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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> the news is breaking in ferguson, missouri tonight. grand jury has decided on whether officer darren wilson will be charged in the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. that announce many expected sometime tonight. here's a live look right now at the university of missouri in st. louis where governor jay nixon is expected to speak shortly. it's believed he will call for peace ahead of the announcement of the grand jury's decision. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm luce seal see nolan. a whole lot of eyes on ferguson tonight as the community and the nation really awaits the jury's decision. everyone from local leaders to president obama have been calling for peace and these days leading up to tonight's expected announcement.
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many protesters say it's not just about getting charges against officer wilson. but it's also about better police conduct and race relations. police in ferguson say they are confident any protests will be peaceful. >> the character of his community will shine through. but we're not going to let anyone that's intent on changing that character or causing disruption to this community to have that chance. >> the white house is also keeping an eye on the developments in ferguson. president obama could issue a statement tonight following the announcement of the grand jury's decision. and cities across america are awaiting the verdict including of course philadelphia. >> there are beefed up police patrols around city hall and love park as demonstrations are planned. our dave kinchen is live outside city hall for us tonight. dave? >> iain that's right as you can see behind me lots of philadelphia police officers here the same all around dilworth plaza all around city hall. love park as well, of course, because of the planned protests
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to respond to the ferguson grand jury's decision that decision is expected to be announced tonight. let's go to some video and it shows the build up of officers at city hall over the last few hours as we mentioned officers also at love park. now, a police source with the philadelphia police department tells us that they have been monitoring online chatter of people planning to antagonize officers while protesting down here. that police source said he heard of possibly 400 people showing up to protest. but he says in reality he's expecting about half of that but no one is really here now protesting and that actually upset one self described protester. he says he came here for from west philadelphia. >> i have been completely saddened to see the lack of concern in this case so far. i was hoping to come down here and see a lot people because this seemed like a compassionate town in at a time when everybody -- when i say not just black, not just white or hispanic, everybody should feel the same way.
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we should be on the same page and i was like embarrassed and/or saddened when i came down at the time i came down as long as i've been down here and i haven't spoke with individuals some people seemed not to be informed. >> reporter: social media has been bursting with people talking about the protest here at city hall for several days since back to friday but, again, it all depends when that announce many comes down. the announcement of the ferguson grand jury decision expected tonight. so you may see more protesters actually coming down here tonight. were you police here watching and waiting for that as well. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. of course we'll continue to follow the situation in ferguson all night long when announcement does come in you'll see it on air and on to our volatile weather today. we felt record breaking heat today with less than month until winter almost hard to believe snow could create some big problems in just two days. chief meteorologist scott williams now with a look at what's ahead. scott? >> that's right, iain. 72 degrees was the record high today in less than 24 hours the
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entire area dealing with rain changing over to some wet snow as we monitor pre thanksgiving storm system that will snarl traffic on wednesday. so if you have travel plans you might want to leave tomorrow early on wednesday or just wait until thanksgiving morning to travel. so let's talk about the concern. winter storm watches posted i-95 north and west highlighted in blue. that includes trenton, philadelphia, moving north and west, norristown, doylestown, moving into the lehigh valley as well as the poconos for that rain changing over to wet snow. here's one computer model forecast the european model typically has a pretty good handle on wintry precipitation. you can see the farther north and west the deeper blue. that means higher snowfall accumulations but the wednesday timeline for philadelphia beginning as rain the first part of the day mainly rain still between nine to noon but then as we move toward the afternoon, the colder air moves in and that rain changes oh snow.
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specific snowfall totals for where you live coming up as well as what to expect on thanksgiving day. iain and lucy? >> scott, thanks. you can stay on top of weather by heading to just click the weather tab at the top of the home page for the latest forecast information and live radar images. >> a developing story now. a young child has died in fire. it happened on wyoming avenue in philadelphia's feltonville section. skyfox over the scene right there. now the search is on for what started the fire that led to this tragedy. fox 29's bruce gordon is live at the firehouse in logan one of the very first to respond. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, still no answers at this point obviously early in the investigation we know where the fire started, second floor of the three-floor row home. we do not know at this point how or why it started i'm outside medic 24 engine foo as you say the first responders to this noontime row house fire that killed a four-year-old boy and injured four othe others.
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xavier haven't chewer what camera phone video captured some of the chaos prompted by a midday fire in this three story row home it does not capture a frantic father racing inside the home to rescue one child but unable to save his own. >> he went back in to see if he could get his son. he said my son, my son he went back in. but he couldn't get -- he couldn't rescue the baby. >> reporter: authorities say 15 members of an extended family live in this home on the 200 block of west wyoming. nine were home when the fire ignited on the second floor. and raced up a stairwell to the third. passengers by rushed to help rescue the victims. this man did not want to be identified. >> what did you hear? what did you see? >> kids screaming. flames, smoke, glass busting, popping sounds. >> reporter: carl johnson told us he raced into the front of the burning home up to the second floor. but not to the third floor rear bedroom where the four-year-old boy was found. >> i didn't know what to do because i couldn't get past all the stuff was falling down.
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i didn't want it to fall on me and then i'm trapped in there, you know what i mean? >> frustrated fire officials say this death did not have to happen. that live saving equipment was in place and was working. >> we saw smoke alarms in the property in 2011. so they had smoke alarms. but most important thing to remember with smoke alarms you also have to have a plan to get out. >> reporter: two civilians and two firefighters suffered minor injuries in this blaze. the death of the four-year-old little boy represents the 29th fire fatality so far this year. that's five more than all of last year with a month plus still to go. iain? >> bruce, thank you. happening now, the search for missing daycare center worker. 33-year-old jessica padgett a mother of three has not been seen since leaving work on friday in northampton, pennsylvania. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to the woman's family, friends and volunteers searching for h her. >> we're hoping absolutely for the best. >> reporter: search team
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members gathered monday afternoon at the parking lot where jessica padgett's car was found friday at the state police helicopter circle the area looking for the missing 33-year-old. >> that's all we ask at this time, just everyone keep their eyes out that's it. >> we're just worried. we just want her back. >> earlier the chopper searched the area around the daycare center in northampton borough where she worked. this is where the 33-year-old mother and wife was last seen friday afternoon before she disappeared. >> i just saw the helicopter. my heart sank praying that it wasn't any bad news. >> reporter: co-workers say jessica left the daycare to run an errand just afternoon. she never came back. >> she was going to take care of personal issue and she just -- that was it. looking back now i wish we would have just taken a couple extra moments to talk to her and see if she was okay. >> reporter: search crews have been outlooking for jessica all weekend. the whitehall township mother of
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three's white subaru out back was found in this dollar general parking lot a short distance away. state police say her cell phone and some personal belongings were inside. >> there's a lot of, you know, unknown things that are perplexing everybody the way the vehicle was left and where it's at. >> state police interviewed co-worker at the daycare monday. they say padgett was head to do her other job to fax document but she never got there. >> this is something that you don't think would ever happen, you know n your neck of the woods in your town. >> reporter: friends at the daycare where jessica work say it was and like her to just disappear. she recently married her long-time boyfriend and deeply loved her three children. >> she had a lot friends. a lot of family just a great person all around. >> i want that clue. i want that break. i want -- i just want to find her. ooh want to find her save. >> da's office joined this investigation. the state police continue to go over jessica's car looking for forensic evidence. so far, no signs of foul play. if you have any information, you should contact the state police
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at the bethlehem barrack. in northampton borough, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> we have breaking news into fox 29 right now. skyfox is live in south philadelphia and from what we understand as you see the police cars right there, a truck has hit a person. it happened just before 6:00 at front and schneider. we do know the person is at the hospital. no word on what happened here. nor on what caused that accide accident. the president of a pennsylvania university steps down after making controversial remarks about women and sexual assaults. robert jennings of lincoln university in chester county resigned. he spoke back in september at an all women's event about how false rape allegations can union a young man's life. parts of the talk were posted online with some critics saying jennings was plameing women for sexual assault. >> new castle county police are asking for your help to catch woman for credit card fraud. the detectives have
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surveillance -- one surveillance photo actually they say she used somebody else's credit card information to buy some stuff at a home depot and people's plaza on october 23 are. the person who had her credit card information stolen still had that card. police don't know how the woman their after got that account information. if you know something that might help catch her call new castle county police. >> civil rights case against a teacher in the school district of pennsylvania can proceed. it involves the kidnapping of a five-year-old girl from her school. federal judge denied the motion by both dismissed the case last week. lawsuit by the girl's family claims the teacher violated policy by letting christina regusters take the child from the school. the suit blames the district for failing to train and supervise staff. the child was abducted and sexually assaulted by regusters in january of 2013. regusters will be sentenced for the crime on january 20 many. fleece one local community hearing carrying new weapon but not a gun.
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>> why they'll be carrying this and when they plan to use it. plus the new jersey school getting rid of mid terms and final exams. why they're doing it. howard. >> eagles next game is on thanksgiving. but listen to chip kelly he gets his food reference in. not like andy reid did when he was the coach. it's an interesting comment by the head coach. that will be coming up in spor sports. >> and trust be trade a local small business owner wante wanto you tanning booths but she says the contractor pound add couple of nails and took off. tonight at 10:00 what fox 29 learned about him and why he high tailed it when we showed up.
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♪ >> all police officers in delaware county will be carrying the drug narcan that can reverse the effects of heroin overdose.
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delaware county officials making the announcement five days before a state law takes effect allowing police to carry narcan. delaware is the first conte in the state to have its police officers trained and equipped with narcan. >> these police chiefs came forward, these police chiefs rose and said, we are going to protect people and we are going to save lives. we are going to unite and do this as a concerted effort. >> delaware county has purchased 800 doses of narcan two for every police vehicle in the county. >> california's indians launched their internet gambling site in new jersey. they had a test run last week. the pal la indian -- band of indians got the go ahead this weekend from new jersey gambling regulator force a full launch of their website. they are the first tribe to favor internet gambling in new jersey. they partnered with atlantic city's borgata. >> mid term and final exams a
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thing of the past at one new jersey high school. glenn ridge high school rated one of the top 10 public schools in the state. the town's board of education decided to drop the scam period to save classroom time to prepare for common core scam known as park. those scams take 20 days to prepare for at the high school level and it's mandatory. the board decided students and teachers needed that time to prepare. >> by doing that and replacing them with quarterly assessments at the end of each marking period we regain the 10 instructional days we lose at the park test. >> glenn ridge is not the first school in the state to get rid of mid terms and finals. but other educators will be watching to see if they follow suit. >> all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> absolutely phenomenal off the hook day today, and then comes wednesday. yeah. >> chief meteorologist scott williams, what are you tracking? >> we're tracking spring to winter in a matter of hours. in fact in less than 48 hours we're looking at rain changing
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over to some heavy wet snow in particular north and west of the philadelphia area. still a few factors to consider. we'll get into that in just a few moments, but winter storm watches posted along i-95 north and west. this is where the main impacts will be. south jersey will still see some rain change to go wet snow but mainly rain especially once you move down the shore. but this afternoon, 72 degrees. that was the record high. beating the old record by 1 degree. temperatures still very mild for this time of year. 67 in wilmington. 66 in trenton. low 60s right now in millville and atlantic city. so 56 degrees was the low. the afternoon high we made it up to 72 degrees. and by tonight, still pretty comfortable. so overnight lows in the 50s. tomorrow cooler than today. but still pretty comfortable temperatures in the low to mid 50s and look at the clock on wednesday. temperatures will be stuck in the mid theirs. that rain will be changing over to wet snow across the area. really throughout the day. so factors to consider. warm roads temperatures today,
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of course, in the 70s so that snow will have hard time sticking on the roads. we're looking at mainly mainly accumulatioaccumulations on they surfaces. car tops and elevated features. banding that could bring some cold air down banding basic physical we have a burst of some heavy snow that will mean that snow will like al accumulate a little more. the track, still a little uncertain as well but we are going to watch a storm system develop for the middle of the week. tuesday night looking good. if you have travel plans throughout the entire day tomorrow no problems. early, early on wednesday, before, say, seven, 8:00 o'clock looking pretty good but then that rain begins. changing over to wet snow. especially as we move toward the lunch time frame and beyond right around philadelphia. down the shore we'll take some time to change over to that snow probably until after the sun sets. but the sunsets pretty early before 5:00 o'clock so we're looking at that rain changing over to wet snow pretty much area wide but the system will be progressive moving out of here by 10:00 o'clock and midnight and on thanksgiving day drier
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but staying chilly across the area. so the early call, this once again could change but we're looking at mainly rain down the shore. interior parts of south jersey, say, around the medford area, moving toward willingboro, deptford, one to 2-inches on the grassy surfaces. philadelphia we're looking at about two to four on the grassy surfaces. north and west we're looking at anywhere from four to 6-inches from doylestown just to north of norristown and west chester and then the lehigh valley and the poconos. we could see six or more inches of snowfall. so as you see lehigh and poconos, change owing that wet snow between 9:00 and noon. staying snow through the balance of the day before tapering off in the early evening for the philadelphia metro area, starting as rain staying rain until about the afternoon to early evening time frame but once again that rain will be changing over to wet snow. 39 that's it for the high on wednesday. low 40s for thanksgiving and staying chilly for friday shoppers. and then temperatures moderate a bit as we move into the upcoming
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weekend but stay tuned. new information, new model runs tonight at 10:00 if we need to update those totals. >> scott, thank you. >> howard eskin. >> little football. and that chip kelly, this is interesting. he's going to tell us what he won't be eating for thanksgivi thanksgiving. a classic chip comment. >> and eagles talk about the preparations off that win yesterday with a very short work week. hear from the head coach and
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monday morning quarterback sponsored by xfinity your home for the most live sports. ♪ >> and those eagles got right back on track yesterday after a bad loss in green bay the week before with big win against tennessee but we all know it's dallas coming up on thanksgivi thanksgiving. eagles quarterback mark sanchez still has to cut down on the interceptions but did are better game. let's to the linc. better game with a nice pass right here two interceptions can't have it riley cooper might have been at fault on one of them. that's nice pass to casey. in the end it's all about the dallas cowboys this thursday on a short week. >> just got to be ready to go. one thing we don't worry were you what we don't control and we don't have control over the schedule. we got to plan in place. players were here this morning. excited about the opportunity. big game. division game. so both teams have the same amount of time. so it's not like anybody has an
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advantage over it. >> the other thing the he guess did they sacked the quarterback five times yesterday. and that is connor barwin is out of his mind this year. 12.5 sacks, his career high. trent cole is all over it. that's what they have to do to tony romo on thursday but brandon graham loves this kind of stuff. >> oh, yeah it means a lot more. you know, especially, you know, 4:30 on a thursday, thursday night on thanksgiving. >> what's the rush like when you hit a quarterback? >> i can't even describe it. ooh, man. something -- it's something great about it. feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders, you know. you was able -- you was able to get america's team quarterback. >> and thanksgiving for chip kelly is just about football. >> i don't know. just tell when you say we'll play. we don't -- we don't really read much into it or wax nostalgia. it's not like we're going to have a turkey on the side line. we'll go play football.
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>> missouri governor jay nixon getting ready to speak. ahead of the announcement of the grand jury's decision in
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♪[ music ] ♪ girls night out at the ama's. was there a booty ban? and the return of miss diana ross. >> it is so amazing. >> then two of bill cosby's accusers meet for the first time. >> and did this radio station go too far? >> i want everyone to stand up and call out bill cosby. >> and return of the potty mouth princesses. this time, they're black and blue. and -- >> i would have kept holding, but they hung up on my.


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