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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> all of this happens happening tomorrow on of course one of busiest travel days of the year. tonight, fare warning start preparing now. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. we have everything you flood to know tonight. let's start by getting right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. scott? >> good evening, dawn and iain. things start to go really come into focus right now. ultimate doppler showing you all of the moisture to our south. so that's ingredient number one. the cold air still off to the north and west, but it will link up with that rainfall change the rain over to wet snow. we advisories prompted in purp purple. you can see that includes i-9 i5 immediately north and west. once you move into upper money and bucks northern chester the lehigh valley and the poconos, winter storm warnings are posted here. so look at the clock right now. it's dry, it's quiet, as we move overnight those clouds thicken. when you wake up tomorrow morning, we're looking at mainly rain across the area, but north and west a quick changeover to snow toward the lehigh valley and the poconos. here's 11:00 o'clock.
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starting to change over in transition along the i-95 corridor to that rain and snow mix. but still mainly rain towards south jersey and delaware. so i-95, i-295 throughout the and tire day tomorrow mainly wet, but once you move a little farther to the north, mainly north of the turnpike we're looking at slush she's roads potentially and even if the road conditions are fine, we're looking at reduced visibilities and also potential power outages because of that heavy wet snow. much more on the expected snowfall totals where you live and also that complete holiday travel forecast across the country dawn and iain coming up. >> thank you, scott. your travel plans this thanksgiving may be fouled up by tomorrow's turkey of a forecast. planes, trains and automobiles all expected to be impacted and fox 29's brad satin is live at philadelphia international airport and brad, are people trying to get out ahead of this weather. >> reporter: that's what you think. we haven't seen a ton of that yet. i heard -- we just heard from scott how bad it's going to get but right now this is kind of the calm before the storm. we know there's going to be
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about four hun 40,000 people flying in and out of the airport between tomorrow and sunday. they were hoping, dawn, as you mentioned that folks would kind of heed the weather warning and leave but for the most part it's been relatively quiet. let's take you and side and show you there. airport official telling me win the last hour or so that a full flight schedule is being planned fie by all the airlines despite the weather. sunday is the busiest travel day estimating about 95,000 people flying followed then by monday and then tomorrow. rain, sleet, snow predicted between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. so really the best time to avoid this bad weather to leave either tonight or wait until thanksgiving morning meanwhile at 30th street station pretty busy late this afternoon. amtrak reporting about 760,000 travelers this holiday which would be a record. many traveling through the northeast corridor where the bad weather comes. the trains expected to be full and they are preparing for mother nature. >> there's this pending snowstorm or this winter storm that looks like it might impact,
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you know, significant section of the northeast corridor. so we're ready for that. we'll put equipment out there and pre position equipment in strategic locations so we can respond quick physical something, you know f the need arises. >> reporter: planes, trains, let's talk a little about automobiles. aaa predicting 4% more people will be traveling this weekend, that includes about 580,000 people from the delaware valley going 50 miles or more. the good news we all know those gas prices, they're averaging we checked today 2.96 a gallon. that compares to 3.41 a year ago much that's a savings of about 45 cents a gallon. collectively that comes to about $100 million per day in savings for gas compared to one year ago. so people obviously saving money. if you are doing any flying here back at the airport best advice as always to call your airline ahead of time before you leave your house. otherwise you can always call
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800-plhl-gate. >> we have everything you need to know at >> demonstrators marching in philadelphia to show solidarity with ferguson, missouri. skyfox flying life over the march right now. the peaceful protest is in the wake of the announcement that ferguson police officer darren wilson will not be charged in the fatal shootin shooting of 18-year-old michael brown who was unarm. clergy who traveled to ferguson during the initial protests are calling on renewed focus centered on police brutality and racism. missouri's governor is working lard to mark sure scenes like this do not play out again tonight. cops say protesters burned buildings and turned over police cruiser. the governor says there will be more than two thus san national guardsmen stationed throughout ferguson tonight. they'll be working to secure key spots where protesters are expected to rally. governor nixon says lives and property must be protected.
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>> seniors afraid to leave the house. school cancel. kids scared to go outside and play. well they've gone through is unacceptable. no one should have to live like this. no one deserves this. police say 21 fires were set last night in commercial buildings and cars. cops arrested more than 60 people. >> we haven't heard a word from the officer at the center of this. but he is now finally breaking his silence with a hasn't written note. darren wilson wrote the letter to his supporters during the investigation. but it's just now being released to the public. representative from the we are darren wilson group read that letter last night. "to all of the pro officer wilson supporters, i would like to thank you all for standing up for me during this stressful time. your support and dedication is amazing and it is still hard to believe that all of these people i've never met are doing so much for me ". >> wilson's lawyer also releasing a separate statement.
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says that wilson followed his training and the law during that deadly shooting. hundreds of miles a way, residents in our area are protesting the decision by that ferguson grand jury. sky fox over the scene near city hall where hundreds are outraged and demonstrating in the streets tonight. our dave kinchen is live on the scene and, dave, the mayor is talking too but one group has got some issue with these comments. >> that's right. philadelphia mayor michael nutter says prosecutors botch the ferguson verdict but in the meantime, the fop fraternal order of police, they say not so fast. >> i think they have botched this thing from start to finish. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor michael nutter is still fuming over last night's grand jury decision to not charge white ferguson police officer darren wilson with killing unarmed black teenager mike brown in august. >> from my perspective there's still whole lot more explaining that needs to be done about who did what out there that particular day and in the days after. >> reporter: but i challenged
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the mayor on comments that many say went too far. >> if the grand jury did have all the evidence as the state lewis county prosecutor said and you yours didn't have all the evidence, then some say how do you come off that strong whole they did all the evidence? you tell me what the evidence is that explains why the officer shot michael brown 10 times. where is that evidence? where is that explanation? >> reporter: the president of the the fop ripped nutters words in a letter posted on miss facebook page "it's very disappointing to learn michael nutter has chosen to publicly pander to a lynch mob mentality instead of displaying the courage and integrity required by a public official. nutter has to make a choice. he can join the lynch mob or be the mayor. he can't do both ". >> the said the evidence. there are still unanswered the questions. that's the issue i'm praising. >> when a mayor, sitting mayor goes to the lengths of accusing a prosecutor of botching something, that tells you just
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how bad this is. >> dr. mark tyler says mayor nutter's remarks echo the frustration felled in the african-american community. >> it would have been great to have a trial. i'm not saying officer wilson was guilty. that's what trial is for but we've been denied that opportunity. >> pastors are calling for an out right boycott of black friday shopping in and effort to make a larger statement. >> we need to have real economic impact. >> reporter: mayor nutter says it's up to the united states department of justice to pursue a civil rights case to restore justice for the mike brown family. we did reach out to commissioner ramsay's office if a comment. he was not made available to us. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you very much. right now we've got breaking news. president obama is talking about ferguson at a chicago community center. let's listen in. >> -- puts all of us at risk and we all have to be concerned about it. so my message to those people who are constructively moving
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forward try to organize mobilize and ask hard important questions about how we improve the situation, i want all of those folks to know that their president is going to work with them and i think you'll find a lot of -- (applause). >> separate apart from the particular circumstances at ferguson, which i am careful not to speak to because it's not my job as president to comment on on-going investigations and specific cases but the frustrations people have gener generally, those are rooted in some hard truth that is have to be addressed. those who are prepared to work constructively, your president will work with you. and a lot of folks i believe in
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law enforcement and a lot of folks in city halls and governor's offices across the country want to work with you as well. so as part of that... >> president barack obama talking about ferguson in chicago. we'll continue to listen and update you as necessary for complete timeline of all the events head to our website for more on all the fury in ferguson. >> a major update tonight in a story you saw first on fox. a lawyer at a prominent center city law firm has surrendered to face charges of repeatedly raping a 14 year old girl. 56-year-old brian meehan accused of of having sex with a teenaged trafficking victim. investigators say meehan paid to have sex with the girl several times in his downtown office in 2012. according to the district attorney, the victim was held captive by a germantown couple, and hired out up to 20 times a week. >> 14 year old victim in this case was taken to at the
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defendant's place of employment. a center city law firm at one penn center. several times where he engaged in sex with her for money. >> meehan's lawyer says his client maintains his innocence. the price of thanksgiving dinner continues to climb across the country but that's not the case here in philadelphia. why you'll be thankful to dine in the city of brotherly love. howard? >> the eagles may be as excited as you are playing those dallas cowboys. they talk about doing w
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♪ >> a live look tonight at area roadways. this is the vine street expressway running smoothly but tomorrow well it could be a much different story around winter weather threatening to make one of the busiest travel days of the year very tricky. meteorologist scott scott williams will have your updated forecast in just a few minutes. >> people in new jersey are suing the tgi fridays restaurant
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chain saying that it didn't print drink prices on its menu so customers would end up paying more than they wanted to. lawsuit also asserts that the chain used quote menu engineering to charge different costs for the same drinks depending upon whether they were ordered at the bar area or in the dining room. the texas based chain says the allegations are quote without merit. this thanksgiving philadelphians have got a little something extra to be thankful for in the fourth annual cost of thanksgiving report the controller says residents are spending $46 and 50 cents for the average holiday meal that's a savings of at least $3 compared to the national average. the reason for the savings, residents here are paying about $2 less for a 16-pound turkey compared to the rest of the country. so gobble, gobble on that. >> i like it. philadelphia police sharing the spirit of thanksgiving with the community today. it was the depth's operation thanksgiving. and police sent out complete turkey dinners for some 400
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families throughout the city each dinner containing turkey with all the trimming. little girl from bucks county just got something most of us take for granted, an ear. >> that's right. the three-year-old little girl was born healthy but she has tiny monthly formed ears she has no ear canals, no eardrums and she needs to wear a special hearing aid in order to hear. emily rodriguez and her family traveled to california in late october for special reconstructive ear surgery and today this l trooper was beaming as she showed off what she refers to as her new big girl ear. doctors can only do one ear at a time and emily will return to california in april to have a second operation. surgeons actually traced emily's mom's ear making her ear the same size and definition. >> they used a synthetic framework and they take a vascular part of the membrane from the scalp and they cover
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that framework and then they use skin that was left from her little ear and they also took skin from her abdomen and covered that. it's amazing what they can do. >> it was a miracle. it was unbelievable, you know, her -- she smiled, too, as soon as she came out and saw it. she just smiled. >> she's so happy. so excited. rodriguez family is hopefully when she's five or sick years old she'll be a candidate for inner ear surgery where doctors would create ear canals and restore her hearing for now this little one is just thrilled that she can finally wear an earring. >> great story. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. yesterday we saw people jogging in shorts. >> i know. 72 degrees. >> wonderful. we'll get some winter weather on wednesday. i'm like you're not right about that. and sure enough, scott -- it looks like it's coming into play right now we have the ingredients, dawn and iain. the rainfall to our south. it's still not cold enough for
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snow. but that cold air it's going to be rushing in during the day tomorrow to change this mess right now that you see to our south as rain over to those wet snowflakes, reducing visibilities and also causing some wet roadways across the area. in fact winter weather advisories posted along i-95 immediately north and west. but once you move into northern chester county upper montgomery and bucks back to the lehigh valley as well as the pocono mountains winter storm warnings so the worst of it will be far north and west as far as that potential for slushy roads we'll talk about that coming up. how is this going to happen? look at the temperatures tonight. they will be falling into the upper 30s north and west. low fours by tomorrow morning. so it's going to start off as rainfall for south jersey, delaware and i-95. but a quick changeover as that colder air continues to rush in by midday. into the afternoon and evening. eventually ending as a little bit of wet snow as we move into southern sections of south jersey.
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so the timeline for that change over you can see early 7am when you're watching sue on good day we're looking at the pock notice, the lehigh valley looking at some of that snowfall starting. the north and west suburbs from 9:00 to 11:00 the philadelphia metro area, i-95 between 11am to 2:00 and then last but not least we're looking a the that change over toward northern delaware and also south jersey so look at the clock tonight. we're dry if you're stepping outdoors maybe going to the grocery store or maybe hitting the roadways looking pretty good. but look at the clock. by 7am tomorrow morning, we're looking at that green, that's the rainfall showing up. north and west already changing over to that snowfall. that rain/snow line will be moving a little farther to the south as we move toward lunch time and then tomorrow evening, eventually moving into south jersey and delaware before rapidly gets out of here by 11:00 o'clock and then by thanksgiving, we're looking at a cold chill but we're not dealing with that snowfall across the area. so it's a one-day shot at that mess and we're looking at the potential for one to two slushy
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inches mainly interior sections of south jersey, around the piles grove area, deptford, cherry hill, willingboro, i-95 philadelphia slushy two to four and then once you move into upper montgomery, bucks county, northern chester, four to six slushy inches and then the greatest potential for six or more inches once you move toward the lehigh valley as well as the poconos. but mainly wet roadways, i-95, 295 the potential for slushy roads as we move north of the turnpike. but watch out for reduced visibles and also because of that heavy wet snow, the potential is there for some power outages. temperatures on thanksgiving right around 41 degrees. we're still chilly for shopping on friday. and temperatures moderate as we move toward the upcoming holiday weekend. back into the mid 50s by sunday. but buckle up it's going to be a long 24 hours. >> i am not ready. i'm not either. i like the term you used weather whiplash. >> four hours is longer than twenty four hurst.
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(laughter). >> the eagles play and they hear the fans loud and clear when it comes to playing those cowboys. the players talked about what you want and the eagles and cowboys all have something beyond winning and losing. getting ready for comparisons, lesean mccoy and demarco
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>> the eagles they play the game every fan in physical looks forward to each season it's the dallas cowboys and this year you will be watching the gamay round your turkey dinner so enjoy it more. so many things to look for in this game. demarco murray and lesean mccoy much to people's surprise the way this town has questioned mccoy he is the third leading running back in the nfl and, yes, he knows murray leads the league. >> every player likes to compete. everybody wants to be the top of their position. or recognized in the top group in their position. so from guys hanging out and talking about it. people talk about it. talk about what they talk about. you want to be one of those guys. >> last season the eagles split with the cowboys but the big game was that last game of the season which turned into the eagles season to dallas remember the eagles needed this game to win the division and make the playoffs. it's the cowboys last game of
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the season. 1:43 left in the game and brandon boykin with the interception and the eagles win and go to the playoffs. the eagles players do hear you when it comes to the cowboys. >> you get most of your fan interaction from social mode ya or meet fans in public. you know, sale nice to meet you. just remember to meet dallas and things like that. they let you know. obviously it's important to them. >> it's bigger than me. it's bigger than me. it's bigger than this team. i think it's, you know, they've been go at it for so long, um, and now with the stake being what they are, two teams playing good football, a chance to take over first place in the division, it's a big game for us. >> all right. more on the eagles and cowboys coming up thursday a special ed dig at 11am fox 29 "game day live". fox pre-game coverage starts at 4:00. connect off at 4:30. wrap up that night on fox 29 news at 10:00. big big big. >> yeah. >> eagles win! >> i think they'll do it. >> i hope so.
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>> all right. >> that does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you back here at 10:00. have a great night inside edition is up
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shocking video. that is michael brown's stepfather. >> people are stopping me now. >> conspiracy theory? >> why do you think they waited to announce it at 9:00 at night? the calculated decision in order to incite people. >> the grand jury evidence revealed. >> i don't know how that results in seven gunshots. >> the epi deem meck on college came buses. >> she said it happened to her, too, when she was a freshman. >> it was really bad. >> and bill cosby and the playboy connection.


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