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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  October 31, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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handcuffs. >> strike, what is monday going to be like? you better start making some plans because septa may be on strike, the sticking point in the negotiations, what a strike could do to you and your commute on monday. and then this... >> call her a spokesperson, in the because she's on a bike, no, self quarantine is that what it looks like the nurse from maine just in west africa treating ebola victims is out and about. how about them cowboys, um. how about that cowboy's fan. he lost it, when his cowboys lost to washington. >> wow. >> he was upset. that was a huge upset, indeed, in question bit. it is finally here,
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halloween, hi everybody. sue is here. alex is here. bobbies here. i'm here. the interns are in. come on in here, it is thing one and thing two, they are dressing up for halloween. >> how cute. >> what is this from. >> cat in the hat. >> have of course. >> yes. >> okay, thank you. >> we are totally into this. there is a couple elsas, little girls already here. >> they want to meet real elsa. >> at 9:00. i cannot believe it my second day of the job and we have the real elsa. >> it will be great. >> this show is big time. >> we spare in expense here. >> elsa wanted to be here. >> lets start with weather and traffic and get in this holiday celebration. thanks for wearing green for eagles. >> even though we lost. >> don't be flipping over december fact you lose this one i cannot lift up. >> all right. lets take a look at our weather authority forecast, we will start with the ghosts and the bats are already out this
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morning it is an eight out of ten today. temperatures a bit below a average for this time of the year but no rain and a decent amount have of sunshine. just wear a warm enough coat. bus stop buddy has his halloween costume on, king tut and mummy all at ones and being wrapped up is a good idea because temperatures are in the 30's and 40's out there and then in the 20's this morning. we are showing you two storms we will be watching this weekend, a coastal storm, nor'easter and a cold front that will make for well, let's just say not the best weekend we have ever had weather-wise. 40 degrees is all we have in philadelphia. northerly breeze. relative humidity 73 percent. 7:29 is our sunrise time. for trick or treaters, lets go to the laboratory and see, mostly cloudy, temperatures in the 50's, sunset is at 6:00 p.m. and of course it will be scary all night. that is our frightening
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forecast bob kelly for halloween. >> good morning. i'm glad it is so dry for kids out there tonight trick or treating. it is certainly in treat this morning. we will will live from sky fox first over scene of the crash this morning. northbound lanes of route 55 right at route 40. traffic is moving slowly past the scene but that was not the case. those folks have been sitting there for the last 60 minutes or so over an hour. not a good way to start your halloween weekend but at least traffic is starting to move again. lets get to the maps if you are stepping out of the front door 55 is not the way toy. route 47 is your best bet heading north up toward deptford and that route 42 freeway. another accident on the blue route 476 northbound right here near broomall upper darby interchange. we have word of a bridge opening tacony palmyra bridge on stand by any minute now will go up. head for that betsy ross bridge as your alternate. we are seeing slow downs on the roosevelt boulevard
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working your way toward center city, same deal on the schuylkill expressway normal delays near conshohocken. south injuries any good shape as well, i know we have had our fingers crossed for that possible septa strike but i can tell you mass transit, buses trains or trolleys are running with no delays,al he can and mike back to you. big news nationally, the cop killer in the poconos he has been captured. look at this picture here. federal marshals took eric frein in custody last night, on a lengthy manhunt of 48 days. that is a brand new picture. thirty-one year-old eric frein, showing him being escorted into prison. >> you may remember, frein evaded police for seven weeks brick caught. he will make hi fist court appearance, and he is live at pike county courthouse, hi steve. >> reporter: they are getting this small town courthouse, for its biggest case ever. you can see courthouse on one side of the street.
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all of the satellite tricks lined up around it. what they did wases with so many satellite trucks, police just had had to clear the streets next to the courthouse and local jail to give them and their most wanted man some space to get through. you can see the jail here. it is very old. cornerstone 1814. you see what an old jail looks like with the old bars on the thin windows on the second floor. they will bring frein there first and then maybe walk him out here across the street because with buildings of 200 plus years old, this one exactly 200 years old there is no underground walkways like we see in philadelphia he may get a public glimpse of him out here in the cold where it is 21 degrees in the poconos. his first court hearing comes 15 hours after his first showing his face just before night fall in the field at an unused airport in the poconos, not used since 998 but he had been using the old airplane hanger for shelter. it is 35 miles away from where this all began several weeks
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ago tonight when he took those deadly cheap shots at two state troopers and then even a fourth at a civilian dispatch shore came out to help. an arraignment and reading of the charges. no information usually but lots of satisfaction, just seeing this guy in handcuffs in the cage and out of the woods and out of the lives he a has disrupted for a couple of months up here. >> reason it took so long is it is such a wooded area he was totally familiar with, he had lot of places to hide in. we have to be very careful with how we searched it. eric frein had a mission, and that was to attack law enforcement. if he got out of those woods we were very concerned that he would then kill other law enforcement and if not them, civilians. that is why we had to keep the pressure on him . >> to the family of trooper dickson, and to the family of
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trooper douglass and trooper douglass, let me assure you from everybody here justice will be served. >> reporter: frein didn't have any weapons on him when u.s. marshals grabbed him . his rifle the murder weapon in the hanger with other weapons like knives and a handgun. not the bloody shoot-out up here feared and expect and own blood just a trickle down his nose, and, accused of killing such a good man. >> thank you for that, steve. state police revealing other details. >> lets get overtime line, hiding out, since september 4th, authorities first link him to the shooting after a man walking his dog discovered frein's partly submerge jeep in the swamp three days after the shooting. by end of september, police found several items frein hid
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in the woods including ammunition, guns and two pipe bombs. during october the man believed to be frein was spotted several times but always from a distance. then finally he was captured, surrendering without a shot. >> welshing moving on to another story locally here. we made it through mess of the week, about a strike. >> but septa riders are still on edge waiting to hear if they will have a way to get around septa riders waiting to hear if they will get around next week. >> the employees union says that they will decide by the even of the day, today, if they will walk off or not. also promising to give 24 hours note brings hitting picket lines so stay with fox and my fox if they make the decision over the weekend. workers have been without a contract for months now. septa aridders are hoping for a deal so their lives are not turned upside down on monday. >> i hope they come to an
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agreement, we won't to have look for anyways to get where they have to go. >> that is how i get back and for the to work. i live here and work in south philly so that is only way they get to work. >> it is hardship to me, especially for doctor's appointments. >> same sticking points this time around because we do this over and over. wage increases and the length of the contract. 4700 workers are part of the union, septa says there is a backup plan in case they do strike but they could still affect mass transit. of course, it would because is there so many more cars on the road and people scrambling to car pool and get to work. however they can.
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you can see this, building completely damage, top floor, you can see, charred. sixty-nine people displaced, following the shelter this morning and they are warm and taken care of. lets show you video of that big blaze that broke out around 11:45 last night. and fast moving flames. we are looking at the video, was anyone seriously injured. one person, one fire fighter taken to the hospital but they are okay, considering what you see, 50 units were evacuated. it took an hour and 23 minutes to get this fire finally knock down. fire fighters say height of the building and number of people inside was a challenge but smoke alarms helped them manage. >> first thing people can do, we're falling back tomorrow, and you can check your smoke alarms. we need you to be safe so they can get out, and we want folks to be safe and to cut down on
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fire injuries and deaths and we need to make sure that we have smoke alarms that first alert to get you out. you can hear them in this building, so it got people out and that is great. >> red paws did rescue two cats, two turtles. fire marshall is investigating and peco had to cut power to the area. ten other people were also affected by this fire that happened here, mike and alex. >> my goodness. >> in national news alex. >> faa is investigating a deadly plane crash in wichita, kansas. officials say four people including the pilot died when a small plane crashed in the flight training building at wichita airport. investigators say the pilot reported losing engine power and was trying to return to the airport. >> it is not an intentional ago. we have been working with the federal bureau of investigation. we are comfortable in saying this is an aviation accident. >> five other people were injured in the accident from a fire caused by the the crash.
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>> ironically, wichita kansas called air capitol city because they manufactured and built so many airplanes and test them. just been plane you get on is made in wichita kansas or seattle washington. governor of maine is now going after a nurse who refuses to self quarantine a after treating ebola victims. >> casey hickox arrived in new jersey from west africa over the weekend. new jersey put her in mandatory quarantine in the hospital but released her monday. >> yes. >> yesterday back home in maine she decided to for a bike ride around her town instead of just staying in her house. >> how does it feel to be out on the road. >> it feels amazing it feels amazing, um. maine, governor, especially wants her to stay at her home until health officials cleared her but clearly she's in the doing that. the governor says that negotiations with her have broken down. he says he is ready to exercise the full extent of his third to protect the public.
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man we're having a lawyer to come in here and see what he can do. as many as 1500 of her neighbors are signed a petition pleading with her to stay inside in a voluntary quarantine situation, even though, the women is not showing any symptoms. >> they have come back negative fore bowl. people here just not watching the story closely enough. a 500 million-dollar lawsuit has been filed against the maker of kimberly clark surgical gowns. listen to this, suit alleged that the company falsely claims its gowns met the highest standard for protect ago begins ebola and just about any other infectious disease. it was filed on pennsylvania have of the surgeon who wore the gowns. the lawsuit says kimberly clark, knew for a year, failed test and standards, and bacteria and viruses. we will follow that one. >> dallas nurse, who recovered
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from ebola will be reunited from her dog. and he has since recovered. officials say the dog has tested negative for ebola and his 21 day quarantine end tomorrow. >> u.s. satellite in europe are watching skies more closely after russian war planes were seen outside their own air space. >> officials say the routes and types of aircraft seen this week, are unusual. planes included strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons and refueling tanks, for long distance flights. nato planes from eight different countries raced to respond but german chancellor angela merckel had a measure reaction. >> reporter: there has been activity in terms of russian
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army exercises but i'm not worried that a violation of air space is taking place. >> so officials say this has happened four different types over the week. they appear to be part of the increasing pattern of russian air activity. most likely from the ongoing tensions in ukraine but ukraine is right next door. why would they have tanker planes. first wave of iraqi, iraqi kurdish fighters have have arrived in the border town of cabani. they are still fighting over that town to help syrian kurds push back their militants, isis. it is under attack by militants from three sides despite weeks of air strikes by u.s. led coalition forces. 7:15. a hawaii national guard ace cyst continuing residents near padua threatened by laugh. this hot lava is all over the place. troops will help with red blocks and other safety concerns. the lava has slowed down a bit but still remains a concern. officials saying it is inching
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toward major roadway. so far lava has only burned a little bit of ground but they are very afraid there in hawaii. >> understandably so. >> that town is how the island were made a big pile of lava. back here at home, boo, it is back after being on the loose for two weeks we have got to this with the into our studio. lets do it monday. >> exotic cat that went missing two weeks ago from his home in wilmington delaware. here he is living the good life. that is him eating his favorite food. new castle county police found 35-pound cat in the park near his home and his family could not be happier. >> what a perfect day for boo to be back, it is halloween. i have a lot in common with boo. >> because you scare people. >> my favorite food is whipped cream. >> that is nice. >> yes. >> here's something that will make eagles fans, well, i think we will find this quite interesting. >> or amusing. dallas cowboys fanatic acting badly, very badly.
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>> it was a shocking upset when washington beat cowboys the other night. this guy was so livid, he tore up his own home. >> he he could not handle it, look at that. so we cannot wait to see that after eagles take care of the boys on thanksgiving day. >> he will be throwing turkey, dressing all over the house. >> i don't know if there is anything left. >> who do you suppose is videotaping this a wife. >> probably. >> she's probably very upset. >> when you shoot videos on your phone just do horizontal please. >> quick tip, lebron james, this was a shocker too, return to the place where he got his start. instead of throwing baby powder, this would be a blow out. cavilers have a great team, many predict they will make it to the final. knicks got blown out by friday by 30 points the other night,
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right. so the calves will win this thing. they blew it. home coming game didn't prove as positive for cleveland fans. they lost to the knicks 95-90 on their home court. >> yikes. >> that is not good. >> we are getting ready for our home opener on our home court. >> yes. >> it is tomorrow night. >> we will take on the miami heat, sue. >> well, that is the opposite of what the weather will be outside. great day for watching basketball inside tomorrow, going to the movies or anything indoors because we have nasty weather on the way. then tomorrow night is night you turn your clock back daylight savings time will be ending and we will move back to standard time, so what happens at 2:00 o'clock? it becomes, wait for it. >> so i have to wake up at two and set my clock back or can do you it in advance. >> you will be up anyway, i know you. >> it won't be an issue for
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you, but for the rest of us, at 8:00 o'clock i will be turning my clock back because i'm lot of fun on a saturday night. right now we have two storm systems affecting us this weekend, this is nor'easter just formed yesterday and now it looks like it will bring in some very wind driven rain tomorrow and then filled by that cold front which will bring this massive cold air in for sunday. so the rain on the saturday and cold and wind on unday. here's a quick look at the future cast to show thaw rain moving in by midnight or 11:00 o'clock tonight. i still think it will be dry for trick or treating. we will watch is what happening out to the west as well but here comes the rain, pretty we have any some spots by 9:00 o'clock. by 2:00 in the have afternoon a lot of heavy rain and again the wind will be a problem as well, and maybe a couple of snow flakes at night in the poconos, only but that is not really the issue. rain and wind on saturday and just win a chillier temperatures on sunday. so that is what we have to look forward to this weekend,
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all of the more reason to have some fun today. that is your future cast. lets get to the seven day forecast, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. later on today we will expect 58 degrees and tomorrow temperatures dropping during the day, nasty for temple game, blustery day and election day has been talking bit. high in the mid 60's and decent sunshine and we are back in the middle 60's have of next week. is there your seven day forecast, what fun we will have bob kelly. >> trick or treating tonight. good morning. >> rough start for anyone heading out the front door at 476, you think your having a bad start, just in the concrete barrier here that is blocking the right lane, northbound lanes of the blue route, 476 right here near route three which is west chester pike. heading north up towards saint david, villanova use 252
7:21 am
trying to get an early start. tacony palmyra bridge, traffic stopped on both sides of the river, betsy ross is a good bet. otherwise south jersey waking up and hitting the road, 295 slow through mount laurel, same deal on the 42 freeway heading in towards walt whitman bridge. rest of the major travel times not bad at all, starting to see beginning of the rush hour in this 7:00 o'clock hour. we are keeping a finger cross for that possible septa a strike but getting there today is in the a problem. mass transit running with no delays, mike, back over to you. >> we got a tweet that says roosevelt boulevard stinks. they should just shut it. we are moving on to talk about the eagles here. eagles will be lumping back on the field after their loss to those cardinals out in arizona man eagles should have won that game. todd herremans tearing bet of his biceps he says he will play sunday. that is a tough injury.
7:22 am
a lot of times you are out for a year biceps tear. >> is halloween time for romance how girls look for their future house band using cabbage. >> you smell like cabbage come here i want to marry you.
7:25 am
i don't think i can tell a guy, you know when you this or that. just tell me who can play and who can't play. if a guy tore a muscle, i am not doctor myagi i cannot rub my hand together and touch his leg and make them better. >> coach is not a healer. >> no. >> that was coach chip kelly talking about the injuries, the the torn biceps, that todd herremans suffered last week. at this week, todd looks like he will try to play through that injury. >> wow. >> torn biceps, that is a rough injury. a lot have guys will miss the whole season. >> hi. >> are you still working at 97.5 fanatic. >> yes. >> surprising. >> glad to have you here.
7:26 am
>> you're hearing todd will play. >> he is, that is what i'm hearing. you can barely lift your arm. >> hold on doesn't he have to take on that jj watts dude. >> yes. >> tough, tough match up for him. keep an eye for that but jason kelce their center his first game back. that is a tough test for two guys, one with the torn biceps and within with his first game in many weeks. this is a big test. >> we are bruised and battered. >> we need to clean it up. this is in the an easy game. >> no. >> everybody saying they will roll over this team. they go on the road with the team with a couple good players. then on the other side air yan foster one of the best running backs in all of football. couple big weapons. >> just last year couple analyst said that the texans would go go to go to the super bowl. i'm in the sure why. >> they had a couple rough seas opposite and they hired bill o'brien from penn state. that is a big move for them. i don't know if it will happen in the next couple years but i like bill o'brien.
7:27 am
>> where was he, notre dame. >> penn state. >> what was i thigpen state. >> what about nick foles, each week we don't know how he will play and show up. we need him this week. >> every week it is something new with him. there is question marks as to what is going on in his head but what i look at is his foot work. when he is dancing around, he is not very fast. when he start moving his feet and trying to throw the football always something bad happening there. i would keep an eye on that in houston. he will not have time because of their front four is very good. if he is dabsing around keep him around good kelce will play. >> yes, kelce will will play. >> they have in the been practicing. >> yeah. >> his comments sometimes. >> no. >> i bring it all back because what was alternative. >> ways go to say that before. before it was andy reid said nothing. at least he gives you something. >> times yours. >> i love chip kelly,.
7:28 am
>> what was your prediction. >> they will win 30-24. i feel a win this week. >> all right good thanks pat have a great weekend. >> i like your outfit and your costume. >> thank you. >> i'm going as a tofuzzy already have my costume on. this story will make you sick, real housewives of new jersey star, that tracie, she just dropped thousands of dollars on a music video for her 13 year old daughter. i thought she owed the government money. risque trailer posted to instagram. wait until you look at this video. oh, man. jen freddie's showing us halloween is not just for kids. >> one of these things is not like the other. who knew we would get so many ella is as. you look beautiful ella is a. these ladies are waiting for real elsa at 9:00 o'clock. if you are ready for halloween you have to let it go. lou amazing.
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here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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of course, bus stop buddy has a costume on this morning. i saw that, di. we have his little pumpkin
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ready for treats too but no fooling he is going with the egyptian theme. he is bundled up. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. we are giving you an eight out of ten. make sure you have enough on, under or over your costume. and here is, the scary trick or treat forecast, we do have some clouds that are around and sunset is official at 6:00 p.m. it will be on the chilly side but it could be worse. we have seen colder halloweens. our high temperature later today will be 58 degrees. little cooler then yesterday but not bad at all, scary i guess with creepy clouds. so that takes care of today, we will have the rest of the seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly, what is going on the blue route. >> rough go on the boo route this morning. we will hear all. that we have one day to use those lines. here's a live look from sky fox over the scene over north bound lanes of 476, ouch, do you think you are having a bad
7:33 am
start, look at this fellow, off in the shoulder there but this is causing a major jammo because northbound lanes of the blue route only two instead of the normal three opened again this is causing a major backup working your way to the west chester pike. this is northbound heading out front door head for route 252 as the best alternate, we will also get word of the crash westbound on the schuylkill expressway at city avenue off ramp watch for a delay there and delay down in delaware right here near christiana mall northbound lanes of route one and mass transit looking good. mike and alex, looking good. >> twitter is a alive with this nurse story out of the mess. couple nurses tweeted knee. not happy with her. this maine hearst her name is tracie hick ox under fire for openly defying her quarantine order. >> hickox tried to show they was healthy by going for a bike ride with her boyfriend. >> we want to go for a bike
7:34 am
ride. >> you do this often. >> we do yes. >> thank you, i have to go, speak with the health department new. >> people want her to stay away from other people so media people are surrounding her. it was an odd scene yesterday. >> state officials cannot get hick ox to follow her order is what the next step. heather hanson is here to talk to her. >> is she right or wrong. >> she's in between i think. it is a good thing she has been defiant because we need a court to step in and say what is a appropriate here. when politicians start locking people up out of fear we ought to be careful. now medical experts have to come in and say is she truly a threat, tell courts whether she's a threat and then court has to decide is what least restrictive means. >> but is there any law, is there anything on the books, or we in new territory here. >> in the 20's there was a similar case with a typhoid fever. she exhibited no symptoms of it and yet they found it was
7:35 am
appropriate to not have her be exposed to haven't been vaccined until incubation period has been over. have after 9/11, threat of bio terrorism was so great most of the states put in laws that protect us against possibility of being exposed to some sort of disease. law airs on the side of protecting the public as opposed to a person 's rights. >> governor of maine has said i don't want her within 3 feet of anybody. can he go as far as a a court order. >> that is what will happen. they have get before the court and judge has to listen to the medical experts say whether she's a threat and is what the appropriate quarantine here and then that judge will decide f they go to court her attorney said he will go back and say it violates her constitutional rights. >> based on science, you tested me twice. i don't have have ebola. >> she has in symptoms. >> that is not necessarily enough. we have seen when did the symptoms start mike. we saw the doctor in new york who is riding a subway,
7:36 am
bowling and then he went. one period of time or one minute you have symptoms and next minute you don't. that might not be enough. it is up to the experts you are not contagious until you show major signs of it. >> that is correct. it is, the cdc has one position. other medical experts have others. this is why it is so difficult to be a judge. you have to weigh medical experts and make a decision as to what is the right decision. >> why did governor christie let her out of the quarantine that he wanted to be in. >> she was thrown by a private charter plane so she wasn't exposed to other people. they are trying to find a balance. it is supposed to be least restrictive means they can infringe on her rights. this is new territory for everybody. i think it ace prep eighth that the governors are getting involved. it is really appropriate that the courts get involved and hopefully they will come up with a standard that will set the the rule for everybody else. >> wonder if it means no more bike rides. >> all right heather, happy
7:37 am
halloween. i like your costume. >> thanks for coming in, everybody. >> here's another story that we will talk about all weekend long. she he is brittany maynard. she says that in about 24 hours she will take her own life because she has an inoperable brain tumor. so i keep getting asked on twitter if you are a catholic, let's say, would that be an okay thing to do i don't know. we will talk to our good friend father johnson morris and get his opinion on that. there is a a lot of the holiday you may not necessity like kids to have do more work to get those treats, why kids today really don't. >> you don't to have do do a trick anymore. >> i just walk u
7:38 am
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in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you. i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message.
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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at i love it. halloween costumes, and spooky and scare, that is what we think about when it comes to halloween but may not know halloween was not always about jack lantern and ghosts. >> no good here's fun facts from the folks at huffing ton
7:41 am
post. trick or treaters had to once dance for their treats. >> do a trick and i'll give you a treat. >> and some americans have halloween was levered to as cabbage night. >> why. >> according to reports cabbage night came from a fortune telling game where girls used cabbage stunts to predict information about their future husband. >> what. >> and jack lanterns they weren't always made out of pumpkins, instead people use turn ups, beats and potatoes, they would carve into that and it doesn't sound easy instead of the that turn it up for what. >> turn up for what. >> do you see. >> first lady new about this, it was halloween used to be about turn ups. >> yes. >> for what. >> do you see the little dance. i'm sure she got treats. >> she was promoting healthy eating by her kids. eat your vegetables including turnups for what. >> jen fred, is what going on. >> we are getting ready to turn it up, and within of these things is not like the
7:42 am
other. i didn't think everyone would dress up like elsa. here's the thing, it is not just about beautiful children but is there all kind of things happening in ac. we will talk about the a nation event. you guys look good. start shopping a new way.
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i would imagine that still people will be dressing up as spongebob at some point today. he is still somewhat popular. >> yeah. >> it tends to be all fun and games today because we have a serious guest in here. he is on the show all the time talking about crime, keeping upper darby safe. it the is upper darby police superintendent mike chitwood. oh, my god mike chitwood. >> what happened? >> well, actually, i'm here too and. >> seriously. >> this is your outfit for arresting people. >> absolutely. >> we're real scared of you right now but do you a segment on our fox 29 weekend show, chief chitwood, chief spongebob should we call thaw. >> yes. >> you will talk about tomorrow on fox 29 weekend. >> we are talking about the incident that occurred in new york where loon particular hit
7:46 am
the two officers with the hatchet and police shot and killed him. so police win, bad guy losees he always has an opinion. do you wear this when you go to school around halloween time. >> thinks halloween. >> kid learn that policeman is your friend, is that right. >> absolutely, i even brought my pet with me today. >> your pet is. >> ghost busters, right. >> isn't this surreal. >> i thought sponge bob wore a tie. >> it is dress up day. >> it is true. >> the tie is way down there. >> i will move out of the way while you do some reminders about us, yes. thinks your dream to dot weather. >> my dream is to turn the clock back, one hour.
7:47 am
>> right. >> at 2:00 a.m. then we go in daytime savings time end and back to standard time. >> it is pretty chilly right now. >> it is cold. it was cold, thank god i got long johns underneath of this because in downtown pot town it is 30. philadelphia is 40. lancaster, downtown red aring 35. and pocono mountains we have got that cop killer, it is 26. so that is great. atlantic city is 356789 we will have no sun bait to go day. wildwood stay out of the ocean. >> everybody will be safe, tonight for trick or treating, right. >> everybody will be safe. drivers have to be aware of the children running around, trick or treating, and as long as we keep our children safe and our pets. >> sure. >> i have a lot of confidence in my police superintendent. >> thank you. >> it is surreal this morning.
7:48 am
>> yes. >> too real. >> thanks so much for coming by. >> thank you. >> reminding us to be safe. you a said mischief night was uneventful. >> it was very quiet last night so that is good. >> you are behaving yourself out there. >> happy halloween. >> thanks for coming by. that is the upper darby chief of police, ladies and gentlemen, michael chitwood, thank you so much. >> bob, this has got to be the toughest act you have ever had to follow. >> the chief wearing long johns and his sponge bob out fit. >> are you sponge bob too or bob. >> i have been called other things. good morning, happy halloween as chief said, later on tonight you want to make sure you watch because kid will be darting out there trying to get to the housees with all of the candy. right new lets get for a ride. sky fox over the scene of this accident causing a delay on 476, it is north bound lanes of the blue route right here near west chester pike which is route three, one car off a on to the concrete barrier
7:49 am
there and your best bet would be route 252 working your way north on the blue route heading through broomall and upper darby. good morning northeast fill arc school bus riding southbound from the north east into downtown your typical delay from cottman in through girard a avenue. south jersey starting to see delays on both 42 freeway and route 55, as well as that new jersey turnpike, and gang in delaware, northbound lanes of route one, christiana mall watch for a crash but mass transit looking good with no delays. mike and alex, back to you. >> bobbies a a plenty here today. i didn't realize atlantic city they go all out now for halloween. >> so jen is outside getting us ready telling bus all of the event. >> we are having fun this morning. jeff is here good morning. >> trick offer treaty brought candy for everybody. >> i love it. >> before we get started with the fun you have a serious reason you why pick this costume. >> halloween business villains and heroes and this summer on
7:50 am
the atlantic city beach i saw a life guard save someone's life this year i thought i will go as my hero and a life guard. >> i'm just a hero. so lets talk about this weekend, party got started last night. >> party got started last night. atlantic city city wide celebration of halloween. we were in the 80's, speak easy, champagne parties. we have it for everyone. it is all weekend long. >> we will get through some of them. i know we have banners. you have comedians, you have tans parties, you have havens turning into -- >> hell. fun part about atlantic city is within if you want, we're cold here but if you come to atlantic city, it is safe, party in the casinos. go to your favorite nightclub and get back tour room and stay warm. if you are a halloween invoicer and you just want to sees crazy whacky freaky people come have a good time, not participate in the halloween and just watch out. >> you know how it is, i
7:51 am
always, i will use the words that i used, i will not use words because it is a bad word but woman want to dress very scantly clad. it is our time to show we have been working out and we like it. but someone walking around cannot be the most safe but in the casino, already inside that is your point you are in a place where people are watching you. >> people are watching you. it is safe. there is cameras security. lots of people. you can have fun and good time. unspeckles happens. if you discovered a party or good looking guy at the bar, you just move over there. there is also if you are the not a thing, claridge hotel, back to the original purpose as within of these older fabulous hotels and they have a cool party, rat pack is coming back and so it is, sammy davis a and champagne at caesars or go have a great dinner and they are having a bite this weekend in addition to the great nightclub. >> party pool is there in other place to be right. >> there is no other place to
7:52 am
be. >> but do you have elsa that is the question. >> we have drag queens, we have magicians, we have girls in high heels, we have guys with no shirts on. >> okay. >> and we love that. well, thank you for coming in. >> jen. >> yes, mike jerrick. >> that is a horrifying shot. >> yes. >> this is in the the real elsa. >> no, real elsa. >> no, and, and, real elsa is coming. and we told, and, at 9:00 a.m. so thinks not the the real, and, what is she supposed to do. >> she's a pirate. >> ipad. >> yes. >> hats off. >> bring your party, bring your a game.
7:53 am
this is fox 29, baby. >> thanks, jen. >> i cannot wait to see more elsa's coming up. >> lets say you don't have an outfit you can still make it yourself. >> there will be a party. okay, so if you are putting it together there are do it yourself sales, so crafty costumes that didn't come out exactly the way some people planned. >> normally they are last minute and they are horrible costumes. we have them on tape. >> do you have a sick child at home right now. >> if so you may not need to give them cough medicine, we will tell you the surprising thing that you have in your kitchen, that will make them feel
7:54 am
- ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
7:56 am
here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. you have a child the at your house right now, you know just coughing, i guess i department to have demonstrate what a cough is. cough medicine may not be the only remedy fur kid gets up, over and over, coughing during
7:57 am
the night. >> so we will bring in doctor mike, and he will explain more an lower risk of prostate cancer. >> yes, yes. >> fun day to day. >> so first about the sick children. >> yes, i have two very young children at home, and the big issue is if they are coughing and they don't have flu or anything lake that what do you do? you dent want to give them over the counter cough suppressants and the f.d.a. has basically said don't do that because it can cause more harm than good. what this new study shows was that flavored water. so grape juice flavored water, or a agave nectar actually worked better then nothing. >> that sound like a placebo, is it? >> the placebo effect, i a much maligned entity but very, very effective. 33 percent of the time, it is 33 percent effective. and people have over the years
7:58 am
gotten a bad wrap when they talk about the placebo effect. it is very safe. there is nothing to it. and it works. >> why would it work. >> because the kid mind is saying i have got medicine now. >> it looks like medicine, it taste like medicine and the parent feel better because they have done something for their children. >> look at me, have you ever done that to me, given me a placebo. >> no, not with you. you need the real stuff. >> do you ever do that. >> with my kids, i'll tell what you i took this study home and my wife took it and put it on the table. i notice that stuff. so this is really something, especially if your child is under one. one other thing, honey has been studied and been very effective for mild cough. you don't want to use it in kids under one because -- >> spoon full of honey. >> you don't want to do that because of the risk of botcholism. this was pasteurized agave and
7:59 am
flavored water. >> thinks the best stud of the week. you can reduce your prostate cancer risk by having more sex. >> having a a lot of sex. >> best study ever. explain it. >> more than 20 female partners, they had a 30 percent reduction in presents state cancer. >> boom. >> not just a lot of sex but sex with many, many partners. why? >> this is science, preliminary study and look, it has to do with number of times have of relief, shall we say because we think and researchers think it might be the fact that the material that is released may actually be better off with frequent passage. >> i understand that. >> yes. >> why different women, what difference does it make. >> it might be if you are in a
8:00 am
mono must relationship you are in the relieving yourself as much. >> that is my hypothesis that they are relieving more. >> you don't want me to get sick, do you. >> i knew would you use this as an excuse. >> i will make sure your prostate is fine, mike on a regular basis. >> how would you do that. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> i love you. >> good day to, it is halloween october 31st, 2014. happy halloween. >> reporter: we start here on broad street but not broad street in philadelphia, broad street in milford, pennsylvania where the courthouse is, and you can see i'm not alone here with my cameraman greg gill roy, lots of camera and crew is here to cover first court appearance within the next hour for accused state trooper killer
8:01 am
eric frein, alex. >> he was originally set tomorrow but brittany maynard is having second thoughts. debate over the decision, her decision this morning. >> she has a brain tumor. she will take her own life. >> well to day may be halloween but the weather, it is scarier tomorrow then it is to day. we will have your frightening forecast coming up. >> did you wake up this morning wanting to be ella is a for halloween. it may be a last minute change but you can make it happen in the next few hours. how to put together a perfect elsa costume in about an hour. >> it don't take that licensing. >> hi have been, 8:01. we will have have some elsa outside. real elsa will be here in one hour, bob. >> i'm excited, and you mention add lot have of elsas out front there. you know the song, do you know the song. >> let it go, let it go. >> that is it. >> we are getting a lieutenant of people outside and if you are at the home you can come
8:02 am
out and tweet us your costume using hash tag fox 29 good day. we first want to you come down fourth and market in olde city. >> so to set the scene we wanted temperatures to go way down. we made it chilly outside and we have a snow machine out there. >> it will feel like frozen. >> yeah. >> how cold sit. >> it is in the 30's and 40's out there. mountains it is in the 20's. >> yikes. >> look at how scary it is. >> i'm frightened. >> it is no the that scare, it is eight out of ten. we have sunshine. today is not scary weather day, that is tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up. bus stop buddy in his halloween costume king tut today, temperatures in the 30's and 40's to get you started. don't forget to put some treats in bus stop buddy's little pumpkin. we have 40 degrees in the city, wind north at 8 miles an hour and a trick or treat forecast that looks pretty good, we have rain on the rain way but should not arrive until tomorrow.
8:03 am
scary all night. sunset time, is 6:00 p.m. temperatures will be in the 50's, bob kelly. >> definitely bundle the kids up there for later on for trick or treating. the kids will have that habit of darting out in between the park cars. they are excited. they want candy. heading home later tonight be aware little ones will be out there, grabbing the candy trick or treating. good morning. an accident on i-95, it is northbound i-95 ramp right at providence avenue. that is causing a delay from the gang from delco. big major jam on on the boo route this morning, northbound lanes of 476, heading right in toward the west chester pike. there was an accident, they have cleared that out of the way but we are looking at a 45 minute crawl heading up into saint david villanova you want to head for 252, as the alternate. here's a live look, along i-95 right here near philly international airport. heading out of town for week gend luck to you. maybe heading to a nice warm spot. things are warming up here on 42 freeway, i9 five in
8:04 am
towards girard avenue, no problems up and over the bridge. we had an earlier tacony palmyra bridge opening but that has been since back to business. we are backup on both sides of the river. we are wandberg that possible septa strike, so far, so good this morning, mass transit looking good with no reported delays. >> let me a show you,. >> and eric sheen is over this morning. thirty-one year old survivor list has been taken in custody and put in handcuffs that belonged to corporal brian dickson the trooper he is alleged to have killed. >> in about an hour we have cameras there, frein will make his first court appearance, and prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. he will to have come outside to get to the courthouse. hi steve. >> he will make his first public appearance before he
8:05 am
gets in the courthouse and it was a thousand law enforcement officers looking for him for has 48 days, six days and six weeks exactly and now we are close to a thousand camera and reporter crew is here, waiting for him to arrive still wearing those cuffs by the way. it wasn't the the bloody shoot-out everybody up here expect to end this, it was an unexpect peaceful surrender, only blood you can see dripping down frein's face from a previous scratch that he had according to the pennsylvania state police head there. they probably had him on his niece on the ground looking for bombs, booby traps or any other weapons stash on him but he didn't have anything. he wasn't armed at the time they found him outside in the field next to an abandon airport. they watched him come and go outside old hanger building. they they saw he wasn't armed with his rifle they took him down. inside they found rifle, handgun and knives inside. frein first seen yesterday bye seen real close to where he
8:06 am
had been spotted recently. people thought he was long gone down in central america probably somewhere. so people we have met here this morning very happy to see him captured. >> eric frein had a mission and that was to attack law enforcement. if he got out of those woods we were very concerned he would then kill other law enforcement and if not them civilians. that is why we had to keep pressure on him. we weren't going to stop until this fugitive was, arrest ted. i'm glad that it ended without any other loss of life including his. >> i'm's so happy that it is over with, and a relief. it has put a strain on the whole entire community. >> reporter: i bet you didn't think would it end peacefully i bet were you expecting a bloody shoot-out. >> i think everybody didn't know how it was going to end
8:07 am
but thank goodness everybody is okay and no more lives were taken. >> reporter: here we once gannon halloween morning seven years to the day, halloween morning one of philadelphia's finest chuck cassidy took a bullet to the head, while this good news for once on halloween morning involving the shooting death of a police officer this area, puts a different kind of look, in the future, for halloween morning. chuck cassidy in longer with us but still living on because he was kept alive on life support until his organs could be successfully taken out and so his hearties beat to go day, his eyes are still seeing today and as far as rain goes, this so call survivor list will survive in the state penitentiary where they will not be as nice as deer remarks coons and skunks have been for the past seven weeks. see new a few minutes when he gets here. >> ironically they processed him, they processed him last night with the cuffs on him
8:08 am
inside the same barracks he did the shooting. >> reporter: that is where he was. they moved him to the county jail. they will move him from the county jail any minute now to the local jail next to this courthouse in the small town of milford which has taken a big down feel right now as you can understand why. >> let us know when you see him. on a lighter note they will have halloween tonight because halloween was canceled. they were only going to get him if they caught the guy and last night, they got him. >> for continuing coverage of the capture of eric frein and what is happening today just log on to my fox i dent feel good enough and i still have have enough to weigh and i still laugh and smile with my familiar lynn and friend but it doesn't seem like the the right time right now but it will come because i feel myself getting sicker, it is happening each week.
8:09 am
>> okay. that is the latest video from 29 year-old brittany maynard after being diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. you know her story by now. brittany planned on taking her own life under oregon's assisted sue site laud. about 24 hours from right now. now she sound like she might put this off a little bit, having some second thoughts because she's feeling somewhat okay right now. after we do this story, people on twitter ask me, well, mike were you raised a a catholic is this okay for a catholic to do? i have no idea. i had to bring in my friend father johnson morris to answer this question. father, thanks for joining us. father, what should i respond. >> it is a good question and i think not only for catholics but this is a type of thing we can understand by pure reason. yes, by reason alone. because of this, when we
8:10 am
recognize life is valuable we also recognize that life is not valuable just because of what we can do, the things we can accomplish but rather because there is a dignity to who we are. even in the language of these groups that are pushing this and i wouldn't even be talking about this except brittany has decided that she is going to go very public with this and try to push the cause of legal suicide all over the country. i know there are so many people who are suffering who may be depressed right now, mike who are listening to this and say in my depression this is a good choice. i don't think it is a a good choice. that is not judging where she's at. it is recognize there is a dignity and value to human life even whether we are suffering. >> i know that such interesting, i know you're counseling a philadelphia man who is 30 years old who has also an inoperable brain tumor
8:11 am
what are you saying to him. >> it is a gentlemen named phil johnson. i have been a friend of his for many years back when he was in college. he is a seminary, studying for priesthood and he has the exact same diagnosis. terminally ill. he wrote a beautiful letter and i will put it on my facebook. i put it on my facebook. look up father jonathan morris or twitter at father johnson and see the letter from phil. what he has written is explaining while she says this is a brave choice that she's doing and taking her life early, so she doesn't have to suffer so that other people don't to have watch her suffer he is saying you know what brittany i have got this same exact suffering as you, i have got the same exact prognosis, but guess what first of all i have lived for five years despite what the doctor said and you never know what mere will california can happen. phil has described i think beautifully the value of life even when we're suffering. it doesn't mean that the suffering isn't real.
8:12 am
phil has seizures just like brittany does. he doesn't know how it will even. he is afraid of. that he is staying strong. beautiful message as well to other people saying my gosh what am i supposed to do. >> father morris we will see what happens tomorrow but thanks for spending time with us. >> hey mike, i i want to congratulate you because i thought you would make a halloween costume joke and. >> that is a great looking outfit, father, you look just like a catholic priest. >> thanks. >> thank you, father. >> of course we will continue to follow this of course, tomorrow morning on our fox 29 weekend show will brittany take her life tomorrow. we will update you on that. >> 8:12. what is your favorite halloween movie of all time in the shining. >> wow. >> exorcist. >> our movie critic top four scary picks for you next.
8:13 am
8:15 am
when we start off with
8:16 am
halloween on a friday anything can happen after this. this is what will happen, we will have watch this coastal storm nor'easter heading our way tomorrow. chilly air in place. another coal front comes through and as the nor'easter passes, and gives us even colder air for sunday. so that is the air mass visiting us by the end of the weekend. we will watch this system in our future cast and remains dry during the day-to-day, it is in the until late tonight that the showers start, maybe around midnight 11:00 p.m. trick or treating should still be okay, by 9:00 in the morning it is raining and it is win driven rain. temperatures will be dropping this is all coming back from the northeast from this coastal storm. it looks like the rain lasts through midnight, whole day event on the saturday, by sunday when storm clears away, very cold air moves in and the wind pick up and it is just very, very blustery. almost feels like wintertime on sunday. but here your halloween fright
8:17 am
cast for today, been chilling breezes, in the quite but it is colder then it has been out there and for tonight it should be dry, chilly for trick or treating so make sure you have sweater weather a tire on along with your costume, so, let take you through the day throughout the morning in the 40's, mid 50's by lunchtime and a high temperature of 58 degrees by the even of the day. that is your look at your halloween forecast, it is scary on the road bob kelly. >> it is in treat right now on i-95. here's a live look behind me i-95 at girard avenue where that right lane is block ape we are bum per to bumper for the gang from northeast philadelphia getting ready to step outside the front door. ready, set, go. we will hit the gas here and we will hit the brakes right around that tacony palmyra and that jam will continue all the way in towards downtown philadelphia put an extra 30 minutes on the clock as you come into center city this morning. also we have word of a
8:18 am
burlington bristol bridge same both bet that gave us problems at that coney palmyra a half an hour ago. fingers crossed on a mass transit strike sometime maybe, but right now we are in good shape. buses, trains, trolleys all running with no delays. mike and alex back over to you. we told you earlier they found that cat in wilmington, 35-pound cat, boo is back for halloween. all week long some friends have been talking to me on twitter saying they cannot find their dog lou. i have been retweeting like crazy. we cannot find louie. this is how far they have gone to find this dog, an i-95 billboard. it is right there on i-95, $3,000 reward for louie. i don't have the information in front of me, darn it, can you see what town it is in. >> he is a black lab mix. >> boy you have good eye site. >> oh, split is. >> tweet use the hash tag team louie, if you know anything bit or if you have any
8:19 am
information, that poor family. >> lets fine louie. >> well, the 13th, 13th, 13 year-old daughter of have that real hi star teresa guidice and, of course, joe, who is going to the slammer first, her name is gia, she's in an all girl music group with two of her close friend. again, 13. they call themselves three. they are releasing their first music video that comes out today. we have a copy of it. saw it on instagram. >> ♪ >> wow,. >> they are 13 years old. this music video toys a cover
8:20 am
of brittany spears song circus. >> according to the web site radar on line the muse being video was very expensive to make. teresa spent $10,000 to make this thing against her husband's wishes. he wants her to follow a strict budget since they owe millions of dollars in the bankruptcy case. >> i think owe. >> teresa goes to jail in january, joe will follow her, i think he has to go almost four years but judge let them split it up to have one parent in the house, 13 years old. mother of the year. >> $10,000. >> does that make sense to you black friday on a saturday? black friday is popping up earlier every year, one company is kicking off holiday deals tomorrow. we will tell you which company that is, find a deal tomorrow, black friday on saturday. why they call it black saturday. we are already seeing all kind of great costumes make sure you tweet us. look at.
8:21 am
that wonder woman. so cute. i love it. that is from amanda then jose has some good ones. look at how cute she is. >> is that a fox 29 employee there? that is hilarious. the hat college shirt thanks jason. good one. >> tweet us use the hash tag fox 29. >> by the way party started at fourth and market get down here you elsa's. ella is a. >> so cute good real elsa sh
8:23 am
8:24 am
there is kevin mccarthey or movie critic. >> are you supposed to be. >> this is jack skullington from the nightmare before christmas. >> well, excuse me. >> hey, before we get tour favorite halloween movies i have been looking at this preview, night crawler, i thought it was about worms and stuff, fish face but no. >> it really is good. that was my costume but movie
8:25 am
itself is dealing with a stringer, a young man, who essentially comes across the l.a. freelance crime scenes and films video of car crashes and, crime scenes and sells them to tv station toss boost their ratings in the sense fit bleeds it leads. he starts manipulating these crime scenes where it becomes more intriguing for tv station. best thing jay gyllenhaal has done in my opinion. he was amazing in donnie darko and broke back hundred tane as well as prisoners and this is best thing he has ever done. he lost 30-pound for the role. it is sick, twisted, demeanted, very well done. i gave it four and a half out of five. >> he a has a rating system five is best you can do four out of five is good. >> yes. >> lets get into your favorite halloween movies. >> yes, so halloween, obviously has to be on the list, 1978 john carpenter classic. here's a cool piece of trivia, but michael myers mask from the film is actually a william
8:26 am
shatner star trek/captain kirk mass thank they painted white and they altered the eye. it was a 325 you this dollars budget for the movie. that movie relied so heavily on atmosphere verse graphic violence, and it is well done obviously. i a had to bring up the shining as well, stanley kubrick, classic, most scary movie of all times. i had nightmare for years. so psychological. also on the list nightmare before christmas, and, tim burton's classic and they move tonight stop motion 24 frames in a second. finally hokus-pokus. thinks a cult classic. it has, with bet milder and sarah jessica parker. >> guess what this young woman who sits next to me alex, what is your scary movie. >> alfred hitchcock psycho. >> classic. >> you are awesome. that is a great choice.
8:27 am
1960 that movie is classic. >> shower scene freaks me out, the music. >> there are a hundred ed its the way he chops it up. >> did you know when she's on the floor and her eyes opened she had to actual do i that keep her eye opened. >> yes, you know what they used for blood, chocolate syrup or something lick that. >> black and white. >> happy halloween great outfit you have on. >> thanks, guys. >> mike, is what your mike. >> i am dressed in it, i'm a dofuss, i'm a tool. >> we will reveal at 9:00 a.m. >> thanks, guys. >> you didn't to say your favorite movie to this day excercise makes me sick. >> that is a good one. >> she spin hers head around. >> some of the biggest names in philly sports are on other show. coming up a after the break chip kelly will be here, andy reid makes an appearance.
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8:31 am
it could be elsa out there, we have pumpkins. >> such great costumes. >> that is in the the real ella is a. >> she's coming. she's company. >> the real elsa. get down here at fourth and market. >> thinks the mess fun day of the year for us, don't you think. looking forward to trick or treating tonight. temperatures are in the 30's and 40's right now. weather by the numbers, eight out of ten today, but temperatures below average. chilly start. we are only at 41 at philly international. we are heading to a high in the upper 50's. here is your trick or treating
8:32 am
forecast. it will be close with this rain but it will stay dry for trick or treating. it will be cloudy, chilly and very, very scary bob kelly, all night long. >> good morning, everybody. happy halloween. curb check. live look at schuylkill expressway coming from the conshohocken curve. friday mornings are lighter then any other four days of the workweek. i think with halloween some folks may have been taking day off to get an early start. i necessity they are line up out front at fourth and market. southbound 95 delays into girard avenue, we had an earlier accident, and the burlington bristol bridge in the middle of the opening. traffic stack on both side. and right now, and mike an alex, back over to you. it is halloween and we wanted special guests to tell her what they are doing. >> some of them are out of town, they have promised to
8:33 am
call in and thank you, coach chip kelly, i know you are in texas but thanks for coming in. >> is what going on, lets get to it real quick. >> what happened in arizona are you losing your guts, kick a feel goal instead of going for it. >> i dent want to talk bit. i will in the go for halloween. i'm to scar. i will stay home and kick a field gel in the house. you know we have nick foles in here throwing candy in the kid bags and kept getting intercepted. lets go, let's go, i'm making them dress up a as cowardly lion this year. i'm talking about him. put them up, put them up. come on. come on good good luck against the texans. >> wish i could say same for you. >> i have had it with him. >> he is making me wish the other coach was back here. andy reid joining us on the phone. >> good to see you. >> how are you, mike, i love halloween, reese's, snickers, kit cat, ham and cheese,
8:34 am
scrapple, and bag some goodies for my favorite time of the year. >> are you dressing up as anything. >> i'm dressing up as the billy penn statue, we wear the the same size clothes. pressure is on. turf take a time out between trick and treat, sorry about that. >> by the way is there a kid dressed as donovan. hey kid don't eat too much, you will throw up. >> coach reid, thanks for being up on the show. >> hoist up next. >> cole hamels in the off season. he haze a lot of time to celebrate. >> morning guys, how are you. it is halloween, so scary, but i'm tough and mean i'm in the scared of anything. nothing scares me except maybe jonathan pap he will will one grabbing me, egh. i'm trick or treating by myself. my teammate don't show up for me here either. maybe next year i'll go out as a pitcher and get some
8:35 am
support. there is dom brown as invisible man. ruben amaro sucking the life out of the time as dracula. >> in a bitter mood we have to let you go thanks cole. >> finally charles barkley is on the phone. what are you doing for halloween. >> what is up, you know, i'm happy halloween, scariest thing i have seen so far today is 76ers roster. man they have nobody on that team. >> really sixers going to be that bad. >> you got to be kidding me. >> am i still on here, they have got nothing, they may have a white player on the team, that is what i'm going on it for as halloween. that is all i got for 76ers. >> good luck, joe conklin. >> is what up, buddy. >> happy halloween. >> nice costume. >> thank you. >> thinks scariest look of all. >> are you and big daddy doing another show. >> next saturday not tomorrow, november 8th i believe it is, in media media theater.
8:36 am
you ever get out to delaware county. >> yes, strip of stores there. >> come out, two funny philly guys myself and big daddy and characters and we will have a good time. >> still tickets. >> is there eight tickets left >> eight. >> log on right now. >> eight tickets left. >> always good to see you. >> likewise happy halloween. >> love that cole hamels. >> costume fails do you ever rush to put a costume together and it just stinks, look at that, what is that supposed to be a tic. >> we have some of the funniest fails to hit the interest net next. >> but keep those tweets coming we will want to see your halloween costumes, look at this, christie sent in some monsters from monsters inc. and gene, she's a flipper. so send us your costumes. remember a hash tag fox 29 good da
8:37 am
8:40 am
this is first one from star wars, prince charming. >> lea. >> look at that. >> cinnamon buns is that what they are. >> my gosh. >> those are honey buns. >> yes. >> next we have the silver surfer, really. >> how many boxes do you think that person used. >> around five. >> next we have iron man. >> oh my gosh. what is that tape. >> it looks like a piece of bread on his face.
8:41 am
>> next jaws. >> what happened. >> we are holding a bag of ice. >> i get it. >> save it. >> no, it doesn't. >> sometimes it doesn't work out, if you are working with the last minute it is just never going to work. >> i have been working on mine since probably july 4th. >> now again this year we have not told each other what we will be, what we did after that. we will unveil in in 20 minutes. it is almost november. guess what i did last night, i had a with man shave me. >> yeah. >> the the idea, they are raising awareness, her name is brittany. she works over at rittenhouse
8:42 am
hotel in the spa. lovely woman. she's steamed my face and shaved me, because it is last time you are supposed to shave your mustache area for the the whole month of november. >> are you really going to do that good no, i will not grow a mustache, they will start calling me ron burgundy. >> the anchorman. >> but raise awareness that men should be healthier and get to the doctor more often good good cause. >> did your child wake up wanting to be ella is a for halloween, a lot of them have, again, i will be doing the drinking game tonight. it may be a last minute change but you can get this done. it will take about 45 minutes we have the the instructions on how to make elsa quickly. speaking of elsa, she will be here in about 20 minutes. >> everybody getting outside, they are so excited, this will be good.
8:43 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
let's talk about the candy. americans will spend 2-pint $2 billion on candy. this is according to the national retail federation. 1.5 billion will be spent on chocolate alone. that makes halloween the industry's most important, sales day. it is ahead of all other holidays including easter and valentines day. while recent survey find that more than half of all kids do prefer cash over candy, they won't be collecting much coin. here in the north east 71 percent of people will hand out candy and that number is even higher, in the south and the midwest. so a lot of that today. >> back tour weather authority though, a little spook think morning. it is certainly chilly. feels much more like november weather which is what we will start off with tomorrow november 1st but outside right
8:47 am
now we have chilly air in place. we are in between two storm systems. one moving north east through atlantic off shore and another one with the cold front bringing showers back through ohio valley. a as we go through tonight and tomorrow that cold front will press east ward, we will spread some showers into our area but we will be fine for trick or treating tonight. we will play it out for fox future cast, midnight some showers here one storm system moving off shore. here's storm front moving in cold enough for snow in the mountains and carolinas and west virginia as we go through time we will see showers starting off early tomorrow morning, chilly rain, that will last much of saturday. we have luck out with halloween but tomorrow is different story. showers continuing through the day buy by 10:00 o'clock that rain moves off shore and that cold front will merge through the the other storm system off shore and we will see rain across the atlantic far out to seee but we will clip eastern new england including cape cod in massachusetts. by sunday morning, we will clear out and see sunshine but we will keep the chilly
8:48 am
weather, temperatures right now just 26 in mount pocono. thirty in allentown. some have of us below freezing, some right at 32 in wilmington. we were in the 30's last hour. thirty-five in millville. forty-five in cape may. milder, down the shore. trick or treat forecast heading in to tonight, mostly cloudy, it will be dry, sunset at 6:00 p.m. so it looks nice. real quick your seven day forecast 58 and cool for today, chilly rain tomorrow, clearing out sunday but it is a chilly 49 degrees. that is your seven day forecast lets check traffic one more time this morning on the pennsylvania turnpike it is where we will start westbound at fort washington. we have had accident there, and we are seeing some delays obviously pick up around the westbound area on the pennsylvania turnpike. also in conshohocken fey yet street at east sixth avenue we have a report in of an accident and finally in east norriton on germantown pike near north wales road at that intersection we have an accident there so use some
8:49 am
caution. >> as we transition back to some more halloween related stories lets talk about colored contact. they may be perfect addition of the halloween costume. they can add a pop to what you already have going on with your costume but you might want to they twice before putting them in your eyes. cosmetic contact lenses, they come in kent less colors, lots of styles and choices and they are very popular. many consider them the perfect halloween accessory. vision experts say beware. >> the risk are corneal abrasion which cause a lot of pain, corneal scarring or infections which can lead to permanent vision loss and it can happen overnight. >> public health officials are warning not to wear lenses, without consulting an eye care professional. >> lets take a live look outside here we are gearing up for our big halloween show, what are alex and mike dressing up as? that big reveal is just minutes away, stay with us.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back everyone. happy halloween. thinks a live look outside our fox 29 studios. look at those pint sized trick or treaters and costumes. and everyone is dressed up and joining us down here as we begin to celebrate fox 29 style halloween. we will have a big reveal minutes away. what will mike an alex and rest of the gang bewaring. we are very excited to see. we are minutes away from that as promised. the big story this morning is not just what our characters are wearing but what everyone else is wearing. we did say elsa will be coming to fourth and market. we will see her too. we are minutes away. we will see elsa at fourth and
8:54 am
market. our alex holley, mike jerrick and everyone dressed in their costumes. before we get to that but what can do you if your child wake up and says i want to be elsa for halloween. don't worry, you have limited time but you can make it happen. >> ♪ >> so you know how this works. if you make one daughter in to the most perfect elsa that ever lived, and you have a second daughter, she will want to, hi gorgeous. sandy is here from creative juice. good morning. >> good morning. >> now you have to come up. it won't look like that but you have to make it happen in an hour. can you do it. >> sure. >> okay. >> lets make our elsa costume. >> first and foremost what we are stuck with putting it
8:55 am
together. get some tape, duct tape, safety pins, we will need these. maybe a stapler. and then you will start by clothing your child. >> and right now we have to go to breaking news we have steve keeley live outside in million for. lets get to him now, steve. >> they just had an armored vehicle pull up, police caravan and men in fatigues and huge caravan here and huge media presence here as well. he has a 9:00 o'clock scheduled preliminary a arraignment. he is here. we will wait for eric frein to see his first daylight, in public, as they captured fugitive in longer, here in million forward, pennsylvania pennsylvania. a small old courthouse in a
8:56 am
small town with a lot of big interest right now and camera focused on the vehicle with frein but behind our camera position, hundreds of resident holding up their phones trying to take pictures and trying to get over the more than 100 cameras in professional van here as well. so, this is a moment all police officers have been waiting for, thousands have have been searching for him every day, this is probably coldest day since september 12th we got down to 21 degrees today and everybody though has a warmer hearts today because knowing this man is off the street. we are talking not just to police but residents we have met here as well who can now get back to normal. they were telling their kids they could not trick or treat today. they were telling their kids they could not teach them how to hunt, we saw people with canoes out for first time this year with the camper ready for first week of camping and finally able to enjoy foliage and all this because this man is in custody.
8:57 am
you can see there i don't know what our cameras showing but around here there are men in army fatigue with automatic weapons and the first vehicle that stood out was armored vehicle that these men got out. they are waiting there, a lot of pennsylvania state police along with the local police and county police here and they have bomb squad here. they have hard working k-9 dogs surrounding the block to make sure everything is okay. they are us back a bit but we are getting fairly close and they are letting public get close too because they know how important this story is to the people in the poconos about how much it meant to them to get this guy off the street as well. i don't know what you are looking at but feel free to ask any questions. now we are seeing cheers and clapping from the crowd here as they wait to get their first view of eric frein. they is in it or range fat teeing and people are yelling
8:58 am
things to him, not so nice things but mostly cheers as he is led in the courthouse here in million for, pennsylvania and a preliminary arraignment. that is a long list of charges he will face and that is a all we will. and after that the district attorney will give us a briefing. stay tune on my fox, i'll update there and tweeting later in the day. we are not allowed to have phones in the courtroom but i will tell what you happened inside and try to get it all in the end of the so and see you a the 5:00, 6:10 for complete wrap up on the capture of eric frein. >> steve, thanks very much. that is steve keeley in milford pennsylvania as you saw eric frein being led in the courtroom. we have had cameras there all morning long and we will continue to do so as we just saw him exit the car and be led in the courtroom. steve, thanks very much. we will keep you posted as we go through rest of the morning. coming up here on 9:00 a.m. on this halloween morning it is time for to us witch gears. very important story this
8:59 am
morning but we have got to let halloween show begin so on this 9:00 a.m. hour lets get right to it. all right, everybody well come to the "good day philadelphia" halloween show. my name is had matt cord from your philadelphia 76ers, elsa will be here in a moment but first, lets meet today's participants, up next, last year she dressed as miley cyrus but she's a wrecking ball every day on the tv, give it up for that 4-foot nine guard from clearwater high school in florida, jennifer fredrick. >> yeah. >> here comes jen. look who she is dressed up as. >> that is elsa, how boot
9:00 am
full. >> princess with power, a true queen, jen fredrick. pride and joy. >> how are you guys. i'm not real elsa she's coming but i want you to know one thing, let it go, let it go. you guys look beautiful, very magical. >> okay. >> you are the real elsa. >> of course you are, sweetheart. you are the real elsa. you are the real ella. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you, thank you. >> do you want to meet the the other hosts. >> i want to know what they have up their sleeves. >> what. i did say i thought elsa would be a popular costume. >> popular. >> i just love it so much that all these girls are here, you guys all look magical. what is great about elsa you can do it w