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tv   Fox29 Weekend  FOX  November 30, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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should police officers across the country being wearing body cameras? plus, back to the office tomorrow, but will you be catching up on work or doing cyber monday shopping? we go through the best deals. grab your phone, your target or your laptop. show us your holiday pictures. let's get interactive. november, almost coming to an end. but we're not going anywhere. good sunday morning to you all. it's november 30th. >> i that had to do a little
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rhyme in my head. i'm karen hepp. we've got a lot to get to this morning. including that search for that man who's been missing since thanksgiving. >> the ferguson department plans to issue a statement today. it's a little chilly. >> a little chilly but a big difference in the temperatures overnight. we had a warm front that moved through the area and it really warmed things up. so last morning -- yesterday morning we were looking at temperatures in the 20s and teens and even single digits, now we're looking at temperatures 43 in philadelphia, how about that? it is a comfortable start. temperatures over the fast 24 hours have come up by about 20 degrees. so it's about a big temperature
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swing that is going to last for the next couple of days. so as we go into december, we will do so on a very mild note. taking the twitter question, what's the weather going to be like in lancaster, pennsylvania this morning or today. and it's really going to be not as cold. a nice, comfortable day for everybody. 41 by 9:00, 50 by noon and it gets even better. for the afternoon high, we're looking at temperatures in the low to mid 50s for pretty much everybody today. the clouds have cleared out, partly cloudy skies, we will see more clouds to the west. so lancaster, you're looking at mostly cloudy skies through the day. it is going to be warm one for the next couple of days with temperatures getting near 60 by monday. and then a little bit of a rain-snow mix on tuesday and we're back up into the 50s but the rain will be on and off
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throughout the week. >> new this morning, the friends and family of that missing west chester university. brad satin live now. >> reporter: good morning, yeah. really sad time here. all is quiet now, but the search is going to resume again today. it's been three full days since anyone has heard from 21-year-old shane montgomery last seen leaving this bar behind me early thanksgiving morning. the time was around 1:45 a.m. on thursday morning. ever since then hundreds of people searching for him. in count manayunk. marines searching the water, at
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this point haven't found any connected to him. he grew up not far from here. we know a christmas tree lighting has been put on hold out of respect for what's going on here. but there was a candle light vigil just across the street yesterday from the bar at canal view park. prayer ceremony also held at st. john the baptist church. his parents obviously devastated right now but they're trying to stay strong. >> i won't ever stop looking for shane, ever. >> there's just so much support. >> it's a great fantastic neighborhood and we love him and we love their family as well that's why we're all here. >> reporter: take a look at this picture here. this is a picture of shane actually wearing the same gray shirt at the time also wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and jeans. it's a nice day, a good day for
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a search as far as visibility goes. three days and still no sign of him. >> philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened overnight in the strawberry mansion section of the city. police also looking into a shooting in north philadelphia. police say a man was shot in the leg during an attempted robbery. he's in stable condition. one person is in custody. >> a nationwide movement after the shooting death of michael brown, more and more people are calling for police officers to wear body cameras. locally we have several police departments that already do. larger police departments like philadelphia do not. twitter blew up with calls for body cameras. police body cameras should be
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mandatory starting today. the only time they tell lies is when they are turned off. another writing police need to wear body cameras, end of story. this needs to be mandatory asap. customer service calls are monitored, police should be too. so we can afford lots of tear gas, body arm or and assault weapons but not cameras? former detective steve rogers. i want to start with some comments. tons of witnesses don't remember things accurately this is why the brown family is right about body cameras. what do you think? >> i don't see any down side to body cameras. let me give you history. way back in the '70s when there was a moment to put cameras inside police cars, there was opposition by police. they were concerned about what was going to be on the videos,
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if the videos were going to be edited and altered. as time went on, police embraced the cameras, because you now had evidence that would exoj rate the police. in this case there's no down side and i believe you're going to see police embrace this. >> a lot of our viewers talking about that. and some of them have been tweeting and saying maybe the time has come for this in our larger departments. do you think we're going to see this rolled out in our bigger cities? >> let's face it. everything you and i do and everybody else does is being recorded, somewhere, somehow by little cameras, by little telephones. i believe you're going see this movement get rolled out quickly over the next few months. it's going to be a bigger help to the police and for the individual police officer who becomes subject to false allegations. >> were you surprised that there were body cameras and more
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widespread across our country already? >> yes, i am. this is the first we're hearing that it is rather widespread. i would hope that when the rules and regulations and the laws are passed, that police will have the right to sue civilly anyone who makes false allegations at them. that's important. give them the ability to civilly sue anyone who lies about a certain police officer and the actions they take. >> i appreciate your time so much. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> maybe the time has come for body come ras. we shall certainly see in the future. lauren? >> the officer who shot and killed michael brown resigned from the ferguson police department. coming up, what darren wilson said led him to that decision. and also, a little boy missing for four years is found.
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but it is a place where police say he was being hidden that has so many talking. >> this is your tech bite from the tech tank. so you want to admitted or not, you might be a little bit addicted to your cell phone. i could tell you i am, because my app on my iphone has told me 178 minutes today. >> for you android users out there there's another app called break free. what these apps do is amazing. they track how much time you're actually looking on the screen when you're interacting with. the numbers might surprise you. how many times you unlock your phone, where you've been, how many apps you're using. you can set a limit fofr yourself. maybe three hours, the phone will start vibrating and letting you know. so if you want to be a little more social, and just actually
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hi this is your fox food bite.
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here at cantina laredo today. we will be making your guacamole. cut into two whole avocados. get the pit out you just turn. lime and juice it. the sweetness and acidity of the lime help balance the spices. a secret seasoning, at home you can use a half table spoon of sea salt and a half table spoon of garlic powder. you two whole avocados. you want it to be a dip, not a soup. red onions and jalepenos.
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do the tomato last so you don't break it apart. now some lime just on the outside of the bowl. today i made ours mild but you can get it as hot as you like. some people like to add hot peppers. at home you can use your favorite tortilla chips. this has been your fox food bite. >> thank you, chef. it's going to be a great day for skiing if you want to go up to the pocono mountains. people are already out there. it's myselfer when it gets a little warmer. >> you still have the snow but you're not freezing when you're
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skiing. >> absolutely. and today not only are they going to be a little bit warmer, but i think they'll get a little more sun than they did yesterday. it's a nice looking forecast for everybody across the board as temperatures have come up overnight more than 10 degrees in some places we're seeing a 20 degree jump from where we were yesterday. here is a look at your pocono forecast. in the upper 30s this morning, we'll make it into the 40s by this afternoon. i think they'll get into the mid 40s. so certainly nicer there and more mild and seasonal for this time of the year. a warm front has pushed into the area. we did have some clouds overnight. that for the most part has cleared out and we will see partly sunny skies today. the poconos, you might have a mostly cloudy sky for the majority of the day. winds are coming in from the south and that is what's making the difference as far as the temperatures go.
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we still have a breeze out there but it's a southerly flow. we're seeing widespread temperatures, 30s and 50s showing up. we're starting out in the 40s here in the city. yesterday at this time we were starting out in the 20s. so that is a big difference, even along the shore, 40 degrees. anybody driving home today, if you're doing some travelling, you're going to be just fine. the weather will cooperate. we're not looking at any rain in the forecast or fog or anything to worry b even the winds will be nice and light. it's 44 tonight, mostly cloudy and not as cold. it does get warmer tomorrow, but we do have some rain and maybe even a little bit of a snow situation to talk about by tuesday. we'll do that in just a little bit. lauren? >> your news now. after days of riots and unrest in ferguson, officer darren wilson resigns from the police force. the cop says he stepped down
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after the police department told him it received several threats if he remains an employ. but his attorney made it clear that he resigned voluntarily. and a 13-year-old boy is found. five people were taken into custody, including the boy's father. police say the mother reported the boy missing to child welfare authorities but not to police. karen? >> our junior reporters are a big part of our fox 29 weekend. we look all around for stories that they cover every week about real people and how they impact our communities. mary smith is a student at temple university. you have a pretty cool program mary, thanks for joining us. >> there's an organization working towards helping children in the philadelphia school district start their journey to college as soon as they get to
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high school. >> reporter: college, an opportunity we all want for our children, but the reality is, some of them may never get that chance. founded in 2010, the organization 12-plus is making a huge impact on students. >> we want to make an impact in the city we decided that we wanted to make a larger impact so we turned it into a full-fledged nonprofit. >> the ceo turned it into a full-fledged nonprofit. they work with the school to help students overcome their environment and go on to a four-year university. they consider their relationship with the school to be like a perfect marriage. >> they're very helpful with your resumes, with your college application and it's outstanding. >> reporter: for the 17-year-old senior the guidance is priceless. >> i got my first college acceptance letter today.
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>> reporter: only about 10% of philadelphia public school graduates go on to earn a four-year college degree. now at the kensington health sciences academy, those numbers are changing. >> 75% of our graduating seniors, this year our goal is 85%. >> that is phenomenal. the success rate they're having right there. >> reporter: although they're only at two schools right now, they're looking to expand to more schools in the future. >> we hope to see that one. thank you joining us. we love temple. go owls. thank you. >> thank you. >> a man buys a pass for unlimited pasta but he used that pass to do some good. what he did with all that spaghetti to help his community. >> we want to see your pictures you're sending in. this one coming in, we've only just begun. the tree looks very beautiful. thank you for sending that one
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in. would you look at gracie? she is the christmas tree. we know we're going to be shopping and this will go up in our news cubicle. keep sending your holiday deck rartions and use the hash tag #fox29weekend. >> send us your favorite holiday song #fox29weekend.
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i'm cc and i'm kim and we want to say how much we love watching your show and happy thanksgiving! >> we love you. thanks for that. we want more videos just like that one. comments about a story, questions about the weather, just saying hi, post your videos. facebook, twitter, instagram or if it's easier just e-mail us. >> well there's a man out in utah and he purchases that unlimited pasta pass they have from olive garden. >> that allows him to eat an unlimited amount of meals for seven weeks. he decided no use the power for good. his goal was to give the homeless 100 meals during that
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seven-week period. he said he far exceeded that amount. >> i didn't realize, you know, i just gave them pasta, i want to make their day better. how often are these people just ignored? >> with the help of friends, he managed to document the entire journey online and through a youtube video hoping to spread his message of kindness. >> it's always good when you can help but sometimes you help and you're like wait a minute, what are you doing with my money. >> i bought some coffee -- i saw a man drinking coffee out of the trash can. i was like, i can't. so i gave him a dollar go to dunkin' donuts and buy coffee. >> you can give somebody the stuff but you can't give out money on the street. >> so you can donate to charities and if you have a hot
8:25 am
coffee, share, i think we're all inspired to do acts of kindness. what happened he went in there and it cost more than $1. >> you think so? >> i did give him a dollar you didn't give him enough money. he should have come back. >> back to work tomorrow. a lot of people will not be actually working. many will be shopping and you know it because we're telling you all about the cyber monday deals. see how people are spending their day at the office. >> and more tunes this morning. eight days of christmas by destiny's child. keep them coming at #fox29weekend. ♪ ♪ skippy!!
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but like this. with this, but like this. make the most live sports more live with the x1 operating system. bill cosby still plans to perform two shows in new york next weekend but he's offering refunds to ticket holders who don't want to go. he will hit the stage on december 6th. ticket holders got an e-mail friday from the box office that says management will reimburse no-shows. performances in some other states have been completely cancelled after women came forward alleging he sexually assaulted them. a woman assaulted inside a nordstrom store has died. police say it was likely a domestic shooting. the man shot and killed himself.
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let's look at the weather. not as bundled as before. beautiful picture out there. is that a deceiving sunshine or are we seeing warmer temperatures? >> a big boost in the temperatures overnight. temperatures have come up over 15 degrees. so that is going to make for a spectacular sunday, especially if you're doing some traveling, a lot of people are heading home on the move today. so things are going to be nice. and we do have a twitter question. he's asking, he's taking a trip and he wants to know what the weather is going to be like. i have to tell you it is going to be great, trouble-free. we'll show you future cast and you can see as it moves through, doppler radar. we have clouds out to our west but that is not going to affect you, no rain or snow in the forecast. future cast is keeping us dry and sunny. so most of that drive is going to be great.
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if you're taking the afternoon you should have plenty of sunshine and the clouds will come back by this evening. here is a look at the temperatures and we're starting off with temperatures that are much easier to take than they were just 24 hours ago. so we're looking at the 30s up to our north, 40s here in the city. 56 is what we're calling it for a high, partly sunny skies, winds coming from the south and keeping that warm flow around and boy does it get warm for the beginning of december. 60 degrees is what we're looking at for a high, and it's back to reality on tuesday with a little bit of rain-snow mix coming in in the morning with cold temperatures. but not a bad week. a little bit all over the place, temperature wiisz. wise. we'll be back into the 50s by wednesday. back to you guys. >> the madness is here. of course we're talking about the holiday shopping. there was a time it used to mean lots of traffic and crowded parking lots.
8:31 am
before we had the internet and cyber monday. if you do a simple search of cyber monday, this what you see. thousands of online retailers all advertising their sales and vying for your business tomorrow. there's so many tweets on. this let's check out one from henry right now. cyber monday, black friday but for smarter people. is that really the case? or should we do our shopping tomorrow. trey is joining us by skype right now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> i love retail me not. tell me, should i be doing my shopping on cyber monday or has its influence waned over the years? >> no. it's bigger and better than ever. last it was the biggest shopping day in history. >> we always have the black friday deals. on cyber monday what should i be
8:32 am
shopping for? >> i've seen the strongest deals in apparel. i'm seeing deals like 30% off, 40% off, retailers like macy's, delia's, and also best buy and walmart and of course >> what should i wait on? is there something that's going to get less expensive? >> yes. you will find toys discounted but i expect them to go a little deeper. also holiday themed merchandise and winter apparel will be deeper discounted as we get closer to the holiday. >> what's the best thing if i'm going to spend my money, as cyber monday so many of us will be sitting around at work, what is it we should be getting? >> clothes. if you have anyone on your list who needs clothes, there are so many great deals, macy's in
8:33 am
particular has up to 60% off certain categories, so it's great for that. we are seeing about 40% of people are doing a lot of shopping at work. 85% of people are doing four hours of shopping at work. so employers beware. you might want to give your employees a little bit of slack. >> 85% of us doing four hours. that's a lot. thank you for your time. we really appreciate it. >> will you be doing shopping on cyber monday? use our hashtag #fox29weekend. >> a homeless man has just one wish for the holidays. >> we love the pictures you've been sending in. you all have the holiday spirit we love, your decorations. beautiful tree, new tree this year, looks good.
8:34 am
looking at a beautiful vignette there. tree is up, just have to work on the outside. thank you. keep the pictures coming, use the hashtag #fox29weekend. and also we're continuing to play your songs. ♪ ♪ would you believe people with pounds to drop may feel discouraged because they feel judged for being big? according to a new study, overweight people surveyed felt discriminated against because of their size. austin didn't feel motivated to slim down. common sense, attitude controls your destiny. feeling down should be your cue to get moving. >> exercise not only will get your weight down, but it will
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make you feel better. you release endorphins. you start to feel better about yourself, and in my own clinical practice, once you start that ball rolling, it just keeps going and going. you'll start to feel better and better and then you become an addict. you really become someone that wants to exercise all the time and live a good life. you'll feel so much better. so if people are putting you down for your weight, tell them watch me. >> good advice even if this watch me. >hey! welcome home! if this hey mom!
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happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> how cute is that? thank you for sending that in. make a comment, whatever you want to do. put your video on our facebook page. you can tweet it. you can use instagram. use that hashtag #fox29weekend or e-mail it old school. >> can you fax it? >> you cannot fax it. >> check out this cute christmas
8:39 am
tree. this is from carly. have you got up your tree up? >> it may go up today. because it's such a short time this year between thanksgiving and christmas. >> i know. >> my place i live in like a shoe box. vy to do one of those charlie brown trees. >> just a little taste of christmas. >> did you? >> not yet but i will on my two off days. sports now and it's just giving sad and ridiculous. last night the team set a new franchise record not a good one. starting the season at 0 and 16. >> chances look good for that. we're going to lose the next game. i think it could happen. >> we need a new competition. not a good night for the flyers, they started strong but they
8:40 am
couldn't score another goal. the rangers win this one, 5-2. we have not won up there at that garden, it's been years. it's crazy how many times they crush us. >> thank goodness for the eagles. >> there's a homeless man from the virginia area, a family took him in for thanksgiving. >> he was staying at a mission when he posted a request online asking for a family to share thanksgiving with him. he was surprised at the number who responded but it was one of the first responders who brought him into their home. the couple picked him up, took him into their home to spend the entire day with their family. >> this man got help because he reached out and asked for it. it's not the food he was looking for as many as the family, the feeling of knowing and enjoying
8:41 am
other human beings. we should all feel so blessed. this man had no one and now people are pouring out their hearts to him. thank you whoever may be helping neil. >> it goes to your point. he asked for the quality time. he wasn't asking for money. he wasn't asking for anything else. he just wanted quality time. and sometimes it's hard to ask for help. it's not always easy to do. >> we all have issues and baggage in our past, but this time of year, we talk about giving tuesday when we try to take the monday that we spend, giving tuesday, give back to the things we think are important in our loves. >> dresses, gowns and other clothing belonging to the british royal family all going up for auction. but there's one possession being auctioned that may make you say what the hashtag. we're going to explain that one. >> also we got another music
8:42 am
request for you this morning. this is a great one. ♪ rocking around the christmas tree snoelt
8:43 am
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>> we love that one. so many of you made great videos
8:45 am
this week. please make videos right now, share them we will be playing them today and next weekend as well. just say hi and use our hashtag #fox29weekend. this is a big travel day of course. it looks really good right now down at philly international airport. sunny skies. doesn't look like we're going to have too many problems. >> not at all and flight schedules are on time for the east coast. that's a big difference from what we had on wednesday. certainly none of those problems as we're looking at very mild weather and temperatures are just, well, they're much easier to take this morning. here's a start with the picture that we got from ventnor city, here is a look at the beach. sunshine coming into play. we do still have clouds out to the west and that will be the case. pretty much, poconos, harrisburg, down into even the dc area, you're going to look at chouds today but for the rest of us, it will be a partly sunny
8:46 am
sky. we are looking at very mild air not only through this morning but through this afternoon. to the north we're starting off with temperatures in the 30s, we have low 40s here in the city and there's karen. hey! it's okay. it happens. she was excited about that 43 she wanted a closer look. we have 40s down the shore and today temperatures will be right around 54. i can't even talk. she's confusing me. walk through again, all right. she is a camera hog today. there's a look at your seven-day forecast. up to 60 for tomorrow so the warm weather sticks around right through the 1st of december. >> items belonging to the royals will hit the auction block next week. a piece of will and kate's
8:47 am
wedding cake is expected to bring in between 1 and $2,000. >> lots of holiday parties and we all want to look our best. we're starting a new segment and we're calling it beauty busters. we all have bad hair days of course. joining us right now is an expert stylest in marlton, new jersey. good morning. >> good morning. >> let me get right to the questions. the first one, help, will watching my hair in hot water really dry out my scalp. >> technically i don't think so. usually that happens during a change of season. try using a little bit more cold water. will it actually help to keep that color in and the texture of the hair gets smoother and much
8:48 am
better for the scalp. >> what shampoos are good for oily hair? >> something that's going to be a sebum-controlled shampoo. certain companies self take a sebum controlled shampoo that will help to counter balance the overproduction of the oil zblands. >> how do i keep my hair looking full without washing it every day. >> she can go back into her blow dry or the style, or try using a volumizing dry shampoo that would help keep her hair clean and give it volume. >> a lot of our news women do that as well because you don't want to blow dry it all the time. given that we all damage our
8:49 am
hair because we're constantly using heat, what do we do to prevent breakage. >> preventing breakage, try not being too aggressive with the hair. the second suggestion would be to using some type of reconstructing treatment-based product that they can do themselves at home once a week, a few times a month to help strengthen the hair. >> do you mean like a ker continue or hot oil treatment. >> something with a bit more protein based or like you said, depending on oils, hot oils that they can do themselves in the salon or at home. >> thank you for your time. sylvia was trying to call in. thanks for waiting for the phone call. we'll talk to you later. the beauty of skype. you can ask your beauty questions. you can use our hashtag #fox29weekend.
8:50 am
>> what up, philly? we were at the very first i heart radio fiesta latina. who do you think is the best latin performer of all time? here's what the celebs had to say. >> there's nothing like the gyration of the hips that pit bull brings. >> cubano. 305, what what what. >> i like luis miguel's voice but as a performer i prefer
8:51 am
ricky martin. >> for me celia cruz. i think her energy was amazing and it was infectious. >> i like the iglecias family. >> i have to go with ricky martin. >> when i saw ricky martin in concert before he was out of the closet, we were screaming, throwing ourselves on that stage. >> ricky is a beautiful man. >> of course you realize you don't have a chance, you stop throwing yourself on the stage. it's just not worth it. >> we also have to ask who the sexiest. >> j lo. >> i would say j. lo. >> jennifer lopez. she does it for me in all those
8:52 am
ways. >> now we know. can't complain about that one. but we want to hear from you dish nation. go on twitter using the hashtag #fox29weekend. who do you think is the greatest
8:53 am
8:54 am
. what a cute picture. bell and chloe get to meet santa. this one is special to you? >> this one is.
8:55 am
it was my grandmother's 89th birthday yesterday. >> so the holiday music playing all over the place now, it's been in stores fraefr, but we recently found out some people do not actually know the lyrics to the classic songs. >> it's funny. take a listen. ♪ should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind ♪ >> so that's what everyone sings at midnight. this is what people think is being said. >> should all acquaintance be
8:56 am
forgot in the land of all man kind. >> what is right? >> here's the actual lyrics. >> we don't know what auld means. play the next one. >>. ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire, jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ >> this is what people seem to think. nipping at your toes? >> wow. so obviously the right version, next graphic. we know that one. the next one we're going to have fun with.
8:57 am
♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer walking home from house christmas eve ♪ >> so what are people hearing? >> we think she's coming out of the outhouse on christmas eve. >> you had a good one. >> i used to think -- what was it? how low can you go? i used to think it was i love pink and cold. >> it's easy to happen. you make it up. >> some of the other ones, deck the halls, down we now our day of peril. we three kings of orient are, we
8:58 am
three karntion of w??ççóo?óñçoñ
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skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
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i'm chris wallace. fallout from ferguson. officer darren wilson resigns. the grand jury's decision to bring no charges in the shooting death of michael brown leaves a community and a country divided. we'll discuss the facts of the case and whether an indictment was warranted with attorneys on both sides. from neil bruntrager and the family of michael brown, daryl parks. then this week's indelible image. president obama appeals for calm while the streets of ferguson erupt. >> that won't be done by throwing bottles and


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