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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the post office, i heard allowed crash. >> it didn't sounds like a crash like pots and pans. it was allowed, very loud crash. >> a witness describe wag it sounded like, this is what it look like, huge plumes of smoke, that you could see for miles after a small plane crashed into a wichita airport. tonight at least four people are dead, five are injured, and four more are still missing. good evening, i'm lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. here's what we know right now, officials say a small plane lost power after take off, earlier today, crashed into building at wichita airport. only the pilot on board the plane. the other victims were in the building. no one has been identified yet. crews were searching the wreckage for survivors, but had to pull back when part of the building collapsed. they plan to resume that search once the build something stable. so far no word on a cause, we will keep you updated.
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>> also, happening right now, potential trouble getting closer and closer in your fox 29 weather authority. a live look at the skyline from philadelphia international airport. tonight's clear, and going to be really colds. >> in less than 24 hours, trick-or-treaters will hit the street as we track the potential for some wet weather. let's get right over to chief meteorologist, scout williams. >> temperatures will be dropping, and also looking at storm system that develops late tomorrow night, into the upcoming weekends, to provide some wind, and rain, but right now, if you are stepping outdoors, it is a fall chill in the air. temperatures, right around 56 degrees, right now, the sun is setting, as well, and looking at temperatures dropping north and west, into the low 50's, 43 degrees right now, in the pocono mountains, low to mid 50's, down the shore. so grab a jacket, if you are stepping outdoor, it will be dry, and pretty fall-like. temperatures in the upper 40's, by 11:00 tonight. and we'll stay dry. but take a look at the satellite and radar there is area of low pressure will develop into a nor'easter, as we move into the upcoming
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weekend, cooler air moving in, we will update the halloween forecast, and also talk about the wind and the rain with that developing storm system with the seven day coming up. iaian, lewesy? >> whole lot to talk b track the weather any time by going to all do you have do is click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast, information, and live radar images. skyfox over the scene every deadly shooting in north philadelphia. police say 28 year olds man shot seven times at 11th and popular streets. the gunfire broke outright around 4:30 this afternoon. police say they're still looking for the gunman. >> could s a strikers go on strike? septa officials, union leaders, sat down at the bargaining table again in old city today to sort through some sticky point. are they closer to a deal? >> dawn timmeney live for just old city tonight. any movement? >> to be honest with you, it is hard to say judge
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autobomile aoun al local 234 tell me they'll be back at the bargaining table again, at noon. >> if they can't hammer out an agreement, trains, buses, trolleys will stop running, twu local 234 authorizing strike on sunday. >> said earlier this week would decide by the end of the day tomorrow, whether they would issue a statement saying they were going to strike if no dial in place. largest union, 4700 workers, without contract for seven months, the union has been negotiating the whole time they say it really doesn't look good at the moment, things look better in the spring than they do right now, and septa has reversed its position on wages, and lent of contract. >> as long as both signed can
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remain at the barring and table, septa hopeful a strike can be averted. but i have to tell you, the clock is ticking down. commuters are really starting to get worried now. >> i don't know what we're going to do. i hope they come to some type of agreement so we won't have to, you know, look for other ways to get to where we have to go. >> that's how it goes back and forth to work, and i live in the northeast, i work in south philly. so that's the only way i get to work. >> it will really and hardship to me, specially to my doctor's appointment. >> septa's leaders have promised to give 24 hours notice before calling a strike, and right now it, looks like we won't know until tomorrow whether or not the union will walk off the job or if a september lment is in the works. the last time a strike was called, was back in 20095 years ago, and that strike lasted of six days causing major headaches for commuters. so, right now, it is still up in the area, we'll see. >> thanks very much, dawn.
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philadelphia leaders getting tough when it comes to punishing hate crimes today. the philadelphia city council passed a hate crime bill, and in response to the september 11 assault, of a same sex couple. police say some of the attackers yelled anti-gay slurs against the victims. prosecutors could not charge anyone with the hate crime since person's sexual orientation is not covered under current law. councilman jim kenny says it is time to change that. >> we figure any additional penalties would send message we won't tolerate activity and behavior here in philadelphia, and all people who live in the city and in the state should be able to traverse the public space without having to worry about some knucklehead, you know, calling them homophobic slur, then breaking their jaw in two places. >> the mayor still has to sign the bill and we're told that could happen by the end of the week, crimes motivated by hatred of someone's sexual orientation, general err identity, disability works carry sentence as long as 09 days in jail, and fine as high
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as $2,000. local lawmakers hope this will inspire the state to takings on the usual ooh -- issue, as well. >> caught in the act. husband of delaware state senator turns himself into police. he is accused of snatching rival campaign signs under the cover of night. republican campaign workers say they caught 54 year old dana hammond long in the act every taking down the signs. fox 29's thalia perez live outside gop headquarters in newark tonight. thalia? >> reporter: iaian, campaign workers busted the state senator's husband wednesday, at 4:00 in the morning, and the entire incident was caught on cell phone video. take a look. >> what are you doing this for? >> hey, don't stop me. >> i can stop you. those aren't your signs, budd. >> there is no -- >> there is what? >> there is no name on these signs. >> yes, look, right here. >> that state senator bethany hall long's husband. dana armond long, seen in this
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video, swiping political signs, those signs belong to the long's rival, republican party. >> but it is wrong, though, to take somebody else's stuff. you know? i wouldn't have done it. >> police say campaign volunteers shot the video of the theft, on wednesday, at 4:00 in the morning, after 28 signs went missing sunday, and again on monday. from odessa road at silver lake road, from the 700 block of middleton odessa road. no one answered the door today at the senator's home. but, in a statement, hall long apologized for the incident, and said she wished it hadn't happened. >> it is kind of hard to believe that the senator's husband got out of bed, got into the car, drove around, stealing signs, and then came home. without her knowing. i mean, i just don't believe that. >> neighbors say the sign theft is a new low in the political campaign for state senator. but won't sway the polls. not mine. no way. because i'm a democrat. so --
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>> long was arraigned this morning, he is facing one misdemeanor, theft charge. iaian? >> thalia, thank you. new castle county police are asking for your help to identify the armed robber who held up a woman, outside her wilmington apartment. police have released a sketch of the suspect, the woman was robbed and pistol whipped as she left the holly oak manor apartment, just before 10:00 a.m. last friday. she was treated at a hospital for facial injuries. if you know something that might lead to the gunman, call new castle county police. >> the state of maine main now going after a nurse who went violated her ebola quarantine. casey hickox arrived back in the united states of west africa over the weekend after plane turned down in newark over the weekend. new jersey put her in mandatory quarantine at a hospital, but released her on monday. treated ebola victims in after, a but tested negative for the virus so far. today she went for a bike ride around her town in maine. >> the state of maine man wants hickox to stay at her
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home for -- until health officials clear her. but clearly, she's not, and the governor says negotiation was her have broken down, he says he is ready to exercise to the full extent of his authority anything that he has to do to protect the public. as many as 1500 of her neighbors have signed a petition pleading with her to stay inside for the, as every yet, voluntary quarantine. >> well, you know, driving on one south jersey road is a little bit like maybe going through a mine field. >> deep pothole was blowing out tires, and wrecking rims. then fox 29 got involved. we'll show you the crater from a whole new perspective. and our bruce gordon will get result for those angry drivers. >> and local police superintendent celebrates halloween, with some children, kind of like opine apple under the sea. he has a message for parent, too, and you will want to hear it. >> eagles dealing with injuries this week, the head coach explains where he stands on those injuries, and can you believe, a 76ers executive rips a hall of fame and
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championship coach. what else, coming up in sports. >> one school's fight to stop a controversial app, got administrators threatening to ban student cell phones, done deal, tonight at 10:00. why the student fate is in their own
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>> fox 29 getting result, frustrated motorists in south jersey. a huge pothole on the well traveled road in washington township, gloucester county, has been rattling nerves and blowing out tires for weeks now, and one driver had enough and reached out to our bruce gordon. >> he's in the news room tonight with the story. bruce there is was just dangerous. >> yes, iaian, crater deep enough to blow out a tire, or bends a rim, can cause even the best driver to lose control of their vehicle. we saw it first-hand. this hole had to be filled, and fast. >> there it is, near delsea drive, grand canyon of
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potholes, 2 feet long, 10 inches across, and fully 5 inches deep. >> jennifer found it one night last week, which is why her hyundai sonata now sports a temporary donut as a right front tire. >> i don't know, it was like bang. i was like oh, this is going to be bad. >> you feel the shuttering of the car? >> yes, yes,. >> not only did the pothole blow out jennifer acetifier -- tire, it also bent her rim, it was her call that sent us out to salina road. and we brought fox 29's exclusive crater cam with us. actually it is just a go pro stuck to the side of our car, but does gave you a good idea of the teeth rattling nature of this pothole. >> watch again the tire drops into the hole, now in super slow motion. >> while we were filming, robin davis drove by, hit the crater. >> moment later found her by the side of the road having tried in vein to fill the resulting flat tire. >> as soon as i hit it, it was a big jolt on the car, the
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steering wheel part start today shake, i had to turn the steering wheel toward the left to make the car go straight. >> robin called her husband, to get a tow truck to the scene, and her car to the repair shop. >> i'm concerned it is out of alignment now. never had a bit of trouble with the car. it will be expensive probably getting it fixed. >> i had seen enough. >> see if we might be able to get this thing fixed so people don't have their cars damaged. >> i called the mayor's office in washington township. they called public works, and in no time flat a crew was out on salina cold patching the pothole. then running over the mixture, to flatten out the surface, while there, they filled second crater on saline, a near seoul road. jennifer's happy for the repairs, but wonders why they came after her tire and rim were destroyed. >> very frustrating, very expensive problem. >> of course cold patching is no more than bands aid, but the equipment to make more long-term repairs, part of bonds issue shot down by the township council just this month. couple of the no votes are
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leaving office in january, so the mayor, a supporter of the road repair spending, will make a new pitch to the new council early next year. until then, it is patch and pray and fox 29, ' shane. >> bruce, you are the man to call. nice work as always. if you have an issue you would like fox 29 to get result on, head to our website click news, look forgetting results. >> well, stepping out every his role as superintendent of police. upper darby's mike at chitwood, that's him, sponge bob square pants. spent the day working with children, about halloween safety. very nice. nicely done. chitwood says children and parent needs to be on the look-out for people who are up to no good. >> got to make sure that whatever they bring back into the house is safe. because, unfortunately, there are some cooks out there, who will do things to hurt our children. >> now, that's a very, very serious thing that he's saying, however, you know, he is dressed as sponge bob.
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chitwood says drivers should also be extra aware of their surroundings as we all know children often get very excited as they trick-or-treat, sometimes dart into streets. cute kids. love that. >> soup chitwood by the way will keep the halloween fun going tomorrow on good day. you know what he is doing, iaian? >> doing the wetter. >> how about patty burger? >> crabby patty. crabby patty. also, eels a from frozen will be therefore our big halloween show. that's big time stuff there. elsa, so come down to our studios at fourth and market and bring your children. the party start at 7:00. elsa will arrive right around 9:00. not sure where the crabby patties will be part of the celebration, though, not sure. >> former baseball star jose conseco breaks down as he talks about shooting off his own finger, conseco spoke to inside edition while recuperating at his las vegas home, he said he didn't realize the gun was not loaded as he was cleaning it, besides shooting off his finger, his fiancee model, lala wasnerly
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hit by the bullet. you can see inside edition coming up here on fox 29. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> did you feel that? >> ya, i sure felt that. and there is more on the way. all right, scott williams, what you got going? >> you know, cooler conditions today, it will be cool, cloudy tomorrow, for halloween, for trick-or-treating. so cut to the chase, and talk about that forecast, for trick-or-treating tomorrow, by 5:00 o'clock, temperatures will be in the mid 50's, clouds will be on the increase, we call it creepy, low 50's by 7:00. more clouds, and perhaps even a little bit of drizzle, developing south and east of philadelphia by the 9:00 hour. tomorrow. but, definitely, dress the kids in a few extra layers tomorrow, before you take them out. temperatures right now are in the mid 50's, humidity at 47%. and you can see those winds are out of the north-northwest at eight. drawing in some of the cooler air that will continue to head in our direction. low this morning, 45 degrees, the afternoon high we made it up to 60. so just couple of degrees below where we should be for
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this time of year. already in the four's, for the pocono mountains, area wide, elsewhere, looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50's. so, as we look at the satellite and radar, it is dry, it is quiet, but take a look to the west. this disturbance, it will provide some energy to the coast, and develop into a nor'easter, as we move into the upcoming weekend. so dry for tonight. dry start to friday, but then friday evening watching few extra clouds, perhaps some drizzle, moving in down the shore, most of the rain doesn't arrive until after midnight tomorrow. but here is 2:00 a.m. saturday. looking at some of the showers, developing, it will be damp and dreary, for the first part of the upcoming weekend. keep that in mind, for your plans, but here is that energy diving out of the north and wells. to the coast to develop that nor'easter. so, rain and wind, throughout saturday. and then sunday, this nor'easter starts to pull away. but the winds will stay put. so, the bottom line, cloudy, falling temperatures, on saturday. saturday night still looking at showers, gusty winds at
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times, up to 40 miles per hour, if there is some left over moisture, to link up with some of the colder air, there could be few wet snowflakes, in the pocono mountains, no accumulation, storm pulls away, but stays windy, chilly for sunday. temperatures tonight, 30's, low 40's, in the city. so it is going to be chilly. up ear's, for the high temperature tomorrow, on halloween, then looking at the seven day forecast, 52 degrees, for the high on saturday, temperatures drop throughout the day. and looking at upper 40's sunday, don't forget to fall back this weekend. dry, cold start, though, monday morning, we could be talking about hard freeze, and several locations, looking dry, and cool, for election day, then temperatures wednesday, thursday, back into the low 60s, few degrees above average. >> all right, thank you, scott. hard freeze, did you hear that? >> hard freeze i heard. that will i heard chip kelly today, too. talks about the many injuries, this eagles team, well, sort of. and you can believe this. a front office person from the
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terrible sixers team, ripped hall of fame larry brown.
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>> limb football. eagles should get some players back from injuries, neighborhoods a player, or two. safety nate allen has not practiced all week, and may not make it back from a hamstring pull. center jason kelce looks like
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he will be back, after missing four games, with hernia surgery, and that leaves us to todd herremans. todd suffered a torn biceps muscle, in the last game against arizona he's gutting it out. he's had full practice all weaning, but the first team offensive line, he's going to try and play. but a decision will probably be made sometime over the weekends. now, there is one thing chip kelly will never give up. and that's the injuries. same story, all the time. >> i'm not a doctor. so, i mean, i think that's simple. i can't tell a guy, you know, when you're this, you're, that i mean, just tell me who can play, who can't play. i think people waste a lot of time on things that you don't control. no, i don't control injuries. so someone can play, doctors and the medical staff here, i think is out standing, they tell me who can, who can't. for me to weigh in, ludacrous. the guy torah muscle, you know, i'm not doctor miagi. i can't rub my hand topping, touch his leg and make them better. just tell me who can play, who can't play. >> who is doctor miagi? 76ers we know are terrible
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basketball team. that's not breaking news. they play to lose. it is call tanking. and i've named the sixers season tank two. against everything we hope for in sport. but this team raised ticket prices, putting payroll to the lowest, in the nba, former sixers head coach larry brown, hall every famer head coach and winner of ncaanba championship chimed in yesterday. yesterday he says i hate waist going on in philly. they don't have a basketball person in the organization it, makes me sick to my stomach. so the sixers, spin doctor, ceo, scott o'neil, took a shot at brown this morning on wip. >> you know, after seeing larry brown, the final four, this year, tough to hear those kind of comment. i think it is hard for people not in the market to understand what we're doing, and how we're doing. i think the good thing about philadelphia, the fans certainly get it. >> well, i don't get it. and larry brown was in the final four, in the nit. sam hinge i, scott o'neil, not bad. larry brown 100% correct. and only guy, only basketball
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guy, don't want to do anything. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you back here at
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world exclusive. does beyonce have a secret sister? >> all the single ladies, all the single ladies. >> could this darling little 4- year-old really be beyonce's little sister? >> does she know who beyonce is? >> is she really beyonce's secret sister? then -- catch me if you can. defiant ebola nurse kaci going for a bike ride. there's a cop car following her. and what dr. phil is saying about chris christie's blowup. >> sit-down and shut up. >> sit down and shut up. i love this guy, this is jersey. and another "inside edition" exclusive.