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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 2, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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that's right, iain and lucy. root now we're monitoring ultimate doppler for that light wintry mick as well as light freezing rain and it only take a little glaze to cree indicate problems and we have winter weather advisories posted across the area. right now as we lock at ultimate doppler, dry in philadelphia, but as we move a little farther off to the west, you can see that pink showing up as well as the white. so another batch of moisture is moving in our direction right now. you can see around harrisburg that pink williamsport we're looking at some of that snow and white. but this is the concern for a light glaze elevated surfaces especially north and west. where you see the purple highlighted counties the poconos, the lee his valley, upper montgomery and bucks all of chester county we're watching those critical temperatures at or below freezing. 32 right now in lancaster. reading, allentown, upper 20s in the pocono mountains. so watching the roadways for slick spots and patchy ice. for philadelphia just going to be light rain tonight but north and west that's the concern we'll continue to monitor those
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temperatures. advisories until 10:00 o'clock north and west. and then for the pocono mountains until 1am. the timing of when this mess gets out of here and also what to expect for the remainder of the week coming up. iain and lucy? >> all right. thank you very much scott we're watching area roads tonight in the midst of these dangerous conditions. let's take look right there i-76 near gladwyne montgomery county the roads could be slick in some spots as scott just told you so be very careful and couldn't following the weather on click the weather tab at the top of your home page for your latest forecast information and of course live radar emmas. >> we're following breaking news for you right now. a deadly schoolbus crash in east knoxville, tennessee. three people were killed. two children, the third person an add dull. 23 others were hurt in the crash. you can see two schoolbuses collided and one of the buses landed on its side. we don't know right now exactly what happened or the condition of those injured. happening now the search for a missing west chester student. the reward for information of
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the disappearance of shane montgomery continues to grow. montgomery was out with friends on thanksgiving eve when he went missing, and police are looking at new surveillance video that they hope will provide in clues and a candle light vigil is planned for tomorrow night. dave kinchen spoke to the young maman's family. >> investigators were back out here on the street here in man young looking for clues. day six and no sign of shane montgomery. if the bi also interviewed his family once again and the family is still trying to get through this as best as they can. >> ups and downs, um, good moments, bad moments. >> that's how it is for karen montgomery on day six of the search for her son missing west chester university student shane montgomery. >> just i'm doing everything that i can to hold it together so that i can continue to be asked questions and try to answer the questions to the best of my ability, and keep shane in
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the forefront until we bring him home. >> reporter: northwest detectives spent tuesday checking abandoned factories and buildings in manayunk. >> they got a lot of surveillance. they're doing bang up job down there. >> they're still trying to enhance most of the video that they've obtained from down on main street. >> reporter: investigators say shane is not seen in any video so far. the official reward is now up to $26,000 and the family is thankful that shane's picture is now all over the country. >> now that it's national, it's out there, and maybe it will jog some people's memory. >> reporter: the student government organization at west chester university added a thousand dollars to the reward. that's what makes it $26,000 now. the family says they really hope that with this story being national somebody saw something especially with hundreds of people here from out of the country home for thanksgiving. they hope someone saw something
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and can give police some information. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, dave. developing right now, doctors have diagnosed a worker at a popular new jersey restaurant with hepatitis a. health department told the restaurant yesterday and it's now trying to get the word out. officials are worried because this could affect a large number of people. our dawn timmeney is live in hamilton. dawn, how did all of this come to light? >> reporter: well, that employee who hasn't work here very long wasn't feeling well. in fact his last day of work here was on november 24th. but then his condition worsened over the next several days. so much so that he went to the hospital. and that's where he got the worst possible news. >> hepatitis a can be mild but it can also be very serious leading to hospitalization. >> reporter: we're talking a serious case of confirmed hepatitis a that landed an employee here at rows is' restaurant in the hospital for the last self days. the health department notifying the restaurant in hamilton township just yesterday.
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the big concern, that worker is a food handler. >> they then can contaminate food by touching it and spreading hepatitis a causing significant illness in any way that comes in contact with it. >> the symptoms are gastro diarrhea, vomiting, fever, stomach pain. >> reporter: hamilton township health officials say anyone who ate at rows is' between november 10th and december 1st could be at risk of developing the highly contagious disease. >> you're biggest can't right now. >> the general public and who ate there and controlling, um, possible outbreak. >> reporter: restaurant is extremely popular and has a large catering and take out business. health officials are encouraging anyone who ate at rosa's in the last few weeks to see their doctor and to get a hepatitis a vaccine. this couple ordered out pizza recently and plans to get vaccinated. >> i'm concerned now, because we came here back two weeks and he
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die buy pizza for us at home. i would be concerned. >> rosa's was closed for several hours yesterday while the restaurant was cleaned. much of the food tossed out. all employees also vaccinated. >> this is unforeseen thing, unfortunating, the poor fella that's sick didn't even plan on this. didn't realize it until unfortunately yesterday. >> reporter: now hamilton township health officials are trying to get a hold of a large quantity of the hepatitis a vaccine. they plan to hold a walk in clinic either thursday or friday at the nearby fire hall. so anyone who may have been exposed to this illness can properly protect themselves. iain? >> dawn, thank you. five students at a new jersey college have pleaded not guilty to charges they sexually assault add female student in a dorm. the alleged attack happened last week at william paterson university in wayne. that's in passaic county. the students charged unconclude one from vineland and another from camden. the five entered not guilty pleas today. they're bail was lowered from
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200,000 to $50,000. >> a 22 month old dog in delaware county is recovering tonight after someone shot her in the neck. molly is resting at home and now police are working hard to find out who would do such a thing to a family pet. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in upper darby. dave, you were telling us at 5:00 this dog is very important to her family. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, lucy, think shooting happened in broad daylight upper darby police still trying to figure out who shot the dog and why. tonight the owner is speaking out about the shooting and tells us why this dog means so much to her. >> look how beautiful my baby is. >> heavily bandaged but wagging her tail, 22 month old molly humbled out of surgery to the joy of her owner after someone in the upper darby neighborhood where the dog's oh ener lives shot the dog in the neck. >> i just want to know why, because she's just so precious.
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she doesn't harm not even a fly. >> there are no complaints against the residence, and/or the dogs that live at this locate. >> reporter: debra feliciano was beside herself when she got a phone call friday telling her dog a rotweiler pitbull mixed had been shot. >> my uncle before he passed away he gave me her in the palm of my hand. she means everything to me. >> reporter: police say it happened sometime friday afternoon in the 6900 block of clinton road. debra had gone to new york to visit family and her husband had gone out thinking he'd locked the door. but somehow the two dogs got o out. >> some moron firing a firearm in broad daylight could hit anybody. i mean bullet went through it could have hit a kid, it could have hit somebody in their house. >> reporter: neighbors heard the shot, saw molly bleeding and brought the dog to her home. then called police. >> she's a trooper. she's a true trooper. um, she's doing better.
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she's still in little pain. >> reporter: police check the area but found nothing. she was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for the gunshot wound. police are hoping someone can identify the gunman. >> what led to it and why did you shoot her? i mean, you didn't have to shoot her. >> reporter: now again police tell us there were no complaints about the dog prior to the shooting much the dog is home and expected to make full recovery. chitwood says if the suspect is found, he can face cruelty to animal charges and weapons offenses. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. a montgomery county native could be president obama's topic to oversee the pentagon. reports are saying president obama could nominate ashton carter to be his next secretary of defense. carter graduated from abington high school in 1972. people remember him for standing out for his leadership abilities. academic accomplish manies and community service. carter was all the buzz today in
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the halls of his former high school. >> this is really wonderful for the abington rockledge communities which make up the abington school district because this is another example of some of our graduates who go on to do wonderful things in this world. >> there's no official word from the white house as of yet. carter would replace chuck hagel who announced his resignation last month. nasty weather outside right now. >> it is raw. >> night likeness thing future better places to imagine than being down in the shore in summer. >> if you needed another reason to head there next summer one shore point got a huge honor. we'll explain for you. >> a possible glimmer of hope for atlantic city. with four casinos closing this year. a new plan could help the surviving casinos and give the city a boost. howard? >> what is it like when the quarterback of the eagles plays against his college coach. >> mark sanchez talks about what it will be like on sunday and
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nfl coach called his team a joke coming up in sports. >> coming up in weather, right now if you're stepping outdoors, grab a jacket umbrella, sweater. we're looking at a wintry mix continuing to move in. the timing and also the areas with winter weather advisories next. >> and dramatic video shows a car plunging off a street noon a nearby river. the woman behind the wheel lost control and could not get out. witnesses jump into action but it wasn't easy. tonight at 10:00 what they used to pull that woman to safety.
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with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> we're watching those roads to night in the midst of somewhat dangerous conditions. this is i-95 in yardley bucks county. we are watching those roads for you throughout the night bring you any problems that come up. >> temple university student
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body president says he's glad bill cosby resigned as a trustee in the middle of those string of sexual assault allegations. cosby stepped down on monday after more than dozen women accused of him of drugging and molesting them over the years. the student body president says the accusations were dragging down the school's reputation. cosby has serve on the board since 1982 and has been one of the university's most fervent cheerleaders. the 77-year-old philadelphia native says he did not want to be a distract to his beloved alma mater. cosby has denied the accusations and is never faced criminal charges. he has settled one sex assault lawsuit filed by a former temple basketball employee back in 2005. >> rescue plan could give atlantic city's eight surviving casinos a break on taxes and help the city make up lost revenue. state senate president steve sweeney and senator james whelan both democrats say their bill would let the casinos collecti collectively pay $150 million in lieu of taxes for two years and that would save the casinos a whole lot of money.
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it also helps the city by guaranteeing it income four casinos have closed this year. >> maryann our assistant new news director will love this story. big hahn for for the most popular spots at the shore. wildwood new jersey the number one on the rise for 2015. wildwood beats out spots in north carolina, california, and hawaii. the shore point got high mark for old style motel, boardwalk food, amusement parks and nostalgic vibe. >> here's one way to lower stress. you just turn to man's bev friend and that is exactly what happened today at drexel university perfect way for helping stressed out students preparing for finals. it's puppy pa lewis is a check it out. very nice. right. hundreds of students took a break from studying to play with certified therapy dogs. the dogs are -- dogs are getting free massages. studies have shown playing with therapy dog can reduce blood pressure and lower anxiety and depression. >> very important to our
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students that they are calm. a lot of them are a away. they're international students away from their doing at home. so it's a way for them to come, relax, and just give back to them prior to us sort of giving them exams and that kind of stuff. >> by the way drexel is the first philadelphia college to keep therapy dogs on campus. look at those doing. everybody is around me right n now. >> exactly. >> all right. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. what a difference a day makes. today it was raw out there. a little raindrops hitting me in the cheeks. kind of -- it hurt. >> i was pelted with graupel. i'm telling you right now. >> lucy with the weather term the graupel term. >> that's right. we had a little bit of everything. graupel, sleet, freezing rain. some snow across the area. but as iain was saying, yesterday it was 65 degrees and right now we're looking at temperatures in the 30s at the philadelphia international airport. you can see a wet runways out there so flights destined to the north and east of philadelphia
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looking at some airport delays. pretty quiet right now along i-95, but north and west we're looking at some light freezing drizzle as well as more of that wintry precipitation moving in. so as i scan the view, you can see toward the central part of the state harrisburg, back up toward williamsport, state college, that moisture is headed in our direction. so we're looking at winter weather advisories north and west. you can see upper montgomery, bucks county, chester county, you're included in that as well until about 10:00 o'clock tonight for a light graze with freezing drizzle moving inform for philadelphia, mainly just rainfall. but once again north and west we're watching those critical temperatures but the good news for us, in our area temperatures will be rising as we move into the overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. but right now high pressure to the north. the storm system off to the west and that moisture is moving into that shallow layer of cold air that wedge pattern on going so as we watch the clock, more of that moisture starts to move in
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but temperatures will be rising so the wintry mocks will be changing back over to mainly rain by nine, 10:00 o'clock and then most of the heavy rain moves on out to the north and east. when you wake up tomorrow morning, we're looking at mostly cloudy conditions, slick roadways and also some fog and drizzle as we start to tomorrow. 42 degrees that was the high temperature today. we should to be out it round 49 for this time of year. so temperatures were below average. 47 right now in atlantic city. we have 39 in dover. 331-degree above freezing in pottstown but take lock at allentown, reading, and moving toward the poconos, 32 degrees or colder. so those are the areas that we'll have to watch. so temperatures in philadelphia actually rising to 40 by 9:00 o'clock, low 40s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. so not a concern for black ice in philadelphia. mainly far north and west early but look at the temperatures by 7:00 a.m. upper 30s in the poconos. as well as allentown. so just watch out for some slick
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spots first thing tomorrow morning. but then tomorrow afternoon upper 40s to low 50s so temperatures will actually warm by about 10 degrees tomorrow for high temperatures. 54 for the high tomorrow. that cloud cover sticks around early drizzle. if you're looking for sunshine thursday is your day because friday, saturday, sunday, open into monday cloudy with showers around and, yes, howard won't like this, there could be some rain sunday at the linc. there could be some sun, too. (laughter). >> it's possible. >> always a possibility. >> could be blue. it could be anything. >> i'll take it. >> could be graupel out there, too. >> rex ryan now he's done as the head coach of the new york jets at the end of the season hear how ataxia shot the has awful team. a quarterback for the eagles had his college days under the head a quarterback for the eagles had his college days under the head cwe put all the apps you love...
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inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you.
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give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. >> we are following breaking news for you right now. i want to show i was car fire a vehicle fire at 76 east and spring garden. there are no injuries right now but you can see police are still on the scene. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. here's howard with sports. >> all right. final four games of the regular season starting with seattle sunday here at the linc. there are so many possibilities to where the eagles could end
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up. all right. eagles need to win this game for a better chance to have a bye week for the first week of the playoffs. eagles win this sunday against seattle and next week against dallas there's great chance they could be one of the top two seeds but not let's not get ahead of ourselves. next is seattle and it's a test. >> we really enjoy going against the best, you know, and competing against the best because we work hard all week, all year, and we don't want to go out you know go against b teams that we know we can beat. we want to so where we stand and see where our work gets us. >> interesting game for mark sanchez. he played his college boot football at usc his head coach at southern cal was pete carol. pete carol and chip kelly are very similar sanchez thinks. >> atmosphere. you know, they really emphasize, um, that you work your bust off week when you get to game day just relax and have the time of
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your life, and that's what it feels like here. that's what it felt like at usc and, you know, at times in new york it felt like that, too. >> sanchez customary beanie. sunday line up looks like this. ... >> double header giant and titans that will be a personal at 1:00 followed by the eagles and seahawks at 4:25. new york jets arter ribble football team. head coach rex ryan is a dead man walking. to the meadowlands. last night may have been one of the most dreadful nfl games you will ever see. the jets lost and can't imagine why with the quarterback geno smith completing all of seven passes for 69 yards. the head coach put his team in perspective. >> i feel sick. man. you know, can't believe we're two and 10. it's a joke. (laughter). >> sounds like you. >> it's a joke. >> sounds like you. >> and they are a joke. >> they are a joke. >> he'll be out of job soon. >> none. not chance.
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>> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition
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stop, thief. >> on a skateboard. >> this is awesome. >> he is getting away on a skateboard. >> who is that guy? >> wait until you see who the hero is in the pickup truck. >> wow. >> cops confronting the civilian. >> get this on camera. >> for sure. >> look, they are taping each other. >> high five. >> plus. >> anaconda. eaten alive by a giant anaconda. now he is coming to "inside edition." >> why on earth would you do this? >> then. >> take me to the hospital. >> you will never believe who the knucklehead is in the back of the cop car. he is a doctor. and he has gone wild.


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