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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 12, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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next boos and cheers a passionate crowd in south philly trying to keep a casino out of their neighborhood. >> plus parents what eight year old says she caught this guy doing in a south fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now you better break out that winter coat of yours. we found everyone bundled up in center city tonight. we're talking coats and hats and scarves as cold blast takes hold
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before it's gone we could even see snow. plug your ears right now iain. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. scott williams is tracking this cold snap on your radar tonight. scott. >> iain and lucy, the high made up to 70 in philadelphia. down to 50 already so a 20-degree temperature drop in the 30s in lancaster. 37 right now in the pocono mountains. but look at pittsburgh, 36 degrees. 26 in chicago. 20 in desmoines. so much of the nation dealing with this arctic air mass moving in. so overnight we'll continue to find that cold air moving toward the philadelphia area south jersey, sections of delaware. so look at the clock. by tomorrow morning, 36 in trenton. 38 degrees in philadelphia. freezing north and west. so jacket and sweater weather and then high temperatures tomorrow upper 40s perhaps we'll hit 50 degrees in the philadelphia area. so blustery and colder overnig overnight. 30s by day break and then high temperatures area wide pretty
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much in the 40s and we're talking some wet snow moving in north and west after 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. we'll have the specifics on how much potential toll expect also how long this cold blast is going to last. iain and lucy. >> all right, scott, thank you. when you wake up of course we've got you covered. sue serio will tell you what you and your kids should be wearing when you walk out the door to stay warm and bob kelly will have any problems on the roads. >> we're following breaking news for you right now. a double shooting in south philadelphia tonight that killed one man and left another in the hospital. police are telling us shots rang out around 8:00 tonight on the 600 block of win 10 street. one man was shot in the head. he died at the hospital. the other was hit in the stomach and we don't know his condition tonight. >> she is terrorizing business owners and police think one woman is behind seven recent robberies across philadelphia and they want to stop her before she strikes again. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live outside southwest detectives.
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shawnette, is she targeting any particular businesses? >> reporter: well, lucy, this woman has hit up several different businesses but according to one woman i spoke to, grocery stores seem to be her business of choice, and wait until you see this video. this woman is actually holding a knife as big as a machete and in some cases she has begun. >> she came with the knife report roar this teen describes the horrifying moment you're watching on surveillance video. when she came face to face with the woman wildly waving a knife at her during a robbery. >> move, move, move she's got a knife pointing it at me. >> reporter: we're concealing her identity to protect her. the woman wearing a mask and hoodie walked right behind the counter at the grocery store in southwest philadelphia and cleaned out the register of $400. that was october 10th. she came back the following week and tried to rob the girl's parents. >> she got a gun and she was pointing it. my mom screamed. >> reporter: in this video you see the suspect run off with nothing after the girl's parents
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threatened to call police. the robbery is one of seven police believe this same woman has carried out officer the past month in south and southwest philly. they say she held up this 7eleven at 21st and lombard but most of the robberies have been at neighborhood grocery stores including this one on kingsessing avenue. where she got about $900 in cash after storming in. >> the gun cases you can clear see in the video where she's holding the gun right at the employees and holding it real high. she doesn't know what she's doing. >> police believe the woman was recruiterecruited by 30 year ole burgess. allegedly casing the place before the woman comes in to rob it. >> the video she appears kind of shaking and nervous in all these robberies. this male is going to be a person of interest in the other six open jobs that we have. >> reporter: and get this. even know the woman had a weapon, police say in some cases she got away with nothing. they say she appeared to be scared off easily.
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if you recognize either suspect call police. iain? >> all right. shawnette thank you. >> police are hoping someone will recognize these clothes and help them find the mother of a baby girl who's remains were discovered in monmouth county yesterday. an employee was moving trash at a recycling facility in farming dale borough and found the infant yesterday afternoon. troopers say these blood stained clothes were found near the baby's body. authorities did an autopsy today. no word yet on a cause of death. if you know anything you're asked to call police. >> delvin barnes the man accused of of kidnapping woman off a germantown street has a public defender tonight. today in philadelphia, he told a federal judge he doesn't have enough money for an attorney. three days after police say barnes grabbed carlesha free land gaither off that street the fbi found him in maryland and today marks barnes first court appearance for that abduction. and he has many more days in court ahead. >> continued to friday for detention hearing as well as
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probable cause hearing. other than that, i have no comment. >> and at a later date in virginia barnes will face charges in the kidnapping and rape of a 16 year old girl. a deadly fire in atlantic county leaves a lot of questions for investigators to night. the flames broke out inside this home on washington avenue in egg harbor city. investigators say firefighters found a mother and her young son in the charred rubble and she's -- now they're considering the fire suspicious. police and firefighters arrived at the scene around 8:00 o'clock this morning. medic rushed a third victim to the hospital with what neighbors say were establish wounds. police are being extremely tight lipped about what may or may not have happened inside the house. cops do say neighbors should not be worried. >> it's horrible. it really is. to know if somebody was trying to break in and set the fire or, you know, do harm to the family. investigators towed a car from the scene and removed evidence from inside the home. police are notary lesion the names of the mother and son.
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the third victim is in the hospital in stable condition. >> heart pounding moments at the newly opened one world trade center. two window washers got stuck way up there on the outside of the skyscraper in lower manhattan. it's the tallest building in the western hemisphere and you know it. tonight those workers they are singing praises. but it was a nail biter for a few hours this afternoon. can you imagine being stuck there? here's what it look like from the inside of the towers. 68 floors up. and the only way firefighters could get these guys down cut the glass. and so they did. >> either going to go with scaffolding and lower it down to the guys and transferring over to the scaffolds safely. the other option was -- three pains of glass cutting the glass away and you had to cut it away in sections. the first two game down, more concerned about that last section pressurizing.
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>> look at that angle just ama amazing. complex rescue but all work out. what left them dangling in the first place a cable that broke on the scaffolding. a scary and sick attack in kensington is caught on camera. police say a woman in a chinese restaurant on allegheny avenue was approached by a man with a blood filled syringe who said, i have aids. give me your money. so she through $200 at him and the man took off. if you know anything that might help catch call philadelphia police. >> the man who admitted he drove his soon to be ex-wife's corvette into the delaware river surrenders to police. john kramer surrendered this afternoon. kramer spoke exclusively on camera with our dave schratwieser yesterday. telling him that the classic car was the center of a lot of problems between him and his wife. kramer drove the car into the delaware river near tacony-palmyra bridge monday and took off asking witnesses not to tell police. >> i didn't realize i did anything wrong and i wasn't on my medications. even when i finally got the
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meds, it takes a couple of days for them to build back up in system again. >> an on-going divorce is a little extreme more than we've ever really scene. >> kramer is charged with wreck less endangerment, harassment and violation of a protection order. >> in camden police are asking for your help in their search for an cued murderer. they are after this man. 31 year old elliot not for the shooting death avenue man on haddon avenue monday evening. if you know anything that might help catch him, call camden county police. reward just got bigger for help to find an arsonist who torch add building under going renovation in berks county. that fire ripped through the second and sixth floors of the part of the former outlet complex at eighth and olney streets in reading. the october 18th fire left $12 million in damage. the reward to fine the person who set it now stands at $85,000. the developer is turning the building into lost style apartments and commercial space.
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>> the hope here was that a success with this project would spur hopefully 100 to $150 million in other developments throughout the city to do the same kind of thing we're doing here. >> and developer says as of next month, most of the apartment boss have been occupied but that is now delayed until at least next fall. we now know what will happen to the shuddered showboat casino in atlantic city. richest stockton college will buy the former casino and plans to use it as a satellite campus. caesars entertainment and the college announce the purchase plan today. they did not announce the sale price. showboat closed august 31st 1 of 4 atlantic city casinos to shut down so far this year. >> in south philadelphia tonight, parents and neighbors are saying no to the casino. >> this is a 24-hour business so you have children who will be coming to school, children who will be going home from school. and they are going to be prime targets for criminals.
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>> you heard it. the concern of many attend agriculturally tonight the safety of school children. they're against a new casino that's proposed to go up at ninth and packer avenue. they say would be right near thomas elementary school and compromise the safety of students along with causing more traffic and crime in the area. ♪ >> take a good look at the guy on your screen. what he's about to do inside a south jersey store will have any parent on edge. what an eight year odd caught him doing just inches away. >> 911 operator cannot believe what a caller is doing when dialing in for help. >> i've been on the phone with someone just like this that was killed over a cell phone and i really don't want that to happen to you. >> what's happening during that phone call that is putting their lives in danger the call that has her pleading with the driv driver. >> plus three men jump into action breaking through this truck's windows to save the man inside. how it all started with an attempt to selfie.
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>> and one little girl touching gift to her mom in the middle of love park. ♪ >> so cute. the random act of kindness we found tonight that will just melt your heart and why you may want to get
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it happened last thursday in inside dollar tree store on the 1300 block of hooper avenue. police say the little girl's aunt saw it happen and confronted the guy. he ran out of the store before cops arrived. >> video of a teacher attacked at bartram high school went viral next week and now it has a whole bunch of forces to talk school safety. that attack the third on teacher at that school in less than month. >> teachers and students desperately pleaded for more resources and help to get schools under control. fox 29's jenner joyce is live at philadelphia school headquarters in spring garden tonight. jennifer? >> reporter: well, iain, the school says the recent violence at bartram high is a direct result of a lack of resources. city schools have been asking lawmakers for more help but now bartram high is also asking the local community and parents to step up and help improve our schools. a teacher out cold on the floor. the video posted to social media went viral. not a good look for bartram high
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school. the bartram community hopes it can send a message. >> these incidents could have been avoided in we maintained last year. >> it was at least the third attack against a staff member at the school in the last month. teachers say they can't educate and discipline students without more resources. >> we only have two counselors. two counselors for 900 children, and, you know, when there are kids in crisis, what do they do? >> reporter: spokesperson forly the school district of philadelphia says three additional staff members started at bartram high on monday. thanks to an additional $15 million after changes were made to teachers benefits packages. the new hires are set to be hall monitor types much the principal who's only four months into the job says he has hopes that things will change but it can't happen overnight. >> you see me. i stand in front of you. i say we'll change this school. you expect greatness tomorrow. that's not what hope is. >> we actually want to learn.
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we don't have everything we need to actually loan. >> reporter: senior class president has dreams of becoming a professional psychologist or maybe an actor but he says since he got to bartram four years ago they have not put on a single theatrical product. >> since i've been here there's been no plays at all. >> reporter: no plays, limited textbooks and paper yet principle abdul mohammed believes that things can change. >> can't do this without paren parents. i can't do this without support but here's the funny part. whether i can or i can't, i'm still going to. and those teachers that you see behind you are still going to. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the school district of philadelphia says violent incidents at bartram high are actually down this year compared to last. lucy? >> thank you very much, jenny. delaware county officials say the first person sentenced under the new brad fox law will spend the next six to 12 years in prison for making straw gun
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purchases. stacey dawson bought guns for her boyfriend a convicted felon. the new law is name after plymouth township police officer brad fox. he died two years ago when the man he was pursuing shot and killed him with an illegally purchased gun. fox's parents say his name lives on through the new state law. >> brad lived and died protecting his country and his community, and he's still working today. >> in addition to his work as a plymouth township officer he was a marine vet who served in iraq. new law toughens penalties for those who buy guns from felons. >> pennsylvania state police barracks where eric frein killed one trooper and injured another reopened today. the blooming grove station has been partially closed since the september 12th attack. police say frein hid in the woods across the street and used a high-powered rifle to kill corporal brian dixon and wound trooper alex douglas during a
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late night shift change. they captured frein after a 48 day manhunt. he has not yet enter add plea. >> nightly traffic jams, nasty weather on the way, you know, for some the pressure of the holidays is already beginning to build. but put that grumpiness on hold because tomorrow is world kindness day. >> global scale it's designed to break down racial and ethnic barriers but locally, well, our bruce gordon is live in november fork night to prove simple kindness can't be restrict to do one day each year. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain. let's face it philadelphia has problem reputation some folks tend to think. we're crude and nasty and, yeah, at first glance it does seem we can sometimes be pretty awful to one another, but if you look a little closer, it's also not hard to find random acts of kindness. we looked and we found. >> ready? here you go. >> reporter: what better place to find random acts of kindness than at the park where visitors flock to capture the literal symbol of love. these two groups of young women
10:19 pm
made a deal. you take our pictures, we'll take yours. mike didn't need a deal. he offered to snap photo of lana and her son originally from moscow. now of south jersey. >> why did you do that? >> i don't know. just a nice thing to do. they wanted to capture moment. so i just got a picture. >> it is so beautiful. >> it is so beautiful. >> reporter: not far away 5.5 emery myers was hard at work with her mom amy. avery was busy writing a christmas song as a present for her mother. mom was helping with the spelling. >> i want to -- to do something nice for mommy. >> reporter: so you're writing a christmas song? you'll sing it for her? >> yeah. >> reporter: what have you got so far? >> oh, the christmas tree is special. it makes me feel excited. it makes me feel happy. >> reporter: what goes through your mind? >> she's just -- she's the best thing i've ever done and she's
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the greatest gift i've ever gotten. >> reporter: across the street in dilworth park calvin lee and angela low were watching workers put together the public ice ring that will open this friday. calvin is a top notch skater from new england who promises to teach his friends how to make their way around the ice. >> i want them to enjoy it, too, as much as i do. if they can't skate and they're holding the sides it's not that fun. >> reporter: angeline want to do shows us the picture of her new friend a homeless marine she met monday as he played guitar for tips. angeline bought him dinner. >> how did it mack you feel for this man you didn't know at all. it made my day. i was having an okay day. i actually ended up listening to him play music and actually took picture with him and got his number to send it. >> there is some medical research to suggest that doing something nice for someone, a family member, a friend, even a stranger, can actually improve the medical, the physical health of someone and their mental
10:21 pm
well-being. the one who actually did the good deed. as for me i think the ancient greek story tell her aesop had it right 2500 years ago. he said no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted. lucy? >> bruce, well done. ancient history and time less kindness all in one fell swoop. i love that. we aim to please. >> and, yes, you did. love it and he's at love park. they call it body armor for your car and it can keep your ride looking like new even through tough city driving. the invisible shield that's the talk of our newsroom tonight, and -- >> cheers erupting after what scientists called seven hours of terror landing a space craft on a comet. how making history today could unlock the start of our solar system. >> so cool. then there's this. take a dip into this relaxing new trend. ease your muscles. you get better sleep even spark creativity. do you think it works?
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a home you control with the touch of a finger. news and entertainment that informs and delights in ways you never thought possible. comcast nbcuniversal bringing media and technology together for you. >> we have breaking news in north philadelphia. skyfox over 20th and oxford where police are investigate a possible shooting. now you can see the police tape core donning off an area. early reports have police looking for someone in that area just before the shooting. no word -- again it's a possible shooting. no word yet on if anybody is injured. we're working to get more information and of course we'll bring it to you when it comes in. a washington couple takes the law into their own hands.
10:25 pm
they followed someone they suspect of stealing their iphone they did it while on the phone with a 911 dispatcher who was pleading with them to pull over it started when police say someone stole a phone out of their car. the couple decided to track the cell phone with an app and they ended up following the suspect but the dispatcher told them to pull over saying she felt dealt with a similar situation that didn't end well. >> we've been following them for an hour and they're stopped and they keep going and they have -- >> go ahead and pull over and stop following that vehicle. >> okay. >> that's totally dangerous and you don't know if they have any weapons. >> police say they are reviewing the police response to the situation. there needs to be more officers on the street to handle cases like this one. some tense moments for our troops in turkey. >> probably very scary for two u.s. sailors attacked in istanbul. tonight turkish authorities have arrested a dozen people.
10:26 pm
>> it happened right after the sailors diss embarked from their ship station in the black sea. a crowd of protesters you see them all there began shouting at them calling them murderers. they threw red paint on them and tried to put sacks over their heads. the sailors actually escaped and returned to their ship the uss russ. >> we yelled at our gps have you ever been in this kind of tricky situation? this tractor trailer coming only inches from plunging into a lake. why police now say going back could ruin a priceless piece of history. >> and you better watch out for the duck. how a jersey town is using a costume, that big one there, to catch drivers breaking the law. unbetter get ready for the cold air continuing to funnel into our area. coming up the locations that into our area. comingdeciding which breadat to buy can be tough.
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>> right now at 10:30 new information on breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. we have learned an off duty septa bus officer is one of the victims shot in a double shooting in south philly. now, we do not know the person's condition.
10:30 pm
one person did die. another is hurt on the six hub dread block on winton around 8:00 tonight g scientists are collecting data that could finally unlock mysteries of our solar system. rosetta fell lay he he probe the size of a washing machine has landed on a comet that was sipping through space at a speed of nearly 84,000 miles an hour landing historic precise and like no other. it is providing data it's never seen before. scientists are learning more about the sorry if as of the comet saying it's not only a smooth as they thought it would be and it's softer which may have caused some landing issues. they will know much more about and how it's functioning tomorrow but for now celebrations all around. >> talking to us. it's done its job. we are on the comet. >> it looks easy but it isn't easy. it's in my point of view a miracle. >> nasa has contributed three of the instruments being used to take images and data on the mission it's also provided deep
10:31 pm
space network of giant radio antennas which has been key so far communicating with rosetta. there's been international cooperation to achieve this feat as scientists around the world are watching this mission very closely. lucy. >> you know what, iain it has been a 10 year journey. literally a 10-year journey from launch to landing and in terms filet stuck the landing absolutely amazing considering it all it had to travel 4 billion miles to reach that comet. stuff that's hard to wrap your mind around the only space craft and lander could reach their target was to use the gravity of earth and mars to swing into the comet's orbit and after all those years of travel, after all the work put into the mission, controllers had to sit back and wait for hours as the lander separated from the space craft and headed on its own to the comet. they call it seven hours of terror because if something went wrong there was nothing they could do. but you see filet's harpoons
10:32 pm
deployed and drilled down comet hasn't coring could it discover? >> the cool thing is that the surface of the comet is a pristine refrigerator or pristine museum of the early history of the solar system so we can look at this pristine material and learn so much more about how our solar system came into existence. >> no one knows how long the lander will survive the comet. the scientists are hoping it will last through march of next year and they're also hoping that space craft row etta will stay with the comet for a dozen years from its closest point to the sun through its journey back towards the outer solar system. some drivers in new jersey are fired up over a new program to catch drivers who are not yielding to pedestrians. it's not every day you see a duck walking the crosswalk. fort lee is using a duck decoy to catch the driver f caught you can get hit with a $230 fine. river edge resident karen haag is accused of along with dozens of other to not step to let the
10:33 pm
sick foot four donald duck cross the street. >> they just told me that i was -- i was getting a ticket because i didn't stop for a pedestrian and it was crazy -- it was a duck. huge duck. it was scary. i'm a woman. it scared me. >> fort lee police say the pedestrians in the crosswalk safety program which they conduct randomly through the year is for a good reason. >> it's a rather brilliant move on the city's part because the pedestrian can't say i didn't see him. i mean it's hard to miss the duck. >> they say they're scared. >> of the duck. you know i'm scared of, arctic blasts. i'm not too thrilled with that either it's on your radar tonight. scott. >> you have been warned all week i've been talking about it was going to head toward our area the latter part of the week. it has arrived. 70 degrees. that was the high temperature briefly today. and look at the numbers already into the 30s for the pocono mountains. lancaster 39 degrees. holding on to 50 right now in philadelphia. mid 40s currently in atlantic city. but the 24 hour temperature change almost 20 degrees colder
10:34 pm
in reading. almost 10 degrees colder in the philadelphia area than this same time last night so that cold air continues to funnel toward our area as you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the 30s so much of the nation dealing with this early taste of january like temperatures across the board. as we focus in on the clock, watching how things play out tomorrow. we'll start out with some sunshine. but the cloud cover will increase and also a little disturbance will be moving toward our area. here's sick clock. so north and west we're looking at some pockets of light showers. mainly just rainfall and then watch what happens after about 8:00 o'clock. north and west toward the lehigh valley, the pocono mountains we're looking at some of that rain changing over and mixing in with a little bit of yes, some wet snow. by 10:00 o'clock, we're still looking at some of that wet snow north and west mainly toward lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. there might be a wet snowflake
10:35 pm
that tries to mix in to sections of bucks and also montgomery counties, but the bottom line is, most of that potential for, yes, a light coating will be confined to carbon and monroe counties in the pocono mountains most of us just dealing with light rainfall and certainly colder conditions as we move into your thursday as well as friday and beyond. so the cold air is likely going to be locked in place for several days if not a couple of weeks. so sun to clouds thursday. high temperatures only in the 40s. evening scattered showers and wet snowflakes once again north and west mainly after about 8:00 o'clock tomorrow. so don't be surprised to see some of those flakes flying and once again there could be a light coating toward the pocono mountains. we're talking the highest elevations, but it certainly will be a site to sea. some of the first flakes of the season across our area. so temperatures tonight, in the 30s and then tomorrow, sun and clouds, giving way to clouds once again some wet snowflakes
10:36 pm
mainly north and west after 8:00 o'clock tomorrow night. that seven day forecast, friday temperatures right around 44 degrees. mid 40s on saturday. sunday 47 degrees. clouds potentially more rain maybe some wet snow north and west. some showers around on monday and then another shot of cold air tuesday and wednesday. we're looking at high temperatures iain and lucy only in the 30s. so grab that winter gear. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much scott. how about this? keeping your car looking like new. the invisible shield that promises to protect your car from any ding, any scratch, even from getting keyed. >> plus who would this? cameras catch someone snatching a puppy right from a front yard. tonight a happy ending. bizarre way this pup made it back home. >> and love letters reveal new juicy details about marilyn monroe. what she did on tv that got
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>> really odd story out of wisconsin. a truck driver gets stuck on a pedestrian bridge. i mean that's a big old truck. he says he was just following his gps and it led him on to the
10:40 pm
bridge in milwaukee. the 50 year old driver from indiana drove across the entire foot bridge before ending up a lake along the way he knocked down tree after tree after tree and concrete railings and police now sited with him with reckless driving. >> in your money tonight how would you like to not have to worry about ever damaging your car. there's a new product that claims it can protect against any nick or scratch. >> we call it body armor for cars. >> it protects against rock chips, salt rock chips in the winter and minor abrasions from parking. >> here's you it works high tech plastic shield is put on your car like clear contact paper for school books. it goes right over the surface. it protects for about three to five years and it costs a couple hundred dollars. put that deal to the or dud te test. i'm not sure about that. >> if it work that's fantastic. exactly. someone will pay big bucks to get their hands on juicy love letters from a hollywood icon. >> they belong to marilyn monr
10:41 pm
monroe. next month at a auction house in beverly hills is offering up intimate letters between monroe of two of her ex husbands play right arthur miller and baseball legend joe dimaggio. actress left the letters in her will to her mentor and acting coach lee strausburg. he in turn gave them to a friend and decedents are selling them. the auction house give a very intimate look at the private lives of these american legends. >> what you read first of all marl little lynn was truly loved. firstly, if you look at the letters from arthur miller, i mean arthur miller was accomplished writer. his love letters were so descriptive and so detailed and he was truly, truly in love with marilyn. >> the owner of the auction house thinks the letters could fetch $1 million. monroe died of a drug overdose in 1972. she was 36 years old. three men jump nap action breaking through this truck's window to save the man inside. how it all started with an
10:42 pm
attempt at a selfie. >> plus how about taking a dip into this relaxing new trend? you ease your muscles, get better sleep.
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♪ >> happy ending for a four month old siberian husky snatched from his home in scottsdale, arizona. yes he's back home tonight but surveillance video shows a woman taking the dog from his owner's front yard. the family says last night she showed up and returned the puppy saying, you know, just thought the animal was in trouble. they say the woman then ran down the street right after that explanation. >> a man suffering a medical emergency drives his truck off a road and in texas. good samaritans though helped him out. but first they had to notice he was in there. it happened yesterday when the man drove his truck right into a creek in dallas. luckily a group of movers saw the submerged truck and stopped to take a selfie. that's when they realized the brake lights were on and somebody was still inside. so they jumped into the water and that's when one of the rescuers realized his friend was stuck inside. the guys used everything they could to break the wip dough. the man is now in stable condition at a hospital tonight. >> thank goodness he's safe. it was the hottest thing a long long time ago and now it's
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making a major come back it's called floating. basically you're in assault water tank five times more dense than the dead sea. >> philly's only float spa opened up in the spring. as jennifer joyce tells us it can do wonders for the mind and body. ♪ >> i usually take the first 20 minutes or so to kind of get relaxed. >> reporter: floating, what is it? >> in the tank it's you and your mind. >> reporter: your body buoyan buoyant. >> lying in 280 gallons of skin temperature water infused with 850 pounds of epsom salt. salt water more dense than the dead sea. >> if aig you feel like you're in outerspace. >> reporter: meet kerry. >> i'll take you to our float room number two. >> reporter: she's the owner of healthy and floats or girard avenue in northern liberties. >> this is our tank. you'll see we have a shower as well. everyone showers before they get in the tank. >> reporter: she opened in march.
10:47 pm
she has two float tanks in high demand. >> we get customers from maryland, delaware, all over pa. >> reporter: relaxation fad that was hot in the '70's and '80s is making aggressive come back in the northeast. >> if you're a football player or if you're a ballerina it doesn't matter what your size is. you're going to float. >> reporter: two year old mark donahue a recent direct system university graduate and an avid floater. >> the spine lengthen out and you always come out and you feel kind of nice and loose. >> reporter: donahue was a college soccer player and says floating has helped his muscles and mind overcome stress. >> it totally helped me recover. any time we a two a day session or something like that and i can get up and float the neck day i would feel great. >> reporter: she explains that floating creates sensory deprivation typically floaters are in the nude to feel the full effects. >> there's no light. there's no sound. and you can't even feel the water because it's the same
10:48 pm
temperature of their skin. eventually you lose sensation of your body. what happens then dopamine and endorphins are released some which creates a state of euphoria. >> reporter: i had to experience this. minus the nudity. >> i just get in. >> as directed i showered first. >> hold on to the bar up top. >> reporter: then stepped in. i laid down and was immediately a float. the balls of light ease you into the pitch black test. in the proof 10 minute test trial i did i could feel every muscle wanting to relax within a few minutes i could no longer feel the water that was surrounding me. >> i could feel what i think you described as deprivation. >> floating has helped her sle sleep. one hour in the tank equates to two hours of z's it's also said to spark creativity. hallucinations during a float session aren't out of the question. >> when there is no sensor stimuli, there's no sim lie for your brain to process. and it starts creating its own. >> reporter: she also explains
10:49 pm
that floating can help people deal with depression and other medical conditions. >> we have customers with lupus, arthritis, have found they've had great results from floating. when you're in that tank, you're absorbing the magnesium in the epsom salt. it's good for your bones, muscles and anxiety and if you have sleeping issues. >> floating tanks are not regulated. she does have clients sign a consent form. we had our own dr. mike weigh in. >> this is tantamount to meditation and there's a lot of research that shows that meditation is very good for you. >> reporter: so it's generally safe but what about germs? >> nothing can live in that. >> reporter: she says the water is filtered and sterilized after each float. >> we also treat or water with food grade hydrogen peroxide.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: what if you fall asleep? could you drown. >> there's no way. you could have to support yourself and flip yourself over. you'd get salt water in your eyes and wake up immediately. >> reporter: donahue floats at least twice a month. the day we met him he booked a two hour float session. >> massage for the mind he says a hole list tech therapy, pure zen that keeps him and others coming back for more. >> we're brin bringing piece. we hear that a lot. we're bringing piece to the community. >> reporter: in northern liberties, jenn for joyce, fox 29 news. >> well floating intrigues you head to we post add link to the float spa. click the scene on tv tab. >> i'll physical you somebody who might be floating around this weekend some of the eagles. because they'll be up at lamb poe field. >> this is true. >> they were wishing they were in that float tank. >> howard were rather be in the float tank than in lambeau in the incredible wind chill that
10:51 pm
will be happening. hey, howard. >> you know what -- anywhere, anywhere on that side lines when our team is playing green bay is tough.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree?
10:54 pm
(man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ >> oh no it's working this time. the eagles play maybe the toughest game left in their season against the green bay packers team with the hottest quarterback in the league right now. aaron rodgers. coming off a game where he through six touchdowns. that was in the first half against chicago. and playing in green bay, not easy. the packers home is lambeau field much the cathedral of stadiums in the nfl the fans are as passionate as any and it's the mystique of that stadium. and the football fans it's the place that every fan wants to see in person. even the players. >> it's one of those, you know, populous things for sports fans and players to get an opportunity to play there. that's pretty cool.
10:55 pm
>> when you go in there and look at the stadium they got the bleacher seats, you know, um, it's so old school. but so -- i mean it's awesome. you know, that's football. and, you know, i love playing there. i love playing there this week. >> all right. there's an advantage for the home team in green bay. it's called cold temperatures. football players play in the cold but not every week like the packers are used to. but the eagles play this off like it's nothing. it's almost a badge to show how tough you can be as a player. common theme for the eagles in the last cold game they played that was the snow game last december here was no long sleeves. >> i haven't decided yet. >> really. >> if i want to wear sleeves or a mini skirt i will. it doesn't really matter. it doesn't matter what you wear. >> we probably won't have any sleeves on, so, but actually, the cold it hurts your fingers a little bit, you know what i mean. you got to stay warm but there's so much technology in the nfl
10:56 pm
now. >> no sleeves, is that kind of like a man up thing? you don't wear sleeves. i just never -- we don't wear sleeves on defense at least up front we don't. >> even when it's cold? yeah. we stay warm on the side lines. we'll put the jacket on on the side lines. >> okay. you're manning up? i'm just not wearing sleeves. >> okay. i got it. sunday lineup looks like this. fox 29 "game day live" at college. followed by fox nfl at noon. 49 and the giants at 1:00 followed by eagles and packers at 4:25. it's cold. >> the winner of the national league cy young award best pitcher easy unanimous vote went to dodgers pitcher clayton kershaw. unheard of unearned average under two runs a game. third cy young in four years. and check this post game cleveland celebration out. kevin, tell me what you their doing. khiry irving. okay. watch after -- what are they doing? they say they were rolling their mustache. is that look like they were rolling their mustache or rolling something else?
10:57 pm
>> that's a mustache. >> like a joint. like they're -- you know, a joint. >> it's called a joint. (laughter). >> we're back here at 4am for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". stay tuned. have a good night. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails )
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> there is an usher sex tape. and it all has to do with another stolen laptop. >> this guy, whoever he was, right away tried to sell the sex tape. everyone wouldn't touch it because the word went around that it was stolen and people that are smart, especially porn guys know you can't touch it with a porn guy. >> what does that mean? >> so khloe thinks she's become the ass queen of the kardashian family. kim teams up with "paper" magazine and they release this photo. she's all oiled up and you just see butt crack for days. >> a million questions. a, that can't be her real ass if you look at the picture. b, what's "paper" magazine? [laughter] >> tyrese gibson.


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