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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> right now on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 we are checking in on those travelers, they're on their way back home. live look right now at i-95, people making their way home slowly. >> yes, they are. but, the traffic camera has a little bit to do with that. as you can see, the traffic is out there, people are coming home, and they are ending a very long holiday weekend. good evening, the good news tonight, though, is the weather is not causing any of those drivers any trouble right now. good evening, everybody. i'm joyce evans. >> and i'm karen hepp. so many travel letters that are on the grounds that are having pretty easy time, also in the air, as well.
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let's go to our meteorologist, dom kane davis in for caitlin roth. so how is it looking for people headed home right now? we had real nice day, our temperatures are already much milder, than we have seen over the last couple of days. >> decent weather, no rain. not too cold. >> temperatures in the 50's, you know, good weather to travel in right now. >> all right, well, check back with dom cane in just a movement she is getting herself together. of course you can track the temperatures any time our radar, and any time you would like, just come to, there is dom cane right now, joining us this moment. good evening. hello, dominica? >> all right, we'll check back with her. developing story happening right now, the fbi has joined the search for west chester university student who disappeared after a night out in manayunk, and police
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searched the very cold waters off the canal today but they came up empty. >> it is very difficult. >> prayers for shane montgomery during morning services at saint john the baptist church. asthmas was wrapping up the philadelphia police department marine units arriving for another day of searching along the canal by the schuylkill offer main street in manayunk. family members of the 21 year old west chester university senior were trying to stay positive. >> he loved the eagles. he loved temple basketball. , we went to few games together. we ' finds him and bring him home. >> sometime after 1:00 a.m., on busy thanksgiving eve party night manayunk, he was asked to leave killdare's public after bumming inside of something. >> they walked him out the door, supposedly the last time anybody saw him. i can't imagine that that is the last time anybody saw him on main street.
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>> his mom said she was told he wasn't drunk, and would not have intentionally left his friends. >> shane would never, ever just walk away. he would never do that. >> then what happened? seven officers lined the canal trying to maneuver around debris, this bicycle was pulled out, looking for him. as you see the water in this canal is not very deep. but it is cloudy enough that you can't see to the bottom. which as a result has this recovery team feeling its way. his parents feeling helpless all they could do was watch. >> it is upset to go know that this is what they have to do. >> hunks, of volunteers helped in the search conducted by water, land, air. saturday night concluded when church service anterior full candlelight vigil, all hoping new day would offer closure. roberto grew up with shane's father. >> i'm a father of three. and i would be losing losing itt was my child, i would be non-stop, i feel for him, and hopefully we get some kind of closure.
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>> exactly what shane montgomery's parents need now. >> i want to find shane. and i want to bring him home. >> in manayunk, brad, "fox 29 news". >> a big sigh of relief tonight for family of missing 14 year old who has autism. he has been found. kalis adams had gone missing friday morning from the 6200 block of carpenter street. that's in west philadelphia. police have not released details how he was found, but appears to be in good condition. i don't know if that's kalis right there. he was taken to children's hospital for evaluation. well, after days of unrest, and riots, in ferguson, officer darren wilson resigned from the city's police department. but tonight there are still a group of people that are saying that is not enough. here's fox's molly hannenberg.
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>> even though grand jury not return indictment against him in the shooting death of michael brown, wilson's attorney says wilson felt he had to leave for the safety of his fellow officers. >> we got information yesterday directly from the chief in ferguson, that they had some information that suggested they were going to be acts taken against either members of the department or the department itself related to his continued employment. >> he simply said that's enough. and it was time to resign. and so he filed or submitted an oral resignation followed by a written resignation letter shortly thereafter. >> still, there were about 100 protesters outside of police headquarters in ferguson last night. two people were arrested. one democratic older man in st. louis says wilson should not be the only one to resign. >> i do think impossible for him to return to the force, but other resignations should come forward. >> who do you think should re
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nine. >> the ferguson police chief, i think it is impossible for this community to move forward with him still in that role. >> this case is not overcome pleatly. the justice department still has a couple of investigations open into brown's death. in washington, molly hannenberg, fox news. people gathered at a south philadelphia church today to reflect, journalist commontator former fox news channel, doctor mark lamont hill spoke at the mother bethel queen village this morning, just got back from ferguson, pretty critical of police and the prosecutor and the grand jury's decision, he also talked about the deep cutting pain he witnessed after learning the grand jury's decision. >> michael brown's mother, crushed, shamed, devestated. i keep thinking about how
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sweet ... boy being killed in public ... >> he said he never expected an indictment, but he feels sad for the young people who were hoping for positive change in this case, but were dis ill lewes dollars. police are investigating three possible murders after a violent night in philadelphia. one involved a 35 year old man, who died just after 2:00 this morning. he was shot in the head in strawberry mansion. police investigating suspicious death in west philadelphia. they got a call around 6:00 this morning. that there was a body along the 5100 block of wister street. they found 50 to 60 year old man dead. he was shot in the neck. >> and in cobbs creek, a 57 year old woman was found dead in a bedroom of a house on the 6100 block of locust street, and police say it was no accident. they have not released the woman's name and nobody last yet been arrested.
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still ahead tonight: a special kind of hero. this local world war ii vet has amazing story to tell. how he was honored today right here at philadelphia. plus, the pennsylvania turnpike and also its connection to china, why foreign investors are lining up to give you a smoother ride. and karen, it is almost cyber monday. but you might want to put that laptop down. how the real savings could show up in your cell phone. that's coming up next. keith? >> joyce, the eagles got to watch the game like everyone else today. what they saw was former teammate continue to show off with nothing to show. we promi
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>> a beautiful concert for local man with an amazing story. >> this world war ii veteran was a prisoner of war and he received a broken heart. he was honored this afternoon, and our dave kinchen was right there taking it all in. he's joining us live, now, from spring garden. hey, dave, nice ceremony. >> absolutely, it really was. doctor george is an american hero, and sadly his family says it is not -- it does not have that much time with us. snow was a ceremony where dozen of people could simply say thank you. these warrier watch riders say it is one of their highest honors yet, 96 year old
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george, world war ii veteran, ex prisoner of war, to a special concert at the german society of pennsylvania. this is a precious couple of hours outside of his care in hospice. >> it is just overwhelming. i think he was so quai bet his service, and i think it means a lot to us that it helps others to remember that war, and remember that area. >> doctor was the guess of honor for selection of classical music, played on the very same instrument he once played so many years ago. >> he played it all his life. giving the va giving him this chance to come and hear it one last time,. >> hailed for his work on the manhattan project, building the ad a.m. bomb that ended the war. warrier woman teach. >> just admire him; we are honored, and we presented him with our honor, which, you know, anybody in the military under stands what it means.
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>> absolutely, no doubt there, doctor bikel is a philadelphia native he actually grew up in brewerytown, and he got his ph.d. >> philadelphia story, thank you, dave. if you need health insurance in pennsylvania, now may be your chance to get some. enrollment will start tomorrow, in the healthy pennsylvania program. this is governor tom corbett's medicaid expansion, coverage will start on january 1st, state officials say about 600,000 primarily low income single working adults are now eligible for this. you may want to pay attention tonight learn some more about signing up, just come to our website we've got a link there on the seen on tv section. >> pennsylvania turnpike about to get some foreign money. how are they going to do that. >> signing up chinese investors, and those chinese investors will get money because they're promised permanent residency here under us law in exchange for loaning money to help connect the turnpike to i956789
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construction began back in october. the firm created to make the deal says it will make its first goal of raising $50 million by april, more than 100 investors have applied so far. the georgia man and woman facing several charges tonight after police found a man's 13 year old son hidden behind a fake wall inside the cupellation home. the child disappeared four years ago. as fox's dominick de natale, authorities trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together. >> tears every joy stream down a young boy's face as he hugs his mother for the first time in four years. early saturday morning, police were called to a georgia house to check the welfare after child, that's where they found the 13 year old hidden behind a false wall in the home, they arrested the boy's father, stepmother, and three other people, who denied knowing anything about the teen. >> the real investigation begins in that we need to know
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all of the questions, the who, the what, the when, the where, the why. >> the mother reportedly reported it to the child welfare, not the police, siting not knowing how the system works. but the boy was able to get a message to the mother. the boy's father, gregory jean, stepmother, have been charged with false i am prisonment and cruelty to children. the two appeared in court sunday morning where judge denied bond for both of them. the boy appears to be in good physical health and happy to be back with his mother. >> i guess the message that can be derived from all of this, never give up on trying it locate your loved ones, whatever information that you might have in reference to anybody, it is always good to share with the police. >> jean and davis are due back in court in december. and the police say that as the investigation continues, more charges are possible. in los angeles, dominick de
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natale, fox news. well, this is the completion of a journey of a lifetime. keith lynch road his way into dallas, texas while family and friends cheered. you can see the flags waiving. he traveled 4,000 miles over rivers, in a canoe, starting in montana five months ago. he decided to take this big journey after losing his mom and very close friend last year who said after the two deaths, he wanted to try and live a new adventure. >> i think when i sit back and reflect, i'll remember the generosity of people that have assisted me along the way. i mean, the lengths that people have gone to to help me, has been humbling. >> pretty darn cool. he said he's still hammering out plans for new journey, but says his next focus will be spending time with his family. well, hundreds every thousands of pennsylvania hunters are gearing up for the first day of deer hunting season. the two-week tradition starts tomorrow, and biologists say
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there should be plenty of deer out there. because after very good year foray corps, apple, berries and grapes. commission officials expect 750,000 hunters to take part. >> and, let's check in on the weather and those travelers out there tonight. >> having pretty easy time today a loft people traveling by train, did i seat roads were getting pretty busy. dominica, the weather not a problem. >> not at all. certainly not what we looked at on wednesday, when we had all of that weather trouble. temperatures are very comfortable. look at this 24-hour temperature change, temperatures come up by 20 degrees here in the city. that's a drastic jump, and temperatures much easier to take. so, everybody is looking at increasing temperatures, as we look at high temperatures today, 56 degrees, temperature above normal. but further to the north, where you see the blue's, in the 40's, temperatures running
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few degrees below normal. casino of divided here along our viewing area, in the 50's, above normal temperatures, to the north warm air didn't quite work its way that far north. the good news is we get another shot at this tomorrow. because temperatures are going to stay mild. so, as we advance through the graphics, we will show you we are looking at 55 degrees right now, it is still pretty comfortable out there. winds are coming out of the south. that will continue right through our monday. so, your foxcast for this evening, is looking pretty pleasant. we will stay right around 50, at 7:00. temperatures are going to fall slightly, we'll have some clouds cover that comes in through the evening, 48 degrees, by 11:00. so that is going to be a very mild feel. yes, guys, we could possibly make it to 60 degrees tomorrow. what a monday ahead, complete look at your forecast, and also talk about some sleet and snow that's in the seven day, coming up in just a bit. >> all right, thank you, dom
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inch a and still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00, a group of amazing mighty moms. >> the incredible sacrifices these women are make to go help their children wounded at war, and help their children and each other. coming up. >> and, how about a burger and fries at church? why some are fighting to try to bring mcdonald's inside places of
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students in india mark tomorrow's worlds aids day by helping to raise awareness about hiv. last year the country had the thirds largest number of people living with that disease in the world. young children created posters with various messages about the condition, in hopes of stopping it spread. organizers say these types of events create awareness, and assist those who are infected. >> a woman dies, a day after her boyfriend shoots her, inside a chicago nordstrom department store. police say the man came in the crowded in other words strom, he walk up to the 22 year old woman and shot her. they say he then took his own life. woman died yesterday afternoon, at the hospital, no word on why he shot her. we have a very, very sad update tonight in the search for missing ohio state player. police say they have found the body of 22 year old him near
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cam pulls. senior defensive tackle seen at his apartment in columbus early wednesday his roommates say he left to go out on a walk. his mother told authorities he had had several concussions and few spells of being extremely confused, and according to a police report, she said that he had texted her that morning that he had dis a periods and said, quote, i'm sorry if i'm an embarrassment. breaks your heart. no word yet on cause of death. nearly a thousand gay right activists march in central new delhi, india. >> they're demanding toned discrimination based on sexual orientation year. now, act have i also fighting against the bands on same sex relationships. supreme court reversed lower court decriminalize g sex involving two people of the same gender. law in india says that gay sex is an offense, punishible by up to ten years in prison. still ahead on "fox 29 news" at 6:00 amazing mighty
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mom. >> you will meet a group of women making huge sacrifices to care for their children injured at war. how they're helping, and inspiring, kids and each other at the same time. that's next. dominica? >> well, we're looking at a big boost in the temperatures, and fox future cast temperatures showing 60 degrees on monday. how about that? we'll have complete look at the forecast next. >> you got jason bateman, jason, back together again. horrible bosses two. >> oh,. >> that was embarrassing. we're trying to do a typical slow mo walk. >> this is when the guys start their own business. things don't go as planned, so they ends up trying to kidnap the son of the investors and things go crazy from there. >> kidnapping is off.
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this little one assaulted me. >> what? >> if i one hilarious, something about the chemistry that they have. it is to doesn't matter what they're doing. it will be craze. >> i if you do go see it the week after thanksgiving, don't bring your grandmothers. it will be awkward.
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>> live look outside, this is the international airport, another busy night, busiest travel days of the year, across the country, millions are taking to the skies to get home after the thanksgiving holidays. and we also expect the roads will be pretty busy, on and off, live look at the schuylkill expressway, right at the conshohocken curve. things moving along pretty well. we'll keep an eye on the roads throughout the evening. >> not too bad there. >> we'll check in with dominica, how many the weather is. people want to know what the work week will be like. >> it is really nice. you know, back to work monday, back to reality, after long holiday weekends. we will do so with very
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comfortable temperatures that are easy to take. a look at ultimate doppler. not much happening. we do have a lot of cloud cover, though, mostly cloudy skies, that will be on tap through the evening. the rain stays well out to our west, over the great lakes, that will eventually push in here. we could actually see a spot shower on monday, but really monday the big story is going to be those warm temperatures. so, let's go ahead, show you what you can expect, as we head through the week. it is 60s on monday, in most spots. we will have a chance for some snow and sleet on tuesday. temperatures are going to take big tumble by tuesday morning. and we will be back down into the 30's, so, no accumulation with that front that moves through. but we could see some snow-sleet action in the morning and then again in the afternoon. beyond tuesday, the temperatures rebounds. so back into the 50's, and 40's, so tuesday is going to be a little tough. but other than that, just focus on monday, guys. because 60 degrees is not shabby at all for the first day of december.
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>> i'll show you the seven day coming up in a bit. >> can't wait. zero six is good for now, thank up. now, to story of tragedy and triumph. mothers who put their lives on hold sometimes permanently to care for their sons and daughters, forever scarred by war. fox's jennifer griffin introduces us to the women who give everything to save their children and each other. >> all i can remember is stephanie saying, mom, i need you. and that was -- she was 8,000 miles away. >> they call themselves the mighty moms of walter reed. they pick up the pieces when their children return from war. >> we share the good things, the bad thing, clap when they take their first stems, and get sad when they get sent back to the icu. new book unbreakable bonds documents ten of these moms and their warrier children. >> it is not just about us, ten moms, it is about all of the moms who are going through what we went through.
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>> son mark stemmed on mine while wearing a belt of grenades in afghanistan. he and his mom have been at walter reed since october 2011. >> i think the hardest part first of all is seek your child like. that will you lose your home. you end up sitting there, sleeping there, everything, with your kids. >> julie, and her son, adam, are the longest residents at walter reed. >> adam was sole survivor that far blast. he had all of his limb. when he got back to walter reed, he had an infection, went through his bloodstream. >> doctors amputated three of adam's limbs. >> he is a fighter. and he is my personal miracle. >> the other moms helped her through. >> i thought i can do this six months a year, now been there four years, four months, had the best times laughing and
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caring on and. >> my son was injured. >> sent 23rd of 2010. >> they removed the left side of his skull at 6:05 in the morning, and same time he was born. they told me he may never walk or talk again. and he's walking and talking. he can drive. and he can -- has a grandson that i never thought that i was going to have. >> there is a common theme for the mighty mom, personal sacrifice. >> i lost my job, eventually did i lose my job in the end. it's been hard, i have a ten year old daughter at home, and
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five other children. >> for me i had to give my job up. and get to walter reed to nurse my son because his wife left. >> i finally resigned from my job. i showed them pictures they were like oh, so they finally got it, that he wasn't going to come back. >> specialist derrick mcconnell who lost both his legs in afghanistan in 2011 made a video for his mom, before he tragically died from medical complications from his treatment after being released from walter reed. i can't wait to walk for the first time. >> youtube video. >> i can't wait to see her reaction, she has given so much, and to be here with me, lost her job, and honestly, the more i can give back to her, it helps, it helps my heart. >> he was preparing to marry his fiancee, christina. they won a contest to have their wedding paid for by a new jersey jeweler, three
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months before he died, they appeared on fox and friends. >> the past 17 months have been all about me. i know it is our wedding but now it is time for the necessary shot. she's on the folk us. >> but derrick died suddenly on march 18th, 2013 before co-get married. >> he kept us laughing. i'm sorry. >> i miss him every day. >> my mother hadn't seen the video yet. so sneak peak before -- i still love her so much, and i'm still thankful for everything she's done. >> in washington, jennifer given, fox news. such a sad story there. >> so heart breaking. >> it is. well, still ahead on the "fox 29 news" tonight at 6:00, tomorrow is cyber monday, how your cell phone might just save you some big money. >> and if you are in the market for something royal,
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you're -- how you can own address worn by princess diana next. >> love that one. and this holiday light display is putting one family back in the history books. why they work so hard to out shine a house that was
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welcome back, christmas season comes in with plenty of pageantry. this is in brazil, all about the 19th annual lighting of the tree on the lagoon. gorgeous there. thousands were on land for the ceremony, lots of fireworks, as you can see, and musical performances, were out there to mark the occasion. the floating tree will be lit up every night until january 6th. and a new york family reclaims the guiness world record for the most-like on their property after losing that title last year to a family in australia. >> see it from space from that family. well, fox's jennifer takes us to the christmas lights display, tells us he can actually how many bulbs there are. >> 601,736 lights, which is a new guiness worlds record title. congratulations. >> with the slip after switch,
6:39 pm
the gay family in new york has just broken the guiness world record for most lights on a residential property. >> you know it is becoming christmas whether all of the cars drive up the road. you just see traffic. >> what do you think of all of these light out here? >> i like them. lights that move, lights that bling. lights that even hashtag. it is a twinkling shimmering spectacle. it is all meticulously choreographed to music. >> we create the new display, set the whole display up, $2,000. >> this is actually the second time the gay family has held the guiness world record. the first time was back in 2012. >> then last year got beat out by family will from australia, with just over half million lights. this year they say it is good to take back the title. >> i love working on it, i love seeing t but we have the most fun together. that's just a great experience. >> the gay family's been doing this for 20 years now, each year, out doing themselves.
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for their neighbors, it has become tradition. the very best parts of the holiday season. >> i love it. i go a lot. >> whenever we go on our way home, like we have to see the light. every time. >> beautiful. right? in case you're wondering, the representative from the guiness book of world records did not count each and every light out there. instead, he took a look at the sales receipts for all of those lights. >> in your money tonight is the "black friday" shopping holiday weekend losing its mojo in brick and mortar stores? national retail federation, early shopping, improving economy, fewer people shopping on the weekend that kicks off the holiday shopping season. overall little more than 133 million people shopped at stores and on line over this four day holiday weekends which is down about 5% from last year. total spending for the weekend is expected to fall 11%.
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but, mobile shopping, that is gaining momentum. on "black friday", purchases from mobile devices accounted for nearly 30% of on line shopping. is planning to cater to mobile shoppers, come tomorrow, cyber monday. offering execution thing lightning deals. >> i haven't caught up with buying from the phone. >> i know. >> still ahead tonight, imagine enjoying a big mac sitting in a church pew? the push to put mcdonald's in places of worship. >> dress worn by a princess, princess diana could soon be hanging in your closet? maybe. what the wardrobe could cost you. dom cane? >> how about today, another nice day, with mild temperatures. we made it to the up ear's, here in the city, and we'll do even better for your monday. a
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>> beil stud nay big mac? it could hatch. there is a plan to build a mcdonald's inside a church. the ideas from a christian designed firm base in the new jersey, to help build up falling a tendons.
6:45 pm
campaign lawn topped raise funds to build the first mcdonald's church. the goal is to raise a million dollars, the money would go toward buying a franchise. >> necker week, things belong to go princess di ann, a kate middleton ... will hit the auction block. >> our kelly wright tells us what it will take to get your hands on some regal wear. >> it is formal wear that's fit for a princess. and soon, these dresses worn by princess diana will be headed to the auction block. diana had originally auctioned the gowns off to raise money for a charity in 1997. two months before she died. and julian's auctions expects there still will be tremendous demands for the dresses today. >> we still, when she passed away, and they would like to own something from her life and carer. >> what does it take to own a piece every royal history? the people's princess, wore this catherine walker dress, to two different events.
6:46 pm
>> and you can see exquisite detailing here with the pearls, that beading, all hand done by hand. >> it is expected to bring in between 60 and $80,000, and this sandra rose dress was worn by diana to benefit. expected to be sold for between 80 and $100,000. it is an ivory, diana wore it so well, beautiful spring of pearls. >> piece of will and kate's wedding cake is expected to bring in between one and $2,000. and the duke and duchess of cambridge gave a piece of the fruit cake to take home, and specially created tin, designed forbid ers passionate about the next generation of diana's royal family. >> she has left us with fan that is egg legacy, with the children, now her grandchildren, and beautiful daughter in law. and so her values will continue. >> the whole princess diana auction expected to bring in between two and $300,000.
6:47 pm
in new york, kelly wright, fox news. pretty cool. well the auction will be taking place in definitely hills december 5th and 6th, but anybody around the world can place a bid. you can just go to julian's live. com. >> okay, well, now let's check in on something that's free. for all of us, the weather. dominica, look, not so bad out there tonight. >> i know, fantastic day, temperatures were in the up ear's, here in the city. we had 40's up to the north, everybody's doing much better than we were just yesterday orkin elf days ago, so big boost in the temperatures. twenty agree boosts in the city. looking at the current temperature, five an in the sit, winds still coming in from the south, and they're at 6 miles per hour, so that southerly flow, pumping in the warm air, over the area, for at least the next 24 hours, that's what we're looking at. ultimate doppler keeping us dry, we do have the clouds, associated with the warm air. now, tonight we could see little bit of patchy fog form,
6:48 pm
warm air still coming in specially where we have some snow on the ground, so just keep that in mind late tonight tomorrow morning. here is a look at fox future cast, we roll it through the morning, we could have a spot shower in the afternoon, otherwise, it is tuesday that we're looking forward to it. it is cold front that comes through. that will drop the temperatures drastically, and it is also going to cause a sleet-snow mix through the area in the morning, and then again the afternoon tonight we stay dry, very mild, daytime highs we were looking at just 48 hours ago, 60 degrees, that's where we'll get tomorrow, some places could even make 61, 62, i wouldn't rule that out, but tomorrow is a very warm day, for the start of december. again, keep in mind, there could be spot shower in the afternoon, seven day forecast, though, shows those temperatures dropping drastically by tuesday, and as the cold front moves through,
6:49 pm
39 degrees only for the high, chance of sleet-snow mix in the morning and then again in the afternoon. guys, not looking at any accumulating snow, so you don't have to worry about that. and then wednesday, we will have few lingering showers in the morning, temperatures jump back up to 50. and then it stays pretty mild through the rest of the week with couple of chances of showers friday and then again on saturday. little roller coaster ride this week, guys, but certainly, it is a nice start to the work week when we're talking 60s, you can't complain about that. >> dominica, definitely great weather for the eagles to sit on the couch. authorities watch these games with nothing affecting the eagles, but always nice to see the skins and giants lose on the same day. just few minutes, we tell you about the main university adversity one local high school over came.
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♪ you know for the eagles to beat the seahawks, they have to run the football, a lot. third and long will not be their friend next sunday. with richard sherman, earl thomas, and those boys waiting. well, but if the last couple weeks have shown anything, the birds have the ability to run the ball on anyone. over 250 yards rushing thanksgiving day. lesean mccoy you know he is hitting his stride just in time. and no coincidence, the offensive line, which this year has had injuries, three starters, one gone for the season, one starter suspend today start the year, is finally playing like five guys on a mission. >> as a group we played the best. i think there have been times i mean individuals efforts specially when guys, they had sub in, but just from a collective point, very, very close in the running game. >> they they want eliminated
6:53 pm
the one guy on each play. >> as a team as an unit we work hard. and the running game today, kept pushing, kept pushing. >> redskins quarterback rgiii benched likely the rest of the seats on, watching colt mccoy made second start of the yee. jackson, imagine if he was still here attitude or not, closing in on 1,000 yards, later left with a injury. did he return. >> as well as mccoy played, that's how poorly the redskins d played. andrew luck throws five touchdowns, colts win 49-27. they are eight and four. the skins, three and nine. >> don't worry, they are not in the basement alone. how bad has it gotten for the giants in they led the jacks 21-three, only to have jacksonville kick them to the curb with seconds left. new york now three and nine, after 25-24 lost. >> the saints were marching in the pit burying today. it was a breeze for the guy named drew. he throws five touchdowns passes, new orleans wins 35-32, saints first place in the ffc south.
6:54 pm
first place they're five and seven. but they're in first place. college basketball, temple still un de feed dollars at home. come back to beat the long island university of brooklyn 70 to 56. the owls back on the court against st. joe's, on wednesday. now, nova, ranked number 12 in the country, four and zero on the season, facing delaware. blue hens came in winless, ryan, the pride of neshaminy high school, and darren hill, he hits the three, as well. cats win 78-47. they meet lasalle wednesday. now we talk pros, we talk college, very seldom do we talk high school. but this is worth a mention. last night, in the highest division of playoff football in delaware, william penn high school completed a perfect season beating middletown 42 to 14, along the way, to a 12 and zero mark, they beat six teams ranked in the top ten in the state. now, they dedicated the championship to coach marvin duly's mom, who passed away just two weeks ago.
6:55 pm
congrats to the guys at william penn high school. enjoy it for all it is worth. now finally game day live analyst darwin walker. he know he has a saying where he things defensive players should go after the quarterbacks. in darwin's words, like a pitbull in a meat truck. what does that mean? we broke it down today. >> in our head-to-head for darwin, now, think about this. that is a pitbull, pitbull in a meat truck s (laughing). >> i can't believe this. the people once and for all, actually what you mean when you say pitbull in a meat truck. >> well, you know, pitbulls have a ferocious reputation. we know that. and they like -- >> some do. >> and then there is a meat truck. common. the people know what i am talking about is. >> what's a better pitbull, the one that was performing at half time. >> oh, my goodness. >> all right. i thought this was so ironic. >> how will he fair in the
6:56 pm
meat truck? >> sometimes defensive line has to play like pitbulls in a meat truck. >> so joyce, do you get it? joyce, karen, do you get it? i mean, i don't own a pitbull. i don't spend any time in a meat truck. but i don't want to see the two things combined. >> i don't think it is prep. >> i i'm sorry, i love pitbulls. and i enjoyed every moment of it. >> what about the meat truck? >> i don't know about the meat truck part. i was just looking at pitbulls. >> thank you, keith. >> all right, be sure to join us tonight on the "fox 29 news" at 10:00. because we're in manayunk, where the search continues for that 21 year old man shane motorcycle couldn't are you. he has been missing since early thanksgiving morning. and the fbi has now joined the search. we're going to have all of the details and the development tonight at 10:00. >> and of course it has been big shopping weekend. many of you already have been at it. there will be more deals tomorrow for cyber monday. so we will tell you where to get the best deals.
6:57 pm
and of course, we'll have a rap of the weather and all of the days news on this weekend. thank you so much for joining us on the 6:00 hour. that's our news for this sunday evening. >> all right, ice age monmouth christmas is next. we will see you right back here at 10:00. have a good night.
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(gasps) (sighing happily) (gasps) (grunting) (exclaims) (groans) (grunts) okay, ellie, i got her. (gasps) the christmas rock.


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