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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 3, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> right now breaking news out of delaware the search is on for a man missing in the christina river and you're looking at live video right now of what's going on. the coast guard and other local agencies out on that water in wilmington much rescue wanted to fly the chopper but 495 was problematic. three employees fell in the river after a crane barge collapsed. 25-year-old emmanuel gatlin never rue surfaced though he was wearing an orange float coat. that's a special coat that protects against hypothermia and helps with about yancy. >> growing anxiety in the search for shane montgomery.
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he was out with friends on thanksgiving eve when he went missing. candlelight vigil is plan at school tomorrow night. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police are looking at new surveillance video they are hoping will help find him. dave kinchen spoke to the family live today. live in manayunk. what do you know, dave. >> reporter: shane montgomery's parents tell thus there's now a $31,000 reward for information that leads to shane and investigators tell me tonight they really hope it helps. they say they are still waiting for their big break in the case. >> ups and downs, um, good moments, bad moments. >> reporter: emotional roller coaster for karen montgomery on day six of the search for her son 21-year-old shane montgome montgomery. >> trying to keep shane in the forefront. we are still hanging posters. >> bad weather scrapped the search efforts and still no major leads for investigators. fbi visited shane's parents
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again. >> they just left and they gave us knew information and they're working very hard on this case, and we appreciate all their help. >> reporter: family members say detectives pulled more surveillance video trying to figure out what happened when shane left kildare's irish pub early thanksgiving morning. they're still trying to enhance most of the video that they've obtained from down on main street. >> but still no sign of shane. >> so what exactly happened around the time shane left the bar? well, some details are sketchy, but here's a timeline of what we know now. 1:28 a.m. thanksgiving morning police say shane called a friend of his while he was still inside kildare's pub. 1:50 a.m. kildare's m says shane left the bar peacefully and was not intoxicated. 2:38 a.m. thanksgiving morning, a local merion cell tower traces his phone back to the 3700 block of main street inn manayunk prompting detectives to go back out to the block today and check this abandoned building but they
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found nothing. after days of police and family searching the area with police searching the nearby canal and the schuylkill river by the air, still no sign of shane. >> just doing everything that i can to hold it together so that i can continue to be asked questions and try to answer the questions to the best of my ability and keep shane in the forefront until we bring him home. >> reporter: in the meantime the fbi will now be searchin seg the roxborough area near shane's home and the family says that friends of theirs have actually taken shane's picture and posted it in church parishes across the region. also, hospitals and homeless shelters to get the word out there as well. iain? >> dave, thank you very much. a big update to story you saw breaking at 10:00 last night. police say they have found the car involved in a hit-and-run accident in west philadelphia. but they're not telling us anything else about it. that happened around 9:00 last night near 59th and market.
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police say a man was crossing the street when a volvo stationwagon hit him. he is now in critical condition and police still are not sure who he is. >> huge mess oxford circle a truck crashes into a driveway and leaves behind a lot of damage. the wreckage was there for hours as investigators surveyed the scene. fox 29's chris o'connell reports the area is well known for accidents. looking at the damage of this crash, it is amazing to know that no one was killed or more seriously injured. a dump truck path of destruction nearly a full city block taking out cars, fences, utility poles, a mailbox and that's just the beginning. >> someone could have got killed. >> reporter: matt webber saw the crash and the damage left behind. >> the truck was on two wheels. the driver's side wheels were up. >> philadelphia police say a private dump truck carrying a load of dirt barreled down robbins avenue about noon tuesday in oxford circle.
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the truck started by clipping this ford explorer then hitting a street light. through the intersection of robbins and farnsworth snapping trees then the truck careened into a driveway taking out at least seven backyard fences. the only one injured, the driver who had minor injuries. >> jamie davis was helping clean up the mess of broken glass and plastic all over her neighborhood. >> there's forever accidents here. >> reporter: she said speeding vehicles and crashes like these are becoming all too familiar. back in august, this tractor trailer smashed into a home just a block away. she's hoping for more traffic lights or police to catch speeders. >> these accidents keep happening along here. levick street and robbins, and it's from speeding. it's tractor trailers now it's a dump truck in here, and we just need change along here. >> eight hours later, the intersection was finally reopened. police impounded the truck where it will be inspected.
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investigators will look into whether speed and the weight load were a factor. police say the driver will be cited. >> although it's not suspected that driver was under the influence, we are told he will undergo a drug and alcohol screening. as for the amount of property damage of this crash, well, right now that's anyone's guess. in oxford circle, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> a developing story out of boston right now. a patient was admitted today under investigation for ebola. massachusetts general hospital sent a memo to staff saying someone who was getting routine monitoring by the state was admitted this afternoon to be evaluated. the patient in a specially prepared area and testing is underway. mass general is one of dozens of u.s. hospitals now equipped to treat people with ebola virus and two of those hospitals are here in philadelphia. children's hospital of philadelphia and the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. they joined 35 hospitals now designated by the us department
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of health and human services as ebola treatment centers. officials say all of them have the staff, training and resources needed to treat ebola. so far no ebola patients in philly. >> a mercer county grand jury indicted five men in a shooting at a funeral in april. chaos erupted while hundreds of people were gathered for services for a teenager at gallon will he lee baptist church in trenton. three suspects face charges with attempted murder. in that shooting it left three people wounded. two others arely named in the indictment for their roles. >> on your radar, that rain out there just will not go away. scott williams tracking critical temperatures right now. scott. that's right. critical indeed. 32 that's the magic number right now the pocono mountains the only area with temperatures at or below freezing so that light mix continues far north and west. just rainfall right now around the immediate philadelphia area. i name as temperatures are above freezing. but we are still looking at the wet mess across the area for the overnight and likely early
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tomorrow morning. but the winter weather advisor advisories are only in effect until 1am for lancaster county as well for the pocono mountains. look at the temperatures we're in the low 40s right now in philadelphia. humidity at 93%. and look at the temperature contrast across the area. 50 right now atlantic city and wildwood. 32 in the pocono mountains. 39 in wilmington and 43 in philadelphia. so pockets of light rain in philadelphia. that wintry mix still in effect for the pocono mountains and lancaster county until 1:00 a.m. but the good news, temperatures rising above freezing overnight. so tomorrow morning, cloudy and damly with drizzle and fog. once again those temperatures will likely be above freezing so we're not concerned with icing across the area. iain and lucy? >> all right, scott, thank you. to children and adult are dead after two schoolbuses collide in tennessee. it happened this afternoon in knoxville. 27 other people are recovering from their injuries. none of those injuries are light threatening. one of the buses as you can see ended up on its side.
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police are still trying to figure out exactly what caused the accident. >> in new york city arrest and really a jaw dropping crime caught on camera. police have now nabbed 18-year-old alonso brown. they say he robbed a woman carrying a three month old baby in the bronx. police say he kick the woman, knocking her and her baby to the ground. they are not seriously hurt. police say brown only got away with her mobile phone until they got him. >> new tonight bill cosby is now being sued by a california woman who claims he molested her in a bedroom of the playboy maps right around 1974 were when she was 15 years old. as that information comes in, temple university student body president says he's glad cosby has resigned as a trustee a mid a flurry of sexual assault allegations. meanwhile, philadelphia singer jill scott is defending cosby on twitter. she was on stage with cosby at last spring's graduation when temple gave her an honorary doctorate.
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>> she said "society is a attempting to destroy a magnificent legacy". her comments though are genera generating a backlash. you know bill cosby, i do child. and this is insane proof period. >> montgomery county native could be president obama's topic to oversee the pentagon. reports say the president obama could nominate ashton carter to be his next secretary of defen defense. carter graduated from abington high school in 1972 and people remember him as a stand out for his leadership abilities, academic accomplishments and community service. carter was inn and duck flood the abington high school hall of fame in 1989. he graduated with top honors from yale and oxford university. his first start at the department of defense was back in the 90's during the clinton administration. the 60-year-old scientist has extensive experience in national security but never serve in the military. he was all a buzz in the halls of his former high school today.
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>> this is really wonderful for the abington rockledge communities which make up the abington school district because this is another example of some of our graduates who go on to do wonderful things in this world. there's no official word from the white house yet. but he's already known to the obama administration. carter served as deputy secretary of defense from 2011 to 2013. >> burlington county, new jersey, police are searching for the man who stole woman's camera as often as it happens a camera caught the whole thing. it happened on black friday at a rite aid parking lot route 130. the video shows the man pushing down the woman and then taking off with her bag they're hoping that this can maybe lead to catching him. >> philly rapper meek mill is home from the holiday. enter taper real name is robert williams served five months for violating parole in 2009 drug case. he walked free at 4:00 this afternoon. in july a judge sentenced him to three to six months he won't be
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able to tour or leave philadelphia until he completes additional treatment and community service programs. >> look at your screen. a driver loses control. sending a car plunging into a river. the woman behind the wheel can't escape the water. what witnesses had to use to pull her to safety. >> an urgent warning tonight for a popular south jersey restaurant. a worker diagnosed with hepatitis. what you need to do now to keep you and your family healthy. >> and packing up boxes and boxes of pj's one local teen's mission to bring a little cheer to families and kids down on their luck. >> i hope they feel like they are comforted and that they have a nice warm sleep because i like sleeping, too. >> spoken like a true teenager why this 13-year-old is so inspired to help. >> and female officers flaunting their police uniform. they're racey pictures posted op loin that landed, well,
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♪ >> why did a driver slam into a south jersey flower shop? that question remains to be answered tonight. it sent people inside stein's on sunset florist scrambling for cover. medics rushed the 5484 old driver to the hospital. no word on his condition. nobody inside the shop is hurt and police are still trying to figure out exactly what happen happened. who shot little mal la. >> police are looking for the gunman who opened fire on dog in delaware county and the 22 month old rotweiler pitbull mix is recovering from the gunshot wound to her neck. fox 29's dave schratwieser explains why this pooch is so
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important to her family. >> look how beautiful my baby is. >> reporter: heavily bandaged but wagging her tail, 22 no old mala hobbled out of surgery to the joy of her owner after police say someone in the upper darby neighborhood where the dog's owner lives shot the dog in the neck. >> i just want to know why because she's just so precious. she doesn't harm not even a fly. >> there are no complaints against the residence, and/or the dogs that live at this location. >> reporter: debra, says she was beside herself when she got a phone call friday telling her mala a rotweiler pitbull mix had been shot. >> my uncle before he passed away he gave me her as the palm of my hand, she means everything to me. >> reporter: police say it happened sometime friday afternoon in the 6900 block of clinton road. debra had gone to new york to visit family and her husband had gone out thinking he lock the door.
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but somehow mala and her other dog rocco got out. >> some moron firing a firearm in broad daylight could have hit anybody, i mean that bullet went through her, could have hit a kid. it could have hit somebody in their house. >> reporter: neighbors heard the shots, saw mala bleeding and brought the dog to her home. then called police. >> she's a trooper. she's a true trooper. um, she is doing better. she's still in little pain report roar police check the area but found nothing. mala was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery for the gunshot wound. police are hoping someone can identify the gunman. >> what led to it? and why did you shoot her? i mean, you didn't have to shoot her. >> reporter: the dog is expected to make a full recove recovery. superintendent chitwood says, the suspect could face cruelty to animal charges and well pons offenses. in upper darby, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> 16 emergency responders are suing over the 2012 train derailment and toxic spill in
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paulsboro, new jersey. they're seeking compensation and medical monitoring for health concerns. the suit names the railroads involved and consulting firm hired to assess medical proble problems. the train derailed while crossing the bridge causing more than 20,000 gallons of highly toxic vinyl chloride to spill and spew fumes. >> rescue plan could give atlantic city's eight casinos -- surviving casinos a break on t taxes and help the city make up for lost revenue. state senate president steve sweeney and senator james whelan say their bill would let the casinos collectively pay $150 million in lieu of taxes for two years. four cass zone notice closed this year. health officials are now racing to make sure customers who dine at the eatery know the possible risks they are concerned because a large number of customers could be affected. >> our dawn tim men know has what happened that alerted health officials. hepatitis a can be mild but it can also be very serious leading to hospitalization.
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>> reporter: we're talking a serious case of confirmed hepatitis a that landed an employee here at rosa's restaurant in the hospital for the last several days. the health department notifying the restaurant in hamilton township just yesterday. the big concern, that worker is a food handler. >> they then can contaminate food by touching it and spreading hepatitis a causing significant illness and anyone that comes in contact with it. >> the symptom are gastro diarrhea, vomiting, fever, stomach pain. >> reporter: hamilton township health officials say anyone who ate at rosa's b between november 10th and december 1st could be at risk of developing the highly contagious disease. >> your biggest concern right now. >> the general public and who ate there, and controlling, um, a possible outbreak. >> reporter: restaurant is extremely popular and has a large catering and take out business. health officials are encouraging anyone who ate at rosa's in the last few weeks to see their doctor and to get a hepatitis a
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vaccine. this couple ordered out pizza recently and plans to get vaccinate. >> i'm concerned now because if he came here back two tweaking a and he did buy pizza for four of us at home then i would be a little concerned. >> rosa's was closed for several hours yesterday while the restaurant was cleaned. much of the foods toed out. all employees also vaccinated. >> this is an unforeseen thing unfortunately the poor fella that's sick didn't even plan on this, didn't realize it until unfortunately yesterday. >> and dawn tells us the the colonial fire company is hoping a hepatitis a clinic thursday in hamilton township. if you've been to rosa's and haven't been vaccinated officials are urging to head to that clinic. for facts on hepatitis a visit and click on the story on the home page. >> the second annual tree lighting ceremony kicking off
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the season at the shops at liberty place. the liberty string orchestra filling the air with seasonal favorites and seen an at a helping to ring in the holidays. exotic cat on the tack in a atlanta suburb a woman rushed to the hospital. >> it gets stranger. what happened just before that siberian links clamped down. >> missing for years, held captive when he was found behind a fake wall. tonight the teen is speaking for the first time. time. >> i'm doing great. just thank god, i'm doing great. >> next, he explains how he plotted his escape. >> and a carries this woman out of a building and straight to her car
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♪ >> it's possibly the largest marijuana bust in the state of oklahoma. worth about a million dollars. authorities made the discovery this weekend after getting the call about someone trespassing on a ranch. what they discovered more than a ton of marijuana and four men. they caught three but the fourth man got away. >> the captain of the ship wrecked costa concordia in court to tell his side of the story of wreck that killed 13 people. remember the ship ran a ground back in 2012 off italian coast. the captain denies claims that he changed the ships course to impress a lover. he also denies abandoning the ship. he says he was thrown in the water as the ship rolled on its cidar. he could face 20 years in pris
3:24 am
prison. >> vikings football player and running back adrian peterson is fighting to play professional football again. star running back in new york city today for a hearing on suspension from the nfl. peterson admitted he used a small branch or switch to discipline his four-year-old. the league then suspended him without pay until the end of the season. the football player's union is fighting the suspension calling it unlaw fall full. >> why were man steal an ambulance? well if you're one particular man this guy in detroit the answer is to get to a strip club. police say the man saw the ambulance out idling outside a hospital sunday night. decided to take chance. well he never made it to the strip club because police got to him first by tracking the ambulance's gps. for the first time we are hearing from the boy who vanished four years ago and finally reconnected with his mother in florida. >> 13-year-olding? goer jean is now home safe with his mother. his mom says he went to visit his father four years ago and that was the last time she saw him. after years of captivity, he
3:25 am
found a cell phone without service but was still was able to connect to the internet and contact his mom on facebook. he called her with an app that he got online. >> i'm doing great. just thank god. i'm feeling great. i just went on the store and i downloaded app and used magic jack and called my mom. >> police found the boy behind a wall of an upstairs closet in his father's home. his father and stepmother are now facing numerous charges. >> terrifying moments outside a local atma woman targeted by a gunman on a mission but police hope you recognize to get this guy off the streets. >> scott. >> lucy, right now there's still wet weather moving through the area. when this mess moves out and when more rain moves back in. your seven day forecast is next. >> and getting your hands on high-end fashion without breaking your bank account. we unlock a new secret online that gets you to save some real cash.
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>> right now at 10:30 still following breaking news. crews are searching for a man missing in the christina river. they are still there right now. the coast guard and other local agencies are on that water in wilmington. three employees with nor fold dredging company fell in the river after crane barge capsiz capsized. 25-year-old emmanuel gatling never resurfaced. he was wearing an orange float coat that's a special coat that does protect hypothermia and helps with buoyancy. we'll bring you more as it breaks. it is the giving season and families in need have a helping hand from a youngster with a giving heart. he had an idea and he acted on it. >> so now many familiar unless new jersey are benefiting from his generosity. our shawnette wilson is live in our social media center with more on of this act of kindness. love it shawnette. >> let me tell you lucy this teen behind me had a small idea that turned into something tremendous. $600 in cash donations to help buy more than 400 pairs of pj
3:30 am
pots for kids. >> very cute. >> yeah. santa. >> 13 year older william bureau is spending his time sizing. >> what size is this? 12 months. >> reporter: organizing. >> we separated them in the bocks. >> reporter: and folding. >> took a long time but make it a lot more neat. >> reporter: more than 400 pairs of pj's for kids in need. >> at first i thought i don't know what it's going to be like. i didn't know how much i would make. >> reporter: william who goes by bubba bubba came up with the idea for a pajama drive. >> i knew there were people in need but i didn't know that they needed it so much. >> reporter: so bubba with the help of his mom passed out flyers and started a social media mission asking people to donate new pj's or money to help purchase them. he did some of the shopping himself. >> look cute.
3:31 am
good. >> reporter: his friend matt pitched in to help. >> it's awesome. it's a great thing helping kids and everything. >> they put a donation box outside the house and every day were excited to find donations pouring in. >> another pair next day. got another pair. more. >> reporter: tuesday they packed up boxes. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven -- eight, nine and. >> dropped them for the center of family services in camden. >> we can start young and do these things and have a heart and passion for the community. >> i hope they feel like they are comforted and that they have a nice warm sleep because i like sleeping, too. >> the boys say the drive was so successful they're planning to do another one next winter iain. >> shawnette, great story. thank you. >> northern utah high school student alerts authorities in time for to prevent a possible school tragedy. police are crediting the teen at freemont high for making them aware of a classmate who brought a gun to school on monday. police say the boy planned to
3:32 am
shoot a former girlfriend and open fire on the rest of the school. the boy was arrested without incident. cops say he had a nine mill neither semi automatic handgun oh and him. >> i tried to keep calm by talking and playing games and we kind of sat there and tried to be quiet, and a lot of people are freaking out. >> the teen was booked in a juvenile detention center noun faces several charges all of which are misdemeanor. >> tonight inspect inspects in h florida are looking over a drawbridge after a yacht crashed into it. it was stuck for while under the bay harbor bridge. the collision, however d not hurt anyone. a big honor for one of the most popular spots at the shore. trip adviser just named wildwood, new jersey, the number one destination on the rise for 2015. wildwood beat out spots in north carolina, california and hawaii. the shore point got high marks for its old style motels, boardwalk food, amusement pairs parks and nostalgic life.
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>> that's huge. that's a really big deal thing. we got big deal weather going on right now, too, scott. >> that's right, lucy. right now but temperatures are above freezing so that's the good news. we're not looking at ice around philadelphia. even north and west temperatures starting to rise above freezing. we're at 43 degrees right now at the philadelphia international airport. you can see the the wet runways out there. humidity at 93%. winds out of the north. look at the temperature contrast across the area. speaking of wildwood, 50 degrees right now there atlantic city 50 but look north and we have. you have to head to the pocono mountains to find temperatures right now at freezing 32 degrees. 34 in lancaster. 43 in philadelphia. um mr. 30s in dover as well as wilmington. so it's just rain right now along i-95. it will stay rain you have to head well far north and west outside of the pocono mountains to still find that wintry mix. toward the central part of the state, we're looking at that pink. that's indicating some freezing rain as well as harrisburg. temperatures there are at or below freezing so you can see
3:34 am
we're looking at winter weather advisories still until 1am for the pocono mountains as well as for lancaster county, but that's about it as temperatures overnight will continue to rise as we watch this boundary move a little farther to the north and east putting us in that warm sector. we've been wedged in with high pressure to the north. keeping temperatures at or below freezing in many locations throughout the day. but rising temperatures overnight. once again you can see just rain showing up as we watch how things play out overnight. but tomorrow morning, we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. fog and drizzle across the area. slick roadways so allow some extra travel time unmight still need that rain gear pockets of drizzle not out of the question throughout the day tomorrow as we keep mostly cloudy skies around. but as we move toward late tomorrow night, we start to clear things out and that will set us up for sunshine as we move into your thursday. thursday will likely be the day to see the sunshine the entire week. as far as the afternoon high temperature today we made it up
3:35 am
to 42 degrees. once again temperatures are currently rising across the ar area. in fact watch how things play out by 7am we're looking at low 40s along i-95. upper 30s north and west but everywhere will be above freezing. so no ice concern and then tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be in the low 50s. so 30s, low 40s pockets of drugs system but rising temperature. we'll keep some drizzle in the forecast tomorrow. 54 degrees will be the high temperature. so much improved as far as the temperatures tomorrow. but still cloudy and damp. there's the sunshine for thursday. but cooler, 44 degrees. 47 on friday with p.m. showers messing in. and that will set us up for an unsettled and wet weekend. saturday 51. scattered showers upper 40s on sunday. likely some rain, maybe some drizzle at the linc on sunday as well. we'll keep you posted. but the good news tonight, above freezing pretty much everywhere. so we're not looking at that ice concern. >> that is good news. we don't see much of the sun the n few days either.
3:36 am
>> enjoy it thursday, though. >> thank you, scott. >> a driver loses control sending her car plunging into a river. the woman behind the wheel cannot get out. but nearby people had to use to pull her to safety. and a stunning investigation into a trusted company did graco wait to tell parents were you a dangerous defect in car seats. >> a teen athlete at the star of his high school football team. the challenge he has one arm. what he says and why he says that actually
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>> class action lawsuit over apple's ipod heads to trial. it's taken nearly a decade to get to this point. the star witness, steve jobs. of course he died back in 2011 but he will be heard in a video taped deposition. apple is being sued by various consumer and electronics retailers who claim apple used software in its i tunes store that forked buyers to use i-pods instead of cheaper music players made by arrival. the plaintiffs are seeking $350 million. but apple could be ordered to pay three times that if the jury finds the damage is resulted from anti competitive behavior. >> the national highway traffic save administration wants to
3:40 am
know if graco reported to a defect that led to baby car seats. affected car seats the bocces can get stuck making them very difficult to open. the recall came out in july for car seats manufactured between july of 2010 and may of 2013. >> well, we've got an hour or so left of this giving tuesday. >> that is a social media event. dedicated to giving back and toys r us is one of the businesses participated this campaign hopes you'll take what they call an unselfie a picture of yourself donating a toy. the toys for tots. for every unselfie shared using #play it forward, toys r us donated an additional toy today and tomorrow toys r us will donate two toys. >> just in time for the holiday season make up inspired by the disney smash hit frozen. these guys are great at merchandising. the collection is the latest in the beautifully disney makeup
3:41 am
line. you can buy it at stores in disney theme parks you going to there to get it. prices by the way range from 11 to $37. the collection includes nail polish, eye shadow and lipstick. >> exotic cat in a ritzy atlanta suburb an woman ends up rushed to the hospital. what happened before the links clamped down. >> a touching moment a woman has trouble walking a deputy jumps into act. why some are blaming an entire city for her getting stranded. >> plus, getting your hands on high-end fashion without breaking your bank account.
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♪ >> philadelphia police want to find this man. they say he pulled a gun on woman trying to make a deposit at an oxford circle atm. it happened last monday at the wells fargo bank on the 6600 block of castor avenue. police say that he robbed the woman before running away. give police a call if you know who he is. speaking of scary stuff very scary moments after woman loses control of her car and plunge noose a river. it happened monday in east china again surveillance cameras
3:45 am
caught this. the car swerved as you saw knocked down a lamp pole and landed in the river. now, people that were nearby they all kind of came together and what they did to get her out, they tied their jacks together and they through them to her so she could, you know, grab on to them and climb out to safety. then a crane later salvaged her water logged car. >> a wild story out of georgia tonight. police a woman is in the hospital after being attacked by a siberian links. it happened today in the buck head neighborhood of atlanta. there are no word on the woman's condition. police say the owner of the links was out of town and made arrangements for someone to feed the he can on the tick pet. people living in the neighborhood have seen the cat before and they call the owner the cat man. the owner has nine exotic cats and he has a valid perm. animal control officers are looking into the attack. >> power is back at public schools in detroit after a widespread outage. in fact schools had to close earl daal. major cable failure blacked out power to dozens of down up to
3:46 am
buildings. many public buildings including fire stations sat in the dark but some did have generators. sheriff deputy carried woman out of a building during that power outage in the motor city. city employees had to take the stair sips elevators were out. deputy saw a woman with multiple sclerosis that needed help at the hall of justice he did that. he carried her all the way to her car. what happened detroit's power? many are pointing at the city's crumbling infrastructure. >> instagram craze has some new york police officers in hot water tonight. the instagram account called blue line beauties. it is full of pictures of female police officers wearing their uniforms next sexy selfies. nypd policy prohibits members of the department from posting themselves in uniform on social media unless they're at official ceremonies. the officers will row reportedly lose some vacation days as part of their discipline. they are top quality products without the top shelf prices.
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>> we've got a new way to shop online for consignment items with a little more confidence at what you're buying is actually the real deal. consumer reporter steve noviello shows us how to cash in. ♪ >> reporter: valentino, celine, arames, high end designers usually mean a trip to a budget busting boutique. but for a real deal -- >> everybody loves a deal. >> reporter: check out the real real. >> we're the leader in authenticated luxury online consignment. >> reporter: from art to accessory fashion to fine jewelry you'll fine authentic high end pieces for men and women at significant savings. >> high end 90%. >> reporter: they come courtesy of consignors like -- >> it's such a great piece. >> reporter: meghan flanagan who loves the chanel flats but also knows if i haven't worn it in two or three years then i'm
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ready to move it out. >> reporter: helping her closet kathy. >> i'm busy. very very busy. >> reporter: the company's white glove service,. >> very big hit. >> reporter: does free in home private pick up in 16 cities across the country and can help you determine -- >> val tino patent shoes are plastic. >> reporter: what you have. >> wonderful rose. >> and what it will fetch. >> this bag was 12,000. and it will be it will listed between eight and nine. >> reporter: each item is i was then tis indicated and photographed at the company's west coast processing center where it's marked down and put up for sale online. consignors cash out at up to 70% commission. >> it's really helped change my mentality with editing pieces in my closet. >> reporter: but meghan is a
3:49 am
consumer, too. >> you can't believe that these pie-end luxury items that you can got them at such great price. >> reporter: she's in the a lone. the real real average 70% savings has attracted more than 3 million members. they move more than 40,000 pieces each month at a record setting sales speed. >> two days for certain thing. >> reporter: if you see it, get it now. these real deals go real real fast. ♪ i'm steve noviello. that's my 2 cents. spent it wisely. >> california teen makes what some might say is impossible possible. he's the star safety of his high school football team and he plays the game with only one arm. 18-year-old riley quinn was born without his hand and forearm but he does not let that deter him. riley only sees this as a minor challenge and says he thinks he would be work at sports if he had both arms because he wouldn't work as hard.
3:50 am
>> i think the whole reason i work hard and really care about the sports and take pride in what i do because of having one hand. it's going to be bad things in life. things that try to knock you down and you just got to keep fighting and keep working. >> reporter: great attitude. this guy he's got game. he also plays on the basketball team, pitches for the baseball team and he's a straight a student. >> his parents got to be happy about all of that. fantastic. you know what, there's a way to lower stress. you can turn to man's bev friend that's exactly what happened today at drexel university. dogs helping stressed out students getting ready for finals much it's called puppy palooza very very cute. hundreds of students took break from studying to play with certified therapy dogs. studies have shown playing with a therapy dog can reduce blood pressure, lower anxiety and depression and stuff. so say if howard gets stressed out, man's best friend, howard. >> i would love to have those puppies and those doggies in here, because i'm sure i need it. (laughter). >> tiger woods is back playing
3:51 am
golf this week, but one thing he cannot beat and richard sherman is one of the best backs in the league but the eagles will not let that scare them. they'll
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> what would we do without football. eagles won a big game last week against the cowboys. but the team this week is lot better. seattle comes to the linc. the way i see it playing out, if
3:54 am
the eagles win against seattle and dallas the following week, i can't see any way they would not win the inform fc east and likely would get the two seed for the playoffs. but like chip kelly told the players, it's only about this game this week. now interesting side light to the game quarterback mark sanchez form her head coach at usc sap chez had terrific career at southern cal and his head coach was pete carol. same head coach that comes in this sunday with seattle. >> the atmosphere, upping, they really emphasize that you work your butt off week and when you get to game day, just relax and have the time of your life, and that's what it feels like here. that's what it felt like at usc and, you know, at times in new york it felt like that too. >> there are a few players that make seattle look good defensive team. the player that everyone talks about defensive back richard sherman he's got a big mouth but he does make plays. last week against overrated san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick he had had
3:55 am
interceptions but eat guess won't shy away from him. that is reserved for a player in the past. >> there was a guy that played once way back in the former life there was a guy named dion sander that is we went into a game and said, just absolutely stay away from him. you know, other than that you got to just call your offense. i think, you know, we got to play and we have confidence in our players, and we just got to go out and try to he can cute. >> all right. sunday lineup looks like this fox 29 "game day live" at 11:00 followed by fox nfl sunday the noon our double header that big giants and titans game at 1:00 followed by the eagles and seahawks at 45:00. good game in the nba tonight it's the not sixers. to cleveland. cleveland in white. they were down milwaukee most of the game and watch the drive by khiry everybodying. he had 28. cleveland comes back and wins it, 111-108. tiger woods will be playing golf against this week. he's been inactive with back issues after surgery four months
3:56 am
much this tournament is the hero world challenge a tournament for his foundation but tiger is getting old. >> we all eventually start losing some of the things we were able to do when we were younger. >> one thing about him and you would know this iain or anybody that plays golf he had so much torque on his back his back has got to be a wreck. exactly. >> he just can't be the same player and he will not win those four majors. will not. >> it just won't happen. >> thank you how war. >> tmz is upping in. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kelly on weather and traffic all morning. ♪
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> we're not quite finished with messy weather yet. we just have a few different problems to deal with on what is starting off as a wet wednesday. and you can see, from outside our building, it is foggy out there, as well. we'll have all of the details in weather and traffic coming up. >> mr. chairman of the committee we believe that we are the uniform of a ffl player is a privilege. it is not a right. >> emotional moment as the nfl's troy vincent talks about dom et cetera i can violence in sports. what says the league's next step is. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, december 3rd, 2014. a lot more end on that story. first, my gosh, the fog, sue. it got


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