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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 21, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> breaking right now deadly shuts down a busy local road for hours. >> tonight a little girl's mission to help those in need e she just wants to keep babies warm. how she's using her own two >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. ♪ >> right now, breaking news. a deadly crash in horsham, buck county. it shit shut down easton road for hours. skyfox flew over the scene earlier tonight right near county line road.
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it looks like somehow an suv and a car collided. one person has died. four others are at hospitals. no word yet on what caused that crash or the conditions of the survivors. meanwhile, fears rising to night. we see more scenes like this? police in riot gear clashing with protesters in missouri this summer. the nation waits for what could be an close explosive announcement. will a police officer be charged for killing an unmaimed teenag teenager. >> i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. dave kinchen is live at police headquarters as officers prepare for protester. >> president obama called for cal and as the nation awaits the grand juries toes announcement in this case but rallies have been planned across the country. rallies wait to go respond like these one essentially called an emergency response to the grand jury's announcement that rally will be at city hall in philadelphia police have been placed on alert. >> i really hope that they, you
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know, keep it safe and proper and do what they see fit. >> reporter: philadelphia police are on high alert this weekend with a city hall rally planned as a grand jury prepares to announce whether white ferguson missouri police officer darrin wilson will be indicted in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown. >> if they decide to charge him or not the folks in that town need to be responsible don the right thing report roar weeks of rioting and violent clashes with police took place after brown was shot on august 9. the question is, could it happen here? >> there's more of willingness to do the right thing here than it is over there. >> reporter: sources say wilson is working with officials on plan for him to resign. but whatever the grand jury decides people we talked with say calm should prevail in ferguson. >> they're rioting are looting all the other stuff needs to stop. we're sick of it. >> reporter: right here in philadelphia g i do feel that people should take precautions and if you think -- if you hear or see something out of order take precaution.
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>> reporter: the actual day of the rally depends on when the announcement comes down. and we've also learned that temple university police have been put on alert because there is a march that will take place from temple and they will head to city hall but, again n date hasn't been set yet because the announcement hasn't come down yet. we'll be watching this closely especially through out the weekend. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. more breaking news tonight. sports betting is off in new jersey. a federal judge ruled late tonight lawmakers cannot lift the ban on sports betting. the ncaa and four major sports leagues and professionals sued the garden state over its plan to allow betting in horse tracks and casinos. new jersey is expected to appe appeal. >> reunited and it feels so go good. amazing, emotional reunion in south philadelphia exactly we have been waiting for. now here's the picture of the actual moment louie the black lab mix reconnected with his mom jj pierce tonight. the two are finally together
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after jj spent weeks searching the city looking for him. louie was in jj' car when thieves stole it from home depot in south philadelphia. that happened in october. investigators found her car it was totaled and louie was gone. someone who knew he was missing found him right around sixth and thompson in north philly. ton night, everything is right again. >> i definitely had my doubts if i would be back with him, and this is absolutely surreal that he's really here and he's really real. >> yes, he is. a vet has checked out louie and given him meds so he can calm down and rest. but overall, the doctors say louie is in good shape. police credit community's relentness for helping find him. they made an arrest in the case but their investigation isn't over yet. details of louie's life a way from home are still sketchy. jj says she cannot wait to get him back to his favorite dog park. >> a massive sink hole causes
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serious trouble in bethlehem. sky fox everham ton road and norfolk drive earlier today. more than two dozen people were evacuated from their homes. utility truck sunk into the hole and struck a gas line. it didn't break. a stunning new development tonight in a tragic shooting inside a new jersey home that claimed children's lives much police now say a mother killed two of her kids, christ klee injured another and then shot herself. police also say prove of 44 year janine le page kept others from hearing the gunshots by muscle link them with a pillow. it happened yesterday in tabernacle burlington county. investigators announced late today the mother is not a victim but a suspect. >> the weapon was found and very close proximity to the mother. janine le page. we may never know way certainty depending on the condition of le page what that motive was. >> police say 14-year-old nicholas harmin and his eight-year-old sister nadia were killed. the mother and 11-year-old
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alexander harmin are in critical condition. >> on your radar tonight arc break from the cold. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking a warmup this weekend. finally. >> that's right, and just in time for the philadelphia marathon. so let's jump to the chase here and talk about sunday's fox cast for the marc marathon. tens of thousands of folks will be in town participating in this event. temperatures by sunday morning a little chilly in the upper 30s, but look at the temperatures. warping into the 40s. 50 degrees by 11:00 o'clock. mostly cloudy skies. and winds out of the southwest 5 miles an hour. so looking from the tee good. it's dry, it's cold, it's quite right now. but some rainfall is off to the west. that will be arriving probably sunday night into early next week. so the bottom line a gradual weekend warmup. near record warmth by earlies in week. temperatures will flirt with 70 degrees. then by the middle of next week, we'll be watching the coast for potential storm system developing. we'll talk much more about that with the seven day forecast coming up and what to expect for
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thanksgiving, too. iain and lucy? >> all right. scott, thank you. a final farewell today to a fallen south jersey firefighter. hundreds lined the streets of cinnaminson for firefighter christopher hunter's funeral procession. sky fox overhead. the 37 year old firefighter passed away after his shift last saturday. it's the first in the line of duty death involving a cinnaminson firefighter since 1968. and cape may county is mourning the passing of its fire coordinator art trione the chief was on the scene of a multiple alarm deadly fire in north wildwood on tuesday when he developed chest pains. colleagues say his name was synonymous with firefighter and emergency management. >> a patient sent to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania after a trip to west africa does not ebola. the hospital says the patient recently returned here and doctors tested the person in an isolation unit. pennsylvania is one of sick states directed by the cdc to monitor all travelers from west african countries. they have to report their
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temperature for 21 days. hup says it started preparing for any suspected cases of ebola weeks ago. governor corbett has signed an excution warrant for a man convicted of murdering a philadelphia police officer. christopher roni was sentenced to die after being found guilty of shooting officer vare in 1996. it happened during a botched bank robber on rising sun aven avenue. three hostages were taken during the hold up. officer vare was the first officer on the scene. roni's excution is now scheduled for january 8th. >> delaware detectives want to get this july row back into the hands of its rightful owners. they discovered all of it during a month long investigation into the burglary of a hokessin home and when detectives zeroed in on 43-year-old aaron curbing they found a lot of other jewelry. prosecutors charged him for the hokessin burglary. if any of this looks familiar give a call to new castle county police. children and families in berks county kicking you have a the holiday season with true
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spirit tonight. their celebration a real charlie brown christmas. >> when you see they're tree you'll understand why. fox 29's brad sat 10 reports. >> reporter: it was a tree lighting with all the trimmings. festive songs by grade schoolers ♪ >> reporter: reading chorus was there. ♪ >> reporter: even an ice sculpture on this very frozen night. when you have all of this, who cares if your city's christmas tree isn't all that. >> look at it. it's just ugly. >> looking around the lights are just dangling. >> i think some guy said here's a tree it's the right size let's take this one and didn't think about it. >> guys don't think about things like that. >> this is a male problem. it's our fault? >> yes. >> reviews arely on not the best. >> what do you think of the tree? >> i love it. >> reporter: is it looking a little bear. >> it just reminds me of charlie brown. >> reporter: well, other cities may not exactly be green with envy but we wanted to know if someone is now in the
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doghouse. >> oh, well. >> reporter: the city's downtown improve many district which put on the event had a pretty good explanation. they simply couldn't get to the original tree they chose. >> monday with real bad rain we had the tree was so far in the field that they said we were not allowed to take our equipment in to cut down the tree. >> reporter: so this 50 norwegian spruce became a last second stand in and reading's mayor quick to offer some perspective. >> there's people around the world serving our country that would be pleased to have a christmas tree. >> reporter: and a funny thing happened when the switch was flipped. >> yup. people actually like it. even the woman who hated the at first. >> the tree looks lovely. >> reporter: suddenly you're a fan. >> sure. why not. >> reporter: keep it. >> we'll keep it. >> reporter: in reading, brad satin fox 29 news. >> i love the charlie brown christmas tree. city leaders however are still debating should it stay or should it go and their decision
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comes next week. >> high honors tonight for member of our fox 29 family. good day meteorologist sue serio has been inn ducked into the broadcast pioneers philadelphia hall of fame. and she accepted with her usual humility. >> i have no idea what i'm doing here among all the amazing, amazing inductees tonight. i'm just the luckiest girl in the world. >> good day's mike jerrick was among those to congratulate sue. more than 20 local broadcasting legends were inducted into the pioneer hall of fame tonight at a banquet. >> congrats, sue. >> police out by a florida theater tonight as bill cosby take the stage 1dj offer to the sold out crowd trying to stir the pot. so did anyone take the bait? >> a window washer falls off roof 11 stories and survives. what he landed on that may have saved his life. >> and a local eight-year-old's mission to make a difference for babies struggling through the first months of life.
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>> i just want babies to feel warm. >> her little hands knitting and knitting away. hoping to make hundreds of hats. knitting away. hoping to make hundreds of hats. hwe put all the apps you love...
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deciding between buying food and health care is something else. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, visit to learn more. ♪ >> a san francisco window washer falls 11 stories on to a moving car and survives. the guy fell from the top of the roof in the city's financial district. he landed on moving car that was making a left turn. the window washer was seriously injured but the driver of the car was not hurt. >> developing to night in florida, bill cosby taking the stage and that is where the latest woman has come forward
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saying that he assaulted her 38 years ago. despite the allegations the show sold out in melbourne, florida. people there sent out tweets saying he never mentioned the allegations and many say they're not judging him. >> for a celebrity to come to melbourne we're all excited, um, about the scandal that's going on, i mean, we're taking an objective attitude. don know, you know --, don't like to judge until we hear everything. >> local radio dj's actually offered $1,000 to anyone in the crowd willing to stand up during cosby' performance and heckle him. over the allegations while taping the all on their mobile phones knowledge one did. 29 other shows remain on cosby's schedule through may of next year. that's how many are left after others canceled. >> in indianapolis, firefighters hand off pig let after pig let to save them after a tractor trailer accident. a truck carrying more than 2,000
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pig lets overturned in indianapolis. it took firefighters more than six hours to move them to state fairgrounds until they can be picked up by the owner. investigators think speed may have played a factor in the crash. >> a one-two punch for people in buffalo, new york. first they're pounded by snow. a historic 7 feet of it. now, they may be drenched by floods as the temperatures could go as high as 60 degrees this weekend and of course that would melt the mounds of snow they've gotten. the problem, officials have never had this much snow melt at once, so they don't know how much flooding to prepare for. governor cuomo says tremendous progress has been made to remove the snow to help with flooding concerns. driving bands are lifted to night. >> eight-year-old montgomery county girl on mission to make difference much she's knitting really it seems around the clock to make hundreds of little hats. they're for tiny babies at the very place that saved her brother's live. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce has the heart-warming story. >> i wanted tonight 100 hats to
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take to chop. i just want babies to feel warm. >> reporter: eight-year-old selena of hour ham has taken up a new hobby. >> keeps me busy and i'm happy when i do it. >> reporter: her little yet determined hands are knitting hundreds of hats for newborns at chop and other local hospitals this holiday season. >> it makes a difference in a small baby's life that was premie, sick with cancer. >> reporter: her brother is her inspiration. he was born two months early and underwent procedures at chop. each time he came home, selena always loved the hat that he h had. >> he had a new cozy comfy warm hat on his head. >> i really don't know just something made me feel happy about it. and so i decided to start doing it myself. >> reporter: selena's mother natasha says she tries to teach her children to pay their fortune forward. >> my husband and i have good jobs so we can get them whatever they need. so we decided whenever we have birthday parties for the kids, um, that anyone who brings a
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present we would donate the presents. >> reporter: stack of their birthday toys is sitting in the living room ready to be dropped off to children who may not have a present to open this holiday season. >> i have a good life, and i want others, those that don't like maybe they've had hard times so i just want them to feel happy, too. >> reporter: it's the time of year when many people give back. selena says she hopes to make it an all year round gesture. it makes her young heart happy and she thinks it could do the same for you. >> i really think everyone should try to make a difference because it will help the world in some way. >> she has really big big heart. so i think she'll do great things with it some day. >> reporter: sell leap in a's efforts don't end here. she and her family are taking a trip to india next month and take with them this suitcase
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full of after the accident and crafts they plan to do with children at mother theresa's orphanage in calcutta. jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> that is so great, isn't it? >> that is. >> meantime on your radar what's not so great for me is cold temperatures. but i know warmup is on the way, scott. >> iain right now below freezing, but near record war warmth. 70 degrees is in that seven day forecast. but it's going to be a roller coaster ride getting there. you can see it's 31 but this is where what it feels like. feels like 23 degrees when you step outdoors. so it's cold. bundle up. 32 right now in raleigh. 20s in chicago as well as minneapolis but look along the gulf coast. 60 in the big easy new orleans. 65 in houston. dallas checking in at 64 degrees. so some of that milder air will eventually make its way toward the delaware valley. 18 degrees in millville. 26 in atlantic city. we're looking at 24 in allento allentown. 12 degrees right now in the pocono mountains. so it's cold. 28 degrees was the low this
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morning. we made it up to 37 degrees this afternoon below the normal for this time of year which is 54. the record 74 degrees set back in 1931. so you can see temperatures will continue to drop across the area when you wake up on saturday morning it's going to be in the 20s and teens across the area. so bundle up. but then by saturday afternoon we're looking at temperatures moderating into the low and mid 40s across the area. so it will be much improved considering today we were only in the 30s. as we move ahead to sunday we're looking upper 40s and low 50s across the area. and them as we continue to advance the clock, moving ahead to monday, yeah, look at philadelphia. 71 degrees. trenton 70. upper 60s north and west. it's going to feel like spring break as we move toward monday as we've been dealing with these temperatures well below average as of let. speaking of the warmup, where they've been getting all of that snowfall the lake effect snow there are flood watches posted around the buffalo area for
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warming temperatures and rainfall moving in sunday night into monday. and that rain will be impacting us as well. so high pressure continues to move a little farther to the east. we get that return flow winds more out of the south and west so that will gradually warm us up in particular on sunday into the 50s. and sunday increasing clouds, mainly dry but you can see sunday night into monday morning, wet conditions back to work and school and then we're in the warm sector and temperatures will sky rocket into the 60s and 70s as that cold air moves a little farther to the north jet stream lifts to the north as well allowing for some milder air to move in, but as we move toward thanksgiving, some colder air will be returning. so teens and 20s tonight. 44 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. not as cold. mid 50s by sunday and then look at monday. early morning showers, 70 degrees. mid 50s on tuesday. we're watching a coast an area of low pressure will likely develop along a stalled front.
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how close it is to the coast still a little uncertain. we could see some showers, maybe some snow showers well to the north and west and it look like dry but chilly as we move toward thanksgiving with temperatures in the mid 40s, but great football weather on sunday as well as for the philadelphia marathon. >> there you go. >> thank you, scott. >> thank you. people are raising a glass and some cash to help find a cure for paralysis. the philadelphia chapter of the fund is the largest in the nation. tonight's event in spring garden raising thousands for the cause. >> hopefully one day we'll see a child get out of a wheelchair, someone whose a quad be able to scratch their nose. someone in a wheelchair to stand up and hug their loved one. so that's what it's all about. >> dan joan became paralyzed after an account in 1999. dan and his family have been involved with these fundraising efforts for years now. hoping one day celebrate cure. >> keith? >> iain, eagles take on quarterback that has never won
10:23 pm
an nfl game. what do they have to wore about this week? >> while the sixers have even more reason to worry after tonight. closing in on mark n
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>> you know the eagles know what it is to face quarterback that can't be stopped. they saw that last week. best way to bounce back, facing a titans rookie quarterback still looking for has very first win. unlike aaron rodgers, he's not a guy who scrambles around and make unbelievable play plays hes in one place. >> chip kelly won't discount his
10:26 pm
talent. >> he's got an nfl arm. that jumps out on the tape when you watch him make the plays he make. there's a toughness to him. i think he stands in the pocket. he does to the look at the rush. kind of doesn't pay attention to anything going on in front of him. he doesn't get his eyes down at times. when he's in his drop, he's in his drop looking for open receivers. >> do the eagles have a titanic performance after last week. we discuss on "game day live" sunday morning at 11am. sports sunday with jon runyan following the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> the sixers in danger of being zero-13 by the end of the weekend. by the way the record for most losses to start year without a win 18 by the nets. now, one way to slow down the on the team if you can't beat them slap them. nerlins noel right on the kisser. he does not like that. the sun slapped the sixers in a different way. thomas game high 23 off the bench. he fun initiate what you start started. s certification lose 122-96. zero-12 fate the knicks in new york tomorrow.
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>> can't beat them, slap em. early showdown in college hoops. temple trying start three-zero. have to get through number four duke. playing this game at the barclay center in brooklyn duke has a young team. not looking like it. duke in charge blue devils up 36-26 at the half. now finally how bad are the sixers suns guard bledsoe his former ken can't team could beat the sixers in a five game seri series. really? let's keep this going. how bad are the sixers? at the start of the year papa john's was offering 50% your online order the day after a sixers win. that hasn't happened. now the new promotion is half off your order when they score 90. well that make everybody happy. we have to lower our standards. why doesn't papa john's? (laughter). >> and there you go. >> better ingredients
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♪ >> they are the videos and stories that blow up the internet every week. from the inspirational to the hilarious and the just plain stupid. we have all of that and more tonight. >> here we go. hello everybody. i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm alex holly. >> let's get right to our first trend story to the night. this one is a major twitter fail. this month by one of the biggest sports franchises in the country those stinging new england patriots had to apologize after sending out a tweet to thank a fan who used a racist twitter handle. check it out. the team was celebrating becoming the fir


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