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tv   FOX 29 News Special  FOX  November 28, 2014 3:30am-4:01am EST

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the following is a suppression presentatiospecialpx station. high tech hands. feathers for your fella' and toys they'll be talking about from the gifts to give when they've got it all to those tough to shop for tweens... we've made our list and checked it twice... this is the fox holiday gift guide! >> hi everyone i'm steve noviello and welcome back for our 5th year together for the fox holiday gift guide. our list has grown to more than 140 items this year... tons of cool stuff to show you- starting with, those tough to shop for tweens. take a look. its gaming for a new age with o-zobot the intelligent robot for physical and digital games o-zobot responds to lines, patterns and colors on paper, game boards and digital screens for single or multi player interaction.
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brand new for the holidays the blast basket sensor will keep them at the top of their game. blast can turn an iphone into a highlight reel generator learn from watching the mechancq of each jump or share the best moves on social media. light up a ride with cosmic wheel brightz these milti colored micro led's are bright enough to guide santa's sleigh easy install with no tools required. or trim their locker instead with locker lookz choose from wallpaper, storage, bling, rigs, even lighting! your tween will love it! >>the same can be said for this. lip balm. obstacles and even gravity are no match for the rollercopter from airhogs with its exterior rolling cage they can drive on the ground or even up walls. or for a more secret mission, check out the spygear undercover
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spy camera it may look like a smart phone but it's really a motion activated camera secure it to any surface and catch them in the act, then play back on the lcd display. dream big! sing loud! %-will be cenner stage with the kidzbop karaoke machine. features a dual jack input for two mics and completely compatible with cd's mp3 players and smartphones. >> here's an idea that's smart in size. this mini pool table gives all the game that a standard size does without the need for space or expense. your tween will love to create and plan their next party with invite bandz only guests who ed hhve one can access the online content for theirrbash poot party details, collect rsvps even post a wish list for gifts, like this. spaghetti headz are a brand new hair twist adorned with themed charms there are a ton to choose from mix, match, style and collect!
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>> and speaking of style, it doesn't get more "on trend" for your tween than this. custom slides- check em out. from islide this is easily one of our favorites on the list. tweens and adults alike will love custom-creating their own pair featurinn comfortaale "ripple" technology pick from sports themes, activities, even add your name. our tween twins tried it, now there's no mistaking one or the other! >> you've told me you loveddlast year's gifts for guys, well, this year's guide will not disappoint. the stuff you're about to see is man tested tough. drop it, submurge it, even run it over with a 64 ton tank! the inox watch from victorniox can take a beating and still look sharp releesed in time for the company's 130th anniversary it can stand the test of time too! face it, guys love fire the bison airlighter is a portable
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air driven lighter that jets a 4 inch flame to instantly ignite charcoal and wood then deliverr airflow to fan the flames! he'll have all kinds of fans when he mans the grill with this grill master apron just one of the many gifts we found at complete with spacious pockets for all his tools and custom monogram and no kick the game into high gear with this metallic hued golf set an easy to spot on game day, and yes, you can really use them on the links. >> and if he's more a spectator than a player, check this ouu, get rid of fanny fatigue, with the take a seat anywhere chair. features a cushioned seat nd back support and pockets for snacks and an insulated beverage pocket for drinks, which he just might open, with this! brewsees are bottle opener sunglasses so he'll never have to hunt for a bottle opener again.
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each practical pair is made with polarized lenses nd a solid piece of aluminum. we think this is pretty practical too. the hangman attaches to the rungs on his ladder to safely -old up to 35 pounds of tools and standard paint cans. now everything he needs to get the job done, is in easy reach. >> the same can be said for the victorinox slim jetsetter. it's everything he loves about a traditional swiss army knife, like scissors, a bottle opener.. screwdriver.. pen and led flashlight... but it also has 32 gigs of flash memory. an essential tool for the modern man. this wax coated bag is good for those travel tools. guys.. she hates when yoo pack for a trip in a zip lock bag now carry all of your grooming essentials with style.. including, one of my favorites. jack black grooming products are great for this guy, hint hint. whether it's double duty facewash, moisturizer or beard lube, their mr big gift set ii
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grouped together and discounted too! even the most styliss man is sure not to have one of these. brackish feather bowties are hand crafted in south carolina these one of a kind feather bowties feature everythig from >> keep him fed without packing on the holiday poundd, theseeare mancakes and they are packed with protein up to 23 grams in each one, plus egg whites, whole grains and fiber, they're soy and gluten free and might we mention delicious. coming up next we've got the hottest in high-tech sure to be on every holiday wish list. you say you know someone who seems to know everything, we bet they don't have one of these. the 2014 fox holiday gift guide is bac
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>> when it comes to gift giving gadgets are always a good it and this year some of the hottest in high tech is taking things, 3d. forget what you've been told about high priced and highly technical 3-d printers. the davinci 1.0 3-d printer from xyz, is plug and play printring. just can, edit and print. at $499 you can print jewelry clothing, even toys, an on line gallery makes it easy to download 3d models for free! one size, fits none! these 3-d printed ear buds from normal are maae just for you! download the smartphone app then photograph your ears, send in the image and normal's design software creates a custom fit, which means no audio leakage and clearer sound!
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tackle cord tangle with these zipbuds they feature a noise cancelling in-line microphone for handfs free calls and mucis control. military grade nylon cables feature a unique zipper design! you can skip the cables with the headphones from plantronics. thee're flexible and sweat proof with on-ear controls for easy accessibility. >> sharing your sound has never been easier. this is the divvy splitter and unlike other audio splitters it featured independent volume controls so the same source sounds great even with two different sets of headphones. or for supersized audio, check out the beats pill x-l. big on sound, light in weight. it even features a handle for extra portability. just tap your phone to it to sync, ap two together to sync the same song or tap two twice to split your song into stereo sound!
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so cool! >> which brings us to these.. don't let the cold eather make you miss a call... these bluetooth headset gloves put power in your pantomime take a look! it's the phoneeof the future! these warm gloves with conductive fibers which allow you to use your touchscreen .. also have bluetooth built in a tiny speaker i teh thumb.. and a tiny mic in the pinky lees you chat for up to 20 hours on a single charge all without digging your phone out of your poket. pocket. or maybe you prefer to carry stuff ii a sleeve the catalyst waterproof sleeve comes in a variety of sizes to fit any laptop or mobile device. use as a protective cover or quickly transform into a backpack or tote! for something more stylish- check out this design from jill-e. this leather carrying case combines form and function. unique vertical orientation... padded interior pouch and plenty of pockets inside! keeppyour iphone or ipad always
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in reach with the hirise stand from 12 south whether for facetime phone calls or simply as a dock it works seamlessly with apple's lightening cable included adapters allow it to work with most casee and unlike other docks.. the design wont block your speakers... mic... or headphone port. >> and speaking of iphone.. with more then 10 million sold in the first three days chances are you or someone on your list has a new iphone 6 or 6 plus.. and perfect case the from fancy finishes like mother of pearl.. to slim and sexy we've got a ton for you to see. log on to the gift guide section of our station website.. to take a look! illuminate your look with the lumie case... it's lined with lights so that front facing camera takes brighter selfies and video chats. you can even use it to apply make up or as a flashlight! now that's a selfie to smile about! and so is this... pair the timer on your phone with the monopod... or use it with this shutter remote either way you'll fit more folks in your shot because of the extended reach
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capture your whole day in a blynk. the blynk time lapse camera clips on your clothes or your bag and has enough power to automatically snap a picture every 2 seconds for a full 24 hours. @%'s your day .. digitally! >> weatherproof.. shockproof.. even mountable the polaroid cube is the lifestyle action camera that's designed to go where you go! shoot 1080p video throgh its 124 degree lens and built in batter that records for up to 90 minutes with a magnet on the bottom the cube will stick with you in which ever color you choose! with the cube.. your smart phone.. or maybe a gopro.. get smooth tracking shots just like the pros with the istabilizer dolly. use on any flat surface to give your video a professional look! powee any portable without a bulky battery it's thh ultraslim power bank! slim enough to slide into your wallet.. but powerful enough to add 9 hours of talk or surf time to your ell. easily charges any u-s-b powered device!
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the juno jumper is portable power that packs a punch! sure this lightweight external battery will chareg your camera orryour cell... but it's also capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in minutes! >> you love all of those apps and games on your smartphone right.. but hat mall-ssreen experience is so last year! take a look at this! biggiefi uses your big screen tv as the display and your smartphone as the touchscreen controller. touch, pinch, slide and scroll from your phone as yoru favorite apps and games are displayed on your tv. it even supports up to four users during multi-player games this remote for your tv will control your whole home! the logitech harmony ultimate home remote controls lights.. locks.. thermostate music movies tv and more! @%e included harmony hub turns signals from the remote into commands for your smaat home and because it works on rf.. no line of site is needee.
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no remote- no orries! meet ivee your new home assistant! ivee lets you manage your whole home by speaking yoru commands. works with any connected device from lights to locks- ivee will even fetch live internet content like stocks and news! the eversense is another great hub for your home. it will sense when you're in residence and adjust the temperature accordingly stream music through it's wireless speakers, or use the screen as a digital picture frame this device will also play back video and provide you with up to the minute weather radar! and how about this for automatic! the mon-you-al cleaning robot will vacuum and moo as it maps its path for the best coverage. features the largest water ttnn in the industry and a deep double clean setting for spotless results. it will even return to it's base station to charge itself when it's done. >> and before we're all done.. i want you to take a look at another hot tech category - wearables! the runtastic orbit tracks daily health values like movement, sleep cycles, steps and calories burned.
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the waterproof device syncs with yoru smartphone and can monitor your heart rate to keep your exercise in the zone! and lets not forget fido! or in our housee. sam! the whistle canine activity tracker attaches to your dog's collar and measures key health indicators like sleep, play and exercise. coming up next. it's almost toy time... but first .. you say they're the hardest people to shop for.. we've
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-> i'm not sure exactly who's on your holiday gift list.. but whoever they are they've sure been busy.. because you tell me they have everything! well.. not this. give the gift that is truly out of this world! buy and gift 1 acre of deeded land on the moon .. up to 10 acres on mars. a framed certificate is suptable for hanging on the wall. right next to this it's art that says something - really it does voice art captures your message and prints custom colored sound waves on canvas say it with words.. see it .. with art! for a more manageable size.. these montage books are one of a kind upload your photos and they're automatically arranged in the best layout- yp to 180 of them!
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you'll make a splash with this.. if they alreay haev it.. i'm coming over the peerless-av outdoor tv can stand up to anything you throw it's way at a not too terrible price point operates in temperatures from 24 below to 124 above. weather proof case is perfect for the pool- the remote even works underwater! this stunnig set will turn their @%rd into a year-round entertainment center your tan will last year round too with the tropic spa home mist tanning system' yup- a salon quaaity mist tan t home hang it from a door or shower glass.. comes completely assembled comes with pre-wipes exfoliatinn gloves.. heaa and foot covers. >> and speaking of golden.. check this out. even the person who has everything doesn't have a 24 carat gold iphone... comes in rose gold and platinum too. the company, gold genie will trick out your phone or sell you one new..
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it comes with an oak finished box and price in the thousands. this is no ordinary box-of-the-month subscription is the ultra high end quarterly delivery that contains products harvested from all over the globe. they even work with designers to create custom content what's inside is a mystery until it arrives.. at your door our travel themed box for men didn't disappoint complete with custom leather goods the songs of the season have never sounded sweeter. these fully functioning six string electric guitars are themed with a look to match their style this moonshine model gives you a rich twang perfect for country.. bluegrass or southern rock. the ostrich pillow may look silly.. but we tried it out and it's amazing enjoy your own comfy micro envoiroomet when you enough privacy for a deeppsleep or cat nap. travelers get ready for their light verson just introduced. or hide your head in this the beardski is a fleece lined mask with a built in beard covers yoru neck ears and nose and has holes for breathing
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go ahead.. make fun.. we'll be over here staying nice and warm! .. with out cup of coffee... >> in a dignity mug designed for seniors who may not have the strength to lift with one hand its dishwasher safe and lets face it.. and idea that's pretty brilliant.- just like these other products designed to make holiday hosting.. a whole lot easier. fill up that cup with this programmable 12 cup coffee maker from black and decker. it grinds fresh beans and brews a fresh pot for your houseguests even if you decide to sleep in! and you just might if you have this. the intex dura dream queen air bed inflates in seconds.. and comes with ccmfort built in. comfortable and plus... sweet dreams.. prep like a pro with the nutri -inja this all in one tool is optimized for maximum nutrient and vitamin extraction. plus auto iq technology produces consistant results every time.
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>> the architec gripper flex board will help get the job done. -till a heavy duty cutting board it's designed with a flexible structure that rolls into a cone to funnel ingredients into your pan! keep those meals piping hot with mastrad multi use hot plate microwave it for two minutes and it stays hot for an hour to keep your food warm without endless trips to the kitchen. >> how's this for hot? this dishwasher safe reusable hot straw is bpa free and safe for hot liquids. it fits perfectly into the opening of a coffee cuu lid which makes it a spill stopper too! this wine bag is a show ssopper. use it to serve or give as a gift it's adorred with feathers and comes in aquamarine.. black or white! santa may leave some coal in your stocking and that's ok.. as long as it's this kind. the mini moso coal deodorizers are a natural safe way to absor@ odors, bacteria mold and mldew from enclosed areas. stick them in the guest room now.. and it'll be fresh for
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your holiday visitor. >> want to see more ggeat holiday entertaining ideas... log on to our station website for our full list in this year's gift guide. >> coming up next. hundreds of product pitches later.. it's our top ten toys of the year. don't miss it!
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>> each year we get hundreds of product pitches for gift guide... each one has a shot.. but only a few get to be called our top 10 toys of the year. take birds eye photos and videos 100 feet in the air with the sky viper camera drone. high tech and hobby grade it records video ffr up to 30 minutes with 180 degree adjustable viewing. they never had toys like this when i was a kid! loop it! launch it! the zing firetek foam bow has an led activated power grip the arrows whistle while they fly to over 12 feet into the sky. this car can take flight too from hot wheels the flying street hawk goes from street to soaring in an instant. control great ground streering plus trhe aerial performance of a plane!
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there's nobody quite like you.. there's no doll quite like your makie. these 3d printed dolls are completely customizable. each one stand 10 inces tall and are super poseable order on line and your makie is shipped from london.. to your door. go ahead ask her anything my friend cayla can carryon a conversation with you. she uses bluetooth technology to surf the web in search of answers to your questions she'll even tell yo all about herself. cayla comes with a hair brush and mirror for tradtional play too lets not for get this top talker snow glow elsa will speak phrases from the hit disney film. lift her arm and hear her sing. go shopping earl.. we predict early we predict she's going to be a hige hit! just like your young comedian spot because it's all aboutp
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create tvty. fun creative and safe. so cool, let's your kids sew with the revolutionary threadness process. they can create nine projects %-eye coordination.tion and hand will you want to make time for this. the vtech kid zoom smart watch. take videos, explore content. it is splash proof and loaded with learning games. -nd finally, the hottest trend of the year, is giving way to one of our hottest toys of the -ear. the selfie booth is an at home photo booth, that includes some 3 downloaddble apps. grab a prop and pose in froot o@ the green screen, plenty of backgrounds to choose from you can even make movie shorts too. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> some pretty cool stuff. well our complete holiday gift guide is right on trend too. we have so many new products and
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categories this year we couldn't quite get to them all in this half hour. log onto our station website for access to our complete list this year plus we have expanded things to social media. be sure to check out our special holiday gift guide pinterest page. until next year, i'm steve noviello have a great holiday season. ♪ [ music ] ♪ captioning provided by caption solutions, llc
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well, because thanksgivings are no longer just thanksgiving and black friday are no longer what they used to be, caitlin, we have a little flurries out here and not many crowds like we use to zoo this time of the day. >> we are dealing with very coal wet they are morning, in fact, temperatures, only in the 20's for many of us will we see any type of warm up a as we go through the weekend? i will that have straight a ahead, chris? here is mccoy, a little in misdirects and lesean mccoy is inside the 30, unside the 25, and yeah. >> shady mccoy, picking up 159 of the birds 250 plus yards on


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