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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 19, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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♪ >> next, quite the delivery at a local store. 90 pounds of weed. what the shop owner tells fox 29 tonight about the mystery police are trying to solve. >> a piece of local history fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> right now a local legend at the center of a growing scandal decades in the making. new allegations of rape have bill cosby losing television
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projects left and right, ton night for the first time cosby on camera dodging questions. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. >> let's get right to our chris o'connell whose life is temple's campus tonight. cosby's alma mater. chris. >> reporter: iain, as more women come forward accusing bill cos beef sexual assault the fallout continues. tonight the legendary comedian talking about the scandal. >> no, no, we don't answer that. >> reporter: business bee on the hot seat in a just released associated press interview broadcast tonight on inside edition. he sat down to talk about his art collection with his wife camille. cosby wasn't talking about the renewed allegations that he sexually assaulted more than 15 women. >> there's no response. >> can i ask you with the persona that people know about bill cosby should they believe anything differently? there's no comment about
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that. >> the latest alleged victim former super mold dell janice dick ken son. she claims cosby drugged and assaulted her the lake tahoe resort back in 1982. >> the next morning i woke up and i wasn't wearing my pajamas and i remember before i passed out i had been sexually assaulted by this man. >> reporter: dickinson is the third woman to come forward with similar claims against cosby, renewed interest was fueled by an october routine by comedian hannibal burris where cosby was called rapist. cosby's lawyer call the latest allegation a complete lie. >> these are allegations. innocent until proven guilty much that's what american is all about report roar mixed reaction at temple university where cosby serves on the board of trustees but so far the university is declining comment on cosby at this time. >> i think that's they're way of handling it of not responding. >> it's his matter but at the same time he represents temple.
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>> reporter: donna goes to temple and graduated from central high school. also, where bill cosby went. she worries the scandal will tarnish her school's image. >> he speaks at welcome week. he sometimes comes to commence many. i feel like it's an issue that temple needs to address. >> reporter: and the fallout continues tonight. a day after both nbc and netflix postponed or canceled upcoming shows starring cosby. tonight the cable channel tv land has canceled all remaining shows of the sinned indicated reruns of the cosby show. so things are getting worse for cosby before they're getting better. guys? >> all right, thank you very much, chris. and one of bill cosby's close friends talked to our chris o'connell earlier this week. we have posted it on our website and you can watch more of that interview on inside edition tonight at 11:30. >> developing right now, more trouble in atlantic city. the shore resort's troubled gaming industry takes another
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big hit. the toronto company that was planning to buy the revel casino has backed out. why? a disagreement among company bondholders. revel shut down back in september. four atlantic city casinos have closed this year with another set to close next month. costing thousands of workers their jobs. tonight on the boardwalk hundreds of atlantic city casino workers marching in protest next month's planned shut down of the trump taj mahal. trump entertainment resorts now plans to turn over the reigns to billionaire investor carl icon. in urn he would forgive three hadn't dread million dollars in debt. he'll invest $1 million into the casino but only with the substantial financial help from the state. the taj mahal is on the cusp of becoming the fifth atlantic city casino to close this. >> marijuana mystery in delaware county. an upper darby clothing store got a special delivery 90 pounds of marijuana. police are trying to figure out who sent all that pot to the store on 69th street.
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they're especially concerned about how the packages of showed up. dave schratwieser is live in upper darby. >> reporter: what do you do if a fed ex delivery truck drops off $300,000 worth of high grade pot to your store? the store manager at city blew men's clothing here in upper darby tolls me tonight there was only one thing he could do. >> first reaction is one phone call that is to the police only. >> reporter: for the manager of the city blue store in upper darby, it was a package he would have loved to refuse, a shipment upper darby police say gives new meaning to the term special delivery. 90 pounds of hot-grade marijuana from california. delivered twice in 24 hours by fed ex. the street value, 300 grand. >> i did what i was supposed to do. there was nothing else to do but hand it over to the authorities. >> reporter: the manager who asked not to be identified says that while the two deliveries were marked with the store address, he didn't recognize the name on the package. >> the person it's addressed to
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never worked for this company. we do not know who it is. >> if it's not for the store manager somebody is grabbing 90,000 in dope. >> reporter: the first shipment of 60 pounds worth 200 grand showed up tuesday morning right across from a police mini station. a second fed ex shipment came to the store with 30 pounds worth 100 grand. it was dropped off wednesday around noon. >> this is packaged where you really couldn't smell it. we didn't smell it until we opened it up and put it out here today. >> reporter: this is the second big drug shipment picked off by upper darby in the past months. in october they found drugs at a local home along with hundred thousand dollars in cash an small arsenal of weapons. the drugs were delivered by the postal service. >> it's now that holiday season where numerous packages are coming through, and you can't tell me that drugs are not being shipped because we know we are. >> we look after the community that support us.
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we take care of them as well, too. >> reporter: now, superintendent chitwood says detectives are still trying to find the person who was supposed to get this shipment, and where it came from. also told me tonight, he does not believe this was a trial run. and he hopes to round up all the players in this sophisticated operation. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. new tonight, temple police arrested a man they say tried to rob a student near campus. that makes the seventh student targeted in a week. tonight's innocent near the corner of 18th and diamond streets. police haven't arrested anybody else for those other robberies. >> the epic snowstorm blasting western new york is blamed for seven deaths. check the out a man in west seneca used a drone to take this video of the area. 132-mile stretch of the new york through way will be closed until the storm is over. forecasters say another two or 3 feet could fall by tomorrow night. that would be on top of the 6 feet parts of buffalo have already seen. on your radar, nothing like that
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tonight. scott williams tracking a bit of a warmup for us. >> that's right. we'll take what we can get. even though it's still going to be cold and below average, we're not looking at record breaking cold as we move into the overnight. so a little bit of good news. high temperatures for thursday, actually top out in the low 40s and also in that seven day forecast we'll talk about 50s and 60s making a brief come back. but look at the numbers right now. 35 degrees in philadelphia. we have 36 in millville. 37 even in wildwood. so that south wind is really helping our temperatures. a few locations seeing temperatures rise. so as were roll the clock, tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we're looking at 31 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in atlantic city. atlantic city was at 20 degrees early this morning. as we move toward tomorrow afternoon, look at high temperatures expected in the mid 40s for atlantic city. 42, 43 in philadelphia. upper 30s to right around 40 north and west. coming up we'll have the timing of when to expect temperatures above average briefly and also
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iain and lucy we're looking ahead already what to expect for thanksgiving. >> all right. scott, thank you. a terrible tractor trailer accident in berks county kills two people and hurts nine others. tonight the driver of the big rig is facing some serious charges. fox 29's dawn timmeney talks with one of police officer at the scene who almost got caught up in the horrific accident. >> reporter: this mangled heap of metal is all that's left of one of several cars that ab out of control tractor trailer plowed into about 6:30 this morning. this deadly accident happening on route 222 near route 73 in maiden creek township right in front of this dunkin' donuts. the whole thing caught on came camera. >> you can clearly see on the video from the dunkin' donuts that all of the vehicles come to a stop and the tractor trailer just doesn't. >> reporter: the cars were stopped for a light. this silver suv was pulling out of the drive through when her car was slammed into the sign. she was killed as was a man driving the crushed nissan. >> she was two or three cars in front of me.
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>> reporter: officer robert wood happened to be in the drive through line as well. >> basically you could feel the impact, you know, sounds of, you know, things smashing. >> reporter: wood springing into action when he realized the gravity of the situation. but still he can't help but think he, too, could have been killed. >> seconds and minutes. it's really amazing. feet and inches. thankfully i got the red light up the road before i came through here. or else i would have, yes. >> could have been you. >> yes. >> reporter: district attorney says the driver of this recycling truck 50 year old steven ben yea of readin readind his wreck after falling asleep at the wheel. >> the defendant started work this morning at 1:30 in the morning. must have been tired causing him to doze off. when he woke up, he laid on the brakes. >> reporter: sadly 22 too late. the district attorney tells us the driver was going too fast for conditions and was unable to stop kareening out of control. autopsies on the two people who
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were killed will be performed tomorrow morning. the nine other who's were injured we're told will be okay. >> in berks county dawn tim money knee fox 29 news. >> police say this teenager is in jail tonight charged with raping his five year old relative. the little girl was taken to chop yesterday where doctors realized she has a sexually transmitted disease. police say he was living with the family when the assault happened a few months ago. police say he's from ecuador. >> no word yet on what started a devastating farmers market fire in new jersey. investigators are trying to piece that puzzle together tonight. skyfox shows what little is left of the charred historic columbus farmers market in burlington county. at least a dozen businesses are gone destroyed right before their busiest time of year, the holiday season. 150 firefighters balanced the flames with high winds blowing. indoor businesses are now closed. but the outdoor stands are still open and on a normal schedule.
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from incredible high to a devastating low. yesterday the call one family called a miracle. the organ transplant they'd been waiting for was go, then the heartbreaking news. >> i felt as if my stomach had just dropped. you know everything had just fallen at that moment. >> tonight their struggle to recover from the emotional roller coaster and the one thing getting them throughout all. >> plus a pack car plunge noose a newark pond but witnesses raced over to save the people inside including a little boy. what police say the driver tried to moments before he lost control. >> and watch as two armed men burst into a local gas station, crawling through a tiny window to get to the clerk. what they grabbed before they took off will leave you dumb struck. >> coincidence or did major brewing company steal this guy's image. why the man is so fired up. he w
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♪ >> a car plunges down an embankment and into a pond near chris cho anna hall mall in delaware. skyfox over the scene. six people including a child all from philadelphia went to the hospital. investigators say the 33 year old driver sped up when a green light turned yellow, lost control on mall boulevard off of route 1 and then drove into the retention pond. several people nearby ran to help rescue before -- before rescuers got there. >> when she thought no one was looking a woman stole a package off the front porch of a home in
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philadelphia. >> latest test in our area ton night fox 29's bruce gordon guess us tips how to protect our deliveries against thieves. >> reporter: friday afternoon, this woman apparently decides do a little christmas shopping on the 500 block of reid street. she wants the five finger discount, and she gets it. the woman showed us the video captured on her dad's elaborate security set up. >> i was furious. >> the package was delivered by a postal service carrier at 40:00 7:00 p.m. and stolen less than 40 minutes later. someone was home at the ti time. they scan it and leave it behind the door. there's attempt to knock or ring at all. >> she post add sign asking any carrier to ring the bell when they deliver a package, but back to the story. look carefully. the woman glances over her shoulder as she approaches the door to see if anyone is watching. now the camera is and she would love to see the thief caught. >> we all work hard for the money we earn, for things we buy with it and for someone to do
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that it's not right. >> reporter: on monday a similar theft occurred in upper darby. a man carrying a small child walks on this covered front porch on greenwood avenue and makes off with a big box of christmas toys. police say the holiday season is open season on packages left visible at the front door. advice from philly's top cop. >> try to coordinate with the various carriers so someone is home to receive it if it's at all possible, or be able to put it in a place where it's concealed and not out in the open, if you know you have a package coming. if you have a neighbor that you noel and trust, maybe the neighbor could get it for you. roar report postal rules do not require carriers to knock or ring when they leave a package at your door. u.s. ps tells me you can create your own sign like we showed you, or go to your own post office and tell them first hand how you want pack deliveries handled. on happy note, the woman tells us the store in question express was willing this time only to replace the stolen a $200 jacket
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at no additional charge. nice of them to do it. in the newsroom, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> montgomery county stages a huge crack down on dead beat parents. 15 sheriffs deputees fanned out across the county early this morning looking for 67 parents who owe back child support. nine dads were arrested and three more turned themselves after leaving they were being pursued. the sweep is an on-going effort by the county. >> four new jersey high school assistant football coaches suspended a mid a hazing and sexual assault scandal now get to keep their teaching jobs. the sayreville school board decided to reinstate the men as teachers. but the school board did not make a recommendation about the suspended head coach. all the coaches have been suspended with pay since last month. prosecutors have charged seven players with hazing and sexually assaulting 14 teammates inside the locker room. no coaches face charges. in ocean county tom river police have found the man who
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exposed himself to a little girl in a dollar tree store. they have buffed 73 year old gustav have a miranda. he exposed himself to an eight year old girl in one of the stores aisles. bail is now set at $75,000. >> a delaware county woman already awaiting trial for a deadly accident is again behind bars for driving under the influence. police say 24 year old nicole a bell was on heroin and had popped pills before getting behind the wheel yesterday in upper darby. she crashed into a parked car, nobody was hurt. police say she's currently awa awaitly trial for homicide by vehicle stemming from an accident in 2012. her 21 year old passenger died in that crash with a tractor trailer. and police say labelle was driving under the influence then as well. there are a few new heavy hitters joining the list of candidates running for philadelphia's next mayor. former district attorney lynne abraham surrounded by mummers playing the rocky theme as she announced her mayoral bid today.
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general election for mayor is next november and right away political experts say she could be a front runner give her name recognition, track record of fighting courtroom and making the is he's failing public school system a centerpiece of her campaign. >> too many young middle class families who love the city leave it because they can't afford private school and public schools are simply not an opti option. another political heavy hitter handy joined the field as well. long time philadelphia state incident anthony williams making at nouns many at independence mall tonight. joking about his true loyalty to the city and its sports scenes before setting higher priorities for what he'd like to do as mayor. >> in spite of sunday -- (laughter). >> -- i still bleed green! for all that makes us great, the city needs to compete not simply on the national stage but we need to think and begin to compete on the world stage. ♪
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>> williams wants to create more jobs and improve schools and create a better future for everyone. still undecided city council president darrell clark would also be among front runners if he decides to run. >> the push is on to raise money and build excitement over philadelphia's bid to host the democratic national convention in 2016. tonight the in it to win it fundraiser took over west philadelphia's cirrus center. former governor ed rendell spoke to the crowd about why philadelphia is the ideal host city. well deserved honors for some of philadelphia's fine never. >> the finest of the finest. more than 80 officers were honored for a specially outstanding arrests and their service in uniform. the fraternal order of police singled out officers who showed special initiative and perseverance in the performance of that are duties. the fop holds these merit commendation ceremonies periodically throughout the ye year. >> a trip to taco bell ends behind bars. police say this guy road up on his bike to the drive through
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after a night of drinking but cops say went down when they denied him service. and from a pencil with a slingshot to the bottle rocket party would have been dub the most dangerous toys this holiday season. >> most all of us do it. dozens times every single day but how you're text cog do lasting damage to you. to your body. what you should do right when you pick up y
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♪ >> very tense is how the reverend al sharpton describes the situation in ferguson, missouri tonight. a grand jury coming close to making a decision over whether a police officer there could face criminal charges in the deadly shooting of unarmed black teenager. if officer darrin wilson is indicted the possible charges range from involuntary manslaughter to first degree murder. two texas police officers were caught on camera making a joke about rape have been suspended. the police chief calls the dash cam video upsetting. >> the comments were made surely after the austin police officers responded to a crash. an attorney investigating the crash posted the video to youtube. the department is reviewed past cases involving sexual assault victims that both officers handled and says they have no prior complaints. >> secret service firing on all cylinders to night at the would it house. age as rested a man after finding a arrival, ammunition an
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knife in the trunk of his car parked nearby. prosecutors already charged the 41 year old from iowa with having an unregistered firearm. he grabbed the attention of the secret service when he walk right up to them and said, you know what, somebody from iowa told me to drive to the white house. and this follows series of high profile security lapses on the white house grounds over the past few months. >> a florida man believes one of the world's biggest beer companies may have used his picture without his permission. >> 60 year old russell carpenter is convinced that anheuser-busch used his high school yearbook picture on the doc otis hard lemonade. that has been diss conned. carpenter even had an analyst take look. the am lift says it's likely his picture. carpenter is now trying to find a lawyer but no one will take his case. >> taken somebody's yearbook photo and saying artist sketch looks similar to them is very
10:26 pm
difficult case to prove. >> you like that it happened, the truth? >> anheuser-busch says it investigated carpenter's claim much the company says the image in question was created using a book from the late 19th 15. >> it look like samuel clemens, aka mark twain. smoke pulls out of massive kennett square house after a fire ripped through. how the building's history had crews fighting to save it. >> lucy get ready for up and down temperatures over the next several days. we're already previewing what to expect for thanksgiving much that's all next. iain. >> all right scott. talk about high honors actually an award for the best public roast restroom and it's right here in the delaware vally. >> wow! >> what just nailed the number >> wow! >> what just nailed the number owe put all the apps you love...
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inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> hysterics chester county home goes up in flames. the fire broke out inside this house one of the oldest buildings in kennett square. people living in the neighborhood cannot believe this happened to a landmark in
10:30 pm
chester county. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce explains why parts of the home can never be replay. >> reporter: skyfox flew overhead as historic shall front mansion in kennett square went up in smoke and flames. >> i was smoke coming out of different windows from the second and third noor and out of the first noor as well. >> reporter: kennett square fire chief steve milton says everyone got out safely. one woman had minor injuries. the greatest casualty is a unique and historic property itself. >> it's a treasure that's lost. >> reporter: 220 north union street was built in 1884 by famed philadelphia architect frank furnace x quiet beautiful inside. really quiet lovely. >> reporter: one man who lived here didn't want to show his face on camera but tells us the home is divided into a handful of apartment he has an art studio on the second floor and is hoping he can save his work. one of his students designed the home. >> the first noor for instance
10:31 pm
has these magnificent rooms, you know, sort of like ball rooms. there's so large. and very high ceilings. >> reporter: the balloon style design of the home that caused the fire to spread so fast. >> the fire started slow, it likes to go up the walls. >> reporter: the chief says it's unclear how or where the fire started. >> some of the house can probably be rebuilt. >> reporter: historic fixtures that define this home -- >> you have original windows. um, originally chimneys. >> reporter: may not survive the extensive smoke damage. >> i lived in kennett square for 45 years and this house has been a fixture of kennett, and it's registered as historic house, and it's a shame for the damage it's taken today. >> reporter: historic home is going to be featured next month in the holiday tour. now, this testify heavily damaged gem is being boarded up and its future is unknown. in kennett square, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news.
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>> surveillance images capturing robbers in bucks county hitting a lukoil gas station on the 4600 block of street road. this happened yesterday. police just want to catch these guys. they say they forced an employee in the stores bathroom while they grabbed cash, cigarettes and sodas before they left. call police if you know who they are. >> it may be cold here, but there's record breaking snow pounding parts of new york state. some places could end up with more than sick feet. >> all that snow has hundreds of drivers, i mean hundreds of drivers stranded on highways. in fact, team bus niagra women's basketball team was among those stuck on the road. the players and coach tweeted photo updates as they sat and sat and sat on the new york state through way. now, after more than 24 hours, the thankful head coach post add picture of the men who rescue they would. the team then posted another picture at 4:30 this morning. see how happy they are. with the caption reading, we are
10:33 pm
all safe at the toll plaza making our way to police station and then on to campus. >> could not imagine 24 hours stuck in a bus in the middle of the the snow freezing cold. >> would not be my first choice. >> no. >> on your radar tonight, maybe some more record low temperatures. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> yeah, iain, record low temperatures certainly this morning. take a look at the numbers. 20 degrees in philadelphia. and that ties the record low of 20 set back in 1936 and the high temperature was only 33 degrees and that is a record high maximum temperature for today's date. we should be topping out with numbers in the mid 50s but it doesn't look leak we'll see any record lows tonight. in fact temperatures actually warping a bit a few degrees. you can see 37 in wildwood. we have 35 right now in philadelphia. so temperatures are climbing a bit because of the wind direction. winds right now out of the south sustained at about 14 miles an hour in philadelphia. south wind in wilmington at 14 as well.
10:34 pm
so that is helping us out a bit. as we roll the clock tomorrow morning still going to be chilly so you'll still need to bundle up as you step outdoors. we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid even upper 30s perhaps few low 40s down the shore and then by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be a good 10 degrees warmer than they were today. we're looking at 46 in atlantic city. low 40s in philadelphia. 41 in pottstown tomorrow afternoon but still cold upper 30s as we move toward lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. so ultimate doppler right now showing we have no snowfall across the area but we continue to track even more snow moving toward buffalo. some locations already over 6 feet, 6 feet of snow. just to the south of the buffalo area talk about being snowed in. some locations will likely end up with 8 feet of snow. historic in epic proportions with that lake effect snow even. as we watch how things play out
10:35 pm
out a head of that frontal boundary tomorrow that will help us warm temperatures with that southerly wind into the low 40s but this system will be moving through tomorrow evening. the wind will pick up and y, the cold air behind it will be rushing in. so temperatures on friday once again will be stuck in the 30s for high temperatures. but as we move toward the upcoming weekend still cold for the first par but by the second half, we'll see that jet stream move farther to the north so temperatures will climb into the 50s, even 60s by early next week before dropping just in time for the holiday. so mid 20s, low 30s across the area tonight. 43 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. and that seven day forecast will show us that temperatures will be climbing mid 50s by sunday with a late shower and then better chance for rainfall monday. 67 for the high temperature. mid 50s on tuesday. and then it turns chilly again. wednesday temperature top out in the upper 40s. and previewing thanksgiving already as we talk about the
10:36 pm
weather to expect, it look like it's going to be dry with high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s for turkey day. how about that. >> i'll be eating turkey watching eagles play the cowboys. >> yes. >> cutest turkey ever by the way right there. little wiggle dance much that's cute. >> most folks try to put their best foot forward and many even try to look a few years younger but you might find what young women just out of college what they're doing that's surprising. >> adorable pup has an important job to do much the powerful meaning hyped her name that's already giving hope to the fellow police officers on the force. >> and barbie look out. a new doll is on the market and she is making a name for herself
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>> new average barbie not so ordinary. the doll started as a viral photo and became so popular she's for sale. the creator used measurements of the average 19 year old woman from cdc creating doll with real proportions. you can buy a sticker pack to at tattoo, acne, stretch marks and cellulite. the doll will cost you $25. >> parents you want to listen up and check out new list of unsafe toys as you make your holiday shopping lists.
10:40 pm
this was released by consumer watch dog group. there are 10 toys on it including the cat at a pencil a cat penn with miniature slingshot style launcher on one end so you can shoot arrows that light up. it sounds fun but it can shoot your eye out. bottle rock party made the list for leaving out necessary items like, yeah, safety goggles. organizers say the toys have typical safety problems and not the only ones out there you need to look out closely before buying. we've got the entire list for to you check out on our website. just head to click on the as seen on tv tab. >> can i just say it reminds me of the red rider beebee gun from the christmas story one of the greatest movies ever. it will shoot your eye out. if you know the movie you know what i'm talking about. >> it is probable follow surprise there's an anti aging boom going on. >> the question is, with people in their 20s? because it is happening. 20 somethings are getting in the anti aging trend. a lot wouldn't think 25 year old would want chemical pool but dermatologists say your skin can
10:41 pm
begin to show the wear and tear of sun damage in your 20s. and young woman came for chemical peel after noticing lines and sun spots around her eyes. >> i had about three now, and i immediately saw a response when i saw some of the sun spots going away. >> of course, people in their 40s and 50s are also into the whole anti aging thing. from stomach flattening and weight loss treatments to medications for boosting libido and the company is profiting from all of that say both women and men are spending lots of money. they call it a miracle and then the heartbreaking news. one family's struggle to recover from the emotional roller coaster after the organ transplant they counseled on was canceled. >> most all of us do it all day long but have you noticed texting is a major pain in your neck? the one thing you should do right when you pick up your phone to feel better. >> yes there's actually anoa
10:42 pm
word for the best public restroom and it's right here in the delaware val
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>> police say 33 year old gabriel harris was out drinking then got the munchies, taco bell look great he went to the drive through. and his bike. the smyrna beach florida taco bell staff wouldn't serve him. he got mad. they called police and cops say he went for a pock 95 so they tackled him which explains that picture. prosecutors have charged him with resisting an officer with violence. >> more fallout now from unannounced shooting drill at a florida middle school. the principal of jew wet middle academy has been suspended. we first told you about this last week. students, parents, not even teachers knew the drill was actually just a drill. parents say they got fran tuck tech messages from their kids saying officers had burst into classrooms we guns drawn. police have since apologized. future drills will be performed by uniform officers without weapons. >> all day we've been hearing from many of you wondering how carlene is. she is a local woman in the battle of her life. we shared her story with you last night. filled with struggles but faith
10:46 pm
and hope. >> joyce evan joined her in washington today as she prepared for a rare transplant surgery. >> reporter: just as we were introducing to you the family on our news at 10:00, more news was breaking in carlene's near live long battle that led to 35 surgeries and landed her on very rare and risky organ transplant list. >> i can restart living a normal life again. >> reporter: that fateful call. she asked me did i want it? and i said of course i wanted it. >> the lump goes into your throat a little bit just because of the anxiety, you know, very nervous. it's not one happen dread% guarantee. >> reporter: they scrambled from spring city, chester county, to washington, d.c. a donor for large and small intestines was matching up amazing well. with just what carlene needed. >> all the parameters the lab,
10:47 pm
um, the size we thought everything else look really good but you never really know until you're at the operation. >> reporter: the medical team prepared carlene for what was taking place in the wee hours of the morning. then they flew out of state to the site of the donor. >> it's 1:00 o'clock in the morning and we're headed to carl leap's hospital room here at med star georgetown university hospital. she's just hours you way from surgery now. >> amen. >> reporter: she and steve overwhelmed with every emotion. >> it's very tough. i'm scared. but i rely on my faith. >> reporter: and the hope of a normal live with their precious adopted daughter ava who sent hannah a long for comfort. >> it's been emotional day, a nerve racking day. it's been a little bit of everything. >> reporter: i'm looking at my tomorrows. this is my tomorrows. and for that, put me what i have to go through. >> reporter: neither slept a
10:48 pm
wink as the climb ticked toward time to head to pre op. but miles a way, things were changing as the donor organ was being collected. >> we kept hearing it's a go, it's go. >> it was a go up until the time we did the operation much the process of removing the organs they found it was not suitable tour transplant the quality of it. >> reporter: not worth the risk before dawn carlene and steve were back in spring city, pa. >> he said that the intestine was fatty and large. i felt as if my stomach had just dropped. everything had just fall license at that moment and then i had to kind of regroup. >> it wasn't a total surprise. but very much a disappointment. >> reporter: but the day was not a total loss. >> and then there was this support and encouragement all over facebook. many posts from total strangers. >> it's amazing. >> we appreciate all of the kind
10:49 pm
words and the thoughts and prayers. it's so touching. i can't put words to it. >> so now the wait goes on. again. >> it may be round two. it may be round three. it's not up to us. >> report roar joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> what an incredible journey. we'll continue to follow carlene's journey. she remains on transplant list. >> her surgeon at georgetown says he's confident they will find another match, of course, we'll let you know how that journey progresses. saying prayers for her. >> little puppy is a living tribute to a fallen hero in indianapolis. it's a three month yellow golden retriever labrador mix. she's training with the indiana k9 assistance network to become a service dog. the pup month is named after slain officer perry r he will nd in the police department. a gunman killed him in july. >> officer re envelope d was an avid dog lover. in addition to the k9 to the
10:50 pm
team will be a powerful reminder of the work he did throughout his career. >> prosecutors want the death penalty accused for the man -- the man accused of killing the officer. >> lift up your head. >> he says using your smart phone so much can hurt your ba back. he studies found when you tilt your head forward to look at your phone you're actually pu putting about 60 pounds of treasure on your neck and he says that ultimately hurts your spine. so what can you do about it? well, he says hold your phone up at eye level and look at it straight on and just like sitting in computer all day stretch and try to take breaks from using it by walking around when you can. >> i tried to do that by the way my arms starting getting tired. i was like -- >> you can always stop texting. >> that is true. you can just do that. >> that is true. >> did you know that we have a couple of hours left of world toilet day. i didn't know that. >> me either. local public restroom won the
10:51 pm
top spot for the best the in the nation. americans say longwood gardens has the best pub look rest oops. the green wall which features more than 40,000 plants is a popular part of the garden also got an eco friendly design that made the restrooms stand out among the finalists. this is the 13th annual contest by restroom supply company as this year's winner longwood gardens gets $2,500 credit to spend on services like restroom cleaning and supplies. >> there you go. they'll need all that. everybody will be going there trying to use their restroom. >> howard eskin, how are you. >> i'm not using the restroom right now. >> that's good. because that would be awkward. >> the eagles running back lesean mccoy tries to stay positive with all the questions about his lack of rushing yards. we hear particular shady and the sixers successful season continues. sixers successful season continues. we'llwhat's possible today?
10:52 pm
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>> the flyers off since saturday back on the road tonight and claude giroux did play with his bruised foot. didn't matter against the rangers. and their goaltender cam tal b let's go to the garden and take look. there is the captain. cheese out there for his mates however his mates didn't do anything. all right the power player the rangers bing, bing, bang, back and forth and it's in passe pasd steve mason.
10:55 pm
talbot was terrific. stopped 28 shots. flyers lose two to nothing to the rangers. >> the 76ers general manager sam hinkie he's a happy guy. he wanted a bad team that just loses, and he's got a really bad team. another season of tanking the games, the embarrassment for the nba continues. 11 straight losses and believe this, there's 82 games in the season. aren't we lucky? tonight was boston's turn. let's go to the wells fargo center. all right. second quarter, sixers up by two. but they do this a lot turn the ball over boston ties it up at 39. michael carter williams not shooting well this year. he misses by 3 feet. what's the difference? tony wrote 10 he can't play defense. had only one, three, one for six. sixers lose sad toll say 111-110 or for guy like sam hinkie. brett brown trying to stop what is a losing culture.
10:56 pm
>> we have to keep the lock consider room together. we have to keep our guys believing if they don't cheat days, if they really come in and they invest in what we're selling, then we believe we have a chance of finding some wins, of keeping the group together, to continue to develop our young players. that's all we have. >> brett, what are you selling? please, tell us. all right. the eagles are coming off a blow out -- not his fall. it's sam hinkie. last season when the opposition scored 40 or more the eagles came back the next week and won easily. so tennessee is in trouble, right? all right. the players eagles would like to see get more numbers would be lesean mccoy. he's had only two, 100-yard games this season. it's not the season he expected but he's trying to suck it up. >> working hard. this year everything is happening as far as yardage and everything you got to earn it. i'm going to aren't everything i get this year but it's hard.
10:57 pm
i know everything about myself. nothing has changed. confidence, same kind of swagger. that hasn't changed. that will never change. >> eagles are 11-point favorites and they will win easily on sunday and the sixers next year they'll win. (laughter). remember we're back here at 4:00 a.m. with the
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on tmz -- >> i don't know how to say it but shaq is guilty of kidnapping. >> harvey, i'm -- move. i'm kidnapping adam today. >> he puts me in the car and goes adam, we're going to the view. >> kidnapped and taken to "the view?" >> torture. >> tyga out at club argyle. >> kylie coming? >> on the heels of canceling a club appearance because kylie jenner is not old enough to get into greystone. >> the one downside of kylie jenner is she can't get into clubs. >> yes, the one down side. >> she's young. >> rapper wale


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