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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 27, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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television shows. including "taxi," "cheers," and most notably "the simpsons." when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago, instead of being a victim, he simply redoubled his efforts. especially with the sam simon foundation. here at sam's foundation, they adopt dogs from shelters and train them to be assistance animals which are then given to the deaf and to military veterans with posttraumatic stress. its mobile surgical unit is l.a.'s largest provider of free spay and neuter services and offers free surgeries for pets from low-income households. all of this is funded solely by sam himself. the sam simon foundation's motto is that it saves the lives of dogs to enrich the looifives of people. i've learned a lot from sam about how to be brave in life's circumstances, to behave with empathy and a accepsense of hum. fox's cause for paws has created
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an award to someone who's made a difference to both people and their canine companions. it's named after the man i'm very honored to be giving it to this year, sam simon. >> thank you. pamela. this award is a great honor, particularly because it was presented by the most dedicated, fearless and successful animal advocate that i or anyone else knows, and that's pamela anderson. she's been an inspiration to me and a teacher to me on my path. i really applaud cause for paws and the fox network for finding forever homes for the dogs tonight because we all know that if you buy a dog, you kill a shelter dog. thank you so much for this award. thank you, pamela.
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good night, everybody. go adopt a dog. >> we are now going to go to committed animal rescue activist kaley cuoco sweeting who has four rescue dogs of her own. >> that's right, jane. i do. and three of my four rescues, norman, shirley and loretta are pit mixes like dixie here. dixie was saved by the legacy foundation in las vegas on the very day she was to be euthanized. she is tender and sweet and gets along great with dogs and kids. she's also incredibly athletic. she can jump very high. she needs a home with a yard that has fences or walls over six feet high. i saw her jump. it's impressive. if you want to become a pit lover like me, adopt dixie at thank you! i love you, too. yes. >> announcer: here's comedian and dog lover whitney cummings. >> hi. hi.
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i am presenting the award for the best dog with human hands. no, this is not a freak show. dogs do not have human hands. unless you're really sewn. it's people using their hands to make it seem like the dog really has human hands and they make a video of them and post them on the internet. i'm serious. search for dog with human hands on the internet, and you get over 6 million results. here are our favorites. >> announcer: best dog with human hands. dog plays waltz on piano. ♪ two dogs dining. two dogs play bluegrass. ♪ rough dog day. ♪
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>> the golden bone for best human hands dog goes to -- dog plays waltz on piano. >> announcer: accepting at ward are a shepherd mix and her uncle, danny roznar. >> oh, my gosh! hi! >> thank you, fox, for this wonderful award and also to bella for being such a good dog. right, dog? yeah. thank you. >> that's awesome, man. ♪ >> announcer: coming up, the cutest puppy is crowned. which one would you choose? when fox's "cause for paws an all-star spectacular" returns. ♪
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♪ ♪ok. then we will do it all together. treats! teets...teets...teets... yeah, look at this! it seems like the best family traditions.... always start in the kitchen. happy holidays from rice krispies.
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♪ because you know it's all about that face ♪ well, if you are a fan of queen latifah, you know that she
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loves dogs, whether it's talented dogs, special needs dogs, military dogs, any and all dogs. and tonight, she's going to help us find a home for one great dog. >> thanks, jane. i love big dogs. did you know that big dogs have a harder time getting adopted? it's a shame, but if you love big dogs, you will fall in love with this beautiful german shepherd, octavia. she was found wandering the streets and save ed by german shepherd rescue of orange county. she's looking for a loving home and that could be with you. what a good girl you are. this dog is going to go fast. if you're interested, get online right now at [ cheers and applause ] >> we started this show with frankie the st. bernard, and now we come full circle by ending with ivy, a puppy st. bernard. >> she is the fifth and final nominee for the cutest puppy
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award. she's very mellow and she'll grow up to be a gentle giant. >> if you want to adopt her, go to our website and apply. let's bring out all of our cutest puppy nominees. >> yeah, we've got chance, the cavalier cocker spaniel. a poodle terrier mix. love it. >> ruby, the miniature schnauzer. >> and foxy the papillon/chihuahua mix. >> and there they are. >> here they are. >> but who is cutest of all? that is the question. >> aww, jane, look at all of them. they're all adorable. how can we choose just one? >> you're right. as official game referee here tonight, i'm going to declare it a five-way tie. [ cheers and applause ] >> good idea. you can apply to adopt any of these puppies and any of the dogs on the show tonight by going to our website. and if you're favorite has already got a home, there's a place on the site where you can enter your zip code and be linked to hundreds of adoptable pets right in your own community. >> this is truly been an amazing
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night. to all the rescuers out there on the front lines of saving dogs from shelters every day, we want to thank you. we also want to thank you viewers for watching, especially those who donated or applied to adopt one of these wonderful dogs. >> and to all of you that love dogs and want to help, get involved, be a foster home, volunteer with a rescue or shelter. share posts of dogs in need on your social media. and most of all, love your dog! good night, everybody! ♪ my dog ♪ you may think my dog will always come through ♪ ♪ i love my dog ♪ as much as i love you ♪ you may think my dog will always come through ♪ ♪ all i ask
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♪ all he ever needs is love ♪ and he knows he'll get ♪ oh i love my dog as much as i love you ♪ ♪ now you may think my dog will always come through ♪ ♪ na, na, na, na, na, na, na ♪ i love my dog as much as i love you ♪
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now at 10:00 it's thanksgiving 2014 and for a lot of people that means shopping. that's right. people across our area already cashing in on some huge savings. plus, it's a philadelphia tradition. the knifeth annual thanksgiving day parade marches through philadelphia. what makes this one of the most special parades in the country. and what would thanksgiving be without some football? our
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birds beating the cowboys and taking the division lead. wherever you spent this holiday it's a day of giving thanks for being with family and friends. a very good evening to you, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. thank you for joining us and happy thanksgiving. iain and lucy are off tonight. now, that big dinner is cleared away. it's time to burn off some of those calories by, yes, shopping. stores across the area offering some early deals and some big-time deals. some people even skipping out on that thanksgiving dinner. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in cherry hill where the shopping frenzy is well underway. shawnette, did you do some shopping yet? >> reporter: no, don't tell my business. take a look. these people behind me definitely are. they've been coming and going all night long and showing no signs of letting up much these doors behind me will be open all night to help shoppers burn off that thanksgiving dinner and burn the midnight oil. >> i am getting elmo.
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i'm getting drum sets. i'm getting dr. stuff. i'm getting dolls report roar this woman is one of many people who cut thanksgiving dinner short. >> i'm going to target and wal*mart. >> reporter: to shop for her two sons and two nephews as soon as the stores open. her first stop toys r us in cherry hill which opened at 5:00 o'clock. >> it's really hard 'cause because i believe this is the day to give thanks and you should be with your familiar and my husband actually wanted me to stay home but i came out any way. >> reporter: check out the long line of people who waited to get in. cindy was the first in line and says the sales on thanksgiving make it well worth it. >> last year i saved over five hadn't dread dollars. >> reporter: mother and daughter colleen and shannon in the past shopped on black friday. they couldn't resist the thanksgiving deals either. >> it's getting too early then it becomes a late night and i'd rather have a late night than an early morning. >> it's exciting. it's fun. there's bargains. >> reporter: kirby says he made an even bigger sacrifice
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than turkey. he missed most of the eagles game coming out to shop. >> get in and out. listen to the radio on the way home. >> reporter: at cherry hill mall sale signs were front and center to draw crowds in early and take a look. it worked. some felt no guilt at all about leaving the dinner table early. >> i really don't think so, but like i said, again, as long as you get to eat i think that's -- you're good. >> reporter: as long as you eat. i totally agree. so the doors here at cherry hill mall opened at 6:00 o'clock tonight, and chris, guess what, they will remain open throughout the night. not closing until 10:00 o'clock tomorrow night. back to you. >> getting earlier every year. thanks shawnette and happy thanksgiving. a cool night for people headed out. getting a jump start on their holiday shopping. a life look at old city in philadelphia tonight. but what about tomorrow? meteorologist domenica davis in for scott tonight. happy thanksgiving, domenica. happy thanksgiving to you. it certainly is cold night and it's going turn into a very cold
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morning. here's a look at ultimate doppler. nothing going on. a little shortwave out to our west and that did spark up a few snow showers but that is well to our west. and nothing where you'll have to concern ourselves with. 32, that's the temperature right now so we're at the freezing mark. winds are coming out of the north northwest. they will be picking up overnight and that is going to make for a biting wind chill tomorrow morning. here's a look at the current winds coming out of the northwest. five right now in philadelphia but they will get upwards of about 10 by the time you wake up tomorrow. so we're looking at wind chills that are going to be in the 20s. so if you are planning to do some black friday shopping, and you think you'll be waiting outside, you'll need to bundle up big time. we're looking at by noon temperatures only around 38 degrees. so it is a cold one tomorrow. but we do have a nice warmup coming up in the seven day forecast. i'll show that you in just a little bit. back to you. >> okay. you can get the shopping forecast any time this holiday weekend.
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just go to and click on the weather tab. ♪ the weather was crisp but clear for one of philadelphia's most beloved traditions. the annual thanksgiving day parade marching through center city this morning in its knifeth year. the it's oldest thanksgiving parade in the country. there are marching bands, floats, even lance bass from in sync. everyone had a great time. of course, santa there as well. a lot of happy eagles fans giving fans something to be thankful for today. the eagles beating the cowboys 33-10. now they lead the division. let's get right over to keith russell with the highlights. keith, good game today. great thanksgiving. >> chris, we gobbled those boys up. you know remember how bad you felt about the eagles just two weeks ago? boy, do we feel good about this team right now. eagles had never lost on thanksgiving day. that was not about to change. mark sanchez played his butt
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off. jordan matthews with seventh td of the year. second half lesean mccoy he said he's the same guy last year when he led the nfl in rushing. 159 of the birds 250 plus yards rushing and e guilty d dropped it like it's hot. 33-10 the final numbers. eagles in sole possession of the nfc east at nine and three and knock the cowboys down to size. mccoy took his talk about being the best is not done. >> i feel like nobody gave us a chance today. you know, and i think that you go in there and you want the super bowl. that's the goal that's what we're doing. >> chris coming up in sports we'll tell you why the eagles are confident they can do the very same thing when the two teams meet again in two weeks. >> i'm sure they can. thankful for the eagles today. thanks, keith. >> the owners of a vineland restaurant put profit aside today to give back to the community. sam and his wife tamara fowler own the best of southern cooking in vineland. they opened up two years ago in
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east landis street and they wa wanted to thank the community for supporting them. so workers and volunteers spent the day feeding hundreds of people who came in for a community thanksgiving all at no charge. the feast had all the traditional fixings and mewing is. >> it was people in need. we didn't have it to do it but got gave me a gift and i want to give my gift back. >> i was overwhelmed because to see how some people came in that was really, really struggling and we were able to accommodate them in every way we could, great feeling. >> volunteers helped make the day happen by serving the food. the fowlers are already planning their next community event. they'll be collecting toys and providing a christmas dinner for those in need. and philadelphia mayor michael nutter district attorney seth williams and hundreds of volunteers were up before dawn this morning to prepare and package and deliver more than
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1800 meals for people in need. thethey got it all done at manna headquarters. they prepare and deliver food to people with critical illnesses. peco also helped make this all happen. >> in west philadelphia the tasty's restaurant shut down 52nd street in germantown avenue to serve a big turkey day meal to more than 500 people. the restaurant's owner wanted to give a good meal to people who may not otherwise be able to afford it. also lots of fun and games for the kids. they might be far away on a combat mission but hundreds of troops in afghanistan are celebrating thanksgiving day today. the white house released a photo of president obama making thanksgiving day phone calls to u.s. troops overseas. meanwhile hundreds of troops in afghanistan taking time to celebrate the holiday. gobbling down their turko dinners a broad as you can imagine they are looking forward to the end of their missions and returning with their families back home.
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the us and nato combat mission in afghanistan ends the end of december. and right now, in ferguson, missouri, protesters have seemed to have taken a thanksgiving pause. there have been no police or missouri national guard members standing outside the ferguson police station where people have been gathering to protest sometimes violently over the past week since monday's announcement that ferguson police officer darren wilson will not be indicted in the august shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. efforts are now underway to beautify the city. groups have been painting designs on the plywood that covers store windows. meanwhile religion leaders called for unity in ferguson. ministers preached the looters and vandal do's not represent the entire community. >> it's not like it's a play. this is real. this is our lives. give us -- we should have a place in this country as well as
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everyone else. and so i am very passionate about what's going on and i don't want our people to lose hope. >> church leaders said it's a time to focus on healing and moving forward. well, it is a day of thanks. coming up, the unique way people along the delaware river say thank you to thousands of service members past and present. plus, you got a room to spare? why people living in around philadelphia are being asked to show some brotherly love when the pope visits next year. >> we had a nice day today. we're looking at wind chills, though, getting a little bit cool and tomorrow morning they'll be in the low 20s. i'll tell you what you need to know if you're doing your black friday shopping coming up.
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♪ >> the giving continues in philadelphia this thanksgiving. 200 volunteers gathered to prepare turkey dinners for 1,000 families in the salvation army temple core community center in north philadelphia. families were able to pick up the meals and enjoy them in the privacy of their own homes. the spirit of thanksgiving is alive and well along the delaware river this morning. hundreds turn out in camden to say thanks to our service members past and present. as fox 29's brad satin reports, part of the thank you includes a turkey dinner for some veterans who otherwise would go hungry. >> reporter: on chilly windy holiday morning -- >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: with battleship new jersey as back drop. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: some are our
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nation's heroes arrived -- >> thank you very much, ma'am. >> reporter: to allow us to say thanks. >> for what they do for us every day the least we could do for them to be here. >> reporter: welcoming nearly 200 service members have active duty, some veteran, some with no place to live. boarding this decorated ship that dates back to world war ii. 55,000 sailors and marines served here and so on her rear deck -- >> veterans, some gave all and all gave some. >> reporter: inside this heated tent -- >> anything you need in the state of new jersey, you got all of these people and us to support you. >> reporter: it seemed to be a fitting place for local leaders to say -- >> with great gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you. roar report from there downstairs to the mess hall and into the chow line where they were served by the young -- >> i'm doing rolls. cranberry sauce. vegetables. >> reporter: the famous -- >> always good to give back to the community and those who serve our country. we try to come out and help as much as we can. >> reporter: and the
10:28 pm
appreciative. marshall spievac's familiars has been organizing this meal for 10 years. >> it's grown from a small event to a humongous event. >> lieutenant mike and his family are from hide hoe he's a pilot training in new jersey about to be deployed to the persian gulf. >> we're far from family but to be able to come like this it feel like we are with family. >> reporter: for some of these folks here today, if it weren't for this meal, there wouldn't be one. >> looking for one even did look yesterday and i got turned down for a turkey. hard -- it's hard to accept. >> reporter: on this thanksgiving bill clark who serve in the army wasn't turned down. taking life a day at a time in fact where he goes from here, his simple response was, for seconds. in camden, brad satin, fox 29 news. >> residents of the philadelphia area are being asked to show some before thely love when pope francis visits next year to help accommodate the expected crowds officials hope more than 10,000 families will volunteer to host
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visitors in their spare bedroo bedrooms. francis plans to a 10 the roman catholic sponsored world meeting of families in philadelphia next september. area hotels are filling up fast and event planners have even looked into hotels 90 miles away in baltimore. i am so glad today's weather wasn't like yesterday. we've been having a wild weather week. >> we really have. you know it's going stay quiet for the rest of the weekend and and temperatures actually warm up by sunday looking at 50 degrees. yes, pretty looking forecast but first we have to get through black friday. if you haven't done your shopping yet and looking to be out tomorrow morning, those wind chills are going to be biting. so keep that in mind. wind chills in the 20s throughout the morning. i would say until probably about 10:00 o'clock, and then they'll start to ease up with that wind getting a little bit lighter through the afternoon. saturday's dry not as cold. temperatures slowly start to climb and then by sunday, yeah, we're looking at 50s it's fine
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travel weather really from coast to coast. not looking at any major travel problems for everybody that's headed back home and back to work. here's a look at ultimate doppler not much happening little bit of a shortwave out on the our west sparking few snow showers out through western parts of pennsylvania and down through maryland as well. none of that made it our way but we did get in on the clouds. the clouds are starting to break up. which is good news. because tomorrow that will help us give way to a lot of sunshi sunshine. so by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have the sun. warming us up a bit. widening out the radar not much is happening. again pretty quiet this weekend. which is good. so sunday travel day if you'll be on the roads even saturday you'll be just fine. no major weather delays across the country with everything pretty much just quiet. here's a look at the temperatures we're at the freezing mark in the city. 28 right now in pottstown. mount pocono coming in


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