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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now on fox 29 news at 6:00, a local charter school is trashed. three vandals broke in, stole supplies and then school administrators say they did something really shocking. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> i'm karen hepp. school leaders spent the day leaning up a really big mess. our dave kinchen life eau now in olney witness latest on all of this. dave, pretty horrifying what these administrators found. >> reporter: it really is. it's horrifying what they found. they say that criminals actually broke in, defecated in the school, urinated in the school and stole several computers. staff members here at the charter school actually noticed all of the damage when they came in to set up for symposium this morning now police are actively
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looking for three men. >> take a look at these surveillance pictures they show three men dressed in black. police say they were able to get through the locked front doors of the charter school campus and raided the building. investigators say they stole four computers like these from classrooms and also swiped a laptop. those items valued at $8,400. the central office was also ransacked. police say the men stole about $600 in money held aside for school charities. the cafeteria also had food taken from it. if that's not bad enough, police say the men actually urinated and defecated in one of the hallways. the ceo is floored. >> first reaction i had was shock but then i was sad because one for the kids but then also for the young men that apparently seem to be involved in this. you know, we prefer that they were in great school rather than out doing that has happened to. >> letter let's give you another look at the surveillance pictures and the men police are looking for. they're checking for fingerprints. they're also looking for more
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surveillance video which may show the men in the neighborhood. and police say it's not clear if these men have ever struck before. in the meantime, the school administration says they're working quickly to try to make sure they can get computers replaced but there may be a disruption for at least two classrooms were school starts back up on monday. karen? >> how frustrating. dave, thank you. we've got breaking news coming in out of the point breeze section of philadelphia. police say there's an officer in the hospital after another driver slammed into his cruiser. this happened just after 5:00 o'clock at the 28th and tasker streets. police say the cruiser caught on fire. and the other driver sped off. the officer is expected to be just fine with just a minor head injury. investigators are trying to track down that other vehicle. also, there was a south jersey business that went up in flames. very dramatic pictures early this morning. authorities say that building and also a house next door are a total loss. crews arrived this south jersey mowers on the 600 block of stiles avenue in maple shade just around 4:00 this morning.
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the owner is a woman in his 60s schenn lived above the building. she was raced over to the hospital for but she's expected to be okay. fire closed route 73 for several hours. >> temple student is in critical condition tonight. he was shot in the leg during a robbery. fox' is that so bean in a kuriakose spoke to stunned students who say the shootin shg happened outside a packed off campus party. report. >> we just upstairs listening to music 1:00 o'clock. next thing we hear big bang. take a second and look out the window a bunch of kids leaving the house. they look out. what happened? they look up and say, hey, somebody got shot! we get dressed and run downstairs. by the time we get to the door, the cops already shutting down the street. >> reporter: temple senior janson describes the chaotic scene after a 19 year old fellow student was shot in the leg just before 1:00 o'clock saturday morning. >> people just flooding out. just mass confusion. crazy. >> soon after students got this text alert to their phone
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advising them to avoid the area around the 1500 block of north 17th street. just blocks from temple's camp campus. neighbors tell us they heard one gunshot ring out just outside a large frat party scattering terrified students. police say a stranger approach the victim and 20 year old friend as they stood on the block saying quote give me everything you've got before showing a handgun. the victim charged the shooter and was shot once much he's in critical condition at hahnemann hospital. the gunman took off empty hand handed. >> my friends got robbed at gun point. i moved here to get away from that. >> junior arianna feels safe in this neighborhood like many students we spoke with she says she's shane by what happened but applauds the police response. she and her neighbors say the cops arrived quickly. >> i don't think it's really going to happen in the future. i'm hoping that it doesn't but that definitely unsettle me a little bit. >> it could have been us. any of us could have been gotten shot at. >> reporter: police the shooter it's a five at eight or
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5-foot nip with a thin build, 35 to 40 years and wearing jeans a red hoodie an red beanie. sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. >> a mother of a man accused of beating a little three year old boy from chester county to death is now speaking out. her name is paula fellenbaum and she says her 23 year old son gary is being quote railroaded. police say that fellenbaum and the child's mother jillian tait tortured little scotty mcmillan over three-day period. it all happened they say inside the west caln township mobile home. fellenbaum and tait are being without bail. >> north korea releases two americans. kenneth bay and matthew miller were the last two americans being held in that communist country. the men are on their way home right now. now, bay who has health problems is a korean american missionary who was serving 15 year sentence in north korea for allegedly conducting anti government
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activity. miller as you see here was serving a six-year jail term on charges of espionage. white house is crediting a secret mission by top u.s. intelligence official for securing their release. president barack obama told reporters this afternoon it's a wonderful day for the men and their families. >> police arrest four suspects in connection with an alleged terror plot targeting the uk and part of that plot called for the assassination of the queen. the suspects between the ages of 19 and 27 were busted on thursday and friday at various locations across west london. british sources say four islamic freedom fighters planned to use a knife to kill the queen at a weekend filled with celebrations to commemorate the 96 years since the end of world war one. security has been beefed up as the royal family gets ready to observe remembrance day tomorr tomorrow. >> there are a number of diverse threats that have emerged
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throughout 2014 not just coming from al-qaida and pakistan but potential blow back from iraq and syria and also potential acts of lone wolf terrorism. >> the arrests come after the uk's national terror threat level was raised from substantial to severe in the summer. it means that a terrorist attack is considered highly likely. from pretty strong words heading into another cold war that's warning right mickle gorbachev. he made those comments at an event marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall which will be tomorrow. he said tension between the east and the west over the ukraine crisis threatening to push the world into a new cold war. 83 year old gorbachev says trust can be rebuilt between washington and russia if the us drops economic sanctions against russia. now we have a good story. a man being honored for all the right reasons a pillar in our community. >> it was a dedication of a mural to dr. sean white at
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20th and elsworth in point breeze. artwork honoring the south philly native as part of philadelphia's mural arts program. sean white spent 16 years work wig at risk communities helping to combat hiv and aids. tariq trotter of the roots fan was instrumental in getting this honor for his friend. white died last year from hypertension. >> a five year old is taken from her home in the middle of the night by a stranger. >> such a horrifying story. probably heard about it. the child's stepfather helped to save her. coming up now you'll hear the terrified mother's dramatic call for help. and a local animal shelter is in serious trouble, but fox 29 viewers are coming through in a big way. the outpouring of support. the shelter is calling amazing. >> caitlin. >> they certainly are cute. thanks joyce. check out these low temperatures from earlier this morning the coldest we've seen since early last spring. 34 is where we started in philadelphia.
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20s in many other spots. we're warming up a bit. we'll show that you and the next cool down coming up in your seven day forecast. >> perfect weather to join us for a walk and come and say hi to all of your friends the walk to end alzheimer's tomorrow morning at citizens bank park. whole bunch of fox 29 family is going to be there. good day sue serio, chris murp murphy, you'll be there. yeah. >> come out get your signature, meet joyce. have a lot of fun. come on out!
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>> we got brand new movie in theaters from disney called big hero six. >> it's about this plus size inflatable robot. he hangs out with this kid named hero like a prodigy they team up with a group of friends to form a high tech band of super hero heroes. >> we can be way more. >> anybody else suit riding up on them. >> kind of like x-men. >> x-men iron man avengers. have you seen any of those
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movies you've seen this but the cool thing is it's a kids movie but adults will like it. your kids will dig it. so will you. >> i love that because these type of films never get old and the kids always enjoy it. they add a little bonus scene at the end to make you sit through the credits and make you feel like you got something for your money. movies are expensive. >> exactly. that's always good that way you're not sitting in traffic. >> if you're looking for a good time this weekend by yourself, with the kids, friends or family take in big hero six. >> there's utah father being hailed a hero for saving his five yeared daughter from a kid caponiecap napper. troy morley roll broke into a home in sandy utah early in the morning. investigators say he went into a basement and snatched the five year old little girl while she was sleeping in her bedroom. police say the child' parents heard noises woke up the stepfather ran out caught morley
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carrying the girl across the front lawn. >> he took my five year old daughter and he had my daughter outside and my husband ran out there and got her. >> okay. >> he took my five year old daughter. >> right now that suspect is in jail. investigators are still trying to figure out what he was plan. >> athletes from across pennsylvania converge on philadelphia for the 26th annual special olympics fall festival. the event is the largest special olympics event in the world that's run by students. it's taking place at villanova university. there are more than 1,000 competitors on hand for sports like soccer, volleyball and running the closing ceremonies will take place tomorrow afternoon on the campus. >> fox 29 viewers came through in a huge way to help a local animal shelter that was on the verge of running out of food. >> this is a story we first brought you yesterday and boy,
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you responded the best viewers. the camden county animal shelter houses 300 cats and dogs. yesterday hit just enough food to last them until this morning. when we told you about the troubles on friday at 5:00 o'clock, the phone calls started pouring in of people so eager to bring donations. today cars full of donations were lined up. shelter sent us pick which are this afternoon. picture is worth thousand words look at all the stuff you broke for them. they received thousands of pounds of food and $13,000 in donations. the shelter says it's been ama amazing and actually this point they don't need anything more. they have donations to last for months. they even put the food in place -- they don't have places to store it. they are very very grateful. that little dog looks like king of the hill on top of all of that food. we want to you all of us for our light the night walk this weekend. it starts at 2:30 sunday afternoon tomorrow. you can meet us at eakins oval in front of the art museum. kerry barrett, steve keeley, dave schratwieser, lucy noland,
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they'll all be there and karen hepp is going to be out there as well. >> i will be out there. what will the weather be like caitlin roth? really nice. today was nice. it was pretty chilly but we'll be slightly warmer tomorrow. nice looking day. overall this is a good weekend for november i think. on the cool side but at least lost the wind winds we had on f. >> good news. it will keep warming up. we'll get to that in your seven day forecast. i still have little kittens in my mine. let's take a life look outside through ultimate doppler. this is satellite and radar combined. you see some clouds streaming in from the southwest across the delaware valley and portions of the east coast that's an incom incoming cold front that. cold front still positioned across the great lakes western new york down through northwestern pennsylvania. it is bring something rain showers even some snow showers up into canada. it is going to move eastward but it's not going to bring us any rain just some clouds passing through overnight tonight. not going to drop our temperatures so this is not what you would call a significant
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cold front probably wouldn't notice any impacts from us. here's more clouds showing up on satellite we will have some more clouds through tonight. today's weather almanac we hit a high of 50 degrees earlier this afternoon almost 10 degrees below the normal of 59. so it's not your imagination. it shouldn't really be this cool. sunset now at 4:41 p.m. we turned the clocks back last week we start losing a minute in the evening every single day. 47 in philadelphia. 44 in pottstown. 45 allentown. 37 up in mount pocono. 45 in trenton, new jersey. and we're in the mid 40s down the shore. your fox future cast showing tonight this is the front coming through. there's the clearing line of it and by 8:00 a.m. sun today morning it's already offshore. so the clouds may be a sprinkle or two slice through with that front and moves out of our area by tomorrow morning that will pave the way for high pressure to build back in a lot of sunshine through the day on sunday. we'll do that again on monday. pretty quiet weather pattern in to monday. we'll see the sunshine probably stickie round through tuesday and warm front will come through
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and nudge those temperatures up a little bit. kind of mild in the first part of the work week. tonight mostly cloudy, 42 in the city and 35 in the suburbs not as chilly as this morning when we mostly started in the low 30s a lot of widespread 20s out there. 55 will be the high temperature tomorrow. sun and clouds really a nice fall day. can't complain about that. seven day forecast 62 there on monday. so let's focus on the good news. the sunshine and the milder weather through veterans day. 66 for that high temperature. it will be a beautiful night for the eagles on monday. then cool wednesday bottom starts to fall out you may have heard about this talking about a big cool down temperatures will be well below normal starting on thursday and this looks to be a three-day thing. high temperatures only in the 40s possibly chilly enough for snow showers to mix in with rain showers that's along a front on thursday. hey the temperatures alone we'll be frozen. alzheimer's walk for tomorrow at commodore barry park in the morning temperature in the low 50s and the forecast for the light the night walk again sponsored by our station here at
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fox 29 temperatures in the 50s and cool down a little bit in the evening. but just the time of year you need a jacket. a question of the winter one or fall one. >> not so bad. >> no. >> no rain. we're good. >> thank you caitlin. >> new movie we got got in. this is cops cruiser on fire in the point breeze section of philadelphia. fairly dramatic. this is posted by one of our viewers ruben harley on instagram. police say there was a driver that slammed into that cruiser right at 28th and tasker streets. this was just after 5:00. this only happened about an ago. the driver runs i was wage the officer raced to the hospital. a minor head injury and is expected to make a full recovery. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> you know march sanchez was the number five overall pick in 2009. so why did it fall apart so fast in new york? one of his former teammates edwards gave 97.5 the phanatic a simple explanation. >> well, i believe early on in his career when he was with the jets they babied him because you got to remember mark got drafted at age 20. he was a kid. only played a couple of games. he was very young. they babied him and never really allowed him to man up in the nfl or the league is full of men. >> now he went on to cezanne chez is better off after facing
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bumps and bruises but he has to remember not to take it so personally when things don't go well. like sanchez, brandon graham is a former first round pick he took it personally when people thought he was a bust. there was a talk he might not make the team this year. now he's inn did he say spencable despite coming off the bench. >> last year was the biggest time when i started questioning myself. i'm like man got a new coach. i mean, i want to be a starter but it's not happening and then it's like do they really want me?, you know, am i that good? but man, i ain't really worried about it. i know i'm good. >> don't miss "game day live" tomorrow morning at 11:00. fox nfl sunday at noon. 1:00 o'clock london cowboys and jag. at 4:25 giants and seahawks. >> penn state can rest up tomorrow knowing they took care of business today. about time. the lions lost four in a row. one way to stop that bill belton the pride of sicklerville, new
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jersey. says the losing stops right now. penn state beats indiana 13 13-seven. back above 500 at five and four same record as temple. penn state and temple next week. now the flyers look for their fifth straight win at home tonight they host colorado. vorachek comes in tied for the nhl lead in points. philly's own bernard hopkins out to make a point to sergei before tonight's title fight in vegas. ladies there are stare downs -- >> laugh latch. >> then there are stare downs. it's something else. >> looks like they're going to it's something else. >> looks like they're going to
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captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company a high stakes matchup in the college football play-offs. now, the winner will have the inside track of turning that dream into a reality. >> you win a national championship, that's what your goal is. you shouldn't change from that. >> the season dream would be a national championship. >> unbeaten in conference play, and travels to ft. worth, looking to take down another big 12 rival. >> wildcats touchdown! >> unbelievable play. >> fifth ranked tcu is coming off a dramatic comeback win to keep their play-off hopes alive. >>


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