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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  October 24, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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hoy health officials are trying to stop fears in the city. it has happened again, another high school football team accused of hazing, some serious allegations, here including water boarding. what else a allegedly happened to rookies on that team. and a massive air bag recall is expanding, is your car in danger? new information and you and your family need to hear this morning. all right turn, now up. >> what is doctor mike doing to sue. we will tell you how this could actually help you as well. >> good morning it is 7:00 o'clock on the dot how are you. >> i'm well. doctor mike has done much worse things to me in that
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office. >> wow. you have something to tell us here. >> no, not to show you either. sue that is interesting because we're talking about vertigo, but we will get to that in a minute. >> this is a big day. jen and q, we have been talking about this, they will repel 30 stories off the building. they are trying to get pumped up. are you guys ready for this. >> we're ready for this. >> spider man called and said i'm busy so q and jen along with mike, keith, scott. i told my team don't look up. you guys can look up. >> wow. >> it is very windy. >> very windy. >> look at the flag. >> they won't let us go down if it is 25 in the not. but, by the way, this guy, coach mike lane of penn rowing, captain of his team, scott crossin back on my feet. >> yes. >> and the doctor is in the house. how are you, keith douglass ready to go. >> super excited. >> i don't like keith.
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he is a ringer it is all about fun raising. how much did you raise. we raised 15,000 doll ars. >> how much to q raise. >> 1900. >> you know what q, you might want to have a doctor there for this. >> chris, i need to you get some money, chris. >> you cannot still be asking for money, seriously. >> you can never stop caring about the kids of outward bound, is that right. >> yes. >> it will be fun. >> with the wind, it is cold out there, we saw mayor michael nutter do it yesterday, repel down that building. so sue lets get to that wind. how does it look for them he so high up on the building. >> we will go through our series of events here. eight out of ten. we will get in the wind. we will see gusts a high as 25 miles an hour which is not that far from 25 knots when
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you do the conversion. temperatures in the 50's, this morning, bus stop buddy is holding on to his eagles cap. these are temperatures mid 50's every where. fifty-seven in philadelphia, these are the wind, sustain at 15 miles an hour, sustain at 21 miles an hour in mount pocono, 15 is here in philadelphia, 7 miles an hour in atlantic city. we don't have higher gusts recorded at the airport right new but you saw how windy it is in the city and 37 miles an hour wind gust, very windy in the poke knows this morning. it is a close call is what i'm saying, 15 miles an hour sustain. 66 degrees is the high for later on today, we will see those breezes kicking up and calming down tonight with clear skies. temperatures plunge down in the 40's. that is your weather authority forecast. lets check what is going on with traffic. well start off with i-95 southbound at girard after knew. looking at traffic on the left hand side of the screen when you are coming towards the
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city, it is crowded but things are moving. schuylkill expressway westbound approaching conshohocken a accident there had has the left lane blocked slow get on the schuylkill, alex. >> 7:04. breaking news out of easton parks one man is dead after a police involved shooting. state police say incident began as a chase in palmer township and some point driver crash his vehicle in the pole. police air waiting an autopsy to determine if the shooting or crash killed that male driver. >> i'm in the sure how it transpired. i did end here at the corner and did crash in the tell even if pole causing significant damage to the truck and telephone pole. as to what transpired after that i can only speculate. there is a a lot of information we need to gather. a lot of mobile video recorders we want to look at before we cannery lease any type of of statement as to what exactly happened. >> police would not confirm what law enforcement agency was involved in the shooting. now to a developing story this morning new york city has its first case of ebola.
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>> a doctor who recently return from west africa has tested positive for the ebola virus. doctor craig spencer is in isolation at a hospital in man hat on at bellevue and flew home last week from new gunie where he had been treating ebola patients as part of the doctors without border. yesterday his temperature reached 103 degrees but before his temperature spike he did leave his apartment. officials say he rode the subway, got in the taxi, he even went bowling. at some point he also went on a 3-mile run. despite all this new york city officials say they have been preparing for the city's first case of ebola and they are ready. >> we have had a full coordinated effort that has been working literally night and day. coordinating city, state and federal resources. >> meanwhile the cdc has sent an ebola response team to new york and cities disease detectives are tracing the doctor's contacts to identify
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anyone who might be at risk, so far, spencer's fiance and two friend have been quarantined but they are not showing any symptoms. that is the good news at this point. president obama has also spoken with the mayor bill deblasio and the governor whom you just heard from. he offered the federal government's support. coming up in just a few minutes we will have a live report from that hospital where that doctor is now in isolation being treated, alex. a second high school football team season comes to an abrupt end a amid hazing allegations. >> central bucks school district has canceled remaining games of the central bucks west including tonight's home coming game? lets bring in lauren john sun live from doylestown with the latest on this. you have to feel for all of the rest of the student who will in the get home coming game. >> they have to suffer because of the team. >> reporter: that is right, one apple spoils the bunch. people are starting to show up at school. you can see big buses. we have tried to talk to a students. there is a parking lot machine for who is bringing students in the high school.
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some of them talking about the incident. what they are basically saying is they are kind of surprised and upset because, of course, home coming is not happening. we can tell you i have seen a couple cheerleaders still here and celebrating what would have been home coming but tonight's big game was begins long time rival central bucks east. it has been canceled with the rest of the season. this stems from allegations on have hazing that happened during the preseason. claims include water boarding and sexual assault. district just learned about these incident on october october 14th. the superintendent sent out an e-mail blast to parents across the district. we caught up with students and parents reacting to the news. >> it hurts everyone, everyone here, football is crazy around here. east verse west, south verse west, three high schools, central bucks is within of the biggest districts in pennsylvania. >> this is our last, i'm a senior. this is my biggest game have the year and it is canceled now. it is home coming game.
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i'm not going to make up for that. >> reporter: members of the junior varsity and varsity coaching staff have been suspendedded until investigation is complete. police are investigate to go see if there was criminal activity and home coming not happening, alex and chris for seniors here and it is disappointing. >> of course, it is. >> especially for all of the seniors. >> this is where you make your memories. >> thanks, lauren. a philadelphia man is fight forgo his life after being shot, several times by a neighbor last night. police say the 26 year-old gunman fired at least 28 shots from an assault rifle and in the 8900 block of alden street in the bustleton section. the 56 year-old victim was struck several times in the stomach and arm and taken to the hospital in critical condition. police say two occupied homes were hit several times by bullets but in one inside was injuries. they say two men had an argument but in the clear what about. the shooter has been arrested.
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7:08 is the time. former philadelphia police officer accused of taking part in the huge identity theft ring. >> steve keeley is live at police headquarters this morning with more, hi steve. >> reporter: he a has lots of real nice cars ape lots of cash, ape so now lots of reasons to take off, if he gets free again, and that is why he is suddenly got a real high, half million-dollar bail put on his head this morning. police and prosecutors want him to give up his passport too but 38 year-old former philadelphia police officer, rahim henderson is in jail now facing ten felonies and maybe even more charges to come after detectives uncovered a large scale credit card fraud scheme using real peoples good names and good credit to make fake cards and tens of thousands of dollars. detectives learned henderson was not too high about hiding his spending before they went inside his mt. airy home with the search warrant because look what they found outside. a porsche, his lexus and
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cadillac escalade. once inside they saw at least $65,000 in cash, readily available spending money with computers, and machines to make even more money because they were used to make the fake credit cards. so lots of serious charges and potentially lots of victims. alex and chris, current police captain here in the philadelphia police department who has been helping crime victims all his career now necessary what it is like to become one himself because his name was used on one of these cards as well. >> tables were turned unfortunately. steve keeley live for us, thanks. former philadelphia a traffic court judge charged with bribery for allegedly taking a tiffany bracelet in an under cover sting operation. so thomassin tynes surrendered yesterday after d.a. seth williams reopened state house bribery probe dropped by kathleen kane, several philadelphia lawmakers have been under investigation in this very case. williams criticized kane for
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dropping the the corruption probe. >> this investigation was not dead on arrival and definitely not over and most certainly moving ahead with the full head of steam. >> tyes attorney says his client was placed in a very bad position by a very slick conn man. topping today former philadelphia mob boss joey merlino due back in court for parole violation hearings. prosecutors say merlino will be meeting with fellow mobsters in florida. merlino served time for 2001 racketeering conviction. judge is expect to rule whether sports betting can begin in new jersey, this weekend. four professional sports leagues and ncaa file suit against the state this week for requesting an injunction. police say they will suffer irreparable harm if sports betting ace allowed. monmouth park is scheduled to begin accepting bets on sunday if no injunction is put into place. accused cop killer eric frein may have left the pocono
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mountains. police are now trying to figure out if he is in insuring state. porsche was stolen last saturday from the frein search area in the poconos. it was found in new york, a small town in new york about 80 miles southwest of albany. the at this point police say there is in evidence that frein himself stole the the car but they are still checking things out. police say frein killed a pennsylvania state trooper and injured another last month. in a around the clock manhunt has been underway ever since. new york city police office ever is being treated for a serious head injury after a man with the hatchet attack him and three other officers. >> so take a look at this video of the gyrate here. look at the hatch net his hand as he goes to swing it this happened yesterday afternoon in queens. investigators are trying to figure out man's identity and motive but he purposely targeted the three officers. she was in the due for another week. >> but kansas city royals fan has given birth after going in to labor during game one of the world series. >> can you imagine?
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>> this is stephanie. her water broke inside the stadium. stephanie and her husband jason scored ticket to the game and ready to cheer on the royals but little allie frances had plans of her own and apparently wanted to see the game for herself. >> he made it in the stadium, got to see batting practice, got to see him, and then my water broke. >> baby has a royals shirt on. couple watching the game from the hospital delivery room and said don't forget you can watch the world series tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on fox 29. >> we say she is watching the game but we know babies dent open their eyes for weeks. >> but we like to say that. >> that is best thing is new born, parent of the new born, when they first look at you, awesome. >> memorable. >> yes, that is truly memorable. tuesday bikers will be right outside our studio right here for a great cause. >> delaware val a lines will be outside our station from #
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to 10:00 collecting toys for local kids, so if you want to help, stop by our station at fourth and market in olde city with an unwrapped new toy but no stuffed animals, please. your donations will benefit toys for cats. >> great cause there. >> to the latest on the ebola case here in new york city a doctor there who returned from west africa has tested positive for the virus. >> this is fourth confirmed case in the u.s. and first in the nation's largest city. we will get to fox's robert most hose joins us live from the hospital in new york. what is the very latest there. >> reporter: chris and alex, good morning to you. in the last hour since i last spoke to you police have put up this yellow tape behind us partially to protect the reporters who are lined up here on first avenue outside of bellevue hospital. for weeks now we have been hearing about preparations here in new york city. well now this is the the real thing and we will see how those preparations have gone. the patient, three three-year
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old doctor craig spencer, he is used to treating patients but now he is one himself. he was working with ebola patientness new gunie with the group doctors without borders. we are told he return to the united states exactly a week ago today and he was symptom free. on tuesday though according to the cities health commissioner he started to feel sluggish but it wasn't until yesterday he developed a fever. being a doctor and being intimately familiar with this disease he knew something was wrong. he was rush here to bellevue you hospital on the east side of the manhattan from his apartment in up are manhattan. he had a policees cord in that ambulance. we know that since his return from africa he a a has been out and about a good bit here in the city. he wrist ted the high line a public pennsylvania park on the west side of manhattan. he has taken the subway system. we know he has ridden one, a, el trains and we know that on wednesday night he went bowling with his friend at a bowling alley call the gutter in brooklyn.
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the city says that this doctor, doctor spencer, has had contact with three people namely his fiance, as well a as two friend, a all three of them are now in quarantine this morning. doctor himself is in intensive care in isolation as he fights for his life here at bellevue. chris and alex, back to you. >> robert, this is first case in the most populous city in the u.s. and you basically are sandwich between two of the five airports that take people from west africa into the u.s. at jfk and newark. so what is the feeling there on the streets of new york, is it just panic, i mean people know it is not airborne at this point. >> reporter: it is not panic. in fact we spoke to some of his neighbors in upper manhattan and they were more concerned about his health then their own health. the likelihood that anybody will get this is going to contract this from the doctor, is highly, highly unlikely.
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>> right. >> reporter: new york being new york, this was in the inevitable but we knew that this was a distinct possibility. i mentioned this in the last hour. one of the ways hospitals here of been preparing is they have been accepting test patients. so the city last len advertise ted people to show up a at random at certain hospitals here in new york city. they are actor. they walk in. and then doctors see how they handle that case. is there a full debriefing afterwards all leading up to this day and new york city officials mayor on down say that new york is much better prepared then dallas was. >> they have learn from will dallas. >> real quickly are they pass willing out flyers and letting people know, around his neighbors, where he lived, maybe his office place. >> reporter: they did pass out flyers to his, neighbors there in upper manhattan, his apartment is off limits and he also had contact with one other person, he took an uber
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taxi cab a couple days ago here in this city but the city does not believe that the driver of that cabbies in any risk. really the only three people who had contact with him is in quarantine this morning and they are off limits. robert moses outside bell will view hospital where he is being treated, thanks very much. of course, that doctor with doctors without borders. they are so intrepid they pit themselves in these ravaged area and put themselves in risk, sue serio. >> lets hepp he is okay and we find out about that very soon. we are keeping an eye on the wind mostly for the sake of jen and quincy but you for you as well. that is one thing lingering even though storm system is goning wind are high up in the mountains 21 miles an hour sustain winds in mount pocono. we have 15 miles an hour wind at philly international. that translates to about 13 knots. in the city, it is more windy there and talking about aloft, wind are probably higher there as well.
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and repelling that we will see with quincy and jen coming up in a little bit. so wind gusts, 37 miles an hour, in mount pocono, not there anywhere else. we will keep an eye on this wind tend to pick up, after sunrise. there is our exiting storm system just a few clouds left over and very pretty, sunrise, this morning. it is the official time is coming up in a few minutes. temperatures mostly in the 50's, we have 46 in the mountains where it is windy and that makes it colder, 55 degrees in wildwood. fifty-seven here in philadelphia we will expect to get to a high later on of 66 degrees, big improvement over yesterday when we never made it out of the 50's and a bit of the warming trend. gets cooler on sunday with a dry cold front but look at this back in the 70's wye tuesday of next week. is there your seven day forecast. new lets check on that schuylkill expressway situation, we're talking about westbound out of the sit a
7:20 am
approaching conshohocken and what is going on, well, we have an accident there that has the left lane blocked so things needless to say are jammed westbound on the schuylkill expressway, chris. >> okay, sue. birds verse birds eagles get ready to take on the cardinals in phoenix to face off this weekend on sunday both teams go in at five and one, so how do eagles stack up. we will take a look as we head in the big game. later a woman breaks up with her boyfriend and takes $10,000 even gauge. ring with her why the judge said her fiance though never actually
7:23 am
there is a look at phoenix, arizona where eagles will travel this weekend to take on the cardinals. both teams enter the game at five and one records. we till don't know if darren sproles and michael kendrick will play for eagles on sunday though. >> will eagles be there again later in the year or next year for the super bowl. >> i hope that clears up.
7:24 am
>> yes. >> mike miss until friday 97.59 the fanatic is here to talk about the the big game. >> it is a big game, chris and eagles fans are very apprehensive about this game whether they can win it or not. they are a two and a half point under dog which is a good line on their dog you would think it would be higher but i think they can win it. i think they can win it. arizona cardinals are very good team, they are five and one. they are good against the run which is not good for the eagles because they have to get that running game going with shady mccoy but 31st against the pass. that means quarterback will to have make big throws in this game. >> do you think nick foles and he a had this bye week do you think he will play consistently. >> i have no idea. he has been so up and down and his numbers over past three games have been terrible. his quarterback ranking is 29th in the league. he will to have pick it up if the they are going to be a contender at all f they win this game they are got to keep pace with the cowboys.
7:25 am
tough game for them to win. cardinals number are very pedestrian the they are in the 20's as far as rushing ball and passing the ball, plus they have that stat that they are number one against the run. >> i'm worried about injuries. >> we have two guys we are looking at here michael kendrick who hasn't played in a while. he hasn't been at full strength at practice. they are saying he will play in this game but when you north full strength in practice is an indication you are not ready to play. bigger within is darren sproles who they really need as a change of pace running back and if he cannot play and shady mccoy is stopped, it is all foles left. >> reminus last game where shady mccoy had 149-yard rushing, sproles had a big game. >> he did, because the giants stink, first of all, and they didn't play for some reason their game plan was not to stop shady mccoy. they loosened up. that enabled him to get off. mess of the team play eagles want to shut down running back and make quarterback make
7:26 am
plays and he has been very shaky prediction again. >> i like eagles to win the game. field goal, it will be close. it is a felt goal game but they come out with a win but next week they are also on the road so next few games on the road i thought they would lose one of them, whether it is this week or following week they will lose but so is dallas and they will be in the mix the whole team. >> here's the thing with dallas you you can count on they will give it back, they have the same ownership. they have the same bad climate. when running back gets hurt, tony romo throws it all over the place. dallas is not the dallas that we know right now. they will give it back. >> yes. >> we will be listening later today. >> air bags, exploding, out of no where, so far four people have died, why this recall is focusing on states with high humidity. why are we having jen and
7:27 am
quincy repel down a center city building. i don't know hey there are you ready. >> do you trust us. >> we are getting ready, it is outward bound. look outside. we are only halfway up. we have, q, we have doctor, we have scott, we have mike, they are ready to go, people are you ready to see this. win is whipping. outward bound. we've to watch this.
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so air bags, they are supposed to protect us but some are causing more harm and what you need to know about this air bag recall which is growing. and take a a look at this, sue wasn't feeling too well so she went to see our doctor mike but what on earth is he doing to her? how these moves can actually help you. what do you call a $10,000 ring that a man gives you, one judge says this is not an engagement ring. >> it is not, just a diamond ring, you know, my birth stonies a diamond. >> really. >> how many caraty don't know, as many as possible. >> but you deliver the the news with clarity. >> thank you. >> i like that. >> you know who else who delivers weather with clarity. >> sue are you feeling okay
7:31 am
after what doctor mike did to you there. >> you'll find out what was wrong and what we did to fix it, coming up there is bus stop buddy. notice he is sons umbrella you won't need to it day nor will you the rest of the weekend. that is first piece of good news. sunshine coming back and temperatures mostly in the 50's this morning, out of ten our number today is an eight, big improvement over five we had last couple days, those gusty breezes are lingering wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour, at times we have 57 in philadelphia a46 mount pocono. fifty-one in wrightstown. 57 degrees in wilmington and the wind speeds, we are keeping an eye on those very closely, very windy in the poconos 21 miles an hour sustain wind, 15 miles an hour in philadelphia, 12 miles an hour in wildwood, and gusts as high as 37 miles an hour in mount pocono. by the the way that 15 miles
7:32 am
an hour wind translates to 13 knots we did the conversion. 66 degrees today. that is for jen, by the way. the clouds, breezy and milder with those wind kicking up to 20 to 25 miles an hour gusts at times and then chilly tonight with clear skies. 47 degrees in the city. is there your fox cast, now lets check traffic. it is friday morning. starting to get busy out there. this is a camera that is showing you the schuylkill expressway, a approaching conshohocken. we have been telling but this accident, so you see everybody has to merge in the right lane and it is slowing you down. we have quite the the backup westbound on the schuylkill approaching conshohocken. avoid that if you can. in lionville gordon drive between route 10113 in chester county we have an accident with the road closed take 113 as your alternate, chris. >> this is becoming, such a growing program and concern, air bags are exploding, causing metal fragment to fly out hitting drivers and
7:33 am
passengers in the face. so far, four deaths have been link to that defect leading to a recall of 12 million cars. >> and of course this comes just three weeks after a crash claim the life of five three-year old june tran of offer land owe, florida. 911 calls captured the horrific nature of the crash, take a listen. >> somebody hit her really hard. >> there was a cop here who just pulled her out of the car. he said her neck is severed. >> so why is this happening and what should do you if your car is on this recall list. let's bring in mark dueling from triple a in the clifford ton heights area. >> good morning. >> we can trace this problem back to one manufacturer of air bags in japan. >> correct, there has been a consolidation of people who supply air bags. they are down to three major manufacturers, that means that those air bags are going to appear in many different brand of cars and they will be supplied as need basis. it means that during this problem there will be a large
7:34 am
issue with replacements. much like washer and dryer at home, these are considered durable goods, they are built well deep into a car take many hearst to replace and it will be a large job to change them and there is not an ample supply of them at first. if everyone's washing machine went back at the same tie there would not abe supply to supply everyone with a new one. it will take months good name of that company is tacana in japan. they are supporting ntsb's investigation into this. >> correct. >> interesting how you can draw that conclusion. >> even toyota i read they are trying to get in the process but replacing those detective air bags but do not sit here messages on passenger seat. >> as a stop gap manufacturers are talking about turning those air bags off effectively making that safety device operable while someone is in the car. that would be best stop gap measure but triple a recommend if you have to sit in a car
7:35 am
that is in a recall, try to limit whoever is going to be in it. those who just apply for seat belts should be put in the back seat some one more elderly or more frail if possible put them in the back seat and get them from the air bags. >> here's the other thing if you know you are in a car with the recall it can keep expanding. the list just keeps growing and growing. >> there may even be some growth from where we are right now. >> more than 12 million cars. >> there culled be, where these bags went into is documented, but it is in the within of those things that they can call up instantly. supplying car manufacturers is a a very fluid environment. they start a run of cars they decide they need more of them. they may have to shift certain suppliers to continue production and mid production run. so these bags are difficult to trace them where they are exactly which ones are effective they have to match up to when the problems were at the factory and these problems were highly
7:36 am
exaggerated by certain weather conditions. >> are there enough protections put in place for us for consumers in cars these days. you talk about a japanese company that is being manufactured in mexico these air bags in question where is the oversight. we know lawmakers are stepping n there are do in the sit signs. are enough protections put in place for us. >> if everything goes as planned, the oversight is phenomenal in the car business. if you look at the amount of safety that you have in the vehicle with you, yes, and they are continuing to improve those numbers and stay on top of that. this isn't a failure of oversight this is a failure of manufacturing. it was caught up too later, certainly reporting is an issue been on that end you manufacturers the manufacturer of these air bags, issued a statement, it did in the address nationwide recall but company says it is supporting the national transportation hive traffic highway administration is doing all that is possible to maximize
7:37 am
motor vehicle safety. >> people at home, parent, of course with your kids in the car. how concerned should they be. >> the numbers are not desperate by any stretch of the imagination. we are talking about in the united states, we have somewhere close to 300 million cars right now the the amount have of cars being affect whether it be 7.8 or up to the 12 million you are talking about are relatively small number. that will take on top of that but not every car has a defect so numbers come down and down and down. what you want to do is make sure and what triple a is preaching when you receive notification do your part. make sure thaw go, contact the dealer, make the appointment, have the repairs made in a timely manner. don't sit on top of information thinking there is in problem because he have in the had a problem. >> tell that to the poor families, this remind us back ralph inadequacieser and save at any speed, back to the future. >> thanks for coming?
7:38 am
to find out fur carries the recall list go to mize fox and look for the link under seen on to v. >> thank you. 7:37 is the the time. sue is feeling better now thanks to our own doctor mike? what is he doing to her right there. we will let you know. jen and quincy are repelling from the 31st floor of the building live on good day this morning, must see tv, so we want to know is what on your bucket list if you can do one extreme thing in your life what would it be. tweet us your response and make sure you use that hash tag fox 29 good day so we can put it on tv.
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in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay.
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and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at if you like it, you put a ring on it. >> yeah. >> that is true. >> relationship didn't last but a woman in new york wants to keep, her engagement ring. >> she says that the $10,000 ring is hers, he put a ring on it, it was given to her as a gift at rockerfeller center.
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judge agrees. judge said 48 year-old is bound by lay requiring her to return her engagement ring saying it was just a gift. lopez ended her reels shin with joseph torres. he is shock by this ruling saying he proposed witt at rockerfeller center in 2010 but she says, he told her it was quite, a gift for being a great woman, a good mother of his child. so not an engagement ring. they have a six year-old son together. >> it is okay. >> yeah. >> so confusing, whatever they figure out. >> i guess he didn't say will you marry me maybe he just handed it to her. >> the the game changer for me is they have a kid together, all right. >> yes. >> all right. >> remember the controversy this week over breaking bad dolls on store shelves at toys-r-us. one of the cast member from the hit show is stirring up a controversy yet again and what the responses of all being pulled from the shelves ape what he thinks about that move by toys your us, straight
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7:45. we are working for that week even and it looks like a nice one, sue. >> we have promised you improvement and improvement is here. for two days of rain it didn't
7:46 am
add up to much. we hardly got half inch of rain in philadelphia between wednesday and thursday. just a little over an inch in atlantic city. close to an inch in trenton. three-quarters of an inch in the north east. so we're still in the deficit though. normally we should have had since september 1st 6.19 inches of rain. look at this easy math. we had 4.19. we are at a 2-inch deficit of rainfall. we are checking wind at 15 miles an hour, 13 knots, jen is where we are in philadelphia she's been very concerned because of the repelling thing. we have high wind gusts up in the poconos right now, and 17 miles an hour win gusts down in wildwood. we are heading to a high of 66 and then 68 tomorrow, the sat take is definitely the the best weather day of the weekend and sunday looks breezy, 64 degrees. then we will head up in the mid # on's by tuesday of next week. so lots to look forward to in that seven day forecast. lets talk about traffic right
7:47 am
now a void the schuylkill westbound if you can, a approaching the conshohocken curve there is an accident there and the the left lane is blocked. everybody has got to get in the right lane and it is slowing you down and it is jam. horsham road at norristown road is there an accident, as well. that is the best vertigo. rebeck ace still my favorite hitchcock film. when your world starts spinning and you have not just ridden the tilt a whirl it might be vertigo. our sue serio has been a little bit more dizzy than
7:48 am
usual. >> yes, dizzy. >> i wrote that. >> you know, honestly i have seen you in the last few mornings. >> we will we will watch first, what doctor mike did first. >> now lie back, okay. all right. so what we're going to do here is the man enough. i'm holding your head, relax your neck. >> i really to have trust you, up, up, neutral, down, neutral, to the side, up neutral, down neutral, and center, over here, up, down, down again neutral this way. >> if i was than the dizzy before. >> well, this is the the way you do it to try to dislodge that ot o lift. >> lets have you sit up.
7:49 am
>> okay, nod bad. >> that is called the epply maneuver and there mike is here to explain what the heck that is. >> did it help or hurt. >> will, it helps. >> i had it for three days this week and after i went to doctor mike, it fixed it. so now, explain what is going on. >> so with all of the talk ofe bowl, one of the fun things to deal with is benign positional vertigo. why. we can treat it, fun, exciting and curable. what is it? vertigo is where the world is spinning around and sometimes people get a little stoned in their semi circular canals. i brought a ear with me. >> yes. >> basically, i don't know whether we can do this or not but there we are. inside the ear we have semi circular canals and that is responsible, let's do this for the balance of your body.
7:50 am
it is your little gyro. sometimes you get a public he will in there. it is like a kidney stone but only in your ear canals. so what a happens is it send your gyro all over the the place and leads to vertigo. so what you do is, it is the neurological exam is normal and it was. >> which doctor mike gave me one. >> you do the epply maneuver and that is to dislodge that stone. >> how does it get in there in the first place it is a little calcium depos that it can occur. stones occur in lots of parts of the body, bladder stones, kidney stones, gallstones, sometimes you get a tony stone in there and that causes hair cells in the semi canals to go crazy. >> it was so concerning. i woke up monday morning and i said wow, what is going on. that is what was happening inside my ear. >> what did you do you said
7:51 am
dizzy. as you are walking around. >> you remember old televisions where the screen used to flip and you had had to the hold button. that is what the world look like to me initially and then it calmed down. but i was working with that for first couple days this week. >> it is gone now, thanks to doctor mike good does it always work or fit doesn't work what do you next. >> 85 percent of the time. usually you need to do it two or three times. if you go to your doctor or nurse practitioner and they teach you how to do it, you can do it at home. your husband was helping you. >> he was, which was really an exercise in trust because i'm sure he wanted to ring my neck a few times but he resisted the urge. it is amazing. it can help you. there is in drugs involved. just maneuvering your neck just the right way. hopefully this will help other people who suffer with vertigo as well. >> is it as quick as it looks as the video we showed on you for ten minutes you have to make sure you are turning your
7:52 am
head. >> i can tell thaw if i do that, many, many times as soon as the patient sits up, it is gone. they put their crutches on the wall, in my waiting room. it is it. >> i do whatever it takes. whatever it takes. >> where does the actual stone go. >> it doesn't come out. >> no, it goes into an area that does not cause problems. they call it the crux of the ear and it won't cause trouble but it is calcium deposits, yeah. >> interesting thanks, doctor mike. >> you don't have it. >> how can you you tell. >> because you look really good. >> now chris may. >> he needs a little help. >> have you seen him dance, i'm just saying. >> we want to bring balk in because of the latest ebola case in new york city, we want to get more information on that, but hang around. >> i will.
7:53 am
>> yes. >> i'm here. >> glad you are doing well, sue serio. >> glad you are back. >> hold on, brace. >> i'm ready. do wee sports bet nothing new jersey, the decision millions are waiting for from a judge in trenton today. jen and quincy rear polling from the 31st floor of the building live on good day this morning. so we want to know what is on your bucket list. if you could do one thing extreme what would it be, just tweet us your responses and use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> we already have someone, one guy says on my bucket list is going out to see a notre dame game. that is a good one. lets go to the next one. and collette says i would love to go on a alaska cruise to see the the northern lights before i creek. >> that is a a good one, collette. and one would have more patricia says to dance with vince vaughn is on her bucket
7:54 am
list. >> that is like dancing wit
7:55 am
7:57 am
it is 7:56 this week jen challenge convince toy take the elevator to the top of the sky scraper and climb down. it is outward bound building. we will get to jen. i was really nervous about quincy. >> still nervous. >> we're really nerve bus quincy too. >> quincy is ready to go, wave to your fans too. >> i'm ready. >> yes. >> hey. >> focus on him. >> here's the situation, we are on top of a sky scraper, we are doing this for who. >> philadelphia outward bound school, outward bounties a program that serves public and charter kids and we are raising money today so we can put these kids into challenging, learning experiencing. >> lets get them on the ropes. >> here's is what happening. we have quincy who will get on the ropes, scott, are you going over.
7:58 am
>> go over, that is scott crossin, from back on my feet, an amazing organization. he was nervous despite the fact that he has done multiple iron man and raised a ton of money for this organization. guys, i can tell you it is really windy, it is extremely cold. aside the fact you know when you are helicopter height, you know it is cold and windy. as they go down this sky scraper which is a at 18th and cherry street right by the four seasons hotel you are looking at if you are on a helicopter. the first step is a ducey so even though q is dancing and pretending like it doesn't matter these men all amazing community members are nervous. what i can tell you is they are basically telling scott the first step, how to work his gear because remember over the the edge production team
7:59 am
want to make sure that everyone is safe as they go down. >> it looks like the first member of my team is ready to rock it and the first step i cannot say that enough is the most crazy. and he is going. you have got this scott crossin. off you go baby. all smiles. >> we are ready to see your magic next, baby and if you can go, anytime. >> i'm just waiting. >> go. >> you can go lets do it. >> they have to get me set up. >> you are trying to rush me. >> scott, we love you. mike, i don't know if you can get a shot of scott over the edge, i don't know if you can. >> we are not tethered, someone hook him up. >> i don't know if you can hear me but the wind is causing a little will bit of a
8:00 am
problem. >> they want to make sure everybody is super duper safe. you can see behind us that is how you know just how high we are. right now they are tethering mike the photographer the to the safety line so he can look over and see scott crossin. remember coach mike lane from the penn rowing team is here. his ladies are waiting for him downstairs 31 floors below. we will do this all morning. as you know we have amazing technical abilities. they are all working great but it takes a while to get the the party going. >> there is the hot shot. >> oh, wow. >> right there on the parkway. >> can you see him because i'm afraid to look over but i will do this at 8:30. >> don't look down. >> i don't like to look down because before i start, i like to but all of them, they are
8:01 am
here earlier and they looked up. i didn't to that yet today. >> quincy is going to do this. >> quincy is going to do that. >> jen makes me last year. it makes me so nerve to us watch this. >> she's making quincy go first which is funny. >> well, to give him advice. >> i would need it. >> mike, the difference, mike the difference this year is the wind, win is making it very difficult. it is a lot colder then it was and remember we are seeing gusts of 20 miles an hour. if we get up to 25 knots, 28 miles an hour they won't let us do it. it is a i havety issue. twenty-eight is in go but we are on the border of that. your shot just broke up. >> quincy is about to go. we will have a quincy cam in the corner of the screen so we can watch him as he does this my goodness. there he is, we will keep it up as we watch the scott doing it now and then quincy in just a little bit. >> yes, had halfway down the
8:02 am
building. >> yes. this just in, me. and developing right now, in new york city doctor is in isolation this morning after testing positive fore bell a virus. three three-year old doctor craig spencer return from the west african country of new gunie where he was treating ebola patients as part of the doctors without borders. yesterday his temperature reached 103 degrees but before his temperature spike he left his apartment. he rode a subway, rode a tax up and got to the bowling alley. he went on a 3-mile run. despite that officials a say there is no reason to panic. >> being on the same subway car, or living near a person with ebola is not in itself put someone at risk. >> meanwhile cdc has sent an ebola response team to new york and city disease detective are tracing the the doctor's cast, confronted by anyone at risk. spencer's fiance and two
8:03 am
friend have been quarantined but they are not showing any symptoms. president obama has spoken with the mayor and governor of new york. he offered the federal government support. >> so doctor mike, reason why they keep saying as we have said over and over again it is not airborne virus. >> right, and this brings up another point. if you you look the at the the time line he flew over from new gunie i believe on october 17th and he didn't develop symptoms until six days later. he was doing everything right. he was doing checking his temperature twice a day, he spike a fever and then he got himself in. the at ten, in my office, every single patient is now being asked are you, do you have a fever and how do you come from a west african country is the the question. >> he knew he did. >> but he wasn't showing symptoms at first. >> that is why checking a temperature and screening is a little bit dicey because you
8:04 am
don't get, you can inn cue bait this for a week or two. so six days in this case. so the key here is that it is not as trans missable as the the flu as you said, michael and secondly if you are someone who went to west africa and come back and you have a fever you go right to the hospital and people, he didn't get treated with an ant bited and get sent home like the the first one so people are on guard, ready to go. >> he was over there treating and came back over here. shouldn't officials in new york put a big regular flag next to his name when he came back in. >> that would indicate quarantining every single person that comes from west africa and there have been cases where they have tried that before and it doesn't work. i think the key here is questioning, talking to the people that have been there and making sure that if you
8:05 am
develop a fever, you get treated, right away. >> how do we all know about this guy, did he have to go to someone and said i have a temperature of 103. >> as a physician i think he knew. he was in the hot zone, and he made phone calls. the suit that we demonstrated on this show people were wearing in that emergency room and he said hey i was just in new gunie, with doctors without borders treating ebola patients and i have a fever now, i have muscle aches and diarrhea i'm coming in. they were ready. now he is in an isolation room. center for disease control sent a swat team up there to take care to make sure everyone is following protocol so that nurses and people caring for him do not get sick. >> hospital said we learned from what happened in dallas, texas so we know from what went wrong there how to hand this will one. >> we're asking everyone, even
8:06 am
from fargo north dakota if you are in west africa and do you have a fever. that is protocol now. we will keep this contain. the thing that people are thinking about well, new york is highly populated area, but i think everything was done very appropriately and everyone needs to remember there is a new illness and it is ebola fear. don't panic. we will get through this. >> doctor mike, thanks a a lot. how about this, a second high school football team has been forced to end its season over hazing a allegations. >> central bucks school district canceled the games and we will get more with lauren johnson. are the report report good morning, alex and mike. students showed up today and a few you of them are a little disappointed that the game was canceled as well as the the rest of the season but they do tell us they have school --
8:07 am
unaudible. >> because i see all these like during my classes and i don't know how to react to this. >> it wasn't all of them just those select few who did make a wrong choice but everybody else wanted home coming to happen. >> reporter: members of the junior varsity and varsity staff here of been suspended until this investigation is complete and police are investigate to go make sure nothing criminal a happens in all of this mike and alex. >> so interesting two schools in our area getting national attention for the same thing. a judge is expect to deciding whether new jersey can move forward with sports betting, this weekend. >> steve, what is the situation, where are we right now. >> reporter: we could be here in philadelphia, driving all the way over in new jersey on sunday placing legal sport bets for the first time. let's show you video. if you are watching sports like this, not just highlights but live sports you can actually watch them on a big tv in new jersey and bet on
8:08 am
them legally. week a ago today governor christie signed that new sports bell in the the law. that gave machine mouth park race track the only place with the gut to go ahead with sports betting, the confidence to play starting this sunday and why all week lawyers for the league and new jersey have been filing challenges back in federal court. that federal judge in trenton expect to either issue a restraining order stopping sunday's sports bet or deny leagues request clearing the way for monmouth park to start making money. race track spent millions set up to big room and big tv to watch the game and see point spread. the sports bet could go from england where it is legal to bet on sports to run the the sports betting, and it will start with people at ten windows taking bets by hand on sunday, football, by the way, starts extra early on fox this sunday with the first game coincidently from london, detroit and atlanta and
8:09 am
another coins dent before the game on fox accounts "fox news" sunday has new jersey governor christie on as a guest booked to talk about ebola but we will ask host chris wallace on later today will urge him for sure question chris about sports betting and ask if christie will be on the monmouth park to place his bet on the cowboys who plays chris wallace favorite team washington knight. christie on right before the football they have to ask him about this and hopefully. >> can i bet on the college games tomorrow. >> reporter: not tomorrow but possibly following saturday you can this isn't just sunday's only. that is a bug unveiling on sunday. >> that is quincy now, 18th and cherry, a 31 story building. quincy harris has never repelled in his life. he has been scared to death for the the last three weeks. he is now you repelling down
8:10 am
the wall at 18th and cherry. >> i cannot imagine,. >> thirty stories. >> we were just talking to him last night. he said he was very nervous. he is braving it out. he just went over the side of the building and he is repelling down. we will keep up this quincy cam, for the duration of his trip here so we can watch it as he does this brave fe at. >> oh, my god. >> ivory pulled down mountains in colorado when i was much young inner my 20's but for some reason going over the side of the building, i could not do it. >> jen told me they asked you. >> i said no, i'm in the doing it. >> last night people were bugging me why don't you do it. >> you can still do it if you wanted to. >> that is fine. >> i want to be here with you. >> how nice. >> nice excuse. >> okay. >> that ground shot when you look downey just can't take it. >> well, he is doing it. these people are really good at what they do, the people that they are working with
8:11 am
over there. >> professionals. >> they are making a bunch of money too, fundraiser. >> he just bounced himself off the building there. >> wow. >> 8:11. we will get back to that in a second. it will take 15 minutes. >> kim and kanye make a lot of money but will north get a dime of it. why they say their daughter will have to have work for what she wants. >> sure
8:12 am
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we have the dj playing beyonce. oh , look, there is q, he just finish. >> quincy is down. he cannot hear us. >> wow, wow. >> he is saying a prayer right now, shaking his head, yes, lord i made it. >> he a has to be the the happiest man alive because he is worried about this for two weeks. >> quiet relief good who would not worry about
8:15 am
repelling down a 30 story building. now we're running over with the ear piece to jam in his ear and maybe a microphone. only his laundry man know how scared he was, if you know what i mean. >> might be a little will wet down there. >> he is over at 18th and cherry, if you want to talk to him. jen will do the repelling in a little bit. >> this is all for a great cause,. >> they each raised about $2,000 to help with this outward bound program to help students sponsor 30 under served public and charter school students. they can do great things. it is great what they are doing. >> this is what they do without ward bound they push your limits. >> they teach thaw nothing is impossible, that is one of their themes of outward bound. you get so much confidence after going through a program like. that i bet q feels like he can do anything. >> on top of the world. >> you bet. >> the winds have been a issue
8:16 am
this morning but quincy made it okay, we have 9 miles an hour sustain winds in philadelphia but most windy spot the the pocono mountains. mount pocono 21 miles an hour sustain win. look at wind gusts, 35 miles an hour. so that is making it feel chilly up there but for the rest of us, it is not bad. our storm has left us and we are left with sunshine today. cloud here and there, breezy still with 66 degrees. tomorrow is a ten. it is 68 degrees for october and this time in october it is perfect. sunny and breezy on sunday that looks like a great day and for the the rest of us it will be in the 70's by next tuesday, so just hold on to your hat outside right now, let's check traffic and we will start off with the schuylkill expressway that left lane blocked on the schuylkill expressway because of that accident westbound approaching conshohocken. good news it is cleared. bad news it is still backup quite a few miles. you will have slow go in that part of the westbound
8:17 am
schuylkill expressway n lionville in chester county gordon drive between route 10113 an accident has that road closed 113 is your alternate. in ukeeland, turnpike eastbound between downingtown and valley forge an accident has the left lane block. finally in robbinsville 195 eastbound from 539 there is an accident with an injury there, mike. >> imagine staying on top of the 31 story building at 18th and cher any philadelphia and hey, we want to you repel down that. >> that is exactly what quincy just went through. he just made it through. we will talk to him. how do you feel. >> i can hear you. >> i said how do you feel you are still breathing, making sure you can breathe. >> it was okay. just don't look down, my legs were tired i was just happening but it was much fun. it just takes energy out because you are looking up,
8:18 am
okay, and then they had us to sign up. i saw jen i said i'm halfway down, good time. >> i lost my ear piece. >> i'm so proud of him. >> aren't you proud of him. >> yes. >> did you see me. >> you saw me. >> we saw you bouncing off the building does that take a lot of strength in your legs. >> i was bouncing because my legs were so tired. i work out but i didn't work out enough. chris murphy is here. >> yes, mike. >> did you sleep last night. >> i'm losing you guys, i can tell you i had a good time. i was so fast going down because i was so athletic and i had a great time. >> you look great. >> i think chris is going next. >> no, jen fredrick.
8:19 am
>> no. >> chris, you need to go. >> i'm scared of heights. >> this is all about facing your fear. we did it for outward bound. i raised enough money. you were clowning me. i want to thank everybody that donated. you can still toe nate go to my fox quincy is cleared is what they are just saying. >> thanks, quincy. >> i may do it again. >> drive home and take a nap, he hasn't slept in days. >> that was cool. >> but even more exciting, ladies and gentlemen, wake the kids, well, they should be upright now. i was the only one announce. >> one direction is coming back to philadelphia. >> ♪ >> so, one direction, just a announced, they are on the
8:20 am
road again, in 2015 world stadium tourist on. it includes a stop at the link, lincoln financial field, south philadelphia, next september. we just want to give you heads up. >> those ticket will sellout because they go on sale november 1st. >> you need to know now to make sure you will get it. >> you have to hang in front of the computer and get it. >> come close to the tv, somebody who is on our she today a woman, i think could be dating harry from one direction. >> really. >> that will be next week. >> coming up on monday good we shouldn't have these meetings where we talk about things ape week a head. >> we don't want to tell you too much, a lot of women will be hurt. young girls. her name -- yeah, make sure you come and watch. you want to see hoe is possibly dating. >> she's not on the show. >> it is not me.
8:21 am
>> next week it is not me. >> our team sports a thing of the past? forget soccer leagues, these teens are doing something else in their past time but this doesn't come cheap, where some teams are headed after school. >> i have no idea what you are talking about. but first back to the breaking bad doll controversy it just won't go away. so actor aaron paul, he plays jesse, right. he is calling out toys-r-us. the one toy he says that does a a lot more harm to kids then his breaking bad action figure we will talk about this as we come back.
8:23 am
i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway at there's something for everyone
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at on tuesday the delaware val a lines for bikers aims toward education, be outside our station from 7:00 to 10:00a m tuesday morning collecting toys for local kid. if you want to help stop by our station at fourth and
8:25 am
market in old city with an unwrapped new toy but no stuffed animals please. your donations will benefit toys for tots. >> i love toys for tots. they have been around forever. that is tuesday. >> make sure you get a nice big donation. >> that is tuesday morning right here outside of our window. earlier this week toys-r-us announced it was pulling its collectible dolls based on the characters from the very popular television show called breaking bad, the the trouble is, breaking bad was about making methamphetamine. >> um-hmm. >> now one of the stars of the show is giving the toy store a piece of his mind. >> um-hmm good decision to remove dolls was in response to the on line petition that started last week by the mom in florida. at first toys-r-us defend the doll saying they were sold in limited quantities and the adult section area of the store but just two days ago the story versed it position saying the dolls are going on an indefinite sabbatical. >> in other war pulled from the shelves. >> so aaron paul, the guy who
8:26 am
played jesse pinkman on the series, is giving his opinion on this controversy. he tweeted this, toys-r-us pulls all of the breaking bad figures from their shelves and still sells barbies. i wand what is more damaging, probably who is more damaging, then added, what about all of the violent video games you sell, toys-r-us? do you you still sell those? um. the florida mom really messed up. >> what do you think. >> encourage to sign his on line petition to get the dolls back on store shelves. do you you think they will put it back on. >> is he getting a kickback from this. >> maybe his pride is hurt because he is losing his action figure. >> but for 50 years there has been a controversy, 60 years a controversy over barbie bol. >> and her image and her looking is her body proportion nate. little girls wanting to be her. >> of course not.
8:27 am
>> that could be bad too but still, dolls about methamphetamine maker. anyway, lets get to this more important at 8:26. breaking news. new york city doctor that we just talk about with doctor mike. all this mis information. first reported he had a temperature of 103 degrees, right. three three-year old. he is doctor craig spencer. recently return from the west african country of new gunie where he was treating ebola patients as part of the doctors without borders, doing great work. first reported he had a temperature of 103 degrees. no, they miss read it, it is 100.3 degrees, 3 degrees off. >> how do you miss read that. >> i don't know. >> but he had other symptoms too that is yes he is being carefully monitored right now. >> and three people he was in direct contact with have been quarantine. >> exactly. >> more on that our big story you of the kay besides getting ready for big eagles game on
8:28 am
sunday repelling off a building that is 30 stories high at 18th and cherry. jen dit last year. the she's doing it again. >> yeah but we're adding about 72 level of complication, this go pro camera will be able to go live. my kids are here to make sure i make this happen. thirty-one floors. brian want to make sure we are safe as can be. let's do it. we're almost there. almost there, ladies.
8:30 am
what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes.
8:31 am
and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest. one thing that is lingering now that the rain has gone and storm pulled away we are still seeing high wind especially up in the mountains but even here in the city. we have sustain wind of 9 miles an hour but they are
8:32 am
gusting at times. we have 21 miles an hour in pottstown. 35 miles an hour in the pocono mountains. is there the storm that has left us temperatures mostly in the mid 50's. down in wildwood we have 57 degrees. this looks promising because for the the past few days we have in the made it out of the 50's. fifty-seven was our high temperature yesterday. today we expect 66. sixty-eight tomorrow for our walk to end alzheimer's on sunday morning it looks excellent with the nine out of ten and ten tomorrow. good weekend ahead and by tuesday of next week temperatures back in the 70's. that is a look at our weather authority forecast, we will start off traffic in phoenixville bridge street between main street and star street. we have a gas leak there and road closed take your alternate nut road. also on i-95 south the at ridley park, an accident there on the right shoulder but still kind of slow going. in the turnpike eastbound
8:33 am
between downingtown and valley forge, the accident is now on the shoulder. >> thanks, sue. hang around here. you ever seen these little go pro cameras, little cameras you can put on like this little thing that sticks up from your face. this is a great view. look at that. my goodness. >> the the go pro, live, 31 store ace above center city street at 18th and cherry and jen will repull. >> you look interesting. >> so you can watch me go all the way down.
8:34 am
>> unaudible. >> if it gets up to 25 miles an hour gusts they cannot go and they cannot hear us very well either. >> at this point, it is 15 miles an hour, sue. >> yes, that is a lot. >> especially worried about going down a building. >> you will see her face get down, we didn't have have this last year. >> we will see how brave she really is, with all of the faces she's making, 31 stories, and basically be doing it with her in just a little bit. >> we will have a jen cam in the left corner of the screen. >> you will be right in her face. 8:34. australian cafe sparks a big debate the owner does not want kids on her property but she says a decision breaks her heart, why some parents are deciding with her. >> that is her. >> keep those sweets coming what is on your bucket list, did you do something as extreme as repelling a
8:35 am
building. they say which like to go sky diving. >> i'm with george, i will do that, my daughter said that. >> on my bucket list toys attend a super bowl and i'm making that happen in february 2015. hopefully eagles will be phoenix bound too. >> and a felicia says within of the things on my bucket list toys receive a hug from mike. a dor him. we can make that happen. >> yes. come over here i'll hug you. >> come on over felicia. >> hey, greg netty, boom. ♪ there it is...
8:36 am
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8:38 am
that song with the word falling in it, i don't know about that, as jen fredrick is about to repel down a 31 story
8:39 am
building, the at 18th and cherry. it is a beautiful day albeit windy, that is the problem. she did this last year but this particular year we will do it again and she will do it with a go pro camera in her face as you can see right there. she will be repelled with you. before that she has about five minutes to go here let's bring in chris wallace because within of his guests is governor chris christie of new jersey this week on his show on sunday morning. we're kind of waiting to see if we will have sports betting, here in new jersey, hi chris. >> hey, how are you mike. >> first of all, because there is a football game on sunday, in the morning the lions and falcons at 9:00 a.m. we are on a special early time 8:00 a.m. and we will have a exclusive interest right with chris christie. this is his first sunday show this year. he went to ground after the
8:40 am
scandal over bridge gate. >> right. >> also the republican chairman the of the republican governor's association, very active in trying to get republican governors elect and reelect and potential 2016 presidential candidate. this will be his first sunday show appearance all this year. >> but he still has in the said, i mean he is number one chest for the republicans for president in 2016, who else is there. >> i think there is a lot of people. we have counted up and there are about a dozen. he would be one of the front runners if he decides to one but he is not a sure thing of all. we have a bunch of senators here, rand paul, other governor, jeb bush, mitt romney, some formers like that, it will be a real horse race and anybody who wants it will really have to go out and fight for it and earn it. chris christie is capable of that. we know how get is on the stump. >> battle of the chris's on sunday morning. chris wallace, you have to talk about bridge gate is what
8:41 am
your strategy for sunday. >> i could tell you but i have to kill you. of course, we will talk about it. >> he doesn't want to talk bit. >> first time on the sunday show we have to ask him questions. it has been almost a year now and there has been in smoking gun that come out that indicates he knew anything about it. >> yeah. >> okay. reason you why are on at different times is because these teams are playing in london. do you think we will have an international football team. >> i hope not it will screw up our sunday mornings. all politics is local. do you think england sitting there desperate for nfl football i wonder about that. >> i don't either. >> how are your two-five washington redskins. >> who do you guys play this week. >> we are going out to air zone, valley you of the sun. >> they are really good. >> this is the test. this is a barometer chris
8:42 am
wallace for our philadelphia eagles. >> yeah, how did you go in that barometer against san francisco 49ers. >> that was more a thermometer and it was up my -- welshing yeah we could have won that game. we could have an unblemished record. we should have stole that game at the end. >> i like it when you wine like this by the the way, listen, all i can do ace attack because i cannot tea even if washington redskins. it is another bad year for us good instead of football you like to bring up your washington nationals, sweep, does somebody have a broom. we will see you sunday. >> we didn't get swept, we won one game. >> you did win one. >> yes. >> go royals. >> we won one. >> see you sunday. >> 8:42. torey spelling, remember her, instagram this picture from her hospital bed but is she really sick what she said on social media that has people wondering why she's in a hospital bed, tmz is all over
8:43 am
this. jen fred business to repel down from 18th and in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
8:46 am
here we go at 8:45. that is jennifer fredrick, we love her. she's 31 store ace above center city philadelphia. >> look at that, come on, hold up. >> there is her butt as she's repelling down 31 stories on a building at 18th and cherry. >> 1 foot at a time. >> you can see the flag is blowing in the side that is because it is very windy, she said between nine and 15 miles an hour. my gosh can you imagine what it feels like to feel that win blowing you. >> look at this shot here. she's about half a story down right now. she did this last year but this year we are recording her face, darren can you punch up that shot or it is in the live yet. >> so we will have it in a little bit.
8:47 am
>> she's incredibly brave. >> so, so brave. >> look at her go. >> her son brody, he worries about his mommy, he is on the roof, he wanted todd watch his mom because he is there. >> she is's like soup wore man, spider woman. >> could you do it. >> looking at that shot and looking at the ground, i don't think i could do it. i don't think i could. we know you could not. >> no. >> but she's doing it for a good cause that is another reason, you push to do something like this. >> she has made a lot of money for outward bound and it helps students and they are involved and they have never left their neighborhood before, so it expand their horizons to get to see new things, try new things so it is really inspirational. >> and really push their limits. >> just like jen is doing right now. >> some of those kids that never left their neighborhood are up there on the building right new doing this with her.
8:48 am
>> it will take her probably about 15 minutes to get all the way down. >> we will have jen cam. >> we will punch her up a as we talk to dax out at tmz because we have a couple big stories here. torey spelling in the hospital and just continue beiber using an odd line to pick up woman. let start with torey. is she really sick. >> you know, she's not sick, it sound like she's on the brink of the nervous break down. she's having a rough time. her personal life is crumbling a apart and people have have watching that over the course of her reality show but at this point her marriage is on the rocks, she's war about drinking gannon top of that and then a lot of financial issues they are in the flat broke but you they are financially strapped and the fact that they have gone through the $800,000 that she got once her father fast add way and her mother is helping
8:49 am
her out with any. >> candy. >> and they have gone through that. >> but caption too pictures of her in the hospital bed that is interesting, isn't it. >> well yeah she went in there and she has symptoms of ebola and they quarantined her and all that but she's made that up and unfortunately because she's pretending to be sick it is making her sick and she's having a rough time and on top of it she keep of -- >> we want to play this. here's justin beiber, using disney character to pick up women, listen to this, here's beiber. >> thank you so much. >> what did he say. >> said you look like princess jasmine, girl. is that how you know he is a kid, right. >> i love this. >> he was driving down rodeo
8:50 am
and he saw a modeling shooting on and this girl was doing photos and he like sent his guy over to talk to her people and they but justin bean wore like to talk to you. they stopped down the photo shoot and she went over to his car and you saw the whole interaction. >> did it work. >> they talk but fans started to notice he was there and then it got crazy so they never changed numbers. >> fame gets in the way for him. >> yes, he has a cool shirt. >> you look like aerial. >> you you do. >> you look like what is that would be character, goofy. >> no, you are goofy lets make that little box a big box, that is jen fred. get that flag out of the way. >> it is the wind. >> look at her.
8:51 am
>> wait a minute what is she doing. >> my gosh i'm's so nervous. >> sometimes people repel face down they will go face down. >> i have never seen her off down they will go face down. >> i have never seen her off to the side this isn't at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education.
8:52 am
and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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check temperatures we will check wind and we will check your forecast, so for today we have 57 degrees walking out the door right now, a mid to upper 50's in some places, chillier in others and wind are kicking up though we have 9 miles an hour sustain wind in philadelphia but much more windy in the poconos with a gust of 28 miles an hour, 18 miles an hour in wildwood, expect 66 degrees, much milder then yesterday but the breezes will still be around
8:55 am
throughout the a after have noon so that takes care of your friday as we look at jen cam, on the side of your screen while we are getting through traffic in phoenixville bridge street between main and star and is there a gas leak and road is closed so watch out around phoenixville your alternate is nut road and in plymouth meeting pennsylvania turnpike westbound approaching mid county there is an accident there that has left lane block and within more than 295 north bound past 195 there is an accident on the left hand shoulder. >> is there a road called nut road. >> that is where jennies. >> i don't blame her. >> there she goes. >> so she's straighten out her problem and now she's really rolling, we will talk to her and punch up her face cam when we come back. she's all the way down, um.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ >> look at that, those are dancers from merge dance studio in manayunk, head over to main street, tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. for a zombie thriller dance off, basically, a giant flash mob and look at this, speaking of nicole miller store in manayunk in main street and nicole has personally designed these new philadelphia 76ers dresses when they go to publish events, right. they don't cheer in these dresses. >> you cannot move in them. >> they are moving pretty well wouldn't you say. >> they look nice. >> sixers open up their season very soon, it may be a week from thomas a matter on have
9:00 am
fact. nicole nice job with the dresses. i'm sorry, you ran out of fabric though. >> i love it. >> coming up at 9:00 on this friday before a big eagles game, we love our sixers but you we really like our eagles. >> we are all here. >> in eagles green. >> we all have green on today hi karen. >> good morning. >> how is weekend show doing. >> doing great, lot of fun. >> i like to watch it. >> i like when were you on it. >> spectacular thing. >> yes. >> we are on it with the trend. >> that is so much fun, you guys bring it. >> good to have you here for this hour. good day, it is friday, october 24th, 2014. a lot to get to. >> your team sports thing of the past. forgive soccer leagues, three teams are doing something else in their past time but this doesn't come cheap where some teams are heading after school. >> and also how about this one a lot of people talking about kim and kanye, obviously they