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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  October 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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list of crimes. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. let's get to fox 29' dave schratwieser life. dave? >> reporter: lucy, dion jordan charged in five separate cases with a kidnapping, three bank robberies and a murder. today those police divers were back in the schuylkill river looking for evidence that they think could possibly tie him to a one-man crime spree that may include as many as five murders. fox 29 cameras there as divers from the police department's marine unit spent the morning in the schuylkill river near the falls bridge searching for evidence in a murder case that now has accused killer dion jordan in the spotlight. >> this individual has been on crime spree of his own, um, involving from bank robbery, murder, kidnapping, i mean you name it. >> reporter: homicide detectives watched closely as the divers did a grid essential looking for a gun jordan claims he tossed off the bridge after
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the murder of 49 year old dallas long two week ago. long's body was dumped at 82nd and lions in eastwick. >> he took everything that he had, his keys, his id, you know, the detectives said they left him with 72 cents. >> reporter: joe zeta long says her son had been in trouble before but was trying to turn things around when jordan allegedly took his life. >> he has two twin daughters, and he was trying to turn his life around. >> reporter: police sources say jordan is now being look at by police and the fbi in connection with a crime spree that includes as many as five murders, a kidnapping and as many as six bank robberies where the robber wore this 1,500-dollar hollywood style mask to rob banks in new britain, chestnut hill and other locations. >> he's going to be look at for not only the incidents he's already being charged with but also any other incidents that could possibly be related to him. >> i just hope he gets what he deserves because it didn't make any sense to take him for
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nothing. >> reporter: dion jordan remains behind bars being held without bail tonight. coming up at 6:00, police try to unravel all of these crimes and look for links to jordan and other possible suspects that's coming up at sick. iain. >> dave, thank you. we'll see you then. sky fox over water main break causing trouble in northeast philadelphia. the break is at southampton road and rose vest boulevard. it broke just before 2:00 and shut down southampton to roosevelt no word on what caused the break and we of course will keep updated. >> burlington county contractors dig agnew swimming pool have discovered human bones. crews unearthed them yesterday afternoon on the 600 block of bank avenue in riverton. investigators say the remains appear to be very old. they do not suspect foul play. forensic anthropologist with state police is examining notice bones. developing now more than a dozen dogs found in deplorable conditions inside a south philadelphia home. the animals were removed by animal welfare officers this morning. some of the dogs badly injured.
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officers say the conditions they were living in were not the worst part of this story. fox 29's dawn tim money knee live tonight in hunting park outside the pspca. dawn, how did they find out about this? >> reporter: well, iain a concerned neighbor called 911. she's been complaining of dogs barking and whining and crying all night long. she can hear them through the walls of her row home. last night, the pennsylvania s spca and police arrived on the scene and what they found was extremely disturbing. an alleged dog breeding and dog fighting operation. >> armed with a search warrant, pennsylvania spca officers removed 13 dogs from a home in the 2200 block of mifflin street in south philadelphia. five adult pitbulls, one missing an eye, with scarring on his head kit tent with dog fighting loaded in to an spca van early this morning along with eight puppies. officials say the conditions the animals were living in nothing less than horrific.
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>> the way these animals were chained and almost every room in the house some were chained to radiators on short heavy chains, these dogs couldn't get away. >> reporter: humane officials removed two homemade treadmills typically used to train dogs for fighting. they also found syringe, steroids for dogs and other dog fighting paraphernalia. >> these dogs are trained like body builders. their, you know, they're kept lean. they're kept in good shape like a boxer. >> reporter: a neighbor took a picture of one of the dogs chained up out back. another woman who lives nearby and doesn't want to be identified says that dog was always out there. >> out there all winter in the cold and just crying and barking all year round. i'm glad, you know, that he's safe. >> reporter: saved along with 12 other dogs that neighbors say they had no idea were locked inside this alleged doghouse of horror. >> i'm just devastated. >> every time you see these, you see these animals, you know, used for this type of activity,
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i'm just glad we were able to rescue these. >> reporter: now, pspca officials say they can't determine if dog fighting was going on that at that location but they say it was definitely a training operation. they do have a suspect and they are working on filing multiple felony counts against that person. in the meantime, the dogs, five adult pitbulls and puppies are being cared here at the spca. coming up at 6:00 more on the fate of these dogs and how prevalent dog fighting is here in pennsylvania, in philadelphia specifically, lucy, apparently, it is big money. >> that's very, very sad. all right. dawn talk to you at 6:00 man accused of a deadly shooting at mercy fitzgerald hospital in darby is waving his right to a preliminary hearing. richard plots shot and kill his caseworker and shot at his psychiatrist grazing his head. the psychiatrist returned fire wounding plots. this happened in july and investigators say plots had been
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committed several times for mental health issues and has a record of drug and gun convictions. they believe he was upset about new signs banning guns on the hospital campus. >> septa and union leaders are in talks right now for a new contract. both sides are trying to avoid a massive strike. we are told both sides have been meeting all afternoon. union members voted to authorize a strike on sunday if a strike happens, trollies, subways and buses would come to a grinding halt. the union says it would give a 24 hour notice. they've been working without a contract since the spring. the union says a strike will not happen as long as progress is being made. >> late october warmup in your fox 29 weather authority. so perfect day to hop outside for life look at philadelphia international airport. you know what, even looking at the tarmac you can tell it's a beautiful day. soak it in while you can. things are not going to stay this fantastic for long. right, chief meteorologist scott williams? yeah, that's right lucy. today it certainly was a chamber of commerce day across the area. a lot of smiles on people's
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faces. because of this. look at the temperatures in the 70s. unheard of really for late october. 74 degrees right now. but look at those winds. they're out of the south warming us up. we have mid 70s toward the lehigh valley. 74 in millville. 70 still in wildwood. mid 70's in wrightstown. for tonight we're looking at partly cloudy conditions temperatures in the low 60s in the city. mid 50s in the suburb. taking a look at the satellite and radar, high pressure is offshore but we have those winds coming out of the south and west out ahead of a cold front that will head in our direction tomorrow. coming up the timing of temperature changes as well as a little bit of rainfall even a wintry preview believe it or not, iain, is that seven day forecast. >> all right, scott, seems hard to believe. thank you. >> new cell phone video tonight of power lines that fell on a house in brookhaven delaware county. this is noor brookhaven road and edgemont avenue. police say a truck carrying a generator hit a power line. no one was hurt. and the power is back on. >> a 14 month old berks county
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baby is in critical condition and her babysitter faces attempted murder charges. bethel township police say the baby has a severe head injury and it was the result of direct physical abuse by her babysitter lisa elaine wheeler. wheeler claims the baby was hurt in a fall. to the latest in the e best la situation now. the second of two texas nurses sick with ebola is out of the hospital and the president spoke this afternoon about amber vincent and the fight against the deadly disease. fox's rick leventhal has the latest. >> nurse amber vincent is free of the ebola virus much she was discharged from emory hospital in atlanta today where she was treated aft contracting the disease while caring for so-called index patient thomas eric duncan who died at tech text health presbyterian in dallas in early october. >> while this is a day for celebration and gratitude, i ask that we not lose focus on the thousands of families who continue to labor under the burden of this disease in west of a forty three a. >> reporter: her release
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leaves just one ebola patient colonelly receiving treatment in the u.s. dr. craig spencer remains in serious but stable condition at manhattan's bellevue hospital. meanwhile nurse casey hick cocks detained in new jersey as a potential ebola patient is back in her home state of main man. she's symptom free and fighting back against the state's 21-day quarantine protocol. several states have introduced tougher guidelines for people returning from west africa something the administration argues could keep americans from helping in the region. >> we got to make sure that those workers who are willing and able and dedicated to go over there in a really tough job, that they're applauded, thanked and supported. that should be our priority. >> reporter: dr. spencer remains in isolation here at bellevue hospital. officials say his toughest days are ahead. but things will get worse before they get better. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> the government is filing suit against at&t the company was not up front in promises of unlimited data plans to its
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customers. the federal trade commission says at&t failed to adequately disclose that it would reduce data speeds if customers went over a certain amount of data used during a billing cycle it's a practice called throttling and it slows down web browsing, gps and your streaming videos. the ftc and at and t have been doing this since 2011. the company denies misleading customers. it says they informed everyone via bills and press releases. >> the football hazing scandal in local school district is only now heating up. officials cancel the ref of the football season a mid accusations of disturbing behavior between players. there's a big school board meeting to night. but the team's head coach is already firing back at officia officials. >> and it's one of the most difficult jobs to imagine hunting down criminals who target children. we go behind the scenes with the brave men and women whose life mission is to protect your children. and neighbors call the police after seeing this roaming in their yard but it's no wild animal. believe it or not this huge cat
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at a pet. what should you do if you see boo? >> howard. >> boo! the fans are still -- just boo. it's halloween the fans are still talking about the game. how do the players get over that brutal loss on sunday? the coach will explain and some
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♪ >> head coach of the central bucks west football team accused of hazing sounds off over allegations he and his fellow coaches let it happen. the district last week canceled the cb west season and suspended its coaches.
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fox 29's dave kinchen is live in doylestown tonight where there's a public board meeting later. dave? >> reporter: that's right. parents of central bucks west football players are expected to go face to face with school board members tonight here. it's a regularly scheduled board meeting, but of course it comes with a lot of controversy here. this after the district cancel the last two football games of the season following allegations of player hazing which surfaced earlier in the month. actually on october 14th. the allegations suggest that players grabbed the genitals of other players and ran into the showers with towels on their heads, a practice that students were calling water boarding. the events taking place at a preseason scrimmage over the course of 20 minutes. the coaches were suspended after district officials said they were investigating quote an on-going lack of supervision. the head coach brian responded with a statement saying in part "the notion that my coaching staff foster add culture where
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by lack of supervision and haz hazing was an on-going norm is not just fair but patently false much it's my sincere hope this investigation will reveal this truth. the bucks county da is asking players to come forward and speak about what happened if they feel their safety was violated on one final note the superintendent and board members declined to comment on the matter before the meeting. the meeting starts here at the high school central bucks west at 7:30. back to you guys. >> all right. thatching dave. raccoon in camden county backyard did have rabies. the family found that animal in the cherry hill backyard last week and contacted animal control who cap captured and tested it. officials believe it may have have come in contact with the family's dog. the dog had its rabies shots is getting a booster. under state regulations the family pet has been confined and observed for 45 days regarding exactly where that rabid raccoon was, well, officials aren't sharing where they found it. >> a lifeline for workers at a
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atlantic city taj mahal casino resort. a joint union management health care fund giving two months of extended insurance coverage to the workers. unite here health a fund run by union reps and casino executives say acted because of unprecede unprecedented times in atlantic city. of course you remember earlier this month the taj mahal got a bankruptcy job to cancel its union contract. as a result workers insurance coverage was due to expire on friday today's decision extends coverage through december. >> residents of bucks county community prone to flooding are now prepared to weather storms. today marked the end of a decade long federal home elevation project. a decision of the department of agriculture either bought out homes from their owners or helped owners raise their properties. the area along the lower neshaminy creek floods especially after big storms like irene and floyd. over the past 10 years, the project either demolished or elevated more than 100 homes and
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that costs $27 million. a big day for smart pooches at the penn vet working dog center. two year old golden retriever, two year old lab morgan and chocolate lab thunder all graduated today. she'll be the first diabetes work dog. thunder will work as urban search and rescue dog. morgan is a certified narcotics detection dog. >> truly a graduation. it's the pride but also the little bit of loss of something that we have helped nurture and the pride is they're now able to be so successful. >> dogs in the program are named in honor of individual who's lost their lives on 9/11 and k9 heroes who served after the attacks. children in the chester upland school district are going to be ready today local auto dealers donate add winter coat to every single elementary student as part of the driving away the cold program. we're talking more than 2,000
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coats here. foundation. (add $5,000 check to support the chester upland school district's first uniform bank which gives school students uniforms when they need them. >> you know two world war ii veterans returned to philadelphia after an amazing trip to the beaches of normandy. more than 70 years after d-day the vets set foot on what some call sacred ground. 8884 old chet, was a semen on board the uss quarry the destroyer that led the d-day invasion his wish was to return to the shores of norman deem his friend 90 your old warren kimmel took the journey along with him. kimmel serve in the china berman india theater back in world war ii. he wanted to visit the site to pay respects to those who died in the battle of normandy. >> it was fantastic. the people were unbelievable. once they found that you were a veteran of the d-day invasion, they just -- they just couldn't
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thank you enough. we really appreciated it. >> his wish was granted by the twilight wish foundation and the doylestown vfw. twilight grants wishes to seniors. >> he doesn't look old enough to have served in d-day. he looks great. >> a break from fall temperatures in your fox 29 weather authority. chief meteorologist scott williams has a look at that and also well a big change, right, scott. we're looking at several seasons in a matter of days, lucy. today it felt more like spring. 70s. 74 degrees right now. look at this. winds are out of the south at 9 miles per hour. really no concerns this evening if you're stepping outdoors. 74 in millville. 75 in reading right now. 76 degrees in the lehigh valley. get this. we could be looking at wet snow potentially in the forecast. keep it here for that coming up. but as we talk about what's happening tonight, upper 60s by 7:00 o'clock. we're looking at mid 60s by 9:00 o'clock. 64 degrees still by
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11:00 o'clock. that's typical for the average high testimony cher this time of year. but take look at some of the cold temperatures well to the north in canada. mid 20s, freezing right now for some. that cooler air will eventually head in our direction. we have the halloween forecast as well as who could see those wet snowflakes in the seven day forecast coming up. >> all right, scott, thank you. after smoking crack in office, using some colorful language during speeches and revealing he's got cancer toronto mayor rob ford back in the news. the big political blow for him and his brother. >> a pennsylvania man runs through a neighborhood stark neighborhood. police eventually tased him but things got worse for him from there. one midwestern town isn't feeling the love foreman's best friend. where dogs could be banned and why. ♪
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>> a somber day in canada's capitol city. troops and police gathered in ontario for a funeral procession for the young soldier killed by a terrorist.
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corporal zarillo was 24 years old. leaders attended that ceremony. he was guarding the national war memorial last week when he was shot by the same man who later opened fire inside the parliament. that's where the gunman radical lift convert to islam was shot and killed. to tonight a big hit for former toronto mayor rob ford and his before the. rob ford had already drop his bid for his re-election as mayor because he needed to battle cancer. his brother doug ford ran in his place but he just lost to a former progressive conservative party leader. rob ford who was caught using crack cocaine while in office did manage to hang on city council seat, though. the fords had this to si about the vote. >> folks, if you know anything about the ford family, we never, ever, ever give up! >> yes! (applause).
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>> and i guarantee, i guarantee in four more years you're going to see another example of the ford family never, ever, ever giving up! >> rob ford is now under going treatment for aggressive type of cancer. tumor in his ab. >> one of the friends boston bombing suspect was just convicted of lying to police during their investigation. authorities say robel, lied about being in tsarnaev's dorm room while two other friends removed potential evidence. fbi agents say he told them a string of lice before finally acknowledging that he had been in the room at the university of massachusetts at dartmouth. his lawyers say he was a scared 19 year old who was intimidated by the fbi. they also say he was high on marijuana and could not remember what he did that night. he will be sentenced in january. a missouri business is filing suit claiming the riots after the police shooting of teenager michael brown cost it a
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lot of money. the swish bar and grill says it had to shut down for weeks while command post took over its parking lot during the riots. swish says it lost more than $25,000. owners also say their live savings were on the line as the bar was only two months old. >> had to throw away food and merchandise and, um, refund customers for events that were planned here. i mean, the list goes on and on. among those being sued are the state of missouri, highway patrol, st. louis county and the town of ferguson. >> ladies, there's a way you can cut your ovarian cancer revving by a lot and you may not need to change your lifestyle. >> the life-saving drink that may already ab part of your day and you already see it happening. sun segment earlier. how it affects women's behavior after dark and why it could be very good news if you want to have children. one of the most difficult jobs most of us can imagine. hunting down criminals who target children. we go behind the scenes of the
5:27 pm
brave men and women whose life
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live look at the jim thorpe from our poke company mountains camera. beautiful weather and warm temperatures in late objection but end and joy it while it lasts. chief meteorologist scott williams with a look at changes headed our way in your fox 29 weather authority forecast. >> a resident has reported a possible siting of fugitive eric frein the man wanted for the ambush of two state troopers
5:30 pm
much he's accused of of killing one trooper and wounding another outside their northeastern pennsylvania barrack. a manhunt for him now has been going on for month and a half. a resident reported a possible siting of frein near route 390 in monroe county today. police are notary loosing any other information about the reported sighting. >> it takes a very special kind of person to solve crimes against children. they've got to be as tough as nails to get through that evidence and really as soft as a teddy bear to talk witness little ones torments night fox 29's sabina kuriakose goes behind the scenes with those who have the difficult job of looking out for young defenseless victims. >> these are dangerous operati operations. child predators and pedophiles have lot to lose. >> reporter: they're a select team of federal agents rooting out the most disturbing criminals who could be living right next door. >> we're discreet. >> reporter: early fall morning, we're along for an exclusive ride as homeland security's philadelphia field
5:31 pm
agents descend upon a northeast home. tracking anism p address flagged for possibly downloading child porn. >> what i see a pretty bad. >> reporter: agent kim is a member of the crimes against children unit. we're not revealing her full identity to protect her work. which takes her to some dark places. >> homeland security giving us exclusive access inside their sensitive operations including their state of the art philadelphia lab. >> we're able to quickly bring that evidence back, analyze it and then rapidly proceed to include, you know, potentially going back to that house that day, the next day, as soon as we can and removing a child from danger. >> reporter: tracking even one pedophile can mean carefully sifting through hundreds of thousands of horrific photos and film. >> images are one thing. videos are different because they have audio. so when you see an adult taking
5:32 pm
pleasure in an. up fan or a child it's pretty hard. >> reporter: it's not a job for the faint of behind the badges are real people voluntarilily taking on unbearable task and just imagine being a mom and doing this job. >> did you always want to be mother? yes. at some point in my life i wanted to be a mother. >> when we met kim she was eight months pregnant with her first child, a baby girl mentally preparing to juggle the joyce of motherhood with the violent crimes she's dedicated her life to stopping. >> how do you get the images out of your head? i don't know that you really forget them. >> we can't arrest our way out of this problem. there's a growing problem of crimes, hands on crimes that are committed against children. >> reporter: william walker the assistant special agent in charge of homeland security investigations. he oversees kim's unit. he says at any given time his ages are working on a few hundred child abuse cases following up on tips, analyzing
5:33 pm
evidence, executing search warrants, and in dramatic scenes like this one tracking down and apprehending suspects. also social workers dealing one-on-one with victims and families. kim says that's part of the job can be the most rewarding. >> because you just see the sense of relief and the faces when you tell the child this person has been arrested. ♪ >> reporter: with every closed case comes another victim, another monster to track down. it's hard not to feel out numb number. >> it can be overwhelming. >> reporter: one goal keeps them going. >> i think they're an elite group we put together that focus singularly on one really horrific challenge and that is, you know, trying to stop the next kid from being a abused. >> reporter: back to our morning briefing. agents and task force members and local law enforcement planning out their operation hitting several homes they've been tipped off for housing
5:34 pm
alleged predators. >> we begin the investigation of trying to -- trying to develop the truth. >> reporter: hall from our ride this laptop computer. agents will dig through it piece by piece back at the lab the evidence will put another predator away. >> i'm far from a hero. i'm just somebody working to protect children. >> sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> the search is on tonight for whoever shot and killed a man in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood this afternoon at 29th and cumberland streets. a 38 year old man was shot in the chest and died at the scene. so far there are no suspects. >> a 21 your old pennsylvania man is recovering after falling down a pittsburgh hillside after police tased him. they say this guy was nearly naked wearing nothing but socks. they say he ran from them until they finally tased him and that's when he fell about 40 feet down that slope. firefighters had to rescue the man from the bottom of the hill. a resident in the area says he could not believe what he was
5:35 pm
seeing. >> and all i saw was a naked dude stand up in front of me. he didn't have any clothes on then he ran over and hit my -- hit my fence, and i was like, buddy, what are you doing? where are you from? and he came out of my yard and just ran in my neighbor's bush. >> police say the man is in stable condition. but are not releasing his name. you know there's a new app now in the fight against ebola. >> the new online course is being taught by very qualified teachers, plus a discovery 70,000 years in the making. crews dig up a man moth fossil out west west. why they had to work quick toll move it. >> and coming up at sick a lawsuit pits mother against daughter and the center of it all is a chihuahua. we're going to explain this. scott? >> lucy, get ready for roller coaster ride as far as those temperatures go. i'll tell you how cold it gets and what locations might see a
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>> an amazing underwater discovery. divers have found cargo from
5:39 pm
ancient greek ship wrecks in the med did he rain yann sea off the coast of italy. the drivers and archaeologists descended more than 400 feet in a submarine and they found large urns used to transport olives and wine and other cargo in the ancient world. so beautiful. look at that. they also discovered a sacrificial altar inscribed with greek lettering much the government has asked the divers to catalog the precious items and to return to help excavate them. back here in the us nebraska doctors are sharing their knowledge about the deadly ebola virus with a smart phone app. you knew this was going happen. university of nebraska medical center launching two free online ebola education courses. the courses will give instruction and share resources to health care professionals and the rest of us general public. the clinicians course is available now via the i tunes u app for i-pad and iphone. university medical center launched online courses after successfully treating two patients with the deadly virus. taking a look at your health
5:40 pm
now. impact of orange juice and tea on a woman's risk for developing ovarian cancer. scientists found those drinks cut the risk of getting the disease by one third. the major 30 year study finds anti-oxidant compounds found in tea, red wine, apples and citrus fruits lead to lower risk. the study by scientists at the university of east, examined more than 171,000 women ages 25 to 55 ovarian cancer call the silent killer because it's often diagnosed too late for cure. >> getting darker earlier that might be encouraging news for women looking to conceive. infertility specialist finds ladies are most fertile during full moon also more likely to conceive during darkest nights. data was gather a mobile app that tracks a woman's monthly cycle. dogs may be man's bev friend but one midwestern town didn't feel so friendly. >> dogs could be banned and why.
5:41 pm
and take look. he looks like a jungle cat. he's on the loose in a local neighborhood but it turns out he's someone's very very missed pet. what his owner says you have to do if you run into boo. howard? >> the eagles come off a bad loss. so they're getting ready for the next game. but they have another injury to their offensive line.
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5:44 pm
>> happening right now, a live look from virginia before a rocket launch that was scrubbed yesterday. this is a wide shot of virginia by the way. >> very wide. >> actually, this is nasa's live
5:45 pm
feed. they're showing various shots mission control in houston to right there. there's virginia. this is nasa's night facility in wallops island much the orbital sciences corporation is about to launch a rocket heading toward the iss the international space station. it is propelling supplies to the station and also this is what we love around here. a project examining the effects of micro gravity designed by students at ocean city high. how cool is that? that's cool. >> these kids, it was scrubbed yesterday because of a boat that came into the harbor that wasn't supposed to be there. but today it's on. the countdown is on right now. launch slated for 6:22. we'll keep watching and let you know when it goes off. one midwestern town town considering a ban on dogs in city parks. durant started getting complaints about around baseball season this spring. residents in the town are tired of owners not picking up after their dogs so the town may decide to get tough. >> people aren't picking up after their pets.
5:46 pm
we would like to see another alternative maybe putting signs up. putting those little doggie stations up. if there's something else that we can do instead of being so drastic and just saying, we're banning dogs from the park. the vote scheduled a week from monday. >> tonight new castle county police on the look out for an exotic and very large cat. we're talking a 35 pounder here. the cat has ran off from its home in the webster farm section of wilmington, delaware now the owners are desperately hoping to get their kitty back. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the search for boo. >> reporter: his unique look may cause you to do a double take possibly even run back into your house. >> some people thought it was a bobcat or cougar report roar he's not. his owners say boo is a harmless 35-pound house cat. >> pet him on the neck. he like it under his chin. he just bursas loud. >> reporter: that sound so
5:47 pm
familiar to the family has been silent. boo wept missing 10 days ago from his home in the webster farms section of wilmington, delaware. >> we set up chicken around here with trail cameras to see if he is actually coming back. >> reporter: boo is a cross between an african wildcat and a domesticated cat. his owners say one morning the he can on the tick and pricey pet snuck out the back door of the home chased after a bunny and never returned. >> we have like a routine with him. we'll take him to the bathroom. we'll feed him but since he's been gone it's a bit like just not normal. >> reporter: especially not today. it's gavin and kell ton todd's 13th birthday. the twins are searching for boo. >> he could have gone that way or gone in the woods back this way. >> reporter: instead of celebrating with him. there have been two sightings reported in the last couple of days which have kept the family hopeful. >> there was a siting across the road only 300 yards from here. >> reporter: todd thinks boo
5:48 pm
is scared of crossing the busy street. if you see the good cat -- >> don't be afraid. he's a loving cat. he's not mean. not scary. >> reporter: call police. >> he's a brother to me. he's like -- he's been part of the family almost nine years. i just want to get him back. >> reporter: in wilmington, delaware, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> prehistoric discovery by idaho state university students have discovered fossil arrived remains of a 70,000 year old ma'am moth. students found the remains near american falls reservoir in boise on october 18th. the fossils were found about 30 feet below the reservoir. high water marks being transferred to the idaho museum of natural history. the threat of rising water in the reservoir forced them to act quickly to recover the remain. >> the more that we find and the more that we can tell and talk about these animals and how they were living and how they were interacting. >> museum researchers say the math moth was 16 years old when it died. love discoveries like that.
5:49 pm
also love it when it's 70 degrees and it's almost november. >> incredible. you know i loved it. >> i hope you guys enjoyed it. >> i know because we'll have some change. >> i don't like that what you have on there. >> several seasons in the forecast in the 70s now. think of this day we're talking about the potential for some wet snow in the coming days believe it or not. 74 degrees right now. a lot of folks shaking their heads. it's warm, unusually warm for this time of year, you're right. take a look at the today's high temperature. 76 degrees. we should be in the low 60s. but we weren't close to that record of 85 degrees set back in 1919. the sun will set this evening at 6:04. as we look at the temperatures across the area, low 70s in wilmington. mid 70s toward reading. 76 degrees still in allentown. 74 in millville. but take look. well to the north and west as we move toward canada we're looking at temperatures right around freezing as well as the 20s so some of that cold air is headed
5:50 pm
in our direction. so as we move ahead to tomorrow, still pretty mild. mid to upper 60s. a few scattered shores around. no worries with the colder air. but as we move toward hal weep starting to get chilly. and as we move toward the upcoming weekend, we're looking at highs only in the 40s and there could even be some wet snow mixing in saturday afternoon and saturday evening for several locations. we'll talk about that coming up. but high pressure off the coast. we have winds out of the south and west. that allow for those temperatures to climb into the 70s today. well above average and here's that cold front off to the west. a thin ribbon of some showers and clouds, and that front will head in our direction during the day tomorrow. so we'll start off dry but any time after about lunch time we might be dodging a few scattered showers across the area. not a whole lot of moisture with that front. and not a whole lot of cold air with that front just yet as it clears the coast on wednesday night. thursday looks pretty good. sunny but cooler and then as we move toward halloween it's going
5:51 pm
to be dry across the area, but friday night into saturday we're watching this system. it will bring some moisture and it will also bring a reinforcing shot of colder air. still working out the details on the typing but it does look like some wet snowflakes could occur toward the pocono mountains perhaps even toward parts of the north and western suburbs we'll keep you posted. 56 degrees in the suburbs tonight. low 60s in the city. low 60s that's typical for high temperatures this time of year. so for tomorrow, mostly cloudy, scattered showers after lunch time. temperatures top out in the mid to upper 60s. but look at the seven day forecast. drier but cooler, phil still not that bad. 60 degrees on thursday. halloween mostly cloudy, cooler, 50's for highs. temperatures drop as that system approaches. only in the 40s for saturday and sunday. and don't forget to fall back this weekend as well. but once again, saturday into saturday night that rain could change to some wet snowflakes for some especially north and
5:52 pm
west of the philadelphia area. not ready to hear that s word just yet. >> no. >> no, no, we're not. >> it's all right. thank you, scott. doing your job and doing it mightily well. >> deal with it. just got to deal with it. >> toughen up. >> eagles have to deal with some things, too. they play houston this week on the road. now they are 2.5 favorites after the last loss on sunday in arizona the fans and media still love talking about that last game. it's natural when you lose like that. on the injury side, darrin sproles said he's good to go and will play on sunday. but todd her mince has a torn by september muscle. did not practice -- he actually did practice today on a limited basis. elsie if he can play on sunday. not that easy with that injury. it's still hard to forget about the ways the eagles lost on sunday. three turnovers were killers and the eagles couldn't gain inches to win a game. a couple of defensive mistake as well. so is there anything the team or coaches can do to forget about what happened in the last game.
5:53 pm
>> you can't get ill over it. you can't -- you can't create mental illness over the fact you fought hard and lost the game. we all got to learn how to take a punch once in awhile. >> his quarterback nick foles has to be better. two more interceptions sunday. giving him nine for the season. only blake of the jacksonville jaguars and geno smith of the jets have thrown more. >> my words don't mean anything. i have to go out here and prove it and work towards it. i have to keep studying film and making sure, you know, the fundamental things. i see a couple of the plays where, you know, got to make sure my body is in right position. when it's in the right position i can deliver any pass. >> all right. the target on defense they point to nate allen. he was the player responsible for letting john brown get passed him and score the winning touchdown that was inside two minutes to go. 75-yard play. many fans and media want nate allen to be replaced. defensive coordinator disagrees and nate allen himself has to
5:54 pm
move on. >> obviously you think about, you know, the one play. that's just being a ball mayor. you want to play perfect game but that's never going to happen. there's always going to be mistake in the game and believe that had to happen, but, you know, i'm not going to beat myself up any more more about it. if do you that, it will affect the neck game and the next game. so you just got to learn from it and keep moving. >> just bleep. coming up sunday we've got fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00. i'll be in houston followed by fox nfl sunday at noon eagles and texans at 1:00 followed by our post game report at 4:30. the stanley cup champions are in town tonight. no it's not the 75 flyers. the la kings make their only trip to town and it's the return of mike richards, jeff carter and the best former flyer on that team that's justin willia williams. the kings had their pre-game skate this morning at the wells fargo center. so it's a chance for flyers fans to see the former guys and for mike richards it's a chance to come back.
5:55 pm
>> it's good to come back and see a lot of people. i've got to know over the years and, um, it's obviously a place i got my start and had some success here so it's nice coming back and seeing everyone. >> nice coming back but if you're in la and you won two stanley cups and you're with the flyers you still don't have stanley cup since '75. i think he's happy in la. >> the odd thing, though, in los angeles it's really not that big of deal. that's the whole thing. here we're going nuts. >> not much out there the lakers and the dodgers and the angels aren't that big much the lakers, that's pretty much it. la they got nothing better to do except nothing better to do. >> football hazing scandal in a local school district heats up. officials canceled the rest of the football season a mid accusations of disturbing behavior between players. there's a big school board meeting to night but the team's head coach is already firing
5:56 pm
back at officials. >> and a brand new winter coat for every single elementary school student in a local school district. that's so oh amazing much the
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
>> hazing scandal at a local high school gets even nasiriyah eighty three. the head coach is firing back allegations he and his physical low coaches let the hazing happen. >> this all comes on the heels of the district's decision to cancel the rest of the season. good i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page.
6:00 pm
>> big school meeting starts in a few minutes. dave kinchen live in doylestown tonight where the public meeting will take place. dave? >> reporter: that's right. that school board meeting is expected to be a big one. parents will meet nace face to face with the schools leader who's cancel the remainder of the football season here at central bucks west high school after legs of team hazing surfaced earlier this month. the district is investigating allegations that players grabbed the genitals of rookie players and that others were forced to wear towels on their heads and run into the showers. something students here have been calling water boarding. the incident taking place over 20 minutes after a preseason scrimmage at the school when coaches were not present. now the coaches were suspended head coach brian hensel says he wasn't there at the time but released a statement today before the meeting saying "i believe with every fiber of my being that if the young men of cb west football all of whom are inherently good young men participated in these activities they do so without thinking it was serious or harmful to their