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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 9, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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coming up next a teenager tells how he helped pull a philadelphia cop from this burning car. >> plus an inspirational philadelphia love story. how a trip to paradise changed their lives forever. >> right now on fox 29 news at 10 a brave local teenager talks
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about how he helped save a philadelphia police officer officer from the burning car. >> i'm karen hepp. i'm joyce evans. >> teenager and another put their own lives at risk to pull that officer to safety. fox 29's is live at the 17th police district. dave what a story. >> really is. it was absolutely chaotic. flames were just bursting shooting out of that police car but this teenage hero says he was just doing what came natur naturally. >> chambers looks like your every day 17 year old but right now he's a hero. >> as soon as he got the cop out it was already fire. he's credited with pulling a philadelphia police officer from this burning squad car moments after colliding with a black pick up at traitt trait 28th an. >> he was in shock. he couldn't feel this legs or
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move. >> it was door was lock shut and it wouldn't open. there was people standing by watching and i yelled over for somebody to come help me because we had get him out through the window. >> reporter: fierce flames growing by the second. >> at the bottom the car was like on fire a little bit and once we got like him halfway out the window the whole engine blue and starred to catch really started to catch fire. >> dante johnson pulled n we pulled the cops to the side. as we pulled the cop to the side i'm okay. thank you guys. >> reporter: they pull the unresponsive driver of the pick up to safety as well and joe says a bond was formed when he visited officer ken see and his hup hospital room. >> really describe the emotions. it was just like cheerful, happy, thankful. like everybody all around said thank you. >> while he has training as a first responder. joe chambers says this was all on instinct. >> i just did what i hope anybody else would have done. so and that's really it.
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>> reporter: absolutely. officer chem see will be okay much he's being held in observation at hup. he has an injury to his head. police tell us 17th district he'll be back at work within few days and vest gathers looking at that accident also say that the officer came through that intersection with his lights on, the siren on and the accident happened when the pick up made a turn but police say it just appears to be an accident. joyce. >> thank you dave. nasty car crash sends a woman to the hospital in burlington county. it happened at walton avenue and kyle court earlier tonight in mt. laurel. the car flipped over trapping that woman inside. crews were able to free her, though, and to motor on to a -- load her on to a helicopter to fly to the hospital. no word on how she's doing tonight or what caused that crash. >> we've got breaking news coming in right in you out of the bahamas. a deadly plane crash has killed all nine people on board this plane was trying to land on the island of grand bahama.
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ba maim yann news agencies are really dr. miles monroe and his wife were on board. although there has been no official confirmation of any victims much this is a lear jet takintakeing off from nassau 4:00 o'clock this afternoon and crashing at 5:00 o'clock while trying to land in free port. the cause of the crash i unknown but heavy rain it cross that region. that's still under investigation as they are trike to make more determinations about what they are learning in that crash. >> let's head over to meteorologist caitlin roth. joyce, beautiful weekend little bit on the cool side we saw temperatures moderate a bit this afternoon compared to yesterday afternoon. hit 57 here in philadelphia. outside right now not much to speak of high pressure in place that brought us the sunshine today. and a couple of clouds off towards our west but really we'll be dry. we'll see some sunshine for at least the next two days. next chance for rain not until late tuesday night and that
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looks pretty minor. 46 outside right now. 36 in pottstown. 35 in allentown cooling down more considerably when you get away from the city. 35 in millville, new jersey. 42 in dover. 39 in wildwood. really a nice weekend when it comes down it to. mostly clear skies expected tonight. no problems. 42 in the city. 35 in the suburb. tomorrow, actually going to be beautiful monday. we'll have a cool start. but with all the sunshine we should be even milder. again a warming trend will continue through the first part of the week, 62 degrees. and tomorrow night, with eagles playing in town, couldn't ask for better weather. november 10th, monday night football out at the linc. 52 degrees at kickoff down in south philadelphia. light winds, temperatures falling into the 40s. so we've got this nice warming trend but i know you've heard about it. we've been talking about this. this is going to be pretty much nationwide event. cold blast of air to follow. very very cold. abnormally cold for this time of year and we'll show when you those temperatures start to fall off. that's still ahead in your seven day forecast. karen and joyce. >> all right, thank you caitlin. and police say a family dispute over money ended with an
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elderly man shooting one of his relatives. it happened on the 100 block of summit avenue in paoli saturday night. that's where police say they found 49 year old john williams shot. they found the suspect here 70 year old john berry at a home nearby. police saber row was still firing that gun when they arrived on the scene. and then he shot himself in the head. both men were taken to the hospital. they're listed in very critical condition tonight. and a man is dead following a shooting in north philadelph philadelphia. police say shots rang out just after 10:30 last night on the 1800 block of west girard avenue. officers found the 25 year old victim lying in a pool of blood. they rushed him to the hospital. but nothing could be done to save him. there's no word yet on a suspe suspect. >> a woman is gunned down in the street in nicetown. it happened just before noon today on the 1600 block of rowan street. police say the woman was found
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lying in the middle of the road. she had been shot in the back of the head. she died right there at the scene. the 40 year old man now dead after being run over by two cars in delaware. this all happened in dover. police say the victim richard daniels, jr., did not use the crosswalk and walked directly into the path of oncoming car as he was crossing route 13 on saturday evening. police say he was hit and then he was thrown into the highway and struck by another vehicle. he died at the scene. neither driver was injured non charges have been filed. >> we also have an important road problem to tell you about because of a water main break. you may need to find an alternate route in the morning if you use an area around j and tioga. there was a water main break causing a lot of delays. there it is. this is juniata park area. that's the intersection. going to be closed for repairs tomorrow in the westbound lanes. this is pretty big 48-inch main that broke over the weekend. and happening now, the world is marking the 25th
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anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. in 1989 thousands of people from the communist east streamed through the wall to celebrate freedom with the west. and tonight tens of thousands of people gathered along a 9-mile path where the wall once stood to remember and to celebrate. citizens of berlin released 7,000 balloons into the skies. some of them carrying messages of hope. to mark the anniversary there were musical performances and a moment of silence for the 138 people who died trying to cross the former cold war barrier. a brand new exhibition center made its debut. >> and there's now a piece of that berlin wall right here in philadelphia. the german society of pennsylvania unveiled it today. it's located at seventh and spring garden. the group says it took a lot of work to get this peace of history in the city. it was difficult because
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there were only seven pieces remaining. so we went into a competition at the beginning of this year and it works out in our favor that it's our 250th anniversary this year so they thought, yes, it might be a good idea to give that to us. >> a good idea indeed. the garden itself cannot be opened -- it's not open to the public but you can see a piece of that wall from the street. you get to see lucy and alex holly, steve keeley and it moo self. had a wonderful wonderful eating meeting so many of you for the light night walk this evening. we loved taking pictures of you taking look at your posters as well. sharing stories. and meeting all the amazing teams that came out to raise awareness about leukemia and lymphoma. there were 7,000 people that came out for the walk. wonderful afternoon all kinds of children's crafts and activities. family and friends working to raise money to fight blood cancers.
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fox 29 is a proud sponsor in this battle and together today we raised nearly a million dollars. $900,000. money that's going to go to helping children like brook our chris o'connell spoke with this amazing eight year old who was diagnosed a year ago. >> reporter: why do you want to walk for the cancer walk? >> so i can raise money. >> reporter: why do you want to raise money? >> so i can get better. >> reporter: how do you feel now? >> i feel better. she's still here. god is good and she's surviving this. i'm surviving this, and everybody here today is walking for a great cause. >> every person out there had a story that's our whole gang taking a picture with little brook right there. she's getting chemotherapy and she's doing much better. cease such an inspiration to all of us. i a friend um up to me good friend of ours heather my husband introduced to a dear friend of our john mckelvie a
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year and a half ago our good friend lost a battle with leukemia. a special evening for seem people. a lot more pictures on our website and you can look at them come to >> great event. to a develop story involving the fight against isis. the pentagon is trying to figure out if u.s. led strikes against the terror group have wounded or killed a key leader. fox's connor powell is in jerusalem with what we know now. >> reporter: major coo for the u.s. led coalition there are rumors flying all over the middle east but the fate of isis leader is unknown. the pentagon says it launched a series of air strikes this weekend targeting a gathering of senior isis leade leaders near w sill and the media reporting baghdad was in this group and injured or killed. but the pentagon not couldn't philadelphia international airporting anything. meanwhile the violence showing no signs of letting up across the region.
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series of bombs killing at least 43 people in the iraqi capital. syrian kurds continue to battle militants in the syrian town of cole ban knee u.s. pounding isis fighter there is in an evident to drive insurgents from the city. human rights group says that more than a thousand people mostly militants have been killed in the past two months during the fighting for cole ban knee and in the sign that the battle against isis is expanding president obama authorizing sending an additional 1500 troops to the middle east to battle the insurgents. in jerusalem, connor powell, fox news. >> a local couple full of life traveling the world. but a trip to paradise changed their lives forever and it could happen to anyone. the challenges they're facing now and how you can help. >> plus, how would you like to score a free, yes, free parking spot in center city? yup. >> it can be done for little known -- four little known secretsw??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
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♪ >> welcome back. this country veterans day is of course on tuesday. but in england, they pay tribute to their fallen heroes today. these are images of falling pop piece projected on to big ben. they mark the end of remembrance sunday a tribute to the armed forces and the members that have died in combat. >> one of two americans just released from north korea is now talking this evening. this is kenneth bae getting off a plane and back on american soil in washington. this all happened late last evening. evangelical christian missionary
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convicted to years ago of trying to over throw the north korean government. he was released yesterday to big hugs. he lost 50 pounds while in captivity and is reportedly been suffering some chronic health problems. nevertheless you can see him. a scene of joy and emotional relief has i was reunited with his family. >> i just want to say thank you all for supporting me and lifting me up and not forgetting me. at the same time, that i was not forgetting the people of north korea. >> also released 22 year old matt miller. he was arrested earlier this year for reported unruly behavior. north korea says he wanted to experience prison live so he could secretly investigate the human rights situation. u.s. director of national intelligence negotiated the men's release. the main nurse who defied attempts to quarantine her after treating ebola patients in africa says she's looking forward to walking out her front door tomorrow quote like a normal person. the 21 day incubation period
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ends tomorrow for caci hickox. she plans to go to dinner with her boyfriend. but hickox admits she's ready about how she'll be received. she fought back against state ordered quarantines in new jersey and main man. >> 5 million people in this country battling alzheimer's disease and today so many thousands in our area teamed up to try and fight it. incredible 15,000 plus people came out. so far raising close to $1 million. fox 29 a proud sponsor of today's 5k walk to end alzheimer's. >> there you are. in south philadelphia a lot of people came out. many of our on air personal. you see us all there. there's sue, iain, schratwieser was out there. dave kinchen was out there. jenn fred all out there. we came to meet and greet that huge crowd as fox 29's brad satin reports all the walkers
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had their own stories to share. >> reporter: just outside the home of the fightin' phils, there's another fight going on in the form of one big party. >> ready? fort this fundraiser the sky is the limit. our own sue sr. yo pumping up the sea of people. >> and we are well on our way to meeting our goal of $1.2 million! >> reporter: money pouring in for alzheimer's research each time this bell rings, that's another 500 bucks an estimated 10,000 walkers all with their own reasons for pounding the pavement. from 13 year old blake who raised hundreds of dollars to honor this grandmother to the gonzales clan. >> all 17 of them in remembrance of grandmom filomena who died exactly three years ago. >> and kathy book who's got at least four reasons for walking. >> the purple flower is for those who have passed away. my mother, her brother and both
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of my grandmothers. >> reporter: all walking not just for research but to help improve the lives of those now suffering. >> my worst day when i'm in an elevator with someone and they go, what's that pin that's alzheimer's. my mom died. i didn't even know you existed. >> in the united states someone develops alzheimer's every 67 seconds which means just during the course of this 5k walk at least another 60 people will start showing signs. the signs for ice this presley began five years ago. her life much different today. >> i don't cook any more. i don't know the ingredients and i was a good cook. >> reporter: fighting back tears knowing she's making a difference. at citizens bank park, brad satin fox 29 news. >> some of the prices at the pump. good news if you fueled up this weekend. the prices are dropping. the cheapest gas in new jersey. it always is in new jersey at the citgo on route 38 we found regular going for 2.59 a gallon
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this evening in delaware aaa says the average price for regular about 2.76 and in pennsylvania, the average is 3.06 but easily so many of you tweeting in saying where you could find cheap gas about 280s and 290s in many locations. i haven't found them. >> i can tell where you. glenn mills all over the place. i was down there. here's another secret for all of you out there, parking. we know it's a problem and it can just ruin your day when you get a ticket but we got your back on this 1f reading those frustrating sign toss even scoring free spots. fox 29's dave kinchen has four parking secrets that you're going to want to know about. >> reporter: oh, yes, we've all been there, haven't we? looking for a fighting chance in the war that is center city philadelphia parking. it seems everyone has their own battle scars. >> driving around for like 45 minutes at night trying to find a spot zoo nightmare. >> some of the meters don't work. >> parking meters rarely take credit cards and sometimes
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they'll charge you and not give your parking ticket. >> i went to a kiosk that wasn't working and i went to the one down further and then by the time i came back he was already writing a ticket and he said i couldn't take it back because he started writing it already. >> reporter: before you even get to the kiosk you have to do a lot of reading when it comes to parking in center city. signs like this one the top one says motorcycle and scooters only that way. three hour parking this way, and no parking between these hours during rush hour. so on second thought, you might just want to head to the garage. >> i'd rather pay the money than to get a $36 ticket. >> reporter: or you can pay nothing. on the right days that is. fox 29 doing our part to let the people of philadelphia in on some little known parking perks. secret number one -- >> did you know that meter parking is free in center city after 5:00 o'clock on wednesdays? >> no, i didn't know that. >> reporter: what do you think of that? >> i think that's great. i didn't know that. that's good to know. >> reporter: that's right. get downtown after 5:00 on
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wednesday and pay nothing if you park on a spot normally regulated by a meter or kiosk. from the delaware to schuylkill river and from bainbridge to string garden streets but rush hour zones are the exception. and that secret number two. rush hour spots are free after 6:30 p.m. on wednesdays. >> wow! >> thank you ppa. thank you for telling me. now that i'm finding out on fox 29. i appreciate that. >> reporter: happy to help. and here's the ppa's layout. rush hour streets are between market and chestnut, rush hour streets offering free parking at 6:30 on wednesday nights are odd numbered streets like third, fifth, seventh, ninth and so on. not bad deal. >> i think that's pretty cool. i just wish they would ties it more. >> reporter: some learned the wednesday night secret in other ways. >> homeless man on the corner started yelling at me and told me it was free so i gave him the money i was going to pay to the ppa. >> reporter: and how about a trip down old city for those famous first friday festivals? secret number three.
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first friday parking in old city is free after 5:00. >> didn't know that either. >> there's those sometimes confusing kiosk. >> i had to move fast because, you know, ppa they don't play. >> reporter: we were there as jeremy boyd of wynnefield got his time slip for his car on south street. >> right now i beat them. so i beat them. i'm all right. >> reporter: that takes to us secret number four. kiosk tickets can be used anywhere by time at one kiosk using the balance of that time in any metered spots you like. what matters here the time, not the location. by the way we did find some of these secrets plane as day on ppa's facebook page and on its blog. but everyone we spoke with says this is the first they've learned of this. and that's something they'd like to see the ppa fix. >> they should make us aware of they don't. >> if they can fix that that would be good. >> in center city, dave kinchen fox 29 news.
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>> great tips there. well, a couple is terroriz terrorized, tied up and robbed but instead of getting angry, they're making a generous offer. what they're proposing to the criminals that could change their lives in a huge way. >> plus, take look at this. a scene out of an action movie but it was a real life drama playing out on a very busy streets of la. while chase that had bullets flying
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>> making national headlines tonight, a wild police chase across los angeles. police spotted a man wanted for a shooting in october last evening. so he was driving a pickup truck and he would not stop. during a more than 15 minute chase the suspect and officers exchanged gunfire at least four times. police ended up killing that suspect. some texas homeowners were terrorized and robbed at gun point but their bizarre twist there is one to this story. those homeowners are now wanting to help the suspects. police say two men burst into the couple's home in houston last month. the robbers tied up the homeowners hands and took off with money, guns and jewelry. cell phones, too. but instead of getting a angry and even the homeowners offered a compromise. telling police that if the robbers get caught, they will pay to send them to school. the goal to get them out of a life of crime.
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>> we want to be able to say that they could make better choices in the future so they don't have any excuse in the future to look back and say they had to be felons or, you know, bad guys. >> you really can't beat that deal but so far nobody has been arrested in this case. >> coming up in weather we're talking a warming trend followed by a significant cool down. now today's high in philadelphia 57. not too far from the normal of 59. we'll go from way above to well below normal.
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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♪ >> tonight a story of love and devotion. a south philadelphia couple has been together for more than a decade, but their lives changed in an instant during a trip overseas. >> really freak accident but it brought them even closer. our chris o'connell shares their love story. >> reporter: ever since they met 13 years ago, saria norton and kirby smith love to travel. here they are in hawaii italy,
10:31 pm
paris, then in july a trip to jamaica. >> we always loved the beaches. >> that dream trip to the it lands changed their life forever when she was having fun in the pool on the resort's inflatable kiddie water slide like this o one. >> the person behind me a guy he came down too soon and slammed his body right behind me. >> immediately i went nuts. i just kind of new. >> reporter: she broke her neck suffering two broken vertebrae and rushed to a jamaican hospital. >> when i tried to move my hand or my feet, i couldn't feel anything. >> reporter: she was flown by medical evacuation plane back to philadelphia for surgery at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. their fears were realized. seria was most likely paralyzed for the rest of her life. >> basically pressing our whole life is gone. we're starting new. >> reporter: that new live started at magee rehabilitation hospital.
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active seria always into fitness and mutter runs was getting used to live in a wheelchair. >> it's tough. i try and i'm very high spirited person so i try not to think about it. but because it's an every day thing, it does kind of hit you in the head constantly. >> i remember we were like everything is just so depressing. let's have party. let's get married. >> reporter: that's right. after 13 years, kirby finally popped the question. the wedding held in september on the rooftop of magee rehab and put on by friends and staff. but with this new life comes new challenges for this couple including the massive financial burden. all that stuff medical insurance doesn't cover. >> so hear someone say outside of insurance outside of the loans you're going to take you can expect you'll need an extra $100,000.
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>> reporter: back from rehab only a couple days, kirby has now renovated his queen village row home for his new wife. wheelchair accessible bathrooms a captainable devices and wider doors. >> we can't cry over why this happened to us. we can't get caught up in the misery or the regret all we can do now is just move forward. >> reporter: moving forward means paying for nurses care and many other expenses. her friends have started a fund for her and even in the face of tragedy the couple has an amazing outlook. >> sometimes if you watch the news you get caught up in how bad the world is. there's lot of good in the world. >> reporter: in queen village, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> a fundraiser for suria is being held this tuesday in the villan knee restaurant at 13th and spruce in center city and you can find a link to the fundraising website at back to your fox 29 weather authority now. caitlin? >> thank you joyce. a lot to talk about that's
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coming in the next few days. right now it's quiet outside. just a couple of clouds around. temperatures in the mid 30s to around the mid 40s. 46 here in philadelphia. 36 in pottstown. 35 in millville, and 41 in wilmington. now for tonight we talk about this much it's just clear really quiet it looks pretty nice as we header into tonight and then into the seven day. so no problems here. thankfully. but what we are watching is still pretty far off towards our west it's going to signal some cold air moving in and it's already bringing snow. it's going bring a lot of snow to portions to the northern plains for montana down through the dakotas back through minneapolis, all on alert to get up to foot of snow or more over the next 24 to 48 hours. we will luckily not see the snow that comes along with this arctic front although we may see a few flakes just certainly not a storm. again temperature in the 30s and 40s as we go through tonight, clear skies expected. and that will set up another beautiful day. monday we'll have a lot of sunshine, can't see anything behind me that means we barely even have any clouds out there.
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so it will be nice for the eagles tomorrow night. now on shore flow develops from a totally separate system. clouds increase, maybe a shower tuesday night. but it looks like we stay mainly rain free through the next few days. so 42 in the city tonight. 35 in the burbs. 62 tomorrow. we keep that warming trend going. nice and mild and 52 for that kick off temperature tomorrow night down at lincoln financial field. considering it's november 10th that's in the bad temperature. and temperatures will fall into the fours. your seven day forecast starts off at 62 degrees tomorrow. it will feel like spring on tuesday. veterans day nearly 70 degrees. really nice out. wednesday is our transition day. it starts out mild. temperatures fall in the afternoon. winds pick up as that front barrels through and then here comes the cold and this is a long lasting cold. you can see high temperatures only in the 40s. lows in the 30s. but elsewhere in the 20s. all the way into next weekend. could be cold enough for snows snow showers to mix in thursday night into friday. we'll take the good stuff first. thanks caitlin. >> that's right.
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>> that's going to do it for us for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> thank you so much for watching. keep it right here. we've got sports sunday now. ♪ >> the eagles playing monday night. the nation will see if the new eagles quarterback mark sanchez will be able to continue what the eagles have done so far. and hear what his coaches have to say about what they expect from sanchez and joining me in the studio will be former eagle and new jersey congressman he's still got a job there jon runyan take look


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