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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 28, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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>> next at 10:2 young boys survive seven hours buried in a huge pile of snow. and black friday interrupted. how protesters managed to shut down a busy mall. your news starts in just 30 seconds. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome. >> massive search underway tonight for a man who went missing the night before thanksgiving. good evening i'm iain page.
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21-year-old shane montgomery was last seen at a bar on main street in manayunk. his family and friends are doing everything they can to find him. fox 29's dave kinchen live in manayunk at irish pub where shane was last seen tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain i just spoke with detectives much they are out here looking for surveillance video. they just came by kildare's bar not too longing a looking for clues and more information. now it's believed that shane left and went this way when he departed the bar but it's not known what happened after that. family friends posted a $10,000 reward and flyers like these hoping they drum up clues. >> he is my baby. >> reporter: emotions running high for the parents of missing west chester university student shane montgomery. >> pray for shane, please. we have to find him. >> reporter: 21-year-old last seen wearing this exact same outfit along with a gray hoodie and jeans when partying with
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friends at kildare's irish pub pub in manayunk on thanksgiving eve. >> heart broken. i'm worried. >> reporter: family members say shane was separated from his friends and may have been kicked out of the bar before closing time. >> there are no words to explain how people feel when this things happen. >> god hear our words. >> reviewing search plans before taking on every hill and side street in and around manayunk looking for shane. >> we've been down main street to the top of green lane along the river back to the canal. >> reporter: police chopper hovered over the schuylkill river searching from the sky after shaken's cell phone signal pinked a lower merion tower. meanwhile, searchers on the ground checked even the most hidden of spots with precious daylight fading. >> we went every little place like this, every little place there was an opening. one year older than my son so
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when this first originally came out to us, it was -- had touche think about my family, too, you know. everyone will help out. >> shaken' family says more than three hadn't dread people have helped so far as the hashtag help find shane dominates social media. >> it's also inspiring to see so many people come out and support this family. >> take another good look at shaken's picture and note this specific tattoo he has on his back. the family is looking for all of the leads they can get. >> everybody keep shaken in your prayers. that's all i ask. >> reporter: the family says the philadelphia police k9 unit and marine unit have helped them out in this case. essential efforts have been called off due to the evening and the darkness but they will continue tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. to black friday now. a little less crazy this year hard to tell from sky fox video of a pack king of prussia mall but crowds seemed to be a little bit smaller this year. experts say it's because more
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americans took advantage of thanksgiving day sales national retail federation predicting shoppers will spend $617 billion this holiday season. that's 4% more than last year. all over the country suburban malls drawn holiday shoppers out of cities with the lure of free parking and massive selection in a climate controlled environment. but in philadelphia, there are still folks spending money the old-fashioned way. our bruce gordon is live in dilworth park tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain, it is an uphill fight for those city merchants competing against the big indoor suburban shopping malls what with the cold weather and of course the scares sometimes expensive parking and yeah the higher sales tax in the city but philadelphia is not surrendering to those mighty malls in fact the city umped -- upped its game to attract shoppers and their wallets. ♪ >> brand new ice skating rink at dilworth park give folk another reason to come to the city for the holidays.
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>> hi mommy! >> reporter: there it's an easy walk to love park where the christmas village has set up shop actually 65 shops for its seventh season in town. the food and the fun is enough to draw these customers away from the suburban malls despite the hassle sometimes associated with big city shopping. >> it's much much better in the city. the mall is -- it's like old h hat. you know everybody has done that before. >> we're getting everything done and even picture with santa claus for the baby. >> very nice. >> reporter: you like being out in the elements, is that part of the feeling? >> yeah. we do. it bring out the christmas spirit. >> i like smaller shops and boutiques. it's easier to navigate and find things that are unique. >> macy's center city a major draw for holiday shoppers though several new downtown stores have added to the selection. we found folks who didn't mind being out in the elements. >> find the malls a little sterile?
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>> yes. this has i was then tis old time feel. so we're in the city to shop. >> reporter: of course the malls will always have their supporters. it's hard to argue with all of that convenience under one roof. >> a lot mr. variety. like 150 stores. downtown you have like, what, 30, 40 stores. >> reporter: then there are those who can do without the surveillance bar ban malls and big city shopping. >> what is it about online shopping. >> i don't have to deal with people at all. >> reporter: you don't dealing with people? >> no. >> reporter: i know what you mean sometimes. if you need more inducements to come downtown free meter parking on saturdays begins tomorrow. at 11 a.m. and of course in the coming days the christmas trees here at city hall it across the way at love park will formally be lit. nice and colorful, nice and festive. old time shopping making a come back in the city. iain good bruce, good news. thank you very much. >> on your radar tonight another cold evening fox 29's domenica
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davis is here. what can holiday shoppers exec in the morning? iain it's going to be another bitterly cold morning. temperatures have been falling fast this evening. despite the cloud cover. that starting to move in. so we are going to cloud up overnight but it's not going to do much to protect our temperatures. here's a look county by county. 16 right now in mount pocono. that is chilly. it is 25 in bethlehem. allentown is coming in at 21. so this is bitterly cold temperatures. we're pretty much looking at teens and 20s in most spots. right at the freezing mark here in philly. millville 24. atlantic city even coming in the low 20s. so it is going to be a bitterly cold morning as you wake up. 7:00 o'clock we should be about 27 in the city. most suburbs should be 23. although still to our far north and west we'll be looking at temperatures in the teens. now we do have a little bit of a warmup coming into the forecast. sunday and monday temperatures
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will be much easier to take. and i'll tell you more about that coming up in a little bit. iain. >> domenica, thank you you can track the temperatures any time you'd like at our website just click on the weather tab. >> demonstrators boycotting black friday shut down two large malls in suburban st. louis. >> no justice, no peace. >> cell phone cameras caught a demonstration at one of the malls about 10 miles from ferguson. about 200 protesters sprawled on to the floor and chaned stop shopping. join the mommy. several stores lowered they are security doors and the mall was forced to close for about an hour. rallies were held around the country to protest grand jury's decision not to indict the police officer who shot and killed unarmed michael brown. ray rice can get back to playing football if a team wants to sign him. arbitrator today overturned the former baltimore ravens indefinite suspension. fox's jill nato has reaction.
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>> reporter: victor for former baltimore ravens running back ray rice. an arbitrator ruling friday that the star player's indefinite suspension from the nfl should be lifted immediately. rice was originally suspended for two games after surveillance video emerged of the running back allegedly punches his wife in an atlantic city casino elevator. nfl later upped the punishment to an up definite suspension. rice and the nfl players union contended he was essentially sentenced twice in a ruling the arbitrator says "because rice did not mislead the commissioner and because there were no new facts on which the commissioner could base his increased suspension, i find that the imposition of the indefinite suspension was arbitrary" it. >> shows in the nfl gambled and pretty much lost in their indefinite suspension. >> reporter: nfl says it respects the decision saying "ray rice is a free agent based on judge jones' decision he will be eligible to play upon signing a new contract but sports
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attorney xavier pope says it's a big risk for a team to sign rice right now. >> we have players currently in domestic violence psa and now one of the players who we've all seen on the video hitting his then fiance' coming back to play in the national football league this season it's a difficult prospect to see that happening. >> do you think he'll play again? >> yeah, absolutely. i think somebody will pick him up. >> i'm not sure if i was the owner if i would. >> reporter: rice pleaded not guilty to one count of third degree aggravated assault and was enter flood a pretrial intervention program for first time offenders. >> police officers in pennsylvania will be armed with new weapon starting at midnight tonight. many will be carrying the prescription drug narcan. the drug reverses the he can'ts of heroin. paramedic and doctors have been using the drug. a new law kicks in tomorrow that allows police officers to administer the antidote. delaware county is the first in the state to have its officers
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trained and equipped with narcan. >> philadelphia police need your help finding a man who broke into a vehicle and stole a lap tap in broad daylight last wednesday morning in the 900 block of second street in the kensington second of the city. because all caught as usual on surveillance video. you can see the guy here bash in the window. then watch this, the guy boldly reaches in, steals a dell laptop worth 1200 bucks then he takes off ride ago royal blue michelob mountain bike. if you recognize him, please call police. >> a plow buries two young boys in several feet of snow and they were trapped for seven hours. how they managed to survive the terrifying ordeal coming up ne next. plus, black friday takes on a sad new meaning for several local businesses. their profits up in smoke. how their findi
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♪ >> wal*mart workers are a round the country picketing the retail giant this black friday. they are pushing for $15 an hour and regular full-time work for employees who want it. about 400 protesters gathered outside this store in washington, d.c. wal*mart the nation's largest private employer and has more than 2 million employees around the world. more like a black eye than black friday for a dozen business owners in burlington county profits went up in flames after a fire destroyed part of a columbus farmers market more than week ago. fox 29's brad satin reports, they didn't have to look far to fine the spirit of the season. >> reporter: when building number four of the columbus farmers market went up in flames 10 days ago --
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>> you want me to open the front window. >> reporter: so did mike and holly's hope for a bright holiday. >> this is busy time for us right now there's no money coming in. >> their store not just bagels was destroyed. leaving only their food truck running on thanksgiving. >> yesterday was our busiest day of the year. should have been the busiest day of the year. >> instead of selling 65 dozen bagels -- >> yesterday we had six. >> six or seven dozen g theirs was one of 10 stores destroyed in the fire. >> many others damaged and still closed on this black friday. this shoe vacant the owner working reopen a couple hundred yards away. same with this video store hoping to reopen in about a week or so. much of the merchandise ruined by smoke and soot. >> but this isn't so much a story of devastation as it is one of recovery. there are about 100,000 square feet of indoor space here we're told about 17,000 square feet were damaged. and the manager tells us about
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95% of these businesses are still open. many of these owners have been here for decades. >> i moved in here in september of 1984. >> you consider these folks familiarly? >> absolutely. >> this has been their life. >> some are here six days a week and now we're -- i had life to come into my store they are looking at ashes. >> maybe no surprise that one former store own are in started this fundraising page to help the 10 who lost everything. you can donate at go fund me market fire or as mike holly suggest simply shop here. >> everybody keep comin coming r these guys. >> and for us. >> in columbus, brad satin, fox 29 news. >> it was a fairy tail come true for one deserving princess today. seven-year-old arianna wilts became the bell of the ball when she met cinderella. >> did you enjoy the show? >> yeah. oh my gosh what was your favorite part. you can say all of it. >> that's acceptable.
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>> all of it. >> arianna suffers from scoliosis so schriners hospital teamed up with the kimmel center to give her the royal treatment. she was treated to salon makeover at nova hair salon. got a princess dress from gabrielles had lunch at the palm and got pack stage passes to meet cinderella. >> santa claus in town ditching his sleigh for a ride on septa's market frankford line septa santa express took old saint nick, his wife and helpers to city hall where they kicked off the holiday and and newly reason know 58ed dilworth plaza was singing and ice skating. >> remarkable story of survival in upstate new york. two children alive and on the mend after being trapped underneath a massive pile of snow for hours. the boys ages nine and 11 were digging a fort out of a snow bang when they were buried by a snowplow clearing the parking lot that they were in. family reported them missing but it was hours before interviews with neighborhood children
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finally led police to the par parking lot that's when one officer notice add shovel an small boot and started frantically digging. >> i'm going to say over all move was like a panic mode. the mother, the father, they were scared. they were frighten. know one knew what to expect two kids buried at the bottom of a snow bang in the winter and it's still snowing and it's freezing. >> the boys were pulled from the snow conscious and alert. one of them is still in the hospital the other is recovering at home. incredible. bundle up if you're heading out. another cold night. but that didn't stop santa from climbing a ladder to light christmas tree in conshohocken. pretty nice crowd turn out to kick off the holiday season a lot of folks outlooking for the perfect tree this weekend. so what will the weather be like. let's get over to fox 29's meteorologist domenica davis. >> more like december weather and we are going into december in just a few days and the weather is coming early. so here's what we're looking at. what we can expect coming up for
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the rest of the weekend. tomorrow it's in the 20s and teens to start you out and then it will get milder as the afternoon goes on. some flurries could be possible especially to our northwest before noontime. and we could see that early in the afternoon too. i don't think we'll see too much flurry activity in the city as the day goes on because highs will get to around 40 degrees. sunday and monday the mild air comes in. temperatures much easier to take. we're looking at 50s on both of those days and i think monday we'll be flirting with 60 and then tuesday that's our next chance of rain. that comes in to the pick which are. so a pretty quiet next couple of days. here's a look at the temperatures, though. nothing easy to take here. especially mount pocono. 16 degrees that's the actual air temperatures. 21 in allentown. we had 32 in philly and look at wildwood even coming in at 27. clouds are starting to move in but it's really not doing much to protect the temperatures. they're still falling and look at these wind chills. it feels nine right now in mount
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peck know. 25 in philadelphia. so it is going to be a bitterly cold start to your saturday morning. if you are headed out early, just keep in mind you'll really need to bundle up. winds right now are still coming out of the northwest. they're going to start to shift to the south overnight and that will eventually bring in some milder air. so we got that southerly flow by tomorrow afternoon. unfortunately, we're going to keep the clouds around. they're starting to roll in already. this is associated with a warm front pushing into our area. so the clouds are coming in. it doesn't do too much to act like a blanket and keep those temperatures up there tonight because the temperatures will still fall. but we're going to keep those clouds around really through tomorrow. so we're not looking at much in terms of precip again we could see a little bit of flurry activity out to our north and west. other than that, it's just a mostly cloudy and cold day. so here's a look at your forecast for tomorrow. we should make it up to 41 degrees for the afternoon
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high. winds will be coming out of the south and that will make all the difference by sunday and especially by monday. so it's a mini warmup temperatures actually near normal on sunday we should be around 51 for this time of the year and then above normal feels really great monday, 57 degrees. >> that will feel pretty good after this cold. thanks a lot. >> the flyers might need a little warmup as well. keith russell is here to tell us why. (laughter). >> iain i don't see one coming any time soon. the flyers get booed out of their own building a day after the eagles gave us a holiday to remember. if only the cowboys showed this much fight on the field. you won't believe what they're much fight on the field. you won't believe what they're complaining about now
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♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ it took me four days to hitch-hike from saginaw ♪ ♪ "i've come to look for america" ♪
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♪ >> can you believe some of the cowboys are saying wait until we come there in two weeks? after yesterday like anything is going to be different. lesean mccoy led the way and showed everyone in terms of skill he's still the best running back in football. eagles racing into sole pogue of first place in the nfc east. they got there time winning ug ugly, being criticized along the way but they're still there. >> at the end of the day it's all about wins and losses. we're nine and three. number one, right? that's all talk about. >> roll out baby cowboys receiver did he see bryant is fired up. he says the eagles played cheap yesterday. apparently he came away from the game with bruised lip and got elbowed in the hip. he promises things will be different in two weeks when the cowboys come to the linc. >> we're playing another eight and three team in our division and we needed to win and we came
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out here and he can cuted and got the win, but we still know we play seattle next week and then we have dallas in two weeks at home and i think we'll get a better shot at them. >> now, cowboys return man dwayne who are voice upset for a different hit. called for a personal foul that most started an end time brawl. the explanation the ref gave him he hit carol too hard. the coach says he's never heard that one before. >> cowboys will be complaining until they come to the linc in week 15 we break down that texas sized butt whooping on "game day live" at 11 a.m. nfl sunday at noon. saints and steelers at 1:00 o'clock. >> the flyers held a players only meeting wednesday. let's put it this way. whatever they said, it didn't work. for the third time in six games the flyers get shut out. that stretch started when they got shut out oh it bite the rangers last wednesday. they got shut out this past monday. right now they may not want to
10:26 pm
face my anyone. might want to take a break. three-zero loss he doesn't expect major changes to the roster any time soon but he's not happy with the team's performance or record. wayne simmons as for for the team being booed they paid their money. >> they deserve it. >> we play badly, we can't explain. >> you know back to eagles and cowboys crying. what's going to happen if we put a beating on them again wait till next year. >> wait till next year. >> and the year after that and the year after that. >> thank you. that does it for us this friday night. join us for the fox 29 weekend news starting at 8am. coming up the fox 29 special children's miracle network is up next. have a great night. next. have a great night. thanks for waaboutg. this mythik
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hello i'm lloyd sowers. and welcome to hospital heros. stories of hope and inspiration from the children's miracle network. we begin with heros and volunteers who comfort kids with cancer. and who arrange ad surprise visit by one teenage girl's favorite country band. kelly ring has the store from st. petersburg, florida. >> taylor's journey actually started about three years ago. they found sarcoma in her right hand. at just 15 years old taylor became a cancer survivor. she continued to play softball and go to school until her cancer came back. this time spreading to her lungs. >> you see other kids g


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