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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  December 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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worker was diagnosed with hepatitis a. today officials held vaccine clinic for everyone in the township worried they might have been exposed. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. let's get straight to fox 29s brad satin streaming live in hamilton township tonight with the latest. brad? >> reporter: iain and dawn, this has been going on since 2:00 o'clock this afternoon folks coming in getting this vaccine as you mentioned the concern right now knew at this hour there's potential al second case. i want to bring in jeff the hamilton township health officer to tell us what you know about this second case. >> this morning around 10:30 our division of health was notified by a local practicing physician that he had a patient walk in to his office requesting the vaccination. he felt it was prudent due to his age to give him blood test and the initial blood test came back positive hour hepatitis a. >> this is a person who regularly goes to this restaurant. he's here approximately three times week.
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>> you need to verify this. it has to be further verified. >> that's the latest there. meanwhile, they started as we mentioned giving shots at 2:00 o'clock and all day long it has been long and steady here. >> minutes after the doors opened just that fast the line ran from the hall out the door and across the parking lot. people with different expectations -- >> did you expect lines like this? >> i expected it to be worse. >> reporter: did you expect this? >> no i thought we'd walk in. >> reporter: but all with the same thought. >> you got to do what you got to do. >> what they had to do was get pricked with a needle starting with hamilton township's mayor. >> over the weekend rosa's restaurant catered night grandfather '95th birthday par party. >> they had eaten food from rosa's between november 10th and december 1st at the time when an employee had been working there earlier this week was confirmed with hepatitis a. the two shots one now and a booster in six months are just a precaution. >> if you get it win two weeks of your exposure there's a real
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solid chance it will even eliminate the exposure you current val. if not, you'll have your immunity. >> reporter: people do survive hepatitis a but could get sick for weeks. each person paying $35 for a piece of mind. some though not thrilled with having to shell out the case. >> you're objection with $35? not really but i'm going and try and put it through my insurance. >> we didn't create it and i don't like to pay the 35 but to be safe, 35 is cheap. >> reporter: the township's health officer agrees. >> the vaccine is being sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, anywhere from $95 to $200. >> reporter: the township laying out the money up front for as many as thousand people until 8:00 o'clock tonight. people like gale who didn't mind the hassle. why? >> because i like rosa' and i'm going back. >> reporter: rosa's is again open for business. in fact we had full access to the restaurant earlier today. we'll take you inside at 6:00 and also have more on this developing story potential second case of hepatitis a.
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guys, back to you. >> brad, thank you very much. if you ate at rosa's restaurant and indicators on south broad street in hamilton new jersey any time between november 10th and december 1st you may have been exposed to hepatitis a. you are urged to get the vaccine as soon as possible. to see all the information again just head to our website we've posted it on the scene on tv second. >> and now a story you will only see on fox. tonight search is on for a man local police are calling an animal. he's accused of sexual assault. the victim, only 12 years old. tonight police say the accuse ad attacker has long history of trouble. >> they want to find him before someone else gets hurt. let's get out to dave stratt wise sr. whose live at upper darby tonight with this exclusive story. dave? >> reporter: iain, this suspect just got out of prison back in march and tonight upper darby police want to put him back behind bars. they say he took advantage of a 12-year-old girl invited her into his apartment and then
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raped her. police say it was inside this basement apartment on the 300 block of rich field road up in per darby where 20-year-old terrell gatling sexually assaulted a 12-year-old victim repeatedly. >> the guy is an animal. he's total animal. 12-year-old kid, and he draws her in and rapes her. bottom line rapes her. >> reporter: investigators say the 12-year-old ran away from home back on november 19th. she was walking on 69th street near walnut when she encountered gatling. he struck up a conversation with her. >> at some point in time, he asked her how old she is and she said she's 12. >> reporter: gatling police say took the girl back to his basement apartment with no windows. once inside, she fell asleep. but awoke to find gatling touching her and then sexually assaulting her. when she told him to stop, he continued. she later got dressed and went to school. >> mom goes to school. she tells mom what happened. mom takes her to chop.
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>> reporter: the girl was taken to children's hospital for a sexual assault examination. she later picked gatling's picture out of a photo lineup. police raided gatling's apartment wednesday night looking to arrest him on rape and other charges. they believe he's on the run. >> he took total advantage of a 12-year-old kid. she's a baby. highly populated area and significant amount of kids that live in the area so we got to get this guy off the street. >> reporter: police tell me they did recover evidence at gatling's apartment that does link him to this crime. he has not been arrested at this point. coming up at six his criminal record and his ties to philadelphia. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. philadelphia police make an arrest in the shooting death of los angeles lakers guard wayne ellington's father. wayne ellington, sr., was found shot in the head in a car last month in germantown. police arrested carl white today. he's facing a murder charge as well as other charges. ellington, jr., was born in
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wynnewood and was a star player at episcopal academy and the university of north carolina before going on to play in the nba. >> bill cosby's lawyers are firing back at a woman's lawsuit accusing the comedian of sexual battery. a court filing today cosby's attorneys say judith huth try to sell a story about him to tabloid a decade ago. cosby's camp says this suit follows a failed attempt to extort a quarter million dollars from cosby. he is now seeking monetary damages from huth. >> meanwhile us navy is distancing itself from cos bow revoking his title of honorary chief petty officer. the allegations against cosby conflict with the navy's core values. also, his saturday performance at the terry town music hall in new york has been postponed. in recent weeks more than a dozen women have accused cosby of drugging and sexually abusing them in the past 40 years. >> a shopping plaza in new castle, delaware, without heat tonight and it's not because it's broken. it's air and heating units
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stolen. skyfox over the river plaza shopping center. police say 12 industrial sized units were swiped from its roof sometime in the last week. a store complained on tuesday its heat wasn't working. police are now looking over surveillance video hoping that it caught something that can help in this investigation. the units are worth about $55,000. a cold clear night in your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at center city tonight. this unsettled week is not over yet. we're looking at some rain that will move in tomorrow and it's going to steck around for while. chief meteorologist scott williams on top of it all for us tonight. scott? >> that's right iain. i hope you got out end enjoyed that sunshine earlier in the day. the cloud cover continue to go roll in right now. and temperatures they will be dropping. it's a lilly chilly right now. twenty three 43 degrees at the philadelphia international airport. we're looking at upper 30s already in pottstown. 31 in the pocono mountains. low 40ing right now in parts of south jersey. if you're stepping outdoors it will be dry but chilly so grab
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the jacks and sweaters. we're looking at mostly cloudy by 11:00 o'clock. 36 degrees. ultimate doppler is dry for our area but take a look at this moisture off to the west around parts of the ohio river valley it's moving toward the east. it's running into a lot of dry air. so most of this won't make it, however, we are looking at rainfall in our forecast over the next 24 hours. but you can see the satellite is definitely showing those clouds moving in. coming up i'll have the timing of that rain, the weekend forecast and what to expect at the linc on sunday. dawn and iain. >> all right, thank you, scott. and to a developing story now from missouri to manhattan. people are taking to the streets to express anger and frustration in the wake of another recent grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer in the death of an unarmed black man. fox's rick leventhal is in new york tonight. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the fatal july encounter. police trying to handcuff eric garner after he resisted arrest.
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officer daniel pantaleo seen taking him what looks like a choke hold against nypd poll seem the cop usually used a seat belt maneuver and the whole story isn't being told. >> what did not hear you cannot resist arrest. that's a crime. we did not hear that that's why these police officers were at that location. >> reporter: protesters taking to the streets across the can't tree last night after a grand jury decided not to indict pantaleo had released a statement saying he feels very bad about garner's death. city officials say changes are coming to officer training following the incident. >> changing how they listen. slowing down some interactions that sometimes escalate too quickly. >> reporter: unrest follows two high profile cases involving white cops and black males chaos in ferguson, missouri after a grand jury decision there and in ohio a 12-year-old was shot and killed while brandishing an air soft again.
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eric holder there today to discuss use of force. >> the tragic losses of these and far too many other americans spark an important conversation about the sense of trust that must exist between law enforcement and the communities they serve and protect. >> reporter: the department of justice now takes the reigns opening civil rights investigations into both ferguson and staten island confrontations. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> the diss track attorney is asking for a limited public disclosure of the garner grand jury proceedings. among the information we now know is that the jury sat nor nine weeks hearing from 50 witnesses, 22 of them were civilians. 60 exhibits were admitted into evidence including four videos and autopsy photos. >> a scathing report out today on the cleveland police department. attorney general eric holder releasing the justice department's investigation today 92 cleveland police. the doj was asked to review the depth's policies in the wake of a november 2012 cross town chase and deadly shooting that killed
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two unarmed people. >> there is reasonable cause to believe that the cleveland division of public police engages in a pattern and practice of using excessive force and as a result systemic deficiencies including inefficient saturday accountability, inadequate training and equipment, inn effective policies and inadequate engagement in the community. >> the report comes in the middle of an already contentious time in several us cities where white police officers have killed young blacks. last month a white cleveland police officer killed a black 12-year-old boy. the officer thought the child was holding a real gun but it turned out to be an air soft gun that shoots plastic pellets. nasa is hoping to have some better luck tomorrow. launching its or i don't know space craft they scrub this morning's launch as a series of delays first because of a boat in the water that was too close to the launch pad. high winds then caused further delays and finally there was a technical problem. nasa hopes month launch tomorrow
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morning at 7:05. lucy talks with those behind the launch who are very excited even though today was a no go. you've got already gotten your flu shot this season. >> why it might not do you any good this year. >> gas prices just keep falling. in one part of the country, you can fuel up for less than $2 a gallon. why this isn't all good news, though. >> and check out something you're definitely not going to see every day. elves, yes, propelling down the side of a building. where
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♪ >> a live look at washington, d.c. right now where the national christmas tree is a glow at the white house. it was lit just a short time ago and there is a bit of a celebration going on right now. we're not seeing it at the moment. by the way this is the 92nd year for the big ceremony always a beautiful tree and hopefully we can show that you tree shor shortly. meantime a truck hauling newspapers becomes the news. the tractor trailer overturns spilling 19,000 copies of advanced sections of this sund sunday' new york times around 5:30 on a rom and connecting the schuylkill expressway to route 202. the driver had minor injuries that blocked traffic for hours but everything is open tonight. >> the push for a $15 an hour minimum wage is growing. skyfox over the scene as workers at some philadelphia and
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wilmington fast food restaurants take to the streets today to press for more money similar demonstrations taking place as well in other cities across the country. philadelphia police want to find three men caught on video breaking into a grays ferry grocery store. police say they cut a hole in the roof this happen at the schneider supermarket on the 2700 block of schneider avenue back on november 12th. police say the guys took computers, money and cigarettes before leaving. give cops a call if you recognize these guys. >> sentencing day for a man convicted of stabbing two children in camden killing one. 33 year old rivera was found guilty of murder this summer. he assault add 12-year-old girl in her home, then killed her six-year-old brother when he tried to protect her. fox 29's jeff cole in the newsroom tonight with more. jeff. >> reporter: horrific crime. prosecutors wanted live in prison for rivera in this horrific, horrible crime in camden. rivera has admitted he was high at the time of the stabbing. it took a jury just 2.5 hours,
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2.5 hours to convict him last july. today a judge gave him 110 years in state prison a lifetime for the murder of six-year-old dominic an due haul and the rape of his sister amber. amber testified during the trial and was in court with her mother and other family members for the sentencing. >> she had to act like a woman and fight this man and, you know, run for her life to, you know, she -- she -- she came for justice because her brother did not die for nothing. he died to save her and she came and she proved it. >> reporter: rivera previously rejected a plea deal of 65 years. he got one didn't instead in prison in he can change for a guilty plea he was convicted of murder, attempted murder, sexual assault and burglary. jeff cole. iain back to you. >> south jersey police are investigate a reports of a girl bringing a gun on schoolbus. it happened on tuesday on a bus
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headed to carolina reuter school. investigators say the gun was actually an unloaded starter pistol. the 11 year old girl is facing juvenile charges. nobody was hurt. police say they are still investigating. the reward for information leading to missing west chester university student shane montgomery is now at $40,000. a vigil for montgomery was held on the west chester campus last night. so far a massive search for the 21-year-old has come up empty. >> shane montgomery was last seen leaving a manayunk bar early thanksgiving morning after night out with friends. >> all right. did you get your flu shot this year? well, guess? it may not help you from getting the flu. the centers for disease control says a recent test of flu cases shows that less than half were a good match for the current vaccine. cdc officials say this suggests the virus may have mutated. they add the flu shot may still offer some protect against the viruviruses and these shots stil protects against flu strains that have not yet mutated.
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millions of americans who have obama care will have to dig a little bit deeper in their wallets to pay for premiums they're going up slightly next year. the average increase is 5%. the obama administration says the increase will be seen in 35 states where the federal government is running health insurance exchanges. customers can shop around for the very best deals. >> funerals will be held on saturday for the three children killed in a south jersey family tragedy. it happened last month in tabernacle burlington county. police say jean le page shot her three children then turn the gun on herself. the three children ranged in age from eight to 14. >> resorts cass zen know says it's doing nearly $10 million in expansion of its convention and meeting space. resorts hoping to grab a bigger share of the rapidly changing atlantic city casino mark. the project will add 12,000 feet of new meeting space for atlantic city casinos have offed already closed this year and the taj mahal plans to shut down next troy today.
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governor elect tom wolf is getting face time tomorrow with president barack obama. wolf is set to meet with the president and vice-president joe biden at the white house. the three will be joined by five other governor elects from around the country. the group will hold discussion about how to improve the economy and create more opportunities for people to succeed. >> who could clean up a mess left by the grinch? santa elves that's who you're looking at santa and some of his elves they propelled off the roof of the ai dupont hospital for children in delaware. their mission to clean up grime left on the windows by the grinch and also bring few smiles to the faces of children and patients it looks like they did that as well. >> how cute. >> well, there may have been 43 before him but president obama just became the first sitting president to have a portrait made of him in 3d. if you want to sit it it's just a driveway with. >> these two boys wanted that talk to santa they dialed a
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number you should only call in an emergency. what happened had less showed up. >> plus getting your hands on high end fashion without breaking your bank account. we unlock a new secret online to breaking your bank account. we unlock a new secret online to swe put all the apps you love... inside a car designed to connect you
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to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us.
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>> a georgia boy separated from his family for four years is finally reunited with his siblings. 13-year-old gregory jean, jr., was discovered hiding in a crawlspace in his father's atlanta area home last weekend. his mother hadn't seen her son since he went to visit his father years ago. finally, gregory was able to find and contact his mom. >> i knew my mom had the same phone number. what i did i was on facebook i was teching my brother first. i was that i was texting my sister. >> when they opened the door and i seen the light -- >> the boy's stepfather -- the boy's father and stepmother remain jailed tonight and variety of charges including false imprisonment and cruelty to children. there are many who have come
5:25 pm
before him but president barack obama can now say he's the first president to have portraits made of himself and get this 3d. >> and they're on display so you can see them. the president's face was actua actually scanned by experts from the university of southern california institute for creative technology. look at all those lights. that was combined with scans and camera images of his head and shoulders to make it more accurate. the historic 3d portraits went on display yesterday at the smithsonian institution in washington, d.c. and those who made them say the technology has advanced so much over the years that this is now possible. >> in about one second as he holds his presidential pose, he'll be illuminated by 10 different lighting conditions. 10 years ago, it was just barely possible to think this could be done. >> if you want to see the portraits in person they will remain on display at the smithsonian through the rest of the month. a construction project in rome quickly turned into an archeologically dig. crews were digging to build a
5:26 pm
subway station when they found the remnants of an old farm. peach pits, pitch fork and other farm tools were found along with an irrigation basin it's the first farm found so close to the center of ancient rome city officials want to display artifacts inside the future subway station. >> you want to shed a few pounds? of course you do. stop counting calories. >> new expert vice suggesting all you need to lose wait is a clock. and nasa forced to postpone the next age of human space exploration. a combination of problems forcing the orion space craft to stay on the launch pad. we're in cape canaveral ahead of plan b. scott. >> dawn, i'll have forecast for that launch. potentially tomorrow. let's cross our finger. also, we saw a dry break today but rain is back in the foreca forecast. but rain is back in the foreca forecast. iwe put all the apps you love...
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inside a car designed to connect you to a world of possibilities. the connected car by volvo. innovating for you. give the gift of volvo this season and we'll give you your first month's payment on us. ♪ >> here's live look at blue mountain from our pocono moan mountains cam a it may be cold tonight at least it's dry and i did see the sun today, but that will all change tomorrow. our first look at your friday forecast and your weekend is coming up in just a few minutes. >> tis the season for skiing and for checking out tree lighting. this is beautiful sight from allentown. the city just lighting its christmas tree. there it is. very pretty a short time ago.
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skyfox overhead at the ppl plaza on hamilton street in allentown. all night long there have been live musical performance and the fun will continue until 7:00 o'clock this evening. new jersey lawmakers looking into the governor chris christie bridge gate scandal are set to receive a summary of their investigation. the committee handling the investigation plans to make it public on monday. the pam chairman says the report does not draw any conclusions but it does reveal some important information previously unknown to lawmakers. documents show a port authority official appointed by governor chris christie and a christie aid orchestrated lane shut downs at the george washington bridge as political pay back to a local mayor who did not support governor christie. philadelphia city government is delaying the retirement of a dozen top officials and employees some of whom are said to be vital to preparations for next september's visit from pope francis. the administration is also reportedly planning to push back scheduled retirements for 100 police officers so they can help
5:31 pm
provide security for the papal visit. the city cited francis' visit in keeping five top managers. the city is keeping seven others because it says it could not find replacements more than a million and a half people expected for the pope's two public appearances on septembe september 26th and 7th during the world meeting of families. organizers are planning a festival and a mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. nasa's biggest launch since its final shuttle mission has to wait another day. nasa scrubbed or roy i don't know's delays. our lease see noland was waiting for orion's blast off this morning. >> she's at ken day space accept with what's happening now. >> reporter: even though did was a no go, folks around here are still very excited about what nasa on the verge of doing, and tell you what, nasa pulled out all the stops to try to pull off today's historic launch. >> we will remain in this hold and we will determine a new t0. >> four times nasa tried to launch or roy i don't know.
5:32 pm
maybe a little incident with a wayward boat was a thing to come. >> we got off to slow start because a boat got into our safety zone. they had to escort the boat out of the safety zone. >> reporter: that zone critical to keeping people safe should something go wrong. hear that wind. it was a problem. pushing back three times the maiden voyage of the space craft that will one day take astronauts to mars. we had the countdown lock behind you as we can see it's going up the opposite way. what happened today? >> so we had a launch scrub, you know, all kinds of challenges you have to deal with. >> one of those challenges was stick company valve on the rocket set to blast orion deeper into space than crew module has gone since apollo in 1972. >> so we'll try it again tomorrow. >> we will try again tomorrow. same time same place. >> coming up at six we're talking with an astronaut about
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why scrubbing a mission though very disappointing can be a very good thing. back to you dawn and iain. >> all right. thanks, lucy. again nasa will retry the launch at 7:05 tomorrow morning of course we'll carry it live on "good day philadelphia" and hopefully the weather will cooperate. yeah. speaking of the forecast here the man who has the launch forecast. hopefully, iain and dawn, there are no wind violations or valve problems or a low clouds or fog and it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. in fact by 7:05 tomorrow, for the launch, we're looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. it will be partly cloudy and mild. the winds will likely be out of the east northeast around 10 miles per hour. so tune in tomorrow morning on good day and we'll find out what happens. hopefully it's not a lot of hurry up and weight like it was today. as we focus in on ultimate doppler you can see we're dry and quiet but off to the west we're watching some moisture it's moving due east. but it's running into some dry air and also most of it is going to stay to the south.
5:34 pm
we're really going to wait on some moisture off to the west right now around parts of the four corners this disturbance will eventually move in our direction so friday night and into saturday we're looking at a wet pattern across the area. so here's the bottom line. cloudy and chilly for friday highs will be in the 40s. but it should stay dry until friday afternoon. so tomorrow around this time we'll be watching that rainfall move in north and west and and that it will likely impact some of your friday evening plans but the entire weekend is not going to be a washout. then into early next week, we're going to be watching the coast for a potential nor'easter believe it or not. so mid 40s that was the high temperature today. we should be in the upper 40s. a little chilly right now already 36 degrees in pottstown. 37 in lancaster. 30 right now in the pocono mountains we're looking at 40 degrees currently in atlantic city. so we'll advance the clock ahead to friday. and you can see we're looking at mostly cloudy but dry conditions. and then by 5:00 p.m. north and west we're watching some of that green move toward the pocono
5:35 pm
mountains the lehigh valley by 8:00, nine, 10:00 o'clock it looks pretty wet across the area especially north and west of i-95. and then saturday morning, it look like a lull in the action so if you have some plans maybe grabbing that christmas tree or doing some shopping, early on saturday looks good. but watch what happens as we move toward two, 3:00 o'clock. we're looking at some of that rain moving in. so saturday afternoon and saturday evening. the heaviest of the rainfall will be moving through. but the good news this system it's going to be moving out so sunday for the eagles game looks pretty good right now. so how much are we talking about as far as the rainfall? the heaviest north and west we're looking at up to an inch around the poconos also we could see about an inch before all is said and done by sunday morning down the shore. temperatures tonight chilly, 34 in the city. 27 in the burbs. tomorrow frick degrees mostly cloudy once again those showers arriving primarily after about 5:00 o'clock. so sunday's forecast at the linc
5:36 pm
scattered clouds, dry and chilly for now, temperatures in the mid fours. the seven day forecast showing you damp for saturday and then sunday we get a break and then monday into tuesday we could be talking about that nor'easter. let's watch how things play out. here's one of the computer models. you can see monday night into tuesday watching the coast. we could have some cold air running into that moisture north and west to produce some snow so stay tune. shout out yardley i was up at makefield elementary talking weather to first grade students out there. thanks so much to miss corrigan for having me out there. bright group we talk about clouds, the water cycle, just enjoyed being out there in yardley at makefield elementary once again the first grade group out there. >> looks like lot of fun. it was. >> good job. a lot of future weather casters out there. thanks, scott. >> well, a birth control pill for men that scientists say is nine 9% effective? >> well, it seems close to becoming a reality but the question now ladies would you
5:37 pm
trust your partner to take it? and these two boys wanted to talk to santa so they dialed a number that you should only call in an emergency. what happened when the cops showed up. >> and all new tonight at 6:00 o'clock, new jersey wants to protect you from drunk drivers during the holiday party season. the big money being put up to keep
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♪ >> the case of the missing brains at the university of texas at austin has been solved. yesterday professors set off a minor frenzy when he told a newspaper that someone may have taken the brain. the university later announced brains have been tossed in the trash 12 years ago. school officials said environmental workers disposed of the brains after faculty said they were not good enough -- they were not in good enough condition for teaching. >> it's striking. it's something you wouldn't expect to see in real life. it's something you would expect to see in a movie. >> more than 100 human brains donated to science were involved here. in your health, a birth
5:41 pm
control pill for men sounds kind of strange researchers have developed the pill that they say is nine 9% effective. it has very few side effects. the scientists say the pill weakens enzymes in sperm so a woman cannot become pregnant. they also claim that male fertility returned to normal within a month of taking the pill. however, some men gained weight on the pill. only gone through small clinical trials as of yet. more studies are needed but some pharmaceutical companies have expressed interest. >> well, if you want to shed a few pounds over the holidays you could try watching the clock instead of counting calories. researchers finding that restricting eating to an eight to 12 hour window each day can help your body burn fat instead of storing it and those who tried this lost more weight compared to those on an unrestricted schedule. they saw positive changes to blood sugar and cholesterol. >> amazon launching its own diaper. they say they are available online to amazon prime customers and they come in monthly packs. they start out lower than the
5:42 pm
competition in newborn sizes but they cost around the same as other brands after that. >> well, you might notice it every day on your drives to and from home. >> this is good news. gas prices, they just keep on falling. in fact, in one part of the country you can fuel up for less than $2 a gallon. why this isn't all good news, though. and getting your hands on high-end fashion without breaking your bank account. we unlock a new secret online to get to you save
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>> all across the country prices continue to drop at the pump
5:46 pm
many. in pennsylvania the average price for gallon of regular unleaded is fallen to $2.92 cents kyle in new jersey the average is 2.67. in delaware, drivers are paying average of 2.78 a gallon. but if those prices sound good. there's one station in the country charging less and that $2-gallon. here's fox's robert gray. >> reporter: for the first time since the summer of 2010, a gas station in the u.s. is selling fuel for blow two bucks a gallon. this station in oklahoma city offering regular gasoline at 1.99. >> we were all surprised i told my mom and she's like let's go might as well fill up the tank while it's cheap. >> reporter: oklahoma is the only state with station selling gas below $2. fuel prices are dropping across the country with a national average about 2.75 a gallon. that's 50 cents cheaper than this time last year. >> it's great. i think the prices should be
5:47 pm
even lower. >> reporter: analysts say those prices will likely keep falling. so what's behind the drop in gas prices? experts say rising oil production in the u.s. and low demand for gasoline worldwide is contribute to go the trend. and with the lower costs, economists are hoping consumers will spend their money on other things leaving to a further boost to the economy. >> our disposable income is going to be higher that we don't spend on gasoline. >> reporter: but not everyone is enjoying the drop. oil producing states are concerned about the impact it could have on their economy. oil companies in texas may have to cut back on drilling and other projects which eventually could result in layoffs. >> what's good for consume mrs mrs. op average might not be good for consumers in houston because our income is so tied to the oil sector. oil price boss have to drop an additional $25 barrel for the national average gas price to fall below two bucks a gallon.
5:48 pm
robert gray, fox news. >> speaking of money can you imagine spending hundreds of dollars for a short cab ride? a minnesota woman says it happened to her when she used uber to take her 20 minutes to her hou house. after failing to get cab or a lesser priced uber on cold night molly hughes and her friends used the uber app to get ride from an expensive nearby uber suv. it costs several dollars a mile. the driver dropped off her friends and then molly got dropped off. she says it was total of 10.8 miles but then she got the bill which left her in shock. >> i got up to my apartment and i got my normal, you know, e-mail i got my receipt and i opened it up and it was $411. i was in a panic to be honest. you don't expect -- you don't expect to get 400 cab bill for 20 minute job. >> the normal fair $65 and 30 cents uber multiplied that by 6.3 surge about $38 per mile.
5:49 pm
surge pricing is what uber does during what it calls busy times. >> ouch! yeah. well the luck of the draw had decided one florida town's new city council member the win are in for the council seat in mount dora not too far from or license dough was picked out of a hat. marie rich a first time candidate won the contest by chance after the vote left two candidates deadlocked for couple of months. incumbent councilman nick jerome wanted another election after the november 4th tide but the courts cleared the way for the city clerk to draw the winning name out of a top hat. this is one of the most wonderful things that happened in my life. i get to serve al dora. i'll dobb do fabulous job. >> rich was quickly sworn in and took part in last night's city council meeting. >> they were hoping to get on santa claus' gas list but what two young boys got them a visit from the police. fox's jonathan greg has this story for us from wisconsin.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: when you see the look an their face -- >> they are doubles. >> reporter: it's hard to know if they even regret it. >> officers were dispatched to residence. >> reporter: neither wanted to admit. >> we didn't know what the situation was. >> reporter: considering christmas was on the line. >> my husband's phone was on lock. >> they wanted to take their gift list straight to the top. >> it was determined a three year old an six-year-old had dialed 911, and were -- a iteming to contact santa claus. >> they wanted santa on the phone. >> big trucks. one wants a dirt bike. >> they got a cop at the door. >> a block away. >> in new york they would have dialed 311. >> reporter: ed mccann is in town to decorate the auto bon inn. >> i remember my brother and i would sit with the sears catalog and circle everything we wanted santa to bring. >> reporter: mccann knows from experience bending chris
5:51 pm
cringle's ear is a big deal. >> 911 looking for santa. it's a christmas emergency, right. >> if we want to talk to santa -- which police are equipped to handle. >> she came in and talk to the children about calling santa and how santa is only in person. >> reporter: released early gone behavior. >> i think we got laugh out of it. we were glad that there was no problem there. >> reporter: the boys got a tour of the station and its own christmas lights and some las lasting advice from that are new friends. >> one thank they have to understand north pole is out of our juries dick. >> reporter: in mayville, jonathan greg -- >> there's not much we can do about helping them connect with santa claus. >> reporter: fox news. >> james bond fans have plenty to be exited about as details of the next movie are out. new movie will be called spectra. the film will see actor daniel craig return for his fourth time as james bond. few other details about the 24th film in the series are being released you hear that music. craig hopes to make the new movie bigger and better than the last bond film sky fall.
5:52 pm
>> we've got some of the same great cast. i believe we've got a better script than we had last time. so, you know, here we go. >> shooting for the new movie starts on monday. circle the calendar. spectre is scheduled to be released next year on december 6th. >> they are top quality products without the top shelf prices. >> we found knew way to shop online for consignment items with a little more confidence than with what you're buying is the real deal. consumer reporter steve noviello shows us how exact toll cash in. ♪ >> reporter: valentino, herm mess, these high-end designers usually mean a trip to a budget busting boutique. but for a real deal -- >> everybody loves deal. >> reporter: check out the real real. >> we're the leader in authenticated luxury online consignment. >> reporter: from art to accessories, fashion to fine
5:53 pm
jewelry, you'll find authentic high-end pieces for men and women at significant savings. >> high end 90%. >> reporter: they come courtesy of consignors like -- >> it's been such a great peace. >> reporter: meghan nan any began who shoves her chanel flats her berk ken bag and -- >> this mark jacobs dress. >> if i haven't worn it in two or three years i'm ready to move it out. >> reporter: helping her edit her closet kathy the manager. >> i'm busy. very very busy. >> reporter: the company's white glove service -- >> very big hit. >> reporter: does free in home private pick up in 16 cities across the country and can help you determine -- >> if val tino patent shoes are plastic. >> reporter: what you have -- >> this is a wonderful legal la rose. >> and it will fetch. >> this bag was 12,000 and it
5:54 pm
will be listed between eight and nine. >> reporter: each item is authenticated and photographed at the company's west coast processing center where it's marked down and put up for sale online. consignors cash out up to 70% commission. >> it's really helped change my mentality with editing pieces in my closet. >> reporter: but meghan is a consume mr., too. >> you can't believe that these high-end luxury items that they're -- that you can get them at such a great price. >> reporter: and she's not alone. the real real average 70% savings has attracted more than 3 million members and they move more than four thus san pieces each month at a record setting sales speed. >> so if you see the, get it n now. these real deals go real real fast. ♪ >> i'm steve noviello. that's my 2 cents. spent it wisely. >> all right. the real real.
5:55 pm
write that down, iain. a double surprise for a theme park in japan. a giant panda giving birth to twins. the siblings were born three hours apart and this is not the mother's first set of twins. she also gave birth to a pair in 2008. the zoo now has seven panda bears. they're so cute. >> straight ahead at 6:00 plan b in the next chapter of human space exploration. >> after a lot of build up nasa decides to scrub this morning's launch of the orion space craft we're in cape canaveral as officials hope tomorrow will be better for launch animal rights active vest want to talk to the new jersey governor the potentiallpotentially offensivet plan to lure him to meeting. >> the question i know many people have about this eagles team, are they going to the super bowl? coming up the eagles players talked about what it's like to play a super bowl champion. >> and also a lot of folks want to know about the weekend and the weather for sunday at the
5:56 pm
linc. i'm counting our next system and if it will impact the game next.
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>> breaking at 6:00 a second possible case of hepatitis a in local community. there was already a lot of anxiety in hamilton township after a worker had a popular restaurant was diagnosed with hepatitis a. >> and tonight we've learned a restaurant customer is now under going further testing to see if they, too, have the virus. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. >> let's get straight out to fox 29's brad satin streamin streame us tonight in hamilton township. brad? >> reporter: dawn and iain we can tell the people taking this very seriously. we just did check over 500 people have come through here. they have enough vaccine for a thousand people. they've been doing this since about 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. it's pretty steady as you sigh and with a second possible case there's certainly a renewed sense of urgency here. a shot in the arm is a form of protection. now with increasing urgency with news that there could be a second case of hepatitis a a man whose a regular at rosa's restaurant just had initial


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