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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 19, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now investigators are sift through the charred ruins avenue local landmark. sky fofox over the columbus farmers market as flames tour through the famous building. smoke you could see it for miles as that fire destroyed a part of burlington county history and dozens of stores. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. fox 29's dave kinchen is live near the scene tonight in columbus. dave? >> reporter: iain, investigators are working behind me they're trying to find out how this fire started. it started around 2:00 o'clock and firefighters tell me they battled the bone chilling cold and powerful winds in the
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process of knocking those flames down. burlington county landmark up in flames. skyfox watches overhead as fire shoots out of the historic columbus farmers market complex. a four harm fire damaging or destroying at least a dozen businesses. >> we have bagel store not just bagels it's called, cheesestea cheesesteaks, french fries, we're in the corner, far corner. i believe it's gone. >> holly new well and her business partner wait for an up close look at the ruins after 21 years of business here. >> we don't know what's going to transpire from the fire or anything. they haven't decide whether we'll be open because we have a locate outside also. >> the timing could not be worse with thanksgiving around the corner. >> our biggest day of the year. >> true for numerous mark merchants known for meats, produce and baked goods. the bulk of the damage confined to one building. >> off the top of my head probably 10 shops damaged if not
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more. >> reporter: 150 firefighters from several companies balanced the flames in trying conditions. >> the smoke was blowing horizontally across away from the building it didn't even go up in the air. >> cold weather and winds were really a big issue on this. give the fire a good head start once it started in there. >> thankfully no injuries were reported. the market was closed when the fire started. now vendors simply weight to see what, if anything, can be saved. >> play the by ear i guess. >> it's up to the owners and retailers hopefully they can get this thing open for thanksgiving rush. >> reporter: fire investigato investigators say they are thankful that the fire walls did work and that helped confine the flames to just one of the buildings. again, thankfully no one injured. the cause is unknown at this time. lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, dave. on your radar what could be record-breaking cold when you wake up. scott williams tracking those falling temps scott. >> that's right. right now in philadelphia it's 25 degrees. we're almost 5 degrees away from
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a record already as we take a look at the numbers it's mid 20s in atlantic city. 21 in allentown. 14 degrees currently in the pocono mountains, but here's the deal. this is what it actually fees like i feels like 10 degrees in pottstown. 13 in philadelphia. look at the pocono mountains it feels like three below zero. the coldest air of the season continuing to funnel in. wind chills will be in the single different and teens so that's how you should dress out the door tomorrow morning. record lows are possible. in fact, the record for philadelphia is 20 set back in 1936 much the forecast is 20. look at atlantic city. the record is 18. the forecast is 18. and in reading we're looking at a record low possibly of 16 degrees breaking the old record of 18. lucy and iain coming up i'll have my exclusive winter weather forecast. keep it here for details on that. >> sounds good, scott. of course your wake up forecast is covered with fox 29 morning news and good day. sue serio has your weather and bob kelly has got the traffic
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troubles and your way around them. >> sky fox over the scene avenue fire in west post grove montgomery county. it started just before 7:30 on the 400 block of glasgow street. firefighters had to bust some windows as they worked to get it under control. it was contain though in about an hour. no one was hurt and we don't know yet how the fire start. >> startling new information tonight surrounding the items of cooper health system ceo and his wife. a family member tells the courier post someone stabbed john and joyce sheridan before a fire broke out in their homes bedroom. investigators believe someone set that fire at the house in somerset county on purpose. but police still have not officially said what killed the couple. the family member also tells the courier post the crime was stab batch fueled by rage, no word from police tonight. a controversial casino wins its bid to open up in south philadelphia. you will soon see the new life hotel and casino near the sports stadiums in south philadelphia.
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state regulators unanimously approving it today. the new $400 million facility include shops and restaurants. those behind know they'll have to meet very high expectations. >> humbled by it. and, um, as a citizen of philadelphia for 25 years we know what philadelphia expects. >> officials with live hotel and casino say nearly 3,000 people will be hired to build it. and another 2,000 employees will be needed to help run it. given the local job mark, a boost. the goals to have it open by sometime in 2017. while some are excited about the new venture near the sports complex a lot of residents in south philly are not too happy at all. chris o'connell live tonight in south philly. chris, a lot of people don't like their new neighbor. >> reporter: iain, first of all, let me show was will be philadelphia's new casino hotel.
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a $425 million project. what will bring 2,000 jobs. it will bring a boutique hotel. but here the problem. that problem is right across packer avenue, a south philadelphia neighborhood where many residents say casino down here at the sports complex is simply too much of a gamble. simply put, the day knew casino breaks ground in south philadelphia is the day paul ma tee yo leaves. >> i'm going to probably sell this house. >> reporter: his home on ninth and bigler over looks what may become philadelphia's second casino. living in the shadow of the sports complex, he's used to traffic jams and parking problems, but he says a new casino will make a bad situation worse. >> crime, drugs, prostitution, my house getting robbed. >> right now i'd say 400-meter. >> this is the view from jay's living room window just a couple hundred yards away from the new casino.
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>> i don't care for it. i think it's already, you know, when we have events the stadium it's already nightmare down here. you add to that the regular stream of people at a casino, and i'm not looking forward to that. >> reporter: casino developers say they have tremendous community support included in the project a 2500 space parking garage to ease parking and traffic congestion. and a promise to live hotel and casino will be good neighbors. >> we've been working very closely with the community through this entire process, and we've really identified a number of areas that we can work with the community to solve some issues that they have today. >> reporter: the stellar maris charter school will be a stone's throw away from the new casino across packer area. parents worry what the future hold. >> all around. it shouldn't be in this area. it's, you know, my kids go to this school here, and i feel that it shouldn't be a part of
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this community. >> reporter: as for ma tee yo, he's hoping opponents take the casino fight to court in hopes of stopping the project. >> i moved here because of the peacefulness. i like peace and that's the reason. if a casino comes i'm out of here. >> reporter: and with harrah's and sugar house casino within a 15 minute drive from this location, some people are wondering whether the city can sustain so many casinos. the developers here say yes. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much chris. developing right now, us is on each after two palestinians attacked and killed four rabbis a police officer at a jerusalem synagogue. israel is now vowing to strike back. us secretary of state john kerry is calling the attack a quote act of pure terror. three of the men killed were americans with dual citizenship. today's attack is a deadliest in the holy city since 2008. the palestinians attack with meat cleavers an gun.
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the synagogue is in and all tra orth dock neighborhood where the attackers died in a shoot out with police. israeli prime minister order the homes of those mendte polish. us considers hamas the terrorist organization and tonight that group is praise dag's attack. >> as missouri braces for grand jury ruling on the threes shooting of a ferguson teenager the governor has now appointed an independent panel to try and help heal the community. jurors are deciding whether the officer will face charges in the death of 18 year old michael brown that shooting set off weeks of protests sometimes violent in the st. louis suburb. the grand jury's decision on whether to indict or clear officer wilson could come any day now. the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline fails to win approval in the democratic controlled senate tonight by one vote. the measure is identical to the one that passed the house oh and friday. republicans noting the project is expected to create some 42,000 jobs but critics oppose
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it saying it will be bad for the environment. >> tonight the pennsylvania supreme court is being asked to reinstate a convict against a roman catholic church official. argument were made today over monsignor william lynn handling of sex abuse complaints. his conviction was overturned on appeal last year and he's been on house arrest ever since. prosecutors took the case to the state's highest court arguing they want the conviction reinstated. they say he endanger the welfare of children. his lawyer says the allegations date back to before the child endangerment law was changed and should not be applied to this case. >> a bucks county man now faces charges in the death of his toddler. police say the boy had a enormous amount of prescription drug oxycodone in his system. prosecutors charged 38 year old cocoa wallace with homicide and recklessly endangering another person. investigators say the amount of of the drug the two year old had in his system was three times more than what would have killed
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an adult. >> a man accused of of pulling off bank robberies wearing a scream mask and other disguise social security in jail tonight. this is 54 year old clark leary. going into his arraignment earlier today. investigators say he pulled off three robberies at the same td bank on the 200 block of south york road in hatboro township. the montgomery county da says surveillance video was able to match money found in leary's apartment to stacks of stolen money. he's now facing robbery, theft and reckless endangering others among other charges. >> ♪ >> a box full of toys for christmas swiped right off a front stoop. a camera catches a man red handed and that's not the worst of it. what police say he brought along for the crime. and a local 18 year old wakes up to find a burglar ransacking his home so he reaches for his arrival. >> i said, don't move or i'm going to shoot. thief didn't listen. what happened the moment he took off n we've all seen red light cameras.
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the driver seen clear as day running right past the light but the guy who got the ticket says it's not him. he's 92, rarely drives much his fight against a $400 fine. and a local family's race against time. she's had dozens of surgeries to fix a rare condition, but nothing worked until now. >> there is an end to this nightmare. i can restart living. >> tonight t
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you used to sleep like a champ. then boom... what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids, now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down you'll know cuz sleep iq™ tells you. give the gift of amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. know better sleep with sleep number. ♪ >> two men wanted for robbing a man after he left a southwest
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philadelphia chinese restaurant the pair are caught on surveillance video. it happened on the skies hundred block of woodland avenue. the 57 year old victim says they knocked him over, took his credit cards and $80. >> investigators are searching for answers tonight into why a woman plunged her car into the sku little river. rescues crews could not save her. it took more than an hour to get that vehicle out of the river. and the weather made that tough job even tougher. fox 29's dawn timmeney has what witnesses saw right before the accident. >> reporter: philadelphia police and firefighters waisting no time after getting a call just before noon that a car had plunged into the schuylkill river. witnesses telling investigators a woman driving at a high rate of speed came down hunting park avenue, crossed kelly drive, crashed through a cement wall and landed in the murky water blow. >> she was going extremely fast. obviously something was wrong. we at this point do not know whether she had some type of a
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medical emergency, mechanical failure, or whether it was intentional. >> reporter: almost immediately, the police department marine unit was on the scene a zodiac raft in the water and divers in the river searching for the vehicle. >> once they go into the water, on top of the extreme temperature, they're operating with zero visible. everything they do is by touch and by feel. i don't think you can really understand the impact of even when they're wearing cold weather suits how difficult it is. >> reporter: despite the extreme conditions, divers quickly located the car that was fully submerged. the driver was unconscious and rescuers tried frantically to free her. >> they did their very best to get into the car but you can see how badly damaged that car was and it went in nose first and it compressed the entire chassis of the car. so they tried very hard to get a door open but it just wasn't -- wasn't possible.
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>> reporter: police had to bring if in a tow truck to pull the vehicle out of the river before they could even extricate the victim. we know that she was a 41 year old african-american woman. police are not yet releasing her name until all of her family members are notified. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. >> police are are looking for a christmas crook in the suburb. a guy with a baby is caught on video snatching a delivery right off someone's front porch on the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue in upper darby. surveillance video shows ups dropping off a box. the box contains christmas toys worth more than $100. then cops say a guy with a baby comes up and takes off with the delivery. neighbor cannot believe someone would do something like this. >> absolutely shocking like why would somebody do that? you know, kids need toys. i buy toys for my son all the time. it just amazes me what people do now days. it's not right. police say thieves target
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holiday deliveries and it's best not to have packages dropped off when nobody is home. >> attempted murder charges to night against a camden woman who police say stabbed a new jersey caseworker. police say 30 year old edwards stabbed 29 year old lea coleman 21 times and they say that she did it at the division of child protection and permanent see office building in camden yesterday afternoon. coleman is critical but she's stable. the attack happened only days after budget cuts eliminated armed officers assigned to the d.c. f officeings. >> a former court employee tonight faces charges of stealing bail money. prosecutors say 42 year old steven marge rot tow stole more than $150,000 in bail money from the occur ram from hold correctional facility. he turned himself in today. auththorities say a lengthy grad jury investigation led to his arrest. >> a former mistress bill cosby speaks exclusively to inside edition about the rape accusations made against him.
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cosby has admitted to having an affair with sean brown but in the '70's. tonight she told inside edition she is convinced the comedian drugged and raped her. she also said she believed cosby is the biological father of her daughter. >> i didn't think anything of it at the time because i new him, and i trusted him. but i do remember being very drugged and i don't remember much after that. i just remember waking up the next morning in the bedroom naked. i know i had had sex. i don't remember any of it. >> the decades old allegations of sexual assault have been coming back to haunt bill cosby in recent weeks much he's never faced any charges. his lawyer says he will not comment on any of the allegations. >> central bucks west is now looking for new head football coach after allegations of hazing rock the school's football program. the school district released its own investigation today. it says head coach brian hensel
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and his assistants did not do enough to supervise the team and that is why hensel will not be back on the side lines next season. but he can stay on as a teacher with the school if he wants. last month, the district canceled central bucks west's football season with two games left to play. what a fun and inspiring day for lucy and me. we got to cook up a storm with cans sr. survivors. >> iain cook. sort of i chopped and diced. >> we got video. >> did you dice. tonight a local food pantry is singing praises for a big prayer answered today's event philadelphia free library paired us each with a cancer survivor to whip up their favorite thanksgiving side dish. since the culinary literacy and cancer treatment centers of america put on the cook off they had to taste great. >> rhonda and i won with her collard green recipe. the prize $1,000 check to the hunger relief organization of my choice and i pick the bridesburg
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community food pantry. >> ecstatic. totally. we couldn't ask for anything better because we're just trying to provide for others. >> i got to tell you the folks at bride burg cried when they heard about the check. prayers answered indeed. they only had 30 turkeys and 325 families hoping for thanksgiving meal. brides burg said today's check will pay for two weeks of groceries for all those famili families. it's a year round pantry. if you'd like to help we've got how on myfoxphilly myfoxphilly.. look on the seen under tv tab and you'll rhonda fantastic collard green recipe. >> a plane falls from the sky slamming into this home much the couple inside survived by only inches. tonight, what investigators found next to the plane that could hold the answers. >> plus, pot branding. the celebrity who is now the face of a first global brand of
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marijuana. howard? >> the phillies are trying hard to trade ryan howard. but that is not ryan howard's biggest problem this off season much his other issue is beyond baseball. but it's money related.
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♪ >> near inches spared a couple from losing their lives. small twin engine cargo plane crashed in their home this morning. now pilot did die. the plane slammed knows down
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into their living room missing that sleeping couple by 8-inches. federal officials say the pilot reported engine trouble right after taking off from midway airport. investigators are now taking a very close look at fuel nearly wreckage to see if that could explain what went wrong. minnesota vikings star adrian peterson can kiss this football season go by. the nfl has suspended the running back without pay for the rest of the season. nfl commissioner goodell says either peterson has quote shown no meaningful remorse for the charges of child abuse. in november, peterson plead no contest to reckless assault on child after reports surfaced he disciplined his four year old son with a switch. the inform fl players association says it is appeali appealing. >> and elderly drive in florida says he's a victim of mistaken identity. >> now he's fighting back against the false claims. howard lilly of st. petersburg says he began getting angry letters from a collection agency claiming that he had never paid a fine for had red light camera
3:25 am
ticket. the problem, he says it wasn't his car that was cited on the ticket. so he got a lawyer. but the nasty letters kept coming even threatening to have him arrested and take his license. >> i got a little bit, i don't got lot. >> miscarriage of justice to a senior citizen. >> lilly says that a judge finally tossed the case. one mystery left now the city where the ticket was issue which is south pasadena doesn't even use a collection agency so lilly is wondering how the company got his information and whether it's some sort of scam targeting the elderly. >> it could be that. before you take off for grandma and grandpa's house this holiday where are jeff germ yesterday spots on your airplane flight. forget the bathroom much the one thing do you not touch once you're on bore. dave? >> a gun toting teenager confronts a burglary suspect in his northern liberties home. i'm dave schratwieser. wait until you hear what happened next.
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>> and last year the region saw 68-inches of snowfall. how much to expect this year. your exclusive fox
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>> northern liberties teenager takes on a burglary he catches red handed in his home. it happened early this morning and this young man wasn't having any part of it. >> when he heard someone in his house he went right for his gun. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at central detectives tonight. dave this is one brave teenager. >> reporter: no doubt about it. i was going to say a brave kid went for his arrive this morning
3:29 am
when he heard that burglar and side his home in northern liberties. tonight the suspect is behind bars here at central detectives. facing very serious charges after the teen not only confronted him but then chased him down. >> i just woke up. he was down the haul. >> reporter: still clutching his rival ivan, told fox 29 news, he was in his second floor bedroom tuesday morning when he heard a noise in his father's room down the haul. >> someone was in his room going through just ransacking the place. >> reporter: 18 year old roman catholic high graduate scramble for his 22 caliber remington rival. >> i said, don't move or i'm going to shoot. i'll call the cops. and he ran towards me i took the safety off and then he push the barrel downwards. >> reporter: after shoving the gun barrel aside the suspect ran downstairs and dove out this window. but ivan refused to give up. >> i jumped out after him, and and that we fought in that backyard. he picked up a rusty iron pipe
3:30 am
and tried to swing it at me and he didn't hit me. i hit his head with brick. >> reporter: he chased him down the block. towards lawrence street. >> i tackled him on top of a van and i had him a head lock. someone called the police. i kept him in my arms till the cops got there. >> reporter: police arrested the man it turns out court records show 50 year old orlando due plot just got out of prison after serving a four to eight year sentence for burglary. police say he has at least 29 arrests. >> it's crazy that he's still out there. and he just keeps getting away. >> reporter: despite a hair raising moments and some bumps and bruises, ivan is glad he took on the suspect. >> i'd do it again. i'm just glad i got him. neighborhood is safe a little bit. >> reporter: now the suspect is facing robbery, burglary and aggravated assault charges. one final note on ivan he is home from college because his dad is being treated for cancer. he took the semester off to help out his dad. he hopes to return to college soon. iain?
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>> all right, great story, dave, thanks. incredible video coming out of buffalo new york tonight. look at this. police are warning people to stay off the roads after 18-inches of snow were dumped on the area. and snow is still falling tonight. several inches an hour. look at those blizzard conditions. thankfully that is not happening here. but -- >> it can always be worse. >> scott williams -- >> not happening here just yet. that winter weather forecast is coming up in just a few minutes but let's talk about this arctic blast right now. look at the temperatures. 25 degrees currently in philadelphia. but look at the wind chill it feels like 13 degrees. so it's cold area wide. right now temperatures are also below freezing area wide. 28 in wildwood. 25 in atlantic city. wilmington 25 degrees. low 20s in allentown. 14 degrees right now in the pocono mountains but you factor in that wind how your body reacts, how you should dress, it feels like three blow in the pocono mountains it feels like 13 right now in philadelphia and nine in lancaster.
3:32 am
so tomorrow morning the forecast in philadelphia 20 degrees. that would tie the record low of 20. the forecast in reading tomorrow morning is 16. the record is 18 set back in 1936. so for tomorrow, similar to today, with high temperatures only in the low 30s but it's not going to be as windy. so that will be some good news. dry conditions right now for us but take look at the lake effect snow continuing to impact the buffalo area. they are expecting snow drifts five to 6 feet. so that cold air continues to funnel in overhead across our area. and as we look at that seven day forecast, you can see a little bit of a reprieve as we move into the second part of the upcoming weekend but tomorrow, 33 degrees, 44 on thursday. cold for friday. upper 30s. 50s as we move into sunday and then, yeah, mid 60s for monday and tuesday. but it is not going to last. colder air will be moving in and that takes us to our exclusive fox 29 winter weather authority forecast.
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♪ >> winter is still about a month away, but the first flakes have already fallen. >> way, way, way too early. >> and recent below average temperatures have folks reaching for heavier coats. >> it could have been nice if it could have stayed warmer little bit longer. >> after the brutal winter we saw last year, just saying the word snow will get you lots of looks and ray raise eyebrows around here. >> hopefully it will just ab really cold winter instead of a lot of snow like last year. >> i mean let's look at the numbers. last winter went down as the second snowiest winter on record with 68-inches of snow. that's just 10-inches behind the all-time snowiest winter ever for philadelphia. the repetition made it exhaust to go. there were at least 17 times with a trace or more of snow. winter officially begins december 21st but will it be as intense as last year? i've been analyzing the date today to help you prepare and here's my exclusive fox 29 winter weather
3:34 am
authority forecast before we talk about the temperatures and even the expected snowfall amounts for this season, there are several factors to consider. number one being the polar vortex. you her it last year and you'll hear it again this winter. also, we'll discuss the el nino setting up. the importance of the jet stream patterns and the type of events. will they be nuisance systems or blockbuster events? ♪ >> last year's buzz phrase was polar vortex. >> meteorologists are calling the polar vortex. >> another polar vortex. >> and unfortunately i think you'll be hearing more of this phrase this winter. what exactly is a polar vortex? it's always there. it's locked up around the north pole. it's a cold arctic air circulating around the poles and some of that air typically will break off from that main circulation because of a jet stream pattern and dive a little farther to the south. what about the southern branch of the jet stream? i think it will be controlled this winter by a weak el nino pattern basi
3:35 am
basically warming up the eastern pacific waters and that will channel a strong subtropical jet stream our way which could set the stage for more nor'easters. i think we'll see at least two to three nor'easters head in our direction this year. now let's talk temperatures. for the rest of november, look for below average highs in the mid to upper 40s. moving on to december, look for temperatures right around the monthly average of 45 degrees. for january, temperatures will remain slightly below the monthly average of 40 degrees. i expect february to be our coldest month with temperatures below the monthly average of 44 degrees. now that we've covered the temperatures, here's moo exclusive fox 29 winter weather authority snowfall forecast. ♪ >> the rest of the month features a wintry tease with few flurries and wet snowflakes mixed in. december will feature one or two nuisance systems with light accumulations. january will bring the first real plowable snowfall to the
3:36 am
region with six or more inches of snow likely from a mid to late month nor either. not only will february be our coldest but also snowiest month with a couple of blockbuster storms each bringing six to 10-inches of snow. snowfall will continue into early march with a few nuisance systems delivering an additional one to 3-inches of snow. to summarize for the 2014-2015 my exclusive snowfall forecast is between 29 to 33-inches of snow for the philadelphia area. while that's above the typical average of 21-inches for the philadelphia area, it's a little less than half of last year's record breaking 68-inches of snow. >> that's good news and bad news of it all. >> yes. not as many nuisance systems but more blockbuster systems. >> i'd like blockbuster movies but not blockbuster storms. >> no. >> thanks, scott. great stuff. >> heart warming surprise for dozens of shoppers that brought many to tears. simple reason behind one lay
3:37 am
away angel's generosity. >> and make sure you never hit the snooze button again. i love my snooze button.
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♪ >> in your money the late reggae legend bob marley could be the
3:40 am
face of the first global weed brand. us private equity firm says it has joined marley's family in the hopes of building what it touts as the world's first cannabis brand. it wants to sell what it calls heirloom jamaican cannabis strains of marijuana in areas where pot is legal by the end of the 2015. >> get up or pay up. there's a new app offering motivation to get you out of bed. so you sign up for the app called i cuckoo and every time you hit the snooze button instead of getting out of bed money is donate to do a charity of your choice. we don't know how much cash users have raised for charities so far. christmas come early to one florida community. >> mazing day for 55 families with stuff on lay away for the holidays. business stepped up and paid their tabs. janson labs and power clean corp. is based in right near tampa bay. john sanders at the president and he wanted to give back to the people his company serves so he paid off $12,000 in lay away accounts at the area wal*mart. he figure if people had items on
3:41 am
lay away they probably were struggling for the holidays and he wanted to help. >> next, in the fight of her life decades of surgeries none of them helping all while her family is by her side hoping for a miracle. >> it's tiring. it's emotional. >> tonight the remar
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stars are out tonight in center fee for the marion anderson ga gala. john bon jovi and fox 29 cameras were there for the red carpet rifle. the legendary rocker was recognized for his musical achievements and philanthropic work. we have story of tragedy of hope and quiet possibly a miracle. >> a 53 year old local woman in the fight of her life takes our joyce evans on journey from chester county to washington, d.c. >> grab the apples for me. >> carlene, loves to cook. fresh applesauce homemade the old-fashioned way. a treat her husband steve doesn't mind helping with the prep. >> dining room on the bottom
3:45 am
shelf. >> right behind the antique grandfather clock. a family treasure. it will be soft just in time for the arrival of another treasure, ava their biological granddaughter who they recently adopted. >> she knows that she's my ang angel. >> you'll see why in just a bit. so life couldn't be more perfect for the family living in the surrene rolling hillside of spring city, pa. except, food doesn't do anything for me. i don't absorb anything. i don't live like every other human being lives. i have bag. i have a port. >> she has a big problem with her intestinal track and she's running out of time to fix it. >> we've done everything medically and her bowel just won't function. >> why? >> nobody knows. but it has taken quite a toll. >> the first abdominal surgery
3:46 am
was in 1986. >> and ever since there's been snipping, cutting, repairing and removing. >> 35 abdominal surgeries. >> normally, all this would be white with her bowel. >> now, nothing much is left. >> she's getting all her nutrition in a very artificial manner. >> through a tube going in. >> so it has glucose, it has all my minerals and vitamins that i need in this bag. >> and another tube coming out. >> that's what they call the ill lee i don't say ross tommy bag. it's under here. >> it's been a long hard fight. >> slow decline in ability. >> energy. >> and just -- >> nightmare filled with complications live threatening infections and tons of heart ache. >> it's tiring. it's emotional.
3:47 am
>> it just landed steve's dear wife on the list of a rare risky and most expensive organ transplant. >> she was relieved. it hit me hard, but i've since gotten to the point when i fully acknowledge that there are no other options. >> there is an end to this nightmare. i can restart living a normal life again. >> you're worried for her? >> it scares me to death. >> there are a lot of things that have line up. >> just the right match and mack yup for small donor and more. >> she does have fair number of antibodies that essentially eliminate a lot of donors that she could potentially have. >> they'll have to travel on a moment's notice to med star georgetown university hospital in washington, dc. for hours of surgery and months of recovery under the care of noted bowel transplant surgeon
3:48 am
cal mats motto. dr. m for short. >> the healthy you are going into surgery, the better you'll do afterwards. >> you can't give up. >> they're deep religious faith won't let them down. while waiting for that phone call is agonizing -- >> at some point the call will come and we'll react. >> the family are humble, patient and incredibly empathetic to other others on tt transplant list. >> it's no reason for us to be self fish and mack any kind of demands that this has to happen next week, next month. that would just be unfair to the folks had are much worse off. >> carlene often makes light of it all. >> i'm going to have honest with you. i have moo it woe me moments. shower is a good place for it because nobody can hear me cry. >> you can save your pity. >> don't be worry because i'm going to fight through this. i'm not sorry. >> what she is is busy. doing what she loves more than
3:49 am
anything else. volunteering at the coventry christian schools in pottstown. >> i love when they call me mrs. mimi here. >> like a rock star, moving through the hallways. >> hi. >> there's no words that can be put to the feeling that these children give to me. >> and the little ones singing is so soothing echoing from the classrooms. >> per favorite thing, story time in the library. >> and keeping the kids in line checking books in and out. >> all right. >> and while she can't get enough of this kind of loving, any chance to steal a moment with her precious ava is worth it. >> carlene and steve credit this incredible nine year old with keeping their spirits high.
3:50 am
>> she says just seeing a smile on my face. >> is that good enough, month many? >> yes. >> just smile? um-hmm. >> yeah. her smile can light up any room. >> she's carlene's biggest helper. >> she's truly my light of my life. >> she never panic when her mom has an emergency. >> no. >> never? >> no. >> how come? >> because i know it's a fact of life. it happens to some people. >> ava is a little worried about the surgery but her mom promised her she won't be gone for good. >> not going to let it happen. that's the way it is, right? >> well just hours ago, the call came. a perfect donor match has been found. carlene and family have arrived in washington, d.c. and we are on our way there too. dr. m has his surgery set for early in the morning. we'll show you what happens. joyce evans fox 29 news. >> our prayers go out to them.
3:51 am
>> we're pulling for them. >> absolutely. >> a lot of us will be traveling this season. but you've got to watch what you touch when your on an airplane. >> dangerous bacteria can live and plain surfaces for week. a fox reporter did some testing and swabbed popular spots all over the plane, lab results finding antibiotic resistant bacteria and side the tsa bin and also on the toilet seat. airplane bathroom sing bee far the dirtiest but the second dirtiest surface that tray table experts say pack your hand sanitizer and wipe down the tray. howard? >> it's unlikely ryan how war will be back with the phillies next season. but i'm told he has bigger issues. and eagles are trying to find ways to move on from that disaster at green bay.
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♪ >> it's clear ever since i reported back on october 2nd the phillies were trying to trade ryan howard that things are changing for the phillies first baseman sources told me he's got bigger issues off the field. i'm told that ryan howard's family including his mother, father and his brother have brought legal action against ryan howard. now when howard became a
3:55 am
professional his family formed a corporation in which all of ryan's earnings were paid officers in essence partners. in that corporation, where his mother, father and brother, after howard got married to his wife crystal he moved his family out of the corporation. so changing the corporation, the family is out and they have brought the action against howard to get their share of his money. now, it was interesting that when howard built that massive home in belaire beach florida 10 miles outside of the phillies training site in clearwater, on the gulf his family was to move in one half of that 34,000 square foot house where the doorknobs cost 85,000. and a laci river passes through the home. they never messed in. and they stopped their visits when he played near outside his home in st. louis. in the end, it's all about money and now he's being sued by his family. i'm also told regardless whether the phillies find a team for trade for howard they will buy out his crack and almost no
3:56 am
chance he will be back. on another note i hear toronto is now heavily in the mix with the cubs and red sox trying to i was inquire cole hamels much eagles forgotten about that loss sunday in green bay. eagles players and their practice they were upbeat after the last game. >> the emotions can be pretty bad. most important thing about that you're not carrying those emotions forward. it's a new week. you learn from it. you move move forward and you carry a better attitude into next game. >> have any money? >> thanks for watching have great night. ♪
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