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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 30, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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how the the suspected trooper killer wound up in the back of a police cruiser, we're live in the poconos. how to stop high tech identity thieves that go to right now, the moment we have been waiting seven weeks for, this video just into our news room, suspect killer eric frein in the back of that
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police car, a closer look shows him sitting, head down, finally captured. sky fox over police barracks in pike county in the pocono mountains where he is being held right now. frein has been on the run since early septa accused of ambushing two state troopers in a dead lay tack. i'm iain page. i'm lucy noland. jennifer joyce is live in pike county tonight. jenny, you have been on this from the get go. >> reporter: tonight i got a text from the source at 6:28 p.m. saying fugitive eric frein was in police custody. i heard once he was caught he surrendered without even putting up a fight. we got word that pennsylvania governor tom corbett will be holding a press conference at 11:00 o'clock tonight, we are also awaiting arraignment details for eric frein, now many people were tweeting us, telling us they wanted proof that eric frein was captured, here it is, this picture sent to me by a police source frein in the back of the cruiser wearing handcuffs belonging to the tate police corporal he is
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accusedded of killing. brian dickson shot and kill in the ambush outside a blooming grove state police barracks, seven weeks ago, tomorrow. trooper alex douglass was also wounded in the attack. it has been a long seven weeks of searching, high and low, only to find eric frein near a hanger at former birchwood resort. frein was walking up to the hanger when a approached by members of the u.s. marshals service. he surrendered peacefully. pennsylvania state police was then rushing to the scene to thoroughly search that hanger where it is believed he may have had a couple of weapons. so at this point state police only saying that yes, they do have eric frein in custody. we will be learning a lot more at this 11:00 o'clock news conference and also have another live update at 10:30. lucy and iain. >> we will talk to you then, jen. >> what has fueled unrelenting search for frein is death of corporal brian dickson, trooper gunned down on september 12th. >> we will forever be
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remembered. >> reporter: dickson left behind his wife and two little boys, with him the the night of the ambush trooper alex douglass who was seriously wounded. now with two of their own taken out state police took lead on the investigation an hour by hour hunted down the man they say is responsible. our team coverage continues with fox 29's sabina kuriakose who has spent many hours herself in the poconos covering the manhunt and sabina, troopers released a string have clues they have been piecing together over the past several weeks. >> reporter: they have indeed, lucy. it took police nearly two months to get to this night, during the grueling process police found and released clues that ultimately helped bring this nightmare, to an end. the first major clue came just days after the ambush, on september 15th police found frein's creep submerge in the swamp. then on september 21st, cops stumbled on to guns, that they believe were left behind, by frein. and more startling discovery came just a week later on
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september 29th, police released these pictures of pipe bombs they found in the thick brush of the pocono mountains, and shortly after that police found a camp at where they believed frein had been sleeping. during the month of october, several sightings of frein proved that police were hot on his trail and tonight fbi updating its ten most wanted list boldly stamping captured under frein's wanted picture. image lucy, so many of us have been seeing for the the past seven weeks. >> sabina thanks very much. so many details continue to come out. jennifer joyce is on top of it. we will have a live report coming up later in the newscast. developing tonight day of septa negotiation toss avoid a strike end in progress is made. septa riders are now on pins and needles waiting to hear if they will have a way to get around next week. the employees union said they will decide by the end of the day tomorrow whether they will walk out of the job, or not.
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also, promised to go give 24 hours notice before hitting the the picket line. workers been without a contract for months now, and today's talks at the wyndam in olde city lasted five hours. septa riders are hoping for a deal so their lives are not turned upside down. >> i don't know what we're going to do. i hope they come to an agreement but we won't have to look for other ways to get to where we have to go. >> that is how it go back and forth to work i live in the the northeast and work in south philly. that is only way i get to work. >> it would be a hardship for me to get to my doctor's appointments. >> key sticking points are wage increases and length of contracts. 4700 workers are part of the union. if they go on strike it would halt trains, buses and trolleys. after an extensive, dangerous search authorities in wichita kansas say everyone is accounted for after a deadly plane crash. the twin engine beach craft plane lost power after take off. it crash in the building at
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wichita's mid continental airport, largest airport in kansas. enormous fire erupted as you cane right there authorities say three people inside the building died and so did the pilot. five others are injured. >> it was horrific. heavy expect on the horizon as you approached the airport for miles. very challenging fire as you might imagine. >> local officials say that they have been in contact with the fbi and they are very certain this is an accident, not an intentional act. all of your radar right now, scott williams is tracking if it will stay dry, scott. >> hi there everyone. the it looks like most of the rain will hold off until the upcoming weekend but in the time being we are tracking falling temperatures, dip in the jet stream and then eventually that weekend storm will be developing. wake up weather for friday morning, it will be chilly. temperatures in the suburbs, down to the the 30's. lower 40's in the city. and then we will see temperatures topping out tomorrow in the upper 50's. as far as halloween weather,
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cloudy, cool temperatures will drop in the lower 50's and i think we will stay dry for most of the halloween evening. coming up, the timing of that rainfall, wind, and potentially some wet snow as that nor'easter cranks up this weekend, coming up with the seven day, back to you. >> talk to you then, scott. sky fox over a deadly shooting in north philadelphia a police say a 28 year-old man was shot seven times at 11th and poplar streets. gunfire broke out right around 4:30 this afternoon. police say they are still looking for the gun man tonight. it is rang as one of america's most dangerous cities, and now chester will install cameras at dozens of intersectionness an effort to fight crime. fox 29's dave schratwieser live in chester tonight, dave. >> reporter: iain, chester mayor john linder told me tonight that the camera is the witness as chester received over a million-dollar, for new surveillance cameras, in 42 separate neighborhood spanning 25 blocks. >> a long time coming.
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>> reporter: wait of chester's crime problems have taken a toll on city resident like sandra vincent in the past few years. shootings and murders have neighbors on edge. >> we need some protection. i need to come out and walk on the streets again and any grandchildren and people be protect. >> chester was a beautiful, beautiful place but there is so much crime and stuff going on here now though. a lot of crime. >> reporter: now city has received a million-dollar in grant money to install surveillance camera, starting in the the ten block area of the sun hill section. >> if you look at the data a on cameras around the country you got anywhere from a 20 to 60 percent reductionness crime. >> we sure do. >> i think it is a good thing. >> reporter: new cameras comes as city gets added help from federal and county authority, recent drug take down took out 30 members of the local drug gang. the u.s. marshals, dea and fbi are working hard with city officials to crackdown on crime. >> nothing will just stop crime in its track but this will be a deterrent.
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it will help us catch more people that committees crimes. >> reporter: dozens of cameras will be set up in two sections of the city and link with 140 cameras on widener's campus to form a network of crime fighting tools. >> it would be safer. i mean it will help the crime, anyway. anytime you can help the crime, it is a good thing. >> the camera will be the witness. >> now money for cameras comes from penndot, widener and several other groups. no word often when the camera will be installed. they will be connect to the delaware valley intelligence center in south philadelphia, and chester police. iain? >> dave, thank you. anyone who commits a hate crime in philadelphia is going to face tougher penalties. the philadelphia city council unanimously passing a hate crime bill today, in response to the september 11th assault of the same sex couple in center city philadelphia. prosecutors could not charge anyone with a hate crime since a person's sexual orientation is not covered under current
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law. mayor still has to sign the bill. we are told that could happen by the end of the week. crimes motivated by hatred of on one's sexual orientation, gender identity or disability would carry a sentence as long as 90 days in jail and a fine as high as $2,000. governor of maine is going after a nurse who refuses to self quarantine after treating ebola victims. kacie hickox arrived, from west africa. new jersey put her in a mandatory quarantine at a hospital but released her on monday. well to day back in maine she decided to go for a bike ride around her town instead of staying in her house. >> how come you are on the road. >> maine wants hickox to stay at her home until health officials clear her but she's in the doing that. the governor says negotiation was her have broken down. says he is ready to exercise the full extent of his authority to protect the the public. as many as 1500 of her neighbors have signed a petition pleading with her to stay inside for the the as of
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yet voluntary quarantine. well, boo is back after being on the lamb, as dave schratwieser might say for two weeks. boo is that big exotic cat missing from his home in wilmington delaware. check him out. do you see what he is doing, living got life again with the todd family. that is him eating his favorite thing in the world, that is whipped cream. new castle county police found the 35-pound kitty, in a park near their home, and his family could not be happier. surveillance cameras catch a deer charging, full speed ahead, a at a building, a person behind that glass door what happened, the second that animal hit. and thieves going high tech your credit card still in your wallet but they have your information, simply by walking next to you. still seems to me about 90 percent of people do not know about this threat. >> one thing you should put in your wallet now to keep the crooks at bay. and hundreds deck out for
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halloween, to march through mays landing but one couple got an opportunity for romance. their celebration to say i do. and, do you have an itch? don't lift a finger why experts now say the very last thing you should do is scratch it. we are continuing to follow breaking news suspected killer eric frein caught in the pocono mountains after nearly eight weeks of searching, authorities spotted the accused gunman, he then turned himself in. we will head back live to the poconos ahead.
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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two month search is over. police say they have caught eric frein, they found him inside of an abandoned airport hanger in the pocono mountains. we are live with new developments in just a few minutes. fox 29 getting result in south jersey, a huge pothole, well traveled road in washington township, gloucester county has been rattling nerves and blowing out tires for weeks now. one driver, had enough and reached out to fox 29's bruce gordon. >> reporter: split is on the westbound side of selena road near delsea drive, the grand canyon of potholes. 2 feet long, nearly 10-inch's cross and fully 5 inches deep. jennifer, found it one night last week which is why her hyundai sonata sports a temporary doughnut as a right front tire. >> it was like bang. i said this would be bad. >> reporter: you feel shuttering of the car. >> yes, yes. >> reporter: not only did pothole blow out her tire but
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bent her rim. it was her call that sent us out to selena road and we brought fox 29's exclusive crater cam with us. actually just a go pro stuck to the side of the car but gives you a good idea of the teeth rattering nature of this pothole. watch again as the tire drops into the hole, now in super slow motion. while we were filming, robin davis drove by and hit the crater. moments later we found her up a ahead by the side of the road having tried in vein to fill the resulting flat tire. >> as soon as i hit it, there was a big jolt in the car. steering wheel started to shake. i had to turn it to the left to make the cargo straight. >> reporter: she called her husband to get a tow truck to the scene and her car to the repair shop. >> i'm concern it is out of alignment and it never had a bit of trouble with the car. it will be expensive, to get it fixed. >> reporter: i had had seen enough. we might be able on get this thing fix so people don't have their cars damage. i call the mayor's office in
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washington township. they called public works and in no time, flat, a crew was out on selena cold patching the pothole and then running over the mixture to flatten out the surface. while they were there they filled a second crater near sewell road, jennifer is happy for the repairs but wonder why they came after her tire and rim were destroyed. >> are frustrating, very expensive problem. >> reporter: cold patching the pothole clearly just a band-aid but equipment needed to make more permanent repairs that was part of the bond issue that was shot down by the township council just this month. couple of the no votes are leaving office come january, so the mayor, and a supporter of the road repair spending will make a new pitch to the new council early next year. until then it is patch and pray. in the news room i'm bruce gordon for fox 29 news. if you have got an issue you'd like fox 29 to get results on head to our web site at my fox, click news and then look forgetting results. the atlantic county public
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library is torn up tonight, brigantine police say a drunk driver skidded off road and smashed in the steps. you can see skid marks, and bench knocked down, parts of the steps are from the pile. library, however did stay opened today. a principal at a bucks county high school is putting students to the test when it comes to reporting social media bullying. and what they could lose if they don't step up, is their mobile phones. neshaminy high school principal, is threatening to ban mobile phones at school. the reason, well, he discovered some students are getting bullied on the social media app yikyak. they don't stay up long and they can ab none must. school tried to ban the app, but that didn't work. principal decided to let students decide their own fate. he told students to report any hurtful activity and things may go back to normal. fail to do so and say good bye to cell fence during the school day. police officers, city leaders and volunteers come together to make this mischief
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night fun and safe for everyone. there were activities, for freshman and giveaways for the kids often mark by vandalism a and other crime. police say tonight is the perfect opportunity to make resident feel safe in their community. a big night for a couple in mays landing, new jersey, love birds tied the knot in a spectacular way, as you can see, their ceremony included halloween costumes, and more than a thousand people. >> fox 29's sabina kuriakose was there for frightfully sweet wedding and brings us this. >> reporter: report witches, gules, ghosts, and the bride and groom. >> wait. >> that is no costume. >> we come together for halloween, like a lot of people come together for christmas. >> reporter: this is lauren and edward's wedding day. the ghoulish guests lighting main street, four-by-eight foot wedding float at the head of the mays landing, epic halloween parade.
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now entering its 60th year. make no mistake. >> what is in the pot, is that love position. >> no. >> reporter: there is no need for a love position here. >> everybody thinks of a cinderella wedding, traditional church and whole thing and this is not it but it is perfect. perfect for us. >> love is in the air anywhere you go any day of the week and the couple really loves halloween and you know, even though it is a spooky time it is a happy time so what better day to get married. >> reporter: mayor amy goto officiated a as a way to do something different, something fun, something extra special for a town tradition. everything from the food, the flowers, donated by local businesses. >> i do think wedding is a big draw for people tonight. it is different, unique, something you don't get to see. >> reporter: this may be the largest, most colorful wedding party this town has ever seen. there were over a thousand people in attendance and what wedding is complete without a
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toss of a bouquet. >> yes. >> reporter: give one couple the most magical have of a night. >> pretty awesome. >> reporter: a sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. you know who would have been great there, the the tough talking, tough talking cop from upper darby. >> michael chitwood steps out in a different role look at chitwood as sponge bob square pant today. he spent the day speaking to kids at delaware county elementary school about halloween safety. children and parents need to be on the look out for people up to no good. >> we have to make sure whatever they bring back in the house is safe, because unfortunate there are some kooks out there who will do things to hurt our children. >> chitwood said drivers should also be extra aware of their surrounding and we know children often get excited when trick or treating and sometimes dart into streets. superintendent chitwood will keep halloween fun going tomorrow on good day. he is finally living his dream
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of doing the weather. >> that would be fun. >> i hope he will not be dressed as spongebob. >> it will cover the whole map. >> leave that at home. >> also elsa from frozen will be there for our halloween show. come down to our studios at fourth and market and bring your kids. party starts at 7:00. elsa will arrive at 9:00. >> big doing there. caught in the act he trusted a staff taking care of his father suffering from alzheimer's, until he set up a nanny campaign what he found is terrible. and man's best friend, this guy's owner will beg to differ how this pup's loyalty landed his owner behind bars. plus they may be the perfect addition to your costume but rethink those color
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this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side.
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i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. check this out, this deer must be thirsty, or wanting to party, he ran right in the bluery in michigan. employees in the griffin club brewing company started running and filming and that is when animal came right toward them landing in the window full speed there was no damage to the building. the deer appeared to be uninjured getting up and running away. apple ceo tim cook has revealed he is gay. he did so in an article he wrote for business week. cook says quote, i'm proud to be gay, and i consider being gay among the greatest gift god has given me. he says that i have never denied my sexuality i have not publicly acknowledged it
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either until right now. the man who led his through a boston marathon crisis has passed away. thomas was one of the most beloved mayor. he was first italian american mayor and served more than 20 years, doctors diagnosed him with advanced cancer in february, shortly after he left office. he was known for his, folksy manner. thomas manino was 71. two women in florida face charges of abusing an elderly alzheimer's patient. >> police say a nanny cam caught them torturing the 76 year-old man. victim's son said he set it up after noticing bruises on his father. police say video shows the nursing a assistant, shown here, hitting and kicking him at times, and making him punch himself. woman are facing battery and other related charges n light of the video more people are coming forward saying their loved ones may have been mistreated as well. >> my husband is in here and
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he has talked about rough treatment from the staff the on the weekend staff. >> no word on if any other charges will be filed against would the man. police say they are held in jail, without bail tonight. well, next up, they got him. weeks on the run in the pocono mountains and ended tonight, accused killer eric frein is now in custody. we are heading live to pike county on this developing story. you carefully watch your credit card, and hold your purse close this public but all of the crook has to do is walk near to you steel your identity. how you can protect yourself from this scary technology. scott williams making final look at your weekend forecast that includes snow, who is expecting what, up a he had .
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fbi most wanted eric frein, finally in custody. >> forty-eight days, after this deadly ambush at a state
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police barracks in the poconos, corporal brian dickson killed, trooper alex douglass, seriously wounded. >> tonight, frein and the slain trooper's handcuffs has details of his life on the run emerge. this is a night so many people have been waiting for accused cop killer eric frein captured and being hauled off to jail. we got woffard frein was in custody around 6:30 tonight. >> that story very much developing right now. fox 29's jennifer joyce has been all over this search from the beginning, live in ole, pennsylvania where the governor is expect to speak, jennifer. >> reporter: that is right, lucy and iain in the last 15 minutes we did switch locations at pike county training facility where pennsylvania governor tom corbett is expect to hold a press conference, on eric frein's capture at 11:00 o'clock. we are staying on the air to bring that to you live at 11:00. while many of you asked to see a picture they want to see
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proof that eric frein has been captured, take a look, this picture of eric frein in custody, sent to me by a source. frein is wearing handcuffs belonging to the state police corporal he is a accused of killing. corporal brian dickson shot and killed outside blooming grove state police barracks seven weeks ago tomorrow. trooper al-zawahiri ex-douglass was also wounded in the attack. it has been a long seven weeks of searching high and low, only to find eric frein near a hanger at former birchwood resort. source tells me that frein was walking up to the hanger when he was approached by a member of the u.s. marshall's service. he surrendered peacefully. he did not put up a fight. a pennsylvania state police then rushed to the scene to thoroughly search that hanger, where it is believed he may have had a couple of weapons, at this point, pennsylvania state police only confirming that eric frein is in custody, and again, we are awaiting an 11:00 o'clock news conference with the governor. we will bring that to you live right here on fox 29.
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iain and lucy good thank you very much, jenny. we will bring governor corbett's news conference live right here on fox 29, and on my fox and we will have more live reports tomorrow starting on the fox morning news at 4:00 a a.m. delaware middle school is becoming first in the region to put bullet-proof white boards in classrooms. 121 of these special white boards are going in to classrooms at the bedford middle school in new castle. it is part of the pilot program launched by state police. district says it is pro active approach to improving school safety. if you are in a run, hide, fight, situation, if you have to run, take it with you. that is why we make it mobile. same as a police vest. >> white boards are designed to stop any hand gun, any shotgun, and can absorb multiple round of ammunition. something unexpect here police in alabama says a man's own dog held officers and him on a drug charge. the pooch named bo, that is him right there, followed his
10:33 pm
own shore ran out of the house when police tried to a arrest him. an officer told bo to go get him and he d when the dog eventually stopped and wagged his tail on the grass, officers found and arrested edwin henderson. all right lets get a check of your fox 29 weather authority, what is on the radar tonight, scott a lot of wet tore talk b cooler air is moving in. halloween forecast, i think most of the day will be dry. there could be some drizzle or spotty showers that move in, late tomorrow night, and also we're watching that week even storm, brewing that will bring rain and wind, and potentially some wet snow on the tail end of it for the highest elevations. temperatures right now in philadelphia a at 50 degrees. wind north at 8 miles an hour, humidity at 54 percent. we will make it up to 60 degrees today, 2 degrees below average for this time of the year but look at record, 81, back in 1946. those temperatures have been dropping in the lower 40's, millville as well as atlantic city. we are looking at upper 30's in the pocono mountains, 42 in
10:34 pm
pottstown, 50 degrees, that is warm spot if you will right now in philadelphia. some dry conditions for overnight, dry start to the day on friday, sunshine to start but clouds, will start to increase, we will watch disturbance off to the west, that will dive southbound into sections of the atlantic ocean and spin up a nor'easter by the end of the weekend but you can see after midnight tomorrow we're watching for some of those showers, moving in, and especially in south jersey and then we are watching that moisture off to the west. this energy will combine to intensify that area have low pressure but saturday morning we are socked in with the clouds on and off again showers, really throughout the day on saturday so wet weather just kind of nasty and watch what happens, you can see that low pressure really wraps up. sunday as it pull as away we are talking about very windy conditions, wind could gust up to 40 miles an hour. so the accumulating snow as we take a look at this european model will be well to the west into west virginia sections of the mountains of north carolina and tennessee that is
10:35 pm
where they are anticipating winter storm warnings there. so for us with that nor'easter cloudy, falling temperatures on saturday, scattered showers, around half inch of rain. then saturday night, scattered showers and wind will continue, there could be some wet snow flakes in the poconos or northern sections of new jersey as that system pull as way and cold air starts to rush in saturday night into early sunday. sunday the storm pulling a away but we are left with chilly conditions and gusty wind. what about that halloween forecast we are looking at those temperatures, dropping into the 50's, by 5:00 o'clock, 56, creepy and cloudy by 7:00, 54 degrees and we are talking a late mist moving in, perhaps some drizzle especially further south and east of philadelphia you will head. so for the overnight, temperatures, bottom out in the 30's, for us in the suburbs, lower 40's in the city and then looking at that seven day forecast, you can see high temperatures in the upper 50's, sunshine gives way to clouds on halloween and then, wet and windy, if you
10:36 pm
are heading to that temple game on saturday. temperatures will be dropping, throughout the game, we are looking at numbers, and in the low 50's to start but low 40's to end on the saturday, don't forget to fall back this weekend, and gain an hour of sleep, it will be sunny and windy on sunday and then mid 50's by monday, 60 degrees, dry and cool for election day and back to the lower 60's by wednesday and thursday of next week. all over the place. >> yes. >> thanks. >> back to normal. >> all right scott thank you. they can add a pop to your halloween costume but are they worth risk warning tonight you need to hear before you put in those colored contacts. >> talk about throw back thursday your favorite child has turn into an adult, and they will love this one. beer that might have you reminiscing. and, you have an itch. don't lift a finger. why experts say last
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in your money tonight, an international, whiskey recall, went in effect at a american recipe fireball, a cinnamon whiskey is under recall in norway, sweden a and finland tonight. they say a match using north american recipe was shipped to them by mistake and they don't
10:40 pm
like ingredient contained in antifreeze. it does sound dangerous but makers does say it is perfectly safe to drink. they say questionable ingredient enhanced the flavor. fireball sales topped 60 million-dollar, last year. the f.d.a. warns when it comes to shrimp dishes you might not get what you want. officials sampled 143 shrimp products from u.s. stores and restaurants and found as many as 30 percent misrepresented what they were serving or selling, not that it was a different creatures. samples sold as gulf of mexico shrimp are white legged shrimp raised in farms. well, popular breakfast serial is now a beer, black bottled brewery, in colorado has created a count chocolate flavored brew. i loved that. >> i didn't like it. >> it made tonight to chocolate milk. they bought up cases upon cases of the cereals to make 250 gallons of the beer. general millions, the cereals maker support the the new creation and buying the
10:41 pm
product. it is called by the way, cereals, seriously. >> anyhow, that is what they are calling it, seriously. colored contacts may be perfect addition tour halloween costume. >> they can add a pop to the costume but think twice before you put them in your eyes. cosmetic contact lenses, countless colors, styles, choices, and very popular. many considered them the perfect halloween accessory but vision experts say be wear. >> cornea abrasion which cause's a lot of pain, scarring, or corneal infections. what you need for vision losses specially that can happen overnight. >> some public health officials are warning not to wear the lenses without consulting an eye care professional. next, thieves going high tech, your credit card, still in your wallet, they steel your information, simply by walking, next to you, one thing you should put in your wallet to keep those crooks at bay. >> the reason b
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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or waiting to cross an intersection. anywhere your purse or wallet is accessible to a crook. he is founder of identity strong hold for people from identity theft and credit card fraud. >> we have been doing this since 05.
10:46 pm
>> he says, high tech crooks today can seal your credit card information and without even touching you. >> you get everything you need to make a purchase. so they just to have pass by you, and off the shelf reader will read two to 4-inch's way. >> here's how it works. >> if you have a credit card with this symbol on it, is there a radio chip embedded in the car, it is called radio frequency identification, or rfid. with the card reader bought on line for less than $200, a crook can steel your credit card information, just by being close to you. >> anybody can buy the same readers they use in the store and on the street, and get the same information the stories getting whether is credit card number, expiration date. >> reporter: walt and i took a walk near our station, near our station during lunchtime to show how easy it is to get card numbers from unsuspecting people. we ran into this couple from illinois sight seeing in philadelphia a watch what happens. >> i will just put this by
10:47 pm
your pocket. >> i got your credit card. >> you son of a gun you. >> they advertised that in florida, and it is supposed to be sealed. >> how did you get that. >> reporter: it was easy. next we stopped glenn wesley. >> we could pick it up. >> reporter: software manager on his way to the meeting. >> yes. >> i got it. >> that is right. >> scary. >> i don't like it. >> that is one of those new cards you travel international. >> that is right. >> because that is new card that is coming, that is supposed to protect everything. >> less than an hour, walt stole at least six credit cards, and had all of the information that would allow a bad guy to make purchases, and the victim would never even know what happened. >> it still seems to me about 90 percent of people do not know about this threat. >> reporter: so now that you know bit, how can you protect yourself from becoming a victim. >> put your card in here. >> buy a sleeve to block the signal coming from the chip in your credit card. >> that little sleeve right here will block that signal.
10:48 pm
>> what is that called good secure sleeve and special shielding material in that paper. >> it doesn't do you any good when it only works when it is close closed. >> be careful when you buy a rf id blocking wallet. remember our tourist friend from illinois, he thought he was protect. >> that is why i bought the wallet. >> i didn't hesitate at all i wanted security. >> when you come out with something, and is there technology that ahead of it. >> thanks to our encounter, our tourist friend will get a new wallet and be more aware of his surroundings. >> maybe turnaround and look back. >> yes. >> now, walter erased a all of the numbers he stole but for more information on how to protect yourself head to our web site at my fox and click on seen on tv. >> i will get some of those sleeves. >> all right. if you have an itch, health experts say, don't scratch it. i know, easy to say. very hard to do. medical expert say scratching an itch causes a mild amount of pain in the skin. that pain interferes with itching, temporarily by
10:49 pm
getting nerve cells in the spinal cord to carry pain signals instead of itch signals to the brain. researchers at washington university school of medicine found scratching makes the brain release seratonin, which actually intensifies the itch accept says. >> frankford hall in philadelphia a, fishtown neighborhood for third year in a row men are lining up to color up their mustaches of all sizes, including the phillies fanatic. all for a good cause. to raise money for awareness for prostate cancer. over past several weeks, good day has been on the search for a new traffic reporter. this morning, that search ended. >> yes, mike jerrick, he just could not stand it anymore. he was done waiting. he hit the streets to find the perfect person for the job, all by himself. >> did anybody who has ever been on a bus. >> yes. >> we have, cameras all over the place. >> there is some people over there waiting on the bus. >> yes.
10:50 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> he is walking in traffic. >> there is nobody at that bus stop. first time. >> there is someone over there. >> try over there with iain and lucy. >> i think it is a guy. could be a a woman. >> all right. >> hey, what is up, i'm mike, from "good day philadelphia". we're looking for a traffic reporter. >> i just saw you. >> you saw me tweeting here. >> yes. >> you want to try to do traffic. >> what the the heck busies not coming, trash truck is blocking the the street, do you mine. >> okay. >> okay. >> you stand up here, you have have to use this monitor and this monitor and do traffic. >> let me take my stuff off here. >> let me hold it. >> you look very familiar. >> let me get my jacket off here so lie good. you said this is a demo, right. >> give it a shot. >> look who it is. here we go. good morning, everybody. >> so welcome aboard, bob kelly. great to have him here.
10:51 pm
>> it is great to have him. >> here's something that will make eagles fans, well, maybe smile, and may find this interesting. >> dallas cowboys fanatic acting badly, very badly. >> this cowboys fan did not handle the team's loss to the washington redskins monday night are well. it did go to overtime. they still lost. can't wait to see what he does after eagles take care of the boys on thanksgiving day that will cost a lot right there. goodness, gracious. >> hey howard. >> he is a dope. >> 76ers are not only a bad basketball team, and organization, but they are clueless responding to criticism. eagles trying to make it through the injuries, will play and what players may
10:52 pm
♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors and specialists in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross.
10:53 pm
giving you the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
10:54 pm
a little hockey, flyers trying to come back from a bad start this season. they are going for their fourth straight win. lets go to tampa and take a look, it didn't happen. flyers down three-two here on the power play, jason gar is on with the score on ray emery. flyers lose it, four-three. good teams don't lose two straight and that makes it really perfect for eagles sunday in houston. injuries could be a factor. lets start with the safety nate allen. he has in the practiced all week with the hamstring injury. center jason kelce practiced
10:55 pm
all week with the first team offensive line and it looks like he will be back from that hernia surgery. todd herremans is trying to play after tearing his biceps muscle. that was last week in arizona he is trying and gutting it out working out with the first team offensive line. we won't know if he will play until weekend. as far as chip kelly giving up injury info, it doesn't happen. >> i'm not about to, so, i think that is simple. i can't tell the guy, you know, you are this, you are that. just tell me who can play and who can't play f a guy tore a muscle, i'm not a dry cannot rub him together and make him better. >> i thought he could do everything. >> 76ers on a mission to lose, as many games as possible. in a season i have name tank two. they really want to lose in an attempt to get a high draft pick. larry brownies upset watching this happen, to the sixers. yesterday brown said i hate what is going on in philly. they don't have a basketball
10:56 pm
person in the organization, by the way, larry, agree. it makes me sick to my stomach. the sixers spin doctor and ceo scott o'neill took a shot at the championship coach and hall of famer, brown now coaching at smu, this morning on wip. >> well, was he in the final four this years. how many wins the sixers had, if you remember. >> there is the spin we're talking about. start with o'neill. he was incorrect. smu did make nit final four. smu is ranked 22, in the preseason polls. as far as iverson, sixers trying to make a comparison, michael carter williams is ridiculous. back then iverson's team won more games and nine more games the second season. that won't happen with this sixers team this year. them lose less. bottom line larry brown was correct. this sixers have in basketball people in the front office. they are corporate numbers people who don't have a clue.
10:57 pm
i don't believe, and whatever plan they are talking about i don't believe it. >> all right, thanks very much, howard. >> thanks, howard. have of course we are on top of breaking news, nearly two month search for suspect cop killer is over. police say they have caught eric frein. they have found him in an abandoned airport. governor is set to start a news conference, in the next few minutes. we will bring it to you live. >> we will h this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. ( siren wails )
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> miley and rihanna showed up at an aids charity and there are a lot of people that think they went too damn far. >> oh, my god. >> christina milian was at cecconi's and the camera guy's really excited but he needed to step out of the driveway and then he eats it. >> his arm's broken. he's in a cast. >> is this workers' comp? >> of course it is! >> mike tyson, we talked to mike about his new show. >> will you be singing more at the show? >> he sings "ain't no time for bird sex." >> do they even do it, though? >> no, a bird lays an unfertilized egg and a rooster -- >> there you go. >> oh, they put in? [laughter] i didn't know that! >>bi