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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 28, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> right now parents are furio furious. they've got to find new schools for their children immediately, no notice given. our cameras were rolling as tempers flared tonight. parents yelling inside the walter palmer high school. their children told today go home. the high school is officially closed. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm dawn timmeney. iain has the night off this comes just weeks after a lottery for elementary school students to see who would stay and who would go. our brad satin was inside that very heated meeting and he's live in frankford tonight with the latest. brad? >> reporter: guys, certainly a chaotic scene for sure. we can tell that you all this quiet right now it will ab lot quieter tomorrow with about 275 students grades nine through 12 no longer coming here. they don't know where they're going to go to school, ton
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night, the school's leader got an earful. >> my pain is what i'm feeling. >> reporter: it was just getting started but already clear this meet wog not go as planned. >> the morning shocking news just too fresh, 285 high school students arrived for class at walter palmer charter school to be told the school is now closed to ninth through 12th graders the classrooms are empty. tonight's meeting was supposed to up tow duce parents to other school options with reps from public and catholic, charter and online schools all there. but when the school founder tried to shake the hands of the high school seniors who were suddenly being booted out months before graduation rasheeda jabar lost it saying this was not time for a photo op. >> did he don't know what's going to happen our children. >> her fifth grade grandson has no school. >> it's a disgrace. i appreciate you coming but i'm devastated. i'm hurt. i'm angry. >> reporter: 20 minutes in and
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it got ugly. >> this is ridiculous. nobody wants to answer no questions. what about our children? >> reporter: parents demanding answers about everything from getting reimbursed to school uniforms to questions about prom. >> he's a senior. what about prom? what about graduating with the people you've been around for all these years? >> reporter: two weeks ago another 275 students were cut from the elementary school. the result of a legal battle with the philadelphia school district over enrollment numbers. walter pal her in nearly double the students its charter allowed and when the state supreme court stepped in, funding was cut. but the school's leader stands by his decision to fill up these classrooms. >> i invited you guys in knowing what some of the reaction would be because i want to you see it and i wanted the see to see it. these are the at risk children at risk families that people don't care about. >> reporter: students like 11th greater yarris lopez are left in the crossfire while the yelling continued downstairs, she was upstairs cleaning out her locker.
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>> upset. sad. >> i have to go. so --,. >> reporter: all of this happening because enrollment has to be capped at 675 students. so it will continue k through eighth grade ninth through 12th no longer here. the big question where will they go. it's certainly not a question that will be answered overnight. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, brad. a massive septa strike not before the end of the week. union leaders are now saying the decision to walk would come thursday at the earliest and they'll give riders a 24 hours heads up. last night bus drivers and subway operators voted unanimo unanimously to authorize a strike. they have been working without a contract since spring. they plan to meet this week. mayor nutter is not happy. he is calling the philadelphia city council's decision to cancel the sale of the nation's city owned gas utility a cop cop out. council members did not approve a sale of pgw without that
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approval the deal is dead. in march the mayor said the agreement would inject more than $400 million into the cities pension fund and maintain low income and senior discount programs. he says the city's residents did not get a fair shake here. >> sadly, this announcement today is not a shining moment of leadership in our city. people of philadelphia should have the full opportunity to be heard and also to hear all of the details of this proposed sale. >> critics of the deal say private ownership would subject pgw customers to unfair rate hikes and city council president darrell clark today tweeted the risks out weigh of benefits. new details are emerging to night about the deadly school shooting in washington state. police say the shooter was a popular freshman who invited his victims to lunch by text message and then put out a -- pulled out a handgun be opened fire on them
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a moment of sale license was held to today month remember the victims of the school shooting. mourners left balloons, flowers and stuffed animals in honor of those who were hurt or injured and killed. police are still trying to figure out why ninth greater jaelin fry berg shot at three girls and two of his own cousi cousins. >> witnesses confirmed that the five victims were at the table when the shooter opened fire striking the victims before turning the gun on himself. the sheriff says that gun was purchased legally and registered and owned by a family member of the shooter. >> a five year old rushed to a new york hospital with ebola symptoms gets the all clear. the child just returned from guinea and began throwing up last night. we're also learning more tonight about the doctor getting treatment for ebola in new york city. fox's sharon crowley has the details. >> reporter: a five year old boy from the bronx brought here to bellevue hospital sunday tested negative for the deadly ebola virus. he had recently returned from west africa when he got sick sunday night with flu-like
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symptoms so his mother called 911. >> there are pediatric icu nurses who are especially trained to work with children. so there's a lot of sensitivity here to making sure we handle this child carefully. >> reporter: today the child developed a fever in the hospital but tests show he does not have ebola. meanwhile the first person in the city to have ebola dr. craig spencer remains in serious but stable condition here at bellevue. dr. spencer treated ebola patients in west africa and developed a fever last week. bellevue is the city's designated hospital for ebola cases. workers here have been specially trained to treat ebola patients in the isolation unit. this past weekend, bellevue also transferred two adult patients being treated in its intensive care unit to another hospital. and two more children in the icu were moved to nyu medical center today. in a statement released by the hospital it says "the transfers are to help alleviate some of the demand on bellevue's
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critical care staff". >> meanwhile the nurse quarantined in newark, new jersey, over the weekend was allowing to home today in maine. she was hospitalized friday after returning from west africa and she has tested negative for ebola. >> on your radar tonight a major warmup on the way. scott williams tracking a forecast you will definitely like for tomorrow. scott? that's right. it will feel more like spring. temperatures will rapidly warm tomorrow. get this. into the 70s, but we'll see a dip in the jet stream for the remainder of the week and temperatures will be tumbling so roller coaster ride ahead this week. but as we take a look at temperatures tonight, not quite as chilly as it was last night. temperatures will bottom out in the 40s and 50s. but look at what happens by tomorrow afternoon. we're talking mid 70s in philadelphia. close to 80 degrees perhaps in lancaster. 72 in millville. by 1:00 o'clock and 76 degrees in pottstown. it will feel really nice stepping outdoors tomorrow.
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so the bottom line we have that rapid warmup for tuesday and then it starts to turn a little colder as we move toward the latter part of the week for halloween. we'll talk more about that forecast if it will be a trick or a treat. rain chances this week as well as the potential for a frost and freeze by the upcoming weekend all coming up. dawn and lucy. >> all right, thank you scott. a big drug bust in upper darby police seize tens of thousands of dollars worth of drugs along with almost $100,000 in cash and weapons. they have one suspect in custody and detectives say he was apparently using the us male to deliver the drugs. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the details. >> reporter: on the 2200 block of windsor avenue in drexel hill, halloween decorations are everywhere. but neighbors say it wasn't trick or treaters who came calling here friday. it was upper darby police with a search warrant. >> it's a nice neighbor. you don't really hear things like that. >> obviously he's got a big operation. >> reporter: investigators
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diss covered one of the biggest drug and cash halls in recent township history. one hun debt thousand dollars in hundred dollars bills. 300 vials of steroids, hundreds of pills in pact of crystal meth. 38 year old paul hadeki was arrested. >> obviously the need for these types of drugs is becoming more and more prominent. >> reporter: the stash was protected by an ak47, an ar15, two hand guns and plenty of ammo. detectives believe most of the drugs were shipped to his home using the us postal service. >> the mailing addresses were florida, california, oregon and some of the stuff was still packaged inside the boxes. >> i think something should be done about it definitely. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says it's too common to find drugs being shipped through the post office, air freight and private delivery rooms. police are tracking the packages and his suppliers. >> they're shipped in and nobody caught it and you are looking at something that's a fairly
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lucrative, fairly large size operation that's bother some. >> reporter: dave street wiz sorry, foschratwieser, fox29 ne. >> shamus mccaffery resigned effective immediately. the former philly cop was also the judge in the infamous eagles court at veterans stadium. mccaffery has been caught up in the porn scandal still unfolding in the state attorney general's office. he has apologized for sending sexually explicit e-mails described his e-mails as private e-mails among friends. cab caffrey rarely shun the spotlight when bruce gordon stopped by his northeast philadelphia home today he saw bruce then turned away from his front door and lowered the shades. in a letter to governor corbett mccaffery said after 20 years as a juris i decided to retire as justice of the supreme court of pennsylvania. mccaffery says under no circumstances will he seek another judicial post. >> a high-tech balloon being
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used to search for suspected cop killer eric frein who has been on the run for weeks now. state police say it provides technology similar to what is found in search planes but it's much less expensive. it's also silenced. it's charged with opening fire in northeast pennsylvania back in september. a veterans state trooper was killed another was seriously injured. the manhunt for frein in the pocono mountains has cost millions of dollars and now in its seventh week. ♪ >> a local home all deck out for halloween catches this woman's eye and she's not walking a way empty handed. what she swiped from the stoop that might have you check your front door. >> thrown in handcuffs. arrested all for trying to get into her own house? >> i'm not going to be pushed away in fear of going to jail. >> now someone else is moving their stuff into her house. the unbelievable reason why she can't stop them. >> plus, their football season canceled over hazing allegatio
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allegations. parents say they have been left in the dark and tonight they are demanding answers. >> and neighbors call the police after seeing this roaming in their yard. it's no wild animal. believe it or not this huge what the is a pet. what you should do if you see boo.
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>> take a look at this. tonight police are asking if you know who the woman is in this individual. this is from the 1100 block of fitzgerald street. it happened just before 3:30 in the morning last thursday. if you know something that might help police catch this halloween thief, definitely give them a call. >> you know it takes very special kind of person to solve crimes against children. they've got to be really tough as nails to get through all of that evidence, and soft as ted
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dough bear to talk to the little ones. right. tonight fox 29's sabina kuriakose goes behind the scenes with those who have the very difficult job of looking out for the young defenseless victims. ♪ >> these are dangerous operati operations. child predators and pedophiles have lot to lose. >> reporter: they're a select team of federal agents rooting out the most disturbing criminals who could be living right next door. >> we're discreet. >> reporter: early fall morning we're along for an exclusive ride at homeland security's philadelphia field agents descend upon a northeast home. tracking anism p address flagged for possibly downloading child porn. >> what i see is pretty bad. >> reporter: agent kim is a member of the crimes against children unit. we're not revealing her full identity to protect her work. >> which takes her to some dark places.
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>> homeland security giving us exclusive access inside their sensitive operations including their state of the art philadelphia lab. >> we're able to quickly bring that evidence back, analyze it and then rapidly proceed to include, you know, potentially going back to that house, that day, the next day, as soon as we can and removing a child from danger. >> reporter: tracking even one pedophiles can mean carefully sifting through hundreds of thousands horrific photos and film. >> images are one thing. individuals are different because they have audio. so when you see an adult taking pleasure in the in an inter fan or child it's pretty hard. >> reporter: it's not a job for the faint of heart but behind the badges are real people voluntarily tak takeing n unbearable task. just imagine being a mom and doing this job. >> did you always want to be mother. yes. at some point i do want to be a mother.
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>> when we met kim she was eight months pregnant with her first child. a baby girl. mentally preparing to juggle the joyce of motherhood with the violent crimes she's dedicated for live to stopping. >> how do you get the images out of your head? >> i don't know that you really forget them. >> we can't arrest our way out of this problem. there's a growing problem of hands on crimes committed against children. >> william walker is the special agent in charge of homeland security investigations he oversees kim's union. at any given time his agent or working on few hundred child abuse cases following up on tips, analyzing evidence, he can cuting search warrants and in dramatic scenes like this one tracking down and apprehending suspects. also social workers dealing with one-on-one with victims and families. kim says that part of the job can be the most rewarding. >> because you just see the sense of relief on the faces when you tell the child this
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person has been arrested. >> reporter: with every closed case comes another victim, another monster to track down. it's hard not to feel outnumbered. >> it can be overwhelming. >> reporter: one goal keeps them going. >> i think they're an elite group we put together that focus singularly on one really horrific challenge, that is, you know trying to stop the the next kid from being abused. >> that's good. we can do it that way. >> reporter: back to our morning briefing. agents and task force members local law enforcement planning out their operation. hitting several homes they've been tipped off for housing alleged predators. >> we begin the investigation of trying to -- trying to develop the truth. >> reporter: the hall from our ride this laptop computer. agents will dig through it peace by piece back at the lab to get evidence that will put another predator away. >> i'm far from a hero. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose fox 29 news.
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>> thank goodness there are people with the guts to do that job. a brawl involving more than two dozen people breaks out of a all places a baby shower. it happened saturday night at a social hall in macungie, lehigh county. at least 100 people were at the shower at 11:00 p.m. they poured into the streets. police say when they arrived they found 25 people fighting. >> apparently there were harsh words he can changed inside the venue. people trying to either break it up or defend one another got a little out of hand and it went into a physical altercation. >> and police ended up giving citations to two women an a man for asking two other women. >> united methodist pastor disciplined after he efficiented the wedding of his gay son will be allowed to remain an ordained minister. the church's judicial counsel ruling this morning that a pennsylvania church jury was wrong to defrock frank schaeffer last year after his would not promise never to perform another gay marriage ceremony. the council ruled on technical
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grounds didn't express an opinion about gay marriage since this church trial schaeffer has become a good proponent for gay right. >> big traffic signal improvement project getting underway in center city philadelphia. so you're going to see work crews in the area from callowhill to market and broad to second. 16 intersections are getting brand new traffic signals. 15 intersections are getting what the city is calling traffic management cameras. we'll what they're up to. the work is expected to wrap up by summer of 2016. bizarre surveillance video shows this driver repeatedly bashing into the garage for several minutes. and he doesn't live there. what the home own are in saw when he came outside. >> and flames shoot 80 feet into the air devouring a home. crews worked frantic toll get that fire under control. but firefighters say was missing that could have helped them save that house. >> you thought the ebola hazmat was bad. you need to see what one company
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calls its most outrageous yet. what they say is cute and
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♪ >> inferno there. took tech text firefighters hours to get this massive house fire under control. they fought the flames from saturday night into sunday morning at more than 9500 square foot home. at times the flames shot 60 feet into the air. no fire hydrants were in the area so firefighters had to rely on tanker trucks for the water. no one was home at the time. no injuries but that house is gone. >> two people are on the mend after a deer crashes right into the roof of their car. take look this is damage caused from the accident saturday night in upstate new york. sheriff says the deer ran and crashed right into that vehicle. the 21 year old driver suffered minor injuries. his passenger had head injuries. sadly the deer did not survive that wreck. a burning lava stream is picking up speed and moving towards houses on hawaii's big island. authorities are telling people
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in its pam to pack up and get ready to leave their homes. the red cross is opening shelters in the area. the lava began oozing from the volcano in late june. >> homeowner says she's at her wits end. this is weird story. trying to sell her house but she cannot get rid of the squatters. >> let's introduce to you a couple of folk. this is lynn williams and she she's squatting at the detroit home and she has no plans to leave. this woman owns the home and would like williams out. hamilton doesn't live at the house. williams decided i'm going to move on in and squat. hamilton tried to kick out william but the squatter keeps moving back in. police say been there twice and second time the homeowner ended up in handcuffs. the homeowner charged with assault and the squatter stayed. >> i'm not going to be pushed away in fear of going to jail or her making a false police repo report. in the end of the day you are wrong. when do you bad things someone has to pay the consequences.
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>> hamilton says the charges were eventually dropped against her. she says she's hiring an attorney to help her get williams out. yeah, squatters still there. stay tuned. >> all right. taking a stand to support her little sister in her fight against cancer. one new jersey girl's touching act that brought our producer to tears. >> and -- >> he looks like a jungle cat and on the loose in a local neighborhood. it turns out he's got a name. what his owner says you have to do if you run into boo. hey, scott. >> hi, lucy. then 10 minutes away previewing your halloween forecast also and also talking about a lot of temperature changes as we head into the upcoming weekend which by the way we fall back this weekend. details next.
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>> right now at 10:30-a promising football season cut short at a bucks county powerhouse has left many parents stunned and tonight they were hoping to get some answers about
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the hazing scandal that rocked the district. the central bucks district ended the season and suspended coaches at central bucks west last week. >> parents met with school leaders to night and fox 29's dave kinchen is live in doylestown and, dave, this meeting seemed like it was pulled together at the last minute. >> reporter: it really was. e-mail went around alerting parents to the impromptu meeting and it was closed to the press, and one parent told us they did not get much new information but they say it was a chance for parents to sound off. >> talking for just a quick second? >> quick question. can we just talk to you for a second? >> no answer as parents leave an emergency meeting called by the superintendent at central bucks high school west in doylestown monday night. one parent told the administration updated 100 parents of football players on the district's investigation into hazing allegations during the preseason. allegations including players grabbing or smacking the genitals of other players and players forced to wear towels on
3:30 am
their heads as they ran into the showers. what students are calling water boarding. the district scrapped the rest of the season including the big homecoming game and aparen says that some in the meeting felt the punishment did not fit the crime. others were worried about losing college scholarships. local officials were here listening to the parents as well including the bucks county district attorney. we're told that he was simply here to listen. the meeting tomorrow night is expected to draw many parents and pack the house. back to you guys. >> all right, thatching dave. armed robbers strike again in bristol. the sixth strong armed robbery or attempt robbery this month. two men robbed a man and a woman outside their home on otter street over the weekend then forced the man to go inside and get a safe. the five other robberies all happened within three blocks of each other. the most recent of those eight days ago on plum street alley. police say two men held a gun to a woman and demanded money and
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her cell phone. police have arrested one person so far and say they are following leads on several other suspects. >> veterans day is two weeks away but you don't have to wait until then to honor those who fought, served and died. the delaware county veterans memorial in newtown square honors the lives of those who served. on the nine granite, 18-foot columns you'll learn about american wars, you can read quotes and see through the eyes of veterans. >> quite a few i did know, you know, kids of friends of mine that were killed in vietnam, and, you know n kind of tugs at your heart when you see something like that. >> you can help keep the memorial going for years to come on november 13th they'll ab big gala at the springfield country club, seven freedom medal will be awarded that night. more details can be found at >> we are closing in on the two year anniversary of super storm sandy and most people now say they're doing fairly well. the associated press talked to people in 12 neighborhoods
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across new york and new jersey. 72% said their communities are mostly or completely recovered. 47% said the storm affected them in an extreme way. the biggest problem for those not fully recovered, getting financing and/or government assistance. amazing to think it's already been two years. i know. time for a look it's a on your radar tonight. scott we're hoping more of the same for tomorrow. >> did you liked today, you'll love tomorrow. he is special physical you like the 70s because it's going to feel more like spring pretty comfortable right now, 54 degrees in philadelphia. humidity at 62%. a wind out of the south at about 3 miles per hour. you can see folks are still out on the bikes actually at this late hour. 67 degrees that was the high temperature for today. above the normal for this time of year which is in the low 60s much the record high 80 degrees set back in 1963. so as we talk about the temperatures moving into the overnight, not quite as chilly as it was. this morning when you woke up we're looking at numbers
3:33 am
generally in the upper 40 toss mid 50s around philadelphia by tomorrow morning. 60 die 7:00 in millville and 64 in atlantic city. watch the clock as we move toward 1:00 o'clock. we're looking at numbers in the mid 70s for philadelphia. 76 in pottstown. 74 in wilmington. so tomorrow area wide temperatures will be a good 10 to perhaps even 15 degrees above average. so a rapid warmup is in the offing for your tuesday. then as we move toward the latter part of the week, by halloween we're talking numbers back in the 50s and for the upcoming weekend we could be looking at highs in the 40s and overnight lows in the 30s so a frost and freeze will be a concern. high pressure is in control right now and this high pressure will shift off to the east during the day tomorrow which will give us winds coming in out of the south and west out ahead of a frontal boundary that will arrive tuesday night no wednesday with a few spotty showers. but you can see by 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night, we're still dry.
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but watching that ribbon of moisture off to the west. it starts to move in wednesday we're looking at clouds as well as a few spotty showers across the area. but no big temperature changes wednesday or even thursday for that matter. talking about the tropics. the remnants of hannah. it was a tropical storm earlier. it has dissipated but still bringing a lot of heavy rain into nicaragua. for us mostly clear, not as chilly, 47 degrees in the suburbs. low 50s in the city. and then look at tomorrow. mid 70s. well above average for this time of year once again we should be in the low 60s. the seven day forecast paints those changes. upper 60s a spotty shower on wednesday with that front. 60 degrees on thursday. so gradually turning cooler. halloween, 58 degrees. temperatures drop friday night into saturday. it's going to be a chilly blast. 46 degrees for the high temperature on saturday. that front that moves through friday night into saturday will
3:35 am
have a little bit of moisture. there could be a flurry in the pocono mountains with that system. and don't forget to fall back saturday night into sunday. sunday's high 50. 57 as we move toward next week. the trick or treat forecast by 7:00 o'clock on friday temperatures will be in the low 50s, and dropping. the sun will set at 6:00 o'clo 6:00 o'clock. and then we're talking about fall back as we move from saturday night into sunday. >> i like that. >> extra hour of sleep but you know what, it's going get dark at 5:00 o'clock as we move into sunday. >> that's the part i don't like. >> dawn, you know what, scott didn't read memo about you can't say murray before november. >> right. >> 40s and flurries. >> we don't want to hear that. >> not here. in the poconos. >> all right. a woman racing away from cops speeding through intersections blowing through red lights. what happens when this chase lands in someone's front yard. and uber for children? yeah, you heard rye. why one company says it's safe to put your child in stranger's
3:36 am
car. >> they call it the perfect combination edgy and cute. the makers of the ebola you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. only at a sleep number store where you'll find the best buy rated mattress with sleepiq™ technology. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> in your money uber type company geared towards children. start up shut pell hoping to take some of the load off parents. the first launched in san francisco much parents pay a nine month fee plus fares for individual rides for their children. now because of safety concerns parents are given the drivers full name, photo and a biography. they can also track the ride through an app. the company says drivers have child care experience and they must pass a background check. >> if you're looking to turn heads and be the talk of the town with your child's halloween outfit what are your thoughts about this one take look. yeah. it's actually a barry marijuana costume and it is igniting a storm of controversy. the idea is from california company that believes the more outrage the outfit the better the sales. not only do they have baby marijuana, they also have baby cigarette much that's lovely. but the company says, the top seller is the ebola hazmat suit. so there you go. >> all righty. tv viewers get quite the scare in texas.
3:40 am
>> for several seconds many thought something was terribly wrong. fake emergency alert ran on at&t on friday morning a program interrupted at the request of the white house. at least one viewer managed to record it. >> it got my attention to say the least. broadcast alert that found that's correct you know, would wake the dead comes on. >> now the federal emergency management agency is continue to go investigate and says, a national sinned indicated radio show somehow managed to play the emergency message and somehow it wound up on television. >> three, two, one --, never mine. local students are supposed to watch their experiment blast into space but there's a strange twist that is keeping it grounded tonight. >> and -- >> he's not your average house cat. boo went missing from the webster farm section of wilmington, delaware. now a local family is hoping these flyers will help bring
3:41 am
their beloved pet home. we'll have the story coming up next. >> plus, going from brown to blue eyes, that is, and forget those colored contacts how one reality star changed her eyes permanent
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>> woman is under arrest in california after leading police on child chase. investigators say they were directed to follow a white pickup truck after a witness saw the truck being stolen. the driver got off a freeway before hitting another car then crashing into a lawn. an ambulance was called to treat the driver but police have not yet released her name or her condition. >> tonight a florida home own are in looking for the man who slammed into his garage over and over and of course it's all caught on camera which is why we're showing it to you. curtis has no idea why the driver rammed his garage again and again saturday night. the video shows the man coming around the corner and putting his light out and hits the garage for four minutes untilly finally passed out and he took off. the homeowner discovered all of this the next morning and said you know what i've seen stuff like this.
3:45 am
we've had accidents people hitting the median. somebody ran into the pool with their car. so of course we the cameras here so we can go back and take look had we're not around. >> good thing he's got the cameras. he just wants his garage fixed and hoping this individual leads to the person who rammed into it. >> a rocket remains on the launch pad in virginia tonight to the dismay of some area high schoolers who have a invested interest on what's on board. it was supposed to take off tonight but a sailboat got in a restricted area, get this, forcing the mission to be scrubbed. students from ocean city high were there. their project is on board head to go the international space station. the experiment examines the effects of micro gravity on the attachment rate of e. coli bacteria to lettuce leaves much this is true. this is so they can no more about gravity impacts bacteria. this can help doctors treat patients in the future. how impressive is that? the good news is, it's all scheduled to take off tomorrow night.
3:46 am
>> hopefully the kids are still there. they'll probably have to come back. >> exactly. >> new castle county police are on the look out for an he can on the tick and very large cat. we're talking 35 pounder the size of your dog, dawn. the cat has ran off from its home in the webster farm section of wilmington, delaware, the owners are desperately trying to get their kitty back. >> report roar his unique look may cause you to do a double take possibly run back into your house. >> some people thought he was a bobcat or cougar. he's a harmless 35-pound house cat. >> pet him on the neck. he likes it unthe chin, you kn know. he just purchases so loud. >> reporter: that sound so familiar to the family has been silent. boo went missing 10 days ago from his home in the webster farms section of the wilmington, delaware. >> we set up chickens around here with trail cameras to see if he is actually coming back.
3:47 am
>> reporter: boo is a a cross between an african wildcat and a domesticated cat. his owners say one morning the exotic and pricey bet pet snuck out the back door of the home chased after a bunny, and never returned. >> the owners posted about 40 flyers like this one throughout the area to help spread the word and hopefully help their beloved pet fine his way home. >> we have like a routine with him. we'll take him to the bathroom, feed him. but since he's been gone it's a bit like just not normal. >> reporter:s specially not today. it's gavin and kell ton todd's 13th birthday. the twins are searching for boo. >> he could have gone that way or in the woods back that one. instead of celebrating with him. there have been two sightings reported in the last couple of days which have kept the family hopeful. >> there was a siting across the road only 300 yards from here. report roar todd thinks boo is scared of crossing the busy street. if you see the cat, don't be
3:48 am
afraid. he's, you know, a loving cat. he's not mean. not scary. >> reporter: call police. >> he's a brother to meche he's been part of the family almost nine years. i just want to get him back. in wilmington, delaware, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> hopefully they get him back soon. a sweet seven year old girl from new jersey does just an amazingly brave thing. she shaved her head to show support for children with cancer like you to meet hannah. she says the day her five year old little sister was diagnosed with cancer was the worst day of her life. to show her support she promised to shave off her beautiful red hair and last week at a shave for the cure event in new york, she did just that. the event raised more than 350 thus san dollars for childhood cancer research. wow! >> a nine year old boy and his dad are taking to the road to fight cancer. they're on a cross country bike ride to raise money for the national children's cancer society. young cj is riding for his grandmas who's a cancer survivor
3:49 am
and for children fighting the disease. >> i saw what she had to go through and i went -- i went with her to the chemo and the radiation, and, um, so i -- would it be the same if it was a kid? and she was like yeah, you know. you would just get smaller dosages. >> vj and his dad started their journey last from month california. they ride 40 miles a day they hope to reach florida a week before thanksgiving. that's the family bus showing their support right behind them. >> singer tiny harris wife of rapper di permanent the changed her eye color brown from brown to ice gray. you heard that correc correctly. did she did it permanently. she posted pictures while thanking her doctor on inn have a gram she says she was tired of wearing color changing contacts because they made her vision blurry. she says her vision is perfect
3:50 am
with her implants. all right. who is more vain. what do you think, men or women? >> you know we'll say women. >> i mean men. >> not the ladies according to a new study. >> researchers say modern man is more image obsessed than ever. i know howard will disagree with this one. new study found a man will spend more than four years of his life working on his appearance. six months of that time is spent shaving. researchers say spend three years working on the way they look. >> howard doesn't have to do the whole shave of the face thing. you like trim in. no, i don't. the survey was done by what, 60 women. >> i think it was 75 women. i'm not sure. >> all right. the 76ers, they open the season on wednesday as the worst team in the nba. i have information that documents them to be dead last in one key area. and after a two interception game eagles should have one in arizona, what does chip kelly
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious. but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think.
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can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities. >> those eagles they played a game yesterday they should have won in arizona. two really bad defensive plays but really the turnovers and a questionable decision on drive
3:54 am
inside the 5-yard line which could have been a touchdown. so the fans ask about the quarterback, the media has the same questions but chip kelly has the final say. >> nick is 95 and two in my opinion. you rate your quarterback on terms how you're winning and how you're losing. both games we've lost we had a chance to win the game on the offensive side of the ball. the throw to riley cooper was a huge throw. the pass to jeremy maclin on the fake screen coming back the other way to stand and throw that football a lot of real positive thing. >> the 76ers about to operate season with the worst team in the nba and that's just not opinion. i will state some facts. it's the season i will call tank two. the sixers want to lose as many games this season as they can and the ownership and the general manager sam hinkie have conned the fan base that this is a good thing. hinkie is the guy that asked ownership for nine-year crack. the ticket buyers are paying in some cases hundreds of dollars
3:55 am
per ticket and in other cases over $1,600 a ticket for team that wants to lose. now the sixers have traded for two players in the last 10 days. they have already released because they needed that money on their payroll. travis outlaw and marcus teeing they got meaningless second round draft picks in 2019. i'll explain why. the sixers have reduced the payroll to a number lower than the nba minimum. here's where the sixers are cheating and conning the public. look at these payroll numbers. now i've been told the sixers are so far below are their payroll is required to be by the inform ba they needed to add some payroll. the salary cap for nba teams is $63 million a team. the minimum a team's payroll has to be at is 56.3 million. the sixers current payroll is $333.4 million. the sixers are 23 million below the minimum you have to be. sixers are dead last in the payroll of team in the inform ba and they don't have to get to
3:56 am
the minimum until the last day of the nb at season. the sixers with the worst team trying to lose have set themselves up to make money. all right. the eagles it's cheating you by the way. eagles play football on sundays and play with the kids today. ready for friday? halloween for all the trick or treaters this friday the eagles were trick or treating early they went to see the kids at children's hospital of philadelphia. chris polk tried scaring the kids as the hulk. dj kinney and mark sanchez had an interesting setups. luigi and mario. >> i love the costumes. >> having fun witness kids. >> so fun. remember to watch tmz at 11:00. 4am the fox 29 morning news and good day.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
well, we will start for second day in the reoutside the palmer charter school, this time of a former charter high school, where parents find out winning lottery to get their kids in this philly charter ended up winning the power ball lottery and getting counterfeit cash. then steve breaking overnight occupied home goes up in flames what we know so far about the people inside. sue serio is tracking an amazing day on tap. >> it is a warm up and you will not believe for the end of october but wait until you see what happens, after that for the weekend. we have a roller coaster ride for you in our seven day forecast. then cdc coming out with


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