the leg. >> everyone outside was touched and teary eyed as they watched act sell's progress. >> he sonned beautifully. almost like you see something waking up and side him and you
3:48 am
see them realizing that they can do more and they feel like a real dog. >> it's rewarding and gives axle's family and friends hope that he can live a very fulfilling live. >> he fills my heart up much that's all i need. >> in cherry hill, new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> axle has the cutest face. doesn't he? raising a mastiff with special needs physically, it's emotionally and financially exhausting. axle owner says the community has been incredibly generous with donations. >> you'd like to help with his continued care head to we'll connect you to act sell's family. >> i want jennifer to do a follow up on axle like running all fours some day. that would be great. exactly. >> newly renovated did it worth park at city hall gets into the autumn spirit with oktoberfest the heart of the event is a beer garden. i don't know the bruce you'll fine centers and djs, life music and plenty of family friendly
3:49 am
activity. if you missed tonight, no worries, check it out saturday from noon to 6:00 p.m. >> south korean scientists justing in out the mystery of a big armed dinosaur. for nearly 50 years scientists believe the bones of two large powerful dinosaur arms found in mongolia belonged to a fearsome creature with killer claws. they found the rest of the dinosaur. kind of looks like a clash between what do you think barney the dinosaur and maybe jar jar from star wars. i think so. despite the amazing discovery this into a new species. scientists new this dinosaur existed. 16 feet tall, arthritic feet long and weighed 7 tons. all right. sean due for the week. >> but a kansas city royals fan has given birth after going into labor during game one of the world series. stephanie header ton's water broke inside the stadium. so husband -- stephanie and her hub jason scored tickets to the game and they were ready to cheer on the royals but look ali
3:50 am
frances had plans of her own and apparently wanted to see the game for herself. >> made it into the stadium, got to see some batting practice, got to see tend to the field and then my water broke. the couple watch the game from the hospital delivery room instead and don't forget you can watch the world series tomorrow night at 8:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. >> and give birth possibly, too. >> hey, howard. >> okay. we'll keep an eye out for all the pregnant women going to the guy. >> too exciting. >> exactly. injuries they may still be a problem for the eagles. coming up on sunday, and he was once a coach in philadelphia. now sonny will be the opposing head coach against the eagles but he has good things to say
3:51 am
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>> the eagles on sunday they play what the start of a tough 10 game stretch through the rest of the regular season. there will be play off. 2.5 underdog against arizona in arizona but the eagles may not have the injured players back
3:54 am
for sunday. linebacker mychal kendrick limited practice again today but did not look good early. seemed to pull up early in the practice. then decided to get back and back away and went down to knee. i get the strong sense he does not feel like he can or will play on sunday. we won't know about darrin strolls until sunday. one area that does need to improve for the eagles the scoring. once they get inside the 20 they have scored only eight touchdowns in 20 red zone attempts. you don't need to tell chip kelly the numbers. >> we're not getting the ball in the end zone to be -- really. we've got open receivers. put the ball on them. we've got a couple drops in the end zone. it wasn't one thing. you know, it's a lot of different things. we got to do a better job play calling. do a better job putting the ball to people and catching it from a receiver standpoint g got to execute. we've had plays to be made. i just think we just haven't
3:55 am
been able to he can cute. go out there and do what we do and, go through our progressions. everybody does their job. we'll be just fine. >> players got to make plays. head coach of the arizona cardinals very good coach and he coached in philadelphia at one time. he also has two super bowl rings as offensive coordinator with the pittsburgh steelers. that would be sonny. hey the head coach of temple university had successful career. one beyond those days with the owls. you never forget philadelphia. >> they're great fans. philly fans, they're probably the most unique neck to the raider fans, you know, they travel well, you know, they throw snowballs at santa claus and all of that good stuff. they have a great time at ballgames. it was fun watching them and when they did celebrate haven't a good time they had couple good teams there. they're unique fans. >> they through more snowballs at jimmy johnson.
3:56 am
two people through snowballs at santa claus. a reminder this week that "game day live" special day and time. saturday at 2:00 and sunday morning the falcons and lions from london. all right. iain, pay attention to this. you shall. see island georgia. this putt by ben martin, 69 feet. go and get a cup of coffee while it rolls in there. 69 feet. iain, you may have made one of those. once in -- >> every -- >> certainly not pg tour event that's for sure. >> howard, thank you. remember tmz coming u coming up. we're back here at 4am for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia".
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we start with the story of a man who used to lock up people himself for a living and now a former cop here in philadelphia is lock up himself for living large on other people's good names and good credit, chris. then doctor who tested positive for ebola in new york city, rode subways, trains took cabs and went bowling before his diagnosis, why officials say the people living in the country's mess populatedded city should not be alarm. our sue serio checking wind out there on this friday, hi sue. >> we have a very special event later on good day, we will be watching quincy and jen repelling down a build bug we have to keep an eye on the wind for that. you need to know what your weekend will be like. your forecast, kerry, is coming right up. >> thank you


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