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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:37pm EDT

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this inning and he'll crank it up again. he's had 19 straight postseason appearances without allowing a run. so he's a weapon. two on, one out. with juan perez, instead of ishikawa at the plate, that's strike one. >> harold: you got to get casilla up, because you don't want bumgarner, one runner on and a home run ties you. yeah, he is probably going to come back out but you have to have him hot and ready to go if there is damage if someone gets on. so we are splitting hairs here. >> joe: here is the 0-1. strike two. >> harold: i'm talking about davis getting a ground ball for a double play. he is saying, are you crazy? i'll punch out the side. his stuff is incredible! >> joe: 107 pitches for bumgarner who you know will be
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begging bruce bochy, if this world series goes seven games, to appear in that seventh game. that misses outside. ball one. >> harold: that is the thing about bumgarner. it's not just the stuff. it's terrific. but it's the mindset as well. it's almost like a marathon runner. i could never run a marathon because i tell myself i'm too tired. he would continue to push himself through. mental toughness. >> tom: he pitched game three against washington and the next day, throughout the game, he is bugging bruce bochy, hey, i can get laroche. i can get harper! he wanted to come out of the bull pen the day after his start. >> joe: here is the 1-2. outside. 2-2.
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game seven only if necessary. the winner of tonight's game will have a chance to clench it on tuesday night in kansas city in game six. off the end of the bat. dangerously into the seats. still 2-2. talk about the dominance of wade davis. the pr director for the royals mike swanson telling us that it took until july 31st for the first extra base hit this season off this right-handed pitcher. >> harold: that is remarkable. incredible work. >> joe: the 2-2. upstairs. a full count again. >> harold: when you hear that type of stuff that doesn't give
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up an extra base hit until july 31st, you wonder how does the guy do it? if you watch him pitch, he's on the corners. he never gives you anything to square up really. >> joe: 3-2 pitch. flyball into center. back is cain. this ball is offer the top of the wall! one run scores. here comes another! throw home. too late. perez empties the bases. it's 4-0.
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>> harold: that is about as close as you can get to a home run. that is why the numbers are so astounding. you saw the look on ned yost's face of shock. you just didn't see this all summer from wade davis. >> tom: or from juan perez. he's in the game for defense. the course of the season he had one hit all year with runners in scoring position! 1 for 18! >> joe: it goes down as a two-run double. then an error to allow perez to get to third. now the infield in.
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strike two on crawford and with that, santiago casilla has taken a seat and is no longer getting ready in the bull pen for the giants. >> harold: this is a reverse of what we saw. >> joe: absolutely. but how about bruce bochy? he is batting about a thousand in this world series. >> harold: he's on fire. every move. >> joe: the 0-2. flyball into left. that ball might drop. it is down. another run. it's 5-0. giants on top. the giants just get it from everywhere in a three rbi night tonight for brandon crawford.
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>> tom: amazing this offensive attack. i don't want to call it little ball, but perez almost hit it out. have not seen a home run in these three games here at at&t park. >> harold: something to be said about putting the ball in play. we have watched it the whole postseason all the way back to the dodgers series, the cardinals series and here in the world series. not striking out. and putting the ball in play. >> joe: that ovation is for bumgarner. wow. he was trying to add a home run. >> harold: my goodness.
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>> joe: the giants were trailing last night in game four 4-1 in the third inning. since then, 15 unanswered runs for san francisco put up. the mvp chant for bumgarner. strike two. >> tom: he already has one of those in the national league championship series. >> harold: if it ends with them winning you have to look at hunter pence with the series he is having but we have a long way to go before we are throwing out mvps for the series. >> joe: still only one out in the inning. strikeout. bumgarner isn't willing to concede strike three. two out. he is a grinder. >> harold: no people would say get back here and think about getting three outs.
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>> tom: he takes his at-bat seriously. a pitcher complaining about the strike zone being too big! >> joe: tom, you mentioned it, just to get it out there. if there is no home run tonight, it will be the first time there have been three straight world series games without a home run since 1948. >> tom: the indians and braves in boston. >> joe: that is outside. ball one to gregor blanco. >> tom: it's an exciting baseball. you said it, harold. the ball is in play. we have seen great defense and we have seen great base running. especially for the giants. great approach at the plate, especially with two strikes. >> joe: pablo sandoval quoting in the paper today, "we don't care about home runs. we care about runs." and they have proven that throughout october.
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>> tom: hensley meulens, said far too many strikeouts in this lineup, especially play in this ballpark i go back to felipe alou. the great giant said pop-outs can do nothing for me as a manager. the giants are not playing the game that a lot of teams do. >> joe: blanco. he is getting good swings against wade davis. >> harold: we are talking about them putting the ball in play and everything else. they are still taking big rips. but they are under control and they are having an idea how they want to attack in the zone and what pitch they are going to go after. and the aggressiveness. it's not get deep in the count and let them be 0-2 count every time. they are jumping on the first pitch and putting the pitcher on his heels. >> joe: seventh man to bat in this eighth inning. 5-0, giants on top in game five.
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these fans are packed into at&t park tonight hoping to watch their giants win tonight, with win back-to-back games, and head to kansas city with a chance to clench their third world championship the last five years on tuesday night. breaking ball ends the inning. but big damage is done. giants put up three and behind their horse, their ace, lead 5-0 with gordon, cain, hosmer coming up. a lot of smiles for the home team tonight and the fans here in san francisco. giants lead by five. there's a drive to deep center field.
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of hazelnut and cocoa e taste with nutella & go. it's "yum" to go. it's "wow" to go. it's "delicious" to go. nutella & go. it's happy to go. . >> joe: josh beckett, as we said, the last complete game shutout in a world series game, the clencher, 2003, at the old yankees stadium. last left-hander randy johnson back in 2001.
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it was in game two in that postseason, randy johnson was a work horse. strike one from madison bumgarner. randy, a guy who pitched with no rest after he won game six, went an inning and a third in relief in game seven and got the victory in that come-from-behind win against manner an know rivera. 0-2. flyball into right. pence didn't get a great break. he's there. one out. >> tom: joe, those are the kind of legends of october you don't need a book to look up. the way madison bumgarner is pitching tonight, throughout his world series career, he is starting to join those legends of the fall classic. >> joe: here comes lorenzo cain. bumgarner is trying to book end
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postgame shutouts season starting with the wildcard game in pittsburgh. >> harold: another step further, tom. you can't say just started, he's there. you don't get many opportunities to do this. >> joe: cain, strike one. >> harold: when you're giving the opportunity and you come up big like this? you hang plaques with your name on it. >> joe: that same look since the beginning of this game. and he is one out away from a complete game shutout.
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here is hosmer. you know how bumgarner wants to ends this? with strikeout number nine. he'll take it, though, any way he can get it.
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2-2. >> harold: i don't think he wants a little tapper, joe. i don't think he each wants a check swing. here it is. my best stuff. go get it. >> joe: then he wants posey to hand him the ball.
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just outside. it's a full count. left side. sandoval. double clutch. got it! a shutout for madison bumgarner! giants win 5-0. up three games to two.
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that business-like understated approach for these giants and their best on the mound, just an incredible effort all month long. >> harold: you just sit back and appreciate it when you watch something like this. it just doesn't happen. that's why you get all historical for comparisons to what he is doing. >> tom: so much about bull pen. that man, madison bumgarner, stands alone in today's game. four world series starts in his career, all of them one run or zeros. >> joe: big night at the plate tonight as we start our postgame interviews for brandon crawford standing by with aaron andrews. >> erin: brandon, first off, let me ask you about your pitcher. we were saying on air we are witnessing history. what was it like as his teammate
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tosy there and watch madison bumgarner tonight? >> he is so fun to watch and always fun to watch. you know, in the postseason, you could look at him and he looks like he is just pitching in the middle of june. like it's no big deal. he takes the pressure off of everybody else. we just see it off of him. >> erin: three rbis on the night for you. talk to you about the first two off of james shields. what was working for you in your approach tonight against him? >> i mean, he was tough. he was getting me into some difficult counts and i was just trying to put the bat on the ball and, you know, when that happens, good stuff tends to happen after that. >> erin: thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> erin: kenny, over to you now. >> ken: thanks, erin. madison, first complete game shutout in the world series since the 2003 clencher.
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>> wow. >> ken: you batted in the eighth inning with a 5-0 lead. what would have happened if bochy tried to take you out of this game? >> i mean, you know, he's the boss, but you know, it was a nice cushion for us. thank you, guys, thank you. that's all. you know what? i would of wanted to say but he's the manager and he makes the decisions. but give him the extra runs. put a nice cushion for me out there to just go out there and make pitches so thankful for that. >> ken: your career e.r.a. in the world series is 0.29. lowest in history, minimum 25 innings. how are you so successful when the games matter most? >> for some reason i keep getting lucky this time of the year and i'll take it. >> ken: you were willing to pitch last night on three days' rest. in retrospect, what do you think of bochy's decision to pitch you tonight? >> i'm good with whatever he wants to do. this time of year, you got to be ready to go any day, you know, whenever you're called on.
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you know, our offense did a great job yesterday and today too. we have been playing really good baseball right now. >> ken: last question. if there is a game seven, would you be available? >> you know it. always. >> ken: madison, thank you very much. joe, back to you. >> joe: what a night. madison bumgarner in his postseason career, 7-3 with a 2.27 e.r.a., this postseason, 4-1 with 1.13 e.r.a. and he is now 4-0 in his career in the world series. he is only 25. you saw the guys standing by waiting for it. kevin and our group on the set. there is world series game one. tonight, even better. a complete game shutout. eight strikeouts. only four hits allowed. they are riding madison bumgarner. kevin, guys, take it away.
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tonight on "fox sports live." giants away from third championship in five years. back out to san francisco to find the keys how they can wrap it up. >> the chiefs are searching and who better to talk to head coach andy reid than his former quarterback donovan mcnabb who has an exclusive interview. >> that guy works here. we sit down with michael jordan. he puts the buzz back in charlotte. >> it's all on "fox sports live" at 11:00 eastern time. we are looking down at at&t park in san francisco where we just saw an unbelievable performance. we welcome you to the chevrolet
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world series on fox postgame show. the fans ballistic and why not? because madison bumgarner was flat out ridiculous. the first complete shutout game in the world series since back in '03 for the marlins who closed out the yankees. the guy is electric and unbelievable this postseason. i got the hall of famer frank thomas with me. a couple of world series champs and nick swisher and gabe kapler. i'm kevin burkhardt. we look at what madison bumgarner has done. fifth postseason game of seven plus innings and zero runs and tied for glavine for the most ever. in his world series career, guys, you're talking about 31 innings pitched and one run allowed. he is making a case to be the best world series pitcher of all time is what he is doing. gabe, look at him tonight. all i saw were corner, corner, corner. what did you see? >> we know that madison bumgarner has one of the most elite fastballs in the game but tonight he deployed a
11:27 pm
devastating slider. more accurate than with his four-seam fastball with that slider. i don't know if i've seen a more sensational performance from a left-handed pitcher in a postseason ever. >> swish, you're watching this game. put yourself in the hitting shoes here. how do you break the rhythm? >> i don't know what to say. i don't care if it was a fastball or a slider. breaking ball. change-up. he can put a knuckleball and dominated this game. one of the best postseason pitchers in history and he continued his dominance tonight. >> first, you got to tip your hat to madison bumgarner but the kansas city royals left-handed hitters did not make adjustment at all from game one. 1 for 13 and five ks. you can't pull this guy. watch their front hits and trying to pull this guy. they should have been sending it to the middle of the diamond to get up4áct field. they never made the adjustment.
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you don't make adjustments, the same type of ball game will be pitched against them. he did it again. >> lefties against bumgarner 1 for 13 and five strikeouts. lefties 3 for 33 in his world series career and no strikeouts. i don't know if you noticed but it's loud in here back behind us! the giants up 3-2 in this world series. coming up on fox, your late local news and flip over to fox sports 1. we will have more postgame coverage of tonight's game five. exclusive interviews including ken rosenthal with buster posey and analysis is coming up on "fox sports live." ♪ gambling man rambling man rambling man i'm gambling man ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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we are! fox sports!
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>> up next, fishermen watch in horror as woman with a baby walks into the ocean in atlantic city. >> and septa workers putting commuters on notice. they're ready to walk. keep it here.
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. >> right now on fox 29 a developing story in atlantic city. fishermen turn into heroes after witnessing the unthinkable. all right. we have some men who actually walk flood that ocean and helped out. those men say a woman also walked into the ocean with a baby in her arms. good evening i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. here's lauren johnson just back
11:34 pm
from atlantic city. >> a matter of being in the right place at the right time a place these men frequently gather for fishing fun but what happened tonight something they call scare reach maybe even something you see in a movie. we caught up with the men several after hours this incident but they were still shocked by what they witnessed. they say it was around 5:00 o'clock this evening. they were gathered at the end of pacific avenue in atlantic city fishing, drinking and listening to music when they noticed something out of the ordinary, a young woman fully clothed carrying a baby above her head walking towards the ocean. she they say the woman stopped, looked up to the skies, speaking in a language they didn't recognize. then she walk right into the water at some point the current swept her off her feet and the baby was floating in the water. it was at that moment one of the men jumped to action. that hero who speaks spanish spoke to us through a friend. >> just to save the baby. just to save the baby. like he wasn't really caring the action she took with that baby
11:35 pm
walking into the water pretty much because she walk into the water and save her. save the baby and feel confident that she's fine now because she was okay. the baby, you know, wasn't spitting out water. he had the baby in his coat and thank god that nothing really happened to the baby. she started crying a little bit but it was fine. not something you see on average especially when you're fishing and trying to have fun. >> reporter: we do know mom and her baby were taken to the hospital. they are in atlantic city. police were expected to spend some time there tonight to get more answers about exactly while all of this happened. iain. >> lauren, thank you. to another developing now tonight. septa workers vote to strike. it's not clear when they'll do it but they are putting the city on notice saying they are ready to walk. fox 29's dave kinchen live in center city tonight outside septa headquarters. dave? >> reporter: that's right. the largest union representing workers who run septa actually not only just putting the
11:36 pm
community on notice but putting people on edge as well. they say they are simply tired of not having a deal. transport workers union local 234 members leave a south philadelphia union hall fired up with passion and resolve. >> we need to get what we deserve, septa watch your back. we will strike, baby. let's go. >> reporter: at least 1500 members voting unanimous toll approve a strike if needed. >> we got all our members united as one. we ready to strike. you know, if septa don't give us what we want we're ready to go. >> reporter: largest union representing 5,000 bus drivers, subway and trolley operators say they're sick of working with an expired contract and they feel they are getting nowhere in continuous talks with septa management. >> they ain't taking nothing from us. let's go. they took notice. >> reporter: septa's latest offer will freeze their pension and gives inn add yet raises. >> we just want to a fair contract for our families. we take care of our families.


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