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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 4, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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♪ >> oh, mercy. so we found this list of the top ten catchy songs of all times. boy, is there a classic, roy orbison, press would i man, oh, yeah, that was a press would i man right there, alex holley and pretty man bob kelly. >> we don't have a song for that yet, pretty man.
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>> it is tuesday, november november 4th. it is a formerrer girlfriend's birthday. i asked her to marry me in the year 2,000. >> he didn't think i was serious so we didn't do it. >> he didn't believe me. >> we want to you fight for us is that right. >> i didn't fight. i thought about a minute and and i said forget it. sixers game last night. for some reason some guy had a sample from home depot on flooring. he wrote his name. kenny b, kenny b, and with joy smith and mark christian. >> yeah. >> they just signed the floor. >> i thought this was a a sample of the sixers floor because they have a new floor. >> i thought they were autographing, kenny b i'm thinking of kenny g or will smith or something like that. >> hello. >> sixers, they are zero and four now. >> perfect record. >> they have a new floor. >> but they have a new floor.
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>> nice floor. >> we have a little bit of the controversy toy talk b dress code controversy. star bucks has banned its employees from wearing watches, bracelets, wrist bands, but it also out loud something else, guys, why you may want to think twice before putting a ring on it, we will explain. fifty shades bomb shell mr. gray speaking out what he won't be doing in the film that allowed of readers and ladies have been waiting for. >> short story. >> plus, you know him from chop, he chef dam you'll sop is on good day. does he like his cheese stake with with or without. he whips up his version of the philly cheese stake. it fels good in the hallway he is making the cheese stake right now but his take on it. >> yes. >> it smells great. >> yes, it do. >> we will see how it taste. >> i love that guy, on chopped all the time. one of the brightest, best chefs in america.
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>> okay. so we have found this list of the top ten most catchy songs out there. this actually came to us from the united kingdom, figure out which songs are most recognizable, one that sticks in your head the most and they came out with the top ten. here's one. >> ♪ >> i don't agree with this one. >> s.o.s. wye aba so this is from united kingdom so they are influenced. >> do you remember dancing queen. >> i like that. >> that would have been on my list. >> let's try another one now good let's listen to this. >> ♪
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>> yeah, we need the hooks on these things. >> you recognize the beginning of the songs, that is just dance by lady gaga. that was fourth on their top ten. >> yes. >> number three. >> ready. >> ♪ >> from philly, i remember that movie, rocky, came in third. >> eye of the tiger by survivor. >> people recognize that one in an average of 2.62 seconds. >> yes. >> number two. >> that is how fast you can recollect nice that song. >> i can name that tune in 2.62 seconds. >> here's a good one. >> it is number two.
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>> ♪ >> i like when they star naming the women. >> i love that song. >> you can name women. >> monica. >> yes. >> a a lot of women. >> yes. >> mam bo number five. >> that is 2nd. >> yes. >> so according to these people over in the uk, this is their number one. >> ♪
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>> we know it is a british group. >> they were big here too. >> yes. >> spice girls. >> they were big but this song was out, years ago. >> yes. >> it is still catchy, that is category bob kelly. >> i'm sorry. >> yes. >> it is a great video. >> who was your favorite spice girl, bob. >> what was her names again. >> baby. >> p.o. sh. >> scary. >> sporty. >> i will go with baby spice. >> yeah, baby was cute. >> she was cute. >> i like scary. >> yeah. >> we wonder why. >> no, not for that reason. >> um-hmm. >> you know what i mean. >> she looked like she has a big personality. >> yes. >> i'm sure that is it. >> keep new in line good we also wanted to share our picks for catchy songs, is there so many out there. i got to tell you, i cannot get this one out of my head, i like bang, bang.
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>> ♪ >> yes. >> that is your favorite part. >> air riana grand and nickie menaj does a great rap in the middle of this thing. >> i love the rap. we talk about that part. >> yes. >> do it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, i have to admit, i will just blurt it out, bang, bang there goes your heart. >> i lost my mind. >> you always say boom. >> so now you can just say
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bang. >> okay good ready for mine. >> for mine we will take a little trip to nellieville. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is not here, it is here. >> he was on our show, back when this was hot and he kept saying in st. louis, in the lou, we say here. >> even so, that is off the single of this, it would say herre to say that. >> yes. >> everyone knows that songs, it is catchy, it gets stuck in
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your head. >> okay, bob. >> i will put a little rock in roll in here, are you ready bob's favorite. >> little bon jovi. >> ♪ >> eventually you know what happens here. >> nice build up. >> yeah. >> ♪ >> here we go. >> can you sing it. >> in my car at 3:00 a.m. on my way in maybe. >> or in the shower. >> we will wire your car with some go pro camera. >> anyway, you know, where it
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goes. >> yeah. >> for the love. >> now 9:09. new employee dress code over the at star bucks. >> um-hmm. >> it got people weirded out here, women cannot wear their engagement rings. >> so issue here is the stone, star bucks says the policy is based on federal food safety guidelines. bands are permitted though but dress code there are other bands on there watches, bracelets and wrist bands cannot be worn at work. some other dress code restrictions were eased, tattoos and how clothing is wrong. so if you have tattoos that are just, that you can hide them but nothing on your neck or your hands. >> or your face. >> you ever see somebody with a face tattoo like mike tyson. >> some folks have it in the neck and down the arm. >> i have seen some face tattoos. a guy had a mustache, it was a huge one, it looks like that. >> yeah good tattooed on his
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face, and thick eyebrows. >> that is a commitment right there. >> yes. >> you cannot do that at star bucks. explain the rings, it is a dirty thing. >> yes, you can have a band. >> because the goo and gunk would collect on the stone. >> or what about gloves aren't you supposed to be wears gloves to begin with in food service. >> no, because maybe they can wear gloves. >> i guess the idea you make one of those drinks, it might get on you that stone and stay there. >> they don't want to be held liable fit gets caught in the machinery. >> maybe so. >> that could be. >> all right. this movie 50 shades of gray, when does it come out valentines day. >> valentines day. >> is it valentines day. >> yes. >> it has gone on a year and a half we have been waiting for this movie to come out and if you are one of the fans and you are waiting for this, supposedly christian gray, lead character was going to be naked.
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naked in the movie. but maybe not. >> the actor now says he will not be doing full frontal nudity in the movie. it is not happening. actor goes on to say sex scenes will in the be too graphic and he wants the film to appeal to as many people as possible. basically it is not anything like the book. >> i was going to say why do it then, that was the whole purpose of the movie. >> but that is how the book got so popular, oh, wow. >> bob, 50 shades of gray, i didn't read the the book, what is the the story about. >> the story is about a young woman who goes into interview christian gray who is a billion air businessman and he is into some crazy stuff. >> s and m. >> you know a little bit much. >> i didn't read the book, my wife read the book, i did the audio version of the book. >> yes. >> so coming in at 3:00 a.m. into work i listened to 45 minutes in the audio version. there were some party get to
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work, and it was getting good, and i had to sit in the car for a couple minutes, until i got to the next part. >> when they said they were coming out to do the movie, i thought it would be risque. >> let's go back, i can imagine you in the channel three parking lot. where is bob. is he doing traffic. he is sitting in that car. >> i had to get to the end of the captain. >> is that what it was. >> he drives a stick. >> lets get back to the target kid because i'm's fascinated with this. there is a kid that works at target and his name is alex. >> he is responding to his fans and followers on twitter. it started when this picture of alex from target started making round on the internet. we don't know who posted the original picture but it is trending across the country. there are videos posted by teen girls asking alex out on a date.
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alex official twitter page has 500,000 followers, including talk show host ellen degenerous. >> so he will be making an appearance. >> you know it. >> alex tweeted out thanks for all of the positive tweets i will post more soon. >> you are a young woman when you see his picture up there, what is it, it is just that he is cute. >> i'm in the sure i get it. i don't think anyone gets it. that is part of the fun. it is just alex from target good what about the big company target. >> they have responded, and they are showing their support. the retailer tweeted this out, we heart alex too. >> stayed up all night to think on have that tweet. >> yes. >> alex tweet wasn't very creative. alex from target has dozens of internet and we have been debating this upstairs with our producers, is it and they look smart. >> there is this one that says he is scanned my items for me
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when nobody would. >> i like that. >> so, here he is photo shopped in the target christmas ad. >> okay, that is all by every day citizens. >> yes. >> is there this one that calls for everybody to red for alex from target. >> tomorrow. >> they support causes. >> wear purple. >> so now wear red from alex for target. >> okay. >> so one picture of this kid bagging groceries change his life and it has just gone viral. >> you would think target with use him in the commercial. >> would you think so. >> they will. it is only matter of time. >> making tons of money. >> target already has their christmas commercials out. >> they shot that stuff back in february for christmas. >> interesting. >> yeah, probably. >> so yesterday, i was walking around olde city. i was trying to cross the street. i almost got hit by an ambulance. it was backing up. i could not tell but the lights weren't on. >> yes. >> they weren't on. they let me go through. i started walking this guy
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runs down the street, ma'am, excuse me, ma'am. i said what is happening. he goes were you jaywalking. i said oh, my god. no, i don't think so. i'm just kidding, we watch good day all the time. he freaked me out so. >> yes. >> medic 21, i told him would i say hello this morning this he were all very sweet. instead of somebody to take care of right now, seriously but they were nice. they freaked me out. they chased me down for almost a block. the way they dit, ma'am, ma'am. >> hold on a second. >> what. >> do you mind put ago this picture up again. >> he is cute. >> mike, always knows how to find me cute ones. >> he loves humanity and society, he is a care giver. >> he is a care giver. >> he almost hit me. >> he was driving. >> he was the one driving. >> couple of them came out to meet me. but they kept backing up. you know that awkward thing are you going to go, are you
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going to go. >> he is cute. >> my texan came out. >> he knows cpr. >> yes, he dos. >> bang, bang there goes my heart. >> they were sweet. >> all of the guys of medic 21. >> what is his name. >> i knew would you ask me that. he tweeted me. i don't want to say it because aim a's not sure. >> we will find out as sue does weather, and we will come out with your boyfriend's name. >> aren't you jumping to conclusions. >> we jump there all the time. it is a familiar location. lets look at the erects day forecast because it could not be better for to you do anything today but especially important thaw vote. polls are opened and as far as weather is concern lets check off our sunshine mixed with a few clouds, yep and 66 degrees for a high temperature. taking a little walk on the mild side today. even milder tomorrow with up creasing clouds getting ready for a rape i day on thursday.
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much cooler on friday and saturday ape possibility ovulate in the day sunday rain we will see what happens there and count on the chilly time at eagles game on monday night. is there your seven day, guys. >> cool. >> it will be real chilly monday night. big game. panters in town. new quarterback. can the defense hold up. >> is what paramedic's name. >> francisco. >> that is a great name it is a great name. >> alex uponte. >> here you you go. >> jumping to conclusions again. >> explain this term fat shaping what is it. >> isn't that basically where -- i don't know. >> lets say celebrities put on weight. >> you make them feel bad. >> they plaster them all over the internet, you need to lose weight, something like that. new is there something called skinny shaping. these celebrity say they are bullied on line because they are very thin. lets get a first example of skinny shaping, listen to
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this. >> ♪ >> so, some critics have accused her of skinny shaping in her song,. >> megan trainer. >> yes. >> because there are some signs that say you don't need to be skinny, skinny ain't all that good. so, this is some specific lines in the song. >> it is in the just the main part. >> that actress tara reid in sharknato and all those movies, tara reid received backlash after posting this picture on instagram. she was getting ready for halloween. she took it down after nasty comments saying she's way too skinny. >> um. >> kendell jener. >> i will tell you that right now, jener says she's criticized about her skinny frame and accused of being anorexic. >> most recently bethenny frankel slipped into her four year-old daughter's pajamas. >> yeah. >> she put it on. >> only way to follow-up this particular story is to eat
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jelly doughnuts. >> you guys gave me a hard time yesterday because i brought jelly doughnuts in for the weekend crew, so i made a call and emergency delivery from holmesberg bakery, there is jelly doughnut. you have not had a a jelly doughnut from holmesberg bakery. >> there are jelly. >> come on. >> take a look at the cream. >> that looks good sliced in half, the cream in there. >> you spoil us, bob. >> we are going to be eating good here when i'm in the morning. >> we feel love. >> that is like a cream puff. >> yes. >> we're happy. >> yes. >> that is the a doughnut sandwich. >> where sit. >> frankford avenue, northeast
9:21 am
fill. >> so now that we have doughnuts, now it is time to eat some more, thanks, mike. >> you know him from chop. >> i love this guy, chef marcus. he is on good day,. >> does he like cheese stake. >> with or without. we will have it without. >> he has his own version of the cheese stake, come on in ma
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you know this guy right here, you have seen him, he has been all over, internationally acclaimed celebrity chef, new york times best selling book author. >> so we are talking to marcus samuelson, check out some of his work. >> childhood dessert, i just feel like you just enjoy it. >> welcome. now we have reached the point of no return. you must chose an opponent for today's battle.
9:25 am
>> put it on the pan right away and then you can start getting your ingredients together. not a complex dish to do. any other new yorker. >> you know, you guys are lucky. >> the next day, you can make a wonderful chicken soup. >> born in eat yep use, grew up in sweden and now in philadelphia i love his restaurant in harlem the red rooster, marcus, welcome to philly. >> thank you very much, thanks for having me you are all over the place. >> i'm excited to be here. >> when in philly we have to do a stake sandwich. >> that smells good, right. >> cheese stake. >> but i am going to do a stake sandwich like a regular cheese stake sandwich, no cheese. >> no cheese. >> it is not a cheese stake. >> it is a stake sandwich. >> the whole idea is really good break and then put it on.
9:26 am
>> sit toasted. >> yes. >> i used flange stake, peppers and some onions. >> yes you do need some. >> a little bit, right. >> there is plenty of fat in that flange. >> what is the red thing. >> a little bit of red peppers. >> a little bit. >> not too much vegetable. it is not going to be healthy good that is fine with me. >> good, right. >> i will put in may owe that i did with corn. >> that is not regular mayo. >> no, this is roasted corn, super delicious. >> i like that idea good i never had that. >> i haven't either. >> and putting on some more good meat you are layering it. >> it has got to hit the spot, when you are at work, you are tired good what is the new cookbook about. >> it says off-duty. >> it is recipes that i celebrate and eat and cook at home. pretty delicious. now try to keep the lip stock on and eat this. this is good.
9:27 am
>> okay. >> here we go. >> it is not going to be pretty. >> at least you have warned me. >> this is 1gooey sandwich. >> right. >> good job. >> the cornice sweet, do you see. you look great. >> i like the corn eye de. >> yes. >> my home recipe that i took at home, my wife, my family, these are recipes. >> delicious. >> yes. >> we can cook that together. >> these are easier recipes, any regular folks can try. >> yes, otherwise just come to the restaurant. >> we will try that. >> where is red rooster. >> right in the middle of the harlem. it is a wonderful restaurant we have. meet me in the basement, five days a week and on top we have a restaurant on top. >> thanks so much. >> thanks. >> great to have you back in philly for a little while. >> all right, while we eat, you talk.
9:28 am
>> great ladies in doylestown what the heck is going on, we will tell you about the pound what the heck is going on, we will tell you about the pound rock out work out, that is
9:29 am
no one asks to have diabetes or heart disease. at gateway health, we see you , not your condition. gateway health medicare advantage plans offer complete care that fits you better, gives you more, and may cost you less. like ten-dollar copays on the medications you need, and zero copays on everything from diabetic monitoring supplies to hearing and eye exams. call 1-877-gateway today. for a better plan. and a better you.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> anaconda by nicki minaj. all of me by john legends, very nice, very kitchen. jude says: sweet home alabama. >> good one, sweet home alabama. >> ya, we're jam to go that now. so, make sure to tweet us, use the hashtag fox 29 good day. because this list that we mentioned earlier, it is really the british version of it. what is the american version? what's the most catchy song? >> i think that's where we're
9:32 am
saying british version, a lot of british songs on the official list. now folks at home, chiming in here at the central bucks ymc. that will is called pounds rock out work out. i love it. so it is good because you get your aggressions out, really have fun. >> you are. and you're having fun with a big group. you say 400 to 700 calories, in a hour. >> clearly working out but doesn't feel like you're working out. >> doing lungs, doing isometrics, cry owe metrics, having fun, didn't realize you've dom almost 15,000 reps by the time our ' don't. >> started by some hot checks in california.
9:33 am
>> yep, yep. >> and they say that there is like 14,000 moves. that will one of the reasons you wanted to bring here to doylestown. >> absolutely. had a lot of interest. whom zumba population here, something passionate about bringing, seen it in new york live, thought it would be great. >> awesome. and, you're instructor couldn't be any cuter? >> fabulous. part of the pound posse. >> so the pound us. >> yes. >> who is this, candidate for, gist nun one who wants to shake up the routine? >> specially anyone, giving great modification, show you how to break it down before class starts. and we do demos periodically, for new people interested. >> and these look like drum sticks. they're lightly weighted. >> right, about three quarters pounds each. light resistance. and you're drum, called brit rip sticks. >> rip sticks. cool. because you want to feel like a rap star? >> simulating drumming. >> you don't want to do loose
9:34 am
i goosey. >> right, extension of your hands if you notice how they have it. >> okay, and that's part of you want to keep the tension tight, right? look, she is nodding. and then the other thing that people like about it, is that you get your lungs in right? >> right. doing lung, pack lift. night. >> okay, so i like tv being look at that face right there. >> i know. >> the happiest face. all right, let's do this. okay. and that's going to be, you got to keep in time with the class, right? not paying as much attention as i should be. i feel skinny all right. no more halloween -- oh, nice! oh, hang over for me. but again, you want to do there is you got to come to doylestown. central bucks ymca. high five. >> awesome, jen. >> rip out work out. rock out.
9:35 am
>> i like. >> ya, pounds it out. >> pounds it out. >> thanks, jen. so, quincy, promises he's going to make wine? >> well, looks like he's got rain gear on. >> rain gear on. what is happening? >> stomping all the grapes. >> do you have get red he. i'm getting ready, i'm jim osborne, weaver the wine right here. >> how are you doing,er? >> doing very welshing thank you. >> where the wine goes in the barrel. >> right, in the barrel, in the barrel for about a year now, taking out start to bring it together, crushing grapes,
9:36 am
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9:39 am
(laughter). >> (lucy show clip). >> classic, classic scene of lucy, lucy, stomping grapes. turns into a grape fight basically. >> so, can we recruit ate this now? >> quinn i, we want you to do it. >> chaddsford winery. >> okay, we're going try, we're going to try. jim osborne here, wine maker, wine taster, been dating -- taste ago lot of wine. these barrels here, where the wine goes, correct? >> that's right. we finish the wines in the barrels, so some of the character of the barrels, age in the barrels, and then it is time to put it into the bottle. >> now, what remember these big things, these cylinders? >> these tanks here, some of the wines fermenting, some of the wines being stored, been in there for short periods of time, since beginning of the harvest, which starts around september. >> okay, this time to go
9:40 am
crush. >> let's put to you work. >> listen, i was telling everybody on instagram. i am not a player, i just crush a lot. >> you under stands that. >> absolutely. >> what are we doing here? >> we have some cab err nay grapes we purchased. these grapes have just about finished up forrester men takes. if you see, little bit of cap over top of them. what you will do, mix them up, get the temperatures mixed up, and get the top of the grapes nice and wet. >> okay. here we go, guys. we're going to attempt to do this right here. holds this right here. >> like that. >> okay? >> hold that. oh, boy. hold on. try not to fall in. hold on. >> is this good? now you got to get it up. really get in there. >> okay, hold on. there we go. >> now, how many, how many pounds of grapes? oh, here we go. >> splashing, how many pounds? >> did 2,000 pounds, ton of grapes right now. that will make somewhere
9:41 am
around 150 cases. >> they're such potential for him falling in there. >> how long should dow that? >> true. >> how long do you got to do this for? >> seems like a lot of work. >> usually until the whole stuff is nice and wet there. and when can you actually i guess taste these grapes? >> we can pull one out, strain off the grape. >> got to be easier way to do this. >> once we get it in, we separate the skins, that's when we get a good idea of what we've got to work with. >> okay. well, guys, before i fall in, i'm too athletic. >> sure. >> tell that guy to just push him. >> a grape bath. >> oh, oh! >> what are you going to do to him? >> what are you doing? >> i don't know. >> not saying we've been drinking, but we've been drinking. >> well, we call that character in the wine.
9:42 am
>> a lot of charge nerve it now. , what we just did. >> heavy. >> hey, quincy, can you hear us? >> i can't hear you back in the studio. >> would you say -- >> he can hear us now. >> oh, where did they get the grapes? >> locally, correct? >> majority of the grapes from pennsylvania, these particular grapes came from the gettysburg area adams county, chardonae we were tasting back there, came from chester county, vinyards in chester county. >> okay, now, mike, mike, he won't say it, but can we bring some wine back for mike jerek is. >> i think we can work something out. >> some wine coming back for you, as well, amex. >> oh, thank you. i hope he's not one he was doing there. >> no. >> restack your wine rack tonight then. >> chuck taylor's near my grapes! >> we're having a fashion show this morning. so do you need to update your fall wardrobe? coming up where you can shop sales for a cause today.
9:43 am
>> reamy? >> really. >> ♪
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9:45 am
sarah seems to like jenny, and the olds phone number there thing. tam evening, a i'll walk 500 miles. ♪ >> proclaimers, good one.
9:46 am
>> hey, jen? turn down for what? >> absolutely fresh song. it is catchy? >> that's right. turn up, show up, all day today, you can shop sheik and make it count tame or in bala cynwyd, shopping day, with me is rob. >> what's the ad operate, what happens is, people can come in, buy the 5-dollar tickets, goes to one of 11 great charities, adopt -- >> music, food, the whole time for fun shopping. >> okay, so before we start talking about there is let's start playing jen canary. this music will be playing as you shop. just imagine t at lord and taylor. so, adopt a day. can you talk about this organization, what they do? >> we are pediatric cancer foundation, so we deliver coping kids to children that are diagnosed with cancer, seven days of diagnosis, and selling piggy banks to raise
9:47 am
money and do that. >> do people get the piggy banks -- >> start raising as much as they want, sends in check, it is up to them, adopt one of these down at the lord and taylor events. >> wonderful. let's bring in models, too, showing some of the great looks that you can get while shopping at lord and taylor. now, all of the women's outfits are 424 fit, julie julie stranger, and her holiday collection. very nice. >> then we'll bring in some of the men here, as well. 1826, exclusively for lord and taylor, this collection here. you see, very great fall looks here. a lot of browns, very in, right now, for the fall. another model here, come little closer, i love these pants. i really like them. you have the vest going on. getting little chilly now. little chillier. >> little warm. >> little warmment you can see you wearing that. so, how is this going to help
9:48 am
you guys though with your chair at this? >> people will come down, shop anyway. then they also get a chance to look at a bunch of different charities, once they start looking good can put money toward the charity, as well. >> i was talking about jenn fred. she loves the charity. even has one on herdessing. >> she does. >> and she said you guys say this is great, it is blanket, because a lot of people when they show up, realize, they don't know how long they'll be there. >> exactly. it is something that is prepared for them so they can be ready for whatever is coming to them upon diagnosis. >> yes, great thing. so here is a lovely dress here. i love it. nice floral print. it is a really, i mean, ladies, if you're like me, i am a ' shop-a-holic there is would make me better about shopping. >> exactly. >> i can do a little damage and not feel so bad about it. >> ♪ >> let's keep rotating, to get these looks, because these leather pants, so in right now, these legs action. i'm loving it. specially when this sweater just ties it all in.
9:49 am
and also we have jen canary. they'll be there, so while shopping, lovely ambience, will really help to you shop there. they're great. >> free food and drink, too. >> oh, you can't beat that. >> really can't. >> everyone loves free food and drink, everybody. so thank you so much to our model. thank you so much therien canary, 1920 feel. do you see that mike there? really doing a throw back. thank you so much for telling bus your, and will donate a lot of money for. that will so we appreciate it. >> okay, chris brown, goes off on the ladies of the real. what the talk show host and that, what he said, that really got the talk show host really particular off. ♪
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>> don't worry, be happy. >> that's another good one. >> so you know we were just talking about had the jen canary. lord and taylor. >> any anyone can go, it is until 11:00 p.m.ment going on right now, you can head to the store, and just make sure you get the 5-dollar pass, donate it to a charity, stowe will really help. >> they have great ties at that lord and taylor. >> this one? i love that tie. >> i love getting ties there. >> if you really loved me, would you give it to me. >> really mike? >> i would take anything for free. >> there go.
9:54 am
>> so happening at lords and taylor right now. >> chef pauladino -- >> oh, go during the lunch however drinks, food, great time. >> great store. hey, chris brown goes kind of an instagram attack after two co-hosts from the real, the show we love here on fox, you see at 11:00 in the morning, column end on his alleged cheating and his girlfriends. >> karucci. >> cute. >> very cute. >> she was here, because he came for power house, she was back stage with chris brown. >> i didn't know that. >> how did you know that. >> i went back stage for a little bit. >> did you? >> i thought he wasn't supposed to be there, but anyway, i didn't see her myself, i saw pictures she was, there they're very on and offer. this is what the ladies said about the relationship. >> i just think he's young. >> i wouldn't say he is a bad guy, what i'm saying is when a guy is in like his 20's, accessible to mine, and famous, he can dance and sing his little face-off, not that
9:55 am
i am lusting, just giving off facts. i'm just saying. >> sure. >> no. >> they're basically saying that she's with him so she can be famous. >> yes, she loves being famous. >> so a lot of people say why are you still with him. he said oh, i love rihanna, and she's always there, so i guess they're saying well that's why she's there because she just loves the fame. so here's what chris had to say in response to that. >> i ain't got no chill button. if you don't like it (beep) you. >> and he went on little rant. there is a lot of other things he said we probably can't say on tv. >> not allowed to show that. >> called the ladies out their name, you know, ya. but my thing is isn't he supposed to be going through like anger management? and he's over here blasting people? >> true. >> what did he accuse -- he at one point in this rant accused adrian of sleeping with a married man. now, she was -- who was she dating? one of the kardashian's? >> rob, right.
9:56 am
>> he hasn't been married. so there is another guy? >> somebody else. >> wasn't sleeping with bruce, i can tell that you. >> wow, really? >> all right, what would you think about angelina jolie as an elected official say you go to the polls today, and her name is on the ballot. >> joel attack tiff humanitarian for many years, also worked with the un on refugees, but in a interview with vanity fair the actress said she's not sure what role she have have in politics in the future, tan that, quote, i am conscious what i do for a living, that could make it less possible. >> i wouldn't mind. very smart. >> yes. arnolds swartznaeger became governor. anything can happen. >> where will she find the time though? >> i guess she would have to put the movies on pause. >> six kids. >> ya. >> so? >> i'm sure she has aonian, i'm sure there are at least one, two nannies. >> that's true. would you vote for her being bob? >> yes, i would vote for her. >> i know the nanny's name by the way. brad pitt.
9:57 am
>> opening up about the weight that she has gained during her pregnancy. >> the 25 year old told hello magazine that while she expected to gain weight, she did not realize how much. she told the magazine that she has gained about 40 pounds so far. but the actress said she will not marry her fiancee until she loses it all. i guess she wants to fit in a wedding dress? >> she will lose 40 pounds before she actually get married? >> that's what she is saying. >> i make the same promise. ill lose 40 pounds before i get married. >> do you even have 40 pounds to lose. >> no. >> is that the point? >> so, kim and her husband, kanye. >> yes, getting little royal inspiration for the new massive home. they want to name their home high claire castle. >> you know you got a big house if you come up with a name for it. >> ya, and it is based on downtown abby. my gosh. >> 20 million bucks this hole will cost, 20 million bucks.
9:58 am
it is in long ankle less. >> must be nice. >> you have great day. >> you
9:59 am
10:00 am
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