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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 24, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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fact. nicole nice job with the dresses. i'm sorry, you ran out of fabric though. >> i love it. >> coming up at 9:00 on this friday before a big eagles game, we love our sixers but you we really like our eagles. >> we are all here. >> in eagles green. >> we all have green on today hi karen. >> good morning. >> how is weekend show doing. >> doing great, lot of fun. >> i like to watch it. >> i like when were you on it. >> spectacular thing. >> yes. >> we are on it with the trend. >> that is so much fun, you guys bring it. >> good to have you here for this hour. good day, it is friday, october 24th, 2014. a lot to get to. >> your team sports thing of the past. forgive soccer leagues, three teams are doing something else in their past time but this doesn't come cheap where some teams are heading after school. >> and also how about this one a lot of people talking about kim and kanye, obviously they
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make a lot of money but will their baby north get a dime of that money, why these mega celebrities say their daughter is going to have to work for what she wants. so jen has been out we are watching her all morning, amazing jen. >> she's down. >> okay, here's what happened, okay, first of all, keith, mike, scott, holy, carol, okay, we all dit, a amazing, right. now you were right next to me. the win was whipping so hard, guys i physically could not get done. >> i was worried about my girl when she was blowing on the identify of the building. i was going to try to help her but we were stuck together. >> you are our teacher, cherry hill west. you join just because you you were inspired. trained without us knowing bit. how do you feel. >> wonderful. >> glad you you did it. >> yes. >> and my little people are here, they went, brody and landry were waving. i have to say, hi guys, did
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you you see it, what did you think. >> jen's child ren. >> we had all this technology and i don't know if you could see any of it, but it was insane but the the wind. >> the win was very real, people. >> it was insane. >> the wind was real. >> is that why you got sideways, what happened. >> well, what happened was at the the top there you have to feed the rope. if you are with the tup i trippers you don't to have feed the weight but you have to feed the republican down because we weigh so little and the win was pushing the rope. but the win was pushing the rope so you could not pull it up because it is literally hundreds have of pound of rope that you have to feed through
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there and win just knock us over. >> my abs are killing me right now. i'm like sore. i think i'm tired too. i don't know. >> wouldn't you you be. >> yes. >> that is my sisters building. she will send in some pictures. amazing, jen as always you blow us away. >> you the man. >> yeah. >> i was expect to go see mattresses on the bottom of the ground. >> really. >> mattress in case you floor 30 stories. >> that is what i would want. >> either way. >> yes, remarkable. >> so since the thriller dancers and sixers dancers team are here this morning we would thought we were talk about our favorite dances of all time. is there the carlton and stuff like that. lets look at more of michael jackson's thriller. >> ♪
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>> it is classic, in 1983, that saying is now 31 years old, so old. >> they will do it tomorrow in manayunk if you want to do like a flash mob of thriller in manayunk, 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon on main street. i'm a big seinfeld fan. >> we know you are. >> you know this next dance. >> you are darn right. >> do you remember the elaine. >> yes. >> ♪ >> elaine had no idea she was such a horrible dancer, she thinks this is good. >> yes. >> look at george's face. >> what is with the wrong. >> i mentioned the karl top, from the fresh prince of bellaire, who could forget this. >> ♪
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>> you know every time he makes a public appearance and they can him to do this and he does it. he hates it. but he finally dit on dancing with the stars two weeks ago. >> he did it graceful. >> he has a groin pull from dabsing with the stars. >> from doing the carlton. >> not as young as he used to be. >> it is like a sports injury. >> he had has a groin pull. >> but do you remember this dance, from dallas, started in tall as, it is called the d town booge y. >> but now dougie. >> ♪ >> you did this growing up in dallas. >> of course. >> they called it gigging. d town boo ge y.
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>> i was afraid alex when i saw this in the run down, that there would be another version of it that mike would have had played for us this morning. >> what. >> the one with that beautiful, the model with all of those curves and moves, she's 20 years old, on the cover of everything. >> kate upton. >> kate upton. >> famous dougie. >> how can we in the pull kate upton's version. >> you grew up doing this, i want to see it. >> oh, my gosh. >> wait, wait, wait. >> okay. >> jesse. >> don't judge me. >> can you play that music, can you rewrap the dougie. >> now i'm going. >> away from the chairs. >> get out here on the lake. you have to do it with me. >> punch up the camera, man. >> get out of the way from this camera. >> i'm not doing it, she's doing it. >> you are not going to play it again. >> teach me how to dougie.
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>> ♪ >> go side to side. >> i lost my groove. >> i'm hanging off on you. >> getaway from the white guy. >> here's something i can do how about the marcia brady. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> that is why i said i can do it. >> that is something you can do. >> what did you just say, it
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is satisfaction so lame i could do it. >> yes. >> i love you, mike. >> it is friday. >> this one is your favorite. >> this is the biker shuffle. >> what is that. >> ♪ >> what is it. >> this you can do. >> what is that supposed to do. >> what he does is walk it to your right, now move it on up, walk it to your left. >> now come back here so we can see your whole body. >> here you go. >> now bring it a all back. >> how come i never heard of this. >> step to the right and now
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turn to the right. >> the biker shuffle. >> we dit in south carolina. >> does this happen at wedding receptions. >> yes. >> biker shuffle. >> bike rally like motorcycles >> yes. >> anytime there is people music and dj. >> do it again. >> no, you can do it. >> come on, walk it to your right, move it on up. >> walk it to your left, now bring it on back. >> come on. >> i can't. >> i'm too white. >> don't say that, you know you are a a brother, but it is fun good biker shuffle. >> my mother knows how to do it. >> is your mom watching right now. >> i don't know. >> hi sharon. >> hi mommy. >> a lot of fun. >> i never heard of that. i have learned something on a
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friday. oh, help me. >> fantastic friday. >> mike has been all around the world in the airplanes is there anything left on your bucket list thaw want to do. >> dance with kate upton doing the dougie. >> yes. >> sure, i heard that. >> no, i have never jumped out of an airplane and my daughter jill did it. i think do i want to do that. >> but you are afraid of small airplanes. >> that is my problem now i have to jump out of a giant plan can i jump out of the 747. >> you need it to be small so to get out. >> he a has total claustrophobia, that would be it. >> what about you, karen. >> i want to go to new seal land. coming up on my ten year wedding anniversary. guess what i'm doing this weekend the renaissance fair. >> costumes will be involved. >> that is on my bucket list, never to go to another renaissance fair.
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>> don't say that. >> he makes fun of me. >> people acting like. >> swords, hershey, think of the screaming kids you will have a pack fun weekend. >> drive west. >> mine is i wanting to to deep sea diving. >> i have done that. >> i have done that. >> just rain on my parade, i haven't. >> i think it would be exciting. >> it is exciting. >> in south carolina they have an aquarium, of course, you pay enough money you can swing with sharks and stingrays and i have never done it. >> why didn't do you it. >> i was a little scared. >> they do it at camden. >> one of their photographers does the shark thing. >> he does. >> you can survive the drive over with him. >> yes. >> steve keeley says i'm already swimming with sharks working here. >> that is true. >> you hear that all the time. >> adventure aquarium you can swim with sharks. >> well, quincy did it or he just stood in the tank.
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>> yes. >> all right. so, 11 minutes past 9:00 in the morning. there is a growing trend among preteens and taking place of school sports. they are designer gym classes. >> fitness chains are offering kid friendly versions of popular work out like boot camp and spin. they are design to appeal to kids who want to be like their parents want to take part in team sports. after school classes cost $35 each. >> that is all right with me. >> why can't you just do pe, physical education classes. >> well, what do they call it, side, straddle hop. >> when you jump down. >> yes. >> jumping rope. >> side saddle hop. >> we call that, jump opinion jacks. >> i thought that was slightly appalling, all these expensive classes but you think bit, it
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is good our kids do team sports but when they are growing up. nothing you can do post time you are in school. it is great to start that early because that is something you can dot rest of your life because you will not always field a football team when you get older. >> you get involved doing parachute thing you ever do that where you shake it, is that old school. >> that is old school. >> yes. >> schools are getting rid of gym and stuff. if they don't have recess or they are cutting out gym because you they have to get everything in. >> first lady is trying to get people to move and you would think they would keep physical education in schools. >> would you think they would keep books for that matter. >> 9:13. >> speaking of children. kids that have everything in the entire planet do you remember when northwest was a direction now it is a child. northwest. >> nori. >> kim and kanye's kid.
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>> let me tell what you happened. >> she is not going to get a free ride in life. >> they have a lot of money but in a recent interview kim a says her daughter will to have get a job when she grows up to pay for different things that she would like to pay for believe it or not like kim said she did and obviously as her father did. kim said when she was younger she work at a growthing store despite all of the money they had. >> well, when she was growing up before she became famous for the um, um. >> the the video. >> her dad was a famous attorney. >> yeah. >> and what did chris did, her mom. >> she married. >> she was an actress wasn't she early on. >> i thought she was. >> i don't know. >> yeah, anyway, if you were a billion air would you still make your kids work. >> they should, something about having that work ethic that is very important even if you have it all, being able to work for something means a lot, and something that all
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kids need to be able to know what that feels like. >> i agree. >> it gives you meaning and purpose. this is an odd person to admire but donald trump always made his kids work for it. they had to come up through the come they are not in the headlines for doing bad antics. >> they turnout really great. >> russell simmons, russell and angela they put to go a shoe line and they were doing it line. >> russell simmons is married to that spoiled brat woman. >> beautiful asian woman. >> yes. >> yes. okay. >> she's living in this mansion in new jersey. i was living in new york there was a big hub bob. she wanted to go to a broadway play. she called the, whatever you call it, the theater and said would you hole the curtain i'm late. >> are you serious. >> they didn't. >> she's just a girl from st. louis. >> is there one thing i wanted to she real quickly because, they went to this event. it was casino night. it was a fundraiser.
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this has gotten so much attention on instagram. >> so what it is, it is a fundraiser for easter seals at crystal tea room and we pretend like we're gambling. >> so, we have stars there, cigar room and i never had a cigar. i said mike, get me one. he goes and brings me back one. we didn't smoke it but weights a check late infused one. i thought it was check late. i sent a picture. mike just like everything check late, doesn't he. i aid good one, mom. >> your mom said that. >> your mother said that. >> everyone knows you like chocolate. >> all right that is enough of that. >> everyone says it was fun. >> you look like a gangster. >> look at you. >> you look hot there. >> you should try a cigar sometime. >> they had ten different cigar, and they said that one is infused with check late. perfect for you it is chocolate. >> i said great.
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>> i take a bite off of it. he didn't mean that kind of chocolate. >> well, you are chocolate and smoking just like a cigar. >> nice. >> right sue. >> whatever you say is already with me. >> we're going to look the at temperatures, right now and a we will look at winds and then we will look at the weekend forecast, something you have been looking forward to. 58 degrees in philadelphia 49 in mount pocono. mid 50's in wrightstown. fifty-nine in wildwood. temperatures are rising nicely thanks to the sunshine, wind are picking up again, 14 miles an hour in philadelphia, 60 miles an hour in mount pocono. jen is down safely. we are good with that. 29 miles an hour wind gust in the mountains so it is very blustery there today. lets go through this seven day forecast. today skies are continuing to clear getting rid of the clouds get up to 66 degrees. sixty-eight tomorrow. did you did you see that we are giving it a ten out of ten on saturday and nine on unday just a few degrees cooler and
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breezy, on sunday. sunday and nice on monday mid 60's and then back to the 07's on tuesday, and wednesday, before a cold front comes through wednesday night and takes it back down in the 60's. so all and all now that we have gotten rid of the rain there is lots to look forward to in the seven day forecast. >> i'm so excited, past couple of days i have been sleeping a lot, a lot of naps, good napping weather. >> people are excited for the whole weekend. hopefully you have not lost your groove, alex holley fox 29. serious teach a class line. your musicty. >> i knew i would make fun of it. one person said you have to be kidding me teaching mike to dougie he has been honorary distributions since his drake impression. >> all right so if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend we have such great weather. there is an amazing event. it involves the kids. >> that is right, mike is out there telling us all bit. >> look at michael harris
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here. good to see you michael. >> good to see you mike. >> is there pumpkin festival, tomorrow. >> tomorrow afternoon. >> where should i go. >> it is head house, from 12:00 to 5:00 between second between pine and lombard. >> yes. >> head house square. >> yes. >> i had no idea, ladies and gentlemen we had so many ukeelees players, there will be 40 of them down there tomorrow. >> we have a full ukeelee ban as part of the whole program. >> there is a store dedicated to the ukeeleon south street. >> yes, great store and they do great work. >> what about these dudes over here. >> south street magic in do a magic trick, do something. >> there they go. >> so there will be magic down there on south street. also, hey juggler guy, look at this, guy, tom, he will be down there. we have circus arts and performances all afternoon from philadelphia school of
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circus art. >> is what the point of the pumpkin fest. >> great tradition, free family friendly event. we come out for the a afternoon and we showcase food, music and free pumpkin painting hey rides and great things for the family. >> what time should i show up. >> twelve to 5:00. show up at noon and stay all afternoon. >> i'll see you on south street head house square basically tomorrow. >> okay see you see you out there michael. >> a hey kids back to you you. >> mike, backup by that juggler. >> the juggler you want to see him. >> lean your head in a little. >> they are very sharp. >> he is from the land of the hammer and the sickle. >> thanks, michael. >> okay. so, want to talk about local students they are spook ago way drivers, we're talking about a halloween car cover contest,. >> wow. >> these are students doing these we will show you more of
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these cars so excited and tell you what the winner of the car will be if they scare them
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what a beautiful week toned check out fall foliage. halloween one week from today and is there a local car cover manufacturer getting in on the act by hosting a halloween contest for students from five of our area high schools. we have mike an alex outside, pretty amazing stuff. >> this is most intense season i can remember. there is halloween decorations on anything, including car covers. hi jake who are you with. >> i'm with we are car covers experts on the web. every year we reach out to local students in the community, and we have them, decorate and compete against each other to see who has the coolest car cover. >> okay. >> based on off this, look at these cars. >> who is this.
9:25 am
>> alex. >> alex. tell me what you did with your car cover. >> well, we turned tonight to a zombie lightening mcqueen because we wanted it to be an iconic figure. >> okay. >> where do you go to school. >> central bucks west. >> i'm or sorry. >> great school. >> look the at the we are even of this thing. >> it is zombie influence. >> you can smell the paint on there. >> look at this one. >> is what your name good marisa good what school. >> st. joseph's university. >> oh, my gosh what is this theme here. >> theme is obviously halloween but my mom was born on halloween so halloween is a big holiday for our family. it wasn't hard to think of idea to put on the cover. >> this is halloween night in general. >> yes, it is, we have a spooky halloween house right here and spiderweb on the back and then a moon with some things up front. >> you have got it all. >> on the other side we have
9:26 am
a, graveyard. >> very nice. >> okay. we are going to the next one. >> hi. >> what is this one. >> i'm thinking of cute and spooky, mandel inspire. >> where are you from. >> south philadelphia. >> where do you you go. >> university of pennsylvania. >> how long does it takes to do this. >> so far it takes about six hours, pretty time intensive. >> very nice. >> well, thank you. >> go to the next one. >> hey kids. >> what is your name. >> jameer for wagner middle school. wear here to present the car cover contest. reason why we're doing this is we want to have a food garden at our school for fruits and vegetables and we can help them because in return to bringing back the arts to wagner middle school because school district they have taken a lot of stuff from frustrates and we are trying to bring it back. >> good for you. >> look at this. >> that is from the walking dead. that is our friend kerry over
9:27 am
there. we are trying to have the walking dead trying to break out, in order to escape. >> you can see someone's leg coming out of the car here. >> vote for wagner middle school. reason why we have a breast cancer walk, for living beyond breast cancer. >> great little will spokesperson here. >> last one. >> is what your name. >> killie where do you go to school. >> c.b. west. >> oh yeah, c.b. west. >> is what your parking lot, on saturday there 9:00 to 2:00p m. >> empire
9:28 am
was what do those win real quickly they win a thousand dollars for first prize and second and third place get some money. >> it is going to be hard to beat this one over here. >> amazing. >> i cannot play favorites. >> yes. >> freaky karen, freaky. >> we will go to jen right the here. >> hi, jen. >> hi guys. >> everyone is looking up because that is still what is happening, hi baby. >> hey. >> this is just a tease. >> i want you guys, you will listen to this guy, jam my mike after the break because he had a front row seat. >> it is madness, still he had a front row seat. >> it is madness, still madness.
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♪ >> main street, manayunk, big dance party today. that will be fun. weather will be good. these girls are fabulous. >> putting limb into it. >> dj gregg commit i, so much fun. >> halloween ! guess what we're going to be? we're not telling. freak english, i would never rep he will off a billing, but some of the mascots for some reason, like the st. joe's hawks, the villanova wildcats, saw this, said they want to do it, they say they're somewhat athletic. i think they're going to try t jen, going to let them do it? >> we are going to let them do it. >> we are going to let them do it. >> we have q here, we have mike the photographer. >> from salem baptist church,
9:33 am
he was scared. >> he is facing what i'm facing. so, the wind so hard, you can't get on the wall. right? >> yes, it was pretty -- you know what? it is hard to like literally keep your legs on the building. so, after a while, you just crews down, come on down, take your time. >> marshall, you look good. mike is the photographer. were you thereon top when couldn't get down, and i was flipping out. >> this is -- what's this? this is jen stuck on the wall. it was bad. but we got some ship. the two gentlemen, once they were done the conversation, i toll them to look over the wall, give jena little direction, look over the walls, so put her feet on the walls, she denied dollars not to put her feet on the wall. >> enough about you. now, mike, here is the thing. our team crushed his team. >> i remember on the rooftop, tug me how bad -- >> here is the thing, i'm still raising monday.
9:34 am
>> i yes, so are we. so are we. >> so i think we won? >> no, you didn't, because no one raised 2,000. we all raised more. >> outward bound philadelphia, the children, what we're doing this for, so they can be challenged and experienced this great high we're august feeling. >> that's right. our mission to change lives. through chap challenge, dis cough i do you fowl like your life is changed today, jen? >> i do. i'm glad i have my life. >> i know if my fails aren't done for cock pail party -- >> this is opportunity to push yourself outside your comfort zone. but not too far not too dangerous, but just far enough to know that you're capable of doing more than you thought. >> and do you think that quincy was capable every raising more money? >> you know, quincy, the object here, is to stretch
9:35 am
yourself to reach out beyond your pre-conceived notions, you can do this. >> you've got this, marshall. >> come on, marshall. >> almost there. >> usual ' pink, get me down. >> that's okay. doing new sport here. >> we got you, hey -- >> by the way on the fox5 o'clock news, you're going to have the go pro camera from diva camera, literally worried about whether -- little dicey up there. >> more than just a little. i was cents a little scared.
9:36 am
>> big die beat, kids on her property, shear said the decision breaks her heart. why some parents are surprisingly with her. keep the kids out of my place.
9:37 am
9:39 am
steven says on my bucket littles, i want to drive the lent of the pacific coast highway. no rest,. >> i have done. that will highway one in california. >> michelle says one of the things on her list involves ac contestant on the price is right. i wonder if she'll do that, what is it, the worm. >> come on down. >> and little debbie says, i want to meet justin timberlake. that's a good one.
9:40 am
>> is that little jessica? no, little deb. >> i. >> i like those little powdered cakes. >> you just put it in your mouth, let it melt. >> no, i just bite it, chew, swallow. >> all right. >> i'm a tastykake girl. >> that's right, tastykake's rule. >> wasn't lib debbie named after a philadelphian, though? >> look at that, bringing it all back. >> hey, fourth and walnut. >> really? >> what the heck is your name? common, sue. answer back to kim and chris kardashian, flight attendant. >> oh,. >> chris jenner was as flight attendant, met robert cards ash yan, they got married? >> now she is the mommager.
9:41 am
>> all right, cafe, in australia. >> okay. >> she doesn't want wild kids to come into had your restaurant. >> she is the own of this cafe? >> owner of this cafe. she so fed one these out of control little brats, she says, they destroyed her property, and she doesn't want them there any more. she says it is just time for them to go. she posted this all up on her facebook page. she said they're not allowed in her little cafe, and she made this post if you are looking for a cafe, lounges for a place for your children to play on, an area for your children to run with and a now other customers while your on blues just to them, then the short answer is no, we are not child friendly a lot of parents complained. that post has been deleted. >> little french cafe is the name of the place. >> but in a statement, the owner says, look being i built this by myself t has been my
9:42 am
blood, my sweat, and plenty of tears in it, she wrote, posts came about because i was questioned by customer who left little one star measley review on her business page, stating are you child friendly, because it doesn't seem like it. >> oh, this woman is annoying, and this whole story is a nothing, because the graphics are too long. my attention span -- >> a loft times go out, go somewhere to eat, and there are kids running around, running up different tables, screaming and yelling, i mean, i've seen a lot since i've been here. >> you hate children. >> i don't hate children, just saying if they were well behaved it would make for pleasant dining experience. >> back in my day if i acted up in a restaurant i got disciplined. no, they didn't hit me, i was cents just afraid. they would say don't do that. >> yes? >> control, control them. >> i got spanked. >> did you? >> ya. >> no wonder. >> but today, you know, sometimes -- >> it wasn't a big thing, just like hey, get it together, i'm
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:43 am
watching you. >> jess, jill! >> they still jump. >> to this day they still jump. >> really? >> still doing this? 9:42, they are one of the biggest gospel groups in music, here, jj hairston and they're here. >> my gosh, they're good. >> soul train nominated award next, oh, you have to stick around for this. amazing. >> i have there are 7cd's coming out. boy they' in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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i'm tom wolf. these are my parents. we look after each other. but too many seniors have no one. and harrisburg politicians don't seem to care. as governor, i'll create a registry so families can check backgrounds of care providers. and, i'll increase access to home health care, so seniors have the option of staying in their own homes. after all, seniors have earned that right. we certainly have! tom wolf. democrat for governor.
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>> come out tonight, too late, a comedy show they do in theater basically 21st and samson. starts at 10:30 tonight. you sit in this big theater and i'm the special guest. >> what are you going to do? improve comedy stuff. >> oh, you're good at that. >> do it. >> and videotape t so please come out tonight. see you at 10:30. how much is it? >> five bucks. >> do something serious here. you awe know the situation with domestic violence, especially here in philadelphia. safety summit for women and children. if you're going through something, you can't talk to anybody about it there, domestic violence, whatever, come over there at 9:00 to 1:00 hey, jessica, say what the location is? >> high school for the future.
9:47 am
>> what's that location? high school for the future? i'll get it to you. i want to give you the exact location so to make sure to get over there. a lot of people going through there is don't have anybody to talk to. give you some help tomorrow. will the 47. week away in a from halloween, americans spends over billion dollars on costumes. >> for some who love the holiday, actually enlisting stylists just so they can look their best. according to the new york post, halloween costumes are not uncommon many spend hundred dollars dollars -- hundreds of dollars for their get up to be spectacular, if our fan of heidi klume you might unfamiliar with her annual halloween bash, she throws every year, each costume of hers gets bigger and better, each year, last year, because she was turning like 40, people saying oh, are you worried about getting old. if you look, she was cents an old lady and it's so good, got like hollywood make up person to put age stuff on her skin, everything. >> that's heidi on the left? >> heist heidi klume on the
9:48 am
left. every year wondering what is she going to be this year, because she goes all out. one year on stilts, like it is a big deal. >> you know she is single now, too. >> two days ago, officially single. by the way, for that dom et cetera i can violence conference tomorrow, so important, 401 parkside. >> at high school of the future? >> high school of the future. >> 4021 parkside. >> free, open to the public. >> shelf life right over there. >> 9:00 tomorrow morning. >> one of the biggest gospel groups in music, jay jay harrison and youthful praise, soul train, no stranger to the top of the charts, in fact, i think, are, 7cd's now! >> ♪
9:49 am
>> getting little preview this morning. >> in fact, i had one. >> seven of these altogether? >> seven. >> oh, how are you doing? you look good today. we need. >> this we need. >> this kind of rough week, so, make us feel good watch are you going to sing for us? >> new song called it pushed me, talking about the trouble we went through, they pushed us where we need to be. >> what do you mean pushed? is god pushing us? >> god is pushing us through trouble. sometimes we think the trouble we are going to are all negative things, but sometimes positive because they bring out the best in us. >> so be better on the other side? >> yes. >> will you push it right now. >> yes. >> okay, jj. >> ♪ (music playing).
9:50 am
>> everything of faith prepared me ♪ for what god has for me to do ♪ but now that i'm here, i can praise him. >> ♪ for all that i have to go through. ♪ >> what the definitely did for -- ♪ >> i use ♪ so push me ♪ he
9:51 am
pushed me until my destiny ♪ use me for who he called me to be ♪ where ever you are, say it, all troubles ♪ all the pain ♪ brought me closer to him ♪ it was good that i was cents afflicted ♪ it made me who i am ♪ pushed me pushed me into my discontinue i ♪ destiny ♪ he called me who i am to be ♪ so know everything we went through thank you ♪ i tell you to thank you for
9:52 am
pushing me ♪ thank you for pushing me ♪ i know you didn't think i
9:54 am
9:55 am
just about everybody is getting ready for trick-or-treat, including the philly phanatic. the phanatic celebrating green. all do you have do is get a phillies theme costume for your child, then you post it on instagram. use the hashtag halloween contest. the win letter get 30 minute trick-or-treating visit from our fanatic, mike and alex, outside with them right now, all dressed up. >> (lawful). >> that man, look at him, with the cape. >> how cool is that he will come to your house, on halloween, and trick-or-treat with you? so, again, you got to post it to instagram. and use the hashtag, hollow-green. >> it has to be original photo. >> come here! >> and a philadelphia theme one. >> hollow green contest, is the hashtag? >> hollow green contest.
9:56 am
>> it is worth it. >> hollow green contest. >> yes, and it has to be an original photo, with you and your kids, and a philadelphia phillies theme costume. so you can go on all out out here. really fun. >> make it real scary. thank you, fan at glike we appreciate t speaking of scary, wow, speaking about making money, come here a second. you little zombie. >> tomorrow, in manayunk, main street becomes 3:00 i should come over there. >> main street. >> thriller dance contest. if you can dance better than anybody else, you win money. >> yup. and if you're the best zombie, you also can win monday. >> i how much money are we talking? >> cash prizes. >> cash prizes, okay. pretty cool. >> should we do it? >> try it. >> come on, everybody. everybody try it. >> come back, dot thriller dance. >> ♪ (music playing).
9:57 am
>> monte g! >> oh, hold on. stop! stop, i forgot something. i saw monte g, and i freaked out. the eagles, you're the good luck charm. >> i'm wearing green, you're wearing greener. >> time she does the fight song that i videotaped secretly. >> yes, without me knowing. >> we've won. the one week we didn't roll this tape, we lost. >> and this is a very big game we have coming up against the cardinals. this is something we have to do. we did not forget. >> san francisco, no, going down, boom. see you monday! e-a-g-l-e-s! se[ male announcer ] tomcat bait kills up to 12 mice,
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