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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  December 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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5:00 o'clock. new this morning flames breaking out in germantown. frightening thing investigators say may have spark it. plus the search for shane is on. the young man missing for nearly five days now, and how police are amping up their efforts to find him. michael brown's family still looking for justice after officer darren wilson resigns, what their next step could be. it is monday, not just any monday but it is cyber monday. tons of deals and steals on line today, but you may want to put lap top away and fire up some smart phone action, instead. we will share with you why coming up. dangerous. amazon you have the app book, buy, buy, buy. >> yes. >> good day, shall it is monday, december 1st, 2014. my husband is like sell, sell,
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sell. >> yes. >> good morning, everybody. because it is here, we will show you the the seven day forecast and mostly get you ready for today. we will give you a seven out of ten today. it would be a ten or a nine because of the temperature but we are expect something showers later on in the day. so, that is a cold front coming through and chilling things out for tomorrow, we will get that wintry mix to start and then that is probably arriving late morning tomorrow, tuesday, and then, changes over to rain pretty quickly. but still kind of a messy day on tuesday, wednesday lingering clouds, but by thursday, mix of sun and clouds and temperatures on the chilly side but the most eventful weather day looks like the next seven license tomorrow and we will break that down for you coming up in just a few minutes but today we will take that high of 60 degrees and we will take traffic from bob kelly. >> good morning, 5:01. back to work and school after the holiday break and we are in good shape looking live at 295 in south jersey, no
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problems heading up into 42. coming from the opposite end of 422, looking good, between royersford, past outlets heading in towards king of prussia a interchange. roads are dry this morning. tomorrow will be another issue as sue just mentioned. good morning to bridesberg. live look at i-95 in northeast philadelphia, no problems working your way in towards downtown. speedometer readings on the major roadways in good shape this morning but a couple of house fires in the neighborhood with some local detours. one in west philadelphia at dearborn and brown. we are going around the block there. one in germantown at colter and just off of germantown avenue. west norriton stone ridge and norris lane watch for house fire and a crash in white marsh. this has been here since 3:00 this morning at ridge and church, all of the bridges, bennie, whitman, commodore barry looking good coming across the river this morning. major roadways off to a good start and mass transit running with no delays. chris and kerry, back over to you.
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bob, thank you. 5:02. police in delaware county looking for the person who opened fire at some officers early this morning. this happened at chester at intersection of engel and west 12th street around 12:45. investigators say shots came from a nearby foot bridge. no word if any officers were hit by bullets, and no arrests at this point have been made. also new fire fighters are investigating an early morning fire in germantown. crews responded to 79 east colter street shortly before 4:00a in m. no injuries reported. investigators say this fire could have been caused by a firebomb. search for missing west chester university student shane montgomery enters its fifth day. >> the 21 year-old last seen leaving a bar in manayunk early thursday morning, thanksgiving morning, and this morning, there is still no sign of him. fox 29's jennifer joyce live with more, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kerry. shane shane montgomery's family is feeling pretty frustrating at this point.
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they say it is not in their nature to walk a away from his friends and not check in with anyone. his family believes somebody had to see something because these manayunk blocks and bars were packed with people thanksgiving eve when montgomery was last seen thanksgiving eve after 1:00 a.m. at kildare's bar. his mother says he was with friends but got separated and has not been seen ever since. over the last four days police, family and friend conduct searches, team of divers, waited through schuylkill river canal in manayunk for any sign of the young man, helicopter have been combing the area from above. montgomery's mom says there is no way to describe them, but have love and support they have received from the community means so much to them as they piece together what happened with shane after he a abruptly kildares. >> he either banged in to the dy table or a bar stool, i don't really know.
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there has been a couple different account of what he banged in to. one of the bouncers say you have to leave. he said i'm on my way out. they walk him out of the door and that was the last time anybody saw him. >> reporter: family and friend have been held in shane's honor. the family says it is not giving up hope, while a specialized task force within the fbi has joined the investigation, police say they are continuing to look through surveillance video, for any additional clues and the reward in this case is up to $15,000. chris and kerry. >> crossing our fingers, jennifer joyce, live from had manayunk. shooting sends three men to the hospital in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. this happened last night. police say all three men were sitting on the front steps of the home on the 4700 block of penn street when they were shot. witnesses say a man dressed in dark clothing pulled the trigger and then took off on foot. the right now investigators believe the the shooting was drug-related.
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>> it is hard to tell which of the three victims were intended targets. they may have all been intended targets because they are all shot more than one time. >> wow. investigators are looking at surveillance video hoping to help track down that shooter. police are investigating three murders after a pair of very violent weekend in philadelphia one of them involves a 35 year-old man died just after 2:00 o'clock yesterday morning. he was shot in the head, on the 2900 block of edgeley street, that is in the strawberry mansion. police are still looking for the the killer. also police are investigating a suspicious death in west philadelphia, they have got a call, about 6:00 o'clock unday morning that there was a body on the 5100 block of wester street. they found 50 year-old man, not sure exactly how old he is, dead, shot in the neck. and then in cobbs creek a 57 year-old woman was found dead in the bedroom of a home on the 6100 block of locust
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street. police say this was no accident. they have not released her name, at this point, nobody has been arrested. 5:07 is the time. several teams expressing interest in ray rice. heats been given green light to return to the nfl. >> an arbitrator threw out his indefinite suspension for punching his then fiance in a hotel he will rate or. rice was suspended for two games, and then the punishment was later upped to an indefinite suspension. so his attorney was arguing that he was essentially sentenced twice, and arbitrator agreed. at least four teams, including the indianapolis colts and new orleans saint are reportedly showing interest in him. >> sad update here for you, the ohio state football player who disappeared last week after end ising his mom a text message about the concussions he suffered, has been found dead good yeah, body of 22-year old costa kara george was found yesterday in the dumpster not far from where he was last seen. he was a senior defensive tackle. he apparently shot himself.
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he disappeared wednesday after sending his mother a text message about the concussions chris mentioned saying that those injuries had messed up his head. all right. time is 5:08. a boy reported missing for several years was found hidden behind a fake wall inside of a georgia home. >> this is such a strange story. tears streaming down that young boy's face as he was reunited with his mother for the first time in four years. police arrested his dad and his stepmother, and in fact, three additional people who had always said they didn't know anything about him. police say that the boy appears to be in good health. he was somehow able to send a cell phone message to his mom and that is what led to his discovery. >> i guess the message that can be derived from all this is never give up on trying to locate your loved ones. whatever information you might have in reference to anybody is always good to share with the police. >> this is just such an unreal
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story. his father and stepmother a appeared in court unday and they were denied bail. 5:09. trial foreman accused of killing an off-duty philadelphia police officer begins today. rafael jones is one of two suspects charged in the murder of officer moses walker. walker was killed walking home from work in august of 2012. jones is facing the death penalty, other suspect in the case, chancer mcfarland has pleaded guilty. he has agreed to testify against jones, mcfarland will be sentenced after jones trial. today is world aids day, a day set aside to remember those infected by the disease and those who have succumbed to it. >> several organizations in our area will be holding events, bishop ernest mcnear and philadelphia fight will host its sixth annual world aids day breakfast at the double tree on broad street and aids delaware will hold multiple events. the first program starts today at the first and central
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presbyterian church. three different meanings on the crisis in ferguson are on the president's agenda today. >> first white house says cabinet will review federal program that give military style equipment to law enforcement agencies. then the president will talk to civil rights leaders about mistrust of police officers in my north communities. then finally mr. obama will meet with government and law enforcement officials to talk about how to spread it in the neighborhoods. we have learned that darren wilson did not get a severance package when he resigned this past weekend from the ferguson, police force. according to the mayor the former officer won't get any further pay or benefits. the attorney for michael brown's family says that flaws in the gland jury investigation may lead to the civil rights case. darryl parks shared that information with "fox news" sunday. a st. louis grand jury decided the not to indict officer darren wilson hoist white for fatally shooting michael brown an unarmed black teenager.
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all right. charge that smart phone it could save you serious money today on cyber monday. millions of americans are expect to shop on line today, and mobile shopping is really gaining momentum. >> indeed it is on black friday purchases from mobile devices accounted for nearly 30 percent of their shopping revenue. planning to cater to mobile shoppers today, for the first time it is offering exclusive, lightening deals on its mobile app. consumers are expect to spend two and a half billion dollars, today, just today. coming up in about 15 minutes, at 5:30, well, 20 minutes, sabina kuriakose giving us an inside look at the amazon warehouse in consumers. >> a million square feet. >> yes, a million square feet. >> we will take you inside. a major apology from a g.o.p. aid after a facebook comment about the the obama daughters. what she said that landed her in hot
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so, we're looking at a cold front that is going to mess up our nice little mild trend that started yesterday. saturday was pretty cold but sunday ended up being 59 degrees. here comes this cold front. i don't think we will see showers witt and what we do see won't happen until later in the day. is there your all the doppler radar picture. we are dry right now and for next little while, lets get into the future and see the
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clouds, really socked in by noon time it was with cloud cover and then just stray shower popping up here and there, as this cold front comes through. won't be a lot of rain but may see a few drops on your windshield two or 3:00 in the afternoon. front settles down to the south. by midnight tonight, maybe ebb earlier then that and then starts to come back as a warm front, but there is a already cold air in place. here comes precipitation that could get a lit built sloppy and messy. by about seven or eight or 9:00 in the morning, tomorrow. so we will have of course a better handle on this later on but be prepared for a messy morning rush and maybe early afternoon before the rain takes over by three or four or 5:00 in the afternoon and then becomes rain unless you are north and west of the city. that is our tuesday mess, that is coming up. today 49 degrees in philadelphia in the 30's to the north of us. in the 50's to the south of us, and, then temperature trend over the the last five days has been going down and then we went up to 59 degrees yesterday, check out where we
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will be in the roller coaster ride we will take over the next couple of days, from the 60's today to the 40's tomorrow, and then back into the 50's, 40's, you know, it gets a little better after tomorrow but tomorrow definitely the most messy of the weather days, this week. so we will get into the the 50's maybe in the 60's by the end of the day, today, that is your look at your weather authority forecast, bob kelly is here, back to reality for so many folks. i hope they behave themselves today. >> already no sooner do you a say that and already a problem here in downtown philadelphia we were cruz ago a along up until a few moments ago. this is a live look where we're all bunched autopsy in a multi reek will accident that involves a couple trucks. this is a ramp from the schuylkill expressway to the vine expressway. so anyone coming in on the eastbound schuylkill and then connecting with the vine street expressway coming into downtown, it looks like only that far right lane gets on through. we can follow this truck through here. anybody coming in this way. chris, you come in this way.
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that is that that are curve coming off of the schuylkill expressway and try to come into downtown. it looks like we are all bunched up here in this left lane. owe this will impact anyone coming into downtown philadelphia your best bet coming in from say city line from conshohocken, again, coming into center city only that within lane coming on the vine street expressway. make pick up with the kelly drive or martin luther king drive. fire location in west philadelphia within of the couple we have here this morning a dearbeen and brown. another one at germantown avenue colter at germantown avenue and west norriton a fire location stone ridge drive right at norris lane. bridges are fine and mass transit the looking good at the moment. chris and kerry, back to you good i know that curve all too well bob, thank you. american couple cleared of wrongdoing in the death of their adopted daughter has been barred from leaving gatar just hours after they were told to go free. family representative said matthew and grace were stopped from exiting the country and
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had their passports confiscated as they passed through immigration. the couple has been banned from hearing while the case made its way through the the court system but a judge rule yesterday they were free to leave after overturning their convictions. secretary of state john kerry is getting involved saying he has spoken with the government to allow that family to return to the u.s. without further delay. how about this, a g.o.p. aid is now a pol guying for blasting the first daughters, for their appearances. >> yes, here's what we're talking about. elizabeth, communications director for steven finch era accused sascha and mallea of being disrespectful at turkey pardoning n a facebook post, that is them right there, which has been since deleted, this girl referenced the girl's attitudes, their dress, their short skirts, telling them to quote try showing a little class. after harsh criticism she apologized saying she can now see how hurtful her word
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are. >> you don't ever talk about kid. >> they are kids they are in the public light, they are growing up, everybody is looking at them. >> do you want to blast the president and his policy. >> after it. we are allowed to do that. >> israeli star teresa gu id ice planning to leave her husband joe? new report claims real housewife will file for divorce after release from prison. her post jail life will include a new deal for her own cooking show, however, representatives for teresa denies the report saying there is absolutely no truth to this. all right. 5:20 right now. in your health news, italy investigating the the deaths of eight people, possibly being linked to a flu vaccine. >> according to bloomberg news two batches of the novartis flu vaccine have been suspended after three people died within two days of getting the shots. the italian pharmaceutical agency a says they cannot confirm a direct link of death until more tests done.
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novartis says it has a history of being a safe vaccine. today marks world aids day the the day brings to awareness to the disease and how people are working to try to put an end to it. >> doctor robert movie friday northwestern medicine spoke to "fox news" explaining what needs to be done to help fight the disease. >> what we cannot do is walk away and just shove some support and drugs out there and think that it will work. this is a disease that is complicate todd treat and complicate todd monitor. we cannot give up on that. >> doctor murphy also says that we need to develop new vaccines that can be used in africa that are appropriate for where patients are being treated. the u.n. estimates that 34 million people worldwide are infected with hir. a big blubber for sony, several movies leaked before they are released. who may have been the culprit behind the hack. wow. what qualifies as free speech through the interest net, can your post be
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to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. welcome back at 5:23. in your monday think morning institute for supply management releasing its manufacturing index for november, giving investors a better idea of the health of the u.s. economy. >> and, wall street, comes back from the holiday today after mixed results on friday. s and p500 lost five points to close at the 2,067.
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the dow jones up more than a point, and, still enough for another record high, 17,828 was the the close. nasdaq gained four to end at 4791. did north korea have anything to do with the security breached at sony pictures. the company is trying to get to the bottom of that question after learning high quality versions of four unreleased films were leaked on line. studio is looking into whether north korea hacked their system in retaliation to the upcoming release of the film the interview, which is a a comedy about journalist hired to assassinate dictator kim june un. released movies including annie, fury, still alice and mr. turner. >> interesting. supreme court is, weighing free speech rights of people who use violent or threatening language or social media court will hear arguments in the case of the bethlehem man sentenced to nearly four years in prison for posting
5:25 am
graphically violent rap lyrics on facebook about killing his estranged wife, hooting up a kindergarten class and attacking an fbi agent. anthony says he was venting his anger but a federal jury convicted him. is the black friday shopping weekend maybe losing its m o.j. o. >> perhaps. survey of shoppers released by national retail federation suggests being that early discounting more on line shopping, and an improving economy of fewer people shopping on the weekend that skipped off the holiday shopping season. overall a little more than 133 million people shopped at stores and on line over this four day holiday weekend. that is down more than 5 percent from last year. total spending for the weekend is expected to have fallen about 11 percent which is substantial, right. >> yes, huge. >> the crowds were less, this friday. >> well, cyber monday will make up for it. >> so after black friday came small business saturday,
5:26 am
right? president obama and the first daughters took in a little bit of shopping. the president with mallea and sascha visiting politics and pros book store right in the district there. this was also the stop for the family last year, for small business saturday. president obama and his daughters, bought a basket full of books. >> 5:26. an incredible and random act of kindness, the the bizarre thing this man purchased, with a very big goal in mind. but first bob kelly is watching roads for you this morning, hi. >> hi, good morning everybody. we are looking live at an accident. this is a a different camera here looking down on the ramps from the schuylkill expressway to the vine street expressway, when you come around that curve, coming into center city, the left lane all bunched up, with an accident. we will will show you an alternate way to get aro
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take a a look at all of these boxes. they are flying off of the conveyor belt here at amazon's fulfillment center for amazon's cyber monday. coming up the deal amazon says you cannot miss. chris. >> and new this morning flames broke out in germantown frightening thing investigators say may have sparked this fire. and sue serio is tracking your favorly warm weather. >> yes, we had a decent day yesterday and now it is first of december, and it kind of
5:30 am
won't feel like it. we will tell you when wintry weather will return coming up in the forecast, chris. well, sue. >> yes. >> we don't get winter weather, right until december 21st because that is official first day of winter, right, kerry, you have lived here your whole life. >> that is generally the way it works. >> yeah, right. >> it is monday, december 1st, 2014. that is where we get to this full-like weather trend. >> it really does feel nice for today. we will give you a seven. you would expect a higher number but clouds are going to take over by late morning, and by lunchtime and then we will of hours later on in the day but still enjoy the the sunshine, just to start to daze and then the milder temperatures, while they are here, because you can see some clouds starting to build in on our satellite and radar picture here and out to the west there are some very, widely the scattered showers, and it is all associated you can see the lines clearly of the cold front that is coming through later on in the day. your temperature range from 49 in the city to 48 in mount
5:31 am
pocono and 30's in lancaster and pottstown. fifty's down to the south, and, then in new jersey and delaware. wind speeds are still out of the southwest, that is where the mild air tends to come from, and so we won't see a switch until after the cold front comes through. so nothing excessive, with our wind. we have sunrise happening at 7:03 this morning. these are now turning into the shortest days, longest nights of the year, so 60 degrees is what we expect today before the clouds take over and the clouds will roll through later on in the day. and then tonight especially south of philadelphia we could get some is rain and maybe a bit of the wintry mix depending on how cold it gets, that temperature will be put pretty close to freezing, in the overnight hours. so we will tell but a bit of a mess on the way for tomorrow, coming up in just a few minutes but bob, you have had your share of issues already this morning. >> yeah, already a mess on a monday, a live look, good morning everybody at 5:31. this is a live look at the vine street expressway coming into philadelphia, right on
5:32 am
the ramp from the schuylkill, heading in towards center city philadelphia it is all bunched up. there is five or six vehicles at least one truck involved is where we will go from our camera actually right above the crash here. you can see this left lane all taken out and only this right lane squeezing on by. this is a rough curve coming into fail on the eastbound schuylkill coming in towards downtown. everybody is all bunched up here on the left side of your screen there and only that right lane opened. coming into philadelphia, maybe to take kelly drive or martin luther king drive. if you are driving in towards downtown be ready to hit brakes approaching that ramp for vine street expressway. otherwise we're in good shape on the rest of the majors with you in the neighborhood a couple of overnight fire locations, to look out for in west philadelphia, dearborn and brown, one in germantown and colter and germantown avenue. police are on the scene there. out in west norriton stone ridge and norris lane. all of the regional rail lines are off to a good start this
5:33 am
morning and septa says all of the buses, trains, trolleys are out of the gate, so far, so good, chris and kerry, back to you. 5:32. developing in delaware county authorities looking for a gunman who fired at police officers. it happened in chester at intersection of engel and west 12th street at 12:45. investigators now saying that the shots came from a nearby foot bridge, no word on whether any officers were hit and so far there have been no arrests. also new this morning fire fighters investigating an early morning fire in germantown. crews responded to 79 east colter street a little bit before 4:00 o'clock, there were no injuries, investigators say this fire could have been caused by a firebomb. 5:33 today, it is cyber monday and that means for the most part slashed prices, on line. >> sabina kuriakose live inside on line retailer amazon in middletown, delaware. pretty massive space, to hold all this product, right,
5:34 am
sabina? >> reporter: my gosh, this is controlled chaos. they have got boxes coming off of this conveyor belt every few minutes, they are already taking orders, for cyber monday, in fact, they say that they are putting out a new deal every ten minutes. now we're join by spokesperson deatha, and what a big day for amazon. >> this is our biggest day of the year. last year we had customers order 426 items per second and we expect it to be even bigger. >> reporter: per second. how do you even keep up with that. >> it is high demand but we stock up here in this filth, we have 2,000 employees and we actually hired 80,000 seasonal workers overall for our network to make sure we are ready for the network. >> reporter: this alone, 28 football field big that is amazing. tell us about this, the deals. >> we have tons of deals. 50,000 deals over course of
5:35 am
what we are calling cyber week. today is cyber monday. the deals will extend all the way to at day. we have deals on great things like technology, our fire tablet the 7-inch is $109 today. that ace i great deal. we have $30 off headphones. we have 50 percent off of boots, 50 percent off kids clothing. we have deals for every person on the list. check out, cyber monday. >> reporter: deep discount for people. you don't have to leave your couch. am a son has got these deals. they have got deals at other retailers, on line, and again, i do have to ask. we were talking earlier about security. when you are shopping on line you are putting your credit card numbers in there. how does amazon make sure folks have that security and feel safe. >> i mean a lot of customers trust amazon. we work hard to maintain that customer trust. shopping at a trusted dealer like amazon, and come back for more. >> thanks very much. so much fun being out here with you guys this morning. again, 28 football field big.
5:36 am
it is 9 miles long these conveyor belts are just shooting off packages every few minutes. incredible to see it in here. it is loud. this is a factory. now back to you. >> inside look there, we don't often get. >> it is 5:36. one man makes a very simple wish for the holidays, time with family. any family. see his wish coming true. then see another man's mission, coming true, he set big goal to make holidays bright but how he managed to surpass that goal already.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles were off yesterday after that win on thanksgiving against dallas but a real important game with the eagles with the packers and new england. lets get to green bail you thought patriots could win in green bail you don't beat aaron rogers in green bay. 232nd left, that is rog tours jordie nelson for 45 yards. are you kidding me. packers win it 26-21. their record is nine and 36789. lets move to pittsburgh saints against the steelers. steelers defense is terrible. they stink. all right. how about, that pass, 69 yards to kenny still from drew breeze and new orleans beats them 35-32. it wasn't even that close. little college basketball to the wells fargo center villanova and delaware. hill yard to archie arcidiacono, how does
5:40 am
villanova play these kind of games when they are playing less than their caliber teams. they win it 78-47. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 5:40 right now. chris will be back momentarily. st. louis police officer's group is calling on the nfl to punish five st. louis rams player to show support for ferguson protesters. st. louis police officers a association says it is disappointed with the display calling it tasteless and offensive. as you can see here during the team pregame introductions five of the players stopped and raised their hand as their hands up, don't shoot gesture first adopted by ferguson protesters in the aftermath of michael brown's death to show they too like brown are unarmed. st. louis police officers association is calling for the the players involved to be discipline, and for not just the team but for the entire league to issue a public apology. congress is back from
5:41 am
thanksgiving and boy do they have a lot of left overs on their plates. what needs to be done, and soon, to avoid another government shut down but first bob kelly is taking a look at the roads this morning. >> kerry, good morning. a live look at the vine street expressway an accident on the ramp from the schuylkill expressway, coming into downtown, bunching up in the left lane there causing a backup already this morning on the schuylkill expressway, we will check rest of the roads, you with our monday back to will check rest of the roads, you wia remote that livesto on your phone.
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all right. 5:44 right now. as we take a look at the atlantic city cam bouncing around perhaps a tad out there this morning but we're in this pattern where mondays are warm, and then we get chillier in the middle of the week. >> our getaway day last week on wednesday was kind of messy. >> right. >> well, now we have it scheduled for tuesday. so mid week mess in our fondness for alliteration i guess we can call it. temperatures though and it is quiet and dry right now are on the the chilly side the. kutztown 34. thirty-eight coatsville. we will go down to stroudsburg it is 52. forty-nine in lancaster. we are all over the place these temperatures this morning. bear, delaware 51.
5:45 am
fifty-one in camden, new jersey right now. fifty in toms river, new jersey. so it depend on where it is most cloudy, that is where we have the mildest temperatures. and you see around st. louis we have got some mixed precipitation there. some chillier air behind this cold front that cold front is expect to move through late in the day today and then stalled to our south and here's where we see it happening in our fox future cast. a few stray showers this afternoon at three or 4:00 o'clock, rain lingering through the night down in southern, delaware maybe at the jersey shore with the stalled front. colder air moves in. then the front starts to move back as a warm front but with the colder air in place in the late mornings, say early afternoon tomorrow we could see a sloppy mix of precipitation before the warm air takes over, and changes everything to rain, but it will be a tricky time between say eight, 9:00 o'clock and maybe 2:00 in the afternoon. by 5:00 o'clock in the city we have change over to rain and
5:46 am
then all out of here probably by midnight on wednesday night when we get dry weather moving n it could be tricky at times tomorrow but once again we are coming off a day where we will have a high of 60 degrees. the ground will still be warm. that is what we ran into on wednesday where it wasn't real slippery in most places because of the warm ground but then we will get that mix tomorrow which still makes a mess and changes over to rain with 40 degrees. 50 degrees on wednesday, and then, another chance of rain maybe friday, saturday, sunday, gets unsettled, by then but at least temperatures will be a little bit more on the reasonable side on then. we have been watching a mess on the vine street expressway bob kelly, how sit looking. >> 5:46. here's a live lot the jam cam the vine street expressway the ramp from the schuylkill to come into downtown. anyone that comes into the city on the eastbound schuylkill expressway that sharp curve that brings you around and puts you on the vine street expressway. it looks like this vehicle is sideways across the the left lane here but they are all
5:47 am
bunched up in the left lane. we will take another shot here. this is our camera from above the accident scene as you can see when you come into philadelphia. everybody pushed off to the right lane and then you also have the merge coming from the the opposite side of the schuylkill expressway, we typically have accidents here probably once every couple of weeks, that is a rough spot to begin with. so if you every leaving the house coming in towards philadelphia, it is just as you approach the vine street expressway be ready to hit the breaks because only that right lane is opened coming into downtown and then west on the schuylkill out in king of prussia there is a disable that is on the ramp from the westbound schuylkill to 202 in that king of prussia interchange. that is i rough ramp as well this morning. septa rough go out of the gate here they are saying first train on the trenton line getting out of the gate at 32 minutes late. hopefully that doesn't set the tone for the arees of our morning there and a left over fire location with some detours in west philadelphia dearborn and brown. same deal in germantown on
5:48 am
colter and a fire location in west norristown. we have three or four early morning fires in the neighborhoods. so just watch for local detours as you step out of the front door this morning. chris and kerry, back over to you. 5:48. pennsylvania turnpike is about to get an injection of foreign cash. turnpike corporation is signing chinese investors who are promised permanent residency under a u.s. law in exchange for loaning money to help connect turnpike to i-95. construction began in october. the firm create todd make the deal says it will make its first goal of raising 50 million by next april. more than 100 investors have applied so far. meanwhile congress is back in section today and isis is on their agenda they have a decision to make about president obama's request for $5 billion to combat isis in iraq and if they cannot gree on a spending bill worth more than a trillion to fund the government, there will be a shut down, again as we hear about every year these days.
5:49 am
>> yes. bible study and a big mac. it happens. >> how about face fries. >> face fries. >> yes. >> plan to build mcdonald's inside of a church, the idea, from a christian design firm based in new jersey to help build up falling a attendance. campaign was launched to raise funds for raising and building the first mcdonald's church. the goal , to raise a million-dollar. money will go towards buying a franchise and construction of a building. all righty. hey we're taking a look at what is trending right now. >> yes. >> viral videos. >> let it go. you have heard of this from frozen. have you heard about this movie frozen. at least the girls do. may be played out for most of us. >> in the for a dog name oakly though, it does something that no other song can do. >> ♪
5:50 am
>> that is funny. >> that is awesome. >> does that mean they like it or not. >> loves it, did you see his ears perk up with the piano introduction. >> and the big yawn. >> the shepherd howells his way to the song, and then when charlie xcx boom clap goes on again, he lays back down. >> he may be bored by the whole thing. >> ♪ let it go >> we want to see your holiday decorations this morning a lot of people dressed their homes up this weekend and if you are one of them we want to see your handy work. tweet us your photos using hash tag fox 29 good day and your photos could end up later on our air, later this morning and please don't hate mail for
5:51 am
me, that was reference to john travolta. >> oh, okay. >> i thought mad about your christmas lights. >> which we don't have yet. neither is the tree. a man in utah purchased an unlimited pasta pass in olive garden and decides to use it to help the he homeless. >> he had has a unlimited supply of meals for seven weeks. we did a story about other by that did this. anyway, tribe said he could never eat that much pasta so he used power for good. his goal was to give the homeless 100 meals during the seven week period and he says he exceeded that amount. >> i realized, oh, yeah, how does that make your day better. doing something nice. how often does that had happen? how often are these people just ignored. >> for the the help of the friend, he documented the journey on line and through the you tube video hoping to spread his message of kindness. >> good dude. >> seriously. awesome. one man put himself out there on line, asking for a
5:52 am
very big favor this thanksgiving. he wasn't expecting much of a response but the answer, came pouring in. what he asked for,
5:53 am
behold, the subway steak, egg white and cheese: start your morning off right with juicy, sizzly steak, stacked high with protein-packed egg whites,
5:54 am
melty cheese and whatever else you love, like jalapeños or spinach - all on warm, toasty flatbread. subway. eat fresh. of this year's superstar... (coughs) coughing can really be disruptive. with a record breaking fifty million votes, your superstar is... that's why there's delsym. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief. up to twice as long as other cough liquids. so the only sounds you'll hear are the ones you want to hear. bianca! (cheering) delsym. silence is relief. and now for a limited time try delsym for free, with mail in rebate. listening to holiday music all weekend long. >> still one of my famous singers. >> and nat king coal is great
5:55 am
too. >> new york family reclaims the guinness world record for most lights on their property after losing their title last year to a family in australia. >> and with just a flip of the switch, this family in le gainingville, new york, got their title back. we're talking about lights that move, lights that blink, lights that hash tag, because that is, of course, reason for the season. it is all choreographed to music this family has been doing it the for 20 years now and they have out did themselves every single year. >> this year we estimate total man hours to create music, new display and set whole display up 2,000 hours. >> i love working on it and seeing it but we have most fun putting it up together. that ace i great experience. >> i would like him to tell me how exactly that happened, fun putting up christmas lights. >> about how he brain washed his son into saying it wases a great experience. >> that too. >> so, in case you are wondering we're all wondering, we see college tuition going
5:56 am
in the form of electricity, bills. so the representatives from the guinness book of world records did the not count each and every light so they take a look at the sales receipts for lights and that is how they figure out how many they have. >> yeah. >> does that sound right to you. >> my neighbor put up his lights yesterday. he is like giving me a guilt trip. where are yours. homeless man in virginia got his wish this thanksgiving. a family took him in for the holidays. >> yes, he was staying in a norfolk mission when he posted a request asking for a family to share thanksgiving with him. he was surprised at number of people all across the country that responded but it was one of the first responders, ashley and corry mcill more who brought him into their home. military couple pick him up, and spent the day with their families. >> that is nice. >> very nice. this is not so nice. in fact, one woman is now saying i'm sorry after quite the rant against president
5:57 am
obama's daughters. how they acted at the annual turkey pardoning. jenny joyce live with more on the search for missing man this morning in manayunk, good morning, to you jen. >> good morning. >> reporter: search is on going for shane montgomery last seer at kildare's irish pub on wednesday. we are hearing that the reward is up to $15,000. we will be righ
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
i wanted to find shane and i want to bring him home. >> a young man fisting for days vanished without a trace. now, the fbi is getting involved, how they are helping in the search for shane. former ravens running back ray rice could come back on to the football field, that is if any team will sign him. why the a judge ruled to throw out his indefinite suspension from the nfl. republican aid blasting president obama's daughters for their behavior and outfit, annual turkey pardon, what she had said that has her a a pol guying for her, hurtful word. >> is what wrong with the outfits. time to work out your clicker finger, it is cyber machine but deals and the only things waiting on line, how you can protect your personal information which is a growing concern after the target hack, exactly one year ago. yep. >> good morning everybody. it is monday, december 1st, 2014. >> number of hacks since then,


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