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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 10, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> next police cruiser burst noose flames in crash that knocked him out cold watch this officer says tonight to the two young men who probably saved his life. >> do you know your fitness age and can you do anything to ♪ >> right now, the philadelphia police officer rescued from his burning patrol car is out of the
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hospital tonight and he's singing the praises of the men who saved his life. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. dave kinchen is live outside the 17th police district where officer kimsey returned to see this colleagues. dave, that must have been amazing. >> reporter: absolutely. really was. a day of emotioning here at the 17th district. officer kimsey thanking his colleagues for supporting him through this whole ordeal. but the officer was especially thankful for those heroes who saved his life. officer mark kimsey spent day back with his brothers and sisters in blue at the 17th district in south philadelphia. >> still pretty sore. um, you know, a lot of pain in my leg and shoulder. >> reporter: he's recovering from a concussion, too. but officer kimsey says he's glad to be alive and forever thankful for two heroes who pulled him from this burning squad car following saturday night crash. heroes including 17 year old joe chambers of ridley park. >> he pulled me out through the window and drug me down the street a little bit to get away from the vehicle that was on
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fire. it was kind of scary because i knew once they drug me away i couldn't see me police car but i could see the flame over the truck that hit me and i knew it was pretty intense because it was popping and making noises and stuff. >> sound like someone took a blatt to our door. it was like really glad. boom. >> chamber says he was watching cops on fox 29 when he heard the crash and he relived the chaos with mike and alex on "good day philadelphia". >> when i got there the pat bottom of the car just caught and then 30 to 45 seconds after that the front of the hood caught. >> what was going through your mind when you saw that? >> hurry up. (laughter). >> yeah. i'll bet. >> quote of the day. >> dante johnson rushed over to lend a hand and explained what went through his mind. >> what was i thinking? i was thinking i didn't want this cop couture explode honest i wanted to get him out because i felt like he had somewhere to be at the time. he didn't want to die in a police car like that. >> i'm just really thankful they were there and they decided to act instead of watch. >> officer kimsey's girlfriend
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says chambers still keeps in touch. >> he calls in and checks on mark which is very nice. he doesn't have to do that. >> reporter: forints lots of rest before officer kimsey gets back to work. he leads his leg to heal and doctors are monitoring his concussion. he says his fellow officers are very supportive most of the time. >> they won't let me forget i destroyed a sergeant's car. (laughter). >> you know --ing. >> i'll never live that down. >> reporter: they're definitely reminding him of that. now, those heroes are also credited with saving the life of the driver of the pickup truck involved in that crash. we're told the driver will be okay as well. now, police are still investigating the cause of this accident and they're also trying to find out what exactly made that car burst into flames. that's part of the investigation. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. you can see both those heroes full interviews from good day on our website just head to >> skyfox over block streets in south pitch firefighters race to do two homes on the 1200 block of eighth street just before
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five com the problem high levels of carbon monoxide inside one home. firefighters found two men who were very sick. they then went next door and found high levels of the odorless gas there as well and also found a woman. they took all three victims to the hospital. >> at this time pgw is investigating the heating and ventilation systems of both prompts and still under investigation at this time. >> there's no danger of explosion. >> no danger of explosion. levels have dissipated. >> carbon monoxide poison hemoglobin firefighters on the move across a bridge in new jersey. they saved an entire family. winslow township emergency crews arrived at the house on hidden hollow lane just after 3:00 this morning. a man inside collapsed as he answered the door. firefighters found a woman and a child in the home. and they say the level in that home was deadly. authorities also say with the cold weather approaching, make sure you get your heating system inspected and have co detectors
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in your home. talk about cold weather on the way. take a look at the winter blast hitting the upper midwest. some areas are seeing more than a foot of snow paired with plunging temperatures. this is just north of minneapolis where one community saw 16-inches of snow. that system is on your radar tonight. chief meteorologist scott williams is going to bring that cold snap our way. >> that's right. iain, it will take its time to make it toward our area but take look at sections of minnesota, wisconsin, the up of michigan still looking at snowfall. winter storm warnings as well. look at the temperatures. we're looking at 20s right now in minneapolis. teens in north dakota south dakota and single digits as you move a little farther to the north in canada. it's not going to be this cold when that air mass arrives. however, it will invade the lower 48 over the neck several days. it won't arrive in our area until thursday and friday. that's when we we can expect the chill. how cold? high temperatures will be in the 40s and will we
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see any wintry precipitation? we'll talk about it with the seven day forecast as well as how long the nice comfortable mild temperatures will last. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you. a crash with septa trolley accept more than a dozen people to the hospital tonight. skyfox over the scene around sick tonight. this at the corner of woodland avenue and south 47th street in southwest philly. police tell us allege on the trolley and two in the car were hurt but no injuries appear life threatening. >> man accused of of kidnapping a woman from germantown street and taking her to maryland will be back in philadelphia tomorrow to face federal charges later this week. prosecutors say delvin barnes kidnapped carlesha freeland gaither. virginia authorities also charged with barnes with the abduction and rape of a teenaged girl in richmond. federal judge ordered barnes transferred into the fbi custody for a court appearance in philadelphia on wednesday. right now he's still in a virginia jail on suicide watch. >> authorities in montgomery county announce big arrests after they say burglars stole guns from stores and then sold
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them on the streets. one of those weapons is linked that a shooting. andrew rocco charged with gun trafficking and breaking of two gunshops. 10 stolen weapons are now missing. prosecutors say when burglars broke into the modern tack any cal gunshop and dell's gunshop in lansdale this summer they made off with a dozen guns from shot guns to hand guns even assault weapons. >> heavy, it's dangerous, the destruction of this kind of firearm could do in the wrong hands is immeasurable. >> while investigate a shooting in norristown last week, detectives found one of the stolen guns. a 9-millimeter that had been used in the crime. besides rocco, four other men have been charged with possessing stolen weapons. >> authorities deny eric frein access to his attorney? the loy for the man accused killing a state trooper says, yes. veteran criminal defense attorney james sweat says he tried to meet with frein after police arrested him and he says they told him no. by the time sweat says he saw
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frein the next day police had already interviewed him. prosecutors have charged frein in the shooting death of corporal brian dixon and the shooting of trooper alex douglas in september. now take a close look at this next video here. police say this guy used a knife to rob a rite aid in philadelphia's chestnut hill neighborhood last week. the robber walked into the drugstore 8200 block of stenton avenue wearing a mask, dark gloves an backpack. you see him right there. police say he got away with more than five hun dead dollars. if you know anything about this, give police a call. 48 students are killed and another terror attack against a school in nigeria and we want to warn you some of the images are difficult to see. witnesses say suicide bomber disguised in a school uniform set off explosives hidden in his backpack as children at the high school gathered for an assembly. 79 others are injured. nigerian authorities believe the stream mist islamic group boko haram is behind the attack. the group has been targeting school children for the past five years.
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it wants to turn nigeria into an islamic state. the same group kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls earlier this year. >> a new york city doctor who had ebola has recovered and is scheduled to be released from the hospital tomorrow. city health officials say dr. craig spencer has been declared free of the virus. spencer tested positive for e bowl la last month days after returning from treating patients in guinea. >> police say a bitter divorce turned into a stunt in the delaware river. very expensive stunt that could end up behind bars actually. skyfox overhead as you see as crews pulled a corvette from the water tonight. nobody is hurt. cops say this was all revenge. >> chris o'connell is there as crews found the corvette he's live at northwest decks to night. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, philadelphia police have issued a search warrant tonight trying to track down that disgruntled husband in the middle of a messy divorce. that man police say not only did something very stupid, but also put officers lives in danger.
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the soggy 1990 red chevy corvette being pulled from the bottom of the delaware river has seen better days. according to police, so has its owners. >> nasty divorce. the male that we are currently seeking did make a threat to his current or assumed to be ex-wife that he was going to destroy the car. >> reporter: police say in an attempt to get back at his soon to be ex-wife, a man took her prized corvette, put it in drive, hopped out and let it roll right into the chilly waters of the delaware near the tacony-palmyra bridge. that witness tells us the man was pleading with him not to call police, telling the witness the car he saw go into the water was quote a family matter. well now, it's a police matter. >> you're having a domestic argument it's just completely unacceptable immature behavior. >> reporter: police say the man put officers in danger. marine units rushed to the scene
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as divers spent an hour searc searching and wondering if anyone was inside the car, and after seeing our story on fox 29, the man's wife showed up to the scene and identified that car. now, police are looking for her estranged husband. >> completely irresponsible to empty an act like this knowing that these officers are going to have to enter the water. we just discussed it's extremely cold and visibility down there is zero. >> reporter: and that man now faces charges at the very minimum reckless endangerment and possible environmental sanctions. police at this hour are still trying to track that man down. so far no arrests. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. the giant hackers the united states postal service. today officials confirmed a cyber attack may have compromised the social security numbers and other private information of 800,000 dolled employees. fbism says it's now looking into whether the hackers may have
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also targeted customers. the postal service says the attack was quote limited in scope and all services are functioning normally as of now. >> take a good look. police say this guy is behind a terrifying attack. how cops say he found his victim that will send chills down your spine. and -- >> what did you call me? >> unbelievable. chaos erupting on a subway car, yeah, that was a slap you heard. a rider halls off and hits a woman. what she said to him moments earlier that sparked that fight. >> plus we all try to did he night and even cover it up, no empty how good you look, there's no hiding your real age with a new test. >> you need awake up call. this could be your wake up call. >> the science that could have you making major life changes now before it's too late. >> and a fun family night out with your children ends with the police. the restaurant's big mistake
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that the manager
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♪ >> check out this video. this guy you're looking at fired off round after round in philadelphia police are after him. incredibly the gunfire did not hit anyone but a car is completely shot up. the bullets started flying thursday afternoon on the 600 block of west clearfield street in the fair hill neighborhood. police say the gunman was targeting a 42 year old man inside a nearby corner store and he walked out to find his car riddled with gunshots. >> a number of people are looking for a new place to live. this afternoon a fire destroyed
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two homes in north philadelphia. skyfox caught firefighters working on top of the rooftops much the fire broke out right around 2:15 this afternoon on the 2400 block of west lehigh avenue. a boarding house an home under construction are both gone. and one man says he lost everything. >> this house is gone. this house is gone. i mean, all -- you know, i'm a diabetic. all my medicines, everything. >> hopefully he'll get the help he needs. no word yet on what started the fire. the red cross is providing assistance to those in need. in the cross hairs of a just filed lawsuit a new pennsylvania law let's second amendment advocate such as the national rival association take cities to court over local firearm ordinances. now, this is the latest fight between pennsylvania cities trying to tamp down an illegal guns and those who say the new law will ensure local gun
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ordinances are the same statewide and comply with state law. mayor nutter is among those. >> this is legislative madness. legislative process in this regard is completely broken. we'll fight this effort at every possible step. we are doing the right thing trying to make people safe. the nra is wrong again as usual. >> now today's suit challenges the constitutional will the of that law. it will take effect 60 days after governor corbett signed it. a lot of our fox 29 viewers in philadelphia fishtown area called us wondering why some items at a local church were being removed today. well, we've got your answer. archdiocese says artifacts were taken out of saint laurentius church on the 1600 block of east birch street for safekeeping much officials say the church is in severe disrepair and it could collapse at any time. which is why the things have been removed. the church built more than 129
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years ago was closed back in march. it could be demolished as soon as next month. >> the bitter fight over school funding in pennsylvania just got uglier. public school advocates are now suing top state officials. they claim students do not get the education they're guaranteed by the state because money for schools isn't distributed fair fairly. the lawsuit says the state has strict academic standards for students, but doesn't give those students equal resources to meet them. happy 239th birthday to the marine corps. ♪ there was sell la before he tower singin sinking in the coud of philadelphia city hall. the marone core it was founded here in 1975 by the continental congress. the group america marines brought the men and women together to honor those who are still serving and those who gave
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the ultimate sacrifice. >> just in time for veterans day the new head of the troubled va says the largest reorganization in history is underway. >> disciplinary action is coming for those had fouled up things in the first place. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the va medical center in university city. so, bruce, first of all, it's good to have you with us on the night side of things. you were with vets tonight. so what was the mood? >> reporter: in a word, lucy, frustration. too many veterans believed the process by which they get help from the va is too lengthy and too confusing. now comes word from washington that a broken system is about to get fixed. this regional open house was sparsely attended but that did not diminish the raw emotion on display from veterans who believe their country has done them wrong. >> i don't like what the va hospital -- >> army veteran frank thorn asked we not show his face during a times testy question and answer session with top administrators. thorn says he's been fighting for benefits for nearly a deca
10:19 pm
decade. >> i'm still seeing a stone wall you put up and i don't see it being broken down. it's more like a -- >> reporter: bob handle as variety of veterans issues for atlantic county, new jersey. he's too frustrate. >> you guys are waiting for too long for services they need. >> i think so. >> gotten any better lately? >> little by little. but there's a long way to go. >> reporter: more than decade long war in iraq and afghanist afghanistan. economic recession back home, and over reach on the part of the va led to absurd wait times for veterans in need of help. philadelphia's regional office handles more than 36,000 disability claims each year. >> we're very focused on ensuring those veterans who have been waiting for decisions the longest get their answers quickly. >> reporter: catch up on the backlog basically. >> catch up on the backlog. to ensure we're doing a quality time. >> reporter: new secretary for veterans affairs robert mcdonald said monday he's stream lining the va's facilities and website,
10:20 pm
hiring more doctors, and disciplining some 35 workers hoodier elect in duties with more punishment to come. all part said mcdonald of three-part non negotiable goal. >> first is the rebuild trust, rebuild trust for veterans and rebuild trust with stake holde holders. >> reporter: bob fro low is cautiously optimistic. >> if we can back it up, great, we're all better off. >> reporter: if he can't. >> we'll try somebody else. >> reporter: the issues raised at tonight's open house range from the very big to the very small. right on down to inconvenient parking here at the va hospital but clearly the speed and quality of medical care was paramount on everyone's mind. the new goal from the va by the end of 2015 to provide high-quality medical care for all veterans within 125 days of first complaint. the vets will be watching and waiting and hoping for that improved service. of course they deserve nothing else. iain? >> absolutely, bruce, thank you. montgomery county food pantry needs your help stocking
10:21 pm
its shelves tonight. the keystone opportunity center's food pantry helps people like 93 year old peggy hall and her sons who have fallen on hard times. donations are down and there's only enough supplies for a few more days. keystone serves about 250 families a month. for the halls it's a lifesaver. >> i come here because very low income and what i have here helps me a lot. >> we have a loving family that pulls together as much as we can. but there's a limit to what you can do. >> the food pantry's wish list includes food in cans like soups and beans. tuna. it needs spaghetti movement's and hot and cold cereals and mixed veggies and fresh produce as well as monetary donations. we've set a link on our website right there at if you'd like to help. >> in the wake of a tragedy, onsies opportunity to strike. what police say he swiped as others saved tried to save a woman's life.
10:22 pm
>> a dog stuck on the roof of a house for days. no food, no water. how did the dog's owner not know she was up there. bizarre excuse he told police. >> also, the wonders of technology. how a new toilet seat promises to keep your bathroom selling fresh and clean, yes, i kid you not. ♪
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♪ >> one big brawl going down new
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york city subway. nothing but chaos and it all stems from a young woman mouthing off at a man who appeared to be minding his own business. >> what did you call me? >> oh! >> you heard that. it's a slap heard around the world. via web. the hit youtube then exploded. the young woman started off by taunting a man on new york's f train she kept on him about his old jacket and fur hat. he then called her a derogatory name. she hit him and he slapped her back. it's on. new york city police are looking into the incident but no details as of yet. >> check this out. sink hole opens up outside a florida home taking a car down with it. the ground gave way at a mobile home park. the hole is about 10 feet deep, 10 feet wide, four nearby trailers have been evacuated as crews had to assess the situation. >> stream of lava set a home on fire today in rural hawaii town. the residents were not home when the molten rock hit the house. lava from the volcano has been
10:26 pm
threatening the town for more than two weeks. civil defense officials say they are continuing to closely monitor the lava flow. >> massachusetts man turns himself in to police after being caught on video stealing a dead woman's cell phone. >> a train had just hit and killed her. now police say last thursday 26 year old jose gonzales put his foot over her phone before snatching it. as they released the video tips poured in the public was just outraged. prosecutors have charged gonzales with larceny. police are very happy to have that phone tonight calling it important not just for their investigation but also for the woman's family who may want the photos or any information saved on it. >> forget a nail file or bottle of shampoo. wait until you see some of the stuff people try to fly with out of philly. let's just say brass knuckles and that's not even the worst of it. >> a couple of teens accused of targeting a young woman scout and her wagonful of cookies. how the neighbors stopped the
10:27 pm
and her wagonful of cookies. how the neighbors stopped the wwe put all the apps you love...
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>> right now the search for a man wanted in terrifying attack. police say he followed an 18 year old home and sexually assaulted her. the victim was robbed as well. >> the whole thing so frightening including how the attacker found his victim. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at special victims unit in hunting park. shawnette? >> reporter: frightenin frightes right lucy. police tell me that this was a random attack. they believe it started with a robbery that led to something much worse. come closer to your tv. we're about to show i was picture of the suspect just maybe you can help police identify him. watch the surveillance video from inside the golden dragon chinese restaurant on the 3300 block of north second street in kensington. police say it shows a man they are looking for in the robbery and sexual assault of an 18 year old man. miguel rio heard what happened when he stopped to get food here tonight on his way home from work. >> very surprised a guy will follow another guy and rape him.
10:31 pm
that is sickening. >> reporter: it happened between midnight and 12:30 sunday morning. detectives with the philadelphia police special victims unit say the suspect seen here inside the store followed the victim out to where he lived and forced him inside at gun point. police say after the assault, the suspect robbed the victim then ran off. >> it's terrible. >> i showed sharon rivers a picture of the suspect. she lives a block away and is shaken up to hear what happened to the young man who was assaulted. >> on this block right here we look out for one another. the best i can say, i hope he's okay. >> reporter: no one we spoke with recognized the suspect. but say they'll all be watching closely for this guy in case he strikes again. >> always keeping a look out every time. >> reporter: and back here live, police say the suspect took the victim's house keys, cell phone and $120 in cash. if you know who this man is, call police. lucy? >> thank you very much, shawnette. police stopped a burglar in his
10:32 pm
tracks. 48 year old frederico grad ski hit announce of homes on noreen and sycamore drive between the middle of october and last week. cops say grad ski is a primary suspect in all of the burglaries though prosecutors haven't charged him with all of them as of yet. police caught up with him friday night while he was riding his bike. >> now to a story out of camden county you saw first on fox. the camden county animal shelter houses 300 cats and dogs. on friday it had just enough food to last until the next morning but after we told you about their troubles, a lot of you were eager to help. cars lined up outside the shelter saturday to drop off donations and look at how much you gave. the shelter says it now has thousands of pounds of food and $13,000 in donations. >> all right. we saw 85 feet of snow falling on minneapolis. i may be exaggerating a small bit but i'm in the exaggerating about this. you said it's headed our way. it will take its sweet time
10:33 pm
getting here. it won't be that cold and that type of snow in our area. we might see a flurry or two before all is said and done but you won't notice those drastic temperature changes until really about thursday and friday. high temperature today made it up to 63 degrees. pretty comfortable actually above normal temperatures for this time of year. and it's not going to be as cold as it was this morning across the area. right now we're looking at upper 40s in philadelphia. still 50 in allentown. 51 in reading. upper 30s right now in atlantic city. but off to the west you can see a sharp temperature contrast. we have teens taking place right now in sections of north dakota, south dakota, single budgets as we move into canada. even zero right now in the thompson area. so it's not going to be that cold. the air mass is going to modify. but the core of the cold air will go into the plains and also into parts of the south plains. for us, we're looking at some below average temperatures but once again notly until the latter part of the week. still snowing right now through
10:34 pm
sections of the plains and the midwest. winter storm warnings in pink here. some of these locations have seen over a foot of snow with this early season snowfall taking place. pretty quiet conditions for much of the nation if you're in the dealing with that snow. most of the clouds and showers with this disturbance right now offshore of georgia as well as florida. so mild conditions out ahead of that front. that will take its time getting here. as we roll the clock tomorrow morning there could be some patchy fog out there. but otherwi, tomorrow is going to be pretty sim floor today as far as the temperatures. then as we move toward tuesday night, mostly cloudy skies. there might be a sprinkle overnight tuesday into wednesday morning across the area. but the bottom line, most of that cold air is going to last once it gets here really until next week. so enjoy the 60s while they last. mid 40s upper 30s across the area tonight. not as cold. once again there could be patchy fog and beautiful conditions for veterans day. we're lookin looking at a mixtuf
10:35 pm
sun and clouds and look at the high temperature tomorrow. 66 degrees. we'll do 60s i think again as we move toward wednesday. but wednesday evening a front arrives. blustery conditions and, yes, 49 degrees. that's it for the high temperature on thursday. thursday night into friday there might be a flurry or a sprinkle. not a whole lot of moisture right now. it looks like most of it will stay offshore but friday 44 degrees. morning lows right around freezing for philadelphia. 20s in the suburbs. into saturday and sunday morning lows are right around 30, 31 degrees. high temperatures mid 40s. and then next monday, no high temperatures in the low 60s like today. 46 degrees will be the high temperature next monday. there could be some rain perhaps some snow. we'll keep you posted. >> moral of the story soak it in while you can. the 60s. not bad. >> the next two days i'll enjoy. you got golf clubs ready for tomorrow. you bet i do. >> i knew did you. this will have many aparen taking a close at your children's orders at restaurant.
10:36 pm
what actually came to one fami family's table that ended with a visit from a police officer and paramedics. >> plus solving a mystery in the garden state. what experts now say was dug up in a new jersey backyard. >> and how does this even happen? that's a dog stuck on a roof for days. so hungry and thirsty and tired she crawled right into the arms of a firefighter saving her. why her own are in says he never of a firefighter saving her. why her own are in says he never what's possible today?
10:37 pm
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♪ >> crews find and rescue hikers who went missing in pasadena, california. rescue helicopter pulled the hike considers up from the mountain. the 15 people never returned from their hike over the weeke weekend. they called sheriffs department saying they were lost. their part of a church group of adults and teenagers. crews finally found them this morning after searching through the night. >> a fast food recall tops our look at your money. mc don nam's is recalling more than 2.5 million toys given away in happy and mighty meals. the hello kitty whistles they came with the meal over the past few weeks pose a choking hazard. the consumer product safety commission says it has two reports of children who put those whistles into their mouths and caused out bits and peaces. one of the children needed medical attention so if you have
10:40 pm
the toy you can exchange it for something else at mcdonald's. >> well first we had smart phones, now there are smart toilets. gone are the days when you have to buy fresheners for your bathroom. kohler has got a toilet that dieter rises each time you use it. it operates with 2d batteries and replaceable carbon filters once the user has a seat air is fanned out from scented filters and listen to this you've got your choice of three options. the pure fresh toilet seat is not cheap. it will cost you 120 bucks. >> i don't know why i think it's funny and i'm giggling. somebody came up with those names. though threes -- >> at a spa. >> fresh and soft laundry. >> all right. >> anyhow -- >> okay. questions we can't answer. we cannot answer at this time. >> many people are wondering how a popular restaurant in colorado to make such a big mistake on a drink order. >> speaking of things that can't and answered as of yet, six young children ended up with
10:41 pm
click drinks. joe's crab shack is where it happened. and police are now investigating. the parents of the children say they ordered a shark nibble drink from the kids menu for six cousins who two through eight years old. they say about 30 minutes after those drinks arrived, then the manager came running out and said, sorry, made a big mistake the drinks had the ba carried rum and vodka in them. two year old had already finished it and was already starting to feel very sick. >> you order these drinks and you order these off the kids menu with the intent that you're providing your child something safe. >> medic checked all the children before they went home. the joe's crab shack corporate office has apologized to the family saying it's also trying to figure out how this could happen. from brass knuckles to grenades we'll show you some of the crazy stuff people have tried to take with them on planes. >> an couple of teens accused of targeting a young girl scout and her wagonful of cookies.
10:42 pm
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♪ >> you think by now passengers know that guns, both real and fake, knives, both big and pock sized are not loud on flights and for good measure you can throw in hand grenades there. yet people still try to bring all of those on board and a whole lot more. tsa officials showed us just how many passengers aren't getting the message. all these items that you're looking at all confiscated at the philadelphia international airport and with the holidays here you are now for warned you better know the rules of what is and what's not allowed on a plane. the identity of bones found in new jersey may for every main a mystery but at least authorities know where they came from. an anthropologist says the bones discovered a couple of weeks ago in riverton appear to be 100 years old. scientists say they need more skull bones to determine the sex or even ancestry based on what was found though officials do not suspect any foul play. the remains were found about 6 feet down in a hole by contractors installing a pool. >> one of those old sayings was
10:46 pm
it's better to look good than to feel good. fernando from saturday night live and billy crystal's character that said you look marvelous by now most of us know better than that. >> as joyce evans shows us how much your body has aged compared to your calendar years can be very different. your actual aging process or fitness age might shock you. ♪ report. >> i would say a good like 75 to 80% of the day i'm kind of in my office. >> reporter: designing fabric for high-end department stores and hotels barely leaving her desk even for lunch. >> i'll just grab something and take it to my desk and eat it. >> reporter: rapidly packing on the pounds and more. >> yeah, like i wasn't handling stress in the best way that i could. >> reporter: enough to send people running to the gym but lipped say baker found out something far more alarming. >> looks good. >> reporter: than the number on her scale. >> my fitness age starting out was 47. i'm 31 years old. >> pretty big difference there.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: what she's talking about is her real age. what is called her health or fitness age. how old she is here biologically versus her 31 birthdays. >> her fitness age at that time was 47 which was crazy to me that she wasn't married yet. she didn't even have children yet. >> reporter: fitness guru danielle, waste nod time tailoring her exercise nutrition and more. >> she has a hard road ahead of her as far as keeping on track with that fitness lifestyle. >> do you have to allow time for your health or it will catch up to you. >> reporter: dr. victoria falcone does not treat lindsay but she sees countless patients just like her at her functional medicine practice specializing in the science behind your true age or lifeline. >> it's actually astounding. >> reporter: she says the answer is right there in your cells, your dna at the tip of
10:48 pm
each chromosome called tele mirrors. >> longer your tele mirrors the longer crew going to life. >> reporter: and vise versa depending on your lifestyle. >> smoking, obesity, stress those things accelerate the rate at which your tele mirrors shorten. but shushes there's more how we manage our nutritional inta intake. sleep habits and exposure to toxins from food, chemicals and the the environment. >> this explains why some people live very very long lives and some people live very short lives. >> reporter: she says a simple blood test tells all. >> take it to a specialty tee lab. >> reporter: this chart shows the doctor's fitness health. >> so i'm green. i'm above the black line which means that my telomeres are longer than they should be at my age. >> reporter: she's in her 40s. scoring in her 30s. >> you're doing well? >> i'm doing well. i'd like to do better. >> reporter: she admits some doctors still question the newer technology. >> we don't learn this stuff in medical school. >> reporter: as well as other
10:49 pm
advance manies she says in preserving health even after cell damage is done. >> once you shorten them, you can't get them back. it might take years for us to discover those technologists. >> reporter: you can really slow down your fitness aging process while you grow older chronologically. >> this could be your wake call. howl are your cells doing? >> reporter: what lindsay has been doing for the past year walking that massive fabric warehouse, hitting the gym, sleeping and eating better, is working. >> i went from 275 to 185. so i've lost 90 pounds so far. i went from like a size 22 down to like a size like 10 in dress sizes. >> reporter: and she just got the best physical and lab results in years. >> and so today my fitness age is 24. >> reporter: now your fitness age number may vary depending on the method you use to calculate. we have some links that might happen you at now some are free, some are not.
10:50 pm
but all are designed to get your attention in a matter of life or death. the question becomes what are you willing to do about it? joyce evans fox 29 news. >> a cookie caper is solved in maryland. two teens under arrest after police say they tried to make off with a wagonful of girl scout cookies it happened saturday in anne arrundel coun county. two young scouts were selling the cookies. they turned their backs and noticed suspect taking off with their goods and heading to a get away car. a couple of the neighbors jumped into action tracked the guys down. the police were able to arrest the suspects not far away. >> good. police and firefighters in ohio make quite a rescue. >> a dog very thirsty, very hungry, very scared was stuck on the roof of a house. on the roof of a house. it's hard to imagine but here it is. police say the dog's owner had a break in and thought his rotweiler was stolen or had escape. the man was staying at a friend' house and didn't know his dog had climbed through a hole in his attic and got on the roof and got trapped. the dog was up there for three days with no food nor water
10:51 pm
until somebody spotted her and called for help. >> i'm sure he's hungry. >> the dog was friendly enough that it came towards the firefighter. >> so scared. like yeah, somebody is here for me. animal welfare now has that dog and putting her up for adoption once she's recovered from her ordeal. >> eagles playing tonight? >> no. that's not happening, right. >> i mean this is -- >> a least they're playing. >> its at least one team showed up. our team, right? so much for the eagles looking shaky without their quarterback on offense and their quarterback on defense. mark sanchez has more than good enough and what's a star without an awesome supporting team. we p
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> you wondered how eagles will respond with mark sanchez and not nick foles and guess what? wonder no more. sanchez has been pretty good. not turning the over and he has a touchdown pass. the real stars of the game so far darrin swells two touchdowns including one on a punt return eagles also have interception return for a score. connor barwin and that bouffant doing major work. 3.5 sacks for him in the game. 10.5 on the year. birds lead the panthers 38-seven in the third quarter. head to do seven and two. now, before the game howard
10:55 pm
eskin caught up with donovan mcnabb for his thoughts on foles out and sanchez in. >> well, it's an unfortunate injury i think for nick. he was just kind of coming into this own and i think when you look at this offense, they were finding their groove. finally running the ball. getting healthier offensive line the pressure was off of nick's shoulders. i thought this is the time, where you know, philadelphia eagles we usually hit our stride going forward leading into the playoffs. >> for mark sanchez i think this is a perfect opportunity. now he can kind of bring his name and his brand back out for people to recognize the type of talent he has. he's under a great system. for mark sanchez i think the key to him in having success is not turning the football over. and if you don't turn the football over you'll finding yourself winning games each and every week. >> you hate to win by the other team losing but the breaks are the breaks and cardinals loss is the eagles and every other team's gain. while the nfc leading cardinals are eight and one they no longer have their starting quarterback.
10:56 pm
carson palmer torn his acl and done for the year. just two days after he signed a $50 million extension. >> i'm not going to lie. i cried like a baby last night and i'm not emotional guy. i don't cry. last time i cried like when i lost my friend and teammate chris henry back in '09. so it's obviously not ideal. and not something anybody wanting to through especially with all the positive and the good going on, but i fully expect the good and the wins to continue to come. >> on a lighter note with michael vick starting yesterday the jets won their second game of the season. coach rex ryan says victory makes everything better. >> when you win, everything is better. food is better, you know, i always tell the guys i'm like your girlfriend is prettier, wife is better looking, whatev whatever, but the beer is cold colder. so, um, that's a great feeling. >> when you're losing eight in row everybody was ugly.
10:57 pm
food was nass team the beer was hot. >> did he say his wife was better looking now. >> he said your wife. i don't think he said my wife. he said your wife gets better looking. >> how about his brother? >> he's never going to get better looking. (laughter). >> all right. tmz is up next. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". bwe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> we got matt damon out and he says that he has seen what people who watch "gone girl" did not see. >> did you happen to see ben's penis in "gone girl"? >> i've seen it many times before that. >> i thought all guys knew the size of every other guy's wiener because they pee together. >> no. >> at a dodger game, you always look in the trough. >> no, you don't. >> yes, i do. >> jeremih and his crew were throwing bottles at fuddruckers. one of the guys on the crew starts splaying the manager. >> there's nothing i could do to them that would justify that. >> the whole city is being looked at for racist thing. >> the whole city? >> the whole city is under review. >> under review by who? >> oh, my god, raquel.


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