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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  October 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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something from new jersey on that ship, local experiment that won't make it into space. outrage at school meeting. parents upset over how the school is handling an alleged hazing incident involving rookie football players, what they had to say about the coaches involvement. >> president obama firing back at states like new jersey, who are enforcing mandatory quarantine for any healthcare workers traveling from west africa. well, now another country is banning travel from ebola stricken nations, altogether. where people from west calf will not be allowed to visit.
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back at the wall. it is gone. >> boy, craze any kansas city last night. royals shut out the giants if, in game six, boy did they hit the ball too. so it comes down to game seven, font, right here on fox, highlights from last night's game coming up. >> big game. >> oh, yes. >> slept right through it. so, good day everyone, it is wednesday, october 29th, 2014. see, kerrey goes cents to bed at like 3:00 in the afternoon. >> not quite that earl. >> i just say it was a slug fest, and i think you'll be okay. here is a seven out of ten for your wednesday weather. not as perfect as yesterday was. but still on the mild side. i think it will be mostly dry for most of us today. bus stop buddy has the umbrella in case, and sweatshirt on, as it stays a little bit cooler today. some rainout to our northwest,
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none of it has made it into our viewing area, just yet. we get to high of 67 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies, some sunshine, and a stray shower or two, here and there. that's your weather authority forecast. two minutes after 6:00. let's get to the roads on your wednesday morning. we start off with the disable vehicle, that had the left lane block, on the vine st. expressway before eighth street. we've cleared that up. and noun thorn on, dilworth town road, accident there, report today involve an overturned vehicle this morning, chris? >> sue, thank you. crews clear the scene overnight, after being called out for reports of a suspicious package, just after midnight, this is in a park. fifth and walnut, old city. the scene was cleared about hour later. >> also, overnight, car accident, involving two vehicles, in northeast philadelphia. this one happened at about 2:30 this morning on the roosevelt boulevard near north master street. a 50 year old man, and 57 year old woman, were taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries. no word on what caused the
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crash. >> and we have lift off. on its third mission to the iss. (sigh engines at 108% -- >> trying to determine what caused a rocket headed to the international space station to explode, just seconds after take-off yesterday. >> no one on that commercial supply craft, no one was on, i should say, the commercial supply craft, no one in the surrounding area was injured. so that's the good news, but the explosion was unbelievable. >> here it is, we'll show it to you again, rocket blew up over the launch complex, operation was run by a private american company, orbital sciences, now, nasa had growing reliance on private companies to deliver supplies to the international space station since the shuttle program was shut down. >> we don't really have any early indications of exactly what might have failed. we need some time to take a look at that. >> speaking of time ... officials say crews at the international space station do
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have enough supplies for now, but the company states x is schedule to launch supply ship in december. so it could be about a month or so from now. make sure to tune into good day at 7:00. astronomer derrick pits from the franklin institute's going to be in our studio to talk about what happened last night. yes, some local students among those viewing the launch, an experiment, in fact, from student at ocean city high school that was on that rocket. >> so they're experimenting involving a test tube, student say still proud of their work and hope they can get their experiment on board the next rocket. >> we shall see. we'll follow up with that. parents, students, coaches, speaking publicly for the first time about the hazing scandal at central bucks west. >> that led to the cancellation of the football season, and the suspension of all the coaches. fox 29's lauren johnson live in doylestown with more on what happened as last night's meeting. lauren, we know there is a lot of emotion. >> chris, people weren't happy about the homecoming game being cancelled last weeks. parents, schools, coaches,
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showed up at big meeting, emotions cents flying high, packed inside the auditorium. blast the school board members for cutting their season short by of course cancelling the last two games, including what would have been homecoming against archrival central bucks east, stemmed from hazing allegations cents, the superintendent says, he learned about on october 14th, but, he says, it happened in august, after a pre-season scrimmage, while parents were nearby hosting a picnic for the players. combs told the crowd they were not even there when this incident happened. and most parents in the crowd defended those suspended coaches. >> also, board members say they'll reinstate some of the homecoming active it tis for these student, da still asking anyone who may have been around this incident or who may be involved in this to come forward, because he is still investigating. chris, kerry? >> you mentioned home coming. such a shame they didn't have to have a homecoming. lauren, thank you. >> there was another possible siting, of fugitive eric frein.
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>> resident reported seeing the accused cop killer near route 390, monroe county yesterday, because of that, schools in the pocono non-school district were closed yet again. but they're going to be back open today. accused of killing one trooper, wounding another, outside their northeastern pennsylvania barracks, a manhunt for him has been going on now for more than a month and a half. police not releasing any other information about that reported siting of frein. >> governor chris christie in bellmawr today to mark the second anniversary of super storm sandy. >> while many towns have recovered, obviously still a lot of work that needs to be done. fox 29's steve keeley has been in longport for us this morning, covering this story. steve? >> let's point out that's bellmawr, monmouth county, not the the bellmawr camden county, without the w, the one
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so devastated by the storm, one place he doesn't have to go to is longport. because this place looks even better than it did two years ago today. but, you can see here, a steady strong stiff wind lifting the top of the waves into a sea mist blowing here into the street here, kind of like mother nature's reminder of the way worse winds, wilds waves, and worse ever storm two years ago, that sent all the first floor furniture of ocean shore homes into the back of the homes. so, we couldn't believe the pictures we saw as the sun came up the day after. not just blowing the doors off, but blowing the doorways with the hinges and walls out. longport looks better than it did before the storm now. the wealthy here, the happy part of the recovery, with a reason to celebrate now two years later to the day, especially the famous friend we met, marvin asher, the first person and the only person here we found riding out the hurricane thereon
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longport point back sleeping i'm sure right now this morning in his beautiful home. but the point of recovery still so far off for so many north of here from long beach island up, where the ferris wheel and roller coaster sit in the ocean, were the lasting images maybe but the lasting real wait to get their homes fixed and their lives back to anything close to normal, chris, kerrey, still so far away for many, who now wonder if they'll finally ever be able to celebrate this anniversary date in year three, four, or five, or maybe even longer. >> we'll have to wait and see. steve keeley live for us, thank you. meantime, king jong un's disappearance have people wondering where the north korean leader was for weeks. now south korean officials say they know exactly what happened. their explanation for the dictator's disappearance. >> and if you're creating a wyfi hot spot at an airport, you may want to stay away from those creative names. the internet connection that caused a security nightmare.
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saturday, sunday, some colder air. where are the temperatures now? well it, looks like, minneapolis has cents that cold air already, 38 degrees, while we have 62 here in philadelphia.
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so, this is the air masses that will be visiting us over the weekend. and temperatures are in the three's, there, that's a 30 degrees temperature difference, and that's north dakota, 34, right now. oh, boy. so, for us, this is a first cold front that will come through. and just cool us down, from yesterday's high of 76 degrees. there is some rain, up around harrisburg, right now, and there is the cold front that we're talking b you can see the boundary line pretty clearly, but really not expecting much rain, if anything at all, so few sprinkles here and there, that's today, tomorrow, about 6 degrees, 59 for high temperature on halloween. it should be dry for trick-or-treating, but we may get some chilly rain moving in, along with cold temperatures, on saturday. and there is your forecast at 6:12. now, back to that problem, down there in thornton, which is dilworth town road, britain lake road, an accident, vehicle is overturned, there, so all lanes are blocked, police are on the scene, east street road is your alternate. chris? >> sue, thank you. coming up on 6:13, while our
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no known dietary restrictions. for information and savings options, download the xarelto® patient center app, call 1-888-xarelto, or visit >> president obama meeting with health workers, those in the front lines in the fight against ebola. us says it needs to use science not fear as they decide when to quarantine or monitor american workers when returning from west after aus can't be seen as shying away from the battle against ebola, and must support workers helping in that fight. meanwhile, the second of those two texas nurses with ebola is out of the hospital. they were the first people to contract the virus, on us soil. doctors say both of them are
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now cured. in at lan tax emory hospital discharged nurse amber vincent yesterday. she caught the virus while caring for ebola patient, thomas duncan, who died in dallas. meanwhile, australia is now the first country to shut its boarders. >> fox news poll is suggesting concern about the virus spreading in the u.s., has dropped 9%, since earlier this month. now, critical trial for ebola vaccine, that set to begin friday. that vaccine developed by the national institutes of health and british based drug company, it will initially be administered on healthy volunteers, in two groups, once that sent medical staff to fight the ebola empidemic west after, a others will be monitored at hospital in switzerland. >> so to test safety, and the
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response to the vaccine, in not even volunteers. >> so many results expected in december, the world health organization say the numbers of ebola cases world-wide, now topped 10,000. >> 6:17 the time. authorities in north carolina say they've the alleged gunman responsible for yesterday's shooting outside the nash county courthouse. authorities say the gunman shot two people, then fled, apparently, with the help of an accomplice. the two victims are expected to survive. that's the good news in this. authorities say the shooting was not random, and the victims were, in fact, targeted. they will not discuss the motive or identify who was involved. the second suspect remains on the loose. missouri business is filing suit claiming the riots following the police shootings, i should say, shooting every teenager michael brown, cost whole lot of money, so a bar there, and a grill, says it had to shut down for weeks, while command post took over its parking lot during the riots. the bar says it lost more than
6:18 am
$25,000 owners, also say, their life savings were on the line, as the bar was only around in business for two months at that point. >> have to throw away food and merchandise, and refunds customers for events here. the list goes on and on. >> the state of missouri hoo way patrol, st. louis county, city of jennings, and ferguson, all named in that lawsuit. security will be tighter at federal government buildings, beginning today, homeland security secretary, jay johnson says the specific security steps will vary from location to location. the move, though, was cents in response to continued threats by terrorist organizations cents and of course last week's deadly attack in canada. homeland security officials say there is no specific threat, these heightened security measures are simply precautionary step. some iraqi troops taking off from airport in turkey today to help fight isis in syria. expected to travel to kabani. isis launched its offensive on
6:19 am
kabani and other syrian villages, a killing some 800 people. thousands, though, have fled across the board near turkey. meanwhile, the united states is leading a coalition that has carried out dozens of air strikes, targeting militants. south korea spy agency says it has solved the mystery of north korean leader kim jong un six-week public absence, the national intelligence service says a foreign doctor operated on kim, in september, or early october, to remove assist from his left ankle. he says he has something called tarp he will tunnel syndrome, painful condition caused by compression avner of after not being seen for more than a month, kim reappeared october 14th with a cane, smiling, and looking thinner. >> looking thinner. forty minutes until we get to see mike analling. >> i think aisle ' use that. avenue cyst taken off my foot, and it will put me out for two months. >> oh, okay. >> don't you think?
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no, i'm not buying t we've been talking about this rocket that exploded last night. took off 6:22, flew for about three seconds. it burst into flames. just seconds after taking off. thank goodness, of course, nobody on board. we don't man flights any more. at 7:00 we will talk to one of the best astronomers in the country, derrick pits, try to explain to us exactly what the mission was. and what was on board that had to do with ocean city, new jersey? and, discrimination, harrassment, some people right here in philadelphia, that say they're being targeted because they're of west african descent. fear of ebola here turning into prejudice, right here at home. so what can we do about it? is there a law against it? who is being target in the we'll talk all about that in just a bit. but coming up on 6:21. hi, sue. >> hi, yes, almost there. we're trying to stretch it out. you agree? close enough. because we are going to tell
6:21 am
you about the high temperature today, which is going to be a lot cotter than yesterday. we got to 76 degrees yesterday, and i think the most we can expected to is about 10 degrees cooler, with a high of 67. that will probably come early, right around lunchtime. that is when the cold front comes through, and then, another weak disturbance after that, means chance of stray shower, but, not everybody's going to see a shower today, if you do, it will only add to up about a .10 of an inch. enjoy the mild i shall temperatures while still here, because things will be getting so chilly over the weekend. sunset time is 6:02. that's your forecast. let's check traffic again. go back to thorn on. which is not too far from west chester. we've got dilworth town road britain lake road. an accident, which a vehicle overturned, all lanes blocked on that part of dilworth town road. police are on the scene, take your alternate, which is east street road. also, on the new jersey turnpike, northbound, between burlington-mt. holly, there is construction there, that has
6:22 am
the two left lanes blocked. kerry? >> sue, thanks. 6:21, a baby gender reveal party turns a little bit awkward. after these soon to be parents cut the cake. the mix-up that had everyone confused, and, by the way, if you hadn't heard us mention it before, today is national cat day. we would like to see pictures of your cats. this is daisy from tamara. and we've got a picture of mamood right there. and anastasia. little bit camera shy this morning. just sends a note us to with the hashtag fox 29 good dayment make sure you use the hashtag so we can fine them on twitter and show them on air. we will be back.
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i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. >> flyers with wins, last night, hosting mike richards, michael carter, justin williams, rest of the los angeles kings. we go to over time. that is braiden, with a chance to win it, referees say no, he didn't beat jonathan quick. referees, look at it again say yes, he did.
6:26 am
flyers get the win three-two, in over time. eagles back to work on tuesday, getting ready for the hughes tan texans this sunday, game right here on fox. offensive coordinator pat, looking for good week of preparation after sunday lost and short memory. >> you can't get create mental illness over the fact that you fought hard and lost a game. you know, that's, you know, all learn to take a punch once in a while. see what they do against the texans. giants took one, didn't responds to game six in the worlds series, last night, royals scored seven runs, count them, seven in the second inning. tack on three more. they win it ten to nothing, game seven of the world series coming up tonight on fox. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> 6:26. denver broncos fan who disappeared during last week's game has been found safe. >> so denver police say 52 year old paul kitterman found last night in colorado 100 miles south of denver. kitterman attended last thursday's game, sports field
6:27 am
with his stepson, but disappeared after leaving his seat at half time to meet with friends. police did not have any information about his disappearance. but say no criminal charges will be filed. we continue to follow this story out of virginia. an unarmed or unmanned rocket, i should say, on its way to the international space station. it exploded just after take off. the video, one of our viewers shot, making its rounds on social media. this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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oh, (beep) he's dead. he's dead. >> fox 29 viewer posting this video to facebook. gives another view of the explosion, what crews will be back out there today. >> it has been two years since super storm sandy ravaged the east coast. since then the shore bounced back. there are some people a lot of them actually still struggling, how far we've come since that deadly hurricane. >> oh, what did she say to her co-anchors, one in particular, that has her reacting like this? just be careful when you say when the mike is on.
6:31 am
don't think you have it on. so she's that traffic report nerve los angeles. >> maybe she'll get cans, and come here, then make fun every us? what do you think? >> indeed. >> hi, knew. >> not only was it a fried yan slip, it look like she was wearing a slip. did you see that dress? just saying. >> it is la. >> it is la. >> oh, ya. >> okay? so here is a look at bus stop buddy. now there is morning, he has the just in case umbrella, we don't expect much at all. it might be just a and shower or two, sprinkle or two. flyers won last night, flyers sweatshirt on, 76ers start their regular season tonight in indianna. so, we thought we would pay tribute there. hope for the best. right? temperatures are in the 50's, 60s, off to mild start for late october. with a seven out of ten. i think see little sunshine today. clouds, few showers, but i think most of the day, should be dry, now, there is some rain off to the north and west, having said that, maybe around the poconos, we're
6:32 am
seeing a little bit of rain this morning. but it was a tremendous tuesday, wasn't it, with the temperature of 76 degrees, so rare, for this time of year, hope you enjoyed it, because it is not going to get that warm today. it is 62 degrees right now. off to mild start, with 9-mile per hour breeze, out of the southwest, and sunrise happening at 7:26. this evening, this morning, yes, still morning, 67 is our high, mostly cloudy skies, and few showers. time is 6:32, 295 southbound, where we start this traffic report. it is at 195, up there, and there is an accident, on both shoulders, of the roadway. also, back down in thorn on, del worth town road, britain lake road, the road still closed because after accident with an overturned vehicle. police are on the scene directing you around it. east street road is your alternate. chris? >> 6:32, right now, police investigating overnight crash in northeast philadelphia, two cars collided on the roosevelt boulevard, near mascher street, around 2:30, 50 year
6:33 am
old man and 57 year old woman were taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries. no word yet on the cause of the crash. i mean, quite a spectacle, right? off the virginia coast, several witnesses cents caught the explosion of the rocket in person yesterday, likely, no one was on the ground. that was hurt. meantime this morning, investigators are trying to determine what cause that unmanned rocket to explode. >> we know that it was loaded with supplies, it was headed to the international space station. >> and we have lift off ... its thirds mission to the iss. engines at 108%. >> run by private american company, coldish at that time science. nasa of course had growing reliance on these private companies to deliver supplies to the iss because the shuttle program shutdown. officials say crews at the
6:34 am
international space station do have enough supplies for now, but the company isn't scheduled to launch the supply ship until december. hopefully they have enough to last them until then. tune in to good day at 7:00. astronomer derrick pits from the franklin institute will be in our studios to answer your questions. tensions ran high at the first school board meeting, since words after hazing scandal broke out at central bucks west. >> fox 29's lauren johnson live in doylestown, with a little bit more on what specifically happened, lauren? >> reporter: hey, kerrey, just a chance for everyone to casino of unload to to speak, to get it off their thoughts, their minds, let the school members know exactly what they feel, parents, players, even those suspended coaches who packed this auditorium last night to blast school board members for cutting the season short by cancelling the last two games, specifically, their homecoming game that would have happened last friday, against archrival central bucks east, all stemmed from hazing allegations, the superintendent says he learned about on october 14th, but he
6:35 am
says it happened in august during a pre-season scrimmage, while parents were nearby hosting picnic for the players. coaches told the crowds they were not there when this incident happened. and most parents in the crowd defended the suspended coaches. >> i love my players. i love the parents. and i love my coaches. >> this great program has been harmed by untrue allegations cents of severe misconduct that that is on our watch. >> we find it reprehensible, that they're being head responsible for this. >> i would request part of this investigation includes restoring the character and reputation. >> we found out -- we have to takings cents and we have to take it is cents -- >> board members say they'll reinstate some of the homecoming activities, but also say, they'll meet with all of the sports teams, across the district, to let them know about the anti-hazing policy. meanwhile, da here, in bucks county, asking anyone with any
6:36 am
information about this hazing incident to come forward. he's conducting his independence investigation. kerrey, chris? have see what that turns up, thank you. >> a lot of win. you can hear a loft things breaking. but got up this morning for the most part, just clean up. >> 6:36. right now, two years after hurricane sandy pounded the east coast, recovery efforts are still underway at the jersey shore. >> fox 29's steve keeley live now in longport with more on. >> this steve, good morning. well, still a lot of wavesment you can probably hear them through our microphone. and you can definitely see them, even though it is dark, because they got those white caps on it, the white caps turning into sea mist here, blowing off the ocean here, at long. quite reminder how bad this sea wall was battered, boulders tossed like little bricks into the street when we were here two years ago the day after. storm of the century, still,
6:37 am
the trouble of the moment, for so many here, in new jersey, where two years is just too long a wait, to get back to their homes so they can get back inside their homes. since we're at the shore, we will change the old cliche the recovery moving at snail pails, to moving at a hermit crab pace. at least both of them have shells to live in. more than many here, along the new jersey coastline, who still only have empty lots, weeds, and empty promises, on lots that they had homes on until two years ago today. the worse part of it, imagine not having your home back still two years later, but since you had a home, and still own the property, you still for the past two years and counting have to pay the thousands in new jersey property taxes cents, while still trying to find the money to make all the repairs, and raise your home above the ground, so the insurance companies will cover it and give you the money to fix it back up. and also, find the strength to
6:38 am
keep going somehow now into year number three. kerrey, chris? >> all right, steve keeley, live for us, thank you. a baby gender reveal party gets just a tad uncomfortable. these parents expecting a boy? are they expecting a girl? why they weren't even sure. >> probably seen a bunch of halloween decorations up, but what's with the teal pumpkins? what it means, if you trick-or-treat a home, with one of these pumpkins at the
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> before we get to our weather today, we will look back two years ago today, october 29th, 2012. look at this. this was super storm sandy. as it blasted the coast of new jersey, north of atlantic city, was where we got the destruction, steve has been reminiscing about that all morning. one thing we do forget, all the snow that fell as a result of sandy in west virginia, that same day, but it was nasty, and that was two years ago today. let's see what we've got for you today. it is not that bad. just few showers out toward harrisburg, and up toward the pocono mountains, as well, all part of weak cold front coming through and changing our weather lit -- little bit. will change a lot over the weekends with chillier change. so again, up towards the pocono mountains, maybe into lancaster county, eventually, we see some of the showers, but nothing at the moment. so you're okay. and temperatures are on the mild side for october 29th. 59 degrees in mount pocono, 52 in allentown, 62 degrees here
6:42 am
in the city, and 55 in doylestown. down to our south, it is six of 4 degrees in millville, and six an in atlantic city, right now. so, not bad at all. we don't expect temperatures to move much at all with the cold front coming through, early high of 67 degrees, today, some limited sunshine early in the day. 60 degrees tomorrow. so it is a cooler change than yesterday, 76. and some spooky clouds on friday. with high of 59 degrees, now, saturday, looks like casino after yucky day, with some showers moving in. and they'll be chilly showers, because of the high of only 48 degrees for the time change, you get to sleep in extra hour, just have the heat on, maybe extra blanket on the bed. we wake to up 38 degrees sunday. and get to high of only 49, we do get back to the 60s, though, by tuesday of next week. so that's your weather authority forecast. 6:42 is your wednesday morning time. and it is time to check traffic once again. stratford, we start out there. white horse pike, between webster avenue and cooper
6:43 am
avenue. reports of an accident there. and staying in new jersey, 295 southbound, at 195. there is an accident that is on both shoulders, of the road, finally, in thorn on, dilworth town road at britain lake road, there is an accident, an overturned vehicle, and lanes are blocked, police are on the scene, best to stay away from that area, and take street road east street road instead, chris? >> wyfi hot spot causes cents scar for pass he can ers on board international flight at lax. the passenger on an american airlines flight saw the wyfi connection named al quaida free terror network pop up on his computer. women, flight attendant was notified prompting security concerns of course. the already done bound flight was held in a secure location for three hours while authorities investigated. >> at first the captain came and said an issue, then security threat, we didn't have clearance to take off. >> the airport released a
6:44 am
statement monday saying, quote, after further investigation, it was determined that no crime was committed, and no further action will be taken. gender reveal parties. you know the newest trend, for couples having baby. party for expect and the mom gets unexpected surprise. >> sews thee are parents to be natalie and ben, invited their family to the cannon burying home. the anticipation running hi, as they cut into the cake, which is supposed to be baked with a blue center, if they were having boy, pink center for girl. icing reveals that the bell's are having a little girl. but the celebration short lived. >> it sayings boy there. it says boy. >> yes, when dad opened the envelope with the ultrasound
6:45 am
information that they gave to the bakery, they hadn't looked at it, the bake remembers supposed to reveal the surprise to them. the trawl sounds said that they were having a boy. they sure got it wrong. parent owned another envelope from the doctor, also confirming that there was cents a boy on the way. awkward moment followed by another round of cheers. baby boy bell is due in march. okay, trick-or-treat something supposed to be fun for both parents and kids, but for those who suffer from food allergies, it can be very scary. >> but thanks to national movement, children who have allergies won't have to miss out this year. it is called the teal pumpkin project. you can see one of them in the front of the house here t means the home is giving out allergy-safe treats. instead of candy, kits get small toy or stickers. this is kind of cool, right? >> it is. >> unlike the gender reveal parties, this is neat. parents say the teal pumpkin movement will save them a loft time and worry on halloween night. >> so when i found out about
6:46 am
this teal pumpkin project, i was real excited, oh, this is a way my kids, without donating everything they get, in their candy bag. >> so, this movement is sponsored by the food allergy research and education foundation. they want to bring awareness to the growing problem of food allergies. >> yes, at the pennsylvania governor's mansion, culinary students making special pumpkin designs for the state's first family. there were 40 jack o lanterns transformed, including some as big as 100 pounds. >> certainly it is a far cry from the pumpkins that tom and i usually do, which have triangles for eyes, maybe one or two teeth. really works of art. so we love sharing the residents with the public. and this is just another way to celebrate pennsylvania, to the young people of pennsylvania, and open up the home to the public. >> they will be on display through halloween. >> those are cool. >> they are cool. >> 6:46 is the time. the pope might be put to go rest a debate between the
6:47 am
science and religious communities. pope francis says the big bang theory and eve lugs are consistent with police and god. the pope says devine rule is clear in modern scientific theories of how humans came to be. the pontiff says he accepts the big bang theory of the origin of the universe, and that the theory required god's creative intervention. he also cents sees divine intervention in evolution. the pope says gold first created humans who then evolved. >> interesting there. 6:47. joan rivers daughter melissa reportedly hiring new york law firm, to investigate into the death of her mom. >> society investigation could lead to a lawsuit against the clinic where rivers was treated before her death, rivers died september 4th, a week after that clinic procedure. >> elizabeth norman, actress, who played kevin spacey's secretary on that net flick series house of cards has died.
6:48 am
she passed earlier this month at sloan coat new york new york. kevin spacey remembering his co-star on twitter writing rip elizabeth, we all loved her and she leaves a void in all of us here at house of cards. norment61 years old. >> remember this guy? slugger jose conseco? well, he is recovering this morning from surgery, las vegas police say he shot himself in the finger. well, we know conseco for being more braun than brains, right? conseco told police he had been cleaning his gun at the time of this accident. his fiancee tweeted that conseco would be okay, because it was just his finger, but it is unclear if his finger was saved or not. >> a traffic reporter in los angeles learned the hard way that it is always important to remember to think before you speak. >> yep, she accidentally left her mike on and she insulted one of her colleaguesment take a look. >> my wife called like since when did you become the fat guy on that show.
6:49 am
>> no always been! >> oh, no. >> ! >> oh,! >> did you not. >> wow. >> wow. >> (laughter). >> she was having little fun with t probably something she would have said to his face, don't youy? >> yes. >> right? she didn't say anything terrible. she said the f word, fat. >> traffic reporter later noted or later tweeted note to self mike is always hot but yes i was in fact kidding. >> mike? recognize the woman, or the guy she insult in the. >> ya, sam ruben. he is the guy that calls samuel l. jackson -- whatever it was. >> all right.
6:50 am
you know that halloween is friday, right? >> wait. this friday? >> yes there is friday. >> oh, i got -- >> mention maybe 8,000 times this month. and if you live in philadelphia, you may want to carry around some garlic. apparently philadelphia was just named the best city to live in, if you are a vampire. what makes the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection so perfect, for the un dead. now, there is a tease. sue? >> remind me, i haven't had my core pulls else this morning. >> what's with your corepullsels. >> oh, it is national kiddie day. >> i thought it was funny. >> i knew -- >> too obscure? >> i couldn't hear. >> well, blew it. anyway, ya, we feel like vanpires a lot, because we are up in the middle of the night. now, let's talk about the weather headlines for today. mild start out there. not too cold at all. but we'll see increasing clouds during the day. and you can't rule out a stray shower. what about halloween?
6:51 am
oh, look. there is a ghost hovering over the platt bridge. do you see it there? >> oh, geez, scary. cooler temperatures for halloween, trick-or-treating is dry. and a big, big chill blasting in on saturday. lasting through sunday, as well. stay tuned for more on. that will that's your weather authority forecast, let's get to the traffic in philadelphia on the roosevelt boulevard. northbound, near haldeman avenue, a disable vehicle, and guess what the center lane is blocked on that part of the boulevard, oh, that's going to be a mess. now, also cents in stratford, white horse pike between webster avenue and cooper avenue, reports after accident there. and still in new jersey, on 295 southbound, at 195, an accident, that has ended up on both shoulders of the road. in thorn on, del worth town road is still closed at britain lake, that's because of an accident, with a over turn vehicle, all lanes are still blocked, street road is your alternate. kerry? >> sue, thanks. it is 66:51. you wouldn't want to waste an
6:52 am
ivy league education, would you? but there is one school in our area that is offering up a class for students who would like to waste time on the internet. so, which ivy league school is in our area? that will narrow it down for you. plus today is national cat day. so we would like to see obviously pictures of your cat. this is grace. we've got miss rasberry kitty, from jessica. and this is cage knee, and heal yo, from heather red burn. over there at septa. good morning, heather. all do you have do, tweet us your pictures, use the hashtag fox 29 good day. so that we can find those pictures on twitter, and share them with you on
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6:55 am
>> sunrise begins officially 7:26. my goodness. colleges offering all types of interesting courses, with interesting titles. and u pen has cents a course i'm sure many of russ qualified for. it is called wasting time on the internet. actual course. creative writing course, in fact, for next semester, basically, students will try to determine why we all spend so much time on the internet. the professor for this course says there was poetry, and
6:56 am
historical value in comments and forms, on line. students will ultimately have to write a work of literature inspired by internet activity. so some people in philadelphia say they're being targeted, harassed, discriminated against, because they're from a west african country this spreading from fear of the ebola virus, what you can do if you're a victim of. >> this and of course, we're sticking with this story all morning long. the rocket exploding right after take off. astronomer derrick pits from the franklin institute will give us his take on what went wrong. that's next on goo
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
(rocket blasting). >> kaboom. oh, no. 5,000 pounds of supplies for astronaunts on the space station's blows up. yesterday evening. how this story has an ocean city, new jersey connection? >> and harrass in the philadelphia, because they're from west africa. or even just from africa. ridiculous, maybe against the law there is harrassment. and red when you are, parents upset how the they're handling the rookie football players. and this:
7:00 am
>> and all the water went all the way across the top of the desk, top of the table, my refrigerator went from stand to go laying down, floating around. >> yes, two years ago today, hurricane sandy hit the jersey shore. jersey's own steve keeley, with the before and after video two years later. welcome everybody. it is is it wednesday or thursday? >> it is wednesday. >> it is wednesday. >> hump day. >> how are you? >> hi, alex. >> home opener against the miami heat. we bet them last year, the first game. but, i'm worried now, i think they'll have to cancel the game. did you see what happened to the floor out at the wells fargo center last night? now, look. >> oh, oh? >> look. it collapsed. apparently under its own weight. >> the floors falling from underneath them. >> yes. >> sixers representative, look at this,. >> it is gone. >> i don't know how they'll play the gam