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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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he was a well liked student according to his classmates. meanwhile two boys and a girl are in extremely critical condition with head wounds. video now of the scene. you see students and staff being evacuated from murraysville high school about 40 minutes north of seattle. and on the ground parents were flooded with emotion as you see right there after learning about what had happened. this as police went door door outside you see that right there and inside of the campus with multiple buildings. a witness tells fox news the shooter was a freshman football player who came into the lunch room said nothing and fired at specific targets before turning the gun on himself. the witness went ton say the shooter had just broken up with his girlfriend hadn't been in several fights at the school but the exact motive is unclear. the mayor offering his support for the victims. >> obviously, we're deep the saddened by the tragic events today at murraysville high school. no words to describe this type of tragedy our priority right now to stand with the families
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of those that were directly affected from this as well as with the families and the students of everybody at murra murrayville high school who went through this tragic event today. >> fbi is also assisting in the investigation again the shooter identified by local authorities as high school freshman jaelin fry berg a well like student according to the fox station in seattle. two boys and a girl are in he can treatmently critical condition with head wounds, a fourth patient was taken to another medical center with less severe injuries. guys, back to you. >> thank you, dave. living in fear a string of armed robberies has neighbors in one bucks county town looking over their shoulders to night. >> some say they are simply afraid to go. fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside bristol borough police department tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well jeff and lucy, police tell me they have increased patrol patrols in in s area and they believe it is more than one group carrying out these armed robberies. >> she felt the gun. it was like real. like all the way to her march.
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she couldn't stop like it to go her three days to go back to work. >> reporter: julia ballard says the woman who was robbed in an alley at plum street near spruce street lives her block in bristol borough. police say around 9:30 sunday night two men armed put up a gun to the woman's head and demanded money and her cell phone. it's the fifth robbery in a month in this area causing neighbors to feel unsafe where they live. so far police have arrested one person in connection with an armed robbery earlier this mon month. >> we got watch when we get in the cars and stuff, and we got to make sure nobody follows to us our car, messing with our cars much it's getting bad to the point a lot of people don't feel safed to anything. >> reporter: and back here live tonight, police tell me they have several leads they are following on different suspects. jeff? >> thank very much. they say police have also increased patrols in the area as well. let's see. developing now, a fast-moving fire leaves dozens of residents outside of their homes tonight. this video captured the midday fire at the club at main street
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in voorhees, new jersey. for some residents it's a double whammy. many just relocated after a fire a couple of months ago in the very same complex. our bruce gordon is live in voorhees tonight. bruce? >> yeah, jeff fire investigators are at this very moment sifting through the charred debris of a second floor apartment unit. it's believed to be the point of origin for that midday blaze. and what investigators are now calling an accidental fire that gutted a half dozen or so units, damaged a dozen or so others and injured 51st responders. flames tour through building 3600 just before noon. a woman inside one apartment reportedly heard a pop. and within minutes the structure home to 20 apartment units was engulfed. christina, returned home to see the devastation. she was relocated to this building after a summer fire damaged her building just across the way. >> i'm in shock really.
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like how does it happen again? >> reporter: most residents were away at the time. but three voorhees police officers were first on the scene. evacuating those who were at home. >> they were overcome by smoke inhalation and transported to virtue ya hospital for treatment and evaluation. >> reporter: what kind of shape are they in at this point? >> they're doing good right now. >> reporter: partial building collapse made things dangerous for dozens of firefighters. part of the roof collapsed in on the third floor which pancaked on to the second. one firefighter suffered minor injuries in the cave in. high winds were also a factor. >> as we were arriving on location setting up we were having 20 and 30 miles an hour wind gusts carrying the fire down the roof line. >> reporter: fire officials believe half dozen units were gutted. as many as a dozen more damaged by smoke or water. but injuries were few and minor. for that, residents like mark las kin are grateful. >> a lot of personal stuff in there, but once we can get back in we'll see what it is and we'll go from there. >> reporter: all five of the injured police and firefighter s
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we're told have been treated and released that's got news. sadly we have learned that one woman's pet cat died in the fire. several other pets are being treated at the nearby animal welfare association. the red cross tonight has made hotel arrangements for dozens of folks displaced by this fire. dawn? >> thank you, bruce. former boss of the philadelphia mob is headed back to prison for violating his parole. federal judge sentencing 52 year old joey merlino to four months in jail. prosecutors say skinny merlino up to a same old tricks. they say he failed to report an encounter he had with a former mob co-defendant inside a florida bar. merlino had been living in florida. he says he just happened to bump into the man and forgot he had to report it. he's been free from prison after spending a decade behind bars after a 2001 racketeering trial. now a story you saw first on fox at 10:00 last night. a former philadelphia police officer accused of of huge identity theft ring ton night he's face facing a long list of charges. fox 29's dave schratwieser is
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live outside the federal courthouse. dave? >> reporter: jeff, former philadelphia police officer raheem henderson is now facing at least 10 charges in connection with this case. it has not only drawn the interest of philadelphia police, but also the interest of the fbi. 38 year old former philadelphia police officer raheem henderson now face as long list of criminal charges for his alleged involvement in what could be a large scale identity theft ring as fox 291st reported, south detectives went to his mt. airy home thursday where they found a lexus, a cadillac an porsche in the driveway. inside the former 22nd district officer's home detectives say they found evidence that he was now working on stealing entities. at least one of the victims is a philadelphia police captain who allegedly had several hundred dollars stolen. police ex queued a search warrant here and seized over $60,000 in cash. computers, printers and bocks of documents including credit cards and various forms of
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identification. the fbi has reportedly joined the investigation and they will try to determine if there are other victims and others involved in the alleged criminal activity. henderson is facing conspiracy, theft, forgery and tampering with records. he's being held tonight on half a million dollars bail. dawn? >> all right, thank you, davely. philadelphia police asking for your help tonight to identify a man whose wanted for theft and fraud in pennypack park. police say the thief was caught on camera buying merchandise at sears and at a game stop with a stolen credit card. that card was stolen in a car break in on pine road on wednesday of last week. the victim says his wallet and cell phone were both taken. if you know anything that may help police catch this guy, give philadelphia police a call. delaware state police have arrest add man for distribution of heroin and other charges. detectives say 38 year old reginald mitchell dealing out of his home on little hill road. they allegedly found 640 bags of heroin in his car and his home.
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five hadn't dread dollars in suspected drug money g septa and its union trying to workout a deal to avoid a strike. transit workers 234 already said it will hold a strike authorization meeting on sunday. if the workers decide to strike, they can walk off the job as early as 12:01 monday morning. among the interrupted services buses and subways. employees have been working without a contract and in talks now for months. in a statement the transit company said it is not given any indication of an actual work stoppage. >> the first nurse to contract ebola in the united states is released from the hospital. doctors say nina pham is ebola free. she left the national institutes of health today and thanked a crowd outside. pham met with president barack obama at the white house. she developed ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan who threw to the united states from liberia back in september. he died from the virus. >> the governors of new jersey
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and new york are issuing a mandatory quarantine for travelers who had contact with ebola infected patients in west africa. >> this news coming on the heels of the new york city doctor who has tested positive for ebola. 33 year old dr. craig spencer is in stable condition tonight at bellevue hospital. now, spencer a fail 88ed with doctors without borders and recently treated ebola patients in west africa. the new york city health commissioner says his fiance' and two close friends are being quarantined out of precaution. a disturbing video involving philadelphia, arc philadelphia police officer hitting social media. >> big man you got a problem. i notice you keep trying to make eye contact with me. >> coming up the officer's interaction with a high school student that some believe crosses the line and what the philadelphia police department is saying about it. >> and she's small in statue but powerful. a woman armed with a gun terrorizes local store clerks and shoppers. why police fear she's going to strike again. keith. >> dawn, during the bye week
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eagles john dorenboss reported got to hang with mel gibson. we'll tell you which player got an even bigger treat. that's coming up in sports. >> keith, today was a treat as far as the weather. we made it to 70 degrees. but what about the weekend? today c we see temperatures climb even higher? details with
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♪ >> authorities believe the same woman seen here in wanted for two southwest philadelphia robberies. the first happened monday night in pa shall on the 6,000 belong of kin says sing avenue. an employee says the armed woman walked in and s&p grocery store, demanded cash and took off. police say not too long after a robbery took place on the 5700 block of chester avenue fitting the exact same description of the woman in the first incident. a philadelphia cop is in hot water tonight over cell phone video caught of him laying into agria group of local teens. >> big man, you got a problem because i notice you keep trying
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to make eye contact with me. what's your problem? keep bleep walking the next time you look in my bleep, i'm going to bleep. >> wow several viewers zen us the individual telling us these are students at west catholic high school. police tell us the officer's language is absolutely unacceptable. especially dealing with young people. that action is now being taken against that officer involved. dawn. >> a lot of fallout at central west bucks high school after the football season is canceled and coaches suspended a mid a hazing scandal. tonight was supposed to be their homecoming game against rival central bucks east. sabina kuriakose is live in doylestown with latest. >> reporter: normal until stadium behind me would be buzzing with players and students but tonight of course the homecoming game canceled. students spent the day going over these hazing allegations in their heads and now news that police are deciding whether or not they may be criminal. >> thank you.
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good. >> reporter: timothy wiley central bucks born and bread. his pizza shop is a stone's throw from central bucks high school west. and typically on night like homecoming -- >> crazy, busy. eastwest kids both here. lines out the door. non-stop from 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon until a 11:00 o'clock at night. >> reporter: allegations players hazed rookies rocked central bucks storied football team homecoming and rest of the season have been ripped away. no game against arrival east. >> i just feel bad for the kids kids. >> reporter: district investigators weather plans forced rookies to grab private bars and tide towels around their head. coaches have been suspended and police are investigating. thursday students describing a somber school day some seniors leaving early too upset to spend the day. >> i feel like the school is trying to make it like a normal day but like clearly it's not a normal day. like people are like -- like obviously people are affected by
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what's going on. >> everyone is mad that, you know, the game is canceled. and disappointed in the players. >> reporter: davies graduated last may. the scandal will is rocking the whole community much of which lives and dice by bucks footba football. >> i think the players that did things to the younger sophomores should have consequences maybe not the whole team. >> reporter: the district promising more answers at next week's board of he had meeting. in the meantime nat's doesn't expect to lose much business. now more than ever the kids will need some place to go. >> it's a tradition that's been 40 years, and we lost it. >> reporter: and we're told the homecoming rally will be rescheduled there's no word on date. dawn and jeff, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thanks very much picket lines are up outside atlantic city's struggling taj mahal casino. skyfox over the scene. union members are protesting the court ordered termination of their health insurance and pension plans. the taj has been threaten to go
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close next month. if it did not get relief from having to pay insurance and pension costs a judge granted that relief just last week. >> time now for your fox 29 weather authority forecast. i think it was a pretty darn nice friday and it's looking great for the weekend. scott. the certainly is, dawn. in fact the high today made it up to 70 degrees. and remember we were stuck in the 50s for a couple of days. so many improved weather. take look at the beautiful sunset across the area right n now. 67 degrees. so still pretty comfortable winds out of the west at 10. the low this morning in philadelphia 55 degrees. we made it up to 70 degrees, 6 degrees above the average this time of year which is 64. temperatures right now in the low 60s for atlantic city as well as wildwood. we have mid 60s in trenton. dropping into the 50s at this hour toward the pocono mountains. so if you're stepping outdoors for that friday evening on the town. grab a light jacket or sweater because those temperatures will be dropping into the 50s by 11:00. overnight tonight we'll drop
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into the 40s. but as we take look at the satellite and radar a few passing high clouds. no rainfall to worry about. that nor'easter is rapidly pulling away now as we focus in on the timeline, you can see that storm system continues to lift on out to the north and east. so saturday morning plans looking pretty good. perhaps the wash the car as we move throughout the day, temperatures will warm into the upper 60s near 70. but by the evening, we're watching a cold front that will be moving through as a dry fro front. not anticipating any rainfall, however, those winds behind it will pick up as we move toward your sunday. so sunday is going to be windy across our area with temperatures a little cooler but still right around where he should for this time of year. numbers tonight, 40 in the burbs. mid 40s in the city. we'll call it mostly clear. there will be a chilly breeze but not as blustery as the last couple of days. tomorrow, talk about sunshine, beautiful weather. 69 degrees will be the high temperature.
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so what about the weather by the numbers? on a scale of one to 10, it is a 10, jeff. looking pretty good. no complaints really unless you're not a fan of temperatures near 70 degrees in middle to ladder par of october. as we focus in on that seven day forecast we're looking at temperatures sunday a little cooler, 64 degrees. it is going to be windy on sunday. so if you're headed out to atlantic city, to join myself, alex holly and jenny joyce for that walk to end alzheimer's it's looking pretty good. >> i'll be there. jeff cole is going to be there. >> i'll join through. all right. pretty good. 65 degrees on monday. 70s tuesday and wednesday then halloween a little cooler into the 50s. >> you almost seemed disappointed that i was going to be there. (laughter). i didn't know you were coming. >> i thought you liked me. okay. >> keith russell in the house. >> can you guys ice 68? >> yes. >> yes. >> backyards? >> no. yes. >> the flyers can use you. >> you know in hockey the goal is to put pucks in the net and keep them out. the flyers job on one end just
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got tougher. and a guy who played high school football in our backyard is the one cardinal we cannot let spread his wings this sunday. we go inside that matchup shortly.
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>> it's time to get flyered up but the key letter in the word flyered, that's d and now there are two questions w has the d gone and when is it coming back the flyers had a good road trip winning two of their three games. tomorrow night they're back home. they're running out of defenseman. colburn and mcdonald out four to six weeks. they've recalled a minor league but the weak link got weaker. eagles and cardinals five and one neither team has been mazing both have been pretty good. which one is really that good? we're about to find out. now the cardinals at times can be down right boring but they've only turn it over four times and when all else fails throw it up to larry fitzgerald. 1td catch this year but the former star at valley forge military academy always plays well against the eagles. >> with the weapons they have right now with fitzgerald on the outside we have our hands full. definitely big receivers and can catch the ball.
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high radius or wherever they have put it. we have to be able to get to the ball before they get it to it. >> really good matchup for us. they're a good team coming off their bye this year. they get two weeks to prepare for us. we got to go out there and play four quarters of good ball to come out with a win. it's a big one. >> larry fitzgerald always kills the eagles but the eagles have some big defensive backs and they need a big game out of those guys. speaking of big games with the lions and falcons playing in london sunday morning on fox 29 at 9am, we have a special day and a special time for fox 29 "game day live" tomorrow at 2:00 o'clock. howard and dave spadaro in arizona. me and darwin walker back in the house. over the bye week eagles were everywhere. linebacker trent cole went hunting but eagles david david molk went hun hunting for sometg else besides wildlife. >> deep dish pizza. it's beautiful. absolutely beautiful. pizza everywhere else else in the country is miserably bad. whenever i can go back home to
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chicago the first and last thing i eat. pepperoni, sausage or plane on the deep dish. >> sausage. pepperoni, get out of here! get out of here! are you from phil philly? >> so that was eagles center david molk with tom srendensch srendenschek. he says it's the first and last thing. it's the first middle and last thing he eats and he said he doesn't like pepperoni. no he says sausage but what about the ham, the pork, the bake couldn't. >> he probably gets it all. >> he's 300 pounds. >> meat lover snuff right there. >> i wondered why srendenschek was pressing on him. >> he'd throw him across the locker room. >> you don't like what i like, you're not going to like much of anything. >> exactly. >> hey, great weather for the alzheimer's walk a little breezy so definitely have that wind breaker handy down on the boardwalk in atlantic city this sunday. registration begins at 10:00 a.m. >> all right. sounds good. that will do it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> and dawn will see you back here after the game. >> so will keith and scott. we won't see you.
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>> keith and scott will be here after the game as well. (laughter). >> h
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on the trail of the ebola doctor as he roamed the nation's largest city, he went bowling, the restaurant where he ate, the subway he rode. >> what if he could have coughed? and his fiance, she's also quarantined. and it's nurse nina, she's ebola-free. >> try to get back to a normal life and reunite with my dog bently. then, the white house hero hounds. hurricane and jordan. inside their k-9 training. and,