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do. >> joe: santiago casilla, the closer, has barely pitched in this series. the 1-2, fouled away. >> harold: he's in such a great rhythm, joe. he fell into that the second inning he pitched. like he was back in that rhythm when he was a starter in game one and the other games he pitched in. he has been fantastic in game five. terrific. >> joe: cain battling him here with two out, nobody on and a 1-2 count. santiago casilla, the closer for the giants, has thrown four pitches, four pitches in this world series that started eight days ago. >> harold: agonizing decisions. you got to start thinking about it now.
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>> joe: on top of that, he could be faced with an inning in the ninth inning where two of the first three batters are left-handed batters. >> tom: this is the kind of at-bat looking for in kansas city. grinding out an at-bat. slowing bumgarner down and making him throw extra pitches. hoping there is a payoff somewhere. >> joe: popped him up. got it in on the hands. panik ends the eighth. the ninth inning rolls in. wow. about all you can say for madison bumgarner, wow. 3-2 giants after eight in game seven.
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>> joe: one hit in four innings for bumgarner. he and the giants have a one-run lead as greg holland, the closer for the royals, takes over. strike with one on brandon belt. under way in the ninth inning. 3-2 giants, trying to wrap up their third world championship in the last five years.
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the numbers for holland this postseason, 7 for 7 in save chances and all he is trying to do is keep it 3-2. >> harold: give it one-run game and that way one swing can tie to tfor you. >> joe: in the bottom of the ninth inning 4, 5, 6 hitters for the royals, hosmer, gordon and butler. nobody up in either pen. to the right side. infante. one away. caps, hoodie s jackets and more. get your baseball gear at the shop. >> harold: that was a tough in-between hop for infante right there. backing up to get a good hop. that ball got back in on him.
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>> joe: wade davis went two innings, no runs, one hit, three strikeouts, no walks. herrera, 2-2. three hits and four strikeouts. here is michael morse. strike one. it's the rbi by morse on a ball thrown by kelvin herrera that is still holding up from back in the fourth inning. >> tom: bloop hit to right field on an 0-2 count. herrera gave up only five hits all year on 0-2 counts. >> joe: strike two.
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ball one. on deck, brandon crawford. two out. there is a game summary. hudson lasted only an inning and two-thirds. bumgarner has taken care of all of the work after jeremy affeldt went 2 1/3, 0.26 career world series e.r.a. for bumgarner and,
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by far, the biggest defensive play of the night and since game seven of the series with a man on, nobody out, panik to his right, took a hit away and got a double play. that was in a 2-2 game back in the third inning, as crawford takes ball one. >> harold: so many things happened on that play. the flip out of the glove but also hosmer thinking the ball was going through, started to angle as he turned and then he had to get back in the base path and ends up just doubled up. >> joe: here is the 1-0 to crawford. 2-0. >> tom: how about the second out in that double play? upon further review, the first overturned call on the field of play in world series history. >> joe: a challenge by bruce bochy. here is a 2-0. 2-1. bruce bochy, tonight, guys, we
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already talked about how he is headed for the hall of fame. he lifted hudson in the second and went to affeldt for 2 1/3 and it's been bumgarner the rest of the way with the lead, madison has taken care of the rest to this point. 2-1. 2-2. >> harold: terrifically managed. i think the only question is the bunt with escobar that maybe ned yost has to answer. other than that, there is not a whole lot to question these guys on in this game. like ned has done all series, he'll answer how he thinks fit. >> joe: here comes the 2-2. full count. here is the decision for bochy. the decision, by the way, has been made. bumgarner is going back out
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there, but his closer santiago casilla has appeared in 19 straight postseason games without allowing a run. but it's going to be bumgarner. and we will see him next. here we go. heart of the order for the royals, bottom of the ninth, one-run game, game seven of the world series. john and horace dodge launched their first car in 1914. but they were not only business partners, they were brothers. competitive, stubborn...,and always pushing each other. the way only brothers can. [sfx] engine revving one hundred years later, their spirt lives on.
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since then, this 25-year-old master in the world series has been untouchable. he has retired 12 straight. in game one as a starter during one stretch, he retired 12 straight. ten straight in game five. but now here with two days of rest, he is gunning for a five-inning save. >> tom: they drafted him in 2007 and his first spring training, you can't throw that way with that sling slot delivery. a-ball didn't do billion wl in three starts. he said, guys, i need to go back to the way i throw. there is nobody who throws like madison bumgarner. that has never been more true than tonight. >> joe: here is hosmer. ball one, down and away.
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2-0. 2-1. >> harold: i go back to the ball that hosmer hit in game one to right center field. i keep thinking about that in my mind, that he is thinking i can hit this guy if i get the pitch i want.
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>> joe: that's going to get out of play to make the count 2-2. >> tom: don't forget, if the royals get a runner on, ned yost with a couple of speed burners on that score in jarrod dyson. >> harold: looked like he heard you. he looked around. >> joe: one away! 92-mile-per-hour fastball, strikeout number four. >> harold: well, we have watched him climb the ladder. we watched him with cain and escobar. now he goes up top and gets hosmer to chase. you think it's going to be a breaking ball on the out-pitch but he uses the fastball to elevate and takes their aggressiveness and use it against them.
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>> joe: now billy butler. ball one, upstairs. >> tom: this is the toughest matchup for bumgarner. billy butler handles the ball inside extremely well. 3 for 7 with a home run off bumgarner. >> joe: breaking ball drops in for strike one. butler, tonight, 1 for 3. on the season, he hit nine home runs. has not gone deep this postseason. popped up, right side. will it stay in play? it does. two outs. brandon belt is there and the giants are one out away from
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their third world championship in five years. it's up to alex gordon. popped up, back and out of play. right now, even though the giants took the lead while affeldt was in there, the official scorer is telling us that the win would go to madison bumgarner which would make him 3-0 in this world series. here is the 0-1. that is in the air to left center. that ball is down and it gets
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past to the wall! gordon is going to dig for third! a mistake in the outfield and he will hold there with two outs >> harold: you see here. you talk about the mistake. he charged too hard. they are already playing no double and that is exactly what tens tmeans. you don't want the ball by him. blanco charged and got caught in between and the slip, allowed the ball to get by him. right here, the decision to try to stop and then slipping and the ball goes by him. he is better off waiting and keep the ball in front of you, keep that runner at first base. >> tom: it's the right decision to let the ball drop, but he made it too late. he wasn't able to handle the short bounce. >> joe: it's a single e-8.
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and now it's salvador perez who could tie it with a hit. 92 from bumgarner. strike one. a man who has been the rock behind home plate for the royals all year. a chance to tie it. able to lay off. one ball, one strike. salvador perez drilled by a pitch back in the second. drilled on the left leg and almost couldn't continue but here he is. strike two.
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>> harold: he continues to climb the ladder for his out-pitch and they continue to chase it. >> joe: tying run at third, two out, ninth inning. the 1-2. 2-2. bumgarner now up to 66 pitches here out of the bull pen in game seven. fought off.
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pitch number 290 in this world series for madison bumgarner. >> harold: he is not changing his pattern, joe. he says, here it is, hit it, but he continues to climb the ladder. >> joe: salvador perez, the 2-2. popped up. sandoval in foul territory. giants win! a world series win for the san francisco giants for the third time in the last five years. and their hero, madison bumgarner.
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bruce bochy in his eighth year as manager of the san francisco giants now has his third world championship. brian sabean, the general manager, the architect putting these teams together and moving
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parts, switching pieces. we will let that celebration play out in the middle of this diamond. but, guys, it's hard to put into words and into perspective what we saw this postseason, let alone this world series for madison bumgarner. >> tom: i'm just in awe. truly great history is not subtle. it smacks you in the face. you know it at the time you're watching it. you're seeing something that is for the ages and that is what we saw watching madison bumgarner pitch. i've never seen anything like it. i don't think we will ever see anything like it again. >> harold: especially in this day and age, where the pitch count is so important and so impressed in our game. to see him fight to not come out of the ball. incredible. >> joe: did you see that little look that buster posey gave madison gbumgarner when the pith
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is popped up into the air? who more appropriate to catch it than pablo sandoval, the free agent to be. he got their offense started all night long. we go down to the field with madison bumgarner and ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. madison, you told me earlier today that this was not going to be that big a deal, but when you came to the park, how many innings did you really -- realistically expect to pitch? >> in the innings, i wasn't thinking about innings or pitch count. just thinking about getting outs. thank you, buddy, love you, man. getting outs until i couldn't get them any more and we needed somebody else. fortunately we were able to get quick innings and i was able to stay in there. >> ken: now you've done it, what was it like and what is the difference between this and starting? >> well, you know, not near as much time to dial in and that was the biggest thing for me. it was, you know, i had a half-minute to start getting up and getting loose and throwing
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all of the pitches and stuff. that was different and not having as much time but, you know, luckily, we was able to squeeze it by. >> ken: you ended up throwing 270 innings on the season and over 50 in the postseason. how tired right now? >> right now, i'm not tired at all. man, we just won the world series and it's hard to be hired right now. i'll probably be tired tomorrow. >> ken: madison. erin? >> erin: i'm here with buster posey. i said you look very emotional but i say, "i'm spent." i can imagine. bottom of the nidge and madison bumgarner came in. what did you think you would get
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>> erin: i saw you talk to before the ninth. what was said in. >> we had a game plan going into it and he executed it. >> erin: congratulations. great job. >> thanks. >> ken: before the game you were as excited as i've seen, mike. you had two rbis, including what proved to be the game winner. how did you calm yours down to produce? >> it's unreal. big moments like this, it's awesome. this is what we fought for all year and this is, you know, the greatest group of guys i've ever seen and from day one, we believed in ourselves when others didn't.
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we stuck by each other and, you know, just a group of guys like that gets you to relax and calm you down, you know, and, you know, with we -- we fought. we fought our way to get here and it's well-deserved. >> ken: what did you think of mr. bumgarner? >> oh, man. he's incredible. he is incredible. he's a different human being. i mean, it's unbelievable. yesterday, i asked him, i told him, you know, if you're going to go out there tomorrow you better bring it. and he said, just watch me. so, you know, this guy, every start, he gets better and better and this is what, you know, this is what you get, what you see is what you get. >> ken: after last night, obviously, a tough loss. you had this crowd to deal with and the royals to deal with. what did you think coming into this game? >> you know what? i knew it was going to be a nail-biter and i knew it was going to be tough. it hasn't been easy. even though the games have been blown out and stuff, it's been tough and it's been a fight and it's been a battle. they are a heck of a ball club, you know? this atmosphere, this place, it gets loud.
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you know, luckily, i had had some guys here that has done this before, you know? so experience for these guys, it helped calm some of us down. >> ken: mike, congratulations. joe, back to you. >> joe: think about michael morse, dealing with a strained oblique, wasn't even activated into the nlcs and big game five home run off the bench and tonight drove home two of the three runs. bruce bochy, the master of the touch with his pen. his best move tonight to not touch and leave madison bumgarner in there. one of the greatest clutch performances we have ever seen or read about in world series history. number 40. the 25-year-old madison bumgarner is the winner tonight. giants win it all. trophy presentation is coming up.
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