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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  December 1, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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let's get straight to fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth. >> good evening. we've had beautiful monday with temperatures in the 60s almost all day. cold front is moving in from the west. we're seeing temperatures drop off in our western counties down into the 40s allentown back through lancaster. 47 in pottstown. 58 in philly. but 62 last hour. low 60s still hanging on down in south jersey and here's that figure difference. 50s and 60s along the mid atlantic seaboard but 40s and 30s you don't have to go. 34 in rochester. 35 in pittsburgh and 39 in clarksburg, west virginia. that cold air on the move. it is spark something showers across southeastern pennsylvania. we're seeing a little bit of light rain from baltimore washington up through philly our northwestern suburbs seeing light to moderate rain and that is moving into the city right now. some showers expected for the drive home and then probably through most of tonight. winter weather advisory issued for lancaster county on the western fringe of our area. this is tomorrow. so the showers tonight round one of two rounds of some weather
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that will be moving through. and that extends to winter weather advisory as you get along the mountains freezing rain advisory in the laurel high lands. i don't think we see too much wintry weather here but it will still cause for problems tomorrow afternoon. your fox future cast shows showers moving in through. eight, 9:00 o'clock moving into south jersey and then overnight that rain will start to taper although it might hang on to our extreme counties. 35 in the city. 30 in suburb. showers are here they'll continue through most of the night. talk about the chance for snow for some that's tomorrow. lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, caitlin. breaking news now involving bill cosby. the troubled comedian has just resigned from the temple university board of trustees. fox 29's chris oh connell is live in center city tonight with those details. chris? >> reporter: lucy, he is the man many people say put temple university on the map. arguably the most famous alum of temple university. well tonight he is stepping down. the comedian announcing his resignation from the board of trustees continuing to come
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under fire by a host of sexual assault allegations. here is the statement from the famous comedian released about app hour ago n statement to the university cosby says "i've always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result i have tendered my resignation from the temple university board of trustees and the reignition was accepted within the last couple of hours from the university. now, news that cosby is stepping down being met with mixed reaction here on campus. some students saying he did what he probably needed to do. others say he did so much for this university he will be missed. i will talk to some of those students. you'll hear from them coming up in the next hour. but nearly 20 women have now come forward with accusations against cosby that he assaulted them years ago but tonight the famous comedian who made this
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university famous now stepping down. we'll have more on this tonight at 6:00 o'clock. lucy? >> all right. we'll talk to you then, chris. developing right now, the search for a missing local college student shane montgomery's family is calling this a nightmare. the 21-year-old is now been missing for five days. >> family, friends, volunteers and police have been hanging flyers looking for clues and asking questions. just searching for any kind of hope. now managers of the barmont was last seen are talking about what they know. let's get straight to fox 29's dawn tim money knee live in manayunk tonight. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, management acknowledging how heartbreaking this is adding $10,000 to the reward to find shane. the fraternal order of police donating $5,000 today. that bring the reward to $25,000. everyone just hoping and praying even veteran police officers that shane can be found alive. a police helicopter flys over
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manayunk this afternoon. making pass after pass over the canal behind main street and schuylkill river. it's all part of a massive search for missing west chester university senior shaken mon. 21-year-old vanishing after bees he is cored out of kildare's irish pub before 2:00 o'clock in the morning on thanksgiving following a night of partying with friends and family. >> manager present was not any information that shane was causing a problem nor inn tock indicate the. >> kill dave' manage says a relative of shane's who work at the bar told him it was time to go after shaken accidentally bumped into the dj booth. >> he walked with shane downstairs at the point the two approach the front door area where security walked with shane to the front door. >> shane reportedly turned left out the door walking south oh and main street and hasn't been seen since. >> if you think you saw shane, we need to you reach out to us because we can't find him. we have -- we're pretty much at a dead end. >> this morning his heart broken family appearing on "good day
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philadelphia". shane's dad fighting back the tears. >> just a plea from a father who really misses his son. loves his son and anybody that saw anything e please come forward. we'll take any tip that we can get, anything. >> yesterday officers from the philadelphia police department marine unit painstakingly combincombing the canal main st. water so mur murky they had feel their way around. at the end of the day coming up empty. police had boats in the schuylkill today but no sign of the 21-year-old. >> he would have never just walk away without letting somebody know, you know, if he got locked out or whatever. he would never do that. never. >> reporter: it really is baffling because there were so many people around and no one saw where shane went. police are reviewing surveillance video from nearby businesses but say because there were hundreds and hundreds of young people out on the street and a lot of them were in hooded
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sweatshirts like shane was it's really hard to distinguish if he was among the crowd. fbi is now part of this investigation. reinterviewing staff members at kildare's, family and friends trying to find something that can lead them to the 21-year-o 21-year-old. the fbi has even put up billboards lucy around the city asking people if they have seen him or hoping to find a clue as to where shane montgomery is. back to you. >> hoping they will and very soon, thank you very much. dawn. >> newark, delaware, now sky fox over townhomes damaged in a fire that started just before 2:00 this afternoon. one person is in the hospital for smoke inhalation. at least three homes on lower valley lane are damaged and you can see how extensive that damage s the red cross is now helping seven people and investigators are looking into what started that fire. university city streets are back open tonight after a protest earlier that people who showed up here are very upset that a missouri grand jury did not indict former ferguson police officer darren wilson in
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the death of michael brown. the protesters marched through the streets that they remained peaceful. meanwhile philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay has been tapped to help lead a task force on 21st century policin policing. president obama not only houghs chose the commission are in but also a woman named lori robinson is former assistant general and a professor at george mason university. the white house says the task force will examine how to boost trust in police officers within communities and also look at ways to reduce crime. >> a group of philadelphia police officers have gun testing body cameras up to 31 officers in in north philadelphia's 22nd diss track will be wearing cameras as part of a pilot program to try out the technology. the officers volunteered for the program which should last about six months. >> happening now the red cross is helping a family forced from their home by a suspected fire bomb. eight people including two small children ran from the germantown home early this morning after two devices started fires.
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police are still trying to figure out why the house was targeted. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters tonight. dave. >> reporter: iain, the citywide fire arson task force is now investigating this. this is the fire department, the police department and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firear firearms. they have taken evidence from the crime scene and sent it to the police lab today to be analyzed as they try to figure out who started this fire and why. >> the old lady said get up, get up, again. >> for the many familiar tolls in row homes at the east colter and lena streets it was a mad dash to escape monday morning when a suspected fire bomb ignite add blaze here. >> somebody tried to fire bomb the front door. front door was actually on fire. >> reporter: this woman asked us not to use her name but her sister and seven other family members including a three-year-old and a one-year-old were forced out of their beds just after 3:30 monday morning. two inciniary devices were found
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at the house. >> very dangerous. any time you have something dealing with fire something you can absolutely not control. >> it's really scary because you never know, you know, what might happen what cop happened or what did happen. >> reporter: fire department arrived and found family members escaped out rear end tran to the streets. the fires were immediately put out and the fire investigators took on. >> the arson task force is on this. they'll investigate and see what the cause. >> any idea what this could be about at you will? >> no. no. >> reporter: monday afternoon family members were packing their belongings after the red cross found them another place to stay. until the damages can be repaired and investigators can get to the bottom of this. >> any motive or anything like that at this point? >> don't know off hasn't. but i do know the investigators are going to look at every as spec of it. >> i hope whoever did it, that the police do what they supposed to do and justice will be serv served. >> reporter: now, again, no injuries. everyone escaped without any kind of harm or injuries. at this point we're being told that this is the second time
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investigators have been at that house for a fire. the last time back on november 9th. evidence from that fire is now at the atf lab being analyzed at the national lab. coming up at 6:00 family members have some choice words for whoever did this. lucy, back to you. >> we will see you then, dave. investigators are right now trying to figure out what started a fire that heavily damaged a car dealership in vineland. it burned through nissan on south delsea drive on the weekend. nobody was hurt. >> in chester police are searching for the person who fired shots at police officers. that happened overnight. at the intersection of engle and west 12th street. police say the shots came from a pedestrian bridge and the shooter took off. the gunfire did not hit anyone. a developing story in west virginia. a manhunt underway after four people are killed in three separate shootings. the happened in the morgantown area. police are looking for one man who they think is connected to all three shootings. local schools were put on lock down. west virginia university says there was no immediate threat to
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the campus. >> lame duck congress returns and lawmakers up against a tight deadline to avoid a government shut down federal government runs out operating money in just 10 days but it's not clear if lawmakers will extent the current budget. republicans are split with some threatening to hold up funding. >> i don't think it's good for the congress, good for the republican party or the people for us to be bogged down between a budget debate between you and end of the year noon next year. >> over the next two weeks congress has just nine working days to settle the budget issue. >> and for one staff on capitol hill a social media backlash has proven too much. >> she made a lot of people pretty angry by criticizing president obama's daughters wore to a recent news conference. big announcement she made today. >> and the strike on the west coast sends ripples all the way through the delaware valley by christmas tree prices could soon rise. >> and later are you shopping this cyber monday? if you're in the market for new electronic
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gadget you may play right in hacker's hands. what you need to provide your privacy. caitlin. >> iain, we had one nice mild day. cold front moving in bringing rain right now. could be cold enough for winter
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>> traffic is back to normal tonight after a morning crash on the schuylkill expressway. skyfox over the scene. a car ran into the back of a tractor trailer on i-76 near montgomery avenue. no word yet on any injuries. the accident did as you can imagine cause some lengthy
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delays. more traffic trouble at a another heavily traveled intersection. sky fox over the scene as a tractor trailer over turned at routes one and 32 in morrisville bucks county. the accident shut down the road. no word on any injuries. >> two men from south jersey are in jail tonight after a sexual assault on a college campus. however, in all five men face charges from the incident at william paterson university in passaic county. prosecutors say they raped a woman in a dorm and they say it happened tuesday on the wayne campus. the men are all 18 years old, and all are in jail on $200,000 bond. supreme court is tackling the complicated issue of social media and free speech. it's hearing the case of a women will he hem men sentenced to jail after a rant on facebook. anthony, wrote about killing his wife, harming law enforcement of shootinshooting of a a school. he was just haven'ting his anger on over a broken marriage. free speech advocates are keeping a close eye on the case. >> if you need health insurance in pennsylvania now may be your
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chance. enroll many starts tomorrow in the healthy pennsylvania progr program. governor tom corbett's medicaid expansion. coverage begins january 1st so just around the corner. state officials say about 600,000 primarily low income single working adults are now eligible. to learn more about signing up, go to, we have posted a link in our scene on tv section. >> a task force sent philadelphia's mayor its report on paid sick leave for workers. now, it is recommending the companies with 15 or more employees provide paid sick leave. and those with viewer than 15 workers should provide unpaid sick time. one city council member hopes he's going to have the paid sick leave though ready to go by next year. hundreds of thousands of pennsylvania hunters geared up for the first day of deer huntinhunting season today. the two week tradition started this morning and this should be plenty of deer out there because of a very good year for acorns, apples, berries and grapes. commission officials expect
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about 750,000 hunters to take part. >> the faith community marked world aids day with a prayer breakfast. it's hosted by philadelphia fight. organizers say the program helps encourage the community to remember those living with the disease and focus on faith in the healing process. >> still there's stigma, there's shame. we try to connect with the faith community in helping to remove stigma and shame. >> when this started 30 years ago, 30 plus years ago, it was a death sentence. but today there's hope. >> organizers say there are more than 30,000 people in philadelphia with the disease. philadelphia fight works to educate and advocate for those with the condition. >> ba hum bug a problem 3,000 miles a lay could lead to a shortage of christmas trees in our a it involves ports on the west coast. >> so what's that have to do with our christmas tree supply?
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fox 29's joanne pileggi is live at the christmas village in love park. i know you'll unravel this mystery for us, joanne. >> reporter: absolutely lucy and iain. it's not that you can't get a christmas tree right now. but there's a smaller supply of several types of christmas trees coming from oregon and washington state. now the problem is transporati transporation. they are having a very difficult time getting those specialty trees here. it's not that time the turkey leftovers are all but gone hopefully and finding the perfect christmas tree is likely moved to the top of the decemb decembered to list. >> we got fraziers, douglas firs. we got blue spruces. we got pennsylvania douglas. we also got big ones. >> reporter: there are plenty of the popular variety trees in all shapes and sizes. but if you are looking for trees from the pacific northwest, like the norman, norman fir and noble trees, they are in short supply on the east coat right now.
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>> the trucking is backed up. the shipping on the rails is backed up. so we're waiting for them and ready to sell them. >> reporter: patrick is a second generation christmas tree seller and wholesaler. >> it's affecting our customer because customers who come in every year for norman, noble and grand fir which we had received, um, so it's affecting them. it's affecting the folks that we wholesale to as well. >> reporter: he says strike by longshoremen on the west coast was to blame for the delay in shipments. then the early season snowstorms caused further delays. leaving an empty spot on their lots and he says, people do ca care. >> the whole thing about the holiday the tree means something. >> yeah. i mean we have people who come in who came in and bought a tree from my dad and now they're buying trees from me. >> we have been rationing the first trees we got in. so we're a good week late right now. >> reporter: and when you are dealing with a very short season for christmas tree sales, time is of course money and if the
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specialty trees come too late, sellers could get stuck with excess trees. >> then i did cancel a couple late loads because it's too risky. roar report new shipment of those specialty trees made its way from the pacific northwest to chicago and then to philadelphia just today. so the sellers of those specialty trees like northeast and other seller in the area should have a supply by tomorrow. for now we're live in center city, i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you, lucy. >> joanne you'll have get your raincoat on. i see the raindrops falling. i know that. i know that. >> i know you're well aware. >> speaking of trees, residents in reading are showing some love christmas tree some had rejec rejected. officials are planning a charlie brown day festival for decembe december 20th. now that's smart. they plan to decorate the 50-foot norwegian pine some at one point called ugly and pathetic. however it seems reading has fallen in love with its charlie brown christmas tree. on saturday officials will place
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a single red other than in a mental bulb on it just like in the classic peanuts holiday tale, and just like that story, the city will add more decorations on the 20th. >> shock turns to sorrow in ohio as community comes to terms with the death of an ohio state football player. the team's coach spoke today. how he says teammates are happened link the tragedy. and do you prefer sitting on the aisle when you fly is that might soon change. why those seats can make you more likely to get sick. >> are you shopping for a new tv? those flat screen models are so last year. new curved tv you might just want to check out. new curved tv you might just want to check out. ♪
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>> this part of the pacific coast highway isn't opening any time soon. look at all that mud. california state park rangers shut down the highway yesterday after heavy rain triggered mud and rock slides near malibu. nearly a dozen cars are in all of that mud which is 3 feet deep in some areas. everyone in those cars by the way did make it out on their o own. >> you have rocks falling on
5:25 pm
people. large rocks falling on the road and people and their vehicles as well as the debris which can push them. >> nothing is moving. so it's bad. >> a 6-mile stretch is now closed and unclear when the very busy highway will reopen. >> head coach of the ohio state university football team is talking about the apparent suicide of one of his players. kara george was last seen on wednesday his body was found yesterday in a dumpster near the school's campus. officials say it appears he died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. coach meyer talked about his -- how his players are coming together to deal with the trap gee. >> right at the end of the practice we had a long chat with our players about what happened and i'll know more tomorrow, upping, i'll know more tomorrow. a lot of the good thing is i see a bunch of guys popping around here. that's the on the sign of a good team. >> kara george's mom told police her son suffered several concussions and experienced depression and confusion. >> people magazine is apologiz
5:26 pm
apologizing to kirk douglas tonight after making a major mistake. the magazine published the obituary -- actor's obituary on its website much as we've probably surveillance miced reports of douglas' death have been exaggerate. he's alive and well. headline which read kirk douglas dies was proceeded in all caps by do not publish. of course, social media grabbed hold before people magazine caught that mistake. >> aid to republican congressman has resigned after her critical comments about president barack obama's daughters. elizabeth allow ton former communications director to rep tiff steven fin cher of tennessee commented on malia and sasha obama's pose and dress at a white houser moan last week during which the president pardoned turkey. she wrote that the girls should have shop more class. she later apologized for the comments on her facebook page but that didn't save her from a big barb lash on social media. allow ton has resigned but had no other comment. >> here's another important
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question. how is your baby sleeping and we're not talking about whether they wake you up in the middle of the night. >> new research suggests more than half of all babies are sleeping in a way that could be deadly. and you might be one of the millions upon millions of americans expected to buy something online today which of course is cyber monday. one of the most popular retail sites amazon.has a major operation right here in our area. how it's proving to be a lifeline for people in our community. >> caitlin? >> lucy probably more comfortable to be doing your shopping indoors tonight. rain moving in right now. along a cold front. temperatures dropping very quickly from the 60s today to temperatures dropping very quickly from the 60s today to nwe put all the apps you love...
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>> here's live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. there's still snow on the slopes despite the mild day we had today but things are about to get cold again. caitlin roth will tell was you can expect in just few minutes. >> watch your pets in camden county. the county health department says a skunk has tested positive for rabies in cherry hill. two family dogs caught and killed that skunk last week which then tested positive for the disease. officials say the dogs were current on their rabies vaccinations so they're fine. but they're warning you to be on the look out for any animals behaving suspiciously. deep discounts, free shipping, hey, it's cyber monday. >> i had forgotten actually. sabina kuriakose shows us it's not just the retail giants offering big sales right now.
5:31 pm
>> had a really good job at a bank i worked in marketing. i was there for 16 years. and i was was laid off. >> with two kids getting ready for college newark delaware mom jennifer mcmillan was out of a job. things were scary her unlik unly live long amazon. the online row tail giant. >> amazon was starting a pilot program fulfillment by amazon they invited me to be part of the program which was perfect timing. >> what started off selling books online is her thriving small business. her company shop your pants off sells toys like this elsa doll to amazon customers. cyber monday is big for jennifer and amazon. we went behind the scenes at amazon's fulfillment center in mailed town delaware as thousands of worker packed off and shipped off packages worldwide. >> it's a great day. we're ready for our customers. >> the company anticipates it will sell more products today than any other day in the year. last year that meant 426 items
5:32 pm
per second. >> these almost never go on sale. >> amazon showing us the deep discounts it's banking on to attract shoppers. >> electronics to toys to clothes. >> each cardboard box adding to big business on cyber monday for the great and growing alike. >> it's been live changing. >> sabina kuriakose, fox 29 ne news. >> back your fox 29 weather authority now. yes, good day for indoor shopping. certainly is by tonight. today earlier it felt great. >> it was. it was very warm. >> mid 60s. >> i know. up credible. >> hopefully we enjoyed it it will change very quickly. temperatures dropping 10 degrees in the past hour. >> i know. welcome back to december. >> it is december 1st, yeah, such a mild start we're tracking this rain and then the cold air following that's all ahead. your weather headlines let's start it off winter's return and we are seeing the rain moving through right now it's been so mild all day. that the precipitation kind of beat out the cold air so we are looking at just scattered showers although temperatures
5:33 pm
are falling very quickly as i mentioned. then into tomorrow morning, we see this front move out. kind of dry to start but it will be much colder temperatures in the 30s. we don't look to climb out of the 30s all day long and then as warm front comes back in this time the cold air is there first not the wet weather so it's going to cause some wintry weather snow, sleet and mix looks likely for just about everyone before we see a gradual change to rain on tuesday afternoon. part one here the rain moving through along a cold front right now. most of southeastern pennsylvania north jersey seeing the rain and even south jersey and delaware starting to pick up some showers over the last hour. moving from west to east along this front. zooming in closer as we take a look at you are radar here all of this green indicates very light rain where it's yellow. it's a little bit heavier mostly down in south jersey from upper pitts grove across the expressway into burlington county. but expect these scattered showers for probably the bulk of tonight. as we mentioned a nice break into tomorrow morning. it will be cold but then with our second round of wet weather it is expected to bring the most
5:34 pm
snow and sleet towards our west lancaster county under a winter weather advisory from 10:00 a.m. tuesday until 7am on wednesday. and the best chance of seeing accumulating snow or even any freezing rain any real issues on the roads is central pennsylvania but we'll watch to see if that winter weather advisory is extend flood our area northwestern counties come tomorrow. let's recap today, again, 65 was the high temperature here at the airport earlier this afternoon. 50 is the normal and after spending so much of the last month below normal, nice to have one warm day at least the first part of it. as i said temperatures dropping about 10 degrees in the past hour it's 54 in philadelphia right now. mid fours already north and we have. 36 in the poconos. you're still hanging on to the 60s in south jersey but that won't last long. here's why. such cold air mass that moved in yesterday and to the northern plains only in the single digits up in places like international falls and minneapolis so not much of a break for those guys. 18 in chicago right now. 26 in detroit. 34 in cincinnati. it is only 35 in pittsburgh so i
5:35 pm
spot a cold front in the middle of pennsylvania moving through the appalachians too at 63 in roanoke and sketch in norfolk virginia won't last long. while this front comes through really cold air behind it bringing the rain and gusty winds and wind gusts right now over 30 miles an hour around the philadelphia. so you'll notice those winds really picking up too. fox future cast shows the showers around through about 10:00 o'clock then as that front moves into south jersey and delaware the showers go. by 7am tomorrow morning i don't think we have too many problems for the drive in. cloudy, dry and cold. it's second half of the day we're concerned here's that warm front bringing in the mix. looks like snow north and west. light rain in philadelphia. not much expected with this. but any accumulating snow even though it's very brief would probably be up in the lehigh valley and the poconos. we'll see a gradual change over to all rain by the time we get heavier stuff moving through it looks like all rain that's tomorrow night. rain tonight, bit of a mix tomorrow afternoon. rain again tomorrow night. scattered showers 35 in the city night. 30 in the burbs. 39 is it for the high temperature so a huge change
5:36 pm
when it comes to how our temperatures are falling off. snow sleet mix changing to rain and turning colder. we should dry out wednesday briefly milder back into the 50s. that's because the warm front is moving through. then we cool off thursday, 45. a chance for some rain and snow again on friday, 46. it looks to stay pretty busy at least that chance for showers as we head through the rest of the weekend temperatures back in the 40s. eagles back in town on sunday. could have a few raindrops but it look like just rain at this point. >> okay. that's good. >> yeah. that is good. >> get through the next day or so. exactly. >> caitlin thank you sure. >> do you prefer sitting on the aisle when you fly because you know what that might soon change. >> i actual dollar prefer the aisle. why those seats can make you more likely to get sick. that's coming up a serious accident caused a nightmare traffic jam near denver. instead of waiting for police several drivers jumped into action to help get everything cleared up. the amazing story on the way. >> and all knew sick cot another day another honor for taney dragons super star mo'ne davis much the title she was just
5:37 pm
handed and the high pr
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>> turning to your health tonight the health of your baby, researchers say more than half of american parents continue to use soft bedding in their baby's cribs even though they say it is linked to an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome or sids. now researchers analyzed the results of the national infant sleep position survey. it spanned many years. we're talking 1993 through 2010. those parents said they still used soft bedding for their ba baby. the study's authors say soft bedding is linked to an increase in sids so parents should make sure their babies are sleeping on a firm safety approved mattress with a fitted sheet and nothing else. those findings appear in the journal pediatric. >> are you sick of getting sick when you fly? well, try staying out of that aisle seat. even though you might like that leg room sitting by the aisle leaves you more exposed to ger germs. why? well because it puts you physically closer to all those passengers going to and from that bathroom. those passengers often hold on to the aisle seats to keep their
5:41 pm
balance. scientists add steer clear of airplane bathrooms if you can. >> good luck with that one. new york family just claimed guiness world record for most lights on their property. i'm thinking griswolds and christmas vacation here. but this family lives in le ga gameville new york about an hour and a half north of new york city. this is epic. their display is choreographed to music. the family has been doing this for 20 years now. every year trying to out do themselves. >> this year we estimate total man hours to do all the music, create the new display element, set the whole display up 2,000 hours. i love working on it on love seeing it but we have the most fun putting up together and that's a great experience. >> now that is a night attitude by that young man. in case you're wondering the representative from the guiness book of world record did not count each and every light. >> how could you. >> instead this what he did. he looked at the sales receipts for all the lights and that was
5:42 pm
it tallied it all up from there. >> i give them the win any way. >> beautiful. it is. >> now we have a story the kind of story that gives us hope. klee land ohio bands together to build a winter wonderland for three year old girl battling leukemia. it all starred from post on social media. little gianna's parents let people know that they're little girl's immune system had weakened and they would not be able to tour the community looking at the holiday lights. well, queue in the helping hands. family and friends came together to make it possible in gee gee's own backyard. >> incredibly humbling. it's a emotional, yeah. >> it just makes us feel loved. >> i love you. >> everything from the lights wreaths ornaments and displays were all donated. >> that's wonderful. >> all right. are you shopping on this cyber monday? >> i'm working actually.
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>> if you're in the market for new electronics you could play right into the hands of a hacker. what you need to know to protect your privacy. >> if you are shopping for a new tv those flat screen hd models are apparently so last year. tv those flat screen hd models are apparently so last year. new curved tv's
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>> all right. check this out nestle unveiling a new and improved sales force in japan. pepper a robot capable of learning and expressing i was hugh map emotion.
5:47 pm
pepper has a sense of humor and can greet and interact with customers it officially goes on sale in february and will cost 1800. >> japan loves its robots. britain' prince harry is calling on everyone today to share their secrets part of the feel no shame campaign. today is world aids day, and the feel no shame effort hopes to end the stigma felt lie those who have hiv. prince harry is asking everyone to bear their deepest secrets in the hopes of ending any shame associated with hiv. >> today world aids day my secret is believe it or not i get incredibly nervous before public speaking no matter how big the crowd or the audience. >> harry's mother princess diana work with aids patients. british prince is now following in his mother' footsteps leading his own initiative. a group of strangers banned together springing into action to help those injured in a car crash. a number of people found themselves stuck in traffic
5:48 pm
saturday in denver because of this crash. witnesses say a jeep tried to merge at the same time as another car. the driver tried to miss hitting that vehicle and ends up skidding and hitting the median and then flipping on to its side. other drivers had to run to help out including three nurses who happened to be on the scene. >> it was amazing. there was a lot of adults helping. everybody talking and trying to see what they could do. i'm glad everybody could come together when they needed to. >> police say the four people rescued are lucky they escaped serious life threatening injuries. thanks to the group of strangers who came to their rescue. >> cyber experts say the devices we use every day are becoming smarter and smarter and more importantly so are the hackers. those experts are now issuing a warning to the millions of people shopping online this cyber monday and the rest of the holiday season about protecting yourself. here's fox's lisa evers. >> reporter: the devices we use every day are becoming smarter and smarter. and so are the hackers. now there's a warning about how a dumb little mistake could have your most private moments
5:49 pm
streaming live on the internet. smart tv's are one of the most holiday gifts but not the only devices equipped with web cams, microphones and wi-fi. so are baby monitors and security cameras. a hacker's delight says senator charles schumer. >> 4,000 unsecure cameras were hacked into right here in the united states. hundreds here in the tri-state area. as unsuspected families were being spied upon. >> reporter: schumer says the videos were streamed live on a website. we put the question to holiday shoppers on the streets. >> have you ever heard of anything like this before? >> i've heard of people hacking things and looking at people's privacy but never a nanny cam. never like a living room video camera. >> reporter: hacking victims had one thing in common. according to schumer. they never changed the default passwords on their devices. this smart tv buyer says theirs a good reason to do to that. >> do you plan to change the password on this once you get it set up? >> i would have to check.
5:50 pm
i would have to check. i don't know how true this is. following up but i would have to check to see, if it's needed to change the default, then i'll do that. >> reporter: off smart tv here. if you don't change the default password it can be hacked. so do you plan to change the password once you get that home? >> of course. if i would have known that earlier i probably would have reconsidered paying for it and even then once i got home i'll change the password if that's the case. >> reporter: experts say there's an easy way to protect yourself and your privacy. when you're setting up your smart device or tv take those few extra moments and set up your own personal pass wore. on the east side, i'm lisa evers, fox news. >> would have never thought to do that. now i will. row lull tv show and celebrity baker buddy vallas industry is very disappointed himself following a drinking and driving innocent. he plead guilty in court to driving while impair. last month in new york city police stopped the 37-year-old cake boss after they say he was
5:51 pm
swerving his yellow 2014 corvette in and out of traffic. a court complaint says his blood alcohol level was slightly above the legal lymph this driver's license is now suspended for three months. >> forget going door to door to sell cookies that's so 10 years ago. girl scouts are now going digital. for the first time the organization will let its members push the cookies using a mobile app or personalized website. about a million girl scouts are expected to sign up to sell online. the scouts will be able to ship orders right to customer's door so you want those thin movement. nts they'll come right to your door. the girl scouts sell 800 pitch million dollars work of cookies every year. >> thanks to cell phones we're used to constant communication whenever we want it. >> which leads to the question do our phones make it too clingy. according to a new study of two thus san british adults one in six expect to hear from their partner every hour they're awa awake. every single hour. 41% of adults expect those they
5:52 pm
love to be in touch several times a day. and connections are apparently very important. the study also finds people would rather have fewer but closer friends than a large group of acquaintances. >> keep in touch every hour. >> every how. >> only one in six. >> they're a lot -- love played out in front of a camera on jersey shore. snooki and jianne know officially tied the knot. reality stars set i do over the weekend and what's being describe as a great gatsby style wedding the day began with a church ceremony in east hanover, new jersey. the couple has two children together. >> on the cyber monday you may be in the market for a new tv they have come very long way. in fact your hdtv it could feel might feel inadequate. fox's chris chmura checks out the latest and greatest in tv technology. ♪ >> reporter: if you're shopping for new tv today, you'll find innovation, magic wand remotes.
5:53 pm
>> it acts a as wireless mouse. >> reporter: smarter sets and bigger screen. yet the basic look hasn't changed in 10 years. >> most of them are flat. >> reporter: yeah flat. but not for long. the latest twist in television is truly a twist. meet the new curved tv. >> curved, yes. >> reporter: best buy mike gives us a guided tour of this new rival. first he explains the angle off the wall. it's subtle. >> you're talking maybe 3-inches for the curve. >> reporter: if you believe tv makers -- >> can't beat the view. >> reporter: this gentle swoop immerses couch potatoes into whatever they're watching. mike calls it a real home theater. >> when you go to movie theater, the screen is curved. >> reporter: new curved tv's come in sizes large and small. price tags mostly large. some smart phones are also turning toward a curved design. though more for err row government mix than cinema feel. >> this is the curved screen screen. you can see the curve.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: jim barry works for the consumer len tron nick association which represents gadget makers. we discussed hd video during skype. >> we are in tampa and i'm in salt lake city and we're getting it done. >> reporter: jim predicts more curved screens in the very near future but tv buyers will still have choice. >> i think you're going to see both curved and flat tv's. >> reporter: every year we buy lots of new tv's. bring home about 40 million new sets this year. and we'll spend about $18 billion on them. if curved tv's don't convince consumers to trade up, a massive upgrade in picture quality might push the right buttons. >> it is the best picture out there. >> reporter: today's high end tv's include an ultra definition screen called 4k. it's going main stream with a resolution that's four times better than what you're watching right now. >> for everyone pixel your tv has this one has four. >> reporter: 4ktv's produce
5:55 pm
stunning images much the challenge is finding programming in 4k. >> this pulse. >> same as when tv switched from black and white to color. >> from channel three color communication center. >> reporter: from color -- >> more coverage you can count on. >> reporter: to hd. >> fox 13. >> reporter: jim expects program producers to gradually phase in 4k. >> some of the newer delivery systems like netflix delivering some of their new programs this year in ultra high def anything. >> reporter: now the choice is yours. the tomorrow's tv be flat or curved? >> it's trending forward toward you now. >> reporter: is 4k worth several k in cash? >> it's one of those things you really have to see to believe. chris chmura, fox news. >> first world problems, man. yeah x because they curve off the wall a few inches chris was wondering so was i whether curved tv can use an existing mount.
5:56 pm
best buy says yeah but you might have to buy an adapter. so there's your answer. spend some more money. >> exactly right. straight ahead at 6:00, we have the frantic search for a missing college student. >> 21-year-old has been missing for five days now. family members are desperate for any shred of hope tonight we are there for the search. >> and the hono honors just keep rolling in tour taney dragons super star mo'ne davis. the title she judd received from sports illustrated howard. >> eagles feels still living the excitement of the dallas win. but a couple of issues regarding the head coach and a couple eagles wide refer i'll clear up in sports. >> it was a beautiful mild day in december. temperatures in the 60s. rain now, colder air tonight. snow possible for some tomorrow much that's all ahead. we
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
>> tracking trouble and our next chance for winter wet. live ultimate doppler radar shows what we're talking about. rain as you can see moving into our area. this is going to stick around for awhile. as temperatures take a major drop and as we all know this can be a dangerous mix. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. let's get straight to fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth. caitlin. >> good evening lucy and iain. we have ran right now and luckily it looks like just rain for tonight. but this is round one of two rounds of wet weather over the next 24 hours and the second one looks a bit more complicated. that's tomorrow afternoon and evening. right now, though, after a mild gorgeous afternoon in the 60s, here comes the cold front. very chilly air behind it


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