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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  November 23, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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right now fox 29 weekends, cold and flu season is here. how can you keep your family healthy? simple trip to the grocery store would do the trick. and here is a conversation piece for thanksgiving dinner. you may be single but charles manson isn't. the convicted killer found love and he's getting ready to tie the knot. somehow this possible? >> allowed to? you can way? >> get ready to get social. interact with us on facebook, twitter, instagram, we're ready to hear from you. >> your news, your neighborhood, live and inter-active. this is fox 29 weekends. >> good sunday morning from old city philadelphia. fourth and mark, it is sunday,
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november 23rd, it is marathon sunday. >> it is, yes, it is a marathon sunday which makes it difficult to get around this day. already a good morning, hope you are, too, beautiful sunrise, i'm karen hepp watch people are talking about, a lot of news developing, social media reacting over night to the death of former dc mayor, mayor john beer. >> i thousands every runners participating if the philadelphia marathon, can get hard to get around center city. live to the ben franklin parkway in just a few minutes. >> firms, let's get a check of the inter-active forecast, getting nicer at this minute, for caitlin, already looking ahead with the crazy possibility of maybe snow on the busiest travel day of the year? before we even get there, though, a lot to talk b live look outside center city philadelphia, more clouds around, and knows clouds are actually a result of some warmer air coming in. so our main headline what we want to talk about first is the warm up starting today. and one of the viewers of course wants to know what's going to make the eagles game just if a few hours, tailgaters probably already starting to gather at the stadium. it will be real nice.
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we won't have the bracing colds like we did yesterday morning, probably by kick off temperatures rising into the 50's, so mostly cloudy and milder, 52 degrees, that's your kick off temperature, probably make it to the mid 50's outside. ultimate doppler, showing a lot of clouds, but the rain still far off toward our south and west. look at the rain getting organized over the carolinas, then back again along the gulf course, northward over the next 12-24 hours. that will bring the rain and it will also bring the shot at record high temperatures for monday. so, two parts of this warm up. most significant monday. temperatures right now, 41 mount pocono, 38 allentown, 39 pottstown, this is much better, than the teens and 20's, where we started at this time yesterday morning. it is 43 in philadelphia, this is my ideal running weather for the marathon that's, 41 millville, 38 in dover, delaware. your foxcast for today 55 degrees, pretty nice, probably more clouds than sunshine, but overall after the colds stretch we've had, such a nice afternoon. into tonight, though, the
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rain arrives t could be heavy at times during the overnight hours. low temperature of only 48 degrees. 70s possible on monday, and then maybe looking at some tricky travels as we head toward the holiday. we'll have all of that still ahead in yourself day force cast. >> lauren? >> thank you, caitlin. happening right now, big morning for the city of brotherly love, thousands every runners pounding the pavement outside. so it is hard to get around, right? >> it is, and so many people, 30,000 people, so we'll have so much more on, that we have people that are out there, running the race right now, including our produce here normally sits over, there so boss lady nicole in this morning, so much more on the marathon in just a moment. but getting to the headlines in the news. >> that's right, off initials camden are investigating overnight fire, firefighters called to the 500 block of mexican i can street just fewer hours ago. luckily no one was hurt. to ferguson, missouri where there were more protests overnight, demonstrators expected the grand jury toy announce their decision on whether to indict the police officer who shot and killed 18 year old michael brown back in august.
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ment grand jury continue deliberating tomorrow. and, former dc mayor, marion barry, has died. passed away just after midnight at hospital in washington. he served four terms of mayor of the district of columbia a you may recall he was arrested back in 1990 after being caught on video smoking crack cocaine. barry was 78 years old. people left their final thoughts on social media sites, rest in peace, marion barry, i didn't agree with everything but he tried his best. and another says: marion barry equals mayor for life, never seen so much love for a politician. you will be missed. karen? >> cover story this morning, did you hear about this one? charles manson the convicted mass murderer serving life in prison is engaged to be married. he is 80 years old, his bride to be just 26 years old. her name is star. she's in charge of several websites that talk about his innocence. so many people talking about this case. we've got some of the comments strolling at the bottom of the screen right now. and the story led to this on
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facebook, shared more than 300,000 times, best of luck explaining why you're still single at thanksgiving, and charles manson isn't. the psychologist, frank barley from temple university joins us by skype right now. so, let's get right to the internet and talk about that one. that caught a lot of people's attention, because it is funny for a lot of people that will sit down at thanksgiving and think i'm not married and mom's asking, and this guy is a mass murderer, and he may be getting married. >> yes, what's wrong with that? that doesn't seem to be married. there will be no congical visits, no consummation of the marriage, so, i don't know exactly what it is getting foreman son. i think for the bride to be, you know, she gets quite a bit out of t it sort of twisted but she's going to get fame, who knows, probably be book deals, interviews, and a whole new life for her.
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foreman son just -- >> that is the big question. why would she be doing this? she said somebody she fell in love with during her teenage years, and has been with him for a long time. what's going on with that? >> well, i don't know, i would love to interview her. but there are so many possibilities. we were fascinated with the dark side of manson, you know, occupies the dock side in our national consciousness. i mean, he was such a monster. and so she might have been attracted to that fact. she might be a basically a thrill seeker, or risk taker. you know, maybe in her personality, maybe she generally -- genuinely believes he is falsely accused, also a possibility, maybe shear's lonely and looking for some kinds after connection. and certainly this is a way to buy herself a ton of fame and, in her case, i think also fortune. >> we really appreciate your time. thank you so much, frank. >> you're welcome. >> we just leave with you this last comment from jason, he
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writes in, only in america, a mass murder err gets to get married and get highlights, while people who feed the homelessness gets arrested. what a backward system we have. what do youy? use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. >> you know this right now, thanksgiving days away. if you're wondering what beer to is her before your meal? we have suggestions for you. plus, he's in, the foods you should be eating right now to protect yourself from the flu. karen, what's going on back there? >> game day, so showing off your game day green. also getting ready to thanksgiving dinner. thank you for sending this one in, homemade escarole soup. all of the ingredients, monte gee, we love to see your pride and entheusiasm. katie baker fame to you, getting ready to watch the game. show us your game day green. beautiful sunrise, thank you for sends that one in from wildwood. make sure to use the hashtag fox 29 weekends.
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>> we're running all over the streets, pounding the pavement, 30,000 of ooh strong, just got a tweet from cameraman brian, just passioned the 6-mile mark in philadelphia. go to him. our producer aaron, just sent this video from the race itself. take a listen. >> ♪ >> everyone is there. and i'm running down south street right now, philadelphia marathon, great crowd, great support, beautiful day for a run, love this. hey, it is fox 29 weekends. see you back next week. everyone is there and i'm running r. >> send your pictures, show us your eagles green. lauren, over to you. >> are you hitting the roads for thanksgiving this year? if so we have good news for your wallet. triple a says gas prices are down, way down, from last year. so how much are you saving? we'll take a look at the numbers side by side.
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we start with the national numbers. regular in 2013, three hours 23 per gallon. >> this year, regular gas price across the nation, 3.82. okay, switch gears. we come here to the state of pennsylvania, regular last year, 3.35, this year, gas will cost you $2.98 under that $3 mark. we like that price. let's head to delaware, last year regular prices were $3.28 a gallon. this year, what's the price, under that $3 mark again, $2.83. >> okay, now we go to jersey, i think, regular gas prices last year, $3.18, not too, too bad. but this year i think it is much better, $2.72. so if you have an option, probably want to go to jersey and fill up before you hit the roads this holiday season. of course be careful. thank you so much, there, lauren. looking at the headlines right now, police officer is recovering right now, after being run over by a car, it happened in north philadelphia
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in the 2300 block of north fairhill. the officer responding to a shooting call when police say the shooter tried to get away by running the officer over, the suspect was taken into custody, is under arrest, so officer is in stable condition. also, pope francis, raising awareness about autism. his holiness held a mass for hundreds of children with autism, and also their parents, this is at the vatican. the pope is calling on governments all across our plan tote try to better diagnosis that condition. and provide families with more resources. your health this morning, cold and flu season is here, chances are your co-work verse been coughing and sneezing a lot lately, and you don't want to bring any of those germs home, right? well, how can you keep your family healthy? bet gavin with the fox medical team joins us now, bet, we asked our viewers on social media the secrets to fielding coat colds and flu. we share them. adams says secrets, cranberry juice or wawa oj.
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wawa is a store here, beth. keeping up exercise can sweat it out. raphael says homemade chicken soup. beth, you're telling us certain foods can boost our immune system, and you're starting with some fruit, right? >> reporter: yes, and all of this, your viewers suggested are great, but i have three foods to help keep you healthy so you can completely avoid the flu and the coal. first one is kiwi fruit. you may not know about this fruit, but it is awesome because it is packed with vitamin c. it has a loft fiber t has just as much vitamin c as an orange, and they are pretty easy to finds, and they store real well. so definitely pick up some kiwi for the vitamin c. another thing you want to check out is pairs. now, why pairs? well, pairs pairs packed with fiber. during the winter, you want to keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy and moving along, all of that fine is her definitely going to help you stay healthy there. and then the third thing i want to mention, to stay healthy, levy greens. the darker, the better, so
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talking about spinach, kale, all of those kind of things, reasons why those are good, packed with vitamins being pack with nutrients, and again, go with the dark colorful levy greens. the last thing i want to point out, lauren, it is really important in the wintertime to keep yourself hydrated, when you get dehydrated it puts whole strain on your immune system and your org ons, harder for them to function. so keep the flu its coming. you want to drink about half of your body weight in water. so that's a good gauge. so, say you're 140 pounds person. you need to be drinking about 70 ounces of water a day, to try to keep yourself hydrated. we think about that a lot in the summertime. we don't think about it enough in the wintertime. >> lauren? >> here is a question for you. kiwi, pears, levy greens, water, sometimes kids don't see any value in those things. what do parent do if they have trouble getting their little ones to eat these things? >> well, i asked a dietition who works at the children's hospital. she said what do you have do is be persistent. she said research shows that
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sometimes kids need to be expose today a new food 15 times before they will actually except it and begin to like it. so, you got to keep trying. and one thing that could you do, take this new food, and mix it into a food they love. soap, say, maybe they won't eat spinach. try putting in spinach, cooking it in mac and cheese, that way you're getting those foods gradually introduce today your child and may not even notice they are eating this health year stuff with their typical stuff. >> our parents have to be patient and persistent with the little ones, beth, thank you so much for keeping us healthy. >> you can share your tips with us, use the hashtag fox 29 weekend? i like that one, spinach in the mac and cheese. happening right now, a big morning for our city of brotherly love. thousands of runners pounding the pavement, in the 21st annual philadelphia marathon t got underway about an hour ago. we got brad right now in the middle of all of that action right along the ben franklin parkway. good morning to you, brad. >> reporter: good morning,
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ladies. tell you what, i don't know about you but i'm feeling kind of lazy right now. karen, i know your husband stopped by, among the 30,000 running today. hear move thon -- marathon is winding down for elite runners, first one finished about ten or so minutes ago, they're still coming in, the first female half marathon runner came in just about a minute or so ago. let us take you to some video this morning, when it was still very dark outside, as things were just getting going, folks starting to arrive here, and an estimated as we mention, 30,000 runners here, about 60,000 spectators, for either the marathon or the half marathon, about 3,000 volunteers as well. the marathon, the course record, if you can imagine, two hours and 16 minutes. last year's winner is running. there is a chance he could break that record. security as you see very tight here, homeland security here, everyone having to go through a check point to get to this area. of course they're running through old city, university sit, fairmount park, along the
8:19 am
river, many first time runners, they've seven hours to finish this run. some have interesting stories, people coming from near and far, for others running has really changed their lives. >> yes, i lost nearly 100 pounds, my first half marathon. >> how are you feeling? >> amazing. >> are you nervous? >> i'm excited. >> i did about 700 miles. >> 700 miles since when? >> the last 20 weeks, yes. >> wow, you're ready. feeling good? do you have a time you're shooting for? >> three and a half or 320. >> give me strategy here? >> just hope to make it, i guess, standing. listen to some music, enjoy the site of philadelphia. >> the bad side of this, i guess, lots of road closures to tell but, ben franklin frank way of course closed until 6:00 p.m. marathon well underway. beautiful day. come on out. cheer east runners on again about 30,000 of them, guys. >> o beautiful, beautiful morning, brad, thank you so
8:20 am
much. well, it is the season to help those that are less fortunate. this morning, we're taking a look at one of the local churches, so many are doing great things, they need your help, though, to make this holiday a little easier for so many people. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm mike jerrick. >> i'm alex holley, and this is the trends. >> ♪ >> so we're going to start with the launch of a wedding day. >> i'm dancing. >> this is at the reception? >> yes, and is it ... >> what's this? >> that's their dance. >> is there a name for it? >> i don't think so, but we can call it the mike? >> salange, farewell ♪ >> web producer ryan dennis, what's he goss? >> hey, what if you found out somebody -- >> ew. >> happened to one salt and pepper fan. take a look. >> ♪
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>> crazy. over 3 million views in less than two days. >> she had no idea. >> next, what comes easy for some people, others, not so much. >> well, check out spencer. >> can i see you try? >> yes. >> you know, itch a hard time whistling. >> do that again? >> more like a train. >> it was better the first time. >> you call all the boys to the yard. >> coming up. >> i'm more like spencer.
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>> well, that's for this saturday. >> if you want to seymour of the videos log on to >> buy me brunch now. >> let's do it. >> ♪ w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
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>> ♪ >> we love you, too. if you would like to be on tv so easy, make quick little video, just put it up thereon social media. use the
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#fox29weekend, we can put you on tv. okay, so here is a story i have, it is thanksgiving, so we won't have our show on thanksgiving, so i had to bring this up to you to see what you thought. out of town, always hey the thanksgiving menu, we will e-mail it to everyone in the family. >> so the first draft comes out, my name no where on t authorities see from where we are at, but my name is no where on t then follow up one comes, the second one, i have been assigned wine. >> oh, that's okay, right? >> so then it is like we don't want you to cook, just bring wine. >> ya. >> well a lot of exchanges going on, then the thirds and final draft on, i had to buy the turk that i someone else will cook. >> oh, you went from nothing to turkey? >> in three drafts? >> you get all hurt feelings, what, you think i can't cook? >> well, ya, here is y i usually make mac and cheese. my ten year old twin neices have now been assigned to mac and cheese. >> oh, wow. >> like --
8:26 am
>> you know what? >> do a better job. we'll have her bring the wine. >> i have hurt feelings slightly. >> see i would love that wine -- >> okay, that's easy. think about that. >> true. >> but if you want to cook something, put it on the table, everyone tasting it, it is so good. >> and tasting it like this? >> ya, i know. >> (coughing). >> all right, lauren. >> what's your favorite dish for thanksgiving? let us know, use your hash 29 weekends. a loft news, how about time calling for desperate measures. last dish effort, from one new jersey casino taking right now to cry and keep its doors open. and our fox 29 weekends juice box is playing all of your favorites. this is run away from bon jovi. thank you, use the #fox29weekend. >> your eagles green, keep your pictures coming, as well. >> ♪
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>> i'm chef in lafayette hill. this is your fox food bite. >> ♪ >> in this hand we have one and a half pounds of yams we'll cook until tender, like making mashed sweet potatoes. >> this pound, 3 pounds of golds potatoes, put it to a boil, cook until tender. another side to your thanksgiving table.
8:30 am
directly from my aunt's table, sorry, aunt lynn, but we have potatoes. >> now our pan hot. add little oil, to coat the bottom of the pan. once that is hot, add 6 ounces of celery, 6 ounces of onions, 8 ounces of carrots, 2 grams of marge rim, 2 grams of time time, and two too scenes of minced garlic. we'll sweat this down, everything nice and tender. again, have your carrots, little bite, to add it to the final product. saw tai this for five to eight minutes, along with your onions are trans lucent, carrots are firm with bite in the middle. looks good. we pull that off. get our potatoes into the mixer now. now we have our hot yams off the stove. add them, we have our 3 pounds of gold potatoes, add the mixer, important to do them so they are hot, using cue con gold, but use any white potato you want to.
8:31 am
yuck on gold have the best body for. >> this then our mixer. start it on low. and again the sweet potatoes and yuckon's in nice. add 3 ounces of cream cheese. making sure we're scraping down the sides, to make sure everything is incorporated thoroughly. tweet it a little bit. add 3 ounces of butter. our 3 ounces of crispy cook bacon. now we go ahead, add those sweated carol, celery, carrots, herbs, from earlier. all right, and we head to our baking pan, you can use a metal baking pan, you can use a pie recommendation glass baking pan if you want. or our potatoes mixture into the dish. i start pre heated the often at the beginning of the recipe, so once you put the pay tote owes on the oil, put the oven on at 350 degrees, with conviction fan if possible. if you don't have convection
8:32 am
fan, pre heat the oven 375 degrees. we want to make potatoes nice and even, smooth them out in the pan, so everything cooks evenly, and you have nice even top texture at the end. now we have everything in the pan, nice and even, we pop them in the oven to 20, 25 minutes, uncovered, until they pop nice light golden brown. got nice golden color on the top. now, it is ready to eat. nice golden crust. delicious mashed potatoes underneath. crunch of the bacon, bite to the carrots, happy thanksgiving. imette st. guillen ' bring from lafayette hill. that's your fox food bite. >> that always makes me so hungry, because i'm like ugh it, looks delicious. let's talk about outside. 30,000 people running around the street of philadelphia right now. >> look at that beautiful picture. this sunday rise this morning is off the charts. a lot of our viewers, caitlin, been sending us beautiful pictures down the shore.
8:33 am
>> we have. just enough clouds out there to get the good reflection off of the sunlight. and look at the beautiful shot down in atlantic city, actually going to be real nice day. warmer, too, we do have some clouds, you can see, as we pan out there. we may have more clouds than sun as we go through later on into the afternoon. let's take a look at ultimate doppler right now. clouds streaming in overnight, along with the warmer air that's been trying to move through. a lot of rain toward our south and west. but it is just rain. look at all of this getting organized across the caroline as, back across the mid western, gulf coast states, warmfront, which will travel northwards over the next 12, 24 hours, first see the rain, then really see the warm surge tomorrow afternoon. fox future cast shows mainly real nice day, dry all day long, sun, clouds, beautiful for the eagles out at the linc. showers, at 11:00 just starting to move into the area. likely after the day is wrapped up. most of the rain that we see will be during the overnight hours. so pretty low impact event when it comes to rain t may be heavy at times, though. here is 3:00 a.m. if you get up extra early, maybe around 5:00, 6:00 a.m.
8:34 am
to hit the roads, still see some showers, although they start to taper off by 7:00, 8:00 a.m. the rain leaves us, clear out tomorrow, winds pick up it, should well to the 70s, talking record high territory for monday afternoon. right now, not too bad. temperatures in the 30's, 40's, around philadelphia, 43 here in the city, 41 in millville. let's go through the seven day forecast, you talk about a roller coaster week here. fifty-five, clouds, milder today, the first big wet weather event is the rain tonight. 70s on monday, tuesday we cool back down into the 50's. coastal storm, looking like more of a probable thing than a possible thing, by wednesday, that will cause some tricky travel, look like whole mass of precipitation. wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, main time frame. we know how impact full that will be. looks like the snow out by thanksgiving itself. cold through the rest of the weekends. >> bee are so proud to have a whole staff of junior report that's work for us, do some of the best and brightest college student from all across our area, reporting on stories
8:35 am
from our community. and, today, we are joined by samantha crawford, from rider university. samantha, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> you have story today about one of my very favorite things to do, especially around the holiday time, giving season, to go to one every our soup kitchens. >> yes, so many i heard about in the area. i was fortunate enough to the lombard presbyterian soup kitchen, run bypass tore anna, such a loving and caring woman. i was really moved by her. she is so inspirational. and one thing that's very evident is that the people that go here feel so special because they get to go to a place, take their time and eat and also make friends along with the process. >> it is almost thanksgiving. while many families will be stuffing their faces with you can turkey and pie, some people have to rely on soup kitchens for their thanksgiving meal. the lombard presbyterian kitchen sent nerd west philadelphia is thereto give people something to be thankful for. >> ♪
8:36 am
>> i've seen tremendous change in people, per zone, a the way you look at life. >> we're all the same. i mean, no difference real any any of us. we all have different circumstances in our life, but we believe in everybody that comes in the store, and we make them under stands that serving 11:00 to 1:00 thursday. welcome donations and volunteers to come not only during the holiday sees son but throughout the year. >> one of the things that really ends up costing us a lot are the plates, the plastic wear, the cups, donations of paper products, and coffee, and tea, sugar, food we would need donated would be cans goods, and non-perishable. >> the lombard central presbyterian church found in the 1844. interesting fact is that it was founded by one of the leading men of the underground railroad, steven gloss err. their slogan is 166 years of serving god and the community.
8:37 am
the people here truly feel the love and the warmth at the soup kitchen. >> we got these churches open you know i love you all. >> one of the things i like about our soup kitchen is the atmosphere. they don't have to come and eat and run. they are a allowed to come in and relax for awhile. >> thank you so much, samantha. >> thank you for having me. one thing very, very inspirational, so moving, when i was talking to one of the recipients at the soup kitchen. i asked him how much the soup kitchen means to i he says not only a second home, he considers it his first home. i think that's so important for people to keep in mind, to help their nearby community in anyway possible. >> i think that's something that so many families can do over this giving time, to go donate our time and to volunteer, however we can, one of the soup kitchens. thank you for bringing us that store. >> i thank you very much.
8:38 am
>> we appreciate t of course if you have any ideas for any of the junior reporters, use the #fox29weekend. >> have you ever seen a really ugly christmas tree? >> people who live in one neighborhood do. where this tree is getting kicked to the curb. we'll tell you about it. >> this just in. riding in a car with a smoker, puts you at rigs being for the danger of second hands smoke. sounds like plenty old common sense, right? we already know cigarettes give off cancer-causing chemicals. researcher at the university of san francisco just wanted to double check to see if hitting the road with someone taking a smoke would still be bad news. >> hey, guess what? carcinogens galor in a car with a smoker.
8:39 am
another case of science, spending time and money, on what seems like common sense. but our doctor mike says this study may be another nudge to get you to kick the habit. >> with national smoke-out week being right now, it is time to stop smoking. if you want to be able to enjoy later years in your life, being healthy, you can't smoke. if you want to be there to see your grandchildren grow up, you can't smoke. stop it now. >> doctor mike, your advice is always so smart. even when the science seems pretty
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> high, i'm savannah, you're watching fox 29 weekend? thank you. i also want to thank vinny and jana for checking in on fox 29 weekends, as well. >> have you seen this christmas tree? they're calling it ugly. charlie brown christmas tree, in our area. >> awee. >> i mean, feel like so down on your luck, literally they couldn't get a couple more on it? >> i think initially they thought look, when we light it up it, won't look that bad. >> and where do you put the lights? >> (laughing). >> so, the city official said it was the bad wet their kept them from getting the tree they actually wanted so they got that one. but it was so bad, the city council was embarrased and the president is now going to raise some money to buy another tree. so they're going to do-over,
8:43 am
and do another whole christmas tree lighting next week end. >> hot mess, hot mess. >> like rockefeller center, christmas tree, to reading, pennsylvania. >> what's the distance in miles? >> terrible. >> all right, every weekends, you get a chance to knock the king. talking about our own howard eskin. this year, one viewer let him have it. plus, are you still planning your thanksgiving meal? if you're wondering what type of beer to serve, we have the answer for you.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> time now for knocking the king. hey, howard, this is joel from old city and i saw your commentary on the phillies last week. >> why didn't the phillies blow this team up three years ago and start the process? why dot cardinals always remain a contender err? the same with the three time world champion -- san francisco giant. they had real baseball people making decisions and phillies took too long to bring a baseball person back. pat has an impossible job, my opinion, and i'm right now what do you think? >> hey, howard, you always think you're right. you didn't even mention rubin amaro. you know what, i am sick and tired of your wining and complaining in that stupid fur
8:47 am
coat. >> okay, you're really a hater. and you don't understand style. get over the jelousy. and get over the fur coat. because i know you want one. and maybe some day if you understanded i'll help you out. now as far as the baseball team, it is not rubin amaro. rubin amaro ended up really being a puppet. it was dave montgomery that signed it, rollins, dave montgomery that signed utley, and too late, ryan howard's awful contract and carlos ruiz who can't play at the level you need him to blame reality is as i tried to tell you, baseball people, and that's not dave montgomery, great guy, baseball people. >> so under stands what i am trying to tell you, okay? learn a little bit. glad coy set you straight. because, that's what i'm here to do. keep trying and knock the king and i'll maybe, maybe, if you are lucky, or maybe if i'm lucky, talk to you next week. >> all right, so now is your chance to knock the king. it is simple. just record a video, post it on facebook, twitter,
8:48 am
instagram, where ever your social media choice s use the hashtag fox 29 weekend or pick up the phone and call 1800--292-9369. go ahead for your turn to knock the king. karen? >> all right, that head shot of him looks like it is from 20 years ago, oh, love howard. the trump taj mahal casino putting in last ditch effort in order to stay open. the casino's offering to restore health insurance, and pension plans to its 3,000 employees. this is a big headline. however, there is only one catch. they help restore those plans if the union decides to drop its appeal of a court decision that canceled them in the first place. if approved, workers will be covered for at least two years. >> thanksgiving now less than week away, probably safe to assume you'll have turkey on your table. what do you serve to drink? convention at wisdom says wine. growing number of people are looking for the perfect beer, to pair a thanksgiving feast. considering the eagles are playing thursday night, beer and football tends to go well
8:49 am
together. having so many that far sudsy stuff at home sounds like great idea. take this tweet from christopher. i will be drink ago beer at thanksgiving dinner next thursday. i don't drink beer often, wine is my booze of choice, most times. so, what kind of beer should you consider? don russell a/k/a joe six pack joins us via skype to help us sort it all out. let's start with this tweet here. we asked actually about thanksgiving, beers and says always some casino of pumpkin all. is pumpkin beer the logical choice? >> it is a logical choice, pumpkin beer i think goes real well with food. unfortunately it is pretty hard to find pumpkin biron the shelves right now. it tends to disappear by halloween, and not whole lot of it out there to be had. so there is a number of other beer choice that is i suggest at thanksgiving time. and i got to tell you, it is a tough pairing to tackle, because you know thanksgiving you have so many different kind of foods to try to match up with, and most of them are sort of heavy. so you want to have a beer
8:50 am
that can cut through it, and i typically tell people choose a says and, docile style beer. goes with everything, like i can recommend one today which is wrapped in a paper and it is a wonderful says and, pairs well with a lot of foods, and also, this is important, it cuts through sort of the fatty necessary of say turkey. so great pairing choice. >> sounds fancy. i'm not a beer drinker so learning a lot here. we also want to address there is billy wrote i just red about beer pairing for thanksgiving. funny thing it is cheaper to get great wine r there affordable beers? >> i think it is the opposite actually. usually the rule of thumb you can't get a decent wine for under $20. and there is a heck of a lot of great beer under 20 bucks out there that i think suffer bit as good as wine.
8:51 am
you know, we're preparing for thanksgiving, also remember, dessert. that's another opportunity to have a great beer, something that also i would suggest is from skyfox, russian stout, perfect pairing for dessert, it is really rich, dark, rosey, i think would pair real well with pumpkin pie. >> okay, joe six pack, we have to ask you this. dog head fish brewery in delaware making scrapple biron twitter colin wrote this is great news or terrible news, i'll get back to you regard lets, congratulations at dog fish beer hashtag scrapple beer. what do you think about that up? >> i think this is like maybe the height of human progress, lauren. scrapple and beer? two of my favorite things in the entire world in one glass? i can't wait to try it. it is only available down at dog fish head rehoboth beach brew public. but i think it sounds like it is worth the trip down there. breakfast for beer. >> over producer air on is a
8:52 am
huge beer lover. he does like the public crawls, all of that kind of things. his response is yup, your response, i think that may be the greatest achievement in the history every man casino. what a difference in opinion there. >> that's the thing about beer. is that something for everybody. >> all right, thank you so much, joe, have great thanksgiving. >> will do. enjoy your holiday feast. >> all right, and tell us what you think, beer or wine? what's your beverage of choice when it comes to the holidays? make sure to use the hashtag fox 29 weekend. >> say i like that, sometimes i imperfection beautiful. this one goes to you, lauren, what you should bring. taking the wine is great. that's what i'm bringing. and couldn't be happier. watching the birds, watching our eagles. look at these cute pictures, thank you so much for sending this in. sunday fun day. you know it this one over here my three year old, eagles wide receiver jordan mat use. keep your green game day pictures coming.
8:53 am
and we'll continue our conversation, but first, time for socially awkward. >> ♪ >> lots to get tonight get right into it. barbie made the news again. >> she got reality make over. we're talking tattoos, freckles, cellulite, even -- merry christmas, here is your cellulite barbie. >> all for customizing your barbie, that's fine, but where is the dog pen -- bald pen at? >> bring it on. >> i'm sink guy. hello ladies. i love to meet a girl some day. but his is going little too far. check out what these guys are doing. >> taking blind dates to whole another level. talking dating with paper bags over your heads. how awkward is this? >> what do you even talk about with someone when they have a bag over their head. >> i like what did you with your bag. >> oh, that brown bag bridges out nice color in your shirt. >> what happens when the bag comes off? >> is it a yes or next? or do you pretends you like
8:54 am
them? oh, i liked you when you had a paper bag over your head. yikes. >> no, no. >> we all love free food. >> correctly. >> i'm not buying it. >> you're liar. >> in the news room we get a loft free food. >> our web producer brian wilson had clever trick. set up two hidden cameras, and recorded the madness. >> who was the biggest offender? >> mike injury glike like vultures around the food. >> whether we come up, usually operation crumbs left. we understand. >> we want to hear your sales, your socially awkward moments, tweet them to us at our twitter handle. we'll see you next week. >> ♪ w??ççóo?óñçoñçwwññç
8:55 am
8:56 am
skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
8:57 am
so what do you look forward to in thanksgiving. >> thankful not to work in retail with all of the long hours people are working nowadays. what are you thankful for? >> thankful i moved to philadelphia. >> yahoo. >> and have a new family with you guys, i am, because i was so close to the idea of coming to the northeast, too cold, but i'm glad i did. yes. >> oh, good. >> i am the same way, happy to and toil see my family and friends, i'm from the area, too, so this creepy tv business, you land everywhere, so to be here, i'm thankful for it. >> good one. >> nicole? >> i'm thankful for the people who love me. >> awe. >> but we're thankful you're feeling better and back with us today, instead of home
8:58 am
sick. that was a problem. that will do it for us, thank you for joining us, of course, weaver eagles game day, the
8:59 am
9:00 am
president obama sits off a furor, sidestepping congress to shield millions of illegals from deportation. >> the actions i'm taking are not only lawful, they're the kinds of actions taken by every single republican president and every single democratic president for the past half century. >> the president has taken actions that he himself said are those of the king or an emperor, not an american president. how will the new gop of the house respond we'll ask ted cruz. will the executive order fix a broken system? we'll talk with one of the


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