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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 2, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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cold temperatures and rain, just across the area. you might even see a snow flake or two, sue serio is tracking the weather. a warning for parents this morning, something on your child's holiday wish list, could land them in the hospital. the the one toy that is being blamed for a 40 percent increase in injuries. good morning, and happy tuesday. hi everyone. >> looking this way to check my cameras out. >> yes. >> it is crazy already this morning. >> really. >> we dent like. that we have weather to contend with. >> rain and possibly some sleet. >> yes. >> that is right. >> we have seen that stuff mixing in this morning and as we say it doesn't take much to make a mess. there is not a lot of the mix out there but some places there is a lot of rain. that is why we gave it, a three. three out of ten.
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yuck. now it is, we have seen worse, i have said that earlier but most roads are just wet, precipitation, a at least around metro is light but we do expect more mess, by the end of the day. bus stop buddy is ready for it with some gloves on, umbrella, and waterproof warm coat because temperatures are in the 30's, and a lot colder then they were yesterday. you see to the south of philadelphia, it is just rain but as we move it closer around chester county and new castle county we may be getting snow and sleet milk in. same story for delco. just got to allow extra time and be careful out there, down in southern new jersey we are seeing rain and only rain and in the case of cape may county there was heavy rain moving through as well, so 39 degrees with 50 percent relative hugh midty a and 11 miles an hour wind. sunrise happening moments from now at 7:04. winter weather advisory starts at 1:00 north and west of the
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city, more details on that coming up. 40 degrees our average throughout the day as that light snow and sleet changes over to rain for everybody and then tonight that tapers off after midnight and that is your fox cast for tuesday. yesterday was a lot better weather-wise. lets see how traffic is going. >> yesterday was much better traffic wise. two minutes after 7:00 on a tuesday morning, good morning to palmyra, new jersey. live look at route 73, car dealership there, roads are damp, wet we have a wintry mix as sue just showed us depending upon where you begin and end, your trip, the breakfast buffet this morning. live look at the the schuylkill expressway, headlights coming into downtown just damp roadways here. we have had some rain and flurries role through but pockets from conshohocken through downtown. a live look here at 30 bypass for gang leaving downingtown this morning. starting to see pockets of volume heading eastbound in towards king of prussia interchange. let get out to 422 where we
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are seeing those delays heading eastbound and in towards that curve. north along 55 for gang leaving south jersey wipers on and steady rain heading north on 55 in towards that 42 freeway. an accident in skippack on route 73 at valley forge road. fire location in lower providence on osprey drive, and mass transit, septa says everything is running without a delay. no problems on the regional will rail lines. however, with the rain and lower temperatures things could be slippery on the platforms this morning. just use some extra extra caution boarding buses, trains and trolleys. rest of the mys transit system in good shape. slow go from girard into downtown. chris an alex, back to you. still no leads in the search for missing college student shane montgomery. >> he disappeared thanksgiving morning after a night out with friend. lets get to steve keeley live from manayunk with the latest on where the search stand right now, steve. >> reporter: this popular spot
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in the city considered one of of the most safees spots in the city. in bars on the business windows, no trash on the streets. no empty abandoned buildings. now lit up for christmastime. the season just isn't the same though this year. six days and still no clue what happened to shane montgomery after he stepped on the sidewalk here and hasn't been seen since. his family overwhelmed with anxiety is also overwhelmed by something special where the season of giving and philadelphia's finest are both showing strong. support in the search efforts has been in the hundreds of volunteers and now support to cover any cost in the family search is in the thousands of dollars. this go fund me page started by dana costa hoping to raise 7500 went over 9,000 almost instantly. 191 donors and growing strong. reward fund also growing now over $30,000, with shane's family and investigators feeling it will be a tip that will be the the key to solving this case saying some one or
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someone knows something that can lead to shane. we know that somebody has seen him since then. there is hundreds of people walking out of the bars on one of the biggest drinking nights in the country and in the year. there are no words to describe the pain and heartache that we feel, every minute. we have moments where we are hopeful. yesterday when canal came up and our shane wasn't in the canal, to moment of the deepest despair that you can ever, ever imagine and in parent should have this heartache and no one would ever believe the night mayor that we are living as a family and a community. we have no idea what has happened to our shane. it is almost as if he vanished and people don't vanish. so someone has to come forward and tell us what we need, so we can be redirect to find
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him. >> reporter: not adding to the reward yet is shane's school, west chester university, where he is a senior and did not return to classes lick his fellow students did yesterday after the long thanksgiving break but the west chester university student government association did step up adding a thousand dollars to the reward fund and tomorrow, on the steps of the student union hall, planning to hold a candle light vigil at 6:00 p.m. a night that will mark exactly one week since shane went out to his friend's at kildares and has not been seen ever since. kerry and chris. >> steve keeley, thank you. hopefully someone will come forward with any kind of a tip, nick at all. 7:06. new this morning police say a driver took off from this crash, in north philadelphia evening the car flipped over at germantown avenue and tioga a street around 1:30. no word about what led up to the accident. and a 25 year-old man is in critical condition, after a driver slammed into him, and just kept going. new this morning police say a driver took off from this crash in north philadelphia,
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the car flipped over at germantown avenue and tioga street around 1:30 this morning. no word what led up to that accident. some of new jersey's aging schools are in for some, well, sprucing up. new jersey governor chris christie will join camden mayor dana redd to make a special announcement today. they will reveal plans for school construction project to replace crumbling school buildings. and in philadelphia today a special a announcement about the future of school lunches. mayor nutter with the secretary of the u.s. department of agriculture, will reveal new details about a federal program that will help school cafeteria purchase more food for local farms. city of philadelphia will launch a part they are ship intended to fuel economic growth. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter will be on hand for an event later this morning at forty-eighth street grill. it is part of the new initiative called city of philadelphia which will bring zero per send interest to small business owners. the through this program anybody can lend $5 or more to
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the entrepreneur of their choice. and it is also big news for our area and nationwide, bill cosby is out at his alma matter. last night the icon i can comedian resign from the temple university board of trustees this made national headlines as you alluded to. it follows weeks amid a sexual abuse scandal where more than a dozen women after accused cosby of rape or sexual assault. lets bring in jennifer joyce live with the fall out yet again this morning, jen? >> reporter: that is right, chris. we are seeing mixed reaction here on campus. some people think it was the right decision. other people think it came a little bit too late. some seem to be taken back by bill cosby's resignation from the board of trustees. he was a board of trustees member from more than 30 years with temple university. he has spoken at numerous commencements and sporting his cherry and white. many see him a as a face for temple university, a reason yes this attended this school, the the most famous tell am lum. temple university says bill
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cosby submitted his resignation in writing and they accepted it. now the third university in the last week to sever ties with the comedian on sexual assault accusations continue to mount. nearly 20 women have blamed cosby drugged and assaulted them. he has never been prosecuted. fox 29 broke the news about cosby's resignation to several students last night. here's what they had to say. >> he had to do what he had to do to move forward in his life. more power to him. i think it is really division but it has only been the media that has been telling us stuff. i think we need to give it time. i have not heard anything bit. it seems like he did it quietly which i don't know i'm still rooting for him but i will keep an opened mind for now. >> reporter: signature have been posted on a petition at urging temple university to oust cosby n a statement bill cosby says i
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have always been proud of my association with temple university. i have always wanted to do well as well as in the best interest of the university and its students. as a result i have tendered my resignation from the temple university board of trustees and at this point temple university is not commenting. chris anales if they do, we will have it. jennifer joyce live on temple's campus, thank you. 7:10. new jersey child welfare workers will report to work after threatening a boycott from work. communications work are of a america greed to hold off on the walk out after a plan was presented to them according to north the union has been concern with security at department of children and family offices, after a caseworker was stabbed two weeks ago in camden. governor chris christie chrisized the potential boycott saying it will hurt children. trump entertainment resorts is closing the new hotel tower and in longer issuing credit at taj mahal. it is trump's only remaining casino in atlantic city. the company is closing its
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chairman tower and not issuing credit as of yesterday. trump entertainment has been in talks with the union and state officials discussing ways to save money and maybe even the casino and its 3,000 jobs. it is slate todd shut down december 12th. the ferguson grand jury decision has spark debate around the country and many want to keep that discussion going. organizers of ferguson to philly wild hold a town hall meeting tonight at 6:30 at calvary church on forty-eighth and baltimore avenue. participants will talk about philadelphia's concerns, meanwhile, president obama taps philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey, to help with a task force on 21st century policing. commissioner ramsey will lead the pan well laurie robinson a former assistant attorney general. the announcement came on the same day a group of philadelphia police officers began wearing body cameras, and a pilot program, to try out the technology. and this with that said the president is asking lawmakers for a $75 million to get, 50,000 more police to wear those body cameras. the president made the
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announcement during a series of meetings, in the wake of the ferguson grand jury decision. the white house now says the cameras could help bridge deep mistrust between law enforcement and the public. attorney general eric hold's announced yesterday a new anti racial profiling measure. he made the announcement during a meeting at ebonieser bob advertise church in atlanta, the search church doctor martin luther king junior preached. the the attorney general will be visiting several cities as part of the white house effort to strengthen relationships between police and minority communities. we're following up on a developing story overseas right now. two lebanese officials say authorities have detain one of the wife's and son of the leader of the islamic state group. military official says a woman and her son were taken ten days ago. officials say their arrest was quote in coordination with foreign intelligence agencies. an aid for republican congressman resigned after calling out president obama's daughters. >> elizabeth loudon is now former communications director's to representative steven fincher of tennessee,
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the former. in a facebook post you may remember she commented on the daughter a's body lack wage and their outfits at last weeks white house turkey pardoning ceremony. she trashed the girls saying they should have had or shown more class. she late's pol guyed for her post. that is not all. it turns out loudon was arrested as a teen in 2,000 for stealing from a department store, so since it was her first misdemeanor, the charges were later dropped. our friend at wmmr are hosting a huge event this week in south philadelphia for a very good cause. >> preston and steve at it holding their annual food drive to camp out for hunger. people can get down to xfinity live all week. all donations benefit philabundance. the food drive end friday. taking a selfie today can help ensure a happy christmas for children. interesting connection there. well, philadelphia area toys-r-us stores are accepting, toy donations for toys for tots program. but the chain will double donations, if you do, one simple thing.
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>> as you alluded to, take a selfie and donating to the drive ape post it on social media using the hash tag play it forward, kind of a play on words there toys-r-us will did he nathan additional toy for toys for tots for every selfie shared. great idea. and now we will take a live lot at rothman institute, ice rink at dilworth park where singers and skaters are helping to rereal the true cost of christmas. this is what we will do. they are performing the 12 days of christmas, pnc unwraps their christmas price and that is based on than famous song on the first day of christmas my true love gave to me. well, those 12 days will cost you more for you this year. so, we will tell you, if you bought the whole song you would shell out about $27,673.21. >> wow. >> who needs a pair tree anyway. >> yeah, really. >> biggest swing in prices came from the six geese a laying. so we will break down the exact cost of each item, throughout the show for you. it makes you feel golden rings.
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i would imagine that is expensive. what do you think, sue. >> maybe the the part ridge but not the pair tree. >> we want the whole part ridge family what will that cost. >> it will cost a lot to get them all together again. anyway, temperature is one thing that we're watching this morning. precipitation is the other thing. temperature effects the type of precipitation, so we've got temperatures that are around freezing in lancaster reading, pottstown, allentown but we're in the seeing much precipitation in those places. the places where it is above freezing, philadelphia, wilmington, millville, wildwood, that is where we're seeing rain, and now these temperatures, be prepared, they are colder then they were yesterday. es specially up in the mountains. 23 degrees colder. 12 degrees colder here in the city then it was 14 degrees colder down in dover, delaware. and, so it is a lot colder. you have to bundle up more president hopefully you enjoyed that 65 degrees yesterday. it will be a while before we see that again. now here around the metro area we're not seeing much if anything, in the way of
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precipitation. the rain is heavy in spots. down to the south of us, but having said that, you could see a few flakes flying around, here a few sleet pellets on your windshield as you are driving around in places like delaware county or in chester county around, west goshen. around wilmington, delaware but again, it is very light and a lot of thinks in melting as soon as it reaches the ground. so it is places like cape may, sea isle city,er with we will see some heavier rain this morning as well as lewis, delaware. so a winter weather advisory is not in effect just yet but it has been issued for 1:00 o'clock this afternoon to 10:00 o'clock tonight for lancaster county, berks county, lehigh and northampton counties as well as carbon and monroe because those are the places when the rain that you saw moves northward they will get some frozen precipitation. it is all part of this situation with the warm front moving northward throughout the day. it was a cold front. we're moving northward as a warm front. we told but this yesterday. it moves in the place where the air is colder. we will just show thaw too.
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so as that happens after 12:00 noon what you will see is rain around the philadelphia area bit is north and west of the city where we can see some snow mix nothing and maybe even accumulating a little bit up in the mountains which is exactly where they want the snow. and then after i would say around 7:00 o'clock, everything is changing over to rain. because warmer air is moving in behind the warm front. we're still raining around 11:00 o'clock tonight but shortly after that it gets out of here. so, it was a mild start to this december. the first of december, 65 degrees. hopefully you enjoyed that yesterday. because it is not going to be that warm today. 40 degrees this afternoon will be kind of the average temperature. we have already reached 40 today. but i think we will get back there. and then, cannot even rule out a few peaks of sunshine, depending on where you are once the rain end for you and you take a little break 567893 degrees tomorrow, with mostly cloudy skies. sunny and chilly on thursday and then a mix is possible in the morning on friday, changing over to rain with
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48 degrees. a little unsettled over the weekend but we will work on that forecast especially for you if you are going to the eagles game on sunday afternoon. that is your seven day forecast. all right, bob kelly, what do you got. >> 7:18 exactly, sue. it is downtown charlie brown, a live look at the vine street expressway, same volume for end to end from the schuylkill over to i-95, exit nothing to downtown this morning. here's a live look at route 13, in delaware. give you an idea of center city is dry. further south, and east that you go we're dealing with rain and then further north and west we will go, you are keeping with that wintry mix but a live look at delaware where the roads are wet, thinks a live look at the 42 freeway, coming in towards philadelphia, and again, not that bad at all. so it is really all hit and miss depending upon where you begin and end your trip for this morning's rush hour. we will go to the maps now, and then the pennsylvania turnpike, through can come from the west, heading in towards downingtown, morgan town into king of prussia, we're starting to see some volume. nothing really out of the
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ordinary. slow go on the blue route here in both directions between route one, down through i-95, folks moving down towards the airport this morning, in skip fact pack, we have an accident at valley forge road at route 73. septa is in good shape. trains are running without a problem. but in the areas that are getting that wintry mix just watch it on the platforms. they could be a little bit slippery as they board the trains. patco, new jersey transit, even the dart system is all running with no delays. watch it on the buses again this morning. and the bridges so far, so good bennie, whitman, commodore barry looking good coming into downtown. chris an alex, back to you. all right, bob, 23 days and counting and so for my seven year-old, yes, a lot of parents wondering what to get our little girls for christmas. >> everyone is thinking of frozen but move over, elsa and ana, philly girls may have a new princess costume to wear. so moms and dads who are eagles fans, well, you may really like this one. give your pint sized bird fans the royal treatment. check it out it is an eagles theme tiara and magic wand.
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it else for 16 bucks from a company sports merchandise company called bleacher creatures. >> they have been around a while. fit comes in pink my daughter would wear it. >> yeah. >> she doesn't like eagles green. >> she doesn't like anything but pink you need to get her conditioned. she needs to make sure that she's into the whole eagles spirit there. >> that is on my parenting list, yes. >> the feds are going after graco, did the company delay a recall announcement for their car seats. why they allegedly resisted that recall. do you have an el f on the shelf at home, we want to see pictures of your creative way yours is hang out in the house. dave says luke is a drum playing eagles fan, look at that one, that is a good one. and lexi says cook out, beach chair, that is so cute. >> awesome. >> and basketball anyone, the l varies are having fun. >> yes. >> above the rim. >> good play i didn't even think of.
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that so make sure you tweet us your el f on the shelf pictures with the hash tag fox 29 good day, we want to know if they are having fun. of course, we have to report to santa. of course, we have to report to santa. imagine a health plan that gives you zero. as in zero copays. if you're on medicare and eligible for medicaid, gateway health has a medicare advantage plan for you. gateway health medicare assured diamond gives you better coverage, benefits, and service, plus zero monthly premiums.
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and zero copay for primary care and specialist visits, hospitalization and er, even transportation. call 1-877-gateway today! for a better plan. and a better you.
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we are back looking live at dilworth park. look at the carolers. this is much better. >> much better than i skating. >> very true. >> can you kate good no. >> i mean i can move, and not fall but i cannot do anything spectacular like this. >> if i were inspired, i would skate backward. >> we will check back there all morning long. federal investigators are looking into a important safety recall affecting children. >> they want to know whether graco delayed reporting a safety defect that led to the country's largest recall, of car seats. let get to lauren simonneti now. >> this is troubling on many levels, lauren. >> i know, i know, and it
7:25 am
shows that the government is really stepping up, when it comes to auto makers, graco, car seat makers. they recalled 6 million car seats because buckles can get stuck. for year they said your kids spilled food or drink it will make them sticky, and trying to get the kid out of the car seat and it was really difficult. there has been one death potentially linked to this defective car seat. this is what we want to know we want to know what you knew and when you knew it because there are reports that complaints came in, as early as 2009. so why is it only this year we are telling but this biggest recall, in car seat history. so, good question? as a result graco may be faced with a maximum potential civil fine here of 35 million-dollar. >> wow. >> did i hear you right, 2009. it has been five years that this has been push aside. >> yes. >> reporter: according to graco they say they were aware of the complaints. they analyzed all of the
7:26 am
documents but their advice to people was to clean out bucket. take food and drink, that sticky stuff out of there. government is not happy with that. they want more, better answers. >> it shouldn't be our fault, it is a car seat, naturally the kids will be eating and stuff. that is what kids do. >> yes. >> we will make sure to follow-up on this for sure. lauren, a lot of parents outraged over this one. we appreciate it. thank you. of course, don't miss lauren on our sister necessary work fox business network. if you cannot find it, google it the or log on to fox business and channel finder. that menu, it can really read your mind. from food to beverage, coca cola upsetting some people, with their new ads, but they are not just photos they are for milk. learn how people can say on
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you may think your child is safe if they play football and they never had a concussion. think again. doctor mike will tell you how a normal season can affect your child's brain. so troubling. once rejected as a tree and now symbol of the holiday season itself. how people of reading are planning to honor their charlie brown tree as it is call. and, getting, are you going to cut down your own
7:30 am
this year. we are sending quincy out to montgomery county to give you tips on picking the the perfect one. what do you normally do when you are looking for trees. >> i look for the nearest lot and the cheapest tree. >> that is within way to do it. >> i look for it in the style aisle i look for the most fake one that looks the most real. >> most easily a em is also. >> that is so true. >> sue, what about you. >> well, for years i was on this program saying three parts to the tree, bing, bing, top middle bottom, put it together, plug it in. then my daughter, said i never had a real tree. so we went and cut one down. now we will get another real tree this year. then she will get to college and then it is back to the electricity, and plug it in. light rain, sleet and snow, is out there but here in philadelphia, our roads are dry. it is depending on where you are. the is there your just in case umbrella with bus stop buddy who is bundled up.
7:31 am
one thing that everybody is getting colder temperatures then yesterday. we have a three out of the ten today and a look at the precipitation that is around. it is mostly rain to the south of us. the tricky area is where you see the pink and the white, and most of have that at the moment is in new castle county delaware and across the river in salem county, new jersey. we are keeping an eye on that but it size light whatever you are seeing, mixing with the rain. we could hear sleet around on your window our windshield and down along south jersey and ac expressway it is just rain and just rain in southern delaware as well. 39 degrees, right now, and it is going to stay right around 39 with a high of 40 later on. we will talk about that winter weather advisory coming up but everybody eventually will change over to rain, we will stay in the upper 30's in the overnight hours, we will tell you about the rest of the forecast when we will bring you this seven day coming up. here we are, bob with dry roads right here in philadelphia. >> um-hmm. >> but in other places, you have been seeing infamous wet
7:32 am
roadways. >> wet roadways, exactly. >> little bit of everything out there. depending upon where you begin and end your trip here this morning, we will take a live look as we begin right here. this is route 14, 13, down in delaware, where again we started out with heavy rain this morning. we have a hit and miss that. set the tone for our morning rush hour there but 130 looking live in delaware. we will try to go to the next camera. the camera has a little wintry mix in there. we will go for a fly on the pennsylvania turnpike heading eastbound towards king of prussia, starting to see volume towards that valley forge interchange. slow go through newtown square all the way down to i-95. as you work your way up and town through media swarthmore on 476, popping up some volume. and a accident in skippack along valley forge road right at route 73, police are on the scene there and mass transit, september, says they are in good shape n problems on this morning on the regional rail lines. they will caution that you want to make sure you be
7:33 am
careful on the platforms in the area where we are getting the rain or maybe out in the suburbs. north and west of the city where we have that wintry mix, that could cause that pop up slippery spots on the platforms and the buses. patco, new jersey transit dart looking good and in problems up and over the bridges, alex and chris, back over to you. we have a warning for parents, before you check off items on your child's christmas list. >> toy related injuries in the united states increased by 40 percent. mostly due to one specific kind of toy. doctor mike is now joining with us more on this. doctor, how are you. >> i'm fine. >> so it is christmas shopping season. >> oh, yeah. >> we have to be careful as parents. >> i didn't really get it until i had kids. i have a six year-old and a three-year old at home and i can tell you i worry more. i could not think about worrying more than i did already, now i worry about two things them choking and them breaking something on scooters and things. >> scooters. >> all kids love scooters.
7:34 am
>> number one toy that has led to the biggest increase in damage, including broken bones, shoulder dislocations, all kinds of things, the scooter. you will demonstrate there. >> yes. >> i brought it. where did i get it? in my garage because my son has it. >> i think my brother-in-law brought it for him and i love my brother-in-law. >> did you like my tennis shoes here. >> alex, if you break something. this is my first time on the scooter. they are just running into thing. >> yes. >> what happens here is that they break them because they are not wearing the proper equipment. >> knee pads, shoulder pads, helmets. >> all of those things. >> body arm or. >> folks will come knocking here at fox 29 studios. >> it is in your contract to put yourself at bodily risk, just ask jen fred. >> should we be getting these
7:35 am
as gifts. >> i think it is okay but you have to be sure that they are supervised. if you have a young child and you give them one of these gifts, they need to be supervised just like if they are under three. there is new studies looking at the fact that even though packaging says choking has air not to be used for someone under three. last night my daughter who was three a had a hair barrett in her mouth. scared the bee-jesus out of me. >> we have been talking about this new stud bye brain injuries to kids. >> well, this, again, comes out when you talk about concussions, it can lead to long term problems. what this study shows was that even in the absence of concussions, repeated trauma a to the brain, in high school football players, and for that matter hockey players or any other kind of players can lead to long term changes in the brain. this was studied, looking at
7:36 am
fancy, mri pet scan sort of things. so, the deal here is that although my son loves hockey, he is probably nicholas if you are listening, i'm sorry, you will probably not make it in the nhl because you have my genes flowing through your blood. you have to use your brain. these kids will to have make a living using their brain. we have to be really meticulous about prevending head injury. >> how do you do that, if i'm a parent and my kidneys football. he has been on the field but i want him to keep playing or he wants to keep playing. >> football is part of america. president obama even said look if i had boys and they wanted to play football or girls for that matter, i would give second thought to letting them play. the problem is that you have a brain encased in a skull. even when you put titanium in
7:37 am
front of that brain in the form of the helmet when you have a sudden deceleration that brain moves a little bit and causes small damage leading to chronic traumatic problems and we are seeing more and more of this. not only can it make you have memory loss but lead to increased risk of suicide, death by suicide and we are seeing that more and more. >> we just saw it with the ohio state football player, junior seau the the hall of fame football player, and others. >> thanks for coming in. >> yes. >> 7:37. it is giving tuesday and they are out giving cups of coffee outside our studio at fourth and market. we will tell you how you can also give back
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welcome back. do you have an elf on the shelf at home. here's a good one from maryann. elf, for breakfast in the refrigerator. >> hey, whip that up for me good little suggestive of that elf.
7:41 am
>> and then this one, el f on the shelf hiding. >> in the dark. >> yes. >> that is spooky a little bit. >> use fox 29 good day we will he show your pictures all morning long. today we will celebrate giving tuesday and that means you can take advantage have of a free bye right here at fourth and market outside our studio. >> lets get to kerry joining us with some ministries. >> hi, guys. i don't know if you can see outside the studio but it is beginning to snow on us very, very lightly but sue warn it is on its way. it is. it is a good day to give away coffee which is what you are doing here. this is sister ann pro votes, steve from neighborhood ministry. why are you doing this. >> today is giving tuesday and we want to be who we say we are which is give in order to share with people. so we're here to give out free cough east today forgiving tuesday and hoping to make new friends and help people learn about our ministry in north philadelphia. >> tell us about what you guys
7:42 am
do. >> well, mercy neighborhood is a child care, adult care and adult education program and we cater to if this section of the philadelphia and we have been doing that for 11 years. this is part of our effort to give back forgive back tuesday. >> where are you guys doing this. >> we will be here, northern liberties and broad and cecil b. moore. >> you are giving away dunkin' donuts. >> just coffee. >> just what we need on a day like this, it is cold. it is beginning to snow. so tell us what else you are doing, you are launching a new initiative today as well aren't we. >> we are trying to generate more interest with what we do in the area have of tioga we help the family center, and, in our own building, since 2009 but we have existed in these properties for about 15 years before that. we are, our goal or our
7:43 am
mission toys service the people of north philadelphia, particularly women and children. >> i necessity is there a number you are asking people to call, can you toll bus that. we will put information up on the web site but this is how people can get in touch with you guys. >> yes, through mobile cause, we're using a text, text mn in m dollar sign your gift to 4144. >> 41444. >> okay. >> we will get that information on our web site. how long are you out here today until supplies last. >> yes, probably until supplies lasty don't think they will last very licensing because it is cold and windy out here this morning so come on down right outside studios at fourth and market, as well as other locations in northern liberties and tioga a and get a free cup of coffee. >> nice folks there. >> thanks very much. >> very nice. 7:43. was oprah targeted by terrorist?
7:44 am
how, authorities foiled their plans. yes, look at this. now this is the cool part choosing... >> well, no more, we will show you how pizza hut's new in menu, knows what you want, be ♪ it's only for a couple nights ok, yep. ♪
7:45 am
baby. uhhh ... (sarcastically) for me? ♪ she'll love it. thanks. inside a car designed we pto connect yous you love... to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you.
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give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
7:47 am
really bringing in the christmas carols. we love it. we are looking atwoodwill be resort in the pocono mountains and it will be ready to go there. >> sue. >> they had natural snow and they will probably have a little more by the even of the day. wait until you see the future cast. we have that coming up for you. it looks like, we can snug he will up. we have a cold front, and then that came through, yesterday, and still coming back to us as a a warm front. so as we check it out we will see some precipitation, by 11 or 12:00 o'clock, the wintry variety, north of us, and then it looks like changes over to, all rain, by the end of the day after midnight tonight, it is press i much out of here. so, the winter weather advisory, for the poconos mountains, and the lehigh rally and berks and lancaster county does not kick in until 1:00 this afternoon and last until about 10:00p m.
7:48 am
that is when it is a trick i time for travel and possibility of maybe light accumulations of snow but that is far north and west of us. it is already cold in those places. so when precipitation closest. 39 degrees here in philadelphia a well above freezing. our roads are pretty dry, a few snow flakes as kerry reported just outside of our studios but they are flying around and not doing anything. it is all rain to our south, as we, will show you but it is colder then yesterday, too. so if you have not gone outside and wondering what to wear, dress more warmly then you did yesterday. 12 degrees colder in a lot of places. here's the the precipitation, and along the frontal system, that is still kind of stalled in our area it is rain for the most part but then you will get right up in this tricky area in the middle of new castle county around bear, delaware where we have seen the possibility of some sleet mixing in with the snow flakes. it is cold enough in the upper atmosphere but here at the surface it is still just rain. in southern delaware,.
7:49 am
65 degrees to start moth of december. pretty nice but not enclose to that today. forty is all we'll manage throughout the afternoon. at least 40 is above freezing. there may be a few areas of sunshine, depending, again, where you are. it is just timing, temperature and location for all of this precipitation. 53 degrees tomorrow. sunshine returns on thursday. gets iffyie friday and into the weekend. but today, just some places have wet roth ways, bob. >> yes, they do at 7:49. good morning everybody. hello five points where 309 and 202 all come together and the mall in the bake ground. that joint was jumping there on friday. but right now just damp roadways and as sue mentioned it all depend on where you begin and end your trip. here's a live look at i295 in cherry hill, new jersey. here's the schuylkill express waste leaving town. westbound bumper to bumper out to sit is i line and
7:50 am
conshohocken. even on the pennsy turnpike westbound there is delays now from willow grove heading in towards the fort washington interchange, down to 26 miles an hour. so the turnpike is starting to see the morning rush hour slow down and a little bit of the brake tap down there at conshohocken to that king of prussia interchange. we have word of an accident on i-95, this is southbound i-95 right here at the betsy ross bridge interchange. you can see the the speedometers popping up instantly when we go from 40 miles an hour down to 13. we can pick the spot of the accident, same deal on the schuylkill expressway running slow, leaving town, and rest of the majors like inbound on the schuylkill about a 30 minute trip into center city philadelphia southbound i-95 just over a half an hour because of that accident at the at betsy ross. septa is in good shape this morning no problems but, with the weather situation just be careful for some of the slippery platforms even on some of the bus steps as well. chris and alex, back over to you. always a good reminder, bob, thank you sir. every time i go out to eat i have this problem. they give me the menu.
7:51 am
i'm looking. i cannot decide. i say do i want this, do i want that. it stresses me out. >> right, because you don't want to make a bad choice when you go out all that often. >> decent place tease. >> including pizza hut, right. so they want to make you make that decision. >> they credit the subconscious menu which does all of the work for you. >> this menu is controls with your eyes and mind. >> right, that seems fair. >> beautiful. menu recognize your eye movement. this is the cool part. choosing what to treat your taste buds w your subconscious has already done it for you. this amazing little gadget. >> so based on where i look it will pick for me waste want. pizza hut said they have had a 98 percent test rate doing tests of this tablet based menu. >> wow. >> very interesting. >> but thing is, when i'm looping at a hen you my eyes are all over the place but if
7:52 am
i rest and studying it, i say that looks good. maybe it will pick it. >> i would be so creeped out by the idea of them knowing what i'm thinking would i lose mize appetite all together. >> really. >> yes. >> maybe i'm thinking too much about what i'm trying to pick. maybe it breaks it down. you looked over here. just get this and be done witt. >> you you would be in the 98 percentile. i would be that two per send that doesn't like it. >> yes. >> all right. >> people of reading are showing some love to the christmas tree that some had reject. >> so officials are planning a charlie brown day festival, for coming up, december 20th. >> they plan to decorate the the busy norwegian pine some people called this ugly and pathetic but now city is falling in love with what people are calling the charlie brown christmas tree. on at day they will place a single red christmas tree bulb, i guess on it, just like in the classic holiday tail. just like that story city will
7:53 am
add more decorations on the 20th. >> i like that they are embracing it, cute tree. >> pretzel on top is best. >> how can i find one for my tree. >> yes. >> exactly right. >> speaking of christmas trees, quincy is pick ing out the perfect christmas tree. so you are where now? >> yes, i'm on sansom street in the frosty drives. i'm going to pick out the perfect christmas tree here but guess what i have jay, and he will show us some trees that are ready, some trees that look like they are from philly. we have great trees coming up. welcome to "good day philadelphia".
7:54 am
7:55 am
deciding between buying bread and health care is much tougher. healthy pa is now here to help, with name-brand health insurance for the cost of a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
7:56 am
not necessarily the best day of the season weather-wise. sue has a three, for today and you can see in large part due
7:57 am
to this, the wind, the flurries out there. so, take it with a little bit of caution today. bundle up the kids. >> we're still in the christmas spirit. >> yes. >> to help you deal with this weather why not get the christmas tree, right? lets get to quincy harris who is spending the morning in lansdale, have you found the christmas tree yet, quincy. >> i have not found a christmas tree just yet but we have so many christmas trees here. you know, it is 4 acres of christmas trees, jay. >> yes. >> 4 acres. >> what are the different trees we have here. >> here's at buster's we have 11 different varieties. but i'll just point out a couple for you. one you are standing next to their is a bol some fur and really nice them about a bolsome furies the smell. >> it smells good. >> old fashion traditional christmas tree that was around for generations. >> okay. >> this tree around here we were talking about this tree in reading pa trees. >> this is our charlie brown or reading, pennsylvania pennsylvania christmas tree.
7:58 am
>> what is this. >> this is the same as that, it is a bolsome, difference is this has never been pruned or sheared. >> how long does it take for christmas trees to grow. >> a tree that size about eight years old, in our farm, on our farm and they are four years old when we plant them. >> so this is a douglass fur, and we grow. >> it seems fuller. it is much thicker, it is more of a service decoration to it. and these and the frazier furs are two of the most popular. this is a new tree. this is one i kind of like. it is a northland fur with very stiff branches. the needles are really dark green. >> this is, what this. >> north land fur. >> i may need one of these. >> let me show you my wife's favorite tree. >> yes, we love your wife. >> this is a victorian tree.
7:59 am
>> okay. >> it is like the the others except we sheer it so you can hang big ornament on it. >> it is thinner. >> it is thinner about all about the decorations here. >> yes. >> you see douglass is thick. the victoria you have room for big ornament and make it three dimensional look to it. >> so next hour i will be cutting a tree. these trees back here i don't know if you can see them they are really big. this tree right here was grown in 1996. >> planted in 1996 on our farm. >> kerry barrett she has a tree like this in her house. it was like super massive. kerry, is this the type of tree you have in your home. >> kerry is not here, but we did see it yesterday and it is huge. >> this is alex holley. >> i'm sorry, alex. >> this looks like kerry's tree, right here but next hour i'm cutting a tree.
8:00 am
maybe a massive tree like this. >> we have to find you a a boyfriend first. >> here we go. >> here we go. >> we will send it back to you. >> he went there. >> did he. >> anyway, good day, on this tuesday, december 2nd, 2014. >> thank you. there is a mess on ultimate doppler radar, but it looks a little worse then it is, at least for right now. we will tell you what is coming up later on in the day in your weather authority forecast, steve. >> reporter: well, sue missing poster taped to the last door shane montgomery was seen walking out of, not seen getting in the car door, cab door or any where else. mystery in manayunk deepens each day now on day six, jennifer? >> reporter: well, steve, bill
8:01 am
cosby resigns as a member of the temple university board of trustees after more than 30 years. we are live, with reaction. jen? ladies and gentlemen, we are still in paris, why because exodus, yes, "fox news" is here. we will talk to ridley ask the in just a second. >> she's having fun in paris. >> yes. >> she has a paris designed dress on her there. >> yes. >> where do we sign up for that. >> sign me up too. >> we would all like to sign up for that. >> third floor, yes. >> speaking of christmas trees, yours is big and beautiful. >> yes, i don't any of lights. i have to go lights shopping. >> lots more lights. >> it is 13 feet tall. >> yes, probably a couple more hundred lights. >> were you very smart on sunday. >> yes. >> yesterday would have been a good christmas tree getting day but today maybe not so much. you can see outside it is dry
8:02 am
right now but that situation is going to change and that is why we're giving you three out of ten. other parties it is so much colder then it was yesterday when we got up to 65 degrees. your bus stop buddy, there is a i lit about it have light rain, sleet and snow, but it is just rain but you need that umbrella and the jacket and make sure it is a warm jacket. gloves are not a bad idea for the the little ones standing at the bus stop this morning. so there is a look at what is going on, ultimate doppler, we will see our line between rain and snow has moved to the south and we're getting rid of the precipitation here in philadelphia for the time being. the it is all coming back later on. you can see southern delaware and southern new jersey getting socked in with that rain. it is 38 degrees here. it is going to be 40 for a high temperature. temperature in the changing much but everybody changing over to rain and tonight we'rei3 down to 38 degrees in the city. a little colder mountain suburbs. the that is your weather authority forecast for today. seven day is coming up. bob kelly is here right now. >> almost 8:03, good morning,
8:03 am
sue. live look at i-95 near stadium area, lincoln financial field on the right. heading southbound toward the airport. it looks like, and, we are seeing wipers not used at all up and down the i-95 corridor. we will go to the maps here. watch for weather delays throughout the day here. we may not have any problems at philly international depending on how mother nature, can get through rest of the day. we will see problems there. mass transit no delays on the rails. septa says to make sure you watch out for slippery spots on your train and platform happens to be in the and use getting hit by mother nature this morning. patco, new jersey transit and dart looking good. watch it boarding the bus these morning. now southbound i-95 out of the northeast an accident at the betsy ross bridge interchange causing a delay from the academy on done to the schuykill expressway, heavy from conshohocken to center city. and the bridges, so far looking good this morning. chris and alex back over to you. >> happening now the search
8:04 am
continues this morning for missing college student shane montgomery. >> the the last time he was seen was very early, thursday morning. thanksgiving day. fox 29's steve keeley is now live in manayunk on day six of thinks being there. steve, good morning. >> reporter: everybody is watching, wondering why we are not showing surveillance video of some short. why no clue? why no surveillance like we are used to seeing on every story. manayunk is so safe and so never in the news for negative reasons there has never been a need for many of the business owners here to have surveillance cameras. none we're told at kildares where shane montgomery cast last seen, and so far, no surveillance of shane for sure, to give investigators any clue where he may have gone or may have come across, after he walk on to the sidewalk here on main street. it is not just shane's friends and family and not just manayunk that has shown support in his search and search for answers and search for chain. dana costa started a go fund me page to start covering the covers of the search and here
8:05 am
$7,500 was her goal. it was blown away almost instantly within a day. nearly to $10,000 so far already. reward fund is growing as well, up over $30,000 now. so without any physical evidence up to this point, everybody involved in this case new believes it is the least ward leading to a tip that is key to catching this mystery in manayunk. >> i think that anything could have happened but i also think that anybody that was in kildare as or work at kildares or work at any of the other bars or was in any of the other bars, somebody had to sees something. >> the other thing that is holding us up and keeping us going is the support and loss of family and friend, people we don't even necessity who has been holing us in this effort, church community and neighborhood and we will get up every day and go look for and look for shane until we find him.
8:06 am
>> reporter: well, still no reward money from shane's school west chester university but student government association has added to both reward fund and efforts to keep this in everybody's mind. as all of the students except for shane went back to classes after the long holiday weekend yesterday, tomorrow night will be a week to the moment that shane went out to his friends here. his friend and fellow students will gather in big numbers tomorrow night likely at 6:00 o'clock in the evening a as soon as it gets dark out for candle light vigil at student union hall steps. everyone is hoping for good news before then so maybe they won't to have hold this vigil. and if shane's family, thought that thanksgiving meant it was a time for family even though shane wasn't there, one thing they do know right now their family is now numbering in the thousands. chris and alex? >> steve key liz live for news manayunk on day six, thank you. at 8:06. bill cosby's well known relationship with temple university is likely helped the university gain a bigger spotlight but now the two have have cut ties this comes weeks
8:07 am
after old allegations, of sexual assault re-surfaced, cost biz announced his resignation from the university's board of trustees last night. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live on the temple's campus with the very latest on this for us, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the as of last night the relationship at least the official relationship between temple university and bill cosby, has ended. for years, bill cosby has been a famous face associated with temple university. we're getting mixed reactions here on campus as a result of his resignation. bill cosby has been a temple university board of trustee member for more than 30 years. he has spoken at numerous commencements and often sporting his cherry and white. many students sigh see him as a face for temple university, a reason why they attended this school. the most famous tell am lum. temple university says bill cosby submitted his resignation in writing and they accepted it, and now the third university in the last week to sever ties with the
8:08 am
comedian as sexual assault accusations continue to mount. nearly 20 women have claimed cosby drugged and or a all thed them. he has never been prosecuted the fox 29 broke the news to several students last night, and here's what a they had to say. >> i think it was a good decision because of the allegations against him. i think it actually came a little bit too late. i was reading on line, we were the last university to kind of cut ties with him. i'm not sure, i think it came a little bit too late. >> i feel like something had to be done. it is a good university. i don't want that to be overshadowed by allegations like that. >> everybody knows bill cosby has been synonymous with temple. he came to graduations. he is a big name around here obviously. i think it is a huge deal. >> reporter: in a statement bill cosby says quote i have always been proud of mize association with temple university. i have always wanted to do what was in the best interest
8:09 am
of the university and students. as a result i have tendered my resignations from the temple university board of trustees. at this point it is up clear whether or not he resigned or his own or forced to do so. the university is not talking. the chris and alex. >> thanks very much, jenny. in the wake of the ferguson decision president obama taps philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey to help lead a task force on 21st century policing. commissioner ramsey will lead the pan he'll long with laurie robinson, a former assistant attorney general, the a announcement came on the same day that a group of philadelphia police officers began wearing body cameras in the pilot program to try out this new technology. and st. louis county police and the rams, the football teams, are at odds over whether a team official, apologized for the the actions of five players showing support for protesters in ferguson, missouri. >> this happened on sunday. the players made the hands up don't shoot guess tur before pregame introductions. both sides agreed the that the team's vice-president, kevin
8:10 am
demall reached out to law enforcement officials but they disagree on what was said. he said did he not apologize but that he regretted any offense that was taken. however police took this asiana pol guyed. meantime rams coach jeff fischer says that neither team nor the nfl will discipline the players for their actions on sunday. we will talk about that later on in the show. and blue for boys and pink for girls. wait, not so fast. is there a new campaign to do away with gender specific toys. the movement this morning, calling out, toy companies, but does it go too far here. but first the 12 days of christmas are really going to cost you. it is even more expense think of year. if you bought the whole song, you would shell out $27,673.21. so lets break it down by how much would a part ridge in a pair tree cost? the answer next. according to you it is the most expensive.
8:11 am
>> yes. >> hint, hint.
8:12 am
8:13 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
8:14 am
right were the break we asked you the cost of the part ridge and a pair tree. according to pnc, it will cost, up from last year. so you got it on line, and try to break it. >> for a part ridge in a pair tree. >> yes. >> okay. >> maybe do you that instead of the a christmas tree, sue. >> yes, under the tree. >> yes. >> very true. >> and, all right. now we will look at our winter weather advisory. split is for lancaster berks, lehigh, northampton and carbon and monroe counties but it does not kick in until 1:00 o'clock. it is not doing much there right now. it will later in the day. we have a frontal system coming back as a warm front. it came through yesterday. and, in the future cast, it shows that we've got rain around our area around noon time 1:00 o'clock but frozen
8:15 am
stuff is north and west of the city as this proceeds into colder territory. and then maybe light accumulations around mount pocono, up in the ski resorts, they will love it. any amount of natural snow is always welcomed, but after maybe six or seven or 8:00 o'clock at night everything is changing over to rain, because milder air will move in the wake of that warm front and it will continue to rain, through about midnight, 1:00 o'clock in the morning and then pretty much be out of here, maybe a little sprinkle or two in the morning tomorrow. but here we are with rain in delaware. it looks like things have calmed down quite a bit but again, a little later this afternoon it will all come back northward and then probably cause a bit of a mess north and west of the city, but we have dried it out around the university of delaware and newark. we are still raining in milford, delaware and in georgetown and lewis, and at the jersey shore as well. so our temperature is well above freezing in philadelphia it is a lot colder to the north and west, and plus, the winter weather advisory for later on in the day. and then temperatures, will
8:16 am
again, be in the upper 30's. now down into south jersey and southern delaware. but it is a lot colder then yesterday, if you have not gone outside just yet, be prepared for. that by bundling up a little bit warmer then you did yesterday. and, then it was a mild start to december. 65 degrees. and, not anymore. and we will probably average around 40, later on in the day. a little bit milder tomorrow, a little bit chillier on thursday, and then it gets a little bit unsettled again as we get into friday. we could have a day much like today on friday, and we will see if that rain decides to stick around through, the weekend. but first weekend of december is coming up, i still cannot believe it, bob kelly. >> santa will be here before we know it. 8:16. good morning. tuesday morning. we're starting to see some change over in our cameras now. we are starting off with rain cams drying out here, a live look at i-95 in center city philadelphia we have the school buses coming in towards downtown, philadelphia, we have no problems at all, as you head down towards, the airport area. at least from the center city interchange. here's a live look at the
8:17 am
schuylkill expressway though, jammo as you are heading out of town pretty much from montgomery drive all the way down through that city avenue squeeze. out and up the hill in towards conshohocken no sun glare this morning, so we don't have that much of a problem, coming into philadelphia on the eastbound schuylkill. this is blue route right near the baltimore pike near delaware county. typical volume there in both directions. slow go on the pennsylvania turnpike, look at this here, will other grove, we're at 57 miles an hour, hitting the breaks down to 23 as you roll in towards fort washington and then south on i-95 we will get behind the motorcyclist slow go from cot map and a girard. back to you. in 20 12a community center in manhattan has become a worldwide movement. we're talking about giving tuesday. a day for people and business toss give back in the spirit of the holiday season. >> thinks really caught on, right. just in two years. an estimated 2,000 -- >> twenty to 40 percent. >> twenty to 40 percent of all
8:18 am
donations are made in the last two months of the year. so we're right in the heart of that right now. so who should you give to, and how much should you give? we will bring in our guest on this giving tuesday, philadelphia ambassador eileen highsman to help us out. are you related to the heisman trophy, john heisman. >> i am, it is my grandfather's first cousin. i say i didn't play football in college because i was too short. but he has been a member of the family. i grew up knowing who he was. he was a great coach. he developed the flick and forward pass and athletic director of the athletic club. it is a proud name to carry on it is a name everybody recognizes. >> we are starting a new proud tradition here. so, giving tuesday, what should we do. how can we give. >> giving tuesday is an amazing thing. there are great projects in philadelphia mathternity care coalition has a matching grant
8:19 am
from the will and jada smith foundation for $10,000 for at risk mothers and kids. kimmel center is giving a free concert tonight. there is an organization called food trust abe they are giving a match from the paul newman foundation to increase healthy food for low income and at risk families in philadelphia if you go on line and put giving tuesday phl you will get lots of projects that could come up. >> you have some tips here. be strategic. give your tips to a few of the larger organizations perhaps. >> i think that instead of giving lots of tiny gifts. >> $25 here, $10 there, consolidate and give fewer larger gifts to both large and small organizations. do some research. is there guides star, charity navigate or, give well. just don't pick randomly, and respond to your friends are doing. do some research. decide what moves your heart. most people give because they love a cause. >> don't just give and go away. it goodies to get involved with your organization. >> absolutely, get involved, look at the web site, talk to
8:20 am
people on the board, talk to people on the staff, see if you can check in with what they are doing six months, ten months and think about if you want to repeat the gift, it is really expensive for organizations to find new donors so if you really love an organization i say two things give an unrestrict gift and stay loyal for three to five years. >> another big thing my family whenever we're thinking of giving to a charity, what is the best way to give to you. do you want a check, money order, cash, what do you recollect men. >> had small gift giving cash is normal way to give. if you want to give a larger give, appreciated securities. if you have appreciated securities in this marketplace which is very good stock market is very high right now and you held them for more than one year you can give them and avoid capital gains tax and a full fair market deduction. you don't pay capital gains tax and give stock you have been holding a long time you mentioned something interesting there as we wrap this up. tax season is coming up here, as the year ends. we are looking for tax shelters. >> yes. >> great to meet a heisman.
8:21 am
>> yes. >> the heisman trovey we will have you pose later for it during the commerce break if you want to participate is there a hash tag hash tag giving tuesday. if you want to keep it local it is hash tag gt/phl. >> hash tag giving tuesday phl, and all day it will be streaming a white house has tweeted about it. gates foundation. we are seeing a lot of participation. philadelphians for early adopters, we will have a great day to day. >> of course. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> 8:21. bathroom habits at work, using a bathroom at work can always be awkward. this new report may gross you out, what are your co-workers really doing in the rest rooms. the down right disturbing results you have to hear this. >> yuck. ray rice in party mode. he can play in the nfl again but what did he do when the announcement was made, coming up, where the former raven announcement was made, coming up, where the former raven went just a day
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
this one is frommer contact he said lucy, elfie is a gym rat, and that is why she's so thin. i love that. >> and here's a picture of, look at that, a life sized elf on the shelf, scott novac. >> smile is perfect. >> mischievous. >> yes. >> we love it. >> we want to see pictures of your elf on the shelf, use that hash tag fox 29 good day to show it on tr. we're checking back in, that was a look the dilworth park. we will get back there later in the show. at 8:25. former baltimore ravens running back ray rice was in party mode over the weekend just a day after arbitrator announced he could return to the nfl. >> so rice was spotted in ab up scale new york city sports bar, cord to go tmz. a source tells tmz rice was spotted at the club with his wife janet but did not have a picture of the two together. the site posted other images of rice enjoying company of other people at the club, a
8:26 am
source also told tmz again that rice was not drinking, on friday, an arbitrator overruled his indefinite suspension from the nfl. so obviously he was in a pretty good mood. rice had had been kicked out of the league after video surfaced of him knocking janet out in an atlantic city casino. my first observation of this is, look, he is still a human being, right. he will go out. he was with his wife. he was weren't other woman. >> wasn't drinking. >> didn't order a drink, didn't cause a disturbance, no scene so why is tmz making a big scene out of this. >> anything ray rice does is a big deal. >> tmz has eyes every where. i feel like they report anything. so and so went to the grocery store and so and so went and had a cold. >> my question is, is he supposed to sit at home the rest of his life. >> i don't know. >> all right. >> he is supposed to live his life. >> lets get to quincy, hoist out there, have you picked out a tree yet? i nose you have been looking all around. well, maybe. >> yes, i have picked a tree.
8:27 am
they will let me, hey look, they will let me cut a tree coming up next, are you ready, jay. >> he is in the nerve us no he is ready. >> and then they do great thing here at buster's, they do trees for troops. we will talk about that coming up next. thanks, guys. 12 days of christmas will cost you more this year. so we brought you the whole song. and, you would shell out $27,000, so how much would two turtles doves cost. $27,000, so how much would two turtles doves cost. wwe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities.
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before we asked how many would two turtles doves cost you. ready for this answer, 125
8:31 am
bucks. but if you got them on line, they would cost you $330. >> wow. >> i wonder why the markup, i guess delivery fee. >> yes, that must be it. when i go on line i expect a better deal. >> where do they keep those at that storage facility in delaware, sue at amazon. >> i'm sure they were cheaper yesterday for cyber monday. >> i'm fascinated by these skaters do watching them do back flips on skates and stuff, it is fun. they are having a good time. you you may not have have a good time later this afternoon and authentic. that is when winter weather advisory go into effect but only in lancaster, becks, lehigh, northampton and carbon and monroe counties. weather can be tricky when this rain moves northward into colder temperatures and then starts to become frozen precipitation. so keep that in mind for later on in the day today. so we will wintry in mix changes over eventually to all rain, and then we will get clouds and a shower maybe in the morning, tomorrow but i think it is just a cloudy day.
8:32 am
won't be bad on wednesday, 53 degrees. forty-five on thursday. it is chillier than average. and then friday we will see about this one because it could start with the wintry mix and then change over to rain and that rain may stick around for saturday and sunday. at least parts of the day. you will see little sunshine there as well. it might not be a wash out for the weekend. we will talk about that more closer to the time, and let's get to right now and the roads, right now, with bob kelly. >> 8:32. good morning. live look at i-95, good morning to fishtown a live look at girard avenue, southbound heavy from cottman in through girard. we had an earlier accident in the in mix there. that is gone. roads seem to be drying out. live look at the schuylkill leaving town bumper to bumper from the boulevard out towards belmont avenue. is there your speed meter reading to the roads. city line avenue slow from bala down through havertown. pennsylvania turnpike slow go as well working your way westbound from say will other grove in through that fort washington interchange, typical morning volume,
8:33 am
heading over towards king of prussia so far so good at the airport, however, depending upon how mother nature treats us for rest of the day we could see delays. do check with the airline throughout the rest of the day. otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays. >> this is what information fathers did. >> i cannot feel our legs. >> walk out and picked out that special tree and cut it down with their special treen. >> mom, i cannot feel my hip. >> clark, audrey is frozen from the waist down. >> it is all part of the experience, honey. >> there it is. >> you know, torturing my kids with bad decisions. thinks an all time favorite. >> you a it is all part of the experience. >> every time. >> gris world's search for the perfect tree in christmas vacation, one of the classic christmas films. >> so, quincy harris is recreate ago this magic for us
8:34 am
this morning. i hope you are being careful with that blade, man. >> that chain saw was making me a little nervous. >> well, i don't know if you guys know it, i have cut trees here before. i grew up, with tree farming. he taught me a lot. no, he taught me a lot. i have been up here, right, jay. >> um-hmm. >> you guys are doing something great this weekend. trees for troops. what is going on with that event. >> with trees for troops it is a national event put on by christmas spirit foundation. we are part of it. we aring 50 christmas trees. if someone wants to come and buy a tree they get a card they can put on the bottom of the tree. these trees get sent to soldiers families, usually the ones that are deployed overseas. so that many can have a nice christmas. our trees will get to a base in georgia. federal express delivers them for free. families get a free christmas tree and just, you know, help them get through the season,
8:35 am
when one of their family members are overseas or whatever. >> that is great thing you guys are doing at busters. >> if you'd like. >> we will cut this and we will send it to a solder for you. >> all right. >> you start it up because i'm not too good with the starting it up of it. >> okay. >> so you have any pointers for me. >> just bend over, and squeeze the trigger and saw. >> there you go. >> that was easy, that was easy. >> sure, do you want to take this one. >> you really didn't want me to. >> we are cutting trees.
8:36 am
>> that one is a little bit more work. >> i like that one, quincy. >> be careful. >> i cut it off, yeah. >> i cut it off. >> i'm glad that is only thing you cut off. >> we will make wreaths next hour. >> award winning wreath is here. >> i like when you have the tradition when you use an ax and do it by hand. >> very dangerous. >> no. >> well, you know, listen, we're doing live television here i had to speed it up. >> that is fair. >> back to you guys. >> lets go cut some more trees. >> am i only one that was nervous. >> yeah, a little nervous. >> he could have lopped off, look at him, lumber jack. >> we love quincy. >> so, coca cola, could be in hot water, chris. >> so they sell bottled water dasani but they sell milk why the company is getting blasted
8:37 am
on line right now. >> keep those pictures coming. we want to see your pictures look at this one from antoinette, ernie was a bad elf, but he is all tied up. we have to untie the el f because he has to go back to santa he cannot go like that. >> he will get tortured. >> we have love it. >> send us your pictures using
8:38 am
8:39 am
skippy!! yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!!
8:40 am
delayed gratification is behind the focus of the skits sesame street launched this year. children who watched cookie monster are able to exhibit restraint. study found that children who resist temptation tend to have better outcomes in life from higher sat scores to better health. sesame street teaching us things for life.
8:41 am
>> marshmallow study that has the same results, delayed gratification, it can be one marsh in mellow now but wait an hour when i get back from the store i'll give you two. >> i love sesame street. sex may sell but it also angers people. >> coca cola gets blasted on social media for what some are calling a sexist new ad campaign. check this out. print ads for new high end milk feature naked women wearing milk dresses. they are using pin up girls to sell 50 percent more protein and half of the sugar of regular milk or any other milk you can get in the store. one poster features a woman on a scale and drink what she's wearing. and it the is causing outrage on twitter. >> in fact, dan barker writes in case you missed it, ads for coke's new milk brand show nude women covered in milk being weighed. hash tag every day sexism. throw back advertising from
8:42 am
coca cola for milk, keep the 70's in the 07's and another tweet, coca coal's new brand has arguablably the worst ad campaign i have ever seen. women dressed in milk, hash tag fail, hash tag respect-women. what do you think. >> tweet us, use that hash tag fox 29 good day. we want to get your thoughts. is it too much or artistic. >> people talking about milk. >> that is what they wanted. >> we are talking about coca cola and milk. so they have won when it comes to that. oprah targeted by terrorist, a very close call for one of the biggest names in the how cops stopped the plot before it was too late. but first lets get back to our game. so the 12 days of christmas will cost you a a lot more this year. we have brought you the whole song and, their theme is at dilworth park. if you bought it, it will cost
8:43 am
you $27,000 this year. so how much would three french hens cost you. three french hens. answer is next.
8:44 am
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8:46 am
skaters are so talented. i'm watching them in awe. look at that. >> wow. >> they are graceful, they are limber,. >> we have love it. >> they are probably cold. >> that is true. >> lets get back to the game. before the break we asked you how much would three french hens cost you this year. according to pnc you would pay $181.50. but if you bought them on line they would be $331.50. >> um-hmm. >> why would you buy a bird on line though. >> i don't know. >> it doesn't seem like a good idea. we have been extremely jealous of our jen fredrick for past few days because she spent her holiday weekend in paris. >> yes, if that weren't enough fox paying for her entire trip to see the city of lights, she got to interview major celebrities such as christian bail, and director ridley scott. you have seen a movie like alien. so jen found surprising new things about the famous
8:47 am
director. >> you are here in paris because i just interviewed christian bail and ridley scott. that is where they are. all kinds of fancy people. ridley scotties men for being a film maker that makes epic films but i got him to confess that he too watches junk. it truly is awesome. >> thank you it is not my type. >> what are you. >> i like junk cinema. >> junk. >> what would you call junk. >> comedies. >> i scream with laughters with the latest dumb dumb and dumber. >> yes, have you seen it. >> i took them. >> yes, it is pretty rude. >> i will see another film. >> but it is very funny. >> yes. >> that is kind of a taste
8:48 am
where it is junk. >> but there is good, and there is great junk inn there is bad junk. >> i'm talking to ridley scott about junk did you think that with happen today. >> well, i think that you did. >> one of the reasons why fox will pay for me on this amazing trip to paris for the new movie exodus. you will love the film . it is epic. nothing like dumb and dumber to. we will see more of my interest right when i get back to philly. >> okay. what a treat. so ridley scott if you think of what he has direct n1979 his big break through, of course, was alien with sojourney weaver, blade runner with harrison ford, gladiator, black hawk down. >> so many good ones. >> yes, it is hilarious that he likes dumb and dumber. >> the first one was awesome. i can't wait to see part two made decades later here.
8:49 am
>> terrifying revelations surrounding one of the biggest names in media. >> new report shows oprah winfrey harpo studios in chicago was a target of a militant group that wanted to bomb it. the group report lid wanted to bring a u-haul full of explosives to the studio in 2009 but police stopped the the plot before it could be carried out according to judicial watch. now there were at least four people involved in this plot at least two are in jail and investigators say the group presented winfrey, presented winfrey for her popularity and also power. >> wow. >> can you imagine, thank god they stopped that one. >> that is for sure. >> coming up on 8:50 on this tuesday morning and we have breaking news out of hamilton township, new jersey there is a confirmed case of hepatitis a involving a food worker there. >> worker is employed at rosa's restaurant and catering. thinks on the 34 hundred block of south broad street in hamilton township. health officials are warning people that ate there or catered from this restaurant between november 10th and yesterday, may be at risk for
8:50 am
developing hepatitis a. if they have not been previously vaccinated. if you fear you could be in this group you should contact your doctor immediately. again that is rosa's restaurant, at the 3400 block of south broad street in hamilton township. >> keep an eye on that for you. keep those pictures coming n we want to see your el f on the shelf pictures. use the hash tag fox 29 good day. >> tara jane sparks tweeted this, look at that, there is elf eating cookies there. frozen to the cookie box. i wonder if they let him in or snuck him in. ♪ the world is your snowball see how it grows. ♪ ♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ many of us experiencing a break in the action with precipitation but we're still giving you a three out of ten today. we will show you on ultimate doppler radar more precipitation is coming back
8:54 am
into the area and it is pretty much in the form of rain, for most of us, and, that is in new castle county delaware, part of chester county getting pockets of heavier rain moving towards wilmington if that is where you are. you will get heavier rain momentarily. they have been experiencing it all morning. and in southern new jersey at the the jersey shore, southern delaware as well. it is 38 degrees right now. 12-mile an her breeze out of the north east, cloudy skies and a winter weather advisory. kicking in at 1:00, going to 10:00 o'clock. for us it will be 40 degrees. whatever we will get even fit is a mix we will change over to rain, abe then everybody eventually will get all rain overnight with an overnight low of 38 degrees. that takes care of your fox cast for this tuesday, morning. it hasn't been terrible outside on the roads but a lot to watch out for. >> it hasn't been as crazy as i thought it would be as we began at 4:00 o'clock. 8:51.
8:55 am
live look at 422 near king of prussia interchange, eastbound your normal volume between route 29, phoenixville heading in towards kop interchange. we will go to the next camera. thinks a live look in delaware. we're still wet, roads damp, wipers still getting use here this morning as you roll south of wilmington but then as we roll to the next camera this is live look at center city. in rain whatsoever here as folks crossing town heading towards the schuylkill spread way. big delay on the schuylkill fridays montgomery drive out to belmont avenue. delayed south on i-95 from the betsy ross bridge in through girard avenue and a crash in new jersey, north bound 295 at route 47, that is right before you get to the 42 freeway. chris and alex, back over to you. okay, bob. we're getting back to our game, 12 days of christmas. it will cost us a bit more this year. how much would nine ladies dancing, cost you. >> by the hour, do you say. >> my goodness. >> we will have the answer,
8:56 am
next up. ballroom dancing of course. next up. ballroom dancing of course. >> oh, it'll come from my kitchen. the biggest surprise this season won't come from an upset, try our new philly cheesesteak pizza. a large for $12. add a red kettle cookie for $6 and a portion of the proceeds go to the salvation army. better ingredients. better pizza papa john's.
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welcome back. coming you the at 9:00 o'clock. we are looking live at olde city. it is tuesday, december 2nd, 2014. >> it is kind of cold out there, just 38 degrees. we're playing the flag right there. >> sue says a three out of ten. >> we will cheer you up on this morning. >> how about this story, no gender december. blue for boys and pink for girls. not so fast. new campaign to do away with gender specific toys. the movement this morning calling out toy companies. but does it go too far. plus listen to this. >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory, e-a-g-l-e-s
9:00 am
eagles. >> philly fans get called out for good reason. where do we london a national list of the biggest sports fans in the country. we might want to say, best. we'll if we made the top five. jenny? >> reporter: hi, good morning guys. we are live at the girard brassry and brunchry a brand new restaurant in fishtown. beautiful eclectic. we will show you their food. interesting thing about this restaurant, no tips allowed. how do they do it. we will tell you coming up. >> my kind of place. >> everybody is talking about this restaurant. so glad we are going there. i want to see what it is like. good morning, kerry. >> hi, how are you. >> good. >> we're all wearing purple, everybody but bob, come on bob, you didn't get the the memo. >> i didn't get the memo. >> it is all


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