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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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next piecing together a mystery. the last moments anyone saw missing college student shane montgomery before evanish. can you help find him? >> a bill cosby bombshell. why temple's huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more car insurance. >> fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. >> right now temple icon bill cosby cuts ties with his alma mater. the troubled comedian resigned from temple's board of trustees as more women accuse him of
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sexual assault. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm oh yann page. chris o'connell spent the evening at temple university tonight. chris? >> reporter: well, iain, this was a bombshell announcement from temple university tonight especially for students and alumni. bill cosby the man who many think put the university on the map is stepping down. resigning from the board of trustees as allegations against the form alumni continue to mount. >> armed with a temple degree, go somewhere. >> he was a familiar sight at temple graduation ceremonies and many times you saw him sporting his cherry and white but bill cosby's official connection with temple university is no more. >> you know he resigned today from the board of trustees? >> wow! >> crosby pessaries anything comes under a cloud of decades accusations he drugged and sexually assaulted women. he's never been prosecuted. temple is the third university
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in the last week to cut ties with the famous alum and more a thousand signatures were posted on this online petition calling for cosby's ousting from the university he helped build. >> bill cosby is a great guy. you can't believe everything you hear report roar there is no mistaking how many of an impact cosby has had on temple. >> he was an icon of this scho school. it was like the only reason i came here. >> reporter: students on the north philadelphia campus had mixed reaction to cosby stepping down. >> i think it was good decision, because of all the allegations against him and i think it actually came a little bit too late. >> reporter: in a statement he says "i've always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result, i have tender the my resignation from the temple university board of trustees ". >> if people like he had to do it to move forward in his live then more power to him. um, definitely a couple words to everyone would have been nice. >> i feel like something had to
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be done. i don't want that to be overshadowed by allegations like that. >> you think it was best yes. >> i think it was best. >> reporter: temple is not commenting on the official reason why cosby resign or if he was forced out. the board of trustees were set to discuss the matter during their next week's public meeting. iain? >> all right. chris, thank you. we are following breaking news right now. fire sends two people to the hospital including a kid. skyfox flying over the seen on the 5500 block of media street in west philadelphia within the past hour half you are seek firefighters and police still on the seen about an hour after they put those flames under control. we do know one young patient was taken to chop but we do not know their condition. >> mean will a 25-year-old man is in critical condition tonight after a driver slammed into him and kept on going. it happened right around 9:00 tonight near 59th and market in west philadelphia. police tell us the man was crossing the street when a volvo stationwagon hit him and they
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are now searching for that driver. >> on your radar no night a chilly and wet day ahead. caitlin roth is tracking when the mess will hit. caitlin. we have a bit of a mess outside right now, iain. it's not too bad. mainly just rain. rain that moved through earlier this evening we're still seeing it on radar in more than northern locations radar picking up white and pink indicating sleet and snow flurries up in the lehigh valley northern lee height ton and northampton counties back towards schuylkill county noor pottsville seeing a few flower less there. in a bit of a lull closer to philadelphia. light rain down in delaware and south jersey. on and off showers through the rest of the night and round one is over round two will be during the day tomorrow. temperatures have fallen far from our highs earlier in the mid 60s. 44 now in philadelphia. that front that brought the rain came through earlier. it brought the rapid drop in temperatures. we're all in the 40s and even some gusty winds occasionally still gusting over 20 miles an hour at times. so for tonight, scattered
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showers frozen mix far towards our north and west although it is pretty light in the city thrive for the low. 30 the in the suburb. tomorrow we do not climb out of the 30s after today in the 60s winter makes its return and latest on the chance for sleet and snow for some tomorrow, too. all still ahead much lucy and iain. >> thank you very much, caitlin. big trouble in newark delaware has seven people out of their homes to night. viewer martin ruiz zen us this video showing a raging fire on lower valley lane. one person is in the hospital recovering tonight from smoke inhalation and from the ground to the air skyfox was over the scene just after crews put out the flames. you can see how extensive that damage is. at least three homes involved and red cross is now helping all of those impacted as investigators look into what started that fire. >> shane montgomery's pictured on billboards across the city as the fbi, family and friends look for the missing college student. the 21-year-old has not been seen since leaving a bar in manayunk in the early hours of
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thanksgiving morning. fox 29's dave kinchen live in manayunk tonight with some new information. dave? >> reporter: iain, detectives came back out to main street here in manayunk in the last hour they've checked a parking lot but those detectives tell me they did not find anything. tonight, detectives thought they had piece of video but they say that video did not show shane montgomery. detectives say their frustrated. shane's ma'am family say they are, too. >> i need to find shane. >> day five of the search and still no answers for the mother of 21-year-old west chester university student shane montgomery seen here in his most recent photo. the fbi is now working the case with philadelphia police. >> they rode out to west chester with his roommate and went through his apartment to see if there's anything there. they were in his bedroom. we were on his facebook page. >> reporter: shane's family is shocked they still don't have a single solid lead. there were hundreds of people in
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and around kildare's irish pub in manayunk when shane left the bar early thanksgiving morning after partying with friends. >> we know somebody has seen him since then. there are hundreds of people walking out of those bars on a one of the biggest drinking night in the country and in the year. >> reporter: investigators say no one knows anything. >> there are no words to describe the pain and the heart ache that we feel every minute. >> managers at kildare's say shane had a $17 tab. he accidentally bumped into the dj but was not drunk. a family member who works at the bar escor escorted him to the dt closing time where bouncer walked him out. >> kildare offered 10 grand to the search information. they're $25,000 in reward money leading to shane. helicopters back out searching from the sky. divers worked the waters again and police k9 units back out on the job and still nothing.
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>> we need a tip to help us go back to the right direction and refocus where we need to look so that we can find shane and bring him home. >> reporter: family members say they are expanding their search. they're no longer solely focused on manayunk and roxborough where shane is f they are now looking at 30th street station and posting flyers around philadelphia international airport. hoping a wider audience of people may drum up some clues. lucy? >> hopefully that happens, thank you so much, dave. in university city streets are back open tonight after a protest over what happened in ferguson, missouri. the people who showed up here are upset missouri grand jury did not indict former police officer darren wilson and in the death of michael brown. protesters marched through streets but they did remain peaceful. dozens of protesters marched in new york city and they're angry about the same thing. crowd marched from union square to times yeah n washington dc protesters gathered outside the
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department of justice. demonstrators say they gathered to speak out against police brutality. other cities across the u.s. saw the same thing today. president obama tapped philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay to help lead a task force on 21st century policing. commissioner ramsay will lead the panel along with lori robinson former assistant attorney general. the announcement came on the same day a group of philadelphia police officers began wearing body cameras in a pilot program to try out that new technology. a man suspected of killing four people in west virginia is found dead tonight. police say jodi lee hunt shot himself in his pick up. the discovery end an hour long manhunt. he was wanted for shooting two people in and two others near lake. several police departments are involved in the investigation and they're still trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> germantown home hit what police believe are fire bombs. the devices forced eight people
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out of the street early this morning. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to furious neighbors. >> they're cowards. they're really cowards. >> reporter: choice words from a familily member after residents and two row homes at the corner of east coulter and lena streets had to make a mad dash to escape monday morning when a suspected fire bomb went off. >> the fact that someone leaves a device at the front door of someone' home that doesn't happen every day. so there is some type of issue going on. >> somebody tried to fire bomb the front door. the front door was actually on fire. >> reporter: her sister and seven other family members were forced out of their beds just after 3:30 monday morning when two devices were reportedly found at the house. >> it's really scary. because you never know, you know, what might happen. what could have happened. what did happen. >> it's something that's very dangerous and serious. >> reporter: fire department arrived and found family members had escaped out a rear entrance
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to the street. the fires were immediately extinguished and fire investigators took over. >> any motive or anything like that at this point? >> don't know offhand but i do know investigators are going to look at every aspect of it. >> reporter: any idea what this could be about at all, dear? >> no, no. >> reporter: monday afternoon family members were packing their belongings after the red cross found them another place to stay. the damages can be repaired. arson investigators are still trig to get to the bottom of this. >> but like our pastor told us yesterday don't let the enemy take your joy. that's one thing our family will not allow. >> reporter: dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> new jersey child welfare workers may boy could it work for a day and they're call for security in their offices. tomorrow boycott comes on the heels of a stabbing a camden office two weeks ago and that left a caseworker critically injured. governor christie's office is criticizing the possible prote protests saying, this action would hurt the state's most vulnerable children.
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>> trump entertainment resorts is closing its newest hotel tower and no longer issuing credit at the taj mahal. it's only surviving atlantic city casino. in the petition released today the company says it's closing its chairman tower and not issuing credit as of today. the company has been in talks with its union and state official discussing ways to save money and maybe even the cass soon know and it's 3,000 jobs. it's slate to do close down december 12. >> crazy video shows a driver barely escaping a sink hole. his car teetering on the edge. climbs out. what happens moments after he jumped for his life. and the surprise that a local veteran will never forget. >> this kind of reaction from the people who are most deer to you like all these scouts are and the rest of the community it doesn't get any better than that this. >> all thanks who look up. the well deserved thank you decades aft serving his country. >> parents and grandparents is
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to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> live look at radar tonight night. this mess of rain and possibly snow moves in it. could make mess of your evening commute tomorrow. case lynn roth is tracking the timeline straight ahead. >> you saw it here first on fox. a philadelphia attorney is not only lost his job, but the law firm that once carried his name is dropped it. along with him. we told you about 56-year-old
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brian meehan last week. prosecutors say he had sex with a 14 year old girl several times in his down up to office. the da says germantown couple was holding that girl captive and hired her out as often as 20 times a week. >> meehan was a partner at law firm bishop, dorfman and las czar off in center city. >> five men from william paterson university facing charges stemming from a sexual assault. two are from south jersey. prosecutors say they raped woman and side a dorm last tuesday at the wayne campus. the men are all 18 years old and they're now in jail on $200,000 bail. >> parents, teachers and city leaders meeting tonight to talk about bartrum high school and how to make it safer. city councilman kenyata johnson led the meeting just last month a teacher at bartram was thrown to the floor by a student. he suffered a concussion. video of that aftermath went viral. it was the third attack on staff member this school year. tonight a local vietnam veteran
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gets honor that is decades overdue and it's a surprise of a lifetime. a group of children who look to up his cub scout troop made all of this happen. here's fox 29's shawnette wils wilson. >> mr. company earned more than a dozen medal for service and combat yet never received a welcome home. tonight dozens of people turned out to honor him. vietnam veteran ray company arrived to what he thought was going to be a simple honor for him at a weekly boy scout meeting. he's the scout master for troop 31 in chadds ford. i was nab we are gated when i saw the size of this. >> when he arrived at hillendale elementary school he was met by scouts, state representatives and a military color guard. they put on a medal present teague for coe who received the medals by mail but never had an official recognition or welcome home ceremony. >> our reaction when we came home wasn't very good. this really makes up for it.
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we have this kind of reaction by the people who are most deer to you like all these scouts are and the rest of the community, it doesn't get any better than this. >> reporter: he's moved proud to receive the army commendation for valor. he was hurt when the personnel carry he was in was blown up but he managed to save life. >> the year that was supposed to be about killing the enemy it was a small bright spot that i was able to save my sergeant and that was really the very special medal for me. >> reporter: several scouts in his troop spoke calling him a heroic leader. fellow scout masters say it was long overdue. >> when he came home from vietnam, he had to -- they told him remove your uniform, you don't want to be recognized out there because people would be -- spitting at you. cursing at you, and did he riding you for your service and he never got the proper welcome home that he deserved. >> his son andrew says the ceremony is a reminder of how special his dad is.
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>> it just brings it all home. everything i've heard about him my entire life to hear it in person again from everybody really hits home what great person he is. >> reporter: in chadds ford, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> hundreds of thousands of pennsylvania hunters geared up for the first day of deer hunting season. the two week tradition started this morning and biologists say there should be plenty of deer out there because of a good year for acorns, apples, berries and grapes. commission officials expect about 750,000 hunters to take part. >> the us supreme court is tackling the complicated issue of social media and free speech. it is deciding whether to up hold a conviction of a bethlehem man for a rant he posted on facebook. anthony wrote about killing his wife, hurting law enforcement officers and shooting up a school. he says, he was just vendorring his anger over a broken marria marriage. free speech advocates across the country are keeping a very close eye on this case. >> if you need health insurance
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in pennsylvania now may be your chance. enrollment starts tomorrow in the health pennsylvania program. governor tom corbett's medicaid expansion coverage starts tank january 1st and state officials say about 600,000 primary low income single working adults are now eligible. to learn more about signing up head to our website. it's there for you on we've move add link at our seen on tv section. >> around the globe a unified evident to support world aids day and in times square big names filled in for bono at a very special concert. ♪ >> bruce springsteen hitting the stage along with cold play chris martin. u2 screened the performance and they took over for bono who hurt hisself in a bike crash. he supports read. >> in philadelphia, the faith
10:20 pm
based community also commemorated this world aids day. the sixth annual prayer breakfast hosted by philadelphia fight was in center city. organizers say the program helps to encourage the community to remember those living with the disease and focus on faith as part of the healing process. >> there's stigma, there's shame. we try to connect with the faith community that helping to remove stigma and shame. >> when this started 30 years ago, it was a death sentence but today there's hope. >> organizers say more than 30,000 people in philadelphia are living with the disease. philadelphia fight works to educate and advocate for those with hiv. residents of reading are showing some love to the christmas tree that some had rejected. the officials are planning a charlie brown day festival for december 20th. they plan to decorate the 50 norwegian pine. some at one point called quote ugly pan threat tick. however it seems reading is all
10:21 pm
in love with its charlie brown christmas tree on saturday officials say they will place a single red bulb on it just like in the classic peanuts holiday tail and just like that story the city will have more decorations on the 20th. >> nice. >> a woman's heart filled apology to her sister that brings them both to tears. >> what do you want to say to your sister? >> i'm sorry. i hope -- >> accused of tasing her own nephew. why is the boy's mom begging for forgiveness. >> they're the hottest gifts out there this holiday season but are you opening yourself up to hackers. how to protect you and your family. >> i got question. how much would you pay to make sure your jeans or broken in? what would company is charging you -- i kid you not iain to have somebody else wear your
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>> drama on the famous rodeo drive tonight police shot a robbery suspect in the lobby of the luxury day yo drive hotel in beverly hills. officers believe the man may have been involved a nearby bank robbery. the suspect is a being treat tad hospital. rodeo drive is a hot hot spot for tourists. it was shut down for several hours. >> aid to a republican congressman resigned today after calling out president obama's daughters. elizabeth lawton at the former
10:25 pm
communication direct. in face book post she commented on their body language and outfits. she trashed the girls they should have shown more class. >> police arrested rah mope in a for child abuse this weekend. they say she used a taser on her three-year-old nephew rodney. rodney' mom karen says she was hysterical when she found out what happened and called her cops. her sister says she did not tase the boy. police say the wounds tell a different story. >> officers saw evidence that the probes had made contact with the skin. there were marks there. >> yea, it was a mistake. yeah, it was. um-hmm. would i take and touch a child with it new york. >> employees say despite the reconciliation charges are penning but the one sister convinced the other she's telling the truth and both are
10:26 pm
vowing to fight the charges. >> thieves strike i was a* major movie studio and leak films in the released yet. who sony think social security behind the hack that will grab your attention. >> it grabbed mine all right. plus look at that face. how cute. giving children with special needs a new sense of freedom. how a delaware man is changing lives across the country by gets these children behind the wheel. >> caitlin? >> lucy, from 60s and rain showers today to 30s and some snow showers possible for some. winter makes its return tomorrow. we'll have your hour by hour tuesday forecast coming up next in your weather authority seven day forecast.
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♪ ♪ >> problem 3,000 miles away could lead to a shortage of christmas trees this year around here. it involves ports on the west coast. >> fox 29's joanne pileggi shows us how it could hit our wallets. >> frasiers, we got douglas fi firs. we got blue spruces. we got pennsylvania douglas and
10:30 pm
we also got big ones. >> reporter: trying to find the perfect christmas tree? there are plenty of the popular christmas tree varieties in all shapes and sizes, but there's a short supply of trees from the pacific northwest. like the norman, norman fir and noble trees. >> trucking is backed up. the shipping on the rails is backed um. so we're waiting for them and ready to sell them. >> reporter: the ryan bass family has been selling christmas trees for more than their years. >> it's affecting our customer because customers who come every year for norman, noble and grand fir which we had received, um, so it's affecting them. it's affecting the folks we wholesale to as well. >> reporter: they say a strike by long shore shore men on the west coast was for the delay in shipment. the early season snowstorms caused further delays leaving an empty spot on their lot and he says, people do care. >> the whole thing about the holiday. the tree means something. >> yeah. i mean we have people who come in who came in and bought a tree
10:31 pm
from my dad. >> they're not going to suffer with another nice tree but it's not the one they want. they'll be disappointed. >> reporter: when you are dealing with a very short season for christmas tree sales, time is importance money and if the specialty trees come too late, sellers could get stuck with excess trees. >> i did cancel a couple lay late loads because it's too risky. >> reporter: for now they are selling the normans and noble they have and sending some of the supplies to other vendors. their goal as a family business to keep customers happy. in northeast philadelphia, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> bensalem police say this guy has a lot of people very mad at him. they say 31-year-old michael dole bow the third promised engaged couples he'd shoot video of their big day but some never got thing. he's behind bars. police found 44 victims so far. >> cyber thieves still at least five movies from sony pictures and there's speculation the north korean government is
10:32 pm
behind it all. the movies have been up loaded to the internet. four of them haven't even hit theaters yet. brad pitt's world war ii thriller fury and annie. the cyber attack began last monday. hackers telling sony they have personal data on actors and sony financial information. >> we are at war and it's a cyber war an real war and there's no data. there's to content out there that is safe from people in chain narcotic people in russia. data is not safe and our systems are really really inadequate. >> investigators are looking into whether the attack is connected to the sony movie the interview. the film is about two americans asked by the cia to is that so 98 korean leader kim jong-un. >> sports illustrated has named mo'ne davis sports kid of the year. here's the cover. mighty nice become cher. first lady michelle obama
10:33 pm
tweeted out the news earlier today. she said mo'ne quote knock it out of the park for girls everywhere. the magazine said davis earned that honor because she can inspire no matter what age, gender nor race. she's the ninth person to earn this honor since 2007. >> congratulations to mo'ne. >> absolutely. >> all right. caitlin, great stuff first half of the day. but now all that behind you. that's an issue. that is true. it is still a win. we hit 65 degrees for the first of december much not too bad. thank you. my book that's pretty good. considering november we had but unfortunately the weather we saw very accustomed to in november is returning. the cold temperatures already showing their hand and we've got some showers along this cold front slipping through the northeast and mid atlantic states over the past few hours. most of the rape has come to an end here in philadelphia. just scattered light showers across south jersey and delaware even on radar showing up as the frozen vary as you head northward up the northeast extension and the northern
10:34 pm
lehigh valley seeing frozen precipitation snowflakes mixing in there. the rain down in south jersey and delaware may hang on bit longer as we head towards day break. winter weather advisory for our western most county lancaster from 10am tomorrow morning through wednesday morning. main event tomorrow is going to be across western and central pennsylvania where we have a winter weather advisory just west of our area including state college down through harrisburg virginia and that begins a freezing rain advisory. winter weather across the state tomorrow. i don't know how much of it we really see here in philadelphia. it looks minimal. coming off of a very spring like day today, too. the high 65 at philadelphia international airport. 15 degrees above the normal of 50 but still far from that record set back in 2006 of 72 degrees. we have fallen far from that. that front came through this evening brought the rain, quick gust and quick drop in temperatures. let's check further towards our
10:35 pm
west. very cold canadian air in the midwest and northern plains. 22 in detroit. 20 in chicago. single digits about to slip below in the twin cities. 13 in desmoines. that cold air rushed back really quickly over the past couple of days. monday fox future cast showing we'll start off in the morning with -- this evening with some clouds and showers coming to an end. tomorrow is tuesday. and we'll start off with a few showers in the morning which may in fact even be some snow showers towards our south. this is early tomorrow morning. with the front lingering down towards our south. then into the afternoon, some of that rain moves offshore. the neck system comes through again this is really going to bring the wintry weather to central pa but rain and snow showers there we are at 5:00 o'clock especially off towards our north. little to to no accumulation expected with this an gradual change to all rain from south to north as we do through tuesday night a warm front lifting through. so initial wintry weather towards our north will change over to rain by tuesday evening
10:36 pm
and then those showers push out late tuesday night into early wednesday morning. so if we even see any sleet or snow here in the city it will be particular itty brief early afternoon. otherwise for tonight, scattered showers temperatures in the 30s. where we slip below you could see snow mixing in. 39 degrees all for the high temperature the bigger story is how much colder it is tomorrow compared with today. snow, sleet mix does change to rain. your seven day forecast kind of a messy tuesday. at least just not too nice. by wednesday, a leftover shower at least a bit milder 52. the sun comes back thursday it looks nice but right on the heels of that our next chance of rape and snow on troy day. chance of a shower over the weekend could be touch and go but everything looks pretty minimal if we do have showers on sunday for the eagles game looks to be rain showers. preferred variety. >> that's right. bring those seahawks in and tell them -- >> seahawks are used to it. >> that's right. >> seattle weather right there. we're welcoming them. >> exactly. with wind, too. >> dallas the week after that. another win. >> be careful as you check off those holiday lists.
10:37 pm
some of the hottest items out there are a magnet for thieves. how to protect yourselves from those hackers. >> and combining a tiny eagles fan two favorite thing. the birds and princesses. yup. would you buy this for your little one perhaps. >> all one little girl wants for christmas will roughly feathers this holiday. christmas will roughly feathers this holiday.
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deciding between bread is no longer a problem. healthy pa offers name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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>> cyber monday turning into cyber month. retailers rolling off deep discounts and free shipping and extending online deal through the hold dame enjoy. fox 29 went behind the scenes at amazon fulfill many center in middleton, delaware. thousands of workers are really, really busy shipping packages. >> just to give you an idea last cyber monday there were 426 orders per second worldwide. >> 426 a second. that's a lot. and that number is most likely hire this year as of 6:00 o'clock night online sales were already 8% higher than last cyber monday. okay. move over elsa and anna. philly girls may have a new princess costume to wear. moms and dads who are eagles fans will like this one.
10:41 pm
give your pine size bird fan the royal treatment. check it out eagles themed tiara and magic wand. it sells for just under $16 from a company sports merchandise called bleacher creatures. >> cute. >> all right. >> they'll beat the seahawks on sunday by the way here's story that might have you scratching your head. >> kind of weird. company in europe is paying people to wear new jeans for six months. then it's auctioning pairs that are broken in. here's how it work. companies based in wales by the way. they've actually create add job title for the jokes doing the breaking in apparently this is on their business card they're called denim breakers. they hired 50 of these denim breakers. they auctioned off the first batch of the jeans today. the sales price for the basic pair was 130 pounds. you're talking $200 a pair. in case you're wondering the company does in fact wash the jeans before selling them. >> i was wondering about that actually. >> i was too.
10:42 pm
>> it is favorite toy for kids but these have a special purpose. how these cars and giving children with special needs new sense of freedom. >> and what are the odds a man's live at risk the only thing to save him is a new kidney and his perfect match is his wife? but it's not quite as simple as it sounds.
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>> the search for a missing camden county boy. police are searching for this missing 10-year-old from parkside. nass sir william last seen at his home on the 1400 block of ormond avenue earlier today. he was wearing a blue sweater, tan pants and carrying a blue and green book bag. if you have any information call police. >> a driver in china finds himself in a hole lot of trouble. he was on his way to work he made a turn into a 20-foot sink hole. look at that. he managed to get out just in time. seconds later the car flipped over and landed on its roof at the bottom of the hole. the car by the way is a total loss. with technology constantly evolving so, of course are the hackers. they are getting smarter and devices such as smart tv's and baby monitors are becoming prime targets. cyber experts say something as small as keeping the boilerplate
10:46 pm
password on your device when you can get it can put you and your family at rick. a lot of new technology comes equipped with web cameras, microphones and wi-fi. experts say your private moments can instantly become public and get streamed live on the internet. >> 4,000 unsecure cameras were hacked into right here in the united states. hundreds here in the tri-state area as unsuspected families were being spied upon. >> experts want to you make sure when you give that holiday purchase take few extra moments and create your own passwords. >> good advice. billboard appearing in several bible belt upsetting a lot of people i reads deer santa all i want for christmas is to skip church i'm too old for fairy tails. the group american atheists is behind the signs. they're aim at closet atheists who are pressured into going to church around the holidays. several churches are now pla planning to place their own billboards nearby. >> and innovative idea boy a
10:47 pm
delaware professor helping children with special needs. >> fox's natalie, explains not only are they able to get around it's allowing them to socialize with other kids. >> reporter: it's a carpool of a different kind. children with special mobility needs are not only picking up speed independent of their parents, they're also learning how to socialize. it gets them up and able to experience the world with their piers eon instead of being slowed down by whatever their physical restrictions are. >> this is the only program in the chicago area that uses the specially a capped cars. the power wheels controls are easier to use. hitting the gas is as simple as pushing the steering wheel. the idea may have motivated her son harrison to get moving. >> i don't know if it has to do with the car he's really started crawling and moving around a lot more the home. >> also allowed harrison to play outside and travel at the same speed as his older brother for
10:48 pm
the first time. >> they're not walking yet. some of them at the age where we would typically think of children being able to walk. it gives them experience of moving through space that they won otherwise be getting at that speed especially. >> a professor of physical therapy in delaware came up with the idea after a trip to toys r us he realized he can use inexpensive materials like pvc pipe, pool photos, harnesses and wiring to hot wire the power wheels. the invention is helping children nationwide who may not ever have been able to move on their own. >> if there's a child whose unable to use their hands to press a button to make the car go, you can move the button and put it behind their head so they can use it like a head switch. >> purchasing one of these little cars and adapting it only costs $250. compare to a motorized arrived wheelchair that can cost thousand. a much more affordable option for parents. >> in your health tonight a new reason to fight for the window seat next time you fly.
10:49 pm
researchers sitting by the aisle leaves you more exposed to germ. why? because it puts you physically closer to passengers going to the from the bathroom those passenger hold on to aisle seats to keep their balance while they're heading back and forth. scientists say you should steer clear of airplane bathrooms if you can. >> researchers say more than half of american parents still use soft bedding in their baby's cribs even though it's linked to sudden infant death syndrome. spanning between 1993 and 2010 very long survey. those parents said they still used soft bedding for their babies. the stewed authors say soft bedding is linked to an increase in sids so parents should make sure their parents are sleeping on a firm safety a app pressed mattress with a fitted sheet and nothing else. those findings appear in the journal pediatric.
10:50 pm
>> when an indiana couple said for better or for worse they meant it. >> the wife is donating a kidney to her husband. the crabbies went in for surgery today in indianapolis. over the year ken's health had gotten worse doctors told him his only chance to survive chronic kidney disease was dialysis or a transplant. it turn out his wife was match. getting the surgery was not ea easy. lori had to lose 60 pounds to be healthy enough for the procedure. >> it's been a tough journey for my wife the donor having to get down a certain weight. it took several months and she -- they put her through a lot to do this. >> wow. inn cell. the couple has been together for 30 years. and doctors say the couple should feel better by christmas. >> we wish them the bev. lauren johnson helping encourage folks to get in the holiday spirit by giving back. she was outside the clothespin at 15th and mark streets this afternoon lending a helping
10:51 pm
hasn't to the salvation army. lauren worked side by side with volunteers for the annual fundraising campaign. >> all right. howard what's coming up in sports? >> the reports are starting with those college teams going after chip kelly and what really happened between mark sanchez and riley cooper on thanksgivi thanksgiving? we'll have that and the sixers got a break tonight with two of the san antonio star players sitting on the bench. well a reason why a lot of people come from
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
philadelphia to atlantic city is because it's so close, it's like a quick getaway. the ocean is a big draw. you can come and get some exercise, get some ice cream. love to come to the casinos, get some good food, put your feet in the water, and of course fishing. i love to fish off the pier. i'm a great fisherman. flounder, sea bass, striped bass, you name it, i'll eat it. and you can, like i say, be home within an hour. done it many times. a remote that lives more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you.
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>> the tanking of the 76ers season continues. now some fans are still buying into the sixers wanting to lose. now the nba teams are hurting the fans who want to see the other team's star player. san antonio is in tonight the second straight team resting its stars when playing the sixers. no team duncan. no tony parker. now, victory for the sixers is keeping it close. that's moral victories for them. let's go to the wells fargo center. the sixers were down by 24.
10:55 pm
they really cover that three-point shot well, don't they? danny green with the three wide open. michael carter williams down by seven. turns over the ball. the sixers still down by five. san antonio shut it down after go up by 24. leonard scores. he had 26. it's a moral victory for 17th straight loss 109-103. >> it is incredible. coaching rumors always start at this time of the year in college football much this one involves chip kelly. now there are reports i'm sure by some blogger got nothing better to do. he reports that the university of florida -- what else do blogger do's? university of florida will talk to chip kelly. i will say this. not a chance chip kelly leave the eagles this year for florida. and seattle is coming on sunday. all right. the eagles have many areas of of the team playing well going into seattle game. one area is the running of lesean mccoy. rushed for 289 yards in one week. 130 against tennessee. 159 against dallas it's obvious
10:56 pm
that one thing has changed and that's the line. >> i just think there's continue knew what the the same guys are playing next to the same guys and communication has been better. so as a group they've gotten a chance to line up next to the same guy for a couple of weeks. all right. there was a moment in the he guess dallas game in the fourth quarter on thursday when mark sanchez got into it with riley cooper. but it was not all cooper's fall a time out had to be coldboot at least a couple of the players now according to the coach were lined up up correctly much it's easy for fans they like to blame cooper but chip kelly says there's no problem. so what was the argument about. >> what they were going to eat for thanksgiving after the game. (laughter). >> i mean guys yell at times all the time. i don't know why it's a big de deal. you can catch someone yelling at someone probably on every play. not big deal. we were trying to get lined up. cooper wasn't the guy lined up. there were other guys that weren't lined up. i don't think either of them will be here this week because
10:57 pm
they're pissed off about it. it's not big deal. >> when you look at tom brady whose either -- he's always yelling at his players. >> it happens. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> there were couple of guys lined up with where the ball was play. >> get in the right spot. >> exactly. >> tmz is up next. we're back here for the fox >> tmz is up next. we're back here for the fox mwe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> i wish i were lil' wayne's kid. this chick got not one, two cars for her 16th birthday. >> like a race car and it is the most irresponsible thing for a 16-year-old. >> but reginae's not no average 16-year-old. she's always been rich. >> there are plenty of people who are rich all their lives -- >> they don't buy their 16-year-old a ferrari. >> that's right. >> you guys are wrong. >> we're not wrong. >> janay rice believes that the attack in the elevator was part of god's plan. >> i feel like god chose me and ray for a reason. >> really? >> it's a way of feeling better about a tragic circumstance. >> everything is god's plan? >> if you're very religious, yes, everything is god's plan. >> you better stop before you start poking holes in religion.


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