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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 21, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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eagles talk. god bless america: we will have have a tailgate whether you like it or not at fourth and market, starting right now. and on that shout out there i think i saw dj greg netty in the house. love him. we will have two tailgating event, karen hepp, we will barbecue a turkey outside which i have never done. >> okay good we have unusual tailgating food, not just hamburgers and hot hot dogs. i met this family, i think the parents actually lived in india for a while. moved over here to the united states. they put out inn yan food out at the link. >> yum. >> they soak up all of the food. >> yes. >> you are excited. >> yes. >> curry. >> that is nice. >> so hurry for the curry. straight up 9:00 o'clock good day toy friday november 21st,
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2014. karen hepp is in the house. i'm calling this taste technology. there is a new app that claims to know what beer or wine you will like before you even taste it. i cannot figure out these apps how do they get this to work. we will tell you how in a second. is your family always asking you about your relationship status, now you can blame them for being single, the reason some people just aren't good at relationships. lauren? hey, alex we are at 9:00 a.m. word check it out live in the studio with solomon jones black talk radio. he is real and raw. he is one of the new contributors. as you you can tell, we have spilled the truth so much on the true,.
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>> here's something. i've never gotten into the deep thoughts of one bus stop buddy and bus stop buddy has enter,. >> what do you have to reveal bus stop buddy. >> oh, no. >> it is a shame. >> it is okay. >> save face. >> i have never been, what? >> for bus stop buddy had has never been on the bus. >> no. >> it is okay. >> because by know that he just takes the school bus, every day. >> oh, don't cry, buddy, little buddy. >> that is true. >> my poor buddy. >> oh , no. >> i know he has been on the bus with jen fred before but
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not septa. >> never been on septa. >> i'll be darn. >> does he go to hair club for men , since he is so young good leave him a alone. >> speaking of leaving people alone, you know, i love alex. >> yes, whatever. >> but you have been, kind of beaten up on you on twitter. >> people are coming at me. >> just read a couple of them. >> this is what i woke up to this morning. hold on, i have to pull it up. >> about 20 minutes ago. >> yes, when i saw it. here we go, this is from, should i read who is from. >> a person name tia. >> yes. >> alex, you need a silly hair stylist, hash tag no shade but something, honey has to be done. >> about your hair good yeah. >> what is wrong with your hair. >> they don't like my hair. >> i don't know what to do. >> it is straight. >> change for other people, authentic self. is there people that will do that, karen you look better with glasses. >> maybe she has a hair salon.
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>> yes. >> and then you have another tweet and there is just one critique me today. that is what it is about. they are complaining i don't have earrings on. >> i was getting ready for the show i don't have time to put hearings on. >> yes. >> a man or a woman. >> these are all women. >> i agree with that woman whoever who it may be. if you go to jen fred's desk. she has earrings hanging up there and steel a pair because you do need earrings. >> yes. >> she thinks i don't like to wear earrings. >> i like to but some days you are running late, trying to grab things get ready for the show i didn't have time to grab them. >> go share with jen fred. >> could someone go to jen fred's desk. it is a mess. what do you want, hoops. >> got a little bling. >> yes. >> silver or a little diamond thing. >> i might after lot going on with my shirt.
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i like earrings. >> give me a break. >> she had has a jewelry box if you bring the whole box down and we will pick something out. >> you don't even know what you just canned for we will show new a minute. it is a whole thing. >> i'm sorry, folks, i tried. >> justin, you said something in my ear, what do you want? who is. chris murphy is in charge have of bringing earrings down. >> this would be great. >> be careful with your significant other today, friday apparently may be, killing your relationship throughout the week, stress builds up, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and then friday you are ready to blow. who do you blow up against? your partner. >> the the experts say we need to stop because it is hurting our partners, we are expecting our husband and wife's to be let lose on friday, and they can barely make it to the couch and pass out after a long week. >> true. >> go get earrings. >> yes, this can create friction on. >> this just in. >> okay. >> this is what jen is holding good this is what karen
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mentioned. >> yes. >> is she off. >> she's here, i saw her earlier. >> yes. >> now these are kind of big. >> but too much bl ing. >> that looks good. >> okay. there is some tods in there if i can pull them out. >> those are pretty. >> thanks, chris murphy. >> so just to make the ladies happy, i have some earrings. >> those are so small. >> my shirt is all sparkling, thank you chris murphy and hopefully jen thank you for letting me bureau this. >> chris, you said something about her hair. >> should i just cut it off. >> you get territorial about hair, there is four places everybody goes to get their hair done and they all go to the same placees. sometimes you have to like the club and they all get their hair done. >> i will change it up in here. >> so anyway lets get back to this survey. heck with it, i'm bored with
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that story. listen to this, could our dna, actually have something to do with how good we are at relationships? now, this is interesting. >> researchers in china think they have identified a gene that makes people less comfortable, in close relationships. >> poppedder this, thinking about this. you are really good the at relationship but close is operative word here. apparently it lower levels of the feel good brain chemical seratonin. researchers say that is what leads to break ups. >> um-hmm you are good at relationships but sometimes the closeness don't get in my space, don't touch me. >> that is true. >> he only lets people get some close. >> true. >> i want to go to the next level though. >> what would be that. >> be vulnerable and to be in love and passionate again about a person. >> it doesn't even sound real coming out of your mouth. >> it is kind of the truth though. >> everybody wants to be loved. >> yeah good is that in your genes, how about you, are you good at letting people be
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close, close. in the beginning. >> really, really. >> sometimes i have walls but i feel like if a guy is interested, and he really likes me, we will work over those walls and do what it takes for me to take them down. that is my process you have to get through to get to me. i'm. >> it sound like a lot of work. >> it is worth it. >> are you saying i'm not worth it. everybody is coming at me today, my gosh. >> i love you. >> sure. >> speaking of can you give meehan update on brian westbrook was tweeting you yesterday. >> yes, he wases, he liked my football moves. >> you canned, we asked him to come on the show. >> he has agreed to come on the show. will be on good day to give me some pointers. >> on monday. >> so we will talk about the eagles. >> okay. >> because we have asked brian to come in, my goodness, over the last four years and he rarely says, in fact, he has never said yes.
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>> really. >> he is running right over, on monday, because alex asked him. >> well, i asked nicely. did he say please. i aid please. that is what it is. >> yes, he is here. but he he is running right over. >> could someone check and see if he is single, brian westbrook. >> really. >> here we go always a trying to marry me off. >> i'm not going to marriage. >> well, date me off, trying to get me out. >> i want you to be happy. >> we understand someone else has stepped into the truth booth, thinks national tell the truth day. >> oh, no. >> who is it right now. >> beautiful booth. >> wow. >> this is going to be good. >> call the fcc. >> let me tell you, what i think about working with chris.
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>> chris murphy. is that what she want to do with him. >> and that is what i think about chris. >> wow. >> it is going to be hard to top that. >> wow, she was mad. >> i just wish you could hear kerry talk in the commercial breaks. >> it is lovely. >> i can't wait to quit and retire because i'm writing a book. >> a tell all. >> you will tell all of our secrets. >> look at my hair. >> look at that hair. >> you are channeling connor barwin look. >> two of a kind. >> there is this new app that will help you select which wine or beer fits your personal taste buds, before you even taste it. >> it is called next glass and here's how it works. the app asks users to rate some varieties of beer and
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wine. they have already tried. and then scan the labels. using algorithm the app will provide a zero to 100 rating predicting how much you will enjoy the beverage you are thinking of trying. app is free and a railable on android and ios. >> it bet are be free because would i never waste 1cent on that. >> i'm trying to order something do you think i'll like this. i always ask the waiter. i have to trust the waiter f this app can really tell me what i like. >> with you isn't it, after the second and third that they all taste good. >> yes. >> it doesn't matter after that. you know it is fine. i love that. >> i want another. >> our friend, love child, i do have a tiny surprise coming up a little bit later. you are connect to my family. >> i'm connected to your husband and your three sons. >> i will show you and we will share. >> she will show. >> we all know how frustrating, it can be when we get stuck in traffic, okay.
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>> yes. >> but how do celebrities, handle these common problems. okay. there is this comedian lauren owe brian, who gives us a glimpse of how celebrities respond to trouble. >> got to admit, it is kind of nice not having a kid in the car. maybe i can listen to whatever i want on the radio. no jumping because my mom ain't home. >> it is had halloween. maybe we should drive by. these costumes are really original. i'm's really glad we did this. >> driving around, looking for a new album. my neighbor is a saint ber nature. he gave me this idea. >> i don't know her, but i like her already though. >> i like the dancing in the car. >> yes. >> she's wearing the the vest. >> that is great. >> that is good. >> so, her real name is lauren
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o'brien. >> i have to google her. >> have you ever heard of her. >> but i want to know more, she's very talented. >> yes. >> there is a face. >> yeah. >> a face only a mother could love. >> that is a hall of fame face. >> well, i don't know, but anyway high we have the seven day forecast with ups and downs. we have 36 degrees today and very high wind. it will feel colder than that. forty-three tomorrow. not so windy. showers probably later in the day, it looks like they may not arrive the showers until after the eagles game is over but plan on some clouds there and 55 degrees. seventy on monday, if we get enough sunshine after the rain end and then tuesday, we will start a cooling trend so we're back to the 50's and then 40's forget away day on wednesday. for turkey day we have child turning which a a high of 45 degrees. we will go up and down. this is the day we are looking forward to, just m-i-t-m, isn't that what you said
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yesterday, mitm, karen hepp. >> just make it to monday, 70 degrees. >> i'm thinking about blowing leaves out of the gutters, get ready before the next rain goes through. >> do you get the leaves out of the gutter. >> i found a new tricky got leave blower and i lean halfway out with the baby at my foot, blow it out of the gutters. saved me a hundred bucks. >> every time it is a hundred dollars for people to come out. >> why don't you get those leave guards. >> because that is $2,000, mr. apartment man. >> it is. >> for leave guards. >> every time they come out and you have to do it before the rain, it is another hundred dollars. i figured on it out and blow them out. >> tell me next time do you this i have to come by and watch this. you are there in your underwear blowing leaves out of your gutters. >> yes. >> i listen to this station every now and then, word
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9:00 a.m., sue are we interrupting you? take your mike off. >> i'm talking during one of your segments. oops. >> everybody talks when she's talking. >> i should go back to the truth booth, there have been days where i leave the air at 10:00 o'clock and i still don't know what the the weather is, even though she has done 1500 weather hits. >> sue's real truth is to go to the morning meeting and after morning meeting everybody is like you what is the weather going to be for tomorrow. >> i have been on for six hours. >> you have a new contributor over the weekend on the fox 29 weekend show. >> yes, hi karen, multi tasking. >> lauren. >> sue. >> a lot of radio, mtv. you have an author, father, dad, envelope list, you speak out, while we're on radio. how has this all been the journey. >> this has been a interesting journey. one thing kind of feeds the
9:16 am
other. being a father you have to be raw. so even on of the stuff that i tell my kids at home it is stuff that you know i say here. i just believe that we all under need it all have have the same experiences and those are things i bring to my novels. those are things i bring to this radio show and hopefully those are things i bring to the community as well. >> you will start bringing to it fox 29 weekend starting tomorrow. we are so excited to have you. >> yes. >> where do you come up with your topics what you want to talk about what you are passionate about. >> when i write about my family those at december come from my wife. i will go and say what am i writing about this week for the philadelphia daily news. heel tell me. that is what i write about. but in terms of what goes on here we will look at is what happening in the news what people are talking about, what people care about. >> this morning it was immigration. >> immigration. >> you know, the question is that just a latin o issue or is it an issue for everybody. is it a justice issue?
9:17 am
sit a jobs issue? sit a race issue? we had two guests both latin o but one looked white and one looked black. what is your experience in that in being a latino and inside looking white and looking black. it is an issue nor all of us and something we all need to talk about. >> we are calling this segment let it rip. that is a good name for it. what can people expect to hear from you when you tune into fox 29 tomorrow. >> they can hear raw truth. we will talk about will smith's kids who are a little bit different from mine a lot of peoples kids. >> it is a little bit strange. i will be honest about it. we will talk about ryan howard, which he let his family handle his money. if i had had 125 million-dollar i know my mom listens, mom, i love you, you cannot handle my 125 million-dollar, i'm sorry. >> we cannot talk about everything. >> so tomorrow where can people find you on twitter.
9:18 am
>> they can find me at solomon jones # s we tweet our show live and we will tweet all of the stuff that we do with fox 29 as well. so it will be really exciting. great partnership. i'm really looking forward to letting it rip tomorrow on fox 29. >> we are thrill to have it. >> thanks for allowing us he will be good. >> karen hepp and i fox 29 weekend tomorrow and 8:00 a.m. you are always out watchingy go out for a long run, read the bible and settle in at 8:00 o'clock for the show. >> he is great. >> we are very excited to have him. >> boom. >> apparently, one alex holley, now that she has her earrings on has gone in the truth boot. this should be interesting, alex.
9:19 am
>> she looks scared. >> every time we have these food segments, right, the chefs come in, they prepare this great meal, all fancy, all this fancy stuff, you know what happens. mike jerrick sits next to me and bring can get everything, every inning is will time. i never get to eat, never. i'm always so hungry. when he grabs it and bite is it i an never get a piece. he wants to know what the hung are games are. the hunger games, it is fight for a food in the good day studio. you know what my truth is, you know what to know, i'm hungry. i'm so hungry. >> alex revealed her real truth, alex loves chips. >> she lost does love chips. >> she's eating chips.
9:20 am
>> not quite like. >> she got it. >> and the the oscar goes to... alex holley. >> all right. i admit i eat the food. that is why she's so little. but guess what i found, a giant turkey that we are barbecuing at fourth and market. i have never barbecued a turkey outside. there is our dj greg netty in the house and i promise is there food out there and turkey that we will barbecue and they will teach us how to do it. it is a tailgate friday because is there a big game coming up.
9:21 am
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fox dj greg net tie, are here for this tailgate. look, that is mike out there with more food. so, barbecue turkey, cannot say i have ever tried that though. but i hear it is delicious.
9:24 am
>> let's head back outside to mike, because he is cooking at his own house on the balcony after your apartment. >> yeah, look at this. are you ready to cook? i can do this on my balcony i think but more importantly hi barbecue bob how are you. >> how are you. >> he is the barbecue guru, where is your place. >> we're in warminster pennsylvania right up in bucks county. >> is this something i could do out at the link, barbecue a turkey. >> anywhere you want, do it at the link, the backyard, it is very easy to do good because it is a different way to do thanksgiving. i want to try this on thursday. >> sure. >> why do i have a syringe. >> because we will inject this with barbecue butter. we will take it to a new level. >> put it up to your mouth. >> okay. >> you want to take that injection. >> what is that juice. >> this is barbecue butter. the thinks butter, garlic and barbecue you seasoning. you will inject that right in the turkey breast.
9:25 am
>> right in the breath. >> pump it right into the breath there. >> you can see it bubble up. >> yes. >> get some more in there. >> what is all in there. >> it is butter, garlic. >> my syringe is broken. >> and barbecue seasoning. >> yeah, you do it. >> you take the mike. >> that is why i'm in the a doctor. >> yes, you have to flush it. >> it looks rich. >> i think our syringe is broken. >> i think it is cold out there. >> hold that out there for me. >> that is perfect. >> whatever works. >> so how biggies that. >> 18-pound bird. >> put some rub on it. >> we will put that in for 20 minutes a pound. >> we have barbecue bob's. >> where is this good barbecue bob sauce. >> yes. >> look at that. >> check that out.
9:26 am
>> because that is very important. how long, like an 18-pound bird how long does that have to go in the cooker. >> six hours. >> six hours. >> get out to the link early let's reveal this sucker. oh, momma is that awesome. >> this is very tender. >> yes, slice it up. >> let's do it. >> you almost hit me with that knife. >> look at this. >> oh, god. so six hours. >> so is what the ratio then. >> it is 20 to 30 minutes per pound at 300 degrees. >> i want to you take that. >> put it down in the juice. >> got it. >> is that awesome. >> fantastic. >> that is where we will put the other bird. >> put the the raw bird in there. >> yes. >> thanks, bob. >> you are welcome.
9:27 am
>> go see barbecue bob over in warminster, that is fantastic. >> in a little while we will do another tailgate idea, indian food and a tailgate party, i have have never had it. that is amazing. >> bring it in for alex, can you bring the turning any for alex. >> would i like to try it. >> just eat your chips. >> well, coming up, christmas is right around the corner. >> so we will going to santa's headquarters. santa is already in the delaware valley. santa is already in the delawaa remote that lives on your phone.
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more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you.
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. >> good morning, breaking news, looking live from skyfox
9:31 am
over the scene of this overturned tractor-trailer, i told you about a half hour ago, it is block blocking the ramp from the eastbound, pennsylvania turnpike, to the exit at willow grove. now, you see the tractor-trailer on its side. see how the roof there, is casino of burst open? it is caring or was caring those giant rolls of paper. you ever drive behind some of those trucks and you see those big rolls and you think what's going to happen if that sucker rolls off? luckily, it was in a enclosed tractor-trailer, 22,000-pound rolls of paper inside that tractor-trailer. probably what happened is that load shifted, and you can see the skidmarks there, as well. luckily no reports of any injuries, no car underneath that tractor-trailer, all by himself there. but this will be with us for the rest of the morning, and probably, into the lunchtime hour. and traffic is backed up, for miles, now, and the best bet, if you are headed eastbound, on the turnpike, again, the willow grove off ramp which is
9:32 am
route 611, that's blocked. so, for folks that are already in this mess, you're going to be forced to go all the way to philly, flip the u-turn, and come back, you can exit, on the westbound side, but if you're headed out the door right now from say mid-county or ft. washington, you're going to have to give yourself some extra time. with the stretch of the turnpike here, real now good way to get around it. that's why they built the thing. but best bet maybe street road, county line road, if you work your way up through warrington, through the neighborhoods, to get over to philadelphia, that's your best bet. again, the eastbound off ramp to willow grove block. we will stay over it, keep you to up date. >> punch up skyfox again. we've seen trucks on the side before. they bring in big tow trucks, stuff like that. and then say off to the side, pull it onto its wheels again, but no room to maneuver in there. >> no. you're exactly right. what will happen, i don't know if skyfox can hear us, but to the right of the screen there, one of those big red tow trucks. >> i see. >> and they need those big
9:33 am
industrial ones. what they'll do, see the guy in the top of your screen there sweeping up? that car? they'll put tow truck on the ramp. so they have to block the other ramp, and casino of flip him upright. but. >> they have to roam all of the paper off the tractor-trailer, before they can upright it, and then clean it up. snow is something that's not only going to impact the eastbound off ramp, sometime in the next hour -- >> you can see the top of the truck, see, it is torn open. >> exactly, that's where those rolls, each rolls like, i think it is, 22,000 pounds each. >> that could have squashed one of those cars, but, see the cars on the top there? that's the onramp. and they'll block that, once they get ready to upright that tractor-trailer. keep you up-to-date throughout the rest of the morning. >> who knows, maybe the rolls caused the roll. all right,.
9:34 am
>> have you seen this i know where he is, over in the depford mall, after santa headquarters shall karen took her family and checked it out. >> santa claus, whole new experience, all inner ac i i brought my whole family. common! >> first up, have we been good enough all year? stepping onto that naughty or nice meeter? lots of nerves and tends moments, one by one, we all make it out of the red. >> good job! >> maclin, relieved. we all know my husband brian is a saint. thanks to my cheering section, they squeak me on to the nice list, too. >> elf yourself in santa's workshop. watch the fun video right
9:35 am
here, then again at home. they e-mail your elf selfie right to you. then, it is behind the scenes, where it all happens, in the control center of santa's observatory, where his telescope is tracking children all over the world. >> as we look up a little bit, we can see presents on the conveyor belt. >> my gosh. >> they un throwed on to the slay. >> special elf vision blew my kids away. you see what the elves do, complete jaw dropping wonder, they see the imagine magic of the north pole for the first time. >> oh, so good. oh, my gosh. santa remembers everybody, and coaxes even the most shy. he promised we'll all get at least one thing on our list. >> cute pictures, memory for
9:36 am
lifetime. ♪ >> one happy family after another, captivated, enchanted, lots of lives, few tears, true christmas spirit. >> very awesome. so impressed when i walk to up. >> this adorable, first christmas, so very excited. >> we'll really happy to see all of the smiles, all of the happy faces, everybody having a wonderful experience. >> the santa experience is freement guck through the whole thing, check it out t won't cost you anything, of course the pictures will be extra, to reserve after space, if you want, to you can text special number, but you don't have to do it. >> you can just show up. santa is here during all of the mall hours. happy holidays. >> sponsor of our fox 29 program, but that santa claus, we had such a magical moment with him. it was so special. so speaking of special. >> it makes me want to have kids. that was fan at that time glike my kids were totally blown away. so i want to show you
9:37 am
something he will. my husband commented on this one. so i am one of those people who has to get the christmas cards done. i got all of my christmas cards done. here is the christmas card. there is the picture we took over there at the mall, mall picture over here. but my husband comes in, what? look who made the back of the family christmas card. >> oh! look at that. >> one michael eugene jerrick. >> i'm on your christmas card? >> on the sullivan, sullivan family christmas card. >> remind me of this day watch were we doing? >> awed event where you had to dress up in indian clothes, for wonderful event, and my son, were you doing all of the kids got to get to come in. so quinn dot to come in and dunk your face into a pie. he thought that was the best thing ever. >> i do remember this now. gosh. >> jimmy rollins event? >> it was for the rollins foundation, and we a bolly wood night. >> your face right into the pie. all right, so that was my christmas card. so anyone get one of those
9:38 am
christmas cards done? >> i have to admit, i've never had my picture even on my own christmas cards and i made yours. cool. >> it is pretty cool. >> sends out a lot of them. first of all, i can't believe you already have your christmas cards ready to go. still ahead, time to eat again. we're tailgating because we have the titans in town sunday. so i want to do something real unusual. barbeque a turkey, right? we've done that. have you ever had indian food at a tailgate? let's do it. >> so good. let's do it. >> sdeciding between buying food and health care is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more.
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>> whether you think of eagles tailgate, you probably think beer, barbeque, most likely you don't think of indian food. remember this line from silver
9:42 am
lining play book. >> every week. >> ♪ >> love into scene in the movie. the owner wants to recreate the tailgate party sunday down at the linc. his wife was actually in that my. let's get out to mike and alex right now with the big -- big speech. >> they're great restaurants. >> hello. >> good to see you again. >> thank you, good to see you again. >> were you in the movie? >> yes, i was. >> how? >> i played the doctor's wife. >> yes. >> look that the. we have a celebrity here. >> i didn't realize that was you. >> yes. >> congratulations.
9:43 am
>> thank you. >> the locations? >> eight. >> you have eight locations in. >> two in new jersey now, northern liberties, mt. airy wynnewood. >> i go down on broad street. >> yes. >> and we can see you guys are big eagles fans. >> season ticket holders we go to every game we can. >> you tailgate with indian food. >> absolutely do. lots to eat. every game. >> vegetable samota right there. >> what's inside there? >> in. >> potatoes and peas. >> look at that. >> oh, wow. looks good. >> fantastic. >> so what's next, pandora chicken, classic. >> classic. pandora chicken, you can't go wrong with. that will forget the wings. >> you need pandora chicken, football parties. >> exactly, all right. so, now, next on the
9:44 am
tailgating set up. >> we have some cab as i here. >> spicy cabobs. >> yes. >> but not that spice. >> i okay. well, weaver some sauce, what kind of sauce is next to it? >> we have cam rink mustard, and see that? >> this is the gooey one smear. >> that's tamran, sweet tamran sauce. >> sweet. so one of my favorite, of course before the eagles game, so we have green! >> right here. >> oh, wow. how is this different if people like chicken pick a march sal a. >> it is not -- it is korea and err and mint. it is in a sauce, tomato based sauce. >> wow. >> there you go, guys. >> what i had that this green? >> it is the, again, it has some korea and err in it. >> and it makes it green? >> green chilly, too. >> yes. >> little spicy. so be careful.
9:45 am
>> it is? all right. i better dip it in something. you should. >> so this is what a tailgate is like with your family? >> yes, except we have another table with booze on it. >> oh, you got to have the booze t wouldn't be a tailgate without it. >> what alcohol would you drink with something like this? >> i usually have scotch. i'm not a beer guy. >> me, i don't drink much beer either. >> we have beer there. we have stopping by all the time, lots to eat, any time you are at the game. >> if you want a little something different, there is a party going on in lot e. it is good and little spicy, but wow. kick those eagles into high gear. little spicy necessary. >> oh, thank you so much. little spicy necessary. >> oh, thank you so much. >> we'll take a break, coming
9:46 am
and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections,
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9:48 am
national tell the truth day. we set up a boot upstairs. so, one of our directors, his name is darren johnson, oh, my gosh. darren? you okay? >> what's his truth? >> you got a son. it is me. (laughter). >> i'm your son, mike, that's why i'm wearing purple. >> we have the same sweater on. >> i know. it is bad.
9:49 am
>> oh, no. >> you have a love child? is that what it means? >> darren johnson is my son. >> yes. >> oh! >> i think i recognize it in the voice. >> i see it. >> we have tonight rupp you for a second, mike, the think is he thinks he has shut his phone off, but it has been alarming during the break. >> this is why i over left this morning. darren, i love up, always want addison. coming to up hug you in a minute. >> you guys should reunite. >> the reason i over set this morning, i set my alarm last night nor 9:49. and apparently it was 9:49 a.m. and it just went off. >> wow, way to go, mike, way to go. >> which makes no sense. >> okay. well, let's get to jen. because it that time of the year all looking for something unique to give to someone we love. >> and mike looking for something for a son now. >> let me say this, joey on
9:50 am
this great toy advisory panel, linked up to all these toys, don't go to the own children, she gives them couple of weeks amazing charity. wait. i got incoming call call. joe is he calling, what's this thing? >> this is the the fill up, probably my biggest favorite finds. found it a day ac. tracking device for your kids. saw you have a kid who want a phone, i'm not giving you a phone, but i will give this. it is a device, i have my son -- >> oh, look, that's your phone? >> you can track him, then i can sends him messages, i could call him, i can do all of these really fun things, there is an emergency mode. but the great thing about it, $99 right now, until january 8th. normally $149. >> yep. >> you have to pay through at&t for small fee, comes with a phone number, i can call him up and have conversations, he called me on the bus yesterday. >> and he's six. but you can't text -- he can't do other stuff. >> he can call me but that's it. >> love it. we have to talk a little bit about these guys. you love it toy, like snow man
9:51 am
footprints. >> awe s i have so many fun finds around here. can you imagine this, whenever it starts snowing, having these footprint? >> yes. >> snow shoes, love it. >> raisers err, stuff liking up. >> huge sale going on with razor, all of their things, one wal-mart today started 58:00 this morning, $99, the 360, but this is another fundraiser scooter, all kids are asking for scooters these days. >> you say every someone into the mailing me stuff right? >> this you can never go wrong. this is a gift that gives back all year long. subscription is her vices like birch box, echo century mom. comes with fun echo things. i love it because you can try t birch box the best for husband. >> how about a pretty tell my husband i want on your phone? >> the thing; this not the coolest thing never on zested when it, eyn case, shear my phone, high, mirror, let me check to make sure i don't have anything in my teeth, let me put my credit cards in here. >> love it. what's this thing right here?
9:52 am
comforter? >> that's comforter. it sips up. you put it over the mattress. it sips up. it becomes like a sleeping bag. so there is no make your bed, make your bed. you just zip it up. >> so some of the other stuff that we're been crushing on, love this, all of the alex stuff, my dizzy box, that's great, but finally -- >> same with ideal snowman, you want to decorate your snow man. >> and so all of the stuff is right there, don't have to trapse around the snows. >> and when it members it is gone. >> last thing, like a balance bike? it heist brakes. >> love it, teach your kids thousand ride a bike it, comes with a brake. >> okay. >> vroome vroome. >> love it. bottom line, your favorite of the season, hands-down everything? >> yes. high five up top. >> thank you. i like to keep one my kids. >> by the way welcome to the mom cave. by the way this place is ridiculous, and we'll tell you ball that charity things in a couple of weeks. >> thank you, jen, thank you, joey. >> we'll take a break, be
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> the crowd goes wild! >> yes, it is okay, you don't need a crowd. >> lame he is tailgate party we've ever thrown. son? >> yes. >> we have a lot to catch up on. >> yes, we do. >> what do you like to do? >> a lot of different things, i don't know how much of them are, i don't want to say! >> i'll be honest with you, let me tell you something, i love you. i'm nervous because i love you so much. >> what was it like growing up without a father? >> it was painful. >> painful? you. >> know, avenue mom, which we need to talk about that, too. >> okay. >> after that. >> this was not bad idea. bob kelly, we've got tone know him over the last couple of
9:57 am
weeks. he is going to tell us something we don't know about bob. bob? >> okay. i'm deathly afraid of needles. hate needles. but my wife wanted me to get a tatoo, in a place that only she would know where it was. >> what is it and where is it? >> okay, so avenue tatoo. no one ever sees it. except for right now. this could be my first and last truth boot. >> okay? >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> kim kardashian moment? >> sure i'm all right to do this? >> show it. >> you better hurry up. >> it is actually right here. >> oh -- >> underneath my wedding ring. >> oh, sweet. >> our wedding day, anniversary. so i surprised her with that. see, you never see it, because when my ring is on, you won't know i have it. >> look how cute. >> you had me scared for second there. wow. >> that must have been fun. so, go eagles. go eagles.
9:58 am
>> take it down. >> i'll get a nice seat, okay, come her
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the weapndy williams show. today they break down the biggest stories of the work, including the bill cosby controversy. and from the hit comedy "brooklyn nine-nine" oig, we're getting our laugh on with chelsea peretti. plus all the today's juicy hot topics. now here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you.


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