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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  November 9, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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> this morning on fox 29 weekend a story that set social media on fire. local businesses banning people wearing hoodies. just trying to stay save or is iteration profiling. plus a day off for the birds who are back in action tomorrow night. is mark sanchez the quarterback that yisinging to lead our eagles to the super bowl. you can weigh in. the awkward security between this man and our building security. this show is all about you. join the conversation on facebook, twitter and instance gram. it's fox 29 weekend. your newses, your neighborhood. live and interactive. this is fox 29 weekend. > and good sunday morning to
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all of you from our home at fourth and market in old city, philadelphia. it is november 9 and it's my mother's birthday. happy birthday, mom. >> i'm cat and i'm lauren johnson. we have a lot to get to, the crash that left a police officer injured. two americans jailed in north korea are nail back on american soil. we begin this morning with your interactive weather and we're taking a life at the sky line. we have a viewer who has a question for you. >> i live in westchester and i was wondering if my mom should wear a coat. the reports out of west chester. that child is looking out for his mom. does she need to wear a coat while she's watching my soccer game. i would say yes at this point. it's chilly out there. not as cold as yesterday.
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your forecast out in westchester county. 48-degrees, partly cloudy skies. if you're right under the sun come noon, it will feel a little warmer if you're shade in the shade. that's about five degrees more than we were at yesterday. so it's a beautiful one, but it is a little cool to start. ultimate doppler showing some clouds across the delaware valley, a cold front came through last night. those clouds should stin to move east as we go through the morning hours. the clouds did keep our temperatures a little milder. we started off yesterday morning around 24 degrees, so that's an improvement. 46 in pottstown, 46 in philly, 48 in atlantic city and 45 in dover. so your fox cast for today, 55-degrees will be the high temperature probably becoming all sunday once we get into the afternoon hours. 41-degrees for that local temperature. the beginning of a warming trend which we'll show you just a little bit later.
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don't forget the alzheimer's walk, fox5 participating this down at citizens pack bank. mostly sunny skies, temperatures start off in the high 40s and will rise to the 50s towards the end of the walk. fox 29, include karen hepp. i think 26789. 30 is when everyone starts to gather. temperatures in the mid 50s. they will fall as we head towards sunset. > thanks so much caitlyn. we want to send your weather questions to caitlyn. post it to frks instagram, just use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. happening right now, philadelphia police really need your help on this one. they're looking for a driver of a pickup truck who ran away after he crashed into a police cruiser. just seconds after the crash, the officers' vehicle burst into flames. brad is here with how someone
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stepped up to save the officers' life. look at these pictures. this was yesterday at 56789. 30 afternoon. certainly the situation could have been a whole lot worse. that's the good news. mark kinsly taken to hup, we got off the phone with the hospital, there is no update at this point. his injuries are non life threatening. the officer headed to a call when his police cruiser slammed into a black pickup truck. people nearby rushing in, of course to help. pulling the officer from that vehicle. we also know a passenger in the pickup truck was also hurt. the driver from that pickup actually fled the scene, though. we pulled the cop to the side. he was like yeah, i am o he okay. thank you guys. we looked inside the pickup truck. there was a passenger. we pulled him out. he had minor injuries. the guy that was out of the
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pickup truck left his partner that he was with there to practically die. certainly a crazy scene around 5. 30 yesterday afternoon. the officer doing okay, non life threatening injuries. the passenger in that pickup also injured. there is no word at this point on his condition. the search still on at last check for the driver of that pickup. the big question, at least one of them why was he taking off. we still don't have answers why he took off on foot. in the satellite media center, brad sed on, fox 29 news. > in the morning's cover story leave your hoodies home. it's really happened and it all originated righter hue. some store owners are refusing to serve customers who are wearing hoodies. you may have seen one of these bright red signs. let you show you one of these examples. do not enter with a hood divment it was a mt. airey businessman who created these signs.
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according to he has been selling them for about two years. his goal he says is to crack down on hold jupes. he's even taken his business up to new york city where several store owners up there have purchased these crimes. the big question is this a crime deterrent or is it plainly defense. >> we have chad professor at the university of pennsylvania. thanks for having me. what do you think right off the bat when you see something like that? is this something that has a racial overturn to it or is this just store owners trying to protect themselves. >> it can be seen as both. i understand that owners don't want to be robbed, but i believe there needs to be some compromise and negotiation. individuals need to know that they're not going into stores with hoodies and masks on. we also know that stickups are happening and we want to make sure that we're not using signs
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that are offensive. when you you say hoodie, so many people responded after that by wearing hoodies. what do you think what happened. >> i have college of mine from university of penn on sit in the library or the starbucks or coast i or ah upon pan with their hoodies, it could be twofold, students are in solitary with what happened with trayvon or it can be urban phenomenon or racial profiling as well. i think you bring up a good point. it's typical college wear. itself it's what students wear whether it's in the city or in the suburbs. blanch says leave it to the loon i left to equate this not unreasonable request with racism. if all you had is a hammer everything looks like a nail. what are your thoughts about that one?
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>> i'm not saying that it's racism. everyone who owns a store has the opportunity to do what they want to do from a policy standpoint. we do know we're talking about corner stores, urban areas primarily african american and latino i think the sinus inflammatory, but owners can do what they want. let me get your comment on this one. this one comes from jason. >> look like a perp, you are treated like a perp. do i have to teach a class, what do you think about people that feel that way. >> i think they don't feel it. there have been times when i've gone into a store, it was raining and i went in really quick to pick up a hoodie. my normal clothes is some sort of hoodie and some sort of workout gear. > this is from real t reality actually that is a great idea. i wouldn't want to be behind a customer with a customer wearing a hood dirks smart policy.
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>> i think certainly people would say this is a good idea. > i think we need to compromise, negotiate. store owners can actually articulate that is not something that they want. they don't have to have the signs. the signs are very inflammatory. there's a lot of discussion on this one. chad, as always, thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. thank you and have a great morning. let's continue this discussion. let us know what you think. what are your thoughts about having these signs in stores? hashtag fox 29 weekend.
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> welcome back. thanks so much. we have your instant feedback. this comment p comes from william perez talking about the hoodies. it's no different than saying you have to talk english. easy solution take the mask or the hoodie off. get sky off the tv, racism. give me a break. we appreciate you giving us your comments and your feedback to help keep us interactive. let's get right to our news headlines right now. two americans held in north korea for two years are back on us soil. matthew miller and kenneth bay arrived in washington state
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overnight. a us intelligence official traveled to north korea to help with their release. we have a little bit of a problem there. two people that were captured they were over in north korea for a long time sentenced to some hard labor. the good news we had a secret mission, but we had a very high-liking american official that went over there. then here are these gentlemen returning back to our soil late last evening. this was a major moment. there are two men. bay was a missingry serving in korea. miller served a six-year jail term on charges ofs pi nag. corly about that. i'm waiting for instructions in our ear. i think it's because we have the eagles plage tomorrow night that we don't quite know what to do with our sunday right now, so we're just figuring out. we also want to know, taking a
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look at some of our things we like to talk about on our show, what's your hashtag. >> we got a new sign. i posted it. what's your hashtag. we got some good comments back, too, so far. where can we go next, aaron? sorry. tell us what is your hashtag. we've been sharing about what the things are that are important in your life. so we'll get to some of your thoughts on that one. also, how about two dare devils crossing a waterfall. what they say was the key to their success. and such a familiar site. we want to know what goes through your mind when you see this h picture. tell us your horror stories on facebook or twitter. i wonder if people recognize it on social media. i wonder if people recognize it on social media. > stay with
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> the horrible murder of a three year old boy allegely at the hands. those who loved april cared for him have shockenned the prosecutors and the whole community. this brings to life other cases that made us crip much and cry. that of joel steinberg the new york lawyer who murdered his apresident dod mother or taking the lives of their own children, andrea yaits, so many different
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reasons. joining us now to talk about this difficult issue, jennifer brandt. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. > i'm going to start off right the block. you're a mom. i'm a mom and this story happened, i couldn't sleep. it is so upsetting on so many levels. >> obvious, too, of course every mother feels -- every pairpt feels this. unfortunately in my line of work being a family law attorney i see this pretty often. not to this extent obviously, but there are a lot of cases of abuse, unfortunately in our area, in the united states and it's really unusual when you hear these cases people really start talking about it, thinking about it and i think that's very important that people start realizing what's going on around them because it's the duty of citizens, people, relatives, people that know people, you know, where a child may be abused, it's up to us to inform the authorities if you believe that anything like this is going
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on. as you get involved and if you see something obviously to say something. let's talk about some of the people that were involved in this case. of course we had that really odd person that was charged in this which was the apparent ex-wife of one of the doers, the boyfriend in this case. what do you think that's going to happen to her. we already heard the alleged perpetrator, the boyfriend, he could get the death penalty. the boyfriend and the mother, the death penalty and the wife of the boyfriend who was present when this abuse was taking place, she's facing child endangerment charges. that could result in jail time for her. i feel very strongly personally about her role in all of this because as a bystander even if she didn't take part in the the abuse, she knew what was going on. she was living there and if she had made that call maybe a little bit earlier this little boy's life could have possibly been safed. so that's why i'm emphasizing that anybody that knows about abuse going on really has a duty
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to report. there are certain people out there, medical professionals that do actually have a legal obligation to report child abuse when they see it. one of the questions that's going on as well is what about the school district where the older boy was enrolled and whether they knew what was going on or anybody saw this type of abuse or bruises. they said that they didn't. but that's something that, i guess rings will be investigating as well. coltsville schools put out a statement saying they're doing an investigation. apparently this child may have missed a fair amount of school. the older six year old brother, would they be in trouble for this. they have a duty to report if they believe abuse is going on. the question is, did they have any inkling that this would happen. from the reports we've heard thus far they say they really didn't. because it was flu season and a lot of children miss school that maybe it was completely unusual for a child to miss two weeks
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from school. i know as a parent, our school did the district they call immediately when a child out to find out what was going on. i don't know if there was that sort of communication. we haven't heard anything about that. again, it's really up to the people who are surrounding this child or who have seen these children, even neighbor, it would have been beneficial if they had called and they could have prevented this triage incorporate accident. > maybe not even an accident, you know. >> right, it's certainly going to be for the courts to determine. it's just horrific all around. thank you so much for your time. we really appreciate it. we want to get thoughts from you. there's been so many thoughts and out powering for this little boy. ashley writes poor baby boy, fly hi, man. they will get what they deirv. i just had a baby six months, people, if you don't want your kids give them to somebody who
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does. this breaks my heart. i hope the community comes together and attends this boy's funeral. the visceral reaction to the pain he somehow undured somehow reaches him from everybody who hugs their baby. this is for him and for every other baby out who suffers from abuse. as a parent it makes you tear up when you hear it. is we can get all get involved by volunteering streets shutdown in the port richmond, philadelphia, a 48-inch break. the water department says it will be out tomorrow morning to make repairs. this is a gorgeous fall, perfect for apple picking. if you have gone out, send us
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some pictures to fox 29 weekend. there were also some orchards in our area that are designed not only for some fun, but also to help the community. there is a whole mission behind these orchards coming up. this one goes perfectly with our life look right not. atlantic city sky jet
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> hey, everybody, i'm pit master and this is your fox mood by the. here we have a turkey fryer set up and guess what, on thanksgiving while all of you are lounging around watching the birds fry dallas i'm going to teach you how to fry a turkey. you have to fry up your pot with oil. they have a level line. use that as a guideline. you need to fry your turkey around 325 degrees to 335 degrees. so while your oil is heating up. let's go inside and prep the turkey. we have a nine pound turkey breast, no legs. we're going to season it and i'm going to turn it into a buffalo fridayed turkey. here is everything we need to make our seasoning. we need about a half cup pap rick a, about a tablespoon of garlic. a tablespoon of granular onion,
8:28 am
a tablespoon of kosher salt, a tablespoon of black pepper, my favorite, seasoned salt. brown sugar. this is another favorite of mine, montreal chicken seasoning. another favorite of mine, adoab owe. a tablespoon of that. mix it altogether. there's a happiful. you're going to rub it around. put it underneath the skin a little bit. season it up a little bit. the reason you put it inside, make sure you have it all over is to get the flavor equally balanced. so now we're going to inject the turkey with buffalo saws. we have a cup of melted butter, mix them together and there's your hot saws.
8:29 am
stab and inject. stab and inject. stab and inject. make sure you get the breast. inject him under here. you want the mare n.a.d.e. throughout the entire surface. we're going to take a little buffalo saws and we're going to rub it all over. we're going to take a little bit of left over rub and make sure he's nice and seasoned and he's ready to go into the fryer. pop it right in here. now i'm going to get ready to fry mr. turkey. i'm going to put him in very carefully, very slowly. so how long do you fry mr. turkey, about three to three and a half minutes a pound.
8:30 am
a nine pound turkey, about a half an hour should do it. let's check it. he looks beautiful. he's almost done. a couple of safety tips, number one, never, ever fry a frozen turkey. number two, keep the propane tank away from the fryer. number three, put a little bit of cardboard under your fryer. it's been about 30 minutes. let's take him out of the degrees. he looks incredible. give him a little shake to get the excess oil off. let's go inside and carve him up. here is mr. turkey, fried and golden and ready to go. don't forget to take him off of the spit, make sure he's not too hot. there we go. look at that. all that juice and a cup of mare noid. this turkey is cooked perfectly.
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but if you see a little bit of pink, don't be afraid to put him back in. look at that. the best turkey you will ever, every eat. perfect. master glenn from barbeque,. taking a look at some of our headlines new this morning, a shooting in north philadelphia leaves one person dead. this happened outside the last chance bar around 11:00 last night. police say they don't have any suspects and they aren't releasing the suspects just yet. this one happened right before midnight on the 1600 block of rowan street. there was a woman who was shot and killed. so far no suspects. all right, it's that time for one of our favorite segments here on fox 29 weekend.
8:32 am
it's with our junior reporters. this week mary smith, our student from temple university is back with us. you think of philadelphia, you think of the cement, the city, buildings every where, you don't think of orchards, but you found a program where orchards actually help the community. explain that to us. >> there is actually 40,000 empty lots in philadelphia, so instead of building new houses or new buildings they're putting orchards in and it's way more than apples. you don't have to leave philadelphia to get the fruits we all love. the mission statement is pretty simply to plant community orchards throughout the city of philadelphia. we get applicants from groups all across the city and if they meet our criteria we provide them support in establishing community orchards. the best part is they're free. so anyone can benefit from them. they've got way more than just apples. peaches and pairs. the much more unusual fruits.
8:33 am
figures and jube beast and other things that people aren't familiar with. it's one of the many orchards they've established in the city. since 2007 they have planted 36 orchards in philadelphia. vanessa pits considers herself the bridge between bar tram's garden and the community. they have me bringing all the residents out to come out here. i've always brought my grandkids out here. everybody comes here. we sit back and relax. > if your community is interested you may even get your own. you can host a planning event and start to profit. we look for groups who have long term legal access to land. they need to have the capacity to care for an orchard long term and we need to see some contribution to the community. love the idea. so if you're in your little neighborhood and you are complaining and you don't like it, this could be the solution. absolutely, reach out, go to their website and they could ave you healthier. thank you so much. we appreciate that report.
8:34 am
of course, if you have any idea for junior reporters, send us a message, use the hashtag, fox 29 weekend. > i've got to show you something. see this woman right here. has this happened to you? parking enforcement officer. there is a story behind this picture. you're definitely going to want to hear this one. we've had a couple that have made us chuckle. use your fox 9 hashtag and we will share. here's a news flash. kids will eat chunk food even on a full stomach. any parent can tell you that, but researchers actually if it time to study about it. researchers from the even land university put junk food in front of three and four year olds and all of the kids eating a healthy lunch, guess what happened, all of them couldn't resist temptation and grabbed
8:35 am
the junk food on a full stomach. of course kids are going to try to sneak in junk. they have been inundated with commercials and things to tell them how wonderful candy is and they remember the suites. so the parents out there, you need to limit the amount of sweets that are available to your kids and that old adage of eat everything on your plate might be contributing to the obesity epidemic in this country. obesity epidemic in this country. good advise from doctor
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> you're watching fox 29 weekend. the flyers back in action last night against the colorado avalanche and the guys came out with a convenient against three goals in less than three minutes. colorado. the flyers win 4 to 3. fox 29 out in the community today for the walk to end alzheimer's. this is a live picture of citizens bank park. thousands of people will walk to raise awareness and money for alzheimer's' research. registration starts at 9. the walk begins at 11. we have the chris down there. come out and say hi. also this afternoon we are the proud sponsor for light the night walk for the lymphoma and
8:39 am
leukemia walk. this will start at 26789. 30. that's when our folks will be down there. come out and say hi. we love to come out and meet you. carry barrett, steve heal i. he's really fun up close and personal. dave strat wiser, loose i nelson, i will be out there as well. we really do love to have the exchanges with you guys and we'll get the pictures on tv as well. > have you seen this, this is a dare devil thing. take a look at this one. for everyone don't look now. it seems like good advise advise. that canyon right there is more than 300 feet down. two dare devils, one is a student from germany, another reporter from austria. they look great, calm, confident. they made it without using any safety lines across this canyon here. they say the key to this all is
8:40 am
focus. water from the falls is crashing against you like waves in the ocean. i just cannot believe can do that, actually. i love when they make it look simple. they're focused. it's like watching on a string two inches off the ground. you look down and it's like. you do need to focus. you can't break your concentration. i'm not afraid of roller coasters and all that kind of stuff t, but it's a balance. this happens on the weekends, implosions. this is in the former neck of the woods where you grew up, lauren, atlanta. it's done. it's finished. a 19 story building. 40 years old, 500 rooms. kids on the the scene had a blast, of course, watching it all happen, especially the little guy with the hardhat.
8:41 am
where do you think it went? and that implosion will make room for the growth of the children's healthcare of atlanta. all for a wonderful cause. wouldn't it be nice if we could knock everything down and start over? it's enough. big monday night, mark sanchez will he rise to the occasion and bring the for examples also a big win? our howards general going to bring you the information about the man who could be taking you to the super bowel. our weekend crew will we've been asking people what is your hashtag. we got so many comments that are coming in. i don't know, how you can you come up with your life in a
8:42 am
hashtag? another one from al, monday night is eagles night. that's our hashtag. lots of them are coming in. we love having that conversation
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> whrel come back at 8:44. new news the delaware state trooper finds himself on the the wrong side of the law.
8:45 am
39 years old. now charged in connection with a typical domestic dispute with his wife. an investigators say it happened right in front of their child at their home in bridgeville. he has been suspended without pay. the eagles taking over monday night football l the birds will face off against the panthers. of course all eyes will be on quarterback mark sanchez. first start tomorrow night. too much pressure. that's the question many people are asking. joining us now, our very own howards chen. the only pressure that i know are in tires. let me just move on from that. he's played where the media is brutal. he has a story about every celebrity girlfriend he's had. we're talking about pressure, no, it's not like he's ever done this. i think mark sanchez from that standpoint will be fine. he fractured his collarbone.
8:46 am
nicole wolf our executive producer asked eagles fan on twitter will nick foles still be the man if mark sanchez plays well. nick foles proved he is a great quarterback. mark sanchez will fill in nicely, but he's no nick foles. it's a question that's really impossible to answer this. let me just say this, knowing chip kelly is the coach, when nick fowlings is ready and again that's going to be close to the end of the season, i think he's the quarterback. people in this town, kill this guy guy. the team is 6 and two. they're one game behind the within yes record. they're two yards away from being undefeated, nick foles is a good quarterback and i agree with what was that, karen? > yes. >> that nick foles is still the guy. it's a good thing, however, that mark sanchez is the backup quarterback because you don't find many good quarter backs let
8:47 am
alone good quarter backs. mark says yes, nick foles gets start back, the only way foles starts again is if mark tanks. i don't know why people are trying to pit one against the other. here's the bottom line in this situation. sometimes players lose their jobs. nick foles -- let's be honest, has not had a great year, but he's been good enough and this team has been 6 and 26789 mark sanchez we still haven't seen the finished product yet here with the eagles. in this offense, they'll run it well enough. it's not one against the other. it's not whether it's nick foles or it's mark sanchez. this team has to worry about winning games. and i think all the players. this is the best locker room that i've seen from this eagles 100 percent in a long time and i think that all plays into the fact it doesn't matter who the quarterback is, they're still going to go out there and play
8:48 am
hard. >> i agree with that. do you think that people were questioning since mark sanchez was out, they're wondering what he's capable of. >> so am i wondering what he's capable of. one of the coaches, the offensive coordinator this week, he says you got to remember, mark sanchez was in the locker room at half time his team leading, that being the jets, in two afc championship games. so he has been to to two afc championship games. honestly you got to have defense and not just offense to win games. i wonder, too. i wonder what he's going to do. you can't turn the ball over. if he plays the game that way, things will be fine. i want to see how he plays. that's the intrigue about this game tomorrow night. i want to see how he plays, too. > i do, too. howard, thanks so much.
8:49 am
we appreciate it. it's always a plsh and this skype thing is kind of cool. i'm not a big skype guy, but with you guys, why not. we love to have you and the viewers love you, too. we appreciate your thoughts. tell us what you think about the game. of course use the hash tarks fox 29 weekend. they love howard or they love to hate howard. it's a lot of fun. > i have a weather request from brian brown. he says what's the weather going to be like in morrisville, pennsylvania? >> well, in morrisville this morning probably starting out with some clouds. you can see the clouds from a cold front passing through. just a touch warmer as we go through the afternoon. speaking of eagles, though, let's take a look at that kickoff forecast. all important game in south philadelphia. that's tomorrow night, 8:30:00 p.m. 50-degrees will be the temperature, a few clouds around. isn't actually ideal for a monday night game in the middle of the season. temperatures into the 60s on monday afternoon so after sunset
8:50 am
they'll fall as the rest of the game will fall into the 40s. not terrible. we had another viewer asking about forecast at bitter land in west berlin, new jersey. it's his nephew ryan's fifth party. so many birthday parties around the area. and all soccer games and all that you kids do. forecast in west berlin starting at 10:00 a.m., partly cloudy l until the sunday breaks out and will be into the mid 50s. a cold front that came through overnight. noting whying to cool off our temperatures. the clouds move offshore through the morning to give way to plenty of sunshine. those clouds did keep temperatures a little bit more milder than last. yesterday we started off in the 20 #-ss. 36 in pottstown, 45 millville and 45 in dover, delaware. let's check that 7-day forecast for you. we hit 50 yesterday. we're going to keep jumping. 55 today, mostly sunny skies.
8:51 am
a lot of sunday on monday. it looks absolutely gore ambiguous. wednesday we're still in the 60s. we've got this nice little warming trend going until a cold front starts to bring some showers. it will then be a cold blast of hard. even into the midwest, the ohio valley. but for us here it's still very cold. 48 on thursday. 44 with possible snow showers on friday. we stay cold as we head into the weekend. > karen. thank you, caitlyn. we want to show you a picture and see if you can tell what's happening in h picture? i've learned in my eight weeks here, parking can be completely confusing. look at this sign. it's like arrow colored words. > what was your parking horror story? i'm going to ask you to comment. then you say what's that say? look at our socially awkward.
8:52 am
what's up, you're watching socially awkward. we all know the feeling. sometimes you just need a mcdonald's breakfast. you wake up it's 0. 25. the enclosessest mack dodged, 10 or 20 minutes, will you make it, the answer is no. this is a socially awkward moment you see only in philly. this is what happens when these ladies don't make it for breakfast. these girls go absolutely crazy. how about a broom stick to the head. he doesn't even flinch. this guy is huge. there's no need to get this heated. they're just some hot cakes.
8:53 am
here's a socially awkward moment that rolls me. last halloween i was getting ready to leave work, i was doing a little selfie, i had my wig on and some glasses and the security guard is some me so fast. now all of a sudden, boom, officer, you're going to knock him out. i was oh, man, it's cool. the it's just me, man. really? yes. make sure you followup on twitter. make sure you followup on twitter. and if you really want to
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turn the heat up, man. it's starting to cook. somebody left me a love note. this meter out of order. owt. it's not funny. so i've been here since august. one thing, to park in the city, i need a class for it. i've got two tickets so far. have you been towed. >> i haven't been towed.
8:57 am
she's at the trunk of my car and i'm running from dinner and i'm like, no, here are i am. >> i'm so sorry. you know what you can do, you can leave your ticket on the front of your car and go in for a desert because you've already got the ticket now. it's happened to me. >> a lot of people commenting about parking. there were some guys that accidentally parked in an unauthorized parking on race street on his birthday. 76-dollars. those are high tickets. it's crazy, though, how do you read these signs. i was sending aaron pictures so you can see the confusion part of it all. >> we know it. my mom, happy birthday. we're going to one of the lovely orchards as we were discussing
8:58 am
earlier on the show. > that will be nice. there they are. don't forget about our walks.
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i'm chris wallace. two americans held in north korea returned to the u.s. with the dun ease top spy. are republicans head fold compromise with president obama or confrontation? we are heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal! >> and we have swept this nation with a compelling senate majority. >> tonight we shook up the senate. you shook up the senate. we'll talk with two members of the wave of new republican senators. shelley moore capito of west virginia and cory


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