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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 24, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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lucy and iain are off tonight. that shooting happened this afternoon north of seattle. dave kinchen is live in the newsroom with breaking details. dave? >> jeff and dawn police in her reece washington confirm the following. two people are dead including the suspected shooter. a student who died from a self inflicted gunshot wound, again, that's confirmed by police. a hospital is reporting three young patients are in extremely critical condition in surgery. fox telling us those three are two girls and one boy. we're told they have head wounds as well. a fourth has less severe injuries. let's get to video right now of the scene. students leaving her reeceville high school with their hands up. this is about 40 minutes north of seattle. witness telling fox news this afternoon this happened during the lunch hour. the witness said the shooter was a freshman football player who came into the lunch room and fired at specific targets before turning the gun on himself. you see an officer right there going door to door outside of multiple building campus. checking doors police say the
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same is happening on the inside. police say they are working carefully to make sure the large high school campus is safe. >> it is a large campus. and there are multiple buildings and so it will take some time. we'll take our time and make sure that everything is completely safe and clear. >> reporter: again, police confirming two people are dead including the suspected shooter who turned the gun on himself. local hospital reporting three young patients are in extremely critical condition with head wounds. we're told that it consists of two girls and one boy. we're told a fourth person was taken to another location with less severe injuries, and we also understand that police are continuing to try to secure the building. we'll have another report for you tonight at 6:00 o'clock. dave kinchen in the newsroom with the latest. baaing to you. >> dave, thank you very much. police will have live briefing around 5:30. we'll bring that to you when it happens. you can also find any new developments online at >> now to another breaking news story out of california. police say three deputees and
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another person have been shot in the sacremento area. investigators believe the same suspect is responsible for each shooting. police say it started with one deputy being shot. then a carjacking victim was shot and then two more deputees. their conditions are not known of course we'll keep an eye on this store and bring you an update later on in this newscast. a major midday fire disrupt the day for residents in voorhees, new jersey. skyfox over the scene of a fire at avalon court apartments. dozens of residents are out of their homes tonight. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in voorhees. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, dawn. we're across the street from the club at main street. it's a sprawling apartment and condo complex around a number of years here in voorhees on centennial boulevard. the scene of that massive midday blaze that gutted a half dozen apartment units and led to five minor injuries among police and firefighters here. take look at these pictures and you'll realize pretty quickly this could have been much worse. this home video shows the fire burning out of control at
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building 3600. 20 apartment units spread over three floors each one of them burned, smoked out or flooded by water. christina, was relocated to this building just a few months ago after a summer fire started by a lightning strike damaged her building just across the way. >> what goes through your mind as you look at this? >> i don't want to live in this apartment any more. we don't know. i just want to see what we can take if we can take anything or not. >> reporter: anything salvageablsalvageable. >> they saved our dogs much that's all i care about. >> reporter: residents tell me a woman in one of the units heard a pop just before noon. within minutes, the building was engulfed in flames. voorhees police were first on the scene. >> three of our officers were able to assist with evacuation. but they were overcome by smoke inhalation and were transported to virtua hospital for treatment and evaluation. >> reporter: what kind of shape are they in at this point. >> they're doing good right now. >> reporter: brisk winds made it tough going for dozens of firefighters. a partial building collapse made
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matters even worse. >> partial roof collapse on to the third floor. third floor on to the second floor. >> reporter: anyone hurt? >> no one was hurt at this time except we did during the collapses we had one firefighter with minor injuries. he got caught in the tail end as he was trying to evacuate the building. >> reporter: most residents were away when the fire broke out. there were no serious injuries. and so as they looked at the charred remains of their homes, folks like mark took it fall stride. >> everybody got out okay? >> everybody is out. no pets or anything. so -- a lot of personal stuff in there, but once we can get back in we'll see what it is and we'll go from there. >> reporter: residents are crediting a quick-thinking handyman who pulled a fire alarm and then knocked on doors to help police get those few residents who were at home out of their apartments. again, no resident injuries. we're told all the pets got out safely. five minor injuries, three police, two firefighters cause of this fire still under investigation. jeff? >> bruce, thanks very. now a developing story. a philadelphia area priest is
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facing child porn charges tonight. the archdiocese moved him out of the parish. the chester county da says reverend mark haines charged with diss system 98ing images of child porn. police say that pictures of naked girls were found on instagram apartment belonging user named katie but actually it belonged to the 55 year old priest. haines was the vicker saint simon and jude parish in west town township. the philadelphia archdiocese says it had no indication that haines was involved in any such activity. >> well tonight was supposed to be the homecoming game for central bucks high school west in bucks county against rival central bucks east but cw best football season is now canceled a mid a hazing scandal. the entire coaching staff on suspension. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live at central bucks west in doylestown with an update for us. sabina? >> reporter: students here understandably very very upset but it's not just here at west. earlier parent from cb east handed me this, their freshly
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minted football program it reads tonight is the night. not any more. >> i feel like the school is trying to make it like a normal day but like clearly it's not a normal day like people are like -- like obviously people are affected by what's going on. >> reporter: sadness and anger hanging over the halls of central bucks west instead of cheering on his beloved football team during the homecoming game against arrival east tonight, this senior who didn't want to be named is going home. >> last game. like gone. >> reporter: canceled thanks to a hazing scandal rocking the storied football team. school district officials are investigating what players forced rookies to grab teenaged private parts among on the preseason hazing rituals. the season cut short. all coaches suspended. fox 29 went to addresses listed forehead coach brian hen sell. and freshman coach greg timber for answers. the district says staff failed
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to supervise players. neither man came at the door. >> they were dramatic. a little -- i don't know. it was everywhere. different rumors, different opinions. >> reporter: juniors will and dawson tell us students spent the school day grappling from the allegations and the national spotlight shining their way. >> it's a huge deal. all the football players all hitting them home kind of thing. just -- it has definitely been blown out of proportion it's tragic. >> the superintendent's office declining an on camera interview request. central bucks regional police could not be reached for comment. tensions running high with added security on campus and media crews lining up to talk to students. one senior told us a planned student walkout was stopped by faculty. >> they lock the stadium so nobody could even go in. >> reporter: now the homecoming pep rally will be rescheduled. we're not sure when. the dance will go on as planned tomorrow and next week the superintendent's office promises more answers at the board of he had meeting. jeff. >> sabina, thank you.
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dallas area nurse is free of ebola and out of the hospital this evening. nina pham caught ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan who flew to the us from liberia in september. he died from the virus. she received treatment at nih in maryland after walking out of the hospital she thank add crowd outside before meeting with president obama at the white house. >> good afternoon. i feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today. i would first and for most like to thank god, my family and friends. throughout this ordeal i put my trust in god and my medical te team. >> now still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00 the race is on to treat a doctor in new york city who has ebola. we're live with how the world's biggest city is trying to calm fears of the virus spreading there. >> investigators say a man shot to death by police in easton had backed no a patrol car twice after going on high speed chase.
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police pursued the man through several communities after tempting to pull over his pickup truck. that chase came to an end when the man crashed his car into a pole and that's when police say he tried to ram the police cruiser. 39 year old richard sure man died just before 1:30 this morning at north 13th and spring garden streets in easton. here's a big local story. it's been a long day in court as the feds battled to send convicted mob boss joey merlino right back to jail. prosecutors 11 he's returned to his old tricks. fox 29's dave schratwieser who knows mr. merlino is live outside the federal courthouse. dave, what happened in court today. >> reporter: jeff, former mob boss joey merlino left federal courthouse about an hour ago with a smile on his face despite the fact that a judge has now ordered him to return to federal prison for four months. federal prosecutors claim he's been hanging out with his old mob buddies and convicted felo felons. >> i can use a good four months to get back in shape. get my six pack back. >> reporter: round two of the
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feds versus former mob boss joey merlino ended with the former head of the philly mob headed back to prison for four months. disappointed in this at all? >> no. might have did me a favor. get me back in shape. >> reporter: dapper don left court with a smile on his face even though he has to report to prison in 30 days. after a judge found skinny joey guilty of violating his supervised release. the feds say he met with south philly mob captain john changlini at a florida cigar bar called havana knights. >> night out the town with miss bob buddies and convicted felons. >> simply being in structure with a person is not legally defiant as an association. >> reporter: merlino also learned friday from a south florida detectives testimony in court that for the first time since his release from prison three years ago he's facing yet another on-going criminal investigation in florida. >> any comment at all -- >> no comment. >> i don't know what they're investigating. maybe they investigate people who smoke cigars in florida.
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i don't know. >> if there is one, then we wouldn't be able to comment on it anyhow. >> reporter: prosecutors also produced testimony that merlino flew to florida in a corporate jet then took a limo to the four seasons for an overnight stay. a new refront bearing his name is set to open november 7th. bank rolled by florida businessman and former philadelphian stanley stein. joey will be the host for few weeks then it's off to prison. >> we'll have the best italian food in south florida. >> reporter: include your mother's recipes. >> all my mother's recipe. it will be the best spot. come down i'll buy you din are in. >> reporter: maybe an offer you can't refuse. merlino was found not guilty of three other proposed violations found not guilty on those. he has 30 days to report to prison. we don't know where that will be at this hour. again, federal authorities refusing to comment on that knew on-going investigation of her loon know in florida. jeff? >> all right, dave. that is a classic story out of the mob in philadelphia.
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wonderfully done, dave. >> septa workers could work as early as monday. the looming strike vote and what it could mean for your commute comining. >> precious memories lost. new information what was destroyed at the flight 93 memorial by mysterious fire. >> abused and abandoned left op his own and paralyzed. how this pup is beating the odds. >> jenn frederick and quincy harris repel down a center city skyscraper. they're terrifying trip down and why philadelphia school kids are the real winners here. >> birds of a feather will not flock together this weekend. real live eagle against a cardinal is a miss match. coming up in sports, we'll tell
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♪ >> former philadelphia police officer charged with 10 counts of credit card fraud. it's a story we first brought you and broke last night on fox 29. investigators say raheem henderson was involved in a large scale credit card scheme and one of the victims a police captain. henderson's mt. airy home thursday found luxury cars and $65,000 in cash. henderson resigned from the force back in 2005. we'll have live report on the latest developments coming up at sick. meantime a delaware county man is under arrest tonight accused of leading a huge counterfeit credit card ring. 34 year old lovell davis the third is charged with more than 50 counts of fraud. federal investigators say he recruited 31 year old cecelia robinson and latoya gem merson to be part of the scam. investigators say they stole
5:16 pm
tens of thousands of dollars and made purchas purchases at stores the state. >> pennsylvania state senator leanna washington will plead guilty. the charges she used her office of political and financial gains. the city democrat charged in march by the attorney general with theft of services and conflict of interest. the charges include pressuring staff to organize an annual birthday party and political fundraiser and collect resulting campaign checks. lawyer told the judge today the long time lawmaker will plead guilty but details were being worked on out that plea. >> heartbreaking loss at the flight of 93 national -- at the flight 93 national memorial in western pennsylvania. a fire broke out at the memorial in somerset county on octobe october 3rd and inventory was just finished and the national park service says 25 items belong to go passengers were destroyed. including id cards, a boarding pass, airport parking receipt. more than 300 photos are also gone and investigators say they may never know what started the
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fire but they don't suspect foul play. >> septa and its union are trying to work out deal to avoid a strike. transit workers union 234 already said it will authorize a strike meeting on sunday and if the workers decide to strike they can walk off the job as early as 12:01 monday morning and that would mean for a terrible commute among the interrupted services, buses and subways. employees have been working without a contract and in talks for months. in the state the company says it has not been given any indication of a work stoppage. now to new york. ebola makes it to the nation's largest city. the latest victim is 33 year old doctors his name is craig spencer. recently returned to new york city from treating ebola patients in west africa. there are many questions raised over why the doctor apparently didn't self quarantine when he returned. our good friend fox's sharon crowley is live in new york city where he's being treated. hello, sharon.
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>> reporter: i'm good jeff. i have to tell uh-uh mentioned there are a lot of questions. that doctor is here being treated in isolation at bellevue hospital in manhattan right now. he is talking. he's in stable condition and that is good news. because the health investigators known as disease detectives here in new york have a lot of questions about who he had contact with before he developed that fever yesterday morning. new york city's first ebola patient 33 year old dr. craig spencer is in isolation at bellevue hospital. he's talking and in stable condition. >> let me emphasize what we have here in new york city that's so crucial in this dynamic. we have the finest public health system not only anywhere in this country but anywhere in the world. it's a public health system that has been developed over decades. it is ready for extraordinary challenges and proving it as we speak. we are fully prepared to handle ebola. >> reporter: spencer who had
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recently returned from west africa where he had been treating ebola patients is part of his work with doctors without borders was removed by the fire department and hazmat teams thursday from his harlem apartment after he developed nausea and 100.3-degree fever. we don't see possibility that he contaminated his apartment. there's been a visual inspection of his apartment, and the garbage collection should proceed as usual. >> new york city health commissioner and the mayor who gave another briefing along with the cdc today say spencer had been self monitoring his health by taking his temperature every day since he returned from africa. spencer did not isolate himself and as a result his live-in fiance' and two friends are now being quarantined in case they develop ebola. before spencer had a fever but did have symptoms of fatigue he rode the subway, took an uber
5:20 pm
taxi, bowled at two bowling alleys in brooklyn, visited the high line and went to coffee shop and a restaurant. all of those places are being inspected by health investigators and will all reopen once cleared for public use. and jeff and dawn something else that health investigators are doing. they have seized his metro card and the doctor's credit card bills. they're going over in detail anything that might have happened in the last week or so since he returned from west africa. now, they have assured us again and again this is all out of an abundance of caution, because they say that he couldn't be contagious until he got the fever, and when he developed a fever, he didn't have contact with anyone. just called 911 and they brought him from harlem here to bellevue hospital and put him in isolation. but you can imagine plenty of new yorkers tonight are very concerned about the fact that he did have a symptom of fatigue for a couple of days, and went all over the city and to brooklyn and everything else
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just hours before he was put into isolation. i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> sharon, thanks very much. and time now for a look the your fox 29 weather authority. it was a gorgeous day and it looks like we're in for beautiful weekend too, scott. >> many improved over the doom and gloom we saw with the cloud cover. temperatures stuck in the 50s. not today. sunshine and look at that. 68 degrees right now in center city. 68 in wilmington. 66 right now in millville and sketch currently in allentown. compared to this same yesterday look at this. 11 degrees warmer in philadelphia. 15 degrees warmer in the pocono mountains. so that nor'easter is pulling away. looking pretty good for our area. stepping outdoors this evening, looking good. grab that light jacket or sweater those temperatures will be dropping but coming up we'll have the entire weekend forecast, talk about when temperatures climb to the 70s and also preview halloween which is next friday. >> wow! all right, sounds good, scott. mack we'll get a number out of you too on what kind of weather ahead or something.
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scrambling after a car crashes into a crowded restaurant. a worker describe the scary scene. >> a woman busted for di claims police officer took her phone didn't the unthinkable. what he reported sent from her cell phone that got him in some serious trouble. >> high school crowd goes wild but it's not for the football team. they're rallying behind a former student battling a rare disease. the big surprise students handed
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>> a tornado ripped through washington state uprooting trees and damaging homes. a driver caught the twister on cell phone video. the ef1 cashed carved a path of destruction more than mile long yesterday. fortunately no one was seriously injured. police say a preliminary investigation shows a driver hit the gas instead of the brake crashing right into a crowded california restaurant. seven people including the driver were hurt. this happened thursday night in a town outside of oakland. police say the woman pulled into the parking lot and then accidentally accelerated sending customers scrambling for safety. the manager recalls the frightening ordeal. >> the wife she pulled her husband out from underneath the car but he seemed to look okay, you know, and i was just telling him everything is okay. everybody will be calm, thank god nobody really got that hurt. >> no up do it on the conditions of the injured an officer on the scene says it's really fortunately the injuries were
5:26 pm
not more traumatic. california highway patrol officer accused of of sending private riske photos of woman that he arrested from her cell phone over to his. search warrant served at officer sean harrington's home investigators confiscated an iphone, laptop and a tablet containing revving kay photos. the woman says he confiscated her phone and asked for the password. after her release she noticed that the photos had been forwarded to a number that she discovered belonged to the officer. >> she has no idea where the photographs are. who has seen them, who may be has retransmitted those photographs, and when they may or may not appear at any time through on the the rest of her life. the anxiety is associated with it is unbearable. >> court documents confirm the photos were forwarded while the woman was jailed and her cell phone in harrington's pogue. prosecutors say they are investigating additional similar
5:27 pm
cases. >> a nursing home visitor claims he was annoyed by a 102 year old woman but what he's accused of of doing that brought police to a pennsylvania nursing home. angry group use as pile of manure to let a company know it thinks it's full of -- well you get the idea. where this sting bomb was actually dropped. >> and a dog paralyzed after he was abused is getting a second chance now. his road to recovery, how his therapy is motivating him to
5:28 pm
5:30 pm
>> at least three young people are in critical condition there tonight. as always, new information continues to come out about the shooting, you can find it on our website and that's >> more breaking news now out of new jersey. we've just learned that sports betting will not start this weekend in the garden state as planned. a federal judge just granting a restraining order to stop that from happening. governor chris christie had signed a law allowing betting at casinos in new jersey. but four professional sports
5:31 pm
leagues and the ncaa filed a lawsuit saying it violated federal law. monmouth park was scheduled to start accepting bets on sunday. philadelphia man is headed to prison for trying to blackmail another man he met through a craigslist ad. 43 year old steven, will spend five years behind bars. he's also been order to do pay victim nearly $2,000 in res toy tying. he pleaded guilty to trying to extort money from a man who answered his ad soliciting homosexual sex. prosecutors say it is an example of old-fashioned blackmail in the modern context of sexual solicitation on the internet. >> a pennsylvania man is accused of kicking, listen to this, conditioning a 102 year old woman in the shin. police arrested 65 year old michael avenue lick at a nursing home in lawrence county last weekend. investigators say he was walking his mother down a hall and became annoyed when the victim started following them. a witness told police that he kick the woman a second time
5:32 pm
when nurses tried to pull him away. another case of ebola confirmed in the united states. and now a house oversight committee on ebola is demanding to know the united states response to the disease appears to be failing. medical experts testifying that an ebola vaccine is in the final stages of approval. they stressed the only way to protect americans is to stop the epidemic in west africa. house panel says it wants to know how the systematic break downs that led to the us cases in texas and now in new york city can be avoided in the future. >> it would be a major mistake to underestimate what ebola could do to populations around the world. >> president obama recently appointing an ebola czar to oversee and coordinate the us response. well things are turning around for the good for a young oregon boy whose battling cancer. >> he's getting a trip thankfully of a lifetime.
5:33 pm
16 year old chase miller has been battling leukemia and two years. two years ago he was playing football and baseball but he couldn't continue with his crippling chemo treatments. things are now looking up of recently he got to meet his favorite football team the 49e 49ers. now he's heading to the major league world series after receiving some tickets. >> my mom called me and said, guess what? and then she -- i was like what? you're got tickets to the world series. i didn't really believe her at first. >> chase is enjoying the game until sunday he's in remission and after one more year of chemo doctors say he should be done with his treatment. >> up a pee abused and paralyzed ban donned he gets a new leash on life. this pup is beating the odds. fox 29's jennifer joyce takes us on his remarkable road to recovery. >> you ready and some suit up, lift up, splash on in. axle a 10 month old partially
5:34 pm
paralyzed mastiff is beating the odds one dog bee paddle at a time. >> it wakes things up, gets him motivated and starts to to build the muscle. >> come over and swim to me? >> reporter: his parents say the 105-pound pup was dropped off at a kennel in camden at four months old. abused and abandoned, he lost all use of his behind legs. >> we figure pretty much a blunt force trauma to the back end, um, enough to make his legs inoperable. >> reporter: act sell was almost euthanized three times because his special needs are difficult to care for. but at eight months old, rory and jeff bianchi stepped in adopter the dog and axle moved to new jersey to begin a new and promising journey. >> we're seeing more and more muscle movement and awareness of movement. >> reporter: while his doctor and nurses coach him in the pool at pet pt in cherry hill, his parents stand by beaming with pride. the hope is that as axle
5:35 pm
progresses he'll be able to move from the pool to the underwater treadmill fingers crossed that with continued therapy he'll be able to walk on his own some day. in front of our cameras axle accept add challenge for the very first time he hopped into the saddle of his wheelchair like cart and moved. >> look at you. >> took off running. >> all that work in the pool is stimulating him to the point where he wants to use the legs. >> greatest thing report roar everyone outside was touched and teary eyed as they watched axle's progress. >> he responded beautifully. almost like you see something waking up inside him and you see them realizing that they can do more and they feel like a real dog. >> reporter: it's rewarding and gives axle's family and friends hope that he can live a very fulfilling live. >> it does my -- fills my heart up. that's all i need. that's all she needs. >> reporter: in cherry hill, new jersey, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> look at that face. >> really is a moving story. >> raising a mastiff with
5:36 pm
special needs is physically, emotionally and financially exhausting and axle' owners say the community, they've been incredibly generous with their donation. >> if you'd like to help with axle's continued care head to mocks we will connect to you axle's family. sometimes you just got to dance but in one country it was illegal in spots until now where entire nation is getting ready to lace up those dancing shoes. >> and a giant stink bomb is dropped on a california company. the one point this group is trying to make with a huge pile of man newer next. new at 6:00 she's got a small statue but unfortunately she's packing a big gun. a woman is terrorizing local store owners and their custome customers. while they believe she will strike again. >> jeff arc beautiful friday but what about the weekend? we have temperatures changes and also what about the weekend? we have temperatures changes and also we're previewing weather
5:37 pm
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♪ >> china launches an experimental space craft to fly to the moon and back. it's in preparation for the
5:40 pm
country's first unmanned return trip to the moon. the goal is to have a chinese spaceship land on the moon, retrieve samples and return to earth. if completed china will be the only country besides the united states and russia to do so. >> a look at your health news now. philadelphia makes some moves to reduce smoking among city workers. city employees the city has announcedannounced row he creata network of pharmacies that don't sell tobacco. it wants its workers not covered by union health benefits to use them. employees who choose listen to this not to get their prescriptions filled at this network at this network of pharmacies will pay an additional 15 bucks per prescription. >> long-term health benefits, yes. are there long-term financial benefits, absolutely. >> city officials sits the first tobacco free pharmacy network in this country. >> talk about a stinky situation in california. in fact it's a truckload of steer man newer. a consumer watch dog group dropped it outside of a san
5:41 pm
diego blue shield office. they say the company spent nearly $9 million in ads to fight a measure called proposition 45. the group says that bill will make companies justify premium increases. the organization says the stinky gesture represents how insurance companies treat their customers. honey boo boo canceled. what momma june is accused of of doing that caused the cable network to pull the plug. >> this you've got to see. our own jenn frederick and quincy harris row p.m. down a center city skyscraper. they're terrifying trip down and why philadelphia school kids are the real winners. >> jeff, flyers weakness this season has been defense. what will they do now that it season has been defense. what will they do now that it just got weaker? hon my journe,
5:43 pm
i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> boo boo for honey boo boo fans. they're canceling the popular reality series. a just completed season of here comes honey boo boo was set to air at the end of the year. tlc is not saying why it canceled one of its popular shows. but the decision follows published reports that honey boo boo's mother was allegedly dating a man who had been convicted of child molestation. >> community comes together to support its own. >> and it was quite a surprise. it was no ordinary pep rally. at upper doubling high school n fact joan brown whose a teacher in the district says she had no idea the young people selflessly came together to help her son justin. they raised $1,000 for the family and made the presentation today. justin, 2000 sand graduate of the school is battling a rare illness that's leaving him in a
5:46 pm
situation where he needs a lot of help. >> it's beyond words. i just feel like it means so much to us to know that the high school justin went to is supporting him and the diss track i work in is supporting us. it means a lot. >> the family says it is extre extremely grateful for the outpouring of support. the thing that you will do in this profession. >> really? >> wait until you see this one. our own jed frick and quincy harris take the plunge for a very good cause. chris murphy shows us the daring feat and explains why. ♪ >> reporter: fox 29's jennaphr frederick and quincy harris prepare to take the plunge. >> oh, jenn just repelling down a building. >> here we go. ♪ >> report roar they were just two of the 100 people who repelled down brandywine realty
5:47 pm
trust one logan square building along the ben franklin parkway. >> when i was up there, i wanted them to pull me back up on top. i didn't want to come down. mike the photographer will tell you i tried to get them to pull me back up. they wouldn't pull me back up. so high to come down. but i'm glad i did. >> reporter: before they were allowed to come down all 31 floors, first they had to prove that they could do it. so a few weeks ago, jenn and q and the others had to repel down about four stories and then this morning, yes, they passed the test and they were allowed to come down all those 31 floors. 31 stories, 418 feet leaves tired leg. >> i'm just going to keep looking at you. don't look down. my legs were tired. i wasn't liking repelling. i was just hanging. but it was so -- it was so fun. it was so fun. it takes lot of energy out because you're like, okay, you're looking up. okay. and then the 15th floor that's where they had us sign up. i saw jenn at the 15th floor. okay.
5:48 pm
i'm halfway down. good times. ♪ >> reporter: no pain, no gain. the big winners are philadelphia's school kids. each repel her raised money for outward bound school programs. >> all of the funds raised today helped to support the philadelphia outward bound schools local scholarship for philadelphia public and charter school students. we work with about 80 schools across the philadelphia region, and we have far more demand than we have the scholarship funds to support. these programs are incredibly live changing. ♪ >> reporter: in philadelphia, chris murphy, fox 29 news. >> that was fun, man. >> fabulous. fabulous. by the way the group raised 230,000 bucks and our own scott william says next year, he's in, dawn. >> all right. i can't wait to see that one. he's in. >> it's time to dance the night
5:49 pm
away in japan. dancing in a public space is actually been illegal in the country 1948. bars can pour drinks until the early morning hours venues need a special permit to allow dancing and it has to stop at midnight. two years ago the japanese starting cracking down after a student died in a bar fight. venues can have dancing after midnight if they have a perm under the new law. >> you've got to have a perm to do any outside dancing there in japan. >> i'm only in if you're in. >> is that what you said? >> yes. >> it's pretty scary. it's pretty scary stuff. >> don't look down. >> don't look down. >> i didn't hear that component it. if you're in, i'm in. >> we're in for a stretch of great weather. >> temperatures today made it to 70 and jeff has been waiting for this all day. i'm actually going to start with it. weather by the numbers for tomorrow on a scale one to 10, it is going to be a 10, jeff. because we're talking more sunshine, temperatures tomorrow
5:50 pm
near 70 degrees for your saturday. right now, pretty nice. 68 degrees. you can see the humidity at 42%. 70 was the high temperature today after a morning low of 55. the normal is 64 for this time of year. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 60s. 67 in allentown as well as trenton. 68 in wilmington. mid 60s right now in atlantic city an low 60s in wildwood. so for your friday evening plans, just grab a light jacket. it's going to be dry. it will turn a little cooler. we're looking at numbers into the 50s by 11:00 o'clock tonig tonight. but the winds will start to diminish. so that storm system is pulling away. we have dry conditions a few scattered clouds. but no rainfall as we watch the clock. into the upcoming weekend tomorrow similar to today. perfect to get outdoors. maybe and rake some leaves. mow the lawn and as we continue into your saturday night, we're going to watch a dry, cold front approach the area from the north and west.
5:51 pm
that will issue in some windy conditions as we move into your sunday but once again it's going to stay dry both days the upcoming weekend. that pressure gradient will be a little tighter so once again as we move toward sunday it's going turn blustery, but for tonight, mostly clear, temperatures bottom out in the mid 40s in the city right around 40 in the suburbs. a chilly breeze but once again not as strong as it has been. those winds have been gusting at times up to 30 miles per hour. so that storm system pulling away will allow for those winds to relax. during the day tomorrow, look at this. sunny and mild, a nice saturday temperatures top out near 70 degrees. winds out of the west five to 10 miles per hour. that seven day forecast tomorrow once again it's a 10 as we move toward your sunday, a little cooler. it's going to be blustery. 64 degrees will be the high temperature. monday mid 60s. it's a 10 and look at the 70s. tuesday, 74. low 70s on wednesday. a late shower. a lingering shower into thursday
5:52 pm
and halloween temperatures will be in the upper 50s. so it's cooler, it's a little breezy but it looks like it will be dry for halloween. don't forget tonight on fox 29 it's game three of the world series. we're looking at temperatures out in san francisco in the 60s. >> all right. sounds good. now our friends eagles have a little rough stretch ahead. >> it will be nice in arizona. >> they still may have to weather storm, right? >> nice. >> eagles face the cardinals in first game after the break. it was a tough test now. it's tougher now. they won at the game at the linc last year 24-21. what the eagles learned then and still know now, the cardinals offense it's not flash she but it is consistent. doesn't make lot of mistakes and has several ways to beat you. >> they're good offense. they're good consistent offense. i think they will try oh run the ball fairly well, and vertical
5:53 pm
passing game also. big receivers. big tight ends. so they're just a really consistent offense. >> number one thing don't give the big play up which is going to be big challenge this week because arizona they're going to take six, seven, eight shots a game down field so we've got to defend the field vertically and make sure those big plays don't happen and then the rest of the offense is running at a high efficiency rate we got to stop the run and the short pass. >> so that's what the eagles have to worry about. now, here's what arizona has to worry about. the eagles have all of a sudden become one of the best pass rushing teams in the nfl. 19 sacks for the year. 16 in the last three games including eight in that shut out over the giants. now, when you put pressure on the quarterback the other offense isn't nearly as good and it makes your defense look even better. a combo the eagles are hoping for sunday. >> we have a special team here, and all we got to do is just, you know, take responsibility as players and do our assignments, you know, don't get penalties and, you know, like i said,
5:54 pm
don't make mistakes. if you do make mistakes play through them and move out there and win ballgames. >> we change things up. we make things multiple. get different looks and that's what we want to do is try to confuse the quarterback to make a second guess maybe a throw he wants to make or another throw he wants to make. that's the way we plan things and that's the way we want to be on the field. >> with the second of the nfl flee dames in london this sunday morning on fox 29 at 9:00 a.m. we have a special day an special time for eagles "game day live". check us out tomorrow at 2:00 o'clock. we break down the balance of the birds. now the flyers will have to battle without their two top defenseman brayden colburn and andrew mcdonald out four to six weeks. the flyers had two wins on that three game road trip. now it's back home where they haven't won this season. all season the theme has been out little depth the flyers when it comes to defenseman. tied for the most goals allowed in the eastern conference this season it's a bigger problem. a problem they have to solve starting tomorrow night against detroit.
5:55 pm
>> it makes you think it's different to lose a guy for a game or two or even a week. so, yeah, it does -- it does change things. take a look what's out there and our best option. >> like scott said game three of the world series right here on fox 29. coverage starts at 7:30. when it ends, that's a different story. >> okay. >> we shall see. we'll be here. >> yeah. we'll be here. >> all right. folks, we have another full half hour of news straight ahead. all new at 6:00, it's a great night to be out and about but some people in bucks county are scared. where a string of armed robberies is shaking folks up. plus -- >> big man you got a problem. i notice you keep trying to make eye contact. >> an officer's interaction with a high school student that some believe crosses the line and what the philadelphia police department is saying about this. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts
5:56 pm
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>> we start with breaking news tonight students force to do run from a high school in washington state after gunman opens fire inside. tonight we know at least two are dead including the suspected shooter. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm jeff cole. iain and lucy have the night off. let's get right to dave kinchen with the breaking details. dave. >> we've been following this all day. police confirm two people are dead including the suspected student -- shooter. the suspect freshman jail lynn fry berg.
6:00 pm
he was a well liked student according to his classmates. meanwhile two boys and a girl are in extremely critical condition with head wounds. video now of the scene. you see students and staff being evacuated from murraysville high school about 40 minutes north of seattle. and on the ground parents were flooded with emotion as you see right there after learning about what had happened. this as police went door door outside you see that right there and inside of the campus with multiple buildings. a witness tells fox news the shooter was a freshman football player who came into the lunch room said nothing and fired at specific targets before turning the gun on himself. the witness went ton say the shooter had just broken up with his girlfriend hadn't been in several fights at the school but the exact motive is unclear. the mayor offering his support for the victims. >> obviously, we're deep the saddened by the tragic events today at murraysville high school. no words to describe this type of tragedy our priority right now to stand with the famil