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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 5, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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swift there. she has got grammy nomination ladies and gentlemen. >> good morning, guys. >> what up ladies and gentlemen. all right. i can never figure this out every year. how much do you tip, certain people, you know, for the holidays. holiday tipping, it is always a head scratcher. there are new rules out there. what do you give baby-sitter, hair stylist, doorman, the letter carrier in your neighborhood. we have new guidelines to help you through the holidays. >> plus we all know getting over a break up can be tough but how you long does it take for your broken heart to mend. it turns out it is shorter then you think why this new research may surprise you. >> listen to this. >> ♪ don't let them know >> it is, the real, elsa, the voice of elsa, edina manziel on good day this morning. we will ask her all of the question because there is a
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sequel. >> amazing. >> but you have to do that. >> every little girl and boy in the entire country and world for that matter will go see it. it is so much fun. we will try to find out answer from his her and talk about her success, as well and tour. >> so, yesterday i told you that over the thanksgiving break i went out to visit my daughter, and my granddaughter, teddy, three and a half. i gave her an advent not calendar but advent tree, so yesterday, we did december 1, 2, 3, 4 and there is ted which her are first. we got some whoopers. >> lucky girl. >> so know we are down to december 5th. >> i asked do you have a child who would like to come in and bring a little drawer out. is ethel i coming in. come on in, he will -- ellie. >> hi, your christmas bow. >> at some point we will
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probably see her. there she is. come on over here. >> take mike's hand. >> you are one tiny hugh you man. >> you will get brought up. she's flying. now where are you from ellie. >> new jersey. >> somewhere in the best land of new jersey. >> how old are you. >> four. >> speaking of four, we did that one yesterday, you can do five. there it is right there. >> pull the little drawer. there is a tree in there. >> check it out. >> it is chocolate. >> mom, can she have candy. >> absolutely. >> what town do you live in. >> hendricks town. >> that is salem county. >> yes. >> thanks for coming in from salem county to do that.
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>> what are you going to ask santa for. >> a frozen elsa. >> do you like elsa or ana. >> you know elsa the person that does the voice will be on our show today, we're so excited. >> she's speechless. >> she's very excited. >> do you love the song let it go. >> can you sing. >> i think so. >> can we hear a little bit. >> i need the music. >> we need the music. >> music and a choreographer please. so, if you had to choose between an elsa doll or an ana doll who would you go with. i think i would go elsa. >> elsa, yeah. >> what were you for hall wean. >> zombie bride. >> zombie bride.
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>> yes, you are scary. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> i love the bow in her watch it mike. >> thank for coming in. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> beautiful. >> so tweet me if you want your child to come in and do the next little drawer. >> like 20 days ago. >> you'll to have do it on the weekend. >> can we bureau your tree, use your hash tag fox 29 weekend. >> my tree. >> i will be here tomorrow. >> can we get into this because i will take notes on this too. holiday tipping, how much do you tip, who do you tip. do you tip a child. >> a lot of people are wondering about this. we have some suggestions for you. absolutely include your baby-sitter on the list of people thaw tip for holidays, they take care of your kids, equal to one night's baby-sitting fee and small
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gift from the kids of course. >> i still don't understand that. >> yes. >> how much do you normally pay on a regular night and baby-sitter used to getting. >> what does a baby-sit are make these days a lot of money especially if you have a whole bunch of kids. >> ten and $16 an hour. >> yes. >> $15 an hour. >> book him for four hours. >> four or five hours. >> sixty bucks. >> so you give them $60 as a tip. >> plus a small gift from the kids. >> okay. >> we have some video of a barber apparently. >> it goodies to do the doorman because i live in the high rise building do you have a doorman that opens the door for you. >> well, i have a sliding door but is there a guy 24 hours a day standing down there but there may be ten of them that work all different shifts. do i tip them all.
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>> don't you get a christmas list and there are people that keep the the tabs, bring up your stuff, dry cleaning, maintenance. >> is there a dry cleaning lady she's across the street do i need to tip her. >> give you a l int brush every christmas. >> i got a l int brush. >> when it comes tour doorman give a small gift or cash of 15 to $80. >> i bet they want cash. >> we have showed you video of a hairdresser, stylist, a barber, how much is that. >> a gift or cash worth a value of one visit. >> really. >> so,. >> how much is a haircut now. >> fifty bucks, 55 bucks. >> so, probably 65 bucks. >> sixty-five, okay. >> yes. >> i got those ten door men, how much do you give them, about 50 bucks. >> how about a gift car, you go and buy ten gift card, or
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star bucks. >> you are mike jerrick you have to give them $20. >> you have to give them more than that. >> eighty. >> you are giving them to all. >> $500. >> oh, man. >> my toilet is clogged, fix it yourself, yak. >> and mail carriers are next. >> what is that. >> $20 or less. >> i have not seen my mail carrier in three years. >> i get a christmas card from the mail carrier, newspaper person. >> what does it say. >> merry christmas. think of me and remember me. >> it is tough to see the mail carrier if you are not home during the day, you just leave it in the mail box. >> um-hmm. >> you can do that. >> like a cookie. >> leave a cookie in the mailbox. >> everybody wants cash good do you hear about the guy and women that pick up the trash. >> i remember tom loudon telling us, our senior producer, they leave an envelope to let you you know. >> on the trash can. >> a little hint.
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>> like when you are at the hotel they leave the little tip envelope. >> help me out here what do you leave them. >> well, apparently. >> jessica, do you know. >> ten to $30. >> okay. >> i have at least three guys so at least five each, so at least 15 good does anybody get a newspaper anymore. >> i get the newspaper. >> yes. >> i remember being a paperboy, deliver the bulletin back in the day and i loved christmas tips. >> you do. >> yeah. >> it is holidays. you see them throughout the years. >> were you a paperboy. >> yes, i deliver the bulletin. >> exactly. >> so if i got a tip, it landedded right on the step. no tip, right to the window. or fit was raining you got a little red bag, no tip, no bread bag. >> really. >> bob kelly, vindictive man. >> that is it. >> i deliver the the bulletin back in the day. >> what time did you get up for that. >> bulletin was the afternoon paper.
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i had to get up real early on sunday. but back then i had to get up at 6:00 o'clock. >> i have a question, did you deliver on a bike, walk or did your parents drive you you around. >> no, i delivered on my bike, my sch win bike with the banana eat with the big bad on the front, rubber ban. we should get a newspaper. >> can we get a newspaper to see if he has skill. >> on the other side over here. >> here's the thing, bob, we need to get a specific corner he's got to throw tonight to. >> no, no, no. >> go get them. >> let the professional do it. >> so you take the paper like this. >> you get it right here. >> ready, take it,. >> hey,. >> so it is flatter that way. they didn't give you rubber bands.
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>> you don't want to put rubber bandon there. >> can we get that camera over here that would be the front step have of mike. >> can you you get it right there. >> let's move on, it is 9:10. you have i broken heart, you have to date somebody for a while and you have to break up, how long does it take to get over that relationship. there is some science behind this. >> exactly how long it takes to heel but remember this, we are forgetting sarah marshall. >> sure. >> silent movie. >> i knew what that means i put clothes on, it is over. >> this is forgetting sarah marshall hilarious in movie. peter is devastated and trying to take a trip to hawaii. it didn't take him too long to finally forget her though. and it turns out you should be moving on in about three
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months. >> that is what sign says, three months to get over a relationship. >> study in the journal of positive psychology find 71 percent of people able to view their relationship in a positive light can do it after just 11 weeks. it actually hold true whether you are the dump error dumpee. >> it is easier for you if you broke up with the other person. >> it was your decision to move on. >> but for both, three and a half months. >> don't you think that is surprising. >> i know so many people, a year later and they are still pine ago way. >> forgetting sarah marshall that is what the whole movie was about. >> i will e-mail this story to a lot of people i know, three months, time to get out there. >> it does get annoying when some friend just can't get over the the other relationship. >> when you have to hear them talk bit over and over again. >> yes. >> we have been over there last week, and same week before that. >> three is right though, minutes. >> mike? >> it may be for you.
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>> hours. >> days. >> three and a half months. weigh in on that. i want to tell you about a great event that alex and i were privileged, honored to be a part of. >> big honor. >> not last night but night before last, we have footage of i think the most beautiful fund raise inner this sit. >> style and grace was the event. >> you look great. >> mike wanted to take his turn on the catwalk, a fashion event that raises money for pearls of vice on and boy two men. >> look at this gown. >> yes. >> frank augusteen gown. >> of course. >> very nice. >> that looks like michelle obama. >> that was put together by. >> kenny gamble. their idea is no matter where this child is in their life, it doesn't hurt to have style and grace, you know what i mean.
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>> something every kid needs to know growing up. >> it is a great event. we introduced kenny gamble at the event. we had a great time. >> beautiful right there. >> welshing thank you. we are very self-serving. only part of the footage we showed you was two of us, but it was about 20 minutes. beautiful fashion show. >> i love the fashion show how all of the models would go up and down the stairs, they would turn, they had routines. >> this is radio. >> lets get over to weather, caitlin is doing weather. >> one last check of the forecast here this morning. we are waiting on the rain for today it will be a chilly rain. not arriving until later on. forty-six is the high temperature. winter weather advisory out for poconos. up north we will see rain falling will but it could freeze. freezing rain is a concern for our friend in the mountains. otherwise, saturday, this is a wash out not fun day trying to start out dry but rain comes in heavy at times through afternoon and evening. only good thing is it is
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55 degrees, meaning no chance of wintry wet's cross our area we will clear out by sunday but don't get too excited, it is are bringing. forty-four, 30 miles an hour winds. chilly day but we will have sunshine hoping to help those eagles bring home another victory as they return to the link sunday. monday looks dry, 41 degrees. we are looking at a chance, the chance, 50/50 right now for a coastal storm on tuesday to bring a mix of rain and snow that could link inner to wednesday. we are in that time of the year unfortunately. rain saturday and watching for snow later next week. >> talking about sporting events sometimes at half time just before a game coach will come out and give the pep talk. chip kelly, i don't know if he is great at pep talks. we have to beat those seahawks. >> you come into the good day studio, and ref up our team, lets the's get the meeting accounts we have a great she today, lets a's go. >> they do this at target as
9:15 am
well. one enthusiastic target employee in maryland delivers a inspirational pep talk before the black friday and he seems to have channeled the movie 300. >> listen to this. >> they do that at target. >> here he is. >> people coming with bargains in hands and in your eyes. we shall give those bargains to them. we will show them, that we are not just the best store in this neighborhood, but the best story in where, because we are more than just a store, this is a team. this is a family. this is target. >> my gosh. >> his real name, almost ripped his shirt is scott simms and he does a fantastic
9:16 am
job getting the target workers pumped up. >> that got me pumped up. i wanting to to target and do some shopping. >> that is great. >> i wanting to that one. target loves him. he does a great job right there and thanksgiving weekend as you described it is a big weekend for championship games. they love him. they think he is a great coach. >> wow, he did that on his own. we'll if other target stores do it around the country. >> okay, here she is. this is cool. i have an itch. tone a ward winning broadway star edina men he sell the -- menzel, i saw her on jimmy fallon. pretty funny. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> edina with jimmy and the roots what a great rendition of frozen. if you have to hear it one more time that was a funny way to do it. edina thanks for being in philadelphia, good to have have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> welcome here. we're so happy you are here. tell us about uso wishbook. >> the uso wish an a nation campaign. it is call every moment, every moment counts good thank god for the uso. >> yeah, and what you do, what is beautiful about it is, you go, and you can give any monetary value can give something really beautiful to these military families. you can give money towards a phone call home, do what i did a family fun package where i
9:18 am
hung out with three different beautiful families backstage before a show. it is all about really just appreciating them, showing them how much you understand sacrifices they make, but not necessary reply respect it but it ties in with my album holiday wishes and -- >> tell us about your album. >> for everyone to sort of find some real solace and peace for their holiday season, peace in their heart, not just peace for the world. >> okay, a couple things, edina are you in loss angries and are you having trouble hearing us for the love of god. >> part of it. >> okay. so you got a new christmas cd. >> i don't hear anything. >> oh, no. >> i hate satellite
9:19 am
interviews. >> let her go. >> a pol guys for that, we stink. there is some kind of audio problem on both ends there. is that the only thing we can do is just sing. >> she has a new cd called holiday wishes. >> good for her. major milestone for a local birth center, did you realize they have a birth center, the oldest in the country and they have their 10,000 baby. >> of course, we a had to send lauren there because we want to meet this baby and the parents. >> hi lauren. >> you guys know having a baby is hard work but imagine having one all natural and making history while doing it. this is family we will meet coming up after the break, stay with us.
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we are taking a look in the news room here. >> i see kerry barrett. >> where is elf on the shelf. look at that. >> yes. >> kerry is like what is happening, what is going on. >> elf your house as well. elf is on the move, moving on where else. >> yes. where else. >> yes. >> where is the l if no one asks to have diabetes or heart disease. at gateway health, we see you , not your condition. gateway health medicare advantage plans offer complete care that fits you better, gives you more, and may cost you less. like ten-dollar copays on the medications you need, and zero copays on everything from diabetic monitoring supplies to hearing and eye exams.
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all right. >> well, that elf is every where. >> yes. >> oh, geese. >> oh, man. >> all right. >> so, we're celebrating a huge milestone, elf, listen to this, in bryn mawr is there a birth center over there. i have heard it is the oldest birth center in america. >> yes. >> they got their 10,000 babies and lauren is live there with the parents. >> good morning, lauren. >> yes, i know, you guys are right, you are right, all of the things are correct and baby is sleeping, nursing, her
9:24 am
big brother, he is not happy right now. we have a lot to celebrate. kathy is executive director here at birthing center in bryn mawr, huge milestone 10,000 baby right next to us. >> this is what it is all about right here, look at this beautiful family. the trust that our community and families have in us, it is what this is all about. >> reporter: tell me why this place is so important in the community. >> the ability for families and women to have choices about where they have their families, look at this, look at this wonderful, beautiful family. >> what should do i to celebrate. >> we will have a huge party december 14th, all of our families in the community are welcome. everybody coming to celebrate. we have three generations of many families who had their babies here and they will all bring their kids. it is a wonderful celebration. >> lets talk to mom, congratulations, first of all. >> yes. >> this is your third baby you have had here. why did you choose a birthing
9:25 am
center over traditional hospital setting. >> kind of what you were just talking about just giving a choice for women being able to come to a place where you are comfortable. it is not necessarily for everyone. it is about having a great birth partner, wonderful nursing staff, mid wife, fit is right for you, it is a great place to be good we talk to karen hepp. she had three babies here. she is like it is all natural. i said what in how did you deal witt. >> doing it for my children and my family is really why and having the expert of being at birth center a make it all worth it good when you found out you made history with the baby what did you think about it. >> i wished i would have come a few days earlier, i guess. i was due a couple days earlier and i would have come a few days earlier. but it is great to be part of it with the birth center. we had a wonderful birth. great to be part have of it. >> congratulations. >> thanks for holding out the
9:26 am
tears, we appreciate you good all right mike and alex. huge party planned here december 14th to celebrate 10,000 baby. >> i cannot thank them enough, 36 years of families. >> thank you all, and come to the party and celebrate. >> thank you. coming up on 14th, thanks lauren. they are tweeting out what number baby you you were if you had one of your 10,000. i a had three of my babies there. tweeted out my birth numbers of my children. >> what numbers. >> i was 5,000, 6,000 a 9,000. >> you blew it. if you could have just held on. >> 10,000 baby. >> all right. lauren, thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation in bryn mawr. >> 9:26. >> i cannot figure out how to keep my roof on my ginger bread house it slips off. >> so quincy is teaching us a thing or two this morning about ginger bread houses. >> how do you keep the roof
9:27 am
on. >> ginger bread 101. >> it is very tricky, yes. >> unaudible. >> ♪ >> absolutely.
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>> oh, no, what's happened to bob kelly? >> what's going on? >> that darnell of again, i knew. >> that he will off on a shelf. >> that's a naughty elf. >> i thought the elf was
9:31 am
supposed to make us behave? >> this is what she does. >> miss behaving he will. >> now bob kelly can't talk. >> oh, no? traffic? >> we love you, bob, love you. >> good one. >> oh, jammo. listen, i've invited little kids to come, in open up the ad ventricle end darr shall so we've had volunteers, now, we did the fifth, tomorrow, saturday, not going to be on the air, of course you will be. butbut i will little tear a has come in, to open number of. common in, tara. >> hi, tara. >> your name? >> tara. >> where are you from? >> camden, new jersey, right now live in cherry hill, new
9:32 am
jersey. >> that's fine. pull number six, will you? come around here? come around here. >> i'm around. >> pull number six. >> right over there. >> and little tree in there for you. >> okay. >> open your drawer, not -- >> your drawer. >> oh, lover you, tara. >> love you. >> so, not that there should be -- i'm sure that's against the law or something like that. >> but thought that tara was like a little kid? >> kid at heart. we all are. >> holiday spirit. >> all kids right now. >> okay. this is the most bizarre show
9:33 am
on television. you don't see this anywhere unless america. >> no. >> and why would you? >> that's why we love good day, right. >> right. >> tony, there go. >> instagram, we're good, die. >> yes, so we go through them, see all the sweets from the kids and stuff. i'm sure they love to do it, too. >> what are we dock. >> stain gram, some of the most famous people, as well. >> oh, this time of year where all of the lists come out, right? so the most ingram, i would think, it would be your taylor swift's, the kardashian's. >> yes. >> just top three, first one, this photo is of her placing a kiss on miley cyrus at the m tv video music award. hopefully we'll show it soon. there you go. earned more than 1.8 million likes. >> this photo right here. >> really? >> yes. >> that was number three? >> number three, okay, bieber has to be in, there right. >> of course. second place, justin bieber for this selfie posted with on again off again salina gomez back in august, and more than
9:34 am
1.9 million people liked this one. >> kim kardashian has to be number one. >> you know it. the number one most liked picture on instagram of the year was a picture of kim kardashian kissing kanye at their wedding. they blew it one that one, i remember when they release that one there,. >> love it. >> it doesn't sounds like much close to 3 million, but that's instagram. >> right. >> facebook, not twitter. >> yes. >> a lot of likes. >> on average they probably get like 100 likes, no where close you. >> usually get three, 400 mike on urine is that gram account. >> the best was, remember, traffic woman, kacie motorcycle done snell. >> yes. >> she can toast a picture of like her knee, 25,000 likes. >> and like five minutes. >> yes. >> happens quickly. >> amazing, instead of traditional crush nag picture, what? >> the lacky. >> that's their last name, lacky? >> the lacky family. >> they're not lacking.
9:35 am
>> so we should name the show the lacky show. >> oh, come on. >> the lacky family decided to pump it up a notch watch are you doing? >> made 2014 christmas video called the lack recap wrap. pretty awesome. let's take a look. >> ♪ okay, dad, now my turn. >> but i wasn't done. >> yerkes owe were you. >> well, down, hey you. >> my bike not got no training wheels. trying to get a tatoo. >> and that's a no. >> and ... will the youngest member of the lacky household, none other than booky. >> oh, the little girl is three years old. >> awe. >> and also in the video, as well. >> no, no. >> cute. >> and love it. they start off with like all in bed, bed head, grunge i, get all glammed up. so cute. >> this one looks like the new standard for christmas. >> like animations all kind of
9:36 am
cuts to different shops, and oh -- >> so this is the new christmas card? i got to do this now? >> i can't keep up. >> send us pictures, people, you're making it too hard. >> oh, look at that. >> the elf is moving around again. what are you all doing this time? >> marsh mel snows. >> the craziest elf i've ever known. >> really. you all get crazy, we'll be you all get crazy, we'll be right womaand the way it made me chronic feel,ipation, the discomfort, the bloating,
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>> welcome back, elf on the shelf read being herself. she's gone all over the studio today. >> having a lot of fun here. >> speaking every fun, checking back in, quincy harris spending the morning up
9:40 am
at chestnut hill. really good place. >> giving us gingerbread 101 there. >> i like your hat. >> gingerbread 101. no, it is this lady. she made these hats. your mom makes hats? >> my mom made these hats, yes. >> i had to take the hat because all of the cool kids have the knitted hats on. right, so, they have a gingerbread house, workshop, that they do here. i have shannon right here, shannon, you guys do this until christmas time. correct? >> yes, we're doing them until the 21st. >> okay, so you come in, these come like pre made? >> yes, pre assemble. we take all of the hard work out of the gingerbread house, assembling that gingerbread house. >> okay. >> so come pre constructed like one here, we have small one, and a large one, that we sell. >> okay, now, yours is a little bit better than mine, but we have some kids over here. you have about 13 classes in. >> yes. >> we have 15 classes left. >> okay. >> fifteen classes left. are you having fun smear. >> ya.
9:41 am
>> okay, now, shannon, how many hours are the classes? >> they're about two hours long, we give you two hours to decorate your class. >> and the one thing i like, like byob for adult, as well. >> we have byob classes, and we have the children and parent classes. so, it is a fun activity for all ages. >> now, look at this. this is mine. this is the one i actually finally finished. i don't know if you guys -- >> oh, my god. >> do you like how i finished this? looks beautiful. is this your second job? >> this is what i do here. how are you doing, what's your name? >> cassidy. >> cassidy, are you having fun making your gingerbread snows. >> yes. >> having a lot of fun. we have like matching hats going on. look at this right here. how are you doing, what's your name. >> aubrey. >> okay, now, what's your focus on this? what do you call this gingerbread house right here? >> um. >> yes, i stumped her. fox 29 house. oh, this guy right here, he says he has the masterpiece.
9:42 am
what's your name? >> owe glenn now, what did you put on your gingerbread house? >> like here i am making a alligator. >> alligator on the house. that's -- that's different. that's different. >> now, what's your name? >> ben. >> ben, as you can see, ben wants everybody to know that this is his house. he made this house right here. shannon, people can come here, so what? >> the 21st of december. >> the 21st. what i'm real excited about is the byob, and more information, bed and bread. com? >> all of the details list interested with paren and child and the byob. >> jen, i don't know if you can make a gingerbread house like there is but jen, this is what i do. how are you doing? >> perfect timing, look at the light show here at macy's, we will talk about teacher gifts and more whether we come right back. way to g ♪
9:43 am
♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪ eh, yea, actually i do. one. it's mucinex fast-max night time and it's got a nasal decongestant. is that really a thing? it sounds made up. mucinex fast max night time for multi-symptom relief.
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breathe easy. sleep easy. let's end this.
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♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> create a vision, mike, that wants you make you want to jump out of bed in the morning. here. create the vision. make it happen. >> i lover bern. >> i help me, bernie.
9:46 am
i'm having trouble getting out of betted bed. >> i just got an e-mail. >> what's it say? >> teachers gifts, avenue plan for the teachers gifts. i need some help and suggestions. >> and jen will help with us those suggestions, because it can be hard trying to find the perfect gift. >> is that what we're doing. >> what's appropriate, jen? >> not only is it appropriate, it is friends and family, basically everything, almost, 25% off at macy's for the weekend? >> yes, from now through monday actual mr. . >> -- actually. >> you are a big shot at macy's, in charge of all of the personal shoppers? >> yes, regional director for personal shopping, and corporate sales, for mid-atlantic. so we have 24 stores. >> all free. >> service free, our stylist cans help you find any holiday gift or any wardrobe g need. >> i love it. so i talked to you a little bit about. >> this teacher gifts. everything should be $50 or below, because there are rules, girl teachers, boy teachers, you don't know them well. so begin with these nice
9:47 am
blank. >> the all under 50. so by martha stewart go, great in any room, keep them warm and cozy throughout the winter season. >> we, i confess to you, avenue boy teacher for one of the teachers. and i pre check everything. and the men here in the billing as well as my teacher he said a blanket would be nice. >> oh, good. >> we thought it was a good pick. >> other thing you have these coffee press sets. they want their coffee, they're up earl. >> i what is great it, makes your coffee taste amazing. also tea set who doesn't drink coffee, tea, all under ooh dollars, it comes with this cute little cup. so, whether you're entertaining or for your morning coffee. >> kate spade, all new to the store. >> all brand new. so keep your teachers in style. offers supplies, pens at orange and pink pen actually on oprah 2014 favorite list. >> oh, i love oprah. as i mention, avenue boy teacher. >> yes. >> 's grown man, but i call him a boy teacher.
9:48 am
perfect shave, some shaving stuff. >> yes, this in limited stores, macy's, but you can buy it on line, or call a personal shopper at macies. com. great way to get a guy back into the art of shaving, and we also have a service here so you can get a gift cards to go with it, then have them try it. >> good if you want to keep your busy too for little bit. >> sure. >> absolutely. i love that there are slippers here, right? >> yes, for the sports fans, if you want to add to there is actually is pajamas to go with it, but we have the eagles, phillies, also the flyers. >> i love it. and this is something we were playing with off camera. >> i love. >> this this is my favorite gift. so men, women, so it is called the feel good hug. >> okay. >> so it smells like uke lip tis. you wrap it around your neck it, relieves stress. though doesn't need that? >> just to be clear or the personal shopper thing, it is free, i call one of the people, maybe i need three gift under 50? they like the eagles.
9:49 am
they are all stressed out. they'll find the snuff. >> exactly. make appointment. so if you tell them your needs are, we pull it ahead of time. it is free service. >> i love it. and i love that we're here. earlier santa told thaws if we bring high gorgeous children, that if we bring a letter, he want us to bring it here because it is all part of a make a wish campaign. >> exactly. so children are welcome to drop off their letters. they can actually take it and it is at every macy's location. >> i love it. thank you so much. >> your welcome. great to be here, thank you. >> by the way a loft personal shoppers, one at king of prussia, mike jerrick. >> i love the personal shopper >> believers, can we take seven of those? >> put them all right here. >> do you know what i saw yesterday on line? >> it is a pillow case, that looks like bacon. like a strip of bacon. >> yes? >> and it smells like bacon. >> doesn't it make you hungry snow.
9:50 am
>> probably. >> my stomach would be rumbling. >> but i ordered some and i'll let you sniff it. >> because i've been eating back on, and aid bag of bacon that i have ' been eating all morning. >> just a bag of bacon? >> breakfast of champions right there. >> no wonder she is sick. >> just talk together woman tara who just came, in she said i thought this show was like a wendy williams where you get a gift. she got canned. >> i that's something. >> i have a bone to pick with the elves helper, oh, geez. >> so check out the elf helper. come over here. this is so out. >> the shot i'm looking for right now, that's out. >> what's out is in. >> ugly suit. ugly christmas suits. >> oh, a suit. >> i'll tell you where you can get them after the break. okay? ugly suit. >> the whole thing? >> oh, we'll do it now?
9:51 am
why wait? >> well, look at this. oh, my gosh. all of those christmas trees, so these suits are available on line by the company office suit. craft in the 100% polly ester, these suits come in three style. the company brags that the suits lock a lot like christmas whapping paper. here is the one can he i mccarthy was wearingment starting now starting $36. important to decide oh, there is kevin again. showing off the suit. different websites, different prices. i tried to look for one, mike, it was $100. >> really? >> depends on where you look. >> well, cameron is cheap. i know that one was only $36. >> get on twitter if you don't mind. do you know where we can get ugly suits in the philadelphiaer? so we don't have to order them on line. >> coy just buzz over and get. >> instant gratification. george clooney probably 50, 51 years every age. that will too old to have another child? apparently his child has revealed to him, new we're married. she want a baby. >> oh, ya? no du. >> what's he going say about this? i have information, inside info about george.
9:52 am
i have information, inside info about george. >> maybe it is the other way in a race, it's about getting to the finish line. i have information, inside info about george. >> maybe it is the other way in life, it's how you get there that matters most. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe
9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
♪ >> what christmas song is this? >> back in the day, stars got together, trying to help all of the children in africa. >> yes? and this song -- >> they raised millions of dollars. and due new one due to the crisis in ebola. >> karen, thank god you're here. >> so i had this story wrong. george clooney, wants to have a baby. >> yes. but the new bride is the one putting the brakes on expanding the family. so according to radar on line. sources say amal wants a hand toll get a year on the spotlight, new found fame, they also report that george is ready for babies right now,
9:56 am
causing a lot of tension, between the couple. shouldn't they have talked about this? if you do like pre-marital counselling? >> you would think. >> but you fall in love? >> and if it is george clooney -- >> you know, he is finally ready to have kids and have a family. >> probably saying let's do this. >> yes. >> okay, bruce gender, what i call him now. >> i love it when you call him that. >> brouse gender. >> yes, cameras caught him looking pampered and polished. have you seen this? they spotted gender leaving starbucks in malibu, so the magazine reporting he is wearing two large diamond studded earrings, black zip up hoodie, new frenchman cure, what appeared to be lip gloss. look at his hair, wearing like a long ponytail. look at, my gosh. also reported he was still wearing his wedding bands, though. you know, chris, he and chris jenner file for divorce several months ago. >> wasn't she asked about this one, not too long ago, and she is like oh, those rumors have been going around forever. but i never heard those rumors back in the day. >> rumors of him becoming a
9:57 am
woman? >> having gender issues or identity issues. >> if he want to be a woman, let him be a woman, i guess. >> that's fine. just own t he should own it. >> yep. >> all right, fox 29 weekend tomorrow 8:00 a.m. >> what's the big plan for tomorrow? i'll be watching, starts at 8:00. >> it starts to 58:00, goes to 10:00. all of the big issues, top topic, we have a lot of fun, also discuss big issues of the day. something bugging you, and i like this also, you can send us pictures and videos, we can knock howard eskin, too, take a shot at the king. if you ever want to do it, guy would be on the with trends, what's buzzing around in our area. >> viral videos, people love to see. >> lauren johnson, me, 8:00 tomorrow. caitlin roth, as well. >> caitlin's in? >> i'll be watching for sure then. can i just say this? >> what? >> go eagles. >> yes. >> this is going to be one of the best games of the weekends. 4:30 game? >> yes, it is a 4:30 game. >> throw back eagles colors. >> show us your eagles pictures, we know you got
9:58 am
christmas trees. so sends those in. >> tomorrow. >> have a great weekend. >> we'll be watching
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, wendy and her hot talk panel tackle the latest headlines and find out this year's hottest holiday gifts from us. plus, wendy's got all the latest juicy hot topics. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah. here we go again. oh, my


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