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tv   FOX29 News at 11  FOX  November 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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right now on fox 29, a real halloween scare in montgomery county a13 year old boy finds arrays err blade inch size his trick-or-treat candy bag. good evening everybody, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. tonight police are warning all parent please check your children's halloween bag. really scary find. >> reporter: towamenson township police say the danger
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came from a house somewhere in the area of woodlawn drive and walnut lane. that will danger a razor blade packed into small candy bar just like this one. it is the kind of halloween scare jennifer gauge wasn't expecting. >> i'm just very surprised in my own neighborhood, right in the vicinity of my neighborhood, that something like this would happen. i've never seen it in my life. >> the 13 year old son sorting through his pillow case of trick-or-treat goodies when he made the horrifying discovery. >> and he was picking up little piece of candy like every other child does, the morning after halloween, and finds a razor blade. and he goes: mom, a good thing you tell knee check my candy, look at this. >> she said that razor blade was found in a snack size nestle crunch bar just like this one. >> it looked rusty, like someone had it laying in their garage or something, oh, let's go put this in candy. quite disturbing. >> for some had visited several houses around the block with friends, the question is who would be so
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cruel. >> it is quite scary thought, a holiday that is celebrated by mostly young children, and in elementary school, someone would be that hateful to try to harm them. >> obviously a neighbor, and it is a small community, he didn't go very far, so it is only certain number every house. >> but the township police have not yet named a suspect, sergeant john said they had been alerting nearby parent? we went out, canvassed the area, we've helped put out over 100 flyers to neighbors, we want to be know, that child could have been cut by grab that candy bar. >> gauge is glad no one got hurt. >> always hear about these things, ya, like, you know, just some casino of crazy thing that would happen. but, you never believe it will happen to you. >> police say the blade was not in the canned at this self but between the rapper and the bar, so they want to find out exactly how it got this there. detectives will call the can i company to see if it might have happened during production. meantime, police here in
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towamenson say if parent have any questions about candy, bring it here, and they'll check it out. in towamenson township, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news". >> thanks, dave. your fox 29 weather authority, pretty chilly saturday night. right over to our cat lynn rot with our forecast. >> yes, chilly and windy coming offer whatever was a very soggy saturday. here in the city we saw the rain clear out earlier. as the storm system pulls away, and actually strengthens off shore, still seeing some bands of rain move into parts of eastern new jersey, so down the shore, all the way back up through burlington county, camden, and gloucester counties, at least southern part, you're still seeing light rain at this hour. heavier stuff is off shore. but the light rain continues, for shore points, i think by tomorrow morning all the rain is over. that being said, the cooler weather is here, been here all day, literally sitting in the same temperatures mid to upper 40's, and that wind has been increasing too. it is out of the north, brinking in some chillier area, current wind gust, 28 miles an hour here in philadelphia, 33 miles an hour
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here in wilmington, and delaware and south jersey expected to have some of the more blustery conditions overnight tonight. all going to be fairly winnie as we head into tomorrow. that will will make it feel cooler. that will time of the year again. got to show the windchills. temperatures in the four's, when the winds is gusting you have windchills mainly in the 30's 33 there in atlantic city. raw chilly damp day down the shore, was for all of us earlier today. tonight 41 in the city, 35 in the suburbs, mostly cloudy, windy, chilliment to we're really going to see the winds howell, gusts over 40 miles per hour possible, at least the sunshine, much more on the sunday forecast and the full seven day forecast still ahead. joyce, karen? >> thank you, caitlin. well known mummer and his daughter now charged in a attack against homeless man, happened in queen village, police say, receipt ' dematto beat the man bat. carman dematto, accused of shooting the victim in the leg. all happened last week, right over at second and carpenter streets. the demato thought the guy was
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breaking in cars, now both charged with aggravated assault. >> five people died during a fast moving fire inside an apartment near the commuter campus of the university of southern maine. the flames broke out just after 7:00 this morning. the fire gutted the two story building, police say in addition to those five deaths, there was a daring escape, another person had to jump from a second floor window. that person is in critical condition tonight. seven others got out that far burning building, safely, authority say they're not sure if any of the victims are students. no word yet on how the fire may have started. >> and it was a deadly halloween evening on our roads, all across our area. investigators say two people died when they ran into traffic on the roosevelt boulevard. this all happened just before 6:00 this morning over at tyson avenue, police say there was car that hit a man and a woman, that man died right there at the scene. the woman died just an hour later at the hospital. names have not been released.
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driver of the car is in stable condition, and is cooperating with the investigation. another crash to tell but this one police say there is a woman in critical condition after she was hit by two carson broad street. they say the driver of a 2011 mitsubishi kept ongoing, there was another driver who did stay there, and is cooperating fully with investigators. police are still trying to figure out how this all happened to this woman. about 4:30 on the 3500 block of north broad street. >> philadelphia police are looking for the gunman in a bizarre shooting in the frankford section of the city. happened on the 1300 block of wakling street around 1:00 this morning. a 23 year old man says he had gone to visit a friend, and when he arrived at his door being investigators say, the victim sent a text message to his friends to say he was outside. that is when cops say another man walked up and asked the victim if he had running the doorbell yet. when the man said no, cops say the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him. the victim is in stable
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condition tonight. >> sexting innings dent at bucks county high school. now being second by police. neshaminy school district officials say nearly two dozen student may have been involved in this one, many allegedly found with inapropriate photo texts of sexual nature on their cell phones, other student saw the pictures, did the right thing, went to the school lead earth. middletown police are now investigating. >> we are learning more tonight about the capture of accused cop killer eric frein. attack force commander with the us marshall service says that he saw a figure moving from the woods toward this abandoned airplane hangar in the poconos. now the commander and his team fan dollars out and caught frein by surprise. they say he didn't try to run, and he didn't even put up a fight. frein is accused of ambushing and killing corporal brian dixon in september. now, another trooper was wounded. family talking about frein's capture and what should happen
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next. >> i do not ask for death for him. i'm glad in that sense. but i want justice to prevail. i want the judicial system to bring him to a place of accountability. >> the manhunt for frein lasted seven weeks, and cost about $10 million. >> the investigation into yesterday's deadly spacecraft accident is continuing as billionaire founder vows a cause will be found. virgin galactic space exploration exploded in the california mojave desert. one pilot died, another pilot managed to eject before the crash. injured pretty badly, did have surgery today, but now said to be alert this evening taking with his family, designed for commercial flights, would give passengers view of the earth few minute every wait least necessary. spaceship two test being new fuel when this accident happened. company founder richard branson held big news conference near the crash
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site. >> we're going to learn from what went wrong. >> discover to improve and move forward together. >> this all comes only three days. >> now, that launch was supposed to send un manned capsule full of all kind of supplies, and student project, from our area to the international space station. >> trick-or-treating takes a nasty turn for philadelphia man, he spent last night handing out candy, but when he turned, his back for just a few minutes, somebody made off with his wheelchair. it is absolutely unbelievable. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke with that man who desperately needs his wheelchair back.
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>> he says last night he watts wearing a mask, engaged in halloween festivities. >> kids trick-or-treating, i was giving treats out. >> when someone stole his wheelchair from the front of his cabot street home. >> came out, there was people here, my chair was here, it is not here no more. >> he said he had just gotten back from the corner store, his wheelchair out front format err every minute before he says someone snatched it. >> it is terrible. terrible that people are like that. i have no legs. how am i going to get around? >> said he's waiting on prosthetics. for right now his keel hair is his life line. without it he's in trouble. >> i don't have the money to get another chair right now. and holidays are coming, i would rather buy gift for my grand kids. >> philadelphia police confirm they are investigating this report. more says he's not interested in prosecution. he just wants his wheels back. >> anybody knows who did it, please bring it back, you know? i'm not going to call the cops
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or anything, i just need my chair. >> if you are the person who has the wheelchair, you are asked to return it, perhaps penalty-free, or if you have information on the apparent thief or missing wheelchair, police would like to hear from you. in fishtown, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". >> strangers come to local woman's rescue after she drives her suv into a creekment tonight thank you. we'll take to you this celebration of life. also, a mud slide leaves a woman trapped under a house for hours. the dramatic race to save her coming up. >> and together again. the emotional reunion between an ebola survivor and her dog. that's next.
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and welcome back, a day one local family won't soon forget. a woman has a medical emergency behind the wheel of her car. and she plunges into cobbs creek. five good samaritans jumped in and saved her life. sixty year old cheryle allison survived, and she's doing just fine tonight. well, today, it was all about cheryle in yeadon, her family held a very special celebration of life, to acknowledge her incredible recovery. they also wanted to honor the people who returned in and rescued her. they saved her life for sure. when a man pulled cheryle from the water, they tried cpr, they did it multiple times, until it finally worked. and what a way to be honoring everybody here today. the celebration had a lot of good food, music, and of
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course dancing. >> well, she survived ebola, now a dallas nurse is reunited with her best friend. nina pham was found ebola free last week, but her dog remained quarantined on fears co-possibly develop the deadly virus. now, fox is reporting that quarantine ended today. >> says thank you. >> nurse nina pham has her best friend back, moments before she thanked everyone who made this reunion possible , she reunited when her beloved bently, in private. >> after i was diagnosissed when ebola, i didn't know what would happen to bently, or if he would have the virus. i was frightened that i could possibly would not know what would happen to one of my best friends. >> the two spent weeks apart as nina battled ebola in isolation. first, texas health presbyterian, the hospital where she contracted the virus
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while treating liberian thomas duncan seen here on facebook. he died after two weeks of treatment. she later moved to the national institutes of health in maryland, where she recovered fully from the virus. a team of experts cared for bently in full protective gear here in north texas. but the king charles spaniel, who grabbed the heart of people all over the world, tested negative twice for ebola. >> truly remarkable. he made our life, he made our job so easy, bently is amazing. he worked with us, every step of the way, he was a joy to just an absolute joy to work with. >> we have some goodies for bently. >> his caregivers showered him with gift, some came from complete strangers, and city and county leaders were also full of thank you's. >> there were a lot of human, that spent a lot of time making sure this dog was safe, and that the community was
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safe, as well. >> natalie reporting, great story, nice to have a happy ending. >> rescue crews pull woman alive from a collapsed home in brazil. the 35 year old woman was pulled out from under the home after a mud slide rolled right through. now, police say, she had been stuck lund for more than five hours. and she is now in stable condition. heavy rain in southern california causing damaging mudslides there. eleven homes evacuated in ventura county, one person needed to be rescued. flood was even waist high in a few of the areas out there. in a very different scene, in north carolina, ashville seeing 3 inches of snow today. that is the earliest snowfall in that town's history. same thing in nearby columbia, a south carolina, where this weekend snow event goes down in the books as the earliest since 1913.
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>> a lot of people i saw this on twitter today, as they were watching college football, caitlin, tweeting it out, this after none. >> right, appalachian state, right? november 1st, this is probably our first winter storm. it happened in the southeast, the carolinas, tennessee, even northern george, a i know, atlanta suburbs saw snow before we did. >> we don't care where it is. >> as long as it is not here. >> that's true. but they made out well there. >> it is, all over for them for the most part. although areas of new england will see snow, for us, it was all the rain we saw today. pretty lousily, but luckily we've seen much of the rain move outment something else on a positive note, extra hour of sleep tonight. final reminder for you, we know, we know, everyone kind of get the memo, smart phones, practically do it for us. set the clock back, daylight saving time ends. that means, days are going to be much shorter. we will get darker earlier, sunset tonight around 6:00 p.m. but now we've got 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. that's always like a little bit after adjustment.
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ultimate doppler showing the departing storm system from the carolinas, rain off shore, it is actually merging with another storm system up north, that brought us the rain, and it is really just going to bring whole mess for part of new england, already starting so see snow in northeastern maine, extends back down into some of the higher elevations, even snow showers in up-state new york, western pennsylvania, up-state college, seeing flurries right now, too. rain still making its way into eastern portions of new jersey, even seeing little bit try to reach the philadelphia area. so not all of us done with the rain just quite yet. see the storm merging on saturday light and radar right there. it is mainly off shore of us. with that being said, still pockets of showers mainly along the coastal areas, as a result, a coastal flood advisory remains in effect. this is for ocean, southern burlington, atlantic counties, cape may county sussex count any delaware. this is 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. sunday. so over night tonight for the next high tide. saw a lot of rain down there, atlantic city over 3 inches of rain today. any more will just exacerbate flooding they've already seen.
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with high tide coming in, it is still a concern. 52 degrees the high temperature today. that will was actually almost 24 hours ago, right after midnight, stayed suck in the 40's most of the afternoon. >> that's where we are right now, air temperature 48 in philadelphia, 44 pottstown, 42 wrightstown, 47 in millville, new jersey. the winds been increasing all day, current wind gusts over 25 to 30 miles an hour. the highest down in wilmington and and dover. not only does it make it pretty brisk, but factor in how chill at this feels. windchill values are in the upper 30's, and tomorrow morning, fox 29 weekend news at 8:00 a.m., we will be showing you the wind chills very colds tomorrow. could be feeling more like it is in the 20's, in a lot of spot, temperatures fall overnight. fox future cast showing the showers along the jersey shore for the next hour or so. but by tomorrow morning, that storm should pull away, enough, that just few clouds which will give way to sunshine rather quickly. sunday is much much brighter. nicer looking day, i'm not just sure how much meister will feel.
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forty-one in the city tonight. thirty-five in the suburbs. mostly cloudy, bin i, hill chilly. very blustery tomorrow. more windy in the morning and afternoon tomorrow. that's where we could see gusts over 40 miles per hour at times. 50's the high, will feel more like in the 30's, 40's everything during the day. seven day forecast does show some improvement. sunny, windy tomorrow. but 58 and sunny monday, we head back to work and school. election day itself back to normal, even above normal. 66 degrees, on really beautiful tuesday, wednesday looks nice, too. so late week showers, then the next cold front looks to bring another shock of cold air again for next weaken. although it doesn't look to bring as much rain. so casino of up and down here, some chilly days, milder days, but at least we got the rain over w looks a lot better. >> and the eagles are away, but good day to go on over to some friends and watch the game. >> sure is. >> we head over to keith now. >> ladies, the eagles two step to texas with new number one weapon, guy who has caught everyone off guard this season.
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sixers break out all of their fancy stuff, first game at home. but how would that court look with a players on it? come back, find
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the sixers had the right scouting report against the heat. labron doesn't play for them any more, but the other two guys who helped them get the title still do. first win of the season, first home game of the season only one problem, they forgot about that guy named chris bosh. labron gone, he was the man, bosh had 30 in the game. now the sixers would tie the game in the thirds, in the
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fourth fall apart. sixers zero and three after 114-96 lost. don't say anything. we can read minds. while the sixers were hosting miami, the flyers were on the road in miami trying to win for the fourth time in five games. flyers goalie steve mason. making his first start in almost two weeks, not one to remember. panthers take the lead one-nothing after one. no scoring in the second period. and the thirds. panthers strike again. the flyers score a meaningless goal with 72nd left, lose two to one, off until tuesday. when they host edmonton. eagles have never lost to the texans, don't plan to start tomorrow. text and rookie clown i will likely miss the game, jj watt will be there, and we have an answer for him. the key is for nick foles to get rid of the ball quickly, and look for his main weapon, jeremy maclin, coming off a game, 12 catches, two touchdowns, hardly anyone thought he would be doing what he has thus far. devastating knee injury last year. when the eagles needed a big play, that guy has been the
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guy. >> my confidence level is where it needs to be. you know, time, time does heal, but, you know, i'm healed right now. you know, hopefully i'm better next year, but right now focusing with the attacks right now, trying to get better each and every day. >> the texans have trouble stopping the pass, so could be another big day. big day for us, game day live tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. then fox nfl sunday at noon, eagles texans 1:00 o'clock followed by postgame report. college football, villanova seven game winning streak over, but special day for temple. the owls beat a rang team for just the third time in school history. east carolina turns it over five times. but folks are giving credit for temple's 20 to ten win, quincy harris. putting rapper young geez any front of the team, for a pep talk last night. not much of arrive are you; after there is maryland wouldn't shake hands during the coin toss. then hand i valley lions not
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happy about. that will the team's almost throw down before kick off. seems like every week christian has a chance to lead a come back, but he drops the ball again. penn state's fourth straight lost, 20 to 19. now, we have to show this to you. auburn, four old miss, game game will be remembered, treadwell, great receiver, going in for the touchdown. but check out his leg. it is not supposed to dangle like that. >> treadwell's season is over. during a heart breaking lost, for old miss. and worse part of all, he went in for the touchdown, they called it not a touchdown because he dropped the ball because he got pulled down so hard. >> that's a really bad day. >> tough break. tough break. literally. >> we got to get out of
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