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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  December 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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check this out, ultimate doppler radar, lots of green, a little bit of yellow with some pink on the screen. sue serio with your full forecast and bob kelly has an eye on the roads as well. >> kelly barrett, showing us live right now. >> we have a problem with ultimate doppler. you cannot tell what kind of precipitation. >> it like dover is getting hit there. >> it is just rain, you don't know what color it it is. >> no. >> that is why we have sue serio monday through friday on fox 29, and bob kelly by the way. >> yes. >> lets get to the radar. >> actually, we will start off with the number to show you that it is messy, sloppy and it is colder out there this morning. so that is going to be enough to give me a three and i'm giving it to you as well. it is giving tuesday after all. but we have sleet, snow and rain in some places. some places it is just rain. later on in the day that may be a different story. bus stop buddy is ready for
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all of it, bundled up more than then he was yesterday with temperatures in the 30's a. now most of them in the upper 30's, so at the surface at least if you see some pink on radar there it is probably turning to rain as it hits the ground but out in chester county you may be seeing a few flurries this morning and the same for lancaster county, maybe even montgomery county but around the atlantic city expressway it looks like it is rain and only way but a couple of spots seeing heavier rain, so be careful around there, milford delaware heavier rain, jersey shore getting rain as well. it is 39 degrees in philadelphia, 10-mile an hour wind and sunrise time at 7:04 and the winter weather advisory storms that start at 1:00 this afternoon for northern and western counties. more details coming up but light snow and sleet changes to all rain, for everyone and then tonight down to 38 degrees as that light rain eventually tapers off after midnight. so is there your fox cast from the weather authority, so it is a mess. where is it worst, bob kill i.
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>> it than the not their idea of giving tuesday when they are giving stuff out this morning. worst parties where you just showed us on ultimate doppler there that south jersey, kind of coming up that i-95 corridor but portions of king of prussia like right here, the schuylkill expressway not with the heavy rain but damp roads. that is enough to slow us down and then put us into that defensive driving mode there. there is 202 just off of county line road where you look real close you can see tire mark here, the difference in the road surface so that is a sign that we're getting mixed precipitation in montgomery county. so be careful making those left and right turns on those on and off ramps that could be slippery as well. we will go for a fly southbound lanes of 476 starting to see slow downs heading south down towards that saint david villanova area heading down towards the airport good to go down toward i-95. watch for weather delays possible to start popping up at philly international. if we have a flight scheduled
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heading down to drop someone off or pick someone up check with the airline to make sure you are on time. septa, good to go on the regional rail lines. no problems at the moment, rest of the mass transit systems like patco, new jersey transit, dart, all looking good but watch out for those slippery spots, as you board, and exit those buses, and even the platforms for those regional rail lines as we get into the rest of the day, owe far so good on the bridges, whitman, commodore barry all looking good. back over to you. new this morning police say a driver took off from this crash in north philadelphia a the car flipped over at germantown avenue and tie ohio street at 1:30 this morning no word what let up to it. 603:67:89 search for missing college student shane montgomery has reached day six, and still no sign of the 21 year-old. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live in manayunk this morning a lot of people are hoping we have good news real soon. >> missing poster, the last door shape was seen walking out of not seen getting in the car door, cab door or anywhere
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else since. mystery in manayunk deepers each day. not one solid lead on day six for sure, no surveillance video of him, in tips of anybody thinking they have seen him. his last steps on the sidewalk here tonight before thanksgiving, still six days later, the last spot anybody saw him. and the last place anybody knows where he was. investigators went back to his west chester apartment yesterday looking for any hint or any plans. they looked at all of his social media posting, no hint of anything. reward is growing as people continue to donate their money, time, showing shane's loved ones that if thanksgiving is a time for family chris and kerry's, now their numbers in the hundreds.
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>> okay, steve, thank you. at 6:04 bill cosby is out at his alma matter, last night iconic comedian resign from temple university board of trustees. >> this is following weeks of fall out a amid sexual abuse scandal where a does woman accused him of rape or sexual assault. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live on the temple campus this morning. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: we have milk reaction from students, some were surprised by the move, while others think it was a move that came a little will bit too late. bill cosby, has been a temple university board of trustee member for more than 30 years. he had spoken at numerous commencements ape supporting his cherry and white. bill cosby submitted his rest things writing and they have accepted it. the third university in the last week to sever ties with the comedian as sexual assault accusations continued to mount. nearly 20 women have claim that cosby drug, and assaulted them. he has never been prosecuted. fox 29 broke the news about
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cosby's resignation to several students last night and in a statement cosby says quote i have always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always a wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university, and its students, as a result are, i have tendered my resignation from the temple board of trustees and at this moment temple university ace it is not commenting, kerry and chris. >> when they do we will have it, i'm sure, jen, thank you. new jersey governor chris christie is joining camden mayor dana redd who are revealing plans for school construction project to replace aging school buildings. also happening today philadelphia's mayor michael nutter and secretary of the u.s. department of agriculture are making important announcements about school lunches. they are revealing new details about a federal program to help cool cafeteria purchase more foods from local farms. city of philadelphia launching a partnership, intended to fool economic growth. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will be on hand for the event this morning at
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forty-eighth street grill, it is all part of the new initiative called, keep the city of philadelphia, which will bring 0 percent interest crowd funding loans to small business owners, and through this program anybody can len $5 or more to the person of their choice. charles ramsey hand picked for a very special task force by the president of the you had. thinks as new details for sweeping changes planned in the wake of the ferguson, missouri case are coming out. she's not so innocent after all, g.o.p. staffer who criticized obama girls for lacking class, she's in trouble of her own, and why the first daughters are now trouble of her own, and why the first daughters are now we put all the apps you love...
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all week in south philadelphia, live hosted by our friend at w in mmr. >> preston and steve holding their food drive called cam out for hunger. go ton to xfinity live all week, and toe nate cans and boxed good. all donations benefit philadelphia bun answer. taking a selfie today can help ensure a happy christmas for kids. philadelphia area toys-r-us stores are accepting toy donations today for the toys for tots program, and the chain, will double donations if you do one simple things. >> take a picture of yourself donating to the drive, post to it social media, use hash tag pay it forward and toys-r-us will donate an additional toy
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for toys for cots for every single selfie to be shared. >> very easy to do good woman who criticized first daughters resigned from her job in politics but truth is coming out what he did as a teen that got her in trouble with the law. bob. starting to see that wintry mix take over our roadways, here's a live look at route 202 and montgomery county, you cane difference in the road surface so it will impact our morning
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it is cold they are morning then yesterday. we have 39 in philadelphia 34 in pottstown. twenty-four in the poconos. down to the south of us, all of our temperatures air above freezing which is why most of what we're seeing out is there just rain,es specially in
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southern new jersey, and southern delaware. but these temperatures, and this is why you have to bundle seven kids up today are as much as 24 degrees colder then yesterday. 11 degrees colder in the city. 16 degrees colder then yesterday at this time in wildwood. it looks like it is drying out. but as we said so often on this program it doesn't take much to make a mess. keep that in mind, wet roadways, possible, especially down here along the, delaware portion of i-95, and we're seeing some rain and pockets of heavy rain, now moving into cape may county, new jersey, and down there in sussex county in delaware as well. we have a winter weather
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advisory in effect for 1:00 p.m. to 10:00p m. it is not in effect yet because all that mess is supposed to move to the north where it is colder so lancaster, berks, northampton, lehigh, carbon and monroe counties all under this winter weather advisory later in the day because of everything, moving northward and then, moving into colder temperatures, we could see that mix of, precipitation. it is just rain to the south of us and rain around philadelphia, until it starts to move further northward. we will see possibility of light accumulations of snow in the higher elevations and a bit of the mix at two or three or 4:00 in the afternoon. eventually though by nighttime everybody changes over to rain, everybody is above freezing and then it all moves out of here by midnight. so our temperatures trend was going up, so nicely over the past five days, 65 degrees yesterday and now it is cold again today. we will average around 40 during the afternoon, and 53 tomorrow, back to chilly temperatures on thursday, with a high of 45 degrees and at
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least we will get some sunshine then. saturday could be a repeat of today with a little will bit of a mix in the morning changing over to rain in the afternoon and then a chance of rain both days of the weekend but at least we will be at seasonal early december high temperatures, of around 50 degrees. the that is the next seven days but lets get back to the this morning and check on the roads with bob kelly. >> 6:16. good morning. traffic and weather together. the weather is impacting the traffic this morning. here's a live look at a the schuylkill expressway leaving king of prussia, headlights coming in towards philadelphia you'll see the glare. you'll have spray kicking up off the cars and trucks in front of you and then as the precipitation depending upon where you begin and end your trip you'll find a mixed bag here. we had a little will glaze over out on 202, and route 309, the schuylkill expressway again just wet and we are starting to see that pocket, of the slow down in towards the the conshohocken interchange, further you get in the city it is just rain and again, coming over the bridge, also we are starting
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to see that precipitation slowing us down. factor in that extra time especially heading to the airport this morning. philly international not reporting any delays at the moment but as we move to the morning and we will start to see more flights take off, and arrive, we could have problems or delays. so check with your airline. mass transit they are good to go the at the moment just watch yourself on the platforms as you begin to step on the buses or trolleys, and they could be slippery, patco, new jersey transit and dart also running with no delays, chris and kerry back over to you. 6:17. we have breaking news, two lebanese officials say that authority have detained one of the wife's and a son of the leader of the islamic state group, military officials say women and her son were taken ten days ago. officials a say that the arrest was quote in coordination with foreign intelligence agencies, meanwhile, federal officials are warning u.s. military members to wipe their social media accounts of any material that can make them a target for isis terrorist.
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bulletin from the fbi and home land security suggests terrorist are looking for people willing and capable of conduct ago tax against current and former u.s. military members. government issued two similar warnings back in october. turkish president has harsh words for the west, he criticized the u.s. tragedy to combat isis saying west doesn't like muslims. these comments come just days after the turkish president met with vice-president joe biden to discuss a deal to allow the united states to use its air bases, to strike isis. six there 18. the ferguson grand jury decision spark debate all around the country and many would like to keep that discussion going. organizes are holding a town hall meeting tonight at 6:30 at calvary church at forty-eighth ape baltimore avenue. participants will talk about philadelphia's concerns. and philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey to lead a task force on 21st century policing. commissioner ramsey will lead
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pan he'll long with laurie robinson, a former assistant attorney general. the announcement came on the same day that a group of philadelphia police officers began wearing body cameras in a pilot program, to try that technology out and the president, of course, is asking lawmakers for 75 million-dollar to get 50,000 more police able to wear those body cameras. the president made the announcement during a series of meetings in the wake of the ferguson grand jury's decision. the white house says that cameras could help bridge deep mistress between law enforcement and the public. 6:19. attorney general eric holder announced new anti racial profiling measures. he made the announcement during a meeting at ebonieser bob advertise church in atlanta, the same church king junior preached. attorney general will be visiting several cities as parse of the white house effort to strengthen relationships between police and minority community. drama on the famous rodeo drive, in california. police shot a robbery us peck in the lobby of the luxe rodeo
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drive help tell beverly hills. it was last night. officers believed that this guy may have been involved in a nearby bank robbery. the suspect is being treated at a hospital, rodeo drive, of course, is a california hot spot for tourist. it was shut down for several hours. man suspect of killing four people in west virginia was found dead. police say jody lee hunt shot himself in his pickup truck last night. this discovery ended an hours long manhunt. he was wanted for shooting two people in westover and two others near the lake. officials say that several police departments are involve in the investigation and they are still, trying to piece together what happen. and a aid to a republican congressman, resigns, after calling out president obama's daughters. >> elizabeth loudon is former communications director to steve inn fincher of tennessee. in a facebook post she commented on the president daughter's body language and their outfit in the turkey
6:21 am
pardoning ceremony here. they trashed the girls saying they should have have shown more class, her words, and she then apologized for her post and that is not all. it turns out that she was a arrested as a teen in 2,000 for stealing at a department store. since it wases her first misdemeanor charges were later dropped. if not you could be in trouble, why we're seeing a christmas tree shortage. >> all right. >> and then the surprise of a life time, without a proper home coming, one vietnam war veteran never got to be thank, so how his new job came together to change that. do you have a el f on the shelf at home, we want to he sure pictures of the creative ways your elf is hanging out inside your home. this is sharon's elf spark i, on the shelf pictures. use the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will show them to you all morning long. th
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. the coaching rumors always start at this time of the year this college football this one
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involves chip kelly, there are reports i'm sure by some blogger with nothing to do that the university of florida will talk to chip kelly and i will say this not a chance chip kelly leaves the eagles this year for florida. eagles have many areas of the team playing well and one is the running of the lesean mccoy. who but that going in to seattle. he rush for 289 yards in one week, 180 begins tennessee, 159 against dallas. it is obvious one thing has change. >> i think is there a continuity, same guys are playing next to the same guys, and communication has been better. so, as a group, they have gotten a chance to line up next to the same guy for a couple of weeks. no duncan, no parker, no problem. no inningsers win at the wells fargo center. it doesn't matter they didn't play. leonard had 26. sixers, the the losing streak continues, sam hinkie, congratulations, sixers lose 109-103. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. it is 6:25. folks in reading getting a very special visit to day.
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>> eagles wide receiver riley cooper set to attend a tailgate party. he will attend the party. the party also includes, food and family event, and, it is from 5:00 until 7:00 tonight. eagles play the sees hawks, on sunday. was oprah winfrey targeted by terrorist? how police foiled their plan. and the reward is going up in the case of the missing west chester university student, steve? >> reporter: and, so is the coverage from the sidewalk here from manayunk last week, this story is now international, going in the newspapers like u.s.a. today and london's daily mail and shane's family hoping the answers come far outside the city limits. that is why they are going to the airport and 30th street station today with more of the missing flyers we have seen so much of.
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it has been six days since anyone has seen shane montgomery his family pleading for help confident that someone out there knows something and reward money has grown in the case. new clue police are now looking at. he was an icon of the school. it was like, one of the reasons i came here. >> his impact was felt across temple's campus but now those ties are sever, why bill cosby said he had to step down from the board of trustees. and look at that mess on radar, right now, rain in the forecast, what we will do for your morning commute, we will take a a look bob kelly and sue serio are on it.
6:30 am
good day, it is tuesday, december 2nd, 2014. >> hopefully it hold off. that is all we're hoping for at this point. >> it is a case on it de pend on where you live what kind of precipitation you are getting and how long it will last. it is giving tuesday, when you are encouraged to give to your favorite charity at this holiday time but mother nature gave us a gift we're in the necessarily that excited about, even though bus stop buddy is smiling as he always is. he has got mittens on, warmer coat, waterproof coat because we have light rain, sleet and snow, temperatures mostly in the 30's but for a lot of us they are in the upper 30's but still a bit of the mess. we will go with a three out of ten today. we are expecting later on in the the daze accumulation north and west of the city but most of the roads are just wet this morning and precipitation is on the light side in the in metro area. now, the rain is a lot heavier the further south you will go but it looks like we will get a break from precipitation and a lot of what you are seeing right here around delaware
6:31 am
county is not even making it to the ground. it is not creating big issues this morning but if you are trying along the ac expressway you'll run into some heavy rain at times, and, down here at the jersey shore do you see that yellow there? that indicates heavier rain as well, in a lower township. so, 39 degrees right now, 10-mile an hour winds out of the north east, and 7:04 is our sunrise time. don't look for a lot of sun today. we have a winter weather advisory in effect. lancaster, berks, lehigh valley and the pocono mountains but it doesn't start until 1:00 in the afternoon and goes until 10:00 o'clock at night. that is when you can expect wintry mess, in those places. for us, it all changes over to gradual rain and then tapers off after midnight tonight, so, the not too much different as you cane in temperatures there. forty during the day, 38 at nighttime. at least that keeps us above freezing, and that is your fox cast from the weather authority, we have improvement on the way, in the seven day forecast, a and that is good news, bob kelly. >> it is, yes, 6:31.
6:32 am
a live look at delaware, everybody, who steps out of the front door we will have a different type of precipitation whether it be from rain, wintry mix or damp roadways. rain and wet intersections rolling through route 13 there, just south of wilmington. here's a live look at route 30, route 30, which is the the black horse pike, over -- actually white horse pike in south jersey, again, just damp roadways in south jersey. but take a look here at difference in the road surface. you can see it right here off to the west, that is that wintry mix that fine glaze as the changeover starts to occur up there in montgomery county. that is going to cause slippery and sliding conditions especially on the maybe some of the on and off ramps, left or right turning lanes but otherwise major roadways not bad, i-95 heading up towards philly international, good to go. slow down here on route one through drexel hill as part of the morning rush hour starting to unfold. we have a fire location, house
6:33 am
fire in lower providence, ozby drive at pere grind road. otherwise schuylkill expressway starting to slow down between city avenue and conshohocken. nothing really out of the ordinary working your way in to downtown. watch it on the drives like kelly drive especially where those sharp turns we will get that wintry mix could make the roads slippery. because of the weather today most likely we will have delays in and out of the fill i international. to play it safe check with your airline before you head down to the airport, chris and kerry pack over to you. back to the roads new for you this morning police say a driver took off from this car in north philadelphia, car flip at germantown avenue. no word what led to that crash. meantime family and friend are praying for safe return now of missing college student shane montgomery. >> shane went missing last thursday. he had has not been seen since. fox 29's steve keeley is live in manayunk, steve. >> reporter: still dark out the right now at 6:32.
6:34 am
you can see christmas lights are all up and all lit up but there is no festive mood here in manayunk. the main street, shops, restaurants and bars always so popular, all seem so somber now as manayunk mystery continues without a clue after six days. while there is no inning is will new stitch of information in these days, what is new is growing support for the family and the size of the reward fund. first of all, how about this a go fund me request set up by dana, to help family cover cost of their own search as they print thousands of those flyers for shane, reach and went way over its goal in the a single day hitting close to $10,000 all right. reward fund not added to yet by business chester university for some surprise reason and not added to much a at all for the first two days now up over $30,000. the family and investigators believe the reward may be key to solving this because it could lead to the tip that leads to shane.
6:35 am
>> whatever it takes for me to find shane is what i'm going to do and fit takes me doing an interview after interview have after interview so people know that shane is somewhere and or knows where shane is and somebody can help us, locate shane, i'll do as much as i have to do. >> we know somebody has seen him since then. there are hundreds of people walking out of those bars on one of the biggest drinking nights in the country and in the year. someone saw something and we need a tip to help us go back to the right direction and refocus where we need to look so we can find shane and bring him home and all of us are asking is if anybody has any information, notice something, that night that now as they stepped out maybe that would help is to call the authorities. >> reporter: as his fellow students return to classes after the long who will will day weekend yesterday without shane, the student government association is adding to both the reward fund with the a
6:36 am
thousand dollars and efforts to keep this and in everybody's mind as all of the students will gather tomorrow night for a moment of silence and a candle light vigil on the steps of the student union hall at 6:00 o'clock when it gets dark out. hopefully they will have good news before then but if not, that moment chris and kerry, will mark exactly one week to the day shane out with his friends on thanksgiving eve at kildares and has not been seen since he walked out that door early thanksgiving morning. >> steve, thank you. 6:36. we have got an update an a missing ten year old from the park side section of camden. we first told but this story last night. >> yes, nazir williams is back home. he went home missing at 1400 block of his block yesterday. williams was found at the home of the relatives. bill cosby's relationship with temple university has likely help the university gain a bigger spotlight but now they are cutting ties. >> so weeks after old allegations of sexual assault re-surfaced, cosby announced his resignation from the
6:37 am
university's board of trustees last night. fox 29 a's jennifer joyce is live now at the temple campus with the very latest on this, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bill cosby has been a stapel here, for years, and fortunately last night it became official that relationship is now over as the reputation has been called into question, bill cosby has said a temple university board of trustees member for more than 30 years. he a has spoken a at numerous commencements and often sporting his cherry and white. many see him as a face for temple university, a reason why they attended the school, the most famous tell am alumni, temple university says bill cosby submitted his resignation in writing and they accepted it. now the third university in the last week to sever toys with the comedian has sexual assault accusations continue to mount. nearly 20 women have have claimed cosby drugged and assaulted them, he has never been prosecuted. fox 29 broke news about cosby's resignation to several
6:38 am
students last night and here's what they had to say. >> i think it was a good decision because of the allegations against him and it came too late because i was reading on line that temple is last university to actually cut ties with him. i'm not sure. i think it came too late. >> i feel like something had to be done, it is a good university. i don't want that to be overshadowed by allegations like that. >> everyone knows bill cosby, temple, the two are synonymous with each other and when it came to graduation he is a big name around here obviously so it is a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: this a statement cosby says i have always been proud of my association with temple university, i have always wanted to do what we could, what what would be in the best interest of the university and its students, as a result, i have tendered my resignation from the temple university board of trustees. at this point it is unclear whether or not bill cosby resigns on his own or whether he was forced to do so.
6:39 am
temple university is not commenting. chris and kerry. >> thanks, jenny. a 25 year-old man is in critical condition after a driver slammed into him and kept on going this happened right around 9:00 o'clock last night near 59th and market in west philadelphia police tell us the man was crossing a street when a volvotation wagon hit him. they are searching for that driver. if you saw anything, call police. new jersey child welfare workers will report to work today after threatening to boycott work over some job security concerns. the communications workers of america agreed to hold off on the walk out after a plan was presented to them, according to north the union has been concerned about security at the department of children and family offices after a caseworker was stab, two weeks ago, in camden. new jersey governor christie criticized the potential boycott saying it would hurt children. a delaware county boy scout troop held a surprise ceremony, for a local vet man war veteran.
6:40 am
>> long overdue, ray code is a scout master. he thought he would go to the troop's weekly meeting but instead arrived to this a huge celebration, the troop organize a medal presentation ceremony for coe who earned more than a dozen medals for his services but never had an official recognition or welcome home ceremony. >> when we came home, it wasn't very good. and this makes up for it. we have this kind of a reaction by the people who are most dear to you like all of these scouts are and the rest of the community. it doesn't get better than this choke up all those years later. co says being presented the army commendation of valor was most meaningful. he received it for saving his sergeant's life during the vietnam war. long overdue, glad family got the thanks he deice. have you got your christmas tree yet. >> no. >> oh, no you may have a problem mr. murphy. >> i have more than one good that is certainly true. >> but we're talking about
6:41 am
trees specifically. there may be a shortage. we will tell you why, sue you. yesterday would have been a great day to pick out a tree or cut one down. today, in the so much. a little messy weather on the way, we will have all of the details in the weather authority forecast, chris. how about elf on the shelf? we want to see pictures, creative ways your el f is hanging out. here's elfie likes to hang out and hide. >> in a candle lanterns. >> yes. >> i hope her kids are being good, just tweet your elf on the shelf pictures with the hash tag fox 29 good day and we will show them all morning long. >> we are watching you. a remote that lives on your phone.
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twenty-three more days to go. speak offering that that means you have a couple of weeks, to get your christmas tree a time honored tradition for families but this year if you have not gotten one you may notice some varieties of the trees are not quite as plentiful. >> i'm guessing this is an issue of supply and demand. >> perhaps. >> why don't you tell us, chris. >> yes. >> is there a short supply from the pacific northwest such as norman fur and the noble tree. the rivas family has been selling christmas trees for more than 30 years now and they say problems with supplies are to blame.
6:45 am
>> the trucking is backed up. shipping on the rails is backup. so we are waiting for them and ready to sell them. it is affecting our customers. we have customers that come in for norman, noble and grand fur which we had received. it is affecting them. it is affecting follow thanks we wholesale too as well. >> rivas family, and they are selling normans and nobles and trying to keep other vendors supplied just to keep customers happy. >> they are sending them to other vendors. people in reading, pennsylvania are showing some love for that christmas tree that some had reject. >> yes, officials planning a charlie brown day festival for december 20th. we first talk about this story last week. they are decorating this 50-foot norwegian pine, that some say was ugly, pathetic. they said it looks like the charlie brown christmas tree. but city is falling in love with it now. on at day officials say they will place a single red bulb on it just like in the classic holiday tail, ape just like that story the city will add
6:46 am
more decorations on the 20th. i love that, sue serio. >> it is so great how they embraced the non-perfection of that tree. >> yes. >> they got to put a blue blanket, didn't linus put a blue blanket. >> yes. >> we have to make sure they do that. >> well, we are watching temperatures very closely this morning in the placees where we have precipitation. it is only 33 degrees in reading, close to freezing, but we are not seeing precipitation there or in allentown or mount pocono. here in philadelphia we have had a little bit of light stuff but it is 39 degrees and further south we will go, we will see the temperatures are all above freezing, including wrightstown, even lancaster has 34 degrees right now. so that bodes well, for things on the road, and even though in the upper atmosphere we will see a mix of precipitation in a few places and you need to know you need to bundle up more than yesterday. we are as much as ten, 11, 20 degrees colder then we were yesterday at this time.
6:47 am
14 degrees colder down in dover, delaware where they have had nothing but rain all morning. and you see this little area of white in lancaster county and chester county and maybe a few flurries flying around because it is just right around freezing there but again, the the ground isn't so cold, so it hopefully will just melt as soon as it makes it to the ground and we have got little rain the two south of that in southern new castle county say around bear, delaware or glassco. so then we will move further south and we will see pockets of heavier rain moving through, cape may county in new jersey, and down in southern delaware down around georgetown we are getting heavier rain. when this whole mess moves northward we could see winter weather mess in places like berks county, lehigh valley, poconos mountains, lancaster county 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. is when this advisory is in effect. basically what we will see is this moving north as a warm front but then this precipitation will move into an area where temperatures are colder as you just saw, so,
6:48 am
here we are, at nine or 10:00 o'clock this morning. we will see rain around the area through about noon time and then this area have of precipitation continues to move north and it will cause the most problems, up towards the higher elevations where we do see light accumulations of snow before about 6:00 o'clock when just about everybody turns over to rain and that lasts through about midnight or so and then it is all out of here. so a little messy but it could be a whole lot worse. our temperature trend was getting better. yesterday, we called for 60 degrees. we ended up with 65. today will be colder than that with a high of around 40 degrees. we have 53 for tomorrow, maybe early morning shower but just kind of cloudy throughout the day, and tomorrow, and then by thursday, it is sunny again but chillier with a high of 45. we have to watch the friday forecast to see if we have a wintry mix. it is a a possibility. we have a chance of rain on at day and sunday but also a chance of sunshine, that is
6:49 am
unsettled for the weekend but first we have to get through this morning, bob kelly, checking on the roads. >> we're on our way to cape may, live look at cape may, new jersey route 47 just outside of cape may, again wet roads down the shore as sue just showed us, area getting the precipitation in the form of rain and further north and west we will go, things will change over until you get that slush mixture, that slushy wintry mix we will call that and i don't know is what going on with my cameras there. we have a slushy mix in our camera. cue kill press way, running slow right here near city avenue. we are seeing volume popping there southbound i-95 heavy from cottman avenue in towards girard avenue. we have an accident in skippack on valley forge road right at route seven . also a fire location in lower providence. 422, starting to see the the low downs and all of the major roadways will be slower than normal today because of the weather conditions. so just factor in that extra
6:50 am
time, that extra wiggle room and remember further north and west you go the roads could turn from wet to that icy glaze which could have an impact on our on and off ramps. septa says they are in good shape as far as trains go. watch out for slippery spots on the platforms and the same deal goes with boarding the buses and trolleys. kerry and chris, back to you. 6:50 right now. terrifying revelations surrounding one of the wiges names in media. >> new report shows oprah winfrey's harpo studios in chicago was a target of the militant group that wanted to bomb it. the group reportedly wanted to bring a u-haul full of explosives to the studios in 2009 but police stopped it before it could be carried out. this is according to judicial watch. there were at least four people involved in the plot and at least two are in jail. investigators say the group resent winfrey for her popularity and her power. >> so people magazine catching a little bit of flack for accidentally posting an
6:51 am
obituary for kirk douglass. post has been removed but not before captured on social media head line read do not pub, kirk douglass died. do not pub means do not publish. douglass turns 98 next week. it is worth noting that most, i would say vast majority of the news organizations, on line publications, they work on owe bit war is in advance so they have them ready to go. people magazine said a glitch caused articles to surface on line but they didn't say specifically what articles they were referring to. ♪ smokey and bandit one of my favorite of all time jackie gleason. if you ever wanted to live out your fantasy of being burt reynolds, smokey and the bandit, it is going up for auction. do you remember 78 trans am.
6:52 am
>> oh, yeah. >> it was owned by reynolds himself. >> it was his car good i didn't know that. >> it kind of comes with embroidered headrest, cb radio and license plate that read bandit 22. no word on what price the bidding will start out. >> i would be curious toe though. >> a lot of people would be interested in that. >> sally field riding shotgun there, pedal to the metal and feet to the floor. >> big old mustache. >> way back. >> that came out in 78. i saw that 14 times however. >> nothing else to do in the day. >> yeah, were you cool, very cool. >> couple weeks ago, graco recalled some of their car seats do you remember that in but did they delay their announcement? why the feds are going after them now. do you ever go tout eat but can't figure out what to order? well, pizza hut is putting
6:53 am
that to a stop, how their menu can leave your mine. >> i don't know if i like.
6:54 am
6:55 am
is there another big holiday tradition we're talking about this morning el if on the shelf, tom loudon he knows all about the elf on the
6:56 am
shelf. >> thinks elfie, she checks in with santa at north pole as you know at home. we want to see your best pictures today. tweet us, facebook, hash tag fox 29 good day, all about the el f on the shelf. >> yes, and also this one, came with gifts. does elf visit your home. >> that was for first night, he says welcome back to riley, taylor and welcome. >> and it is elf on the shelf recommend for your child to be on the nice list, be careful what toys come in the home because is there one toy that increases your chances of going to the hospital. also, do you have your christmas tree up? if not it needs to be. we are sending vince i harris off to a christmas tree farm to talk about the best christmas tree for your home. i'll go back and finish singing.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
accounts where is shane montgomery as police look at new videos hoping to find any clues. we are live with the latest. he was an icon of the school. it was like, one of the reason i came here. >> stepping aside bill cosby steps down from temple's board of trustees amid sexual assault allegations why he thought now was the time. you will feel a big change this morning.
7:00 am
cold temperatures and rain, just across the area. you might even see a snow flake or two, sue serio is tracking the weather. a warning for parents this morning, something on your child's holiday wish list, could land them in the hospital. the the one toy that is being blamed for a 40 percent increase in injuries. good morning, and happy tuesday. hi everyone. >> looking this way to check my cameras out. >> yes. >> it is crazy already this morning. >> really. >> we dent like. that we have weather to contend with. >> rain and possibly some sleet. >> yes. >> that is right. >> we have seen that stuff mixing in this morning and as we say it doesn't take much to make a mess. there is not a lot of the mix out there but some places there is a lot of rain. that is why we gave it, a three. three out


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