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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  October 28, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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there. >> we will reveal tonight a second. >> look who is here, it is kerry. >> hi. >> october 28th. ladies, are you looking for a sugar dad. >> philadelphia makes a cut. why the number of men signing up is on the rise. >> plus, as mike mentioned it is almost halloween, almost time for those tricks and treats. the what is the candy that you hand out, and the stuff thaw prefer to eat, say but. was about your personality. you may want to go from the butter fingers and stick with the recess instead. >> every year, i really don't give out candy. i have candy around christmastime in big bowls in my apartment and i get m and m's different color m and m's one of my favorite. >> love it good we will tell what you that says about you. >> you spend hours carving your pumpkin so how do you make sure it stays, good, and fresh, for over a month. the top tips to preserve that hard work and you don't want the squirrels to eat it. my goodness.
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>> this is a light coming out. >> there is a leg. >> a leg. >> that guy is good. >> i heard you dip tonight bleach. >> i don't know. >> it could be within of the tips. >> i read that on line. >> we will find out. >> it is so art fully want to preserve this. >> yes. >> are you finding your zen. >> yes good you know what i feel better about. >> what. >> i was so upset after sunday's loss with the eagles to the cardinals because we should have gone, we should have challenge that spot. we could have won that game. the only thing that would make me feel better is if the dallas cowboys somehow got beat by redskins last night in overtime. >> we talked about it, was it yesterday morning? yes, this is tuesday. this is what we had to say. >> think about this, if in a huge upset washington beats dallas tonight and if they do, i will wear a powdered wig for 9:00 o'clock hour. >> all right. you said it. >> mike, get your wig ready
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what happened. >> because in overtime with the field goal kick, washington beat dallas 20-17. jerry's palace in dallas. >> yes. >> palace in dallas. >> that was great. >> here we go. >> somehow we had a powdered wig here. >> yes. >> in our prop room. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> that is the worst powdered wig. >> there is other random hairs. >> we will look at george washington. that is how he wore his. >> yes. >> push it back. >> yours is mulet like. >> are you ready for powder. >> put my ears under the hair. >> i think that is how they dit. >> hold on. >> powder me up i guess. >> what does the powder to have do witt. >> that proud er is tan. >> that is no good, that is tan powder. >> i think they would want a
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tan. >> you can be the tan. >> let me do it on your face then. >> i feel so much better that the stinking cowboys have lost. >> there we go. >> there we go. >> powder is powder. >> it is so low on your eyes, a very small forehead. >> george washington had a hairline that was further back. >> you look like eddie monster. >> i -- >> are you trying to cover up as much as your face good as much of my face as possible. >> yes. >> there you go . >> yes. >> thank you, cowboys for allowing us to have this moment. >> i like more like betsy ross. >> there is a dating web site that says women in philadelphia, are looking on line for not only love, but for money. >> okay. according to speaking
9:04 am >> is what the name of the web site. >> seeking >> philadelphia is one of the top cities for sugar daddies. philly is number 25 on the list. now at plant ace number one followed by vancouver, orlando, web at says the average sugar daddy is 44 years old and spend about $4,000 a month on his sugar baby. >> you know what, i have been watching this web site for a few you years. >> seeking arrangements. >> i haven't done it. but they rang colleges in america a couple years ago on this web site. college students, get into these relationship, sugar daddies paying for their expenses, and so this web site rang colleges based on a number of women who use the site and temple university was number two on the list in the entire country. >> um-hmm. >> pen state, number 15. >> my gosh good weird. >> i would need a contract. i want to you sign a form.
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if i go to school i don't want to you break up with me and get the next sugar baby and leave me hanging. i want a contract, sign it. guarantee for next four years i'm getting my money. >> you have to sign over some extracurricular activity as well. >> yes, sometimes it is companionship. it can be just talking. maybe they are bored. >> nobody is paying four you this dollars a month to hear a woman talk. >> maybe not, you you are right. >> you would to pay me to listen to women talk. >> yes. >> darn right. >> yes. >> sugar momma. >> i'm stun about, kerry is alex has put a lot have of thought into this. >> she has the contract on her desk. >> she has already drafted something. >> yes. >> it is a situation that were to happen, i feel like this is how it hud be done. i don't know anything about sugar daddies. i didn't know they could be a as young as 44.
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>> so now you are more interested. >> anna nicole smith wasn't she dating a man in a wheelchair and he was like 80 or 90. >> there is no question. >> you know, there is in question. >> welshing we will put that contract together and put your hand cock on there. >> what kind of candy you happened out to the kids this friday, has something to say burr personality. if you get a big bowl of m and m's you are lots of fun and everybody wants to hang out at your house. >> sure. >> here's my favorite reese's if you are a life of the party, you are always entertaining. >> you are a lot have of fun. >> yes. >> you are around. >> yes, i'm dancing that is what it is. >> snickers, you are diplomatic, people come to you with your problems, someone to talk to. >> i have never been a big fan of the snicker. >> i like snickers. >> i'm, a m and m and milky
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way. >> i like twistlers. >> whether about kit cats. >> couch potato, a person of leisure. give me a break, give me a break break me off a piece of that kitkat bar. you can do nothing all day and just love it. >> i like mine frozen though. >> yes. >> i never heard of that. >> let it go, let it go. now, butter fingers, people, they are mysterious, and they are not easy to read these people that eat the butter finger. >> do you like butter finger. >> no. >> twistlers folks, people either love us or hate us. but we don't care either way. >> that is you. >> that is exactly you. >> man, that is you to a t. >> i don't like red one as much as the black ones. i'm only person in the america that likes black.
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>> licorice that taste. >> yes, they look like that. >> you will eat, pay money for that. >> yes. >> all right. now, we're going to show you some footage that may frighten you. turn your kids away from the tv right now. if how todd pick someone that work at our tv station we like to call fox, who could be a very good break dancer, who do you think it would be? would it be. >> jeff coal. >> i could see that. >> steve keeley. >> iain page loves to dance good he loves to dance and he loves like rap and kind of break dance music. >> yes. >> we need a dance offy thought he just played golf and wondered around at home. >> he likes warm wet are and warm hugs. >> now, watch this break dancing fool. >> ♪
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>> all right. >> wow. >> that is our, main reporters, chris o'connell, on vacation, with his wife vanessa. >> oh, my god. >> he is good. >> look at that. >> i pulled a hamy. >> he is popping, rocking, in a dance competition,. >> they are in sandals resort in jamaica. >> this was a contest, and he posted it to facebook, in the knowing that we would find it, of course. >> i bet he won. >> he does not no, we did that. >> he doesn't know. >> this is great. >> so iain is really good they should have a break dance competition. >> a dance off. >> a dance off right here on the lake. >> please, iain, please chris, that would be fantastic.
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>> yes. >> epic. >> you know the the scene from the wizard of oz where dorothy wanting to back home. there is a new app bringing famous line of the wizard of oz to life. dorothy. >> there is in place like home, is there no place like home. there is in place like home. there's in place like home. >> so, apparently, this is an app for your smart phone. this is how it works. it is a small chip called ruby, app is called dorothy. you put tonight your shoe and communicates with your phone. when you click your heels together, your even if will do whatever you programmed in for it to do like if i programmed it i will click my heels together, it will call alex. the phone will call you. >> it does anything you want to it do. >> yes. >> and then cause your mike even if to drop. >> sure.
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>> i will hold it. >> right there in the back. >> what do you think. i will figure out how much that will cost. if you want to hook it up to the taxi service. >> alex could call her sugar daddy yes. >> on the spot. >> yes, click her high heel pumps. >> give me four you this dollarsing. >> click, click, click. >> i got your check, alex. >> wow. >> bring them back. come on george washington. >> thanks, martha. >> who do you listen to musically might be a sign of your overall intelligence. i'm an idiot. okay. >> we're all looking at you. no you are not. >> is that what you were supposed to say. >> yes. >> you are so smart. >> you are the smartest man, i have ever met. >> one of the most popular artists across the world is being considered music, for dummies, if you listen to this with man you are not as smart as other people.
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>> ♪ >> i'm an idiot. i love her. >> i'm a dummy, and prosecuted to be a dummy because i'm's beyonce good this study stinks. study found those that listen to beyonce are less intelligent. new jersey's john bon jovi, was also called out for being a music of less smart people. >> who wrote this copy. >> our writer is a huge fan of bon jovi. >> who put this script together. >> bon jovi. >> okay. >> never mind. >> study is american college students facebook likes and compared them to average sat and ac t scores at colleges. so if you are smart, what are you listening to in this.
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>> this is skewed. apparently if you are smart, you like radio head, you two, cold play, and counting crows. >> counting crows. >> yes. >> what? >> who enlistens to them anymore. >> smart people that we're not hanging around. >> american software writer put this study together. >> very unscientific. >> i'm getting he is white. >> and he is a big fan of cold play. >> clueless. >> sue, i have a question for you, tonight, at 6:22 eastern time, off the coast of virginia. >> right. >> they will launch a rocket, and if you are in certain parts of the delaware valley because sunsets just after 6:00, especially atlantic city, you know that camera shot we have in atlantic city where it shoots south down the coastline, you might be able to see this rocket take off from a little island just off the coast of virginia.
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i saw this one night when they did this, and yeah. >> a shot like this you will be able to see it. >> opposite direction, southbound. >> you might be able to see it. >> there will be a few clouds but if you are there in atlantic city you have a better chance of seeing it then we will be here in philadelphia further south east you go, perhaps if you are in dover delaware you might see it but closer to the coast, it is in the island in virginia. i will a this also, nasa a will have a live web cam shot of it, so if you cannot see it in person you can watch it on line. it is going to be pretty exciting that happening so close to where we live. usually it is down in florida or texas or something like that. so lets talk about the halloween forecast because it is never too early to check how spooky it is going to be on friday night and trick or treating forecast is for temperatures in the 50's. the sunset time on friday will be 6:00p m on the dot. that is the official time.
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cloudy and chilly is the forecast for trick or treating on friday night. it should be funny stay safe. this weekend is when we turn our clocks back an hour saturday night. we will be on time for things on sunday because it is when we leave daylight savings time and we go back to standard time. that is happening as well. we have a temple game on saturday with east carolina. my goodness. so much going on. back to the 70's today. by saturday our temperatures are only in the 40's so a blast of really chilly air thanks to the cold front coming through on wednesday but should be okay for halloween, kerry. >> it is 9:15. of course as we mentioned and as you well know friday is halloween. so plane pumpkins are trans form into jack lanterns with the right carving skills you can turn your pumpkins into works of art. look at that. that is impressive. you have to know how to do it. it is not easy. we have the person you need to help, mike and alex are with him right now.
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>> we are but mike has been busy working on this pumpkin. are you finish yet. lets have a reveal. >> backup george because you want to see a wide shot of this. it has taken me two hearst of this. >> what do you think. >> i don't believe you. >> hey, tony. >> hey. >> did you do this. >> i did them all. >> how long does it take. >> this one took about 15 minutes. >> mike didn't do that one. >> so what do we need to know, the first part, the the gutting it out. >> correct. >> first thing is gut the pumpkin. first thing is cut the lid off and gut the pumpkin. >> how do you scoop it out what instrument. >> eye this spoon here. what you do is go in the circular motion to take seeds and guts out and then dump that in the trash can or roast the seeds. then i use a clay lou,
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especially made for clay and sculpting and i thin walls on the pumpkin. >> why is that important. >> when eye your car verying saw it had has to go through the pumpkin. >> yes good if you don't trim down inner wall you won't go all the way through. >> i leave the hair and everything in there. >> you do. >> that is in the good. >> thinks just like a exacto knife. >> what i use is a skill saw blades. >> where do you get those. >> home depot or lowes. >> do you stick that in there. >> yes in the exact hand knife. >> less smaller. you can make it as long or short as you want. >> george, come around here, can you see these from your angle. come around there. let me help you. >> i know when i was little we put the stencil on there and work it that way because paper would move around.
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>> the the actual pattern, but what you do is trace it on with transfer paper. you can print it out on sticker paper and just put sticker paper right on the pumpkin and carve right through it. >> why do you have a dream works pumpkin. >> the reason i'm here is to promote how to train your dragon two which is coming out on blue ray and dvd next month on the 11th. it is already available on autopsy of the down load sites. >> cool. >> how do i find more of your work. >> stony stony >> ideas what to carve. >> i have 10,000 pumpkin patterns thaw can pick and choose. >> 10,000. >> you put a pattern, like glue on to the sticker paper. >> yes. >> there is stencils. there is tutorials how to do
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it step by step. >> what is longer amount of time. do you see that fox 291. >> fox 29 took about three hours to carve. >> three hours. >> that actually is a pumpkin made by pumpkins that mold real into foam and is what nice about them is they don't rot, they last a life time. >> light them up. >> look at that. >> are they easier then a real pumpkin. >> you need special tools to do it. i can show you one of them. >> great thing is. >> that did his look intense. >> you will stick around and show us we can get some of these real pumpkins at home how we can keep it longer. >> i will give tips. >> can you you keep squirrels away from them. >> you can. >> tell us next time we come out. >> we will be right back. >> kerry. >> look at this alex. >> yes, are we staying good who is that. >> okay. >> we will catch up with him
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in a moment. >> ti's wife she made a permanent change, is this the latest, crazy celebrity change. what she altered in order to avoid wearing contact, color contact, a little bit of the hint, it has nothing to to with her vision. also keep those tweets coming we asked you guys is what your favorite chocolate bar and a lot of you are tweeting, cannot forget mr. good bar. and, from phil a hand down best candy bar for halloween is a recess nut outrageous. i will give it a try. is a recess nut outrageous. i will give it a try. we wil
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no one asks to have diabetes or heart disease. at gateway health, we see you , not your condition. gateway health medicare advantage plans offer complete care that fits you better, gives you more, and may cost you less. like ten-dollar copays on the medications you need, and zero copays on everything from diabetic monitoring supplies to hearing and eye exams. call 1-877-gateway today. for a better plan. and a better you.
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what's the truth on taxes? says it's tom corbett who's being dishonest. they say tom wolf has a plan to reduce income taxes for the middle class and cut local property taxes. and tom corbett? it's corbett who slashed education by a billion dollars... ...and now almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. and it's corbett who's increasing gas taxes by 28 cents a gallon. tom corbett. desperate and dishonest. it is sound of ringing in or actually revving up for the holiday season of giving. bikers are gearing up for delivering toys to the marine core, toys for tots to help children in the philadelphia area mike is outside.
9:24 am
we are doing our part. we have a toy collection. we go from 7:00 to 10:00. we have a few minutes. >> getting caught up with an old friend mark schultz here. nice to he zoo you again. >> nice to see you again. >> i have to say happy birthday shout out here. happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> is what your name. >> daniel. >> where do you riff. >> maguire air force base. >> who is this guy. >> my oldest son ryan. my wife laura. >> hi. >> so, we pulled them out of school to show them a good time. >> that is great. >> i cannot believe mark, how many toys we have collected already. >> just today. it is heart warming, just to see people give. is there less fortunate children out there. they will have a great christmas due to abate and marine core, johnny mack's choppers. >> johnny mack, good to see you. come over here. i didn't know tony luke had a bike for that. >> that was a raffle bike. >> that is wonderful. >> almost every box is full but we will be here for another half an hour. >> until 10:00 o'clock.
9:25 am
>> mark, tell me about the run. >> the run will start on sunday, in second, we will be on columbus boulevard at spring garden street. we will ride through streets of philadelphia and end up at electric factory, seventh and willow where we will give bikers a concert free concert for their toys. all you need is toy and come in and see live, a tribute ban, get to all of the runners because their last show was yesterday. we got the next best thing. it will be a great day. we want everybody to come down and stay after the run, a and see marine core, collect all of these toys good now, what do you expect a couple hundred people. >> couple hundred thousand. >> what? >> that is what i'm expecting but i don't always get what i expect. >> we will be thousands of in motorcycles. largest thing that ever happens in philadelphia. >> yes,. >> 50,000. >> well, you know i don't like to go by numbers. i go by toys. there is that many kids that are less fortunate that will be less happen think season. >> we will see you there we will see you there. why do you think the marines
9:26 am
are involve. >> to help the kid. >> that is what it is all about. >> yes, sir. >> we have an 18 wheeler, we have to fill them. >> eighteen wheeler full of toys. >> not full of toys, it is empty. >> that is what i mean. >> we have to fill it up. >> lets do it. >> lets get back inside. we still have time. >> quincy? quincy? are you still alive. >> mike, mike, we are still alive, universe soul circus. coming up next we have bizarre, imagine all the way from chile we have the alot dogs right under the big top. >> they are coming from chile right now that is why they are in the here but they will be here moment trily.
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in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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we are coming up on will the 30 on the dot. taking a look at the french main or, pocono mountains. it will be a beautiful day. it will be in the 70s, i'm so excited. >> so last chance to enjoy being outside. i know i'll hibernate. >> well, talk about a good time. that's what you'll have if you make your way to the universesole circus, set up shop in fairmount park. so what's this dog act? >> okay, well, the dogs are over here. i have the ring master right here, ring master lucky, what's going on with these dogs? >> oh, they are all the way from chile, all relate to the dogs won the 2012 for america's got toll end show. >> yes, same, cousins, like i say, everybody is family at the universesole circumstance
9:31 am
us. >> so we can see these dogs do various amounts of tricks? >> just three of them now, i think they actually have like all kind of different tricks, you know, in the ring. this is just the sneak peak just little bit of what's what to expect when you come out to the universal circumstance us. >> now, lucky, i'll be guest ring master tomorrow. >> that's right, you'll kick off the show, be the guest ring master for opening night tomorrow night, wednesday, so tell your people to come out, check it out. you know, box office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., right here next to the man center. and you know, climate control. so cold outside, or if it is hot outside, the trailer is nice and comfortable. fifty-second and parkside, now, these dogs, they look very energetic. >> i know, they just happy. you know, they love doing what they do, just like everybody else at the universesoul circus, sneak peak, little bit what to expect. >> oh! >> that's one of my favorites. oh, yes, he is very energetic,
9:32 am
very hype. and it is all about having fun. >> okay, so you guys are in town november 9th. >> correct. we are here until november 9th at the man center, you will see our big red and yellow tent, set upright here, you know, we're able to see 2500 people every seat is a good seat. so you know, just awesome. >> oh, man, can i go pet the dogs? okay, i won't pet them. >> i'm part of the act. in is what will be going on tomorrow. >> thank you, lucky. >> thank you very much. you know, once again, we here, one last thing, do you not want to miss out on the ending of the show. it is cents something special. >> for safety reasons, that's why. >> i was trying to jump in with the dogs. you said, no you didn't went me to do that. >> you never know what winly
9:33 am
do. one of the most hype ones, youngest ones, you never know what he will do. >> well, see you tomorrow, luck. >> i see you under the big top. >> quincy, i know they won't let you do any of the act. but have you been practicing? if you're the ring master, you have to say universesoul circus right! >> they say how about me practicing? we've been practicing all morning, the universesoul! >> what are you going to wear? >> what are you going to wear? >> still working it out. what should i wear tomorrow? >> i would say be swag out. >> swag out? that's hard for me. >> can't be, man. you've got to have it. >> needs a top hag. >> swag out. >> okay, i like what you're wearing. >> you can't fit into this, though. >> we'll figure it out. >> 9:33. >> every year always hands full of costumes that you'll see at every party, but who shows up and in what, might have something to do with the
9:34 am
state you live in. so, we will take a look at the most google costumes by states, that way you know what's going to be the most popular. now, this is according to sumo coupons, and for pennsylvania, slender man. >> no. >> most google costume. >> no. >> you remember this is what we have been warning parents about, because there is that that girl honed dollars up killing -- >> knifed a friend of hers. >> you haven't been listening to us. >> oh, maybe trying to figure out who slender man is so they can know when their kid asks for it what it looks like. >> mom, dad, don't let them do slender man. not good. we need to change that, i'll google all day to change that. >> and delaware, banana costumes are the most popular. >> of course,. >> a banana. >> why? >> i don't know, but it is a banana costume. >> look at this, other states are bananas too. >> guess it is popular. >> funny looking costume. oh, appealing. >> is that minnesota? >> minnesota, banana, looks
9:35 am
like massachusetts, is a banana. >> ban and's popular this year. and in jersey, it is elsa from frozen? oh, that's original. coming out friday. >> did you see drinking game. >> based on what? >> so you sit at your house, every time an elsa comes up for cannedy? >> oh, ya? >> by the end of the night? you play that game with us. someone tweeted us to me, you zip, if it is anna, you chug if it is elsa. >> is elsa good or bad? >> she's good. >> she has moments. >> she is troubled? >> well, she elsa. >> seek a -- seeing a psychiatrist. >> watch the movie. you haven't seen it in you still need to. >> okay, friday. let's check out some pumpkins, perfectly carved before attacked by skims. my daughter jill carved these out, one like alien, and then overnight the squirrels got to
9:36 am
the point where it collapsed. >> oh,. >> so how do you keep the squirrels away from pumpkins, how do you keep them fresh for over a month? we have the answers, yes, look to us. >> ♪ >> oh,
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> atlantic city. that's the shot we were looking for, southbound, down the beach, atlantic city, so 6:22 this evening, setting off
9:40 am
that rocket out of virginia coastline. i think you'll be able to see if to if there isn't too much cloud cover. >> it will be great. if not, go on nasa website. >> so earlier how to get your pumpkin right. how do you pre is her of it? number one thing people forget to do? >> forget to soak it in water and bleach. >> bleach? >> couple tablespoons of bleach in there, will give this another four days. >> do you have to spread it all around or just pour it in? >> just stick it in the sing, dunk the pumpkin. >> after you have carved it. >> couple tips, the reason dow this, a lot of people just carve in circle. and then they wind upgoing like there is try to figure out how to put it back on. put a tab on, you know how to put it on. >> makes it easier? >> correct. >> one of the these things, too, household items to make sure the pumpkin doesn't rot on us? >> correct. one of the tips i have
9:41 am
, done with the lid, put cinnamin on the lid. candle. it will heat up the cinnamin and the pumpkin and will smell like pumpkin pie. >> oh, love that. >> it is cents a very good smell. >> a lot of folks have problems with squirrels? >> they do with carvings. what i recommend just sprague it with a little bit of water. >> around the top on the outside. >> correct. this is just cayenne pepper. >> really? >> that will stop them. >> as long as the squirrel is not mexican, likes spicy food, they'll stay away from it. >> just on the top. you don't have to spread it? >> , no just basically where the carving is. >> they'll taste it and ooh run away? >> to doesn't harm the squirrel either. >> they say eww? >> they say eww. now of course some people already carved their pumpkins, may have wilted. can we bring it back to life. >> yes, you can. a pumpkin is basically 09% water, so if it starts to wilt, bring it in the house, let it sit for hour in weighter, come out just like this again. >> it will plump back up?
9:42 am
>> just like sponge bob with water. >> i never new that either. so parents, just dump it in some water. exactly an hour. >> what's that in the bottle there? >> actually just like the cinnamon that i use, this is actually made for giving candles fragrance, like $3 at wal-mart. actually put this on top of the lid also. >> to give it that smell? >> cinnamin smell. >> will that smell skewer them away? >> they're gone. >> you're cool. >> what's your website? >> you with your jack o lanterns out there. so alex, officially open. and we're going to see how it works, and tell you there is cents one thing that our girl jill wants from you guys, i'll tell you exactly what it is.
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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ryan costello went into politics. in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. will the three still grooving with some 70s. 70s today. look at this, more toys for our toy drive. you have 15 minutes, be out here until 10:00 a.m. no stuffed animals, the only thing we can't take.
9:46 am
brand new toys for the kids. great thing. so pop up shop for struggling philadelphians, been talking about this all morning, it gives them chance to get -- clothes for free. taking great clothes. now open for customers. >> and they get styled, as well, jen. >> jill here. >> okay, so this is how it kind of works, basically, she's checking out. >> yes. >> so this woman came in. she selected five items, beautiful, nugently used clothing, and she's now checking out. she gets a shopping bag. it has our closet logo on it, had nice experience, people have helped her, found the right size, right color, right fit for her. now she's off to enjoy her day. >> so tell us, a lot of people keep asking, how do i dough nature? >> we have a main warehouse in bryn mawr, and we except donations in a lot of various places throughout the city, you go on our website, our closet it will explain to you all the
9:47 am
rules, and all of the logistics about how to donate. happy to make it convenient for you. >> i did say one thing you want, you want donations but you need humans. you have a volunteer army and you need it bigger. >> yes, looking for ways to fill your day, want to come down, volunteer in the pop up shop, work check out, be sales associate, we need people. we need people to help us serve these philadelphians. >> how much training? a lot of times outwent do something, but so much training involved. >> not too much training. we talk to you over phone, we meet you, we send you information, and then train on the job. >> when you say pop up shops, literally we showed up here 45:00 this morning, this was just room with nothing in it, you bring backs and bags of stuff in. >> we bring banks of stuff. we turn any conference rumor classroom in any of the community partners, into the pop up shop. so we have all of these community based partners that provide the tables, and things like, that and we bring all the stuff and we set up the shop. >> so had couple of questions on my twitter. one, full size clothing? >> yes. >> okay. >> do have full size clothing.
9:48 am
>> then two, they want to know how they qualify. how they're eligible. >> no eligibility. if in your need, need somebody who would like to have five extra pieces cents of clothing because you're struggling in your life, come on down, if you take a number you come into the store. >> and you have an e-mail. we can paraphrase it, but basically it is a lot of people you're dealing, with they have jobs -- >> just got e-mail from somebody work nag offers job and now they switched jobs, and they need a certain casino of shoe and boot to wear to that job and they said can we come down because we don't have any money. and i said we reply and say absolutely. >> we talk about, that things for gentleman, obviously in great need. and those casino of things, like the work boots, things that are really expense that i have you just -- most people have a shirt, pair of pants, maybe warm coat. but might not have specific work boot. >> yes, specific work boots are great. career clothing great.
9:49 am
>> accessories, handbags, scarfs. >> makes you feel good and comfortable when go into this new environment, right? >> yep. >> you said to audrey in the 8:00 hour, nice leather coat, got a bag little extra from what she could afford, and what she actually -- >> and the quality really gives you that confidence to go out and figure out the rest of your life. >> people can sell on consignment, really high quality, gorgeous, amazing stuff. >> yep. >> we do it in a store like setting. >> proud of you i'm sure these people are proud. our closet >> exactly, check us out. >> go on our website, too. amazing, yes, ladies? >> very amazing. great thing you guys are doing. >> i'm just thinking, probably 06 suits and some i haven't worn in years. >> yes, hand them over. they could make good use of them.
9:50 am
>> that's cool. >> very cool. >> coming up on will the 50, 23 year old woman, wakes up after dental surgery, disappointed when she realizes she doesn't look like nicki minaj. and she's not bff with ellen degeneres. >> (crying). >> but you got your teeth done. >> i didn't know that. i thought i would be nicki minaj. >> you thought would you look like nicki minaj. >> that's what you thought they were going to do? >> yes. >> man, i'm sorry. >> (crying). >> but you look good. >> i would look better if i was nicki minaj. and i love he will glenn i do too. >> ellen degeneres is generous, like her name. and i love her.
9:51 am
>> how come this never happened to me? >> never happened to me either. so bizarre. >> so she wakes up, her name is jc underwood. >> yes, all think all four of her teeth pulled out at the same time, sedated, and wakes up thinking she wanted to look like nicki minaj, and wanted to be black. >> and she said she's still white. i think she thought also that she was best friends with ellen degeneres. >> ya. >> why do people do these videos? >> how did her husband do that? why would you necessarily even have a camera rolling when they did wake up from sedation? >> because now everyone is making these videos, they want to join in on the up. >> maybe when she started bad link like that, he pulled out his phone and thought i have to get this on tape. >> i think he wishes she was nicki minaj, too. >> oh, ya. >> oh, no, it is over already. chris martin, jennifer laurence, they broke up. >> unconsciously uncoupled? >> spotted when another man. >> who? >> best way to get over one,
9:52 am
right? >> fen -- who jennifer has turned to for comfort next. >> learn so much about alex every
9:53 am
9:55 am
>> you know what? ♪ >> somebody watching wildwood right now said i've seen that rocket launch before. so you can see it from the jersey shore. >> oh, that will be good. >> and i'm rhyming. oh, it is over for apparently little jennifer laurence and chris martin, lead singer of cold play, right? yes, they broke up. >> well the couple they began
9:56 am
dating this summer shortly after laurence split from her boyfriend, actor nicholas holt. martin split from his wife actress gwyneth paltrow, conscious un coupling, back in march, jennifer reportedly turned to her father for comfort during this time. she was spotted going to restaurant with him last night in los angeles. nothing like daddy-daughter time you. >> tease dollars she was seeing new guy, and it's her dad? >> yes, you know, we like to over sell and whatever. >> don't say that. >> but you love your dad. >> i love my dad. >> do you go on daughter-daddy dates and stuff? ya. >> entertainers the beginning of trends in america, ya and this one might be a first. >> permanently changed her eye color, from brown, to this. >> what? >> gray. >> oh, no? >> posted picture thanking her doctor on instagram, and in her message she was tired of wear color changing contact it, made her vision blurry.
9:57 am
now her vision is perfect with implants. >> man, i wouldn't risk that. >> that's scary. >> yikes. okay, so, the wig, this worked. maybe we can incorporate something for the houston texans against the eagles on sunday. >> everyone's been tweeting us trying to say what can i do to get the good luck back. so we're discussing, trying to work on something. >> a loft guys have said we're cheer -- wear cheerleading uniforms, little chant. >> well, we'll have to see. >> i think we can maybe have chris o'connell do like a dance off thing again. he just did that yesterday, didn't he? >> you know intrepid reporter chris o'connell one of the best in the business, mostly showing his serious side. he's on vacation in jamaica with his wife. and last night he was involved in a break dancing competition, right? >> yes. >> so please enjoy the dance styling of one reporter named chris o'connell. we'll see you tomorrow. >> ♪ here we go. common. ♪
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. today what caused the couple to call it quits? wendy breaks it down. and outspoken and outrageous. mario cantone is here talking hot topics. plus a lucky audience member gets to question to vegas and the soul train awards. now here's wendy!