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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 5, 2014 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you bye-bye xfinity the future of awesome. >> right now a new plea from the fbi hoping you hold the key to finding a missing student. the search for 21-year-old shane montgomery now enters its second week. good evening and thanks for joining us. i iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. the reward to find shane went up again. our jennifer joyce is live in manayunk where shane was last seen early thanksgiving morning. jenn. >> the reward went up to $40,000. this story the talk of the town. the philadelphia region and even the country. flyers like these are in almost every storefront in the area and the question where is shane?
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>> i will go day and night i will look for my brother and i will find my brother. >> reporter: shane montgomery's family is not giving up hope. when the donation of 5,000 knew and updated flyers dropped off to their home thursday night they're ready to go back on the hunt in the morning. today marks one week since the 21-year-old west chester university student was last seen. the time was 1:50 a.m. leaving kildare's irish pub on main street in manayunk. shane's mother calls these last several days a nightmare that she can't wake up from. >> i close my eyes and i see my baby and i can't hold him and i can't find him. >> reporter: tonight the fbi putting out plea for people who live in the area of the schuylkill river, green lane, henry avenue and lincoln drive and have a security camera to check their video from thanksgiving morning. so far nothing has surfaced. >> you never know if he was walking by a house and they have outside cameras and maybe -- maybe they have something on their outside cameras.
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>> reporter: the support of the community has given karen montgomery the strength to power on in high gear. the reward for reliable information in this case now up to $40,000. additional alley, friends, neighbors, businesses and strangers have pledged money to help cover the costs of the search. maryann whitman is shane's aunt. her son was with shane the night he went missing. she says, someone knows something about her nephew. she's begging people to come forward for her family. >> people don't vanish. someone has to have seen him on a video, on selfie on walking down the street. we're just asking for anyone who may be able to give us a hint or a clue to give us some directi direction. >> reporter: you heard the family. if you are out on main street in manayunk last wednesday night early thursday morning and you snapped a photo, take a look at those pictures because maybe they'll provide some clues. also, a police source tells us that in the last few hours they've already gotten a good amount of calls from people in
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the area who are voluntarily handing over their security footage and they're hoping that continues. dawn? >> let's hope so. thank you jenny. still developing to night protests all across the country. this is a live look from chicago right now as we've watched people marching across the city. sometimes getting into a few scuffles there. our fox reporter right there walking with them. demonstratorsly flooding the streets of chicago earlier and they're protesting recent grand jury decisions not to charge white police officers with killing unarmed black men. first the decision not to indict an officer for killing michael brown in ferguson, missouri and now a grand jury's decision not to charge a new york city police officer for the choke hold death of eric garner. it is a scene playing out in cities across the country. protesters hitting the streets disrupting traffic in oakland, california, washington, d.c., and new york city and that's just to name few. take a look. this is cell phone video from the new york incident in july.
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officer pant lay yo stopped eric garner in staten island on suspicion of selling loose untaxed cigarettes. the video showing garner refusing to be handcuffed. pant lay yo responding by putting garner in an apparent choke hold which is banned under nypd policy. garner died a short time later. civil rights leaders want protesters to keep up these demonstrations. >> those of rightful to angry to continue in non violence protest and non violent direction accident action. violence number one has a way of distracting from the message of economic reconstruction and justice. >> the attorney general says there will be full investigati investigations into both cases. >> a health scare in hamilton township, new jersey, has people lining up to get hepatitis a vaccines. they're all worried they may have been exposed to a restaurant worker with hepatitis a.
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local officials held the clinic for everyone in the township as fox 29' brad brad satin reports many people took the warning seriously much. >> reporter: minutes after the doors opened just that fast the line ran from the hall out the door and across the parking lot. people with different expectations -- >> did you expect lines like this? >> i expected it to be worse. >> did you expect this? >> no, i thought we'd walk in. >> reporter: but all with the same thought. >> you got to do what you got to do. >> reporter: what they had to do was get pricked with a needle starring with hamilton township's mayor. >> over the weekend rosa's restaurant had catereded my grandfather's knifeth birthday party. >> she and countless others had eaten food from rosa's between november 10th and december 1st at the time when an employee had been working there who earlier this week was confirmed with hepatitis a. the two shots one now an booster in six months are just a precaution. >> if you get it within two weeks of your exposure, there's a real solid chance it will even eliminate the exposure you
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currently have. if not you'll have your immuni immunity. >> reporter: people do survive hepatitis a but could get sick for weeks. each person paying $35 for a little peace of mind. some though not thrilled with having to shell out the cash. >> you're objection with $35? >> not really, but i'm going to try and put it through my insurance. >> we didn't create it and i don't like to pay the 35, but to be safe, 35 is cheap. >> reporter: the township's health officer agrees. >> vaccine is being sold in pharmacies, supermarkets, anywhere from $95 to $200. >> reporter: the township laying out the money up front for as many as a thousand people until 8:00 o'clock tonight. people like gale company anything who didn't mind the hassle. >> why? >> because i like rosa's and i'm going back. >> reporter: back here at this make shift clinic, folks are getting the first dose of this vaccine but they do need a second dose to be fully protect that. will come in six months. in hamilton township, new jersey, brad satin, fox 29 news. >> on your radar note, more clouds and sadly rain on the
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way. scott williams is tracking when it all starts. scott? >> that's right, dawn. we saw sunshine early in the day the cloud cover has rolled in and it looks look it's raining across our area, but this is not reaching the ground in south jersey and sections of delaware what we call verga. now some of this off to the south and west is but this disturbance will move to our south. off to the west, we have to head all the way back to parts of the south planes and into oklahoma and texas. this is what will move our way friday afternoon. so tomorrow morning, cloudy but dry but you'll need the umbrellas by the afternoon. here's 5:00 o'clock north and west. watching the rainfall move in especially impacting your friday even plans. cloudy and chilly highs tomorrow in the 40s. rain arrives late friday afternoon into a part of the weekend we'll talk about how much to expect and if the weekend will be a wash out and also early next week we could be talking about a nor'easter. new information on that, dawn and iain, coming up. >> scott, thank you. now to a story you will see only on fox tonight. take a good look at this become
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cher. police say this man preyed oh and a 12-year-old girl. the man is still on the loose to neat and police say he's got a very long criminal history. fox 29's dave stratt wise sr. spoke with police who are desperately trying to find this man. >> the guy is a total animal. >> reporter: that's the way police are describing 20-year-old terrell gatling after they say he convince add 12-year-old girl to come to his basement apartment in upper darby and then sexually assaul assaulted her repeatedly. >> again, 12 years old. i mean you've got to be sick in the mind, number one. but like i consider the guy an animal. >> reporter: investigators say the 12-year-old ran away from home back on november 19th. she was walking on 69th street near walnut when she encountered gatling and struck up a conversation. >> at some point in time, he asked her how old she is and she said she's 12. >> reporter: gatling police say took the girl back to his basement apartment with no windows. oh the flee hundred block of rich field road a few blocks away. once inside, she fell asleep. but a we can to find gatling touching her and sexually
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assaults her. she told him to stop but he continued. she later got dressed and wept to school. >> he took total advantage of a 12-year-old -- 12-year-old kid. i mean she's baby. >> reporter: school officials called the girl's mother who took her to children's hospital for a sexual assault examinati examination. she later picked gatling's picture out of a photo lineup. police raided gatling's home on wednesday looking to arrest him on rape and other charges. they believe he's fled the area. >> i call him career criminal. he's got arrests for burglary, fear arms violations, assaults. we got to get this guy off the street. >> reporter: police say gatling just got it of prison back in march. they believe he could have fled to philadelphia where he's originally from. if you know his whereabouts, you should call upper darby police. in upper darby, dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> philadelphia police make an arrest in the shooting death of los angeles lakers guard wayne elogy toss' father.
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he was found shot in the head in his car last month. police arrested 34-year-old carl white. white facing murder and other charges. ellington, jr., was born in wynnewood an star player episcopal academy and the university of north carolina before then going on to the inform ba. now in our earlier newscast we aired photo provided by the philadelphia police department. police inform us that is not the photo of person arrested in this case and apologize for the rower. >> sentencing day for a man convicted of stabbing two children in camden killing one. 33-year-old rivera was found guilty of murder this summer. authorities say he assault add 12-year-old girl in her home and then killed her six-year-old brother when he tried to protect her. rivera admitted he was high at the time of the stabbing. it took a jury just 2.5 hours to convict him last july. today a judge gave him 110 years in state prison for the murder of six-year-old dominic and the
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rape of his sister amber. amber testified during the trial and was in court with her mother and other family for the sentencing. >> she came for justice because her brother did not die for nothing. she died -- he died to save her and she came and she proved it. she proved it as strong as she is. the family says while they will never get over dominic's death they find comfort knowing he died a hero. >> a connecticut eighty two till will the pulled its offer to by pgw. uil holdings it's pulling the block on the $1.8 billion deal. the company's president says it had no choice. this comes after city council announced in late october it would not hold hearings or vote on the proposal. >> video you'll only see on fox. we're there as police nab this guy. he's accused of stealing the only way to heat local stores. >> one toddler' remarkable story of survival. he wandered out into the frigid cold. found hours later this body
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temperature on 55 degrees. what shocked even the doctors. >> plus a local woman's desperate plea. her neighbor's house falling apart. now causing problems for her home. tonight fox 29 is getting results. >> and all pet owners know there's not much we wouldn't do for the four legged members of our family but are you prepared for an emergency that could cost thousands? we find out is pet insurance a good idea? >> ♪ >> does it get any better than this. a dance troop of dads dancing in ugly christmas sweater. what this is actually advertising only on fox.
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♪ >> a wild shooting in kensington and now police releasing video they hope will lead to an arre arrest. this happened yesterday afternoon on the 600 block of east -- police say they are looking for three men in this video. they fired shots at a car full of people. amazingly no wasn't was hurt. bill cosby's lawyers are firing back at a woman's lawsuit accusing him of sexual battery. court filing today cosby's attorneys say judith huth tried to sell a story about them to a tabloid a decade ago. cosby's camp says this suit follows her attorney's failed attempt to extort a quarter million dollars from him and cosby is now seeking monetary damages from huth it come as the u.s. navy distanting itself from the comedian. it's revoking his title of honorary chief petty officer. it says the allegations against cosby conflict with the navy's
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core values. also, his saturday performance at the terry town music hall in new york has been postponed. >> how would you like to live next door to this? it's a familiar sight in neighborhoods all across philadelphia. we're talking old and vacant crumbling homes. they make life miserable for the people who live next door. our bruce gordon is live tonight getting results for one woman who has had enough. bruce? >> reporter: 76-year-old betty hall has lived here on the 200 block of east sharp knack street long enough to remember when this block was neat and clean and safe. now a days, vacant lots and dilapidated homes dot the landscape and betty finds it hard to get to sleep at night. betty hall lives next door to what nightmare from which she cannot escape. when you look next door and you see that mess, what goes through your mind? >> like disgust. i'm very disgusted with it. and i'm also afraid. i can't sleep too well at night.
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>> reporter: you don't know what's going on next door. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: betty says the attached home has been vacant for months. front door is wide open. inside it look like a bomb went off. the storm door was stolen right off its hinges just hours before we arrived. that's not the worst of it. take look from out back. the rear portion of the roof has collapsed. there's nothing to keep the rain out of either home. betty says the last big storm left water pouring down her dining room wall. >> any doubt in your mind where this water is coming from? no doubt. it's coming from next door. >> reporter: records on the department o of licenses and inspections website show numerous violations at the home over the past several years. broken windows, trash and weeds, poor drainage a basic failure to maintain vacant property. >> you call l and i to tell them what was going on next door. yes. >> what did you hear back from them? i didn't hear anything back from them. >> the immediate problem the place is vacant and crumbling and the front door is wide open.
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>> reporter: i call l and i.e. mailed commission are in carlton williams directly n time flat we got our response. >> we will address this immediately and notify you when completed. thanks for bringing this to our attention. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: just two hours later, an l and i crew was on the scene. ceiling the vacant home to keep animals, squatters and drug users out. betty can finally get a good night's sleep. we were unable to reach the owner of the vacant home. neither could l andism but they will find him. to let him know he's got 30 days to repair that collapsed roof in the back of the home or demolish the structure. if he doesn't, they will. then they'll send him the bill. dawn? >> all right. thank you, bruce. good work. truck hauling newspapers becomes the news. the tractor trailer overturned spilling 19 house sand copies of advanced sections of this sunday's new york times. it happened 5:30 this morning
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on-ramp connecting the schuylkill expressway to route 202 in king of prussia. the driver had minor injuries but it blocked traffic for hours. fortunately everything is open again tonight. a scary bus ride to school for some students in south jersey. police are rest investigating reports of a girl bringing a gun on to the schoolbus it happened tuesday and bus headed to caroline reuter school. investigators say the gun was actually an unloaded start pistol. but the 11-year-old girl is facing juvenile charges. the good news is, no one was hurt. >> resorts casino says it's doing a nearly 10 million-dollar expansion of its convention and meeting space. resorts hopes to grab a bigger share of the rapidly changing atlantic city casino market. a atlantic city casinos closed this year and the taj mahal plans to shut down next friday. >> tom wolf will get face time tomorrow with president barack obama. wolf is set to meet with the president and vice-president joe biden at the white house. the three will be joined by five other governor elects from around the country.
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the group will hold a discussion about how to improve the economy and create more opportunities for people to succeed. >> new jersey lawmakers looking into the governor chris christie bridge gate scandal are about to get a summary of their investigation. the committee handling the probe plans to make the public on monday. the pam chairman says the report does not draw any conclusions but it does reveal information previously unknown to lawmakers. history is made at the center in bryn mawr. >> it delivered 10,000 babies and here's the cute baby getting the big 10k honor with mom and dad. she is vera grace born at 4:44am yesterday to matt and frances brodsky. 8 pounds. a full head of hair. doing just fine. we'll hear more from the family tomorrow morning because they'll stop by our studios to chat on "good day philadelphia". >> congratulations. drama pictures showing flames shooting out of a packed schoolbus. take look. the driver with just moments to save the children on board.
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her hoar row wick actions that department kept dozens of students safe. >> do you think your flu shot will protect you this winter? what the cdc just realized about the current vaccine. >> plus, two young brothers call for help with what they thought was a legitimate emergency. >> we didn't know what the situation was. >> one thing they have to understand north pole is out of our juries dick. >> you heard right. what these three and six-year-old boys were hoping for when they decided to dial 911. another live look from chicago root now as we watch people marching across the country. we'll keep our eye on this throughout tonight's newscast.
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♪ >> a deadly night in chechnya leaves 16 people dead after gunmen storm building. it was surprise attack in the capital city just hours before president vladmir putin state of address. authorities say 10 police officers are among the dead as well as six of the gunmen. this is the latest in series of acts of defines against putin' as tempts of keeping the country under control diss despite islamic inn surveillance jersey. >> police arrest a woman suspected of murdering an american teacher at a mall. cops took the woman into custody at a home in abu dahbi.
3:24 am
she's accused of killing a wom woman. more surveillance shows the suspect going into the home of another american and planting a bomb which didn't go off. >> a family in southern poland may have already found its christmas miracle. their two-year-old toddler who wandered off into the woods in subfreezing temperatures near krakow has been found alive. the boy who has a history of sleep walking was in the woods for an unknown number of hours and when the little boy was found, get this, his body temperature was only 55 degrees. he was taken to the hospital and amazingly is making a quick recovery. >> mudslides wash out roads in southern california crews work dag to dig this one out from underneath all the dirt. police say several cars were stuck in the mud as well. two people trapped in their car were rescued by highway patrol officers. thankfully no one was injured. >> all right. two little wisconsin boys are hoping they are still on santa's good list tonight. >> that may questionable.
3:25 am
something that had the local police showing up their doorstep. the boys ages three and six felt the best way to get in touch with santa was by phone. they thought their christmas list could be considered an emergency. so the two little brothers used their dad's cell phone to place a call to 911. they wanted to read off their christmas wishes but instead they got a visit from police. >> she came in and talk to the children about calling santa and how santa is only in person. >> i think we got a laugh out of it. we were glad that there was no problem there. >> blake and brody did end up getting a tour of the police station. no charges are going to be filed but police want the two boys to know that the north pole well it's out of their juries dick. all right. three men ransacked a local grocery store swiping cash, computers and cigarettes. the crazy way police say they got in. >> and the poor golden retriever
3:26 am
falls through thin ice. the incredible evident to save dakota. >> scott. >> right now it's dry and quiet but there's some rain on the way for a part of the day tomorrow as well as a part of your weekend. how much to expect next.
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♪ >> right now on fox 29 at 10:30 protests are underway around the country. this is a live look from chicago right now as you can see hundreds of demonstrators gathering after marching across the city. they're protesting recent grand jury decisions not to charge white police officers for killing unarmed black men. of course, we will keep an eye on the demonstrations and bring you any updates throughout this newscast. meanwhile, it is cold. business owners in new castle, delaware, realized their heat wasn't working a few days ago so they called police after they found out it wasn't working because parts of their heating units were gone. stolen. to night police have a suspect in jail. >> only fox 29 was there when the arrest was made.
3:30 am
fox 29's joanne pileggi was in the right place at the right time when officers nabbed their suspect. joanne? >> reporter: that's right, dawn, iain, selling shrapnel for cash is a way to make money. police say a new castle man brazenly stole scrap from the rooftop of a shopping center they caught him at the crime scene. >> take a closer look there's something wrong. 12 of the units missing important working parts and it's no accident. >> we had numerous air-condition rooftop air-conditioning units tampered with and condenser systems stolen out of all of them. >> reporter: it happened over the course of two nights this week and the roof sprung several leaks. >> just find out there was leak in the roof, and went on top of the roof where the leak was, and we just saw 12ac units destroyed completely. they took everything from inside the compressors the coils, the
3:31 am
copper lines the wires. >> tenants wandering what had happened and how? >> it was cold in here. water came down from off the ceiling. >> reporter: police poured through surveillance video and grabbed some photos of the suspected get away vehicle and as they rolled up to talk to fox 29 about the investigation, they spotted the suv with a bumper sticker that gave them some help. >> we were right in the middle of this investigation when as you can see the lights behind us it appears we have the suspect vehicle stopped at this point. >> reporter: police arrested 43-year-old john voyeur the third of new castle they believe an accomplice may have work at a store in the shopping center. while some may see this as having tim less crime it was clearly a problem for the store owners and for the owner of the shopping center, he says it was major inconvenience and will cost him a lot of money. >> going to cost me 125 to $150,000 damages. >> reporter: you're insured for that?
3:32 am
>> yeah. i'm insured. i don't know how much the insurance will cover. the rest will be money out of my pocket i guess. >> reporter: murray christmas. >> yeah, i know. >> reporter: police in new castle say there's a lot of money in scrap metal right now and thieves are still what isn't welded down. he's charged with felony theft and mischief for over $55,000 in stolen property. dawn and iain. >> joanne, thank you. a scathing report out today on the cleveland police department. attorney general eric holder releasinreleasing the justice department's investigation into cleveland police. the doj was asked to review the depth's policies in the wake of a november 2012 cross town chase and deadly shooting in killed two unarmed people. >> there is reasonable cause to believe that the cleveland division of public police engages in a pattern and practice of using excessive force as a result of systemic did efficiency including inadequate training and
3:33 am
equipment. ineffective policy and inadequate engagement in the community. >> the roar comes in the middle of an already contentious time in several us cities where white police officers have killed young blacks. lastst month a white cleveland police officer killed a black 12-year-old boy. the officer thought the child was holding a real gun but the turned out to be an air soft gun that shoots plastic pellets. >> did you get your flu shot yet this year? it may not keep you from getting the flu now. the centers for disease control says a recent test of flu cases shows less than half were a good match for the current vaccine. cdc officials there suggest the virus may have mutated and they add the through shot may still offer some protection against the viruses. they can't protect against flu strains that have not mutate. >> fire officials in water borough, maine come to the rescue of a golden retriever who fell through thin ice. the fire department posting these pictures of the rescue on its facebook page. this happened yesterday morning on a lake.
3:34 am
the fire cap says five-year-old dakota had been running outside when he wept on to the ice, fell in and wound up trapped. rescuers went right to work. they reached him and managed to bring him back to shore without any injuries. >> lucky dog. >> very lucky. all right. on your radar tonight i think we've got rain moving near at area. here's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right, it was beautiful day. we saw some sunshine but the cloud cover rolled in this afternoon and evening. and that will set the stage for some rainfall tomorrow afterno afternoon. the high temperature today made it up to 45 degrees. that's below where we should be in the upper 40s for this time of year and it's pretty chilly stepping outdoors right now. we're freezing in reading, allentown 32 degrees, freezing mid 30s right now in millville as well as atlantic city. 40 in philadelphia. ultimate doppler showing you a disturbance most of the rain making it to the ground well to our south and west and it will stay that way. what you see across south jersey and sections of delaware not making it to the ground.
3:35 am
the atmosphere is still relatively dry. the moisture that will arrive during friday afternoon and into the upcoming weekend stl off to the west right now around kansas, sections of texas as well as oklahoma. that disturbance will head in our direction by tomorrow afternoon and evening. so dry conditions to start for your friday. so if you have some plans you might want to do them early shopping or grabbing that christmas tree but by 5:00 p.m. you can see we're watching that rainfall overtake the area. so friday evening plans it will be a little damp and dreary a lull overnight friday into the first part of day on saturday. so saturday not a complete washout but watch the clock as we move toward 3:00 in the afternoon some of that steadier rain arrives by 7:00 o'clock we're looking at damp and dreary conditions and then that system clears the coast for dry and comfortable up coming sunday. we're looking good soaking area wide before all is said and done. and then early next week we'll be watching the coast for a
3:36 am
potential nor'easter. you can see the blue north and west of philadelphia possibly some of that rain changing over to wet snow. we'll have to continue to watch that. but overnight, chilly, cold temperatures at or below freezing in many locations outside of the city. and then tomorrow, high temperatures right around 46 degrees. but that seven day forecast shows you saturday especially afternoon and evening damp and dreary but the eagles game right now looks pretty good. we'll watch the coast monday night into tuesday. >> all right. >> thank you scott. >> well cars lined up down the street waiting hours for gas and you would too if you saw this price. one clerk's mistake that drivers filling up foreclose to nothing. >> and the countdown is back on tonight after today's orion launch was canceled. why astronauts tell us the delay may actually ab blessing. >> plus, he's now a distinguished actor even did a stent op "good day philadelphia" doing the weather. no one can forget mark key mark
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and the funky bunch.
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>> big bargain tops tonight's look at your money news for while today gas was selling at a louisiana station at a price not seen since the early '70's.
3:40 am
the pumps were set to sell premium for 29 cents a gallon. >> wow. >> took eight hours for the miss tack to be noticed and fixed. >> filled up my truck up on $3. >> filled it up and just paid and left. >> $3. $3 fill it. no more than $3. >> $3 fill up. oh, my gosh. >> can you imagine. >> i cannot imagine. the station is unsure how many gallons were pumped at 29 cents a gallon. >> the makers of a popular children's tablet are offering a streaming service for children now the company which make the popular tablet is launching monthly subscription service for netflix but children's movies, shows and books and that kind of thing. the service would cost about $5 a month it could be used on the knobby two as well as the big tab. >> forget the ugly christmas sweater. how about an ugly christmas sweater suit? >> it's a real thing. take look at this. suits are available online by
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the co-op poe suits crafted in 100% polyester the suits come in three styles. the company brags the suits look like christmas wrapping paper on sale now starting at arthritic dollars. >> i was worried about what to get you iain. >> a pack schoolbus catches fire on a busy hoy way. you can see the aftermath and how dire the situation was. how the driver's fast action kept children safe. >> you have insurance for your family, right but for your pets, emergencies can cost in the thousands. so next we fine out if pet insurance is worth it. >> and -- >> a dance troop of dads dancing in ugly christmas sweaters. what this is a
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>> philadelphia police want to find three men caught on video breaking into a grays ferry grocery store. police say they cut a hole in the roof to get in. this happened at the schneider supermarket on the 2700 block of schneider avenue back op november 12th. police say they took computers, money and cigarettes before leaving.
3:45 am
give cops call if you recognize these guys. >> nasa will give it another try tomorrow orion launch delayed today due to a number of factors including a mechanical problem. nasa telling our lucy noland its engineers believe the problems now fixed. >> lucy shows us why today's delay may have been a good thing after all. >> we had romaine in this hold and we will determine a new t0. >> reporter: four times nasa tried to launch orion. maybe a little incident with a wayward boat of things come. >> we got off to a slow start because a boat inadvertently got into our safety zone and they had to he is core the boat out of the safety zone. >> reporter: that zone critical to people safe should something go wrong. hear that wind? it was a problem. pushing back three times the maiden voyage of the spacecraft that will one day take astronauts to mars. >> cade dee coleman is one of the astronauts whose lives depend on everything being just right before a blast off. she is disappointed about the
3:46 am
delay but more than most, she gets it. >> there's no people on board today. but this vehicle the one that is going to launch hopefully now tomorrow or when it is ready that vehicle has 1200 sensors on board. those sensors are going to tell us how everything was on the flight and i personally would like all of those answers before i climb on board. >> reporter: we'll try again tomorrow. >> we'll try again tomorrow. same time, same place. >> reporter: but all new mission. nasa dreaming big again with orion one day taking astronauts to mars. at the kennedy space center, i'm lucy noland, fox 29 news. >> and again nasa will give a launch another try tomorrow of course we'll carry that live on "good day philadelphia". the launch scheduled for 7:05am. scary moments as a schoolbus catches and fire in texas. the driver hailed a hero tonight forgetting all 10 of the students off the bus seconds before it went up in flames. police say no one was hurt and the cause is under investigati investigation. >> actor mark wahlberg what
3:47 am
happens a pardon in an as all salt case dating 25 years ago. he served time after a 1988 conviction for an attack that left another man blind in one eye. it happened when wahlberg was a teenager and he tried to steal two cases of alcohol from a man outside a convenience store. around here wahlberg name for playing vince pal pally in the movie invincible. >> we all love our pets and some possible say pet insurance has been a lifesaver for their animals and for their wallets. others however say it's a waste of money. so what's a pet lovered to? fox's lisa, looks at the proses and cons of pet insurance. >> reporter: 784 old ginger is the joy of this family. >> she's great with everybody. great with kids. great with anyone. >> reporter: when yin injury became ill and required emergency surgery to save her life, the family used their pet insurance. >> it made the decision much
3:48 am
easier for us we saved our dog. we call it the $10,000 dog. >> reporter: family was reimbursed for $9,000. pet insurance typically requires you to pay a premium deductible and sometimes put the money down first and get reimbursed. >> on average younger pets will cost less. ranging from 20 to $30 a month. for a younger animal. as far as older dogs it can range up to one hadn't dread dollars per month depends op your deductible and your and options. >> the better business bureau wants to you read the fine print before you purchase. >> majority of our 180 complaints those type of companies because people didn't read the policy correctly. they assumed it covered everything. they assume it covered smallest things and sometimes it doesn't. >> reporter: some important questions to ask, what does the provider consider a pre-existing condition? and how long could it take for to you receive a reimbursement? the illinois department of insurance also suggests you should find out if
3:49 am
there is continuous coverage for on-going conditions, age limits and look for possible discounts. for this family pet insurance helped them save ginger's live. >> she's an inter integral part of our family went love her dearly. >> police in one tech text town are letting drivers out of their traffic tickets but there's a catch. instead of paying the ticket they can buy a holiday toy for a child at the local children's hospital. police say they're giving drivers the opportunity to pay it forward for about another week. it is voluntary but most people are opting to give back. i don't take things lightly here in the school zone and i'm very embarrassed that that happened. >> cops for kids. we're asking you donate an unwrapped toy to our police department. absolutely. maybe two. >> while donations will be delivered to the hospital the week before christmas. last year officers filled three patrol cars with toys for kids. ad for a british grocery
3:50 am
store is getting a lot of attention. >> because it features a bunch of dads dancing in their ugly christmas sweaters. take look. ♪ >> video was that loaded to youtube called christmas jumpers it's for the supermarket chain in british that call sweaters jumpers. the dads all in their ugly christmas sweaters get the moves just right as they danced to dance of the sugar plum fairies. really getting into it. >> yeah. i'm glad nobody got hurt there. all right. >> actually i wish they would have gotten hur. >> howard. >> i know i'm only kidding. tiger woods back playing golf but when watching him today it sure did not look like tiger woods. it was ugly.
3:51 am
and connor barwin has played out of his mind this season. and today he got rewarded for his play. all of that comi
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> we're following breaking news for you tonight. a live look from new york. protests underway around the country. look at this they are pro testifying recent grand jury decisions not to charge white police officers for killing unarmed black men. so far these demonstrations have been peaceful. >> howard. >> all right. the eagles will have -- they won't be peaceful on sunday in a football sense. eagles will have a chance for the second straight game to show the country how good they are. this sunday the defensing super bowl champions come in seattle come to the linc even at nine and three i think it's important to be beat a good team from the nfc west after losing earlier this season to san francisco and arizona. could playing tie breakers for the playoffs. the win and i think they will win on sunday. the eagles defense has really been playing well. connor barwin been playing off the charts. and with that, named the nfc defensive player of the month. this is barwin's best season. 12.5 sacks so far. he might just be the eagles defensive mvp.
3:55 am
>> two thing. i think his versatility and unself fishness. one thing about connor he truly just cares about the success of the defense. so he'll be the first tell you that some of his sacks were the result of maybe fletcher cox stunting out and taking up two blockers and he's coming off of it in a twist game. he'll do the same exact thing and he'll, we'll run the twist game et where he's freeing up somebody coming from the inn sigh. >> one other thing the eagles are also efficient at this season running their offense that's running the offense quickly. they run a play every 22 seconds which is the quickest in the nfl. so quick the officials at times have not been ready for them trying to run the neck play. >> those guys are nice and loose, you know, they'll be ready to run with us and they have a good time with it, too. they smile and wait for mow to get out of there and stuff like that. we have a good relationship, but they know we're trying to roll
3:56 am
as fast as we can so we'll just keep pushing it. >> all right. sunday morning on the eagles and seahawks with fox 29 "game day live" followed by fox nfl sunday at noon giants and titans at 1:00. eagles and see hawk at 4:25. tiger woods may be back playing golf but not playing close at the way he used to play. to florida. par five, all right, he doesn't get it to the green. that happens, right? but the next shot, i have never seen happen for tiger woods. he chunks it. that's us. that's not him. and he is 18th at five over 77 in a field of 18. >> not good. >> no. >> see his face. not happy. >> no. i wouldn't be either. >> home course a guest tournament the host isn't allowed to play. >> i would be happy with that shot. >> tmz is coming up next. >> we're back here at 4am for the fox 29 morning news and
3:57 am
"good day philadelphia". >> sue serio and bob kell vol your weather and traffic coming up a morning. ♪
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4:00 am
students here in philadelphia a plan to protest the new york city choke hold death by planning a die in today we will tell i what they will do in a live report but first, caitlin. we are in store for another round of rain, we had a brief break yesterday with the sunshine but clouds are already back, when you can peck the the rain to return? we will time it out in your weekend forecast, kerry. thank you. if all goes well to day is the day the orion spacecraft will blast off, why yesterday's delay may have been a good thing, we were all sitting here waiting with baited breath for about about two and a half hours. the it was anti climatic but, it goodies to have you with


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