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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 30, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EST

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up next, pennsylvania turnpike connection to china and why it could give you a smoother ride. >> plus the rams make a powerful statement on the football field. keep i fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> ♪ >> right now at 10:00 o'clock, the fb has joined the search for a young man who disappeared in
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manayunk. 21-year-old shane montgomery was last seen on thanksgiving eve. good evening everyone, i'm karen hepp. i'm joyce evans. the reward for information about montgomery went up tonight. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in the newsroom with that information and more. chris? >> joyce, karen, it has been nearly four days and still no sign of shane montgomery. tonight, though, the search is intensifying as the fbi task force specializing in missing people has now joined the case. >> i want to find shaken and i want to bring him home. >> reporter: heartbreaking wait continues for the parents of shane montgomery. >> it's very difficult. >> reporter: they watch as search teams waded through the canal waters of the schuylkill river in manayunk for any signs of their son. >> when there's people around that love you, it makes you strong. >> reporter: as divers comb the frigid water, police and fbi agents are now reinterviewing anyone who may have seen the 21-year-old. including friends at west
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chester university where montgomery was a student. >> at this point, um, we don't know but we have to maintain hope and keep hope and that's what we have to do. >> reporter: montgomery was last seen thanksgiving eve at kildare's bar on main street. police say montgomery was he is cored out of the bar by bouncers into freezing temperatures, after bumping into something inside the pub. but his mother says he wasn't drunk. >> they walk him out the door and supposedly that's the last time anybody saw him. i can't imagine that that's the last time anybody saw him on main street. >> reporter: earlier in the day prayers for montgomery's family at saint john the baptist church. it wrapped up a weekend long search by land, air and water by hundreds of friends and family in roxborough the river search turned up nothing although there is still hope of fin finding him frustration is beginning to set in for the familiarly. >> nobody saw anything. that bothers me that nobody saw anything.
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>> reporter: and right now, police are scowering any surveillance video that may show the direction montgomery went that night. the reward being offered has been upped within the last hour. it is at $15,000 reward being offered for information leading to montgomery's whereabouts. joyce? >> all right. thank you, chris. well there's breaking news in south korea. a u.s. air force base in souo will is on lock down reports of an active shooter at a high school on the grounds of an air base. now people have been told to stay inside their quarters or workplace according to the spokesperson but there are no details being released yet at this time. the base is home to more than 28,000 troops. on your radar, a brief warmup and it is certainly welcomed. the weather has been great for holiday travelers. look at this. this is live at philadelphia international airport where authorities tell us more than 95,000 people flew in and out of
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here today and we are told there were no problems at all. >> let's go to fox meteorologist did he men nikau davis. how is it looking for tomorrow, better? absolutely. we have a wacky weather pattern that will be around for this week. so we'll start the week off with very mild temperatures and then end it pretty cool. ultimate doppler showing some overcast skies and actually it's crazy because temperatures have gone up since we last spoke at 6:00 o'clock this evening. we are now looking at temperatures in the upper 50s so that's a look at our current temperatures. we go past the radar. you'll see that we've gained a degree. now it's 57 degrees. winds coming out of the southwest. the winds have certainly picked up. this is bringing in that very mild air. so as you wake up tomorrow morning, head back to work, back to reality, you'll do so with very mild temperatures. 49 in the city. we could even be in the 50s in some spots.
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45 in the suburbs. it's going to be a cloudy start. we're looking at 60 degrees tomorrow. could do 63 in some places, and then we're talking sleet and snow by tuesday. so, yeah, we do have a wacky weather pattern that we're dealing with for the next 48 hours. i'll discuss it all coming up and show you the seven day in just a little bit. joyce? >> all right, thank you domeni domenica. alarming discovery following a fatal fire inside a chester county home. authorities say they found extreme hoarding conditions and a cash of weapons, ammunition and explosives. these pictures were posted on the twins alley fire department's website. state police identified the two victims today as 64-year-old a catherine shade and sketch-year-old gary robert shade. the fire sparked yesterday morning. authorities say it appears to have been an accident but they have not yet pinpointed the exact cause. officials say the hoarding conditions made it difficult to fight that fire and it was after the flames were out that crews
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discover the weapons ammo and explosives. >> a man from suburban pittsburgh who is now facing a tempted murder charges after firing a arrival at his neighbor and holding police at bay for several hours. police cite 53-year-old richard carter known mental health conditions. he told reporters he was mad at his neighbor over personal reasons. there was a shooting at christmas lights. the swat team eventually persuaded him to surrender. the neighbor got a cut lip from a ricocheted fragment. police are investigating three possible murders after a violent night in philadelphia. one involved a 35-year-old man who died just after 2:00 this morning. he was shot in the head on the 2900 block of egley street. that's in strawberry mansion. police are still looking for the killer. >> and police are investigating a suspicious death in west philadelphia. they got a call around 6:00 this morning that there was a body along the 5100 block of webster street. they found a 50 to 60-year-old man there dead. he was shot in the neck.
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and in cobbs creek, a 57-year-old woman was found dead in the bedroom of a house on the 6100 block of locust street. police say it was no accident. they have not yet released the woman's name and nobody has been arrested. >> three different issues in this crisis in ferguson, missouri all on president obama's schedule for them. first the white house says the cabinet will reprieve view program that give military style equipment to law enforcement agency. then he'll be speaking with civil rights leaders about mistrust of police officers and mr. obama will be meeting with government and law enforcement officials to talk about how to strengthen neighborhoods. we have also learned tonight darren wilson did not get a severance package when he resigned yesterday from the ferguson police force according to the mayor the former officer will not get any further pay or benefits. >> meanwhile, eight people are under arrest after a group of protesters shut down washington,
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d.c. highway. this all happened this afterno afternoon. police say about three dozen people were protesting that grand jury's dig not to indict officer darren wilson for the shooting death of michael brown. police say the group was saying, we won't move, arrest us. they were charged with blocking passage all of this as protests continue in ferguson. fox's steve harrigan is there. >> reporter: about 200 protesters out on the street once again overnight. no sign of any real violence they did burn an american flag just two arrests have been made. we have seen the steady number of protesters decline since the heavy violence on monday night when several businesses were burned to the ground. we've talked to lot of people about the destruction they see out here. here's some of the reactions. >> you come home to the only thing that you feel is yours and you can't come to it. you know, it's a strange feeli feeling. strange feeling to come to your neighborhood and you can even under in. >> they have no right to tell
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you... >> i understand the frustration but to burn down businesses people have worked honestly to open up, it's ridiculous. >> reporter: for business owner it will be real decision whether or not to rebuild. many of them have been through violence now twice in august and now again this month. they've got to decide whether they'll put the money in and also besides finances whether they feel safe working in this community. in ferguson, missouri, steve harrigan, fox news. >> meanwhile people gathered at a south philadelphia church today to reflect. journalists, political commentator and former fox news channel contributor dr. mark lamont hill spoke at mother bethel ame church in queen village this morning. hill just came back from ferguson and he was critical of the police, the prosecutor and the grand jury's decision. he also talked about the deep cutting pain he witnessed after learning the grand jury's
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decision. >> i watched michael brown's mother. she stood there crying devastated how -- i kept thin thinking about... >> dr. hill said he never expe expected an indictment. he says he feels sad for young people who were hoping for positive change in this case but were burned. >> in st. louis there was a big show of support today for ferguson protesters. >> really powerful statement came from football players the st. louis rams during the team's pre-game introductions you can see what they're doing. they had hands raised that gesture hands raised don't shoot. they raised their hands. this was the gesture first adopted by the ferguson
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protesters aftermath of michael brown' death to show they too like brown were unarmed. >> police are now confirming they have found the the body of missing ohio state football player kara george. 22-year-old had not been seen thins wednesday and he was among two dozen seniors expected to play his final hole game this weekend in columbus. fox's brian llenas has details on this. >> reporter: after a four day search for ohio state football player kara george police discovering his body inside a dumpster. >> at this time preliminary investigation is showing that he died from what appears to be a self inflicted gunshot wound. we have recovered a firearm at the scene. the parents have been notified. >> reporter: the body was found in the ohio state campus just a three minute walk away from his apartment and less than 2 miles away from the ohio stadium. police confirming kara george's identity through tattoos on the body. it is unknown if the gun was
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registered to him. the ohio state senior was last seen at 2:00 a.m. wednesday. his roommates say he went to go take walk he was reportedly dressed in all black he did not take his motorcycle, wallet or id. >> devastating. obviously he was a good player for ohio state an good resident obviously around the area. don't why know why something like this could happen. >> his sister sophia told the columbus dispatcher he had suffered from sports related concussions. they were especially worried he might have been disoriented because of a concussion he suffered a month ago. according to the dispatch, his mother susan told police he sometimes would suffer from extreme confusion saying her son texted her wednesday that he was sorry for being quote an embarrassment and that the concussions had been affecting him. the university athletics department released a statement expressing their shock and sadness offering their thoughts and prayers to the family and all those who knew him. in new york, brian llenas, fox
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news. >> still ahead, a very very special kind of hero, local world war ii veteran has amazing story to tell. how he was honored today right here in philadelphia. >> and how about hunching on burgers and fries at church? why some are fighting to bring mcdonald's inside places of worship. domenica. >> how about these temperatures for the last day of november? 57 degrees. that was our high and we hit it just this hour. temperatures continue to climb. it gets even warmer for the first day of december. we'll have a look at your complete forecast coming up. ♪
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>> we have breaking news out of the frankford section of philadelphia. theirs a shooting that has sent three men to the hospital. this happened just a short time ago. police say all three men were sitting on the front steps of a home on the 4700 block of penn street when they were shot. witnesses say a man dressed in dark clothing pulled the trigger and then ran away. right now, investigators believe the shooting was drug related. >> it's hard to tell which of the three victims were intended targets. they may have all been intended targets because they're all shot more than one time. >> investigators are now looking at surveillance video from that area hoping to track down that shooter. a special couldn't and certificate for a man with a storied past. world war ii veteran and prisoner of war was honored. >> our dave kinchen was on hand for this hero's celebration and
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in spring garden right now with the late at the time on this. dave? >> reporter: that's right. dr. george vicco a proud son of philadelphia and he is a true american hero. he also doesn't have much time left with us according to his family and many took time to say thank you. >> the warriors watch riders on one of their highest honors yet. escorting a member of of the greatest generation 96-year-old dr. george, a veteran of world war ii and ex prisoner of war all smiles as he was brought into the german society of pennsylvania for a concert in his honor. >> he means a lot to us these soldiers have been through way worse situations than we can even imagine. also have comradery with him. >> his daughter lisa says he doesn't have much time left. he is in hospice care now making this tribute all the more urge urgent. >> you are an american warrior.
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we thank you for your service. >> one by one veterans presented him with ribbons and awards thanking him for his service. >> we just admire him and we're honored to be here in his presence. >> his unit overrun by nats cease his widowed mother in philadelphia got this telegram saying he was killed in action but -- >> i was still very much alive. >> as he told our bruce gordon awhile back. he turned this book in a make shift diary as a prisoner writing in the margins. >> talk of woman -- no talk of woman. only food. i dream of chocolate cake and ice cream. >> but his daughter saw so much more in it after reading it for the first time in 2011. >> when we read through it and i saw they pulled him out for special interrogation that is they were trying to get him to defect to the other side and he was strange in his beliefs saying i'm an american first. it was very compelling. >> a story that includes his work on the manhattan project building the at tom bomb all
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celebrations for this celebration with classical music made apply friend. >> the va giving him a chance to come here one last time is good for all of us. >> really special afternoon here. his health is preventing him from speaking sadly many of the veterans who were here to honor him say they are better for knowing him. karen? >> thank you, dave. if you need health insurance in pennsylvania could be your chance right now. enrollment will start tomorrow in the healthy pennsylvania program. this is governor tom corbett's medicaid expansion coverage starts january 1st. state officials say about 600,000 primarily low income single working adults are now eligible to learn more about signing up come to our website we've post add link in the scene on tv section. >> how about this? the pennsylvania turnpike is about to get an injection of cash.
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the turn nick commissioner is signing up chinese investor who's promise permanent residency in exchange for loaning money to help connect the turnpike to i name. construction on the project began in october. the firm created to make the deal says it will make its first goal of raising $50 million by next april. more than 100 investors have already applied. >> bible study and a big mack, it could happen. there's a plan to build a mcdonald's inside a church. the idea is from a christian design firm based in new jersey to help build up falling attendance. a campaign was launched to raise funds to build the first mcdonald's church. the goal is to raise about a million dollars. the money will go toward buying a franchise and construction of a building. >> take look at this. big plans demolish. why a luxury hotel in the works reduced to rubble. and it's almost cyber monday. just hours away.
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♪ >> that is the debut of the sound of the bell of holy freedom at tonight'
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pass.cathedral basilica of peter and paul in philadelphia. pope francis confirmed he'll be coming to the eighth world meeting of familiar unless our city in september. >> wahoo! >> speaking of pope francis he was speaking out against terrorism during a trip to turkey he's calling on religious leaders to join him in his fight no matter what their faith is. fox'fox' heather chilled dress s details. >> pope francis wrapped up his three day visit to turkey on sunday. the children and teens have fled from iraq, syria and other conflict zones and meeting with the pontiff meant a lot. >> i very love him. and i wish to see him again. >> i'm just so happy. >> why? >> i see the pope today. my dream. >> on the way back to rome the pope spoke out against terrorist attacks saying they're not a true reflection of islam and called on muslim leaders to condemn the acts of violence.
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>> it is true when onsies these terrorist acts there's this reaction. if this is islam i'm going to get angry and so many islamic people are offended many say terrorism is not islam. >> during the trip, pope francis also prayed with the leader of the world's orthodox christians. the two issued a joint declaration calling for an end to the violent persecution of list christians in the middle east and asked for dialogue with muslim leaders to promote peace. >> no longer have the luxury of isolated actions. >> pope francis spent time praying alongside istanbul at a mosque in a symbol of religious unity in the future he would like to head to moscow for meeting of the russian orthodox church. in new york heather chilled dress fox news. >> after decades standing eight italy' coastline a famous
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unfinished hotel has finally been demolish. this is near the city of naples. it was originally said to become a luxury hotel. construction began, get this, in 1964. but it was blocked a few years later. that construction started up again just last year but without the necessary permits. environmentalists believe the unfinish project tarnish the beauty of the coastline that the construction was a risk to workers. >> tomorrow is world aids day. children in india are trying to raise awareness. last year, that country had the third largest number of people living with the disease in the world. this weekend young children created posters with all sorts of messages about the condition in hopes of stopping its spread. organizers say these types of events create awareness and assist those who are infected. >> pretty sluggish holiday weekend when it comes to shopping. a lot of people surprised by that but retailers are hoping maybe things will pick up tomorrow. it's cyber monday, of course, but you might want to put that
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laptop down because your cell phone might just be saving you some big money. domenica. >> we are looking at some warmer weather on the way. temperatures getting into the 60s for your monday. we'll have a look at it all coming up.
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>> update on that breaking news we're following in south korea. officials now say a u.s. air base in soul is put on lock down as a precaution. during an unscheduled shooter drill. it was a drill. we're talking about the hassan air base where people were told to stay inside their quarters or workplaces. no other details are being released at this time. the base is home to more than 28,000 troops. it was drill. >> well, in shopping news, charge your smart phone it could save you serious money for tomorrow on cyber monday. millions of americans are expected to shop online tomorrow
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and mobile shopping is gaining momentum. objection black friday purchases from mobile devices was 30% of all shopping. amazon is planning to cater on mobile shoppers. it's offering lightning deals op mobile app. consumers are expec expected tot $2.5 billion tomorrow. now people want to know is black friday shopping weekend maybe losing its mojo. survey of shoppers released today by the national retail federation suggests early discounting more online shopping and an improving economy may have fewer people shopping on the weekend that kicks off the holiday shopping season. overall, a little more than 133 million people shopped at stores and online over this four-day holiday weekend. that is down more than 5% from last year. total spending for the weekend is expected to fall by 11%.
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>> and attention -- attention royal watchers. next week items belonging to princess diana, prince william and kate middleton will hitting the auction block. >> but obviously they're not going to be inexpensive. fox's kelly wright tells us what it's going to take to get your hands on regal wear formal wear fit for princess and soon these dresses worn by princess diana will be headed to the auction block. diana had originally auctioned the gowns off to raise money for charities in 1997. two months before she died. and julianne's auctions expects there still will be pree tremendous demand for the dresses today. >> people are very nostalgic diana. we still know where we were when she passed away. they would like to own something from her life and career. >> reporter: what does it take to own a piece of royal history. she worn this catherine walker dress to two different events. >> exquisite detailing here with the pearl beading all hand done by hand. >> it's expected to bring in
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between 60 and $80,000 and this dress was worn by diana a benefit it's expected to be sold for between 80 and $100,000. >> it's a and avery silk and diana wore it so well. great tote foes of diana wearing the with a beautiful string of pearls. >> a piece of will and kate's wedding cake is expected to bring 2221 and $2,000 case case. >> she left us with fantastic legacy with these children noun her grandchildren and beautiful daughter-in-law, and so her values will continue. >> the whole princess diana auction is expected to bring in between two and $300,000. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. >> and let's check in with domenica davis again thon
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beautiful weather we'll be having tomorrow. yes. we are. we'll be having very warm weather. we'll have cloudy skies but this warm streak continues at least another day. temperatures, they are up 19 degrees in the city. 20 degrees in mount pocono. so that's a 24 hour temperature change. it is very, very drastic. here's what we're looking at for this week. we have 60s tomorrow. , yes you're reading that right 60s and then tuesday it gets really wacky because we drop into the 30s and we have snow and sleet coming into the picture. no accumulation likely but it is going to be a harsh change from the 60 degrees on monday and we're back to mild the rest of the week. so this is going to be a very up and down first week of december. let's go ahead and show you what the temperatures are right now. 57 degrees in philadelphia. and this is actually now our new high of the day because temperatures have come up a degree over the past hour. we have 53 in wilmington. wildwood coming in at 54 and 55
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in atlantic city. cool per temperatures to the north and we do have 36 in allentown. so little bit of widespread temperatures. some cloud cover is around and that is keeping the temperatures pretty much steady over the past couple of hours. we have not seen much movement and that is due to the cloud cover which we'll keep overnight and that is something we'll see tomorrow, too. along with a chance for a spot shower. so fox future cast starting off at 8:00 o'clock in the morning as we roll through you'll see that we do have a chance of a spot shower come in the afternoon. not a big deal with that. it's tuesday we're looking at the real precip. if we advance forward to tuesday we'll show you the clouds are going to be around in the morning and then rain starts to move up from the south. as it encounter that is cooler air that pushes in on tuesday we will get a little bit of a rain/snow/sleet mix line. none of this will be accumulation. if we do see anything it will be a coating from lancaster to scranton. ism 91 area could see slick
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travel. other than that for us this is more of a nuisance and the cold is going to be the real story for tuesday. it's 49 for the overnight low tonight. mostly cloudy patchy fog could develop he is special wrl we have any snow packs in effect. then tomorrow, it's 60 degrees. i think some places could actually do 61 or 62. it really just depends on how much cloud cover we'll see. again a chance of a spot shower in the afternoon. seven day forecast shows the plumetting temperatures by tuesday. we're down to 39. that is going to be a harsh feel as temperatures tumble more than 20 degrees and we're back up no 50 on wednesday and it stays pretty mild for the rest of the week but tuesday is definitely a december winter day with a little bit of sleet and snow. foot travel but no accumulation that is good news. back to you, joyce and karen. >> all righty, thank you so much domenica. that will do it for us for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> thank you so much for watching. keep it right here. howard
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