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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  November 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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how the the government tried to keep the media from covering the ferguson missouri protest. good day everybody, it is november the third, 2014. >> i kind of like this starting with all four of our beautiful face these morning. we will get to them eventually. >> that is back of our heads. >> yes. >> we're happy to have you. >> my first monday morning. i have a log in now. >> i have a new pass worth, legitimate looking in with official pass word, capitols, numbers and letters i had to use all three. >> so exciting, isn't it. >> little things that keep us excited. >> like your first day of school. >> we know you missed doing traffic monday through friday. >> listen, we have the master, and we are thrilled and we have the time change over the weekend. i feel like we cannot do the time enough just to make sure you guys are on time. >> on board at 6:00 o'clock. >> that is right at 6:00 o'clock. >> go back to sleep.
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>> no, your clock may be wrong but it is 6:00 o'clock. lets get to another number and that is our number of the day. we have select an eight out of the ten this morning. it will be milder then yesterday but still kind of on the breezy side, we will have plenty of sunshine, but as we look at bus stop buddy, he is bundled up this morning n fact mom made him wear a hat today because temperatures are mostly in the 30's, as you get started this morning. so, keep that in mind when dressing the kids this morning. lancaster county has a freeze warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. now that it is past november we will not have anymore frost advisories, it is not that unusual to be frosty but freezing this early, yeah, that is because we hardly have any clouds out there this morning and our nor'easter from saturday has moved all the way up to the canadian mar times. we don't to have worry about that anymore but you can see from our camera at the a airport that it is a little breezy out there not as windy as yesterday but we have 14 miles an hour winds. our sunrise time is earlier,
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now, 6:32, and this morning. 58 degrees is our high temperature to daze and tonight we're down to 44. so that takes care of monday, we will look a head to the seven day forecast and bob, it has even milder temperatures coming up. >> can't wait. 6:02. good morning, sue. breaking news from bristol bucks county we are looking live from sky fox over the scene of a number of tractor trailers. we have word that maybe three tractor trailers engulfed in flames but we can see here bristol fire department quickly responding pouring water. now this is located right here near the pennsylvania turnpike bristol interchange. if you are familiar with that area there is that big wawa that is up there and this is probably one of those truck parking spots there that is off to the side. there is a lot of fire activity. in word on how the fire got started but i would say heading through bristol this morning and heading for the turnpike, lets get to the maps here to give you an idea. it is right here turnpike
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interchange right at bristol. so just watch for slow downs on the turnpike, itself. a live look at i-95, starting to see some brake lights or i should say headlights southbound in the towards the city in through the construction zone near girard avenue. we have some down wires on bryn athyn and contact that he had travel road in huntington pike. watch out for an accident that was caused by those down wires, and then this is left over from yesterday, in bryn mawr, bryn mawr avenue block at county line road this morning. just one of the many down wires that came down yesterday because of the high winds. as you head out west on the pennsy turnpike an accident involving eye deer. the deer are out there with us this morning. mass transit looking good with no reported delays. chris and kerry back over to you. 6:03. fire fighters battling a house fire overnight in philadelphia it broke out around 11:30 on the 2200 block of north camac street. fire was under control in 20 minutes. one person was taken to the hospital, in word yet on their condition or what caused the
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fire. tomorrow of course america is heading to the poles for midterm elections and in pennsylvania, voters will get the chance to elect a governor. >> so over the weekend each candidate called out top members of the respected parties for last minute push and for tom wolf that meant president obama himself while governor corbett leaned on neighboring governor chris christie from new jersey of course. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in center city with more on this, good morning, jen. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it is a big day in philadelphia a is a head of the tomorrow's election. as you mentioned president barack obama touched down in philadelphia yesterday to help campaign alongside tom wolf, one final push before people who head to the polls tomorrow. obama and wolf had an event at temple university. democratic candidate is hoping to beat out incumbent tom corbett. it is predicted that there will be lower voter turnout then in previous midterm elections. the president said tom wolf will benefit the state of pennsylvania with plans to
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improve schools and keep the economy moving in the right directions. republican governor tom corbett also had a big day yesterday, campaign with some help from new jersey governor chris christie, throughout the pennsylvania suburbs. this event was held in ivyland bucks county, chris take says that the governor has done a lot for the state in terms of jobs and affordable taxes, and canned people of pennsylvania to return the favor by reelections him as governor. while both christie and obama arrived in philadelphia in full force, yesterday, we are told by white house officials that president barack obama had a little bit more difficulty getting home. apparently there were some mechanical problems which he had had to switch planes, chris and kerry. >> we will see what happens within day to go, thanks very much. terminally ill oregon woman had been an advocate for assisted suicide has passed away. >> before it any maynard ended her life by taking a lethal amount have of drugs. we talk about this story
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extensively on good day. those drugs were made available under oregon's death with dignity act. the 29 year-old was diagnosed with the brain tumor on new years day of this year and was given six months to live. maynard gained national attention for a video last month publicizing that she planned to die on her own terms. maynard and her husband moved to oregon from california because california doesn't have have a death with dignity law n a final message posted on facebook maynard wrote good bye to all of my friends and family that i love. today i chose to pass away with dignity in the faith of my terminal. this terrible brain cancer which has taken so much from me but would have taken so much more. happening today jury selection begins in the civil trial against a former u penn professor who killed his wife, the family of victim ellen gregory rob is seeking compensation of punitive damaging from rafael rob.
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he pleadedded guilty to manslaughter in 2007 after prosecutors say he beat his wife to death. he is serving five to ten year prison sentence for the wife's death. the eagles, back in first place in the nfc east after a big win in houston but there are a lot of questions this morning going forward after two huge injuries both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live in bridesberg with more on, of course, nick foles and demeco ryans, steve. >> reporter: this very busy 7-eleven selling out almost of the philadelphia daily news this morning where mark sanchez makes his first cover after making his first appearance this season. nick foles went down hard, you can see on his left non-throwing shoulder, so hard, he broke his collar bone on the last play of the first quarter. he is out at least a month, probably longer though since aaron rodgers had the same thing happen to him last season and he was out seven weeks. any worries first began to slowly ease into okay, maybe
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not so bad after all as mark sanchez led the team to victory surrounded by in mccoy, sproles, maclin and matthews a home run of offensive weapons. the loss of demeco ryans on defense is bigger worry the day after after here, ryans is out for the season. the defensive leader, locker room leader, his second achilles tendon tear on his career on the same field in houston where he played before the eagles signed him. casey matthews becoming starter again hopefully better than he was last time he started. let me put this in a way viewers can understand, having mark sanchez replace nick foles is like having caitlin are the as your backup weather person on the show. having casey matthews replacing demeco ryans is having fredrick replace jerrick. she started before and we saw how awful that was before. >> oh, no. >> that is a dangerous one, thanks, keeley.
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you can't touch that. >> 6:08 is the time. evil trick found in the child's halloween treat. boy opens up a candy war to find a razor blade inn identify? what police are telling parents to double-check their kid candy bags this morning. a big day in new york city, milestone happening at one world trade center this morning.
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thousands of runners ran the new york city marathon this weekend. wind were gusting more than 30 miles an hour at the beginning. it was so windy, in fact, that the wheelchair race started at 3-mile mark because it was simply too dangerous to cross the bridge. and, america's tallest building, one world trade center, is officially opening today. >> thinks an important milestone after nearly eight years of political, financial, and legal fighting, threatened to derail this project, publishing company will be the first tenant officially according to the publisher, about 170 employees are expect to move in today. this is first of a series of moves, which is not going to be completed until february of 2016. no fly zone set up over ferguson missouri was not what it appeared to be, was the government trying to keep the media away from these
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protests. what officials are saying about it this morning, bob. good morning, everybody. we have a tractor trailer fire that is just off of the turnpike but it is causing delays eastbound into norristown, we also have an accident on the westbound side, i'll have
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we had a time change and days getting short inner our part of the hemisphere. here's what we have. we're back to eastern standard time first of all. sunrise happening at 6:34. the sunsets at 4:56: that is something to get used to. did you change your smoke detector battery over the weekend? if not you can get to it today hopefully. there is a freeze warning in effect until 8:00 o'clock for
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lancaster county although our reading, temperature reading for lancaster is not freezing, 36 degrees there. in fact everybody is a bit above freeze bug we're in the 30's this morning. you will to have bundle up, or kids this morning. forty-five in wildwood. 39 degrees in dover and in wilmington delaware. so wind, that ways such an issue yesterday with those 50 miles april hour win gustness some places. it is starting to pick up, 14 miles an hour wind in lancaster and in philadelphia that makes it feel chillier but it is not the extreme, that we had yesterday. high pressure building in today, our nor'easter from over the weekend is pulling away but we are still close enough to it to get gusty breezes out there. as we look at the seven day forecast we will see a warm up between today and tomorrow. now today will be 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and we will add ten more for tuesday. so tuesday, get out and vote, certainly weather won't be stopping you because it will be nice and dry.
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good morning, headlights coming in towards philadelphia, starting to see volume poppas we see the beginning of the morning rush hour. we have a change here for folks stepping out of the front door this morning. we will start to see daylight now on your ride in, in the second half of the 6:00 o'clock hour. that is great news for little ones that have have to stand on the bus stop. here's the latest on the tractor trailer fire that we had sky fox over in the last ten minutes or so. three tractor trailers, contained off the roadway, in an industrial park. so, that is good news. bad news, the smoke was causing a a delay on the pennsylvania turnpike, as we head eastbound into that bensalem interchange but gang up in quakertown, westend
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boulevard at edgemont after new watch for a crash south of 663. as we go for a ride on the pennsy turnpike westbound, a crash out near norristown interest change, that one involving a deer, just a heads up that the deer are out there jumping across the roadway this morning. i-95, starting to see brake lights right at girard avenue through construction zone but mass transit just some minor delays on the newark and trenton line probably because of the coal wet they are morning, chris a kerry back to you. let's turn to our national headlines on this monday morning. people of boston pay their final respects to a popular former mayor thomas manino is lying in state until his burial in hyde park. family, friend, and politicians including secretary of state john kerry paid their respects. manino served more than 20 years as boston's mayor the longest in that cities history. bee can aim a familiar face during the aftermath of the boston marathon bombings, manino died thursday from cancer. he was 71 years old.
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we're learning ferguson missouri police requested no fly zones to keep the media away during protest that is followed michael brown's death, according to the ap, the u.s. government agreed to restrict more than 37 square miles of air space for 12 days in august for safety reasons but records show, authorities privately said they wanted to keep news helicopters a away. brown, who was unarmed, was killed by a ferguson missouri police officer. a grand jury is trying to deciding whether that officer will be charged with anything. in california police are expected to release more information today about the halloween hit and run deaths of three teenage girls. thirteen year-old twin sisters and their friend were hit and killed friday night in the crosswalk of the santa ana. a damaged black honda suv was found a short distance from the scene, investigators say they have made multiple arrests over the weekend but they will release more tea tails in a news conference later today. let's turn to world news.
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canadian war planes launched their first air strikes in connection with the u.s. led bombing campaign against isis in iraq. two fighter jets attack fallujah and safely returned to bases in kuwait accord together canadian defense ministry. can inadequacies ace among dozens of country involve in the coalition. meanwhile isis is being blamed for a deadly attack that killed dozens of sunni tribe men, women and kids where they were all killed. militants targeted anbar province in iraq. that is seen as a key battle ground for control of iraq, at least 50 people were killed in the a attack after victims were lined up, and then shot. the killing spree follows other mass murders biasis in recent days. >> "good day philadelphia" is 40 minutes away. >> lets go to mike jerrick warming up for the big show. >> forty minutes away. we have been seeing these credit card hacks, you know, target, home depot, staples, and as we get toward the the holiday season you may think twice about using a credit
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card in the biggest box stores. now, some credit cards will be protect better. they will put little chips in these cards. they cannot make these card fast enough. we will give you some tips on how to stay safe, as we start to buy those christmas gifts and speaking of that, halloween is over, the stores are getting ready for the the holidays. one of the biggest toys every kid wants under the christmas tree the el sa doll, should you buy it right now or wait until it goes on sale? there is a bunch of toys, ten toys you might want to get right new before black friday, we will go through that list of toys in a bit. 6:21. >> thanks, sir. >> hey. >> all right. fear of ebola, hit closer to home where some local residents are being machine toward for deadly virus straight ahead.
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newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while...
6:24 am who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy. tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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eagles lost deme co ryans and nick foles to injure on sunday but they also got their sixth win of the season. lets go to houston. how about those texans. nick foles, new on this play in the first quarter broken clavicle out for probably six weeks, could be the the season. mark sanchez comes n mark sanchez two touchdown passes to jordan matthews. this 131-21. sanchez felt comfortable and loves the chip kelly offense. >> i felt good. i enjoyed it. i saw it early in the preseason, i felt good. when we can push the pace like that, that is my favorite. so we will see how it goes. >> demeco ryans is out for the season and that is a big looks on defense. next week eagles play carolina, that is on monday night and that is here and the
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the eagles are already a five and a half point favorite. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right. more sports to get to not quite in one minute but washington redskins firing back, a against those that are offended by their name. >> tables are turn here. the team is suing five native americans who complained to the u.s. patent and trademark office but those native americans aren't alone. crowds gathered in minnesota to stage what could be the largest protest against washington's nfl team who are in town to play vikings. despite all this dan snyder says he will never change the name which that franchise has used since 1933. by way possibly of karma the redskins lost that game. scare for parents in pennsylvania when a boy find a razor in his halloween candy, where police are telling parents to double-check their kids candy bags this morning. we are one day away from election day and candidates
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for pennsylvania governor were very bus think weekend, jennifer? >> reporter: yes, kerry, president barack obama and governor chris christie were in our area yesterday urging governor chris christie were in our area yesterday urging people to come
6:28 am
here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again.
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but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. third down and 16, foles, and he is sacked, for second time by mercyless. >> that sack would take nick foles out of the game,
6:30 am
quarterback leaving the field on a broken collar bone. he wasn't the only big injury of the game. is what next for our bird. election day is almost here, tomorrow and this weekend, candidates for pennsylvania governor pulling out all of the stops but something didn't go a correspondence to go plan to president obama. what happened when he tried to leave philadelphia. win for kacie hickox who was told to self quarantine, after treating ebola victims. she's free to come and go as she pleases but is there a catch, what she has to do every single day and what she's saying on behalf of all health care workers this morning. >> neighbors were worried to see her out and about ride helping her bike last week. >> yes. >> i'm sure they are breathing a a sigh of relief. good day, everybody it is monday november 3rd, 2014. >> sue, it is so darn windy over the weekend. i cannot imagine many trees have any leaves left. >> they are all over the ground, you have to watch out and get that leaf blower out,
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i guess to get them where they want them to be. there will be wind today but gusty breezes in the as extreme as the weekend, sunshine it will be milder then sunday. we are giving you an eight out of ten. buddy is bun will up this morning even wearing a hat. mom made him. thirty's are your temperatures. quite chilly. we have a freeze warning in effect but only for lancaster county. 39 degrees and getting light earlier thanks to the time change over the weekend. sunrise is official in about a minute at 6:32. west southeasterly winds at 14 miles an hour, again though not as gusty as it was yesterday. 58 degrees is our high. we never made it out of the 40's yesterday. we will take that. tonight we're down in the 40's for a nighttime temperature, so, that gets you through monday, we have had you're lex day forecast, coming up in the seven day and we also have, we're glad you chose to come back, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. bus stop buddy is nothing like my kids you know that hat will
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get taken off, and thrown in the school bag the minute they get on the bus. bellmawr live look at 42 freeway for gang coming from south jersey heading in towards philadelphia not bad at all, as you head in toward the walt whitman bridge. that tractor trailer fire contained to an industrial park but it is a attracting some a attention that smoke near pennsy turnpike near bristol interchange. all of the roads are opened, just that expect, white smoke, that is a attracting some attention. southbound lanes of the blue route right here near saint david villanova interchange heading south, watch for an accident taking out one of the lanes. otherwise we're in good shape, further south you go on 476, however, starting to heat it up here jammo south on i-95 into girard avenue northeast philadelphia heading to work. roosevelt boulevard slow in the north east and that inner drive that repaving project for uneven surface. some early trains out of the gate for septa had minor delays but the cold wet they are morning, some of those old railroad cars a rough go but
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for the most part mass trans ate cross the board running with no delays. chris and kerry back over to you. lets get to breaking news. this is out of germantown. police tell us they are looking for 22-year old cherlisa gathers, looks seen being forced in her car in the 100 block of west colter street late last night. map forced her in the dark colored sedan before driving off. at this point we have no other details but again, quite a scare and we will pass any information a soon as we get it. an overnight fire in philadelphia sent one person to the hospital this fire broke out in the 2200 block of north camac street around 11:30. it was placed under control in 20 minutes. one person was taken to temple hospital. in word what cause that had fire. 6:33. tomorrow america heading to the poles for midterm elections and in pennsylvania, voters have the chance to elect their governor. >> over the weekend each candidate called out top members of the respective parties for last minute push, president obama made a stop at
6:34 am
temple university for tom wolf and governor corbett calls on chris christie of new jersey. fox 29's jennifer joyce live from center city with more on this, hi jen. >> reporter: hi, chris. voter turnout is predict to be lower than previous in midterm elections, one reason why chris christie and president barack obama a were in town urging people to get out and vote. president obama was alongside tom wolf. they held a campaign event at temple university campus to give tom wolf one final push before people head to the poles tomorrow. the democratic candidate is hoping to beat out incumbent tom corbett. obama told a crowd of hundreds that wolf is a practical, successful businessman, who understands the economy, with a focus on middle class and understands the importance of education. >> so i go to i will and find out where your polling place is and take your
6:35 am
people, your friend and neighbors to the polls. when you do, make sure they vote for tom wolf. let me tell you why, let me tell you why, first of all, tom is just a a nice guy. you can tell. he is a sincere person. he is not a professional politician, he is somebody who knows how to create jobs, knows thousand start a business, knows how to survey public. he is in it for the the right reasons. you know he will do a good job. >> republican governor tom corbett also had a big day yesterday, campaigning with some help from new jersey governor chris christie. throughout the the pennsylvania suburbs. this event was held in ivy land, bucks county. christie says the governor has donna lieutenant in terms of jobs and affordable taxes and asked the people of pennsylvania to return the favor by reelectioning him as governor. >> no person deserves the governorship of this great state when they are willing to
6:36 am
lie to get it and that is exactly what his opponent has done for this entire campaign is to lie about tom corbett and lie about his record on education. let me tell you everybody if the state of pennsylvania wants someone a honesty and even telling writ is there only one choice in this race and it is tom corbett. >> reporter: both events went well. lots of energy and momentum going in to election day. however we are told that president barack obama had some difficultity getting home. white house officials say that his plane had some mechanical issues. heed to switch planes and then make his way back, chris and kerry. >> jennifer joyce live from center city, thank you. moving to new york senator corry booker will speak at trenton's shiloh baptist church tonight looking to get voter support. he is facing off against jeff bell tomorrow. poles have booker leading over bell. >> state police are testing a rivalry covered from an abandoned airport hang tore see fit is weapon used to kill
6:37 am
a fellow trooper. eric frein was captured near hanger following a seven week manhunt. he is accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers outside pike county police barracks. other was killed, other was wounded. he is charged with first degree murder. prosecutors plan to seat the death penalty for eric frein. two scary tricks played on trick or treaters. first half in lower macungie town ship in lehigh county. police say a teenager found a pin in the i bar. police are warning parents to be on the look out for the very same thing. police in montgomery county are trying to figure out how a raise are blade ended up in 13 year-old candy bag. boy found that blade after after trick are treat nothing towamencin township inside of the snack size nestle crunch bar. police are warning pennsylvania parents to check their kids candy. an arizona woman gave away more than canned toy trick or treaters. she said that she accidentally handed out her wedding ring,
6:38 am
yeah. she says that she played the ring in the candy jar while helping their daughters carve pumpkins. later she dumped that jar in the candy bag that she was handing out without thinking. it is not worth money but of course it has more than monetary value to her it is sentimental and it is her wedding ring. eagles back in first place in the nfc east after a big win in houston over texans yesterday. >> that goodies news. i will be a downer here though but birds lost two players to injuries including quarterback nick foles. >> lets bring in steve keeley live in bridesberg. foles isn't the only big injury here. >> demeco ryans hurt probably bigger injury according to the fans meeting at 7-eleven where how is my driving on the head line on the fast selling day off daily news here in bridesberg. not too much road rage from the fans here we're talking to, white knuckle driving comes on the defensive side, demeco ryans injury. first lets talk about nick
6:39 am
foles who got hurt on the last play of the first quarter. you may have seen this the broken collar bone has him for sure missing the big thanksgiving throw down in dallas, and whose quarterback was also out yesterday and they lost because. eagles with the berth off season signing so far and mark sanchez led eagles to the win begins a beaten up texans defense missing top draft choice and linebacker. his next test gives him more time to get ready to until monday night football against carolina in fill. >> you know, the other one, but, you know, besides that he had had good command of what we were doing. since day one here. you know what type of professional he is. he is in early. he takes copious notes. he is a real professional. i have said since day one you better 26 quarterbacks in this league. we were fortunate that we could bring mark in. i don't think we missed a beat
6:40 am
offensively. >> if you look across the board we have had guys down and their backups have done an outstanding job for them look at me i go down david moke comes n today todd hers man's goes down, gardener goes in and play as gi job. mark sanchez goes in for nick. demeco ryans goes out. it is the mo. there is a culture that we build is everybody knows they have a role to fulfill and when they have the opportunity to play, or they are thrust into that position, we expect them to succeed and play well. >> reporter: ryans season ending jurist bigger loss for fans here believing so far his second achilles tendon tear on the same field, different leg. quarterback of the defense means kacie matthews who lost starting job when he got tonight 2011 after three bad games and that is why they sign ryans. >> matthews played with chip kill any oregon and if you need trivia today, to stump husband and wife's at home, they are playing panthers
6:41 am
monday night against quarterback cam newton. when oregon lost in the championship game in 2010, matthews forced a fumble late in the fourth quarter and that let oregon and chip kelly tie the game late in the game. little history between... no audio. >> oh, no. >> we are losing your audio but as we necessity chip kelly was so good for oregon deduction for so many years. dire warning from the u.n. on climate change officials say global warming is happening and it is entirely our fault. what they say countries need to do to stop our negative impact on the environment. new information about that tourist spacecraft explosion in the mo have desert what caused virgin galactic ship to crash as sue serio is tracking more win. >> it was a bad hair day yesterday because it was so windy, what burr hair f@
6:43 am
in 2001, doctor manan trivedi joined the marines. ryan costello went into politics. trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in iraq. costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay. and while trivedi cared for patients in pennsylvania, costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors -even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention. in congress, only trivedi will do what's right for you.
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i'm manan trivedi, and i approve this message. we have a limited opportunity and the global community must look at these numbers and show the the result by which we can bring about change. >> a new report from the u.n. sound the alarm on the negative impact of climate change. >> u.n. panel says time is running out, for world leaders to take action, according to this panel, global warming is happening, and it is almost entirely the fault of humans. u.n. latest report is calling
6:45 am
fore limb nation of all greenhouse gas emissions by end of the century. one of the biggest concerns is impact on the world's food supplies. >> if we act now immediately and decisively, we have the the means to build a better and more sustainable world. >> the report comes as the u.n. is attempting to work out a new treat toy limit greenhouse gas emissions, world leaders will discuss that treat any 2015. sunnies up a as we can see from our studios here at fourth and market, sue, wind playing with those trees again out there. >> just not as dramatic as yesterday when all of our wind gust where is at tropical storm force. we had 50 miles an hour win gustness cape may, up in the pocono mountains and bush kill township, smyrna delaware close to 50. 48 miles an hour peak wind gust here in philadelphia a and mount pocono. 47 miles an her. you get the idea. out there and certainly experienced it, your kids had
6:46 am
a soccer game or something, lancaster, county has had freeze warnings for the next little while until 8:00 a.m. wind are picking up. 14 miles an hour in philadelphia, but no higher win gusts and it won't be as dramatic as it was yesterday, a 12 miles an hour whipped sustained in wildwood. we have reached 40 degrees in reading. we are close to 40 in philadelphia, mid 30's in mount pocono and allentown and 38 degrees in millville, new jersey. thirty-nine in dover. it is chilly to start but high pressure is in control and fair weather for next couple of days. we will sees sunshine and a few clouds here and there that low pressure system from the over the weekend. we did not get any snow in that storm 6789 they did in boston and south carolina and somehow we escape. we are grateful for that. temperature trend over past several days has been roller coaster ride we have been descending, 49 was the high yesterday, good news, warmer
6:47 am
than that with 58 for a high temperature today and we will add 10 degrees to that tomorrow and 68 for election day. still mild on election day and here comes the rain on thursday with a high of 62. you can see temperatures going down through the weekend. so sunday is our walk to end alzheimer's at citizens bank park, the the big philadelphia walk. many of us will be there and we will hope you will be too. the weather should be dry, sunny and probably in the 40's in the morning which isn't bad, bob kelly for this time of the year. >> not bad at all, 6:47. we are all happy after an eagles win. i'm happy i get free dunkin' donuts today when you have app at the duncan. a live look. double jelly doughnut delay westbound, stacked up more foulke leaving the city this morning from sit avenue out toward conshohocken and sun starting to pop up, coming around conshohocken curve. still a delay on the turnpike, on the philly bensalem, and we
6:48 am
have a had that early truck fire off the roadway but attracted a lot of attention, southbound lanes of the blue route, slow as you head in towards saint david villanova and delays, in new jersey, right along that 295, route 73 interchange and just a minor delay on mass transit regional rail trains this morning, because of the colder weather, chris and kerry back to you. bob kelly. 6:48. lets get to this trenton health director who says a number of residents air monk a group being monitored for ebola according to most of the travels to west have africa but consider at low risk for ebola. last week the new jersey state department reported about 100 people in the state are being monitored but no one has become sick with the vei various. she squared off against governors of both maine and new jersey. >> now in nurse tracie hickox said we can learn a lot from her story. judge ruled on friday hick ox can come and go as she pleases but she still has to monitor her health daily.
6:49 am
when she first came back to the united states, last month from treating ebola patientness sierra leone, hickox was forced in quarantine this new jersey despite not having a single symptoms. despite getting push back from the white house and governor christie they allowed her to go back to maine where authorities tried to force her to honor her 21 day quarantine. on nbc's maet the press yesterday, she said everybody can relax. >> we know a lot about ebola. we have been researching this disease for 38 years, since its first appearance in africa and we know how infection is transmitted from person to person and it is not trans mythed from someone who is asymptomatic as i am and many others will be when they return. >> despite everything, hickox says she will respect wishes of the town residents and avoiding nothing to town for rest of the her incubation period which end november 10th. bill gates has committed 50 million-dollar to fighting ebola but he also says he
6:50 am
wants to end malaria, in his life time n a speech at global health conference in new orleans philanthropist said he will give more money towards that goal increasing his foundation's malaria program budget to 30 percent to more than 200 million-dollar per year. federal investigators uncovering more details about friday's deadly spacecraft accident. officials say device to slow virgin galactic's dissent prematurely deployed before the the experimental spacecraft exploded over california's mohave desert. co pilot on board died, the pilot was not hurt. the national transportation safety board says while no cause for the crash has been officially determined investigators found the feathering system was activated before the crash reached the appropriate speed. much more on that by way of the investigation. lets get to this at 6:50. it tops our entertainment headlines this morning. stevey wonder is expecting a very special delivery. >> his girl friend is pregnant with triplets.
6:51 am
according to the new york post these would be the ninth, tenth and 11th children for him. he has kids ranging from one to 39 from prior relationships. wonder is 64 years old. holiday weekend putting two creepy films at the top of the box office. >> i'm the detective. >> i think you with held information that would be very unprofessional thing for to you do. >> knight crawler which hit theaters on friday, tied qu g i for number one. both brought in 10.9 million-dollar. this is ouija's second week. brat pit's fury lands in third place with 9.1 million for third week in theaters. rounding out top five gone girl and the book of life. night crawler is amazing. isn't that what kevin mccarthey said 4.5 stars. >> his is a five, he gave it 4.5. >> do you want my review of
6:52 am
ouija. >> board. >> get it. >> did you guys catch saturday night live? i did not but i have seen some tape of it. we will roll this tape for you today. chris rock hosted. he started the show with the mono log and he was talking, making jones about the boston marathon bombing. he made jokes about 9/11 new freedom tower in lower manhattan and very uncomfortable laughter. some people were very upset. so we will play these clips and see what you think, did he go too far, okay. >> okay. >> i guess that is it. >> that is it. >> see new a few minutes. >> so these baby pandas are throwing a tantrum what a zoo keeper was trying to give these pandas that they just
6:53 am
i love the bacon on this sub. i love bacon so much, i'm launching a line of bacon jewelry. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows? what was that? i was just putting the finishing touches on my bacondor. everyone loves bacon at subway. try it on a bacon egg & cheese.
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subway. eat fresh.
6:55 am
time right now is 6:55. you can see just 39 degrees, as we are's live atwoodlock resort. if you have young kids at home you know they hate taking their medicine. same holds true in the animal kingdom. case in point these pandas are masters of the art, of avoidance n southwest china a panda keeper is trying to feed these guys medicine but they clearly were not having it. take a look they defiantly
6:56 am
climbed all over him, and he cannot stop him. the keeper admits deif the and pandas are left alone to play until he can try again. that is cute video. >> blow up on the track we're not talking tires, jeff gordon and brad, come to blows what happened during the race that had these guys taking swings at each other and their pit crews as well. decision to end her life sparks a national debate, brittany maynard for the for death with dignity the the reactions that this is getting on line and what maynard had to say right before pass ago way over the
6:58 am
6:59 am
foles remains down. >> crunch. and he all foles down. nick foles out, and it got worse, as you know, the quarterback of the defense, also out. that was one costly victory. how is your confidence this morning going forward? the panthers are copping to town, next. we have breaking news out of germantown police are looking for this woman right now, new details out about her disappearance that has police concerned this morning. and, she said that she was going to do it and she did it. brittany maynard took her own life, what brittany had to say
7:00 am
just before she died. and then this. >> does this building duck. >> chris rock at 30 rock joking about 9/11, boston marathon bombings, did he get too far. we will play these clips for you so you candy side. it is straight up 7:00 o'clock on this monday morning. hi sue. >> hi. >> hi alex and bob. >> good morning. >> hi. >> welcome. well, it is snowing yesterday pretty heavily up in boston, i was watching some of the football games. how did we miss it. it was snowing in south carolina south carolina. >> my gosh. >> they got a couple inches of snow and somehow we just got yucky rain but would i prefer the rain. >> yes. >> and very windy. >> rain on the saturday, wind yesterday. today will be boring in comparison i guess. it is boring old eight out