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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  October 31, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> my man. >> well, you see it, eric frein no longer on the run, in fact, now he's behind bars. after a court appearance this morning, police walked him in front that far angry crowd. you heard him. good evening, aim lucy nolan. >> i'm iain page. frein taken into custody last night after seven weeks on the run. the fugitive finally caught for the ambush of two state troopers, made his first court appearance today, the survivor listened to the judge as he red the criminal complaints. police paraded him outside the courthouse, public saw the accused killer close up, cheered his capture, and expressed their relieve the ordeal was over. >> i'm so happen that i it is over with. i'm happy for the community, and it is such a relief. it has really put a strain on the whole entire community. >> police say frein did open
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up in questioning after he was caught. he surrendered last night at olds airport hangar. 35 miles from the shooting scene, he had been using the hangar therefore shelter. >> and so life is finally getting back to normal in the community surrounding the scene of the ambush and that nearly two month manhunt. fox 29's jennifer joyce talking with those who are finally exhaling. >> everybody pulled together. and, you know, we're very proud. >> township pride posted on utility polls and school front. people like angela are thankful that their community is once again safe. now her four year old daughter ellis a -- >> what are you snaring. >> a butter fly. >> can celebrate halloween like all children should be able to do. >> very pretty. >> relieved. able to go outside and play and not have to worry about anything. >> the people of this pocono community have waited seven weeks for these headlines. >> i got a text from my friends, and it was just a relief when i think we stayed up and watched all the news we
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could. >> i really am surprised that it went as smoothly as it did. so that was a good thing, with nobody else getting hurt. >> now, they can sleep a little easier, and feel less anxious day-to-day. >> is eric here, where is he? >> gregg owns the mountain holmdel i in the town of cresco. he's watched law enforcement officers drive by constantly over the last several weeks. >> they did what they had to do. and they stuck with it, and i'm proud of them. >> says he lost business because people were too afraid to leave their homes. >> everybody's really happy. >> he says he's putting his lost into perspective and is relieved his community is now at peace. >> everyone has been talking about loss of business and stuff like that. >> what about the families of the police officers that were shot, you know, their lost is greater than any amount of business that there ever could be. >> hopefully the businesses can redeem themselves, as we enter the holiday season,
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everyone hearsays they're just looking forward to normalcy. in the pocono mountains, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". now, to a developing story, we've been following closely. will septa union members go on strike? the clock, of course, winding down, as septa and the transit workers union try to hammer out a deal and no doubt commuters are hoping for an agreement. >> fox 29's dave kinchen live in old city outside the wyndham, where negotiations have been going on and on and on. dave, any -- >> that's right, we have real positive news coming from state senator anthony williams, he spoke with both sides involved with the negotiation action, he said they are 80% of the way to a deal. he says that they're working on language of course, dealing with pensions, dealing with raises, some of the major sticking points but told me personally they're eight a % of the way to a deal. union was supposed to give remarks at 5:45. that hasn't happened. that's been pushed back. and both sides are continuing to work. let's go to some video right now, union and septa started
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meeting around 2:00 today, after talks got pushed back a couple of hours, both sides continue to hash out dispute over pensions, raises, healthcare, things like that. the union says they're very, very close. but, a mix of state lawmakers, in philadelphia, leaders, arrive to talk to both sides, and to let everyone know how critical it would be to avoid a strike, especially, with the election next week, but state senator anthony williams says everyone is continuing to work. listen. >> i think the fact staying here long satisfy good thing. they've chosen not to walk away from the table. they've chosen not to have calmer heads, hopefully we add something to that would be big inch con jean genes if i had to figure out how to get to work monday. >> how far do you travel basey? >> two and a half miles every day. >> riders say woe have to spend more money on parking things like that if septa were to shut down because of a strike. but, state senator anthony
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williams saying again that they're 5% of the way to a deal -- 85% of the way to a deal. both sides not doing their 5:45 press conference, instead back at the table, working trying to get this done. lewesy? >> thank you very much, we'll check back in throughout the night. news breaking right now, spaceship exploded and crashed in the california-dessert. the co-pilot did not eject and died. the pilot was able to eject, is alive but has major injuries. witnesses did see a parachute come down right before that they reported seeing an enormous explosion. spaceship two is billionaire richard branson's project, one day take tours into space, headed to the scene right now. virgin galactic says the ship experienced quote serious anomaly. whatever happened after its carrier plane release philadelphia and spaceship two fired its engines, it exploded. and this comes three days after a commercial rocket exploded after blastoff from
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nasa's supply facility. that rocket launch was supposed to propel unmanned capsule with supplies and even student project to the international space station. so these are two big blows to america's commercial space industry. all right, so score one for a nurse in quarantine after returning ebola patients in sierra leone. won court fight today and can go where ever she want as long as she continues to monitor herself and symptoms by ebola. to force casey hinges observation into quarantine until november 1st. that's when the 21 day window would expire if somebody has ebola symptoms, would mostly appear in those 21 days. state health officials had wanted hickox to stay inside, but look what she did. yesterday, she went on a bike ride with her boyfriend, anyway. >> onto your fox 29 weather authority, now here is another live look at three base park in society hill. a lot of kids getting ready to trick-or-treat. sun starting to s kind of
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chilly out there. still looking for bell at pink princess out there with her cape. i don't see her but i'm sure she's out there having. having a terrific time. what's our trick-or-treat forecast looking like? >> most will stay dry, chilly, looking at ultimate doppler, watching few pockets of sprinkles, trying to emerge into sections every ocean county, off of the atlantic as we watch developing storm system. but you can see, trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, north and west, it is dry, but it is chilly. 51 degrees, right now, in philadelphia. winds out of the east northeast at 8 miles per hour, that trick-or-treating forecast, showing you mostly cloudy, mostly spooky conditions right now, temperatures in the low 50's, we drop to 50 by 7:00. by 9:00, 10:00. watching out for late mist specially south and east, down the shore, temperatures will be dropping into the 40's. so, the weekend storm is brewing. we have that area of low pressure out to sea. clouds, and thicker showers, off to our west. these two will combine. so you can see by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 watching for mist and
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drizzle developing down the shore. most of lust stay dry, north and east of the philadelphia area. so, coming up, we'll have the timing of the heaviest rain and wind, and also just how chill at this gets with that system developing. iaian, lewesy? >> thank you very much, scott. fox 29 getting results for fox in the fishtown neighborhood of philadelphia. for weeks, and ever growing hole in the street at frankford and girard has been endangering drivers and, you know, folks walking on the sidewalks. bruce gordon is in our news room, bruce, you know, i actually saw a car crash right through that huge hole, sparks were flying, i heard the noise, the barrier under the car, kept ongoing. i had to ask did you check it out? >> the benefit you are right next to me. this was an accident wait to go happen. in fact, we spent this day watching series of near misses as drivers tried to maneuver around that big crater. >> this is a busy intersection, and one of philadelphia's most hip, most trendy neighborhoods.
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>> with a massive hole in the middle of the street? welcome to the grand canyon, 7-foot by 8-foot hole, at least 4 feet deep. filled with rubble, and wires, and a metal plate, that fell in, as the hole grew. oh, ya, and couple of mashed traffic barricades run over by confused motorists. those who haven't figured out they have to cross the double yellow lines into oncoming traffic, to get around the crater. pedestrians tell us, it's been like this for several weeks. >> for workers, for drivers, that's danger. >> they have to fix it. >> i think it ought to be fixed. >> little dangerous? >> yes. >> brad says he almost got killed on his motorcycle, when oncoming traffic crossed the double yellow to avoid the hole and came right at him. >> that's amaze that no one destroyed their vehicle here yet or seriously hurt. >> pedestrians had almost given up the hole had swallowed their hope.
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>> yes, it is a problem, a problem, but it is the city watch can you do? >> maybe you can do something, right? >> we're trying. >> i know, that would be great. >> so i got busy. big utility hole at the intersection of frankford and east girard. made some calls. got peco foreman in minutes. turns out utility crew dig hadding disrupted peco manhole. wasn't peco's fault, but they have to repair the damage. >> as for the short-term solution, well, after my calls, heavy equipment was brought it the scene late this afternoon, crews will clean out the hole, remove two small metal plate, then put larger plate over the cater to keep it safe for drivers, and pedestrians, until those repairs can be made. >> all day long, folks came up to us, and thanked us forgetting involved. hey, no problem. it is what we do. and in this case, fastings was vital. at inch section with this much traffic, this many big trucks, it was truly a dangerous
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situation. >> fox 29 getting results. >> i got my phone out on the calendar. you said tuesday? >> tuesday it is. we've been promised. we'll be watching. >> i'm putting in the calendar, so i'll double check on tuesday, thank you very much. well, talk about a close call. >> huge drill bit just misses, what pass inning her to say about this freak accident coming up. >> what a scary way to start sure life together. why one south jersey couple wanted a haunted wedding. >> hey, as the eagles try to bounce back, one player who probably wants to win this sunday more than any other. we'll tell you who, and explain why,
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>> commuters in new york sit, giant drill bit just barely miss as train in queens, full of passengers, happened yesterday morning, train about to enter the 21st street station, when the conductor heard shaking and stopped the train with the emergency
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brake. later, investigators found damage to the top of the train, from the drill, commuters say it was a little too close for comfort. >> this much space left. that much. i was like thank god i found the other side of the train. because that would have been me. >> so, how did all of this happen? turns out a subcontractor was drilling from the street in the wrong spot, almost drilled right through the train. the construction is ongoing project to link the long island railroad to grand central terminal in manhattan. >> now that's nuts. >> couple in mays landing new jersey has tied the knot in a rather spooktacular way. halloween costumes, float, more than a thousand people. >> fox 29's sabina was therefore the fright fully sweet wedding. >> witches, ghouls, ghost, for the bride and groom. wait. that's no costume. it is my favorite holiday. >> we've been together for
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halloween, like a loft people come together for christmas. >> and this is lauren edwards' wedding day. >> the ghoulish guests riding main street, four by 8-foot wedding float at the head of may's landing, halloween parade. now, entering its 60 year. make no mistake. >> what's in the pot? is that love position? >> no. >> there is no need for a love spell here. >> every little girl thinks like cinderella wedding, trashed until, church, this is definitely not it, but it is perfect. so, perfect for us. >> love is in the air. anywhere you go, any day of the week. and, you know, the couple really loves halloween. you know, even though it is a spooky time, it is a happy time. so what better day to get married? >> deputy mayor officiating, the super natural ceremony conjured as way to do something different something fun something extra special for a town tradition, everything from the food, to the flowers, donated by local
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businesses. >> i do think the wed sag big draw for people tonight. it is different, it is unique, something you really don't get to see. >> this may be the largest most colorful wedding party this town has ever seen, over a thousand people in attendance, and of course, what wed something complete without a toss of the bouquet? >> give one couple the most magical of nights. >> pretty awesome. >> ♪ >> sabina, "fox 29 news". weekends storm is brewing off the coast. chief meteorologist, scott williams, here with what's headed our way. scott? >> yes, lucy, looking at rain, wind, especially during the day tomorrow. but, right now, ultimate doppler, trying to pick up a few pockets of drizzle, and sprinkles, moving down the shore, especially, in ocean county, from seaside height, down to bay haven. most will stay dry until after say 11:00 or midnight. ultimate doppler around
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philadelphia, north and west, looking pretty good. but temperatures have been dropping. low 50's, right now, it is chilly if you're stepping outdoors, definitely have a few extra layers, for trick-or-treating, as we look at that forecast, right now, you can see, dealing with temperatures in low 50's, right around 50 by 7:00. then by 9:00, that late mist, really starts to develop, especially, south and east of philadelphia. but we will keep it mostly cloudy, and mostly spooky for the remainder of the night. look at the high today. only 54 degrees. below the normal for this time of year which is 62, records, low 080, 1964. sun across the area, temperatures upper 40's, already, in wilmington, low 50's, and of in atlantic city, 44 degrees in the poconos mountains. so what's going to happen this weekend? we're watching an area of low pressure right now, in the open waters of the atlantic. an area of low pressure off to the north and west. it was snowing earlier in sections of michigan as well as chicago even saw some of
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the earliest flakes on record. and this energy will dive down into the atlantic ocean, and spin up that nor'easter. but as we watch the clock, you can see, most of the rain, pockets of drizzle, down the shore, here is 11:00 dry around philadelphia, north and west. but we are watching the energy as it continues to dive to the south. but look to the west. west virginia, virginia, talking some snowfall developing there. and the highest elevations. 10:00 a.m. saturday, looking at the clouds, as well as showers, across the area, so, have those ponchos handy if you're going to be out at the temple game. it will be wet and windy. really throughout the day tomorrow with temperatures topping out at 50, but dropping into the 40's, throughout the day. by 5:00 p.m., most of the rainfall in south jersey and sections of delaware, but that winds, it is going to be how long, as we move into saturday night, and early on sunday. the system pulls up, and definitely moves out to sea, but looking at tight pressure gradient so that will mean winds will be gusting at times over 30 miles per hour. the accumulating snowfall, well aways from the
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philadelphia area, with this one. but talking snowfall, in west virginia, and the mountains of virginia, and north carolina with the nor'easter. for us it is just going to be cloudy, chilly tomorrow, with the showers, around, and the wind picks up, there could be a flake or two, mainly in the poconos, as that system pulls away late on sunday, but look at the winds gust to go 40 miles per hour. so, for tonight, the clouds, they stay put. that rainfall arrives, especially after midnight, throughout the day tomorrow, wet, and windy, don't forget to fall back this weekend weeks gain hour of sleep. forty-nine for the high sunday. windchills, on sunday, will be in the 30's, and 33 degrees, on monday morning, in philadelphia, a hard freeze for the outlying areas, and then temperatures rebounds just in time for reelection day and the middle part of next queening week, back to the 60s. >> at least we'll double the temperatures. >> that's good. >> good to remember. >> right? >> exactly. >> keith russ snell. >> what's going on? >> hopefully some big stuff on sunday?
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>> trick-or-treat. >> i don't have anything. i have trick or treats for this guy right here. he gave up his job as major league manager. now has the job of taking on baseball's most daunting task. and while all the eagles will call sunday's game in houston a business trip, for one player, it is per
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when damn even owe ryans came to the eagles everyone wondered why houston let him g the answer is simple. even if it wasn't the right one for them now the texans thought they had a player who was younger and bert at middle linebacker, so they traded him two years ago for fourth round pick. now, ryans hardly comes off the field for the birds. guy who replaced him in houston, brian cushing, has often been injured. returning where he spent his first, as ryan says, will be awful lot of fun. >> it will be fun, good reason to go back to houston. >> like any team going against former team, always exciting to go back and play there again. >> most of former teammate have fond memories of damico, well, most of them. >> he was one of my first welcome to the nfl actually. ya, man so maybe i get to pay him back. >> no, i got that most respect for him. we called him captain when he was here, he's always going to be held high regard in this
6:26 pm
organization, every loving him. got most recall for him. he is a great ffl player. >> what happened on that play? >> he smack me. smack me in pre-game warm ups, too. ya. >> get you back. >> hopefully damico gets him give. nate allen questionable for the game. one other question face the birds, fine out sunday game day live. eagles and texans 1:00 o'clock right here on fox 29. don't miss our postgame report. baseball neice with the touch of home. as for the rumor of joe made encouraging from hazleton, becoming the kixx new manager, rumor not rumor any more. now, today the cubs fired manager rick, after one season, so if you want joe madden at your guy has to be open position, now there is one, if you remember, madden was manager of the raves when the phillies beam them in the world series in 2008. joe made encouraging officially name cubs manager. now his job to ends a 106 year world series drought. >> and a curse. >> (laughing). >> good luck to him. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you back here at 10:00.
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great night. inside edition is up next. >>
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galactic disaster. look what happened to the spaceship designed to take the rich and famous into space. >> aircraft down. two souls on board. and -- >> what the [ bleep ]! >> potty-mouth princess uproar. her mom says they were shocked at how the video turned out. >> oh my goodness. then, world exclusive. >> all the single ladies, all the single ladies. >> could this darling little four-year-old really be beyonce's little sister? now the truth is told. the results of the paternity test are in. plus, another big exclusive. from "baywatch" babe, to drivin