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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 8, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now the votes are tallied. we have just learn in the past hour septa's largest union ratified their new contract. that officially means no strike. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. fofox 29's shawnette wilson is outside the union. >> reporter: the vote was 2500
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to 800. approving the contract for sep septa. workers and rider which is continue their normal routines without concern or fear of a strike. so again this contract that was approved tonight is for two years with no service interruption at all. the union president who we spoke tonight says they're all relieved there's still work to be done over the next two years to ensure the threat avenue contract or a strike i should say does not return when this contract is up. he says some of the that work relates specific toll health plans and pension reforms. >> affordable health care. we actually pushing for pension reform. so that's something we have to sit down have a talk about and we both agreed to sit down and talk about throughout the life of this contract. >> reporter: and we're told that this new contract includes a 5% wage increase but again the important news here, no strike service will continue with no interruptions. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you very much, shawnette. that is good news. also developing right now police in gloucester county, new
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jersey, are investigate a gas leak. so why are police investigating they think vandals may be behind it. skyfox over an active scene on the 300 block of north third street in national park. pse&g crews arrived right around 7:00 tonight shut off the gas. authorities did evacuate the homes in the area but everybody is back at this point. why do police think the leak was intentional? as of now, they're not saying. in chester county tonight, an outpouring of support for this toddler. tortured and killed. police say by his own mother and her boyfriend. dave kinchen was at tonight's candlelight vigil along with hundreds and he's live tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, so much love here tonight a mid the sadness this was supposed to be a candlelight vigil outside but it simply got too windy so everyone moved inside the gateway church. it was a much more intimate setting as people chose to reflect. candles providing light in community that is seen so much darkness in recent days. >> when light penn state the
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darkness, it always illuminates it, and i just think we need to be a stronger community together. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at gateway church in parkesburg chester county remembering two victims of dough mystic violen violence. >> very crazy. a lot of sorrow. a lot of sadness. >> something you see a lot you don't think it ever will happen. >> reporter: there's pure devastation after adorable three year old scotty mcmillan was tortured and killed allegedly by his mother's boyfriend. >> i have two daughters and i'm pregnant now, and it hits you close to home. my stepmom work at the hospital. so she -- she told me head on, you know, how it was and it's horrible. it really is. >> reporter: hearts breaking for a popular fitness instructor gunned down at the brandywine ymca by her estranged boyfriend in a murder suicide earlier this week. >> she was always very happy, very upbeat. always encouraging. >> she lived across the street from here and scotty is not too far from here either, and we felt like we have to reach out.
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>> reporter: founding pastor of the church says faith will get the community threw the pain and sorrow though it won't be easy. >> i think people need to process. i think they need to be real. i think they need to lean into each other. i hope they'll come, you know, into the presence of god. >> reporter: common lesson emerged as mourners shared their emotions with each other. >> if you hear something or see something even if it's falls call 911. my god, you know. >> reporter: definitely an important lesson that staff here at the gateway church says they will continue to be on hand for anyone in the community if they're in need of prayer or if they need to release some of their thoughts. lucy? >> so much emotion there, thank you very much, dave. it is cold night out there and did you take a look alt the moon tonight? very prominent in the sky. love that shot there. scott williams telling us it's a beaver moon this time of year. november's full moon. on your radar that cold and blustery night. scott, down right chillily.
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we're learning so much from you. beaver moons and what did you call that icy stuff? >> graupel. >> earlier this afternoon. >> cold air moving in. of course, we saw snow flurries in the pocono mountains, and that graupel across parts of our area. basically ice crystals freezing with some super cooled water droplets but they call it the beaver moon because the beavers typically build lodges before the cold air settles in and take a look at what's happening right now. that cold air is definitely headed in our direct. 30 degrees in the pocono mountains. 36 in lancaster. we have 38 already in wilmington as well as the atlantic city international airport. the temperatures are dropping because those winds that were so gusty earlier in the day, they are diminishing overnight and you can see tomorrow morning, we're looking at winds only gusting to five, maybe 10 miles per hour. so the bottom line, cold overnight. look at the numbers. upper 20s in the suburbs. 34 degrees in the city. so, of course, bundle up. it's cuddle weather and coming
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up we'll talk about a roller coaster ride ahead as we get you into the weekend and beyond. iain and lucy? >> all right, scott, thank you. we are following breaking news tonight in assasinate plot against the queen of england much this is individual yost queen hoping awry september at buckingham palace earlier today. looking as composed as ever but scotland yard confirms their counter terrorism unit arrested four people as part of on-going investigation. british sources say that four islamic freedom fighters planned to use a knife to kill the queen at a weekend filled with celebrations to commemorate the 96 years since the end of world war one. >> the man accused of in the abduction of a philadelphia woman is on suicide watch in a virginia jail tonight. 37 year old delvin barnes is now there for another kidnapping case. meanwhile 22 year old carlesha freeland gaither is recovering after the violent abduction nearly a week ago, and federal investigators are expected to bring barnes back to philadelphia monday possibly tuesday to face the charges
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related to carlesha. now in virginia, prosecutors say he kidnapped a 16 year old girl, raped her, then poured gasoline and bleach on her. they say it happened octobe october 1st. she is still hospitalized. philadelphia police say they're now looking into other cases to see if barnes is connected to them. he has a long criminal record including aggravated assault, false imprisonment and robbery charges. 18 year old hill is hyped bars tonight after turning himself in to darby police. he's charged with sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl. the incident happened wednesday afternoon on the 200 block of north ninth street. a neighbor heard the girl screaming and banged on the door to get her out. police say this is not hill's first run in with the law. >> he's extremely violent. we had a real concern about him. >> yesterday she was hiding under her bed. so this is definitely something that's going to take her some time to get over. my goal is to get my niece back
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to the 14 year old girl she was before this happen hill faces charges of false imprisonment and statutory assault. >> a bartram high school teen assaulted teacher at the southwest philadelphia school. this video of the aftermath was posted to social media and it's gone viral. cops say the student threw the teacher to the floor. the staff bumped his head. he was taken to the hospital. and treated for a concussion. the student is currently suspended. >> robin williams did not have any illegal drugs nor alcohol in his system when he took his own life in august. sheriffs office released his autopsy today. investigators say williams had taken prescription drugs but in therapeutic concentrations. williams hanged himself in his northern california home in august. his wife says he was struggling with depression. camden county animal shelter says they're food supply has gotten so low it won't last them through tomorrow. they are last hope that you the
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public will help them and help these animals. fox 29's jennifer joyce has their story. >> this is the wet dog. this is the wet cat. >> reporter: how long will this last you? >> this right here will get us through the feedings for this evening and tomorrow morning and that's pretty much -- that's pretty much it. >> reporter: the camden county animal shelter says it has a severe shortage of food this pantry turned storage room -- >> now it's become a storage area because we don't have, you know, the food that usually fills the shells. >> reporter: has just enough food to feed the 300 cats and dogs for just one more day. >> they're hungry. they're starving, and we have to feed these animals every single day. >> reporter: the shelter has been king dipping into facilities budget to feed the animals for the last three wee weeks. it costs roughly 300 bucks dai daily. they're desperate for donations and as always adoptive and foster families. >> right now we're very overwhelmed with kittens which isn't typically, you know, normal for this time of year. >> reporter: tyler stopped by
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the shelter to visit the dogs and heard about the dire situation. >> i didn't know it was that b bad. i heard them talking they only had enough food for one more day. i got to get some. >> reporter: he picked up $4 worth of food. >> two tags of dog food. two tags of cat food. >> reporter: the money the shelter is spending on food could be spent on more comfortable bedding for the animals. no matter how big or small. >> every bag counts. every can counts. >> reporter: josh, gerald and hundreds of buddies at the shelter are grateful for each donation. >> we just have so many animals that it's so important that we get donations. we keep our animals comfortable and happy and full. >> reporter: the shelter accepts food of any kind. any brand and it even appreciates donations of treats and toys. if you would like to donate you can absolutely stop by the camden county animal shelter for their contact information head to in blackwood, new jersey, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> since this story first aired at 5:00 o'clock, the support has been overwhelming.
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the shelter tells us they've gotten more than $4,400 in online donations and more than 20 people promising to drop off food tomorrow morning. but keep it coming because the shelter needs a lot more to keep these animals full and fed. for more on this story including a slide show of these animals visit our website at >> take look at this. that's a convenience store clerk in pennsylvania brawling with a guy outside his shop. what happened inside moments earlier that started this fistfight. >> and he lost his ability to walk serving his country. now a live changing donation for a military hero. how he's using the gift to inspire so many others. terrifying scene for one father. wakes up to see his daughter in the arms of an intruder. how he saved his five year old
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♪ >> crazy stuff captured on video in southwestern pennsylvania. you see the robber walk into a gas station and suddenly the clerk chases him outside where they get into it. the robber eventually did get away and police think the same man tried to rob another store right across the border in west virginia. >> utah father being hailed a hero for saving his five year old daughter from a kidnapper. police say 46 year old troy morley broke into a home in sandy utah early this morning. investigators say he went into the basement and snatched five year old girl while she was sleeping in her bedroom. police say the girl's parents heard noises. they woke up and caught morley carrying the girl across the front lawn much that's when the father confronted morley and rescued his daughter and the guy ran away. police say a neighbor found her inside her home.
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>> he was just crouched up right there by the door without a shirt on just -- he said something like am i bad or trouble or something, and i just started screaming, ran out the door. >> morley is in jail tonight. cops are still trying to figure out what he was planning to do. how scary. >> can you imagine being in that basket? horrible. 17 year old girl is in it. the teen and an 18 year old boy were hiking when they fell off a cliff in arizona. phoenix firefighters say the down draft from the chopper' rotor blades started the thing spinning like that. the teen was strapped in. never in any danger but guessing incredibly dizzy. both hikers are in the hospital and both are supposed to be ok okay. let's get a check of your fox 29 weather authority on your radar tonight we had blustery winds and i can see that temperatures in the low 40. >> low 40s right now iain and lucy. it's going to be in the low to mid 30s even for the philadelphia area on saturday morning. the winds right now still gusting to 21 miles per hour but
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they will diminish and that will mean those temperatures will continue to drop as we move into the overnight. so cold conditions, crank the heat a little bit. comfortably cool though as we move into the upcoming weekend. high temperatures will top out in the 50s and then we'll warm up a bit but by the end of next week, we're looking at a winter preview moving in. the high temperature today made it up to 53 degrees. that's below the normal for this time of year which is in the upper 50s. but look at the tumbling temperatures. 30 degrees in the pocono mountains. below freezing. 36 right now in lancaster. upper 30s in wilmington as well as atlantic city. 38 in trenton as well as wrightstown. so colder air continue to go funnel in behind the system that brought us that heavy rainfall on yesterday. it was damp and dreary. as we roll the clock overnight, dry, temperatures continue to drop. tomorrow morning it's going to be sunny but it is going to be cold and then as we move toward the afternoon, a few passing clouds. we should stay dry both saturday
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as well as sunday once again with those high temperatures topping out in the 50s. then toward the latter part of next week, there's some cold air bottle up in canada. a piece of that is is going to head in our direction invading parts of the lower 48. and we'll be looking at temperatures a good 10 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year and that cold air could link up with, yes, some moisture. so some rain perhaps even some snow in the cards potentially by the latter part of next week for the east coast. for tonight diminishing winds, cold conditions, upper 20s in the suburbs. 34 degrees in the city. then temperatures tomorrow in the low 50s. not as windy as it was today. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you mid 50s on sunday. the walk to end alzheimer's in the morning and then the light the night walk in the afternoon and evening. 60 degrees for the high temperature on monday. so looking pretty good and then look at tuesday, 66 degrees for veterans day. a mixture of sun and clouds.
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not that bad. 57 seasonal for wednesday. but then thursday, friday, temperatures only in the 40s and once again the question mark toward the latter part of the week. we could be looking at some rain perhaps some snow. that's seven days out. things can change. >> absolutely. >> of course. >> partly cloudy and chilly this sunday morning for the walk to end alzheimer's temperatures in the low 50s for the afternoon and evening lucy will be emceeing this particular event. >> i'll be the one with the icicles hanging off my finger. it won't that be bad. >> i'm joking. it will be. it will be awesome. low 50s. >> graupel. >> the sun sets at 4:50 and as we move ahead to monday just a lot of events taking place over the next several days. at the linc we're talking football. carolina panthers taking on the eagles. temperatures in the low 50s. so cool for tailgators. it's not going to be that windy either. >> that's good. not windy. that's good. >> exactly. >> come out on join us sunday especially light the night with
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me. i'd love to have you there. more people more body heat is what i'm thinking. >> that's a great event by the way. love to have you there. >> emotional moments at a chester pennsylvania tonight a disable veteran is honored just before the start of the army/navy game. >> iain really so emotional because the man who's paralyzed while serving his country got up and walked. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the story of a military hero changing lives. >> definitely helped me out. definitely better outlook on the future. >> dan rosen army veteran is walking again after he was paralyzed serving in afghanist afghanistan. he's the first person to receive this extra skeleton device that enables him to walk. >> it was amazing. i mean just to to be able to stand up again and look across the room i mean it was -- i can't think of any words to describe the feeling. >> friday night dan was honored in the army/navy cup at ppl park in chester. he joined members of soldier
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sock. an organization that donates various necessities to soldiers returning home. walk in the midst of a standing ovation. >> just a rush of emotion, and there was something that right away after i gotten injured they told me i can never walk again. so i had given up on the hope of ever doing it again. >> dan's device was donated. creators will get the secondary benefit of standing and walking it arrives after paralysis. lisa is the until therapist who helps it. >> it is a robotic exoskeleton when dan is in the device it shifts his weight and the device sends his weight shifts and moves his legs for him. >> the group has recorded several videos of dan using the exoskeleton. he says watching himself is a feeling that's hard to describe. >> it's kind of crazy to see myself standing again. you know, when i'm in the place and just walking around i use the device at home as well. never really get that
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perspective of being able to see myself again and it's great. i didn't -- i kind of to the got how tall i was. >> dan is using the exoskeleton as part of a study. it will help the company make improvements for people with different injuries who might need it. in chester shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> love that. you'll love this. a sea of red, white and blue at the sixers game. chicago bulls in town. house jam packed with member of the military. the 76ers and toyota honored hundreds of active and he roo tired military members and fans got a red, red, white and blue key chain flashlight to boot. sixers stars and stripes program and not only honors our heroes but helps bring to light the many issues facing our wounded warriors and veterans and we salute them as well. great stuff there. >> ahead of veterans day fox 29 taking time to honor the men and women who serve watch our half hour special fox 29 salutes the
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military starts in about 10 minutes. >> speaking of the sixers you saw they were looking for that first win tonight. >> you showed the highlight. that's still up. >> the sixers fight to the finish but in the night with an honor they do not want. the eagles are proving that good things come in threes. how do they plan on using all
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>> you know i asked my twitter peeps how long losses the sixers will have before they get their first win. your answers range from 12 to 82. zero-82.
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not tonight thanks to mike done levy. five of eight from three-point range. game high 27 with no derek rose. the sixers kept leaving them open. they cut the lead to one with seconds left. sixers down three. chance to force overtime. um-um. sixers lose 118-1115. zero-six for the first time since 1972. remember that sixers team. hold the inform ba records for fewest wins in a year with nine. >> we ask our guys often, what would you think, what would you want other teams to say about you? and then, you know, they -- we want respect. we want to work hard. we want to have a tenacity and a spirit that reflects the city. >> got to get a win first to do that. also tonight, the temple owls going for their sixth win of the season. now if they could beat memphis they would be eligible for a bowl game. now, the owls coming off just the third win.
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early on they still that mow moan tum. they jump out to a 10-zero lead in the first quarter. look at that boy go. but the lead would not last long. memphis tigers just like temple five and three on the year. they've come back to take a 13-10 lead. that's where we stand in the fourth quarter. now that was the appetizer at the linc monday night the main course. eagles have won eight in a row at home and carolina is not about to ruin that. to help take some pressure off mark sanchez the eagles will certainly use wants become a three headed monster at running back with lesean mccoy, chris polk and darrin sproles. last week they combined for 236 total yards. now, you want to see someone who can play football? someone might want to give this girl right here a deal right now. her name is michelle rocca from florida state. check out these moves in her sorority flag football game. (laughter). >> look at these moves. now she literally has girls falling on top of themselves. look right there.
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>> she look like barry sanders doing that. didn't she. >> like barry sanders, lesean mccoy, if that's how she rolls in a flag football game what does she do at the sorority dance? >> she's got some moves. >> she's got some moves. >> i hope you've got some coats because it will get very cold. >> temperatures tonight in the 20s and 30s. >> yeah. got to watch out for the graupel, too. >> yeah. all right. remember watch tmz at 11:00. join karen hepp and lauren johnson for fox 29 weekend tomorrow morning at 8:00. have a great weekend.
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♪ >> leave their family and friends behind and head to foreign lands in the air, on the sea, on the battlefield, they fight for our freedom. >> tonight fox 29 salutes the military and members of our community who support them when they come home. >> welcome to this special report. fox 29 salutes the military. i'm mike jerrick.


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